Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Twelve -- The Pacific Rim Providence
Chapter Four -- Ocean Civilizations Seen from the Viewpoint of God's Providence
Section 2. The Significance of Island Civilization

2.1. Britain, the greatest oceanic island nation

Ancient civilizations arose on continents. Human civilization, which came forth from the riverbed of the Nile in Egypt, shifted to peninsulas and established a Mediterranean civilization sphere, in Greece and on the Italian peninsula. Civilization was transferred from the peninsula to an island, thus creating an Atlantic civilization sphere, centering on Britain, an island nation. Next, the island civilization, in Britain, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and established a miracle of modern civilization on the American continent, thus creating the sphere of the Pacific civilization. The flow of history has not stopped there.

I am fully aware of God's will to have this civilization cross the Pacific Ocean, blossom as a new island civilization in Japan, an island nation comparable to Britain, and then to establish here on the Korean peninsula, which corresponds to the Italian peninsula, an integrated human civilization, comparable to that of ancient Rome. This will become a new unified civilization sphere, adjacent to the Asian continent, which will lead to one world of harmony. (78-254, 1975.6.7)

God moved the sphere of world civilization from the Western continent, through the Mediterranean Sea centering on the Nile River, through Rome, and then Britain to form the continental civilization of America, and then on to the Pacific civilization sphere. To do that, God had to bring together the island civilizations, and next He needed a peninsular nation. In other words, God needed a peninsular region corresponding to that of Rome, which had influenced the cultural sphere around the Mediterranean Sea. You should know that this is Korea. The final fruits of Western Civilization, along with the final fruits of Asian civilization, should flourish on the Korean peninsula and be offered to God. (79-75, 1975.6.1)

As the Jewish people could not fulfill, God's design for the continent -- to control the world centering on the Italian peninsula -- ended in failure. God tried to do the same thing centering on the island civilization of Great Britain, but yet again this ended in failure. Then it became the American continent's turn to carry out this mission, but going the opposite way. It must go through indemnity. Indemnity should be paid centering on the island nations, and also centering on the peninsular nations. Without doing so, the mission cannot go on to the continent. (80-255, 1975.10.24)

The providential domain traveled from Rome, Italy and the Iberian Peninsula, and then moved from the island civilization to the continental civilization. What began on the Asian continent centering on Jesus went through the peninsula, beyond the island, and returned to the continent. The Roman peninsula failed; Britain the island nation failed; and America failed. Everything ended in failure. What do we do about this? (227-67, 1992.2.10)

When you observe the flow of how civilization develops in human history, you will see that the ancient continental civilization that arose in the river valley moved to the peninsular civilization of Greece, Rome, and Iberia. This peninsular civilization moved to the island civilization centering on Britain, and the island civilization went through the continental civilization centering on America to return to the island civilization of Japan. The providential outlook shows that the pilgrimage of civilization should now culminate and bear fruit in the peninsular civilization of Korea. (279-208, 1996.8.20)

When you observe the Western world, America was born from Britain, and thus it is like her son. But America, who is like a son, dominates Britain. That event signals the end of the Western world. That is how I see it. This is why these three nations -- America, Great Britain, the greatest oceanic island power, and France, the archangel nation -- had to come together. At that time, the oceanic power, together with America, would pull the archangel nation in, and take the helm to occupy the land. You must understand this as the reason for the Second World War. The Adam nation, not the Eve nation, must control the Eve nation and the archangel nation. Only then can God's providence actually move forward to occupy the continent.

When Britain and France joined together to become one centering on America, they should have then gone towards the continent. The Second World War broke out in order to occupy the continent. You should be aware of the fact that a foundation was made during the Second World War that enabled the victorious realm, centering on America, Great Britain and France, to control the entire world. (119-241, 1982.9.13)

The completion of restoration comes about when three people and nations that were divided become one. This is the Principle point of view. This kind of theory can be applied anywhere. Where is the Adam nation in terms of Europe? In terms of the entire free world, it is America. Why? Because it was born from England, England prospered during the age of the queen. In the sixteenth century during Queen Elizabeth's reign, England built maritime cities and began to control the oceans of the world, leading to the colonization of America.

How did Great Britain gain control over the oceanic rights of the world? Britain, an oceanic nation, was the Eve nation. Since it was a female nation and an island nation, it opened up and controlled the oceans of the world. That is how it made America its colony. America is like a son to Britain, so Eve should be the one to give birth to an ideal husband. Otherwise, an ideal husband cannot be born. (119-241, 1982.9.13)

2.2. The difference between British civilization and Japanese civilization

The democratic systems of the twentieth century originated in England. As you all know, Queen Elizabeth I of England strengthened her maritime policy, leading eventually to the occupation of numerous places in the world, especially in Asia and Africa. God influenced her to take such actions. Since England was an island nation, the English had been trained many times through the invasion of the Vikings. The English were always in a position to be attacked. Therefore, they trained themselves extensively to strengthen their oceanic culture more than any other race. At that time, Spain and Portugal were much stronger oceanic powers. But Queen Elizabeth I built her navy up to a higher level, strengthening it in the years from 1593 to 1603. (80-139, 1975.10.21)

As an island nation, England was always at the mercy of attacks from the Vikings of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. That is why the English people took an interest in the ocean and trained themselves in sea defense. England was in a position where she could not survive unless she maintained her control over the oceans. Consequently, England strengthened its policy of mastery over the seas in Queen Elizabeth's time. This was all in accordance with God's providence. Britain took control of North America. Britain employed a policy of pretending to be outwardly civil towards Spain, but resorted to deception internally. Don't we know this through studying history? Spain conquered South America. Consequently, in order to prevent Spain from conquering all of North America, Great Britain strengthened many of her maritime policies. (80-292, 1975.11.2)

Great Britain is a small country, but could boast that the sun never set on her colonial possessions. England had inherited the pirate spirit from Rome, going out into the ocean, stealing and occupying everywhere. That is why, when you connect this to God's providence, God used the British people because His providential outlook is to employ the tactics of quickly bringing salvation to the world. But the British people did not align themselves with that outlook and fell away in a self-centered direction. That is why Great Britain is isolated today. (99-150, 1978.9.17)

England was able to create a worldwide empire because it was the successor to Roman civilization. Before England was occupied by Rome, her people did not bathe properly more than once a year. Isn't that barbaric? They could not bathe because it was freezing cold. The English people are all descendants of pirates. Would they have had time to bathe? England inherited Roman civilization and expanded its global domain, centering on the ocean. God had them dominate the world. "You, island nation, conquer the world!" That was God's will. (110-41, 1980.11.8)

God is the master of the ocean, as well as the master of the land. Symbolically everything must fit. This is why we had the Sisterhood Bridge Ceremony. In the future, Japan will move to the continent, taking everything with it. What Japan wants to do at this time is to send at least fifty million people to other countries through a policy of emigration. Some believe that if Japan does not adopt such measures, it will be in deep trouble fifty to a hundred years from now. (259-92, 1994.3.27)

Today we are placed in a different situation from the time when Jesus came to the people of Israel as the Messiah. The situation is different from the time of the Roman Empire, and the time of the British Empire. The providence that lead to the British Empire, began when Henry VIII ignored the punitive actions taken against him by the Vatican in Rome, due to his divorce and his establishing of the Church of England under his own supervision. At this time, the center of God's providence shifted from the Italian peninsula, where the corrupt Vatican in Rome that was going against God's will was located, to the island nation of England that was revitalized by the Anglican Church.

During the golden age of England under Queen Elizabeth's rule, conditions were made for Britain to rule the five oceans and six continents, by extending her territory through the ocean under an expansionist policy according to God's will. In this way, she was blessed profusely by God. Then America also came under the rule of the British Empire. The prosperity of the British Empire was ensured by the revival of the Anglican Church, which became the driving force in spreading the Protestant movement that was confronting the Vatican in Rome everywhere in Europe. (215-199, 1991.2.17)

What a bad nation England was! It was a stronghold of pirates. Is that not so? They once dominated the world. But was that not because they attacked and occupied other lands with guns and knives from their ships at sea? They were a band of pirates. Yet God supported them as they carried on their activities. In that way, they created a religious sphere of influence. This is why they did not perish. Otherwise, they would have utterly perished. (207-240, 1990.11.11)

Queen Elizabeth I was a supporter of Protestantism. Through the thirty-three articles in the Statutes of Westminster, Queen Elizabeth laid the foundation to absorb Calvinism and established a policy of dominating the seas, in order to prevent Spain from intruding into her oceanic domain. This was all part of God's will. (81-238, 1975.12.28)

What did Queen Elizabeth I of England accomplish during her almost fifty-year reign from 1558 to 1603? She developed the oceans. She already knew that she could not conquer the world without attaining hegemony over the oceans. God trained England more than any other nation. (80-242, 1975.10.24)

God disseminated the Christian faith by having the mission headquarters established in Britain, which at that time was a nation with a foundation to expand around the world by means of the oceans. Britain itself was not aware of the value of God's will. Yet since Britain was in a position to increase her colonies, Christianity ideologically supported British rule in those places. (78-309, 1975.6.10)

Great Britain is the mother nation. Why is it in the mother position? If the continent is the husband, then the island of the sea -- the island nation -- symbolizes the woman. The island always yearns for the continent. It cries out, "When shall I go? When will you come?" In that sense, since this is the Far East, a similar nation should appear in Asia, from one end of the land to the other, as a reflection of England. If one appears in the West, another should appear in the East. That country is Japan. (189-93, 1989.3.19)

Japan is the Eve nation on the satanic side. This is why the Eve nation on the satanic side could share and retain equally all the blessings of the Eve nation on the heavenly side. Christianity did not succeed in going to Asia and instead went in a reverse course to Europe, through Rome and passed on to Britain. In this way, it has gone the other way. The peninsula corresponding to Rome is the Korean peninsula; the sea and island corresponding to the Mediterranean Sea is Japan; and the continent corresponding to Europe is the Asian continent. In correlation, it comes back after making a full circuit. The time has come for these two to meet. This is why scholars and politicians say that the age of the Pacific civilization is coming. (251-144, 1993.10.17)

Japan is no different from Britain. It is the direct successor to British civilization. America succeeded British civilization, while at the same time in Asia, Japan directly succeeded British civilization (80-14, 1975.10.1)

Japan corresponds to Britain. Japanese civilization succeeded British civilization. Japanese civilization was created by removing all the elements of Christian civilization, and utilizing only the core essence. That is a satanic nation. When Christianity went to the West, who dominated the Western cultural sphere? Satan was in control. Therefore, when you consider Japan, which had accepted Western Civilization, you can see that it corresponds to Britain. Don't they drive on the left in Japan? Japan's golden age lasted for 120 years. The 120 years, which began with the Meiji Reformation in 1868, came to an end last year in 1988. (188-309, 1989.3.1)

I chose Japan and Germany. I replaced Great Britain with Japan. Japanese civilization is a replica of British civilization. Japan imitated the British system of administration, and also copied from the German army. That is history and this explains why the Japanese, like the British, drive on the left. About 120 years ago, during the Meiji Reform, Japan imported all of Britain's culture. This is why I placed Japan at the center of the providence, due to the fact that Britain, America and France did not fulfill their responsibility. Anybody who fails in providential history is never used again. (213-100, 1991.1.16)

Great Britain, in the Eve position, is an island nation. An island nation longs for the land. It is just like a woman. America is in the position of a man born from Eve. Isn't that so? France is the enemy nation because it fought against Great Britain. In God's presence, these three nations should become one centering on the Christian cultural sphere.

Who is on the satanic side? Japan is. Her civilization is like all the things Satan had taken from God. That is why she stands in the position of having taken all of Britain's culture, which was on the heavenly side. She has stolen from Britain. That is why cars in Japan also keep to the left. (200-299, 1990.2.26)

Japan copied from Britain. She is an imitation of Western Civilization. She borrowed Roman law, copied the German army, and followed the culture of Britain. Isn't that why cars drive on the left in Japan? It copied Britain. Satan imitates everything that is done on the heavenly side. That is why Japanese civilization is a replicate civilization. It copied a country blessed by God, utilizing its accomplishments. Japan took things away from the developed world. It was not on God's account. Essentially, I have approved of Japan returning to the position of the Eve nation on the heavenly side. It was not for the sake of Japan herself. In that sense, history is continuing to unfold under the sphere of the principle of indemnity. (249-132, 1993.10.8) 

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