Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Twelve - The Pacific Rim Providence
Chapter Three - The Pacific Rim Era and the Inauguration of the Island Nations Federation
Section 3. The Ocean Providence Centering on Hawaii

3.1. Japan and Hawaii

We know from history that the Americans established their nation while migrating from east to west, giving birth to a new civilization. Then, based on Hawaii, the United States secured a beach-head from which to influence the Pacific Ocean sphere. (79-72, 1975.6.1)

The reason that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii is that she had come to the conclusion that it would be impossible to defend her position in either China or Korea without striking the United States, which lay in the background. You should be aware of this. You should understand that Japan struck Pearl Harbor in order to defend her dominant position in Korea and China. Historians in America have not known this. I am certain about these things. (111-313, 1981.3.9)

Didn't the small nation of Japan pick a fight and start the great Asian War? Do you know why Japan attacked Hawaii? The Japanese students who studied abroad were not treated as people. So they thought, "You just wait and see. Just wait ten, twenty years. I'm going to get you!" And then later, they struck back. Since those foreign students thought in such a manner, God helped them in that way.

Those students who had studied for ten years spent the whole time thinking, "I'm going to beat you." And the students who had studied for twenty years, constantly thought, "I'm going to trample on you." (293-292, 1998.6.7)

The Japanese made the decision to attack America, didn't they? That is why they illegally attacked Pearl Harbor. This perspective has not been explored in American or Japanese history books. From a providential point of view, you should understand how Japan's decision came about. This is a certain fact. Japan did not simply make an illegal attack on America's Pearl Harbor. They had sufficient rationale to do so. Then, what did the missionaries do? They were guiding the political aspect of things. (111-153, 1981.2.10)

Wasn't America the land of the Indians? When I went to Hawaii, I thought, "Wow, I have never seen such a place in this world!" Thirty percent of the people are Japanese, and only twenty-nine percent are white. This is why they say that the white people are being persecuted. When I heard that remark, I didn't feel so bad. If I had said, "Hey, you Japanese people! See that indemnity is paid for the opposition that I have received in America!", then how efficiently they would have seen to it.

But I realized that they would expel all the white people there, so I thought, "This will not do." Soon I concluded, "If I marry the children of those families that form thirty percent of the population, with the children of the families belonging to twenty-nine percent of the population, then they will be completely united." I also realized how simple the providence for restoration would be if everything was transferred to the American continent. That is why I am building centers of operation, purchasing boats, and making preparations to live in Hawaii. I intend to go to Hawaii. Believe me, the Pacific civilization is coming! (216-275, 1991.4.7)

3.2. The reason Hawaii is the center of the ocean providence

Don't you wish to go to Hawaii? I have purchased land there in order to build a heavenly village. I have built houses and transported boats to the islands. Isn't that great! It doesn't rain much there during the four seasons in a year. That is why, as a fishing locale, there is no better place in the world than Hawaii. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter all exist in harmony in one valley. On one side it rains every day and lightning strikes, but on the other side it does not rain during the four seasons of the entire year. I knew that such a place in the world was waiting for me to come. This is why I am carrying out an educational movement for all these things. (221-60, 1991.10.20)

I am carrying out a movement to have our American members settle in the islands of Hawaii. I made a house this time, centering on the Japanese Women's Federation for Peace. If I make just one phone call to the Japanese wives, they will spend money and do all kinds of productive activities. In line with this, we can create a framework for educating the people. They will welcome us, praising my amazing ideas for making the Hawaiian Islands a foothold for God to come down and dwell. Amen! (221-60, 1991.10.20)

The place where Jesus came as the Messiah was also Asia. He is in a position to recover his body that was lost for the sake of a unified Asian sphere, and to unify Asia by means of the Christian civilization, not just as a realm of spiritual victory, but as a new material sphere of influence. When this Western Civilization comes to Asia, it must do so based on a mixed and harmonious civilization located midway in the Pacific Ocean. That is why the era of the Pacific civilization is drawing near. Western Civilization will be merged into one, with the Pacific civilization as its center. What becomes a problem here is Hawaii. (229-298, 1992.4.13)

As you all know, American history established a nation while migrating from the east to the west and gave rise to the birth of civilization. In that way it solidified the leading base for influencing the Pacific sphere centering on Hawaii. (79-72, 1975.6.1)

America consists of fifty states. Isn't Hawaii one of those states? In Hawaii, the people from the mainland are in a minority. The majority consists of people of other races. That is why there are many cases where people who went to Hawaii do not stay for a long time, but soon return to the mainland. They have disputes with each other, and because of such behavior they don't remain long. That is why I went there and built up my base in Hawaii in order to reconcile such people. I have the power and the authority. I have the knowledge and financial resources as well. (217-243, 1991.6.2)

Hawaii in Korean sounds like the phrase "Come back after you've done it (hae-wa-ra)." It is also similar to the Korean word for Eve (hae-wa) which means "Come back after doing your job." If you pronounce this slowly, it sounds like "Hawaii", which has become a domain where there is exchange between Western Civilization and Asian civilization. I had thought that Hawaii was part of the United States, but now it is becoming Japanese land. Rev. Moon is currently educating the people there to make them one. Who will educate them? A whirlwind must begin. Centering on the land of Hawaii, I am now working on creating a global sphere of influence. (229-298, 1992.4.13)

Isn't the Pacific civilization coming? That is why I created the "Pacific Rim Development Company." America is included in this and so is Australia, as well as the South Pacific and the entire Pacific Ocean. After that, I said, "Let us put the Americans to shame by our hard work!" and I am now doing that work. I came here after giving that order. For that purpose, the Japanese women here must not be inferior to the married women in Hawaii. You should be able to say, "The tradition will be made on the continent. Since we, as your spiritual elders, made this tradition, you must follow us!" and have them respond, "Yes!" They should not come to oppose you. (216-275, 1991.4.7)

If I say that I will go to Hawaii on a boat, then you must follow me there. Without a nation, there is no other way. Day and night I have been searching for God's nation. God's nation is the planet earth. You must become its citizens here in order to enter the heavenly kingdom. If you are unable to become a citizen at that time, then on the day of your death, you will have go to the other world and wait there. (128-113, 1983.6.5) 

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