Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Twelve - The Pacific Rim Providence
Chapter Three - The Pacific Rim Era and the Inauguration of the Island Nations Federation
Section 1. Now is the Pacific Rim era

1.1. Why is the Pacific era coming?

The current times are called the Pacific era. No matter what America says, and regardless of those who claim European supremacy, the trade zone centering on the Pacific Ocean has surpassed that of Europe and continues to develop. In all aspects, America is at the stage where it cannot abandon the Pacific region. The Asian people are the ones who are good at doing business. Don't Americans recklessly use their money? The Asian people do not. If you ever handle the body of a dead Chinese person, you will never come across a corpse without money. (174-205, 1988.3.1)

The direction of world civilization will develop as it makes a circuit around the globe. In other words, civilization moved from the continental civilization of Egypt to the peninsular civilization of Rome and Greece, then to the island civilization of Great Britain and reached the continental civilization of the United States of America. The continental civilization is now moving west, crossing the Pacific Ocean, passing through the island civilization of Japan and ultimately culminating in the civilization of the Korean peninsula to connect with Asia. The culture consolidated here is of a high level and will create a new world. As an island nation, Japan was the first in Asia to incorporate Western Civilization.

It will now be the age of the peninsular civilization. The Korean peninsula is where the oriental and Western Civilizations become one. As the historian Spengler pointed out, the rise and fall of civilizations have been recurring like the changes of the four seasons in a year. The age of the Atlantic civilization has now passed, ushering in the age of the Pacific civilization. (115-171, 1981.11.10)

Christianity had the responsibility of bringing spiritual salvation to the world. However, unless it absorbs the physical foundation, Christianity does not have a basis to stand on. Today, people throughout the world are talking about the coming of the era of the Pacific civilization. Why is that so? It is because the origin of history can be found in that region.

Since Jesus' body was lost, America -- representing spiritual Christianity -- has the historical mission of crossing the Pacific and returning to Asia. Consequently, we can conclude that such a time must inevitably come. You should understand that the original cause lies here. (224-306, 1991.12.22)

Where should America go? It should return to Asia. It should seek the Asian continent where Jesus' body was lost. The era of the Pacific civilization is coming. Yet, why is the era of the Asia-Pacific civilization coming? Even scholars do not know this. This cannot be solved without Rev. Moon's principle. America will be compelled to seek Asia. Currently, America has only the spiritual standard. Therefore, in order to make use of the body, it must return to Asia. (225-30, 1992.1.1)

Since Jesus lost his body, the foundation for the main stage disappeared, and he lost his foothold in Asia. Therefore, the material civilization went in the opposite direction. It was dragged the other way to Rome. It should have gone towards the West from Asia, but instead it came back the other way from the West. It conformed to the path of indemnity and had to go along that path while shedding blood and suffering sacrifices. In this way, Western Civilization went around in a circle, centering on Rome and passing through Britain and America, to return again to the Pacific civilization. It returns to the Pacific civilization, because it was in Asia that Jesus lost his body on the worldwide level. The spirit and the flesh were separated at this place. Therefore, Western Civilization, the material civilization, went the other way in a circle to return to Asia. (249-132, 1993.10.8)

We have entered an era in which the entire period extending from the Old Testament Age, to the realm of the bride centering on Britain, America and France in the New Testament Age, can be restored through indemnity. Consequently, right after the Second World War, we could advance towards a unified world. Therefore, the era of the Pacific civilization will arrive after the mother and her sons, Cain and Abel, become one and enter Asia together. Since Jesus lost his body in Asia, a global political domain corresponding to the body must be unified centering on Asia. That is why the era of the Asian civilization is now coming. (243-296, 1993.1.28)

Western Civilization, oriental civilization, Asian civilization and the Pacific civilization have come forth in the world. However, the Pacific civilization is a long way from America. This is why Rev. Moon went to America and made full preparations to remain there. Now I must come to Asia, combine the East and the West, and attend to India and also to Siberia. I must attend to these two places. (231-60, 1992.5.31)

Where must the Lord first appear? He must come from Asia. Since Jesus lost his physical body in Asia, he must recover it in Asia. Why is the Pacific civilization coming? The physical body that Jesus lost is returning in the era of a unified cultural sphere in Asia. When all these things are resolved in this way, history will be properly resolved. (232-25, 1992.7.1)

Japan was the Eve nation on the satanic side. That is why the Eve nation on the satanic side could share and retain equally all the blessings of the Eve nation on the heavenly side. Christianity could not succeed in Asia on account of Jesus' death, so it went in reverse to Europe instead, passing through Rome and Britain. In this manner, Christianity has gone the opposite way. The peninsula corresponding to Rome is the Korean peninsula; the sea and island corresponding to the Mediterranean Sea is Japan; the continent corresponding to Europe is the Asian continent. They return to their relative positions after making a full circuit. The time has come for the two ends to meet. This is why scholars and politicians say that the age of the Pacific civilization is coming. (251-144, 1993.10.17)

Why did the Second World War have to occur? It was to recover Jesus' lost body on the worldwide level. The unified realm was lost because the returning Lord was driven away. That is why America now comes again through the Pacific civilization, seeking the Asian region that had lost Jesus' body, as well as the unified world. The time is drawing near when America comes seeking Asia from the opposite direction. You should know that that is why the era of the Pacific civilization is coming. This is in accord with the fact that the world must be unified, centering on the ideal of the returning Lord, by recovering, in Asia, Jesus' body that was lost in Asia. By going through this process, the era of the Pacific civilization is bound to come. It is to recover the body and make it whole. The Lord at his Second Advent already has the basis for receiving this, centering on the spirit and the flesh. That is why the cultural sphere can be connected internally and externally, based on a criterion of unity, where the object partner stands before the subject partner. Through this process, a unified world can be created, centering on the True Parents. (267-176, 1995.1.5)

The era of the Pacific civilization is coming, because Western Civilization and oriental civilization must recover the lost body of the father. Jesus came as the father, but the body of that father was killed. We must recover this body and make it one with the legacy of spiritual salvation within the sphere of Christianity. That is why the Lord comes to the East. Centering on the coming Lord, the Korean peninsula is like Italy. Until now, Italy has never been destroyed. For over two thousand years, it has survived as a powerful nation. That is because Italy is a counterpart nation for the coming Lord. Based on that standard, the Lord returns to the Pacific era, centering on this Korean peninsula; but it is the Pacific Ocean era rather than the Mediterranean Sea era. He returns to the vast environment of Asia through the connection of the Korean peninsula. If the Korean peninsula is the male sexual organ, then Japan is the female sexual organ. They are bound to become one. The age of a unified world comes when they are united. That is why Korea is called the Adam nation, and Japan the Eve nation. (251-147, 1993.10.17)

In the future, the world civilization will most certainly return to Asia. The era of the Pacific civilization is approaching. Today, eminent scholars who study social science, as well as natural scientists who have any pretense to knowledge, predict that the era of the Pacific civilization will appear and set the trend of history. Why must it be that way? Shouldn't I know the root cause? Haven't I been teaching now for over forty years that the era of the Pacific civilization is coming? Nobody knows in which nation it will appear. I am the only one who knows. It is the man called Rev. Moon who knows all these things and believes that the Republic of Korea must take the lead. (207-281, 1990.11.11)

At which time should Western Civilization and oriental civilization be joined together? When the two combine, where will this union take place? They will not be combined in an island nation. They will be joined together on a peninsula. From this point of view, as a peninsular nation, Korea is in the most precarious situation in Asia. When you consider Korea's location, you will find that it is surrounded by the Soviet Union, communist China, Japan, and even America. Taking into consideration the Pacific coast, it can be regarded as being connected even to America. All scholars are saying that history will now advance into the era of the Pacific cultural sphere. Scholars in the fields of politics, economy, and history are asserting that such an era will come. In America, they regard this as indisputable.

Then, which nation will play the leading role? Will it be Japan? Will it be China? Japan and China are enemies. They were enemies forty years ago. Korea and Japan are also enemies. They are all enemies. In Asia, Japan fought against China, against the Soviet Union, and also occupied Korea. They all regard Japan as an enemy nation. She was the Eve nation on the satanic side that could replace Great Britain. (196-162, 1990.1.1)

Western Civilization and Asian civilization cannot be directly connected. You should know that Western Civilization has lost its direction and is entering the twilight realm after the sun has set. It will perish unless it thanks Rev. Moon for connecting it with oriental civilization, which is like the brilliant sunlight of a new morning. Western society, which is headed toward ruin, has a cultural background of flowing toward the Atlantic Ocean. You should be aware of the amazing fact that, through Rev. Moon, this civilization can now be connected to God's providential realm through a new Asian civilization.

Until now, western people have just opposed me, with no knowledge of this fact. Through Rev. Moon they can relate with God's providence. They have gone over to a world in which they can now accept God's providence once again. God's providence will once more begin to expand. (120-199, 1982.10.15)

The Unification Church is the third son. The Unification Church was actually born as the most precious son of them all. The Christian civilization is now the only thing that can digest western culture into a unified substance and bring harmony in Europe and to North and South America. Yet, the Christian civilization of the West is crossing over to Asia. Then in which nation will Asia conform to God's efforts to bring unity and order through Christian thought? Japan worships a diverse group of gods. China and the Soviet Union have been communized. Korea remains alone within the enclosure of Christianity even though its various denominations are in conflict. Although it cannot be planted as a seed tree, it is needed as firewood.

In other words, among the many countries of Asia, if there is one nation whose entire population can accept the Christian cultural background and also maintain a receptive attitude while the Pacific civilization is approaching before their eyes, that nation can naturally only be Korea. Japan, China, or the Soviet Union cannot fulfill this role. (222-134, 1991.10.28)

With a "do or die" spirit, I organized the International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) and the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA). There is nowhere you cannot go, with these organizations in the lead. If I hadn't mobilized America at that time, its leaders would have never known what direction top Chinese officials would take for the next twenty years. It was obvious that communism was going to change, but Americans didn't know in which direction it was going to change. They didn't believe me, even when I told them. That is why I gathered military strategists and other planners, with twenty people representing the free world and another twenty representing China, and convened a seminar under the title "An Examination of the Soviet Union's Future Foreign Policy toward China and the Pacific Coast." I was the one who had provided America's future strategic material. (204-257, 1990.7.11)

We are now in the era of the Pacific civilization. At the same time, this leads to the space age. All the waters of the world merge with the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The rivers and the waters from the Atlantic Ocean and even water from the Mediterranean Sea all join with the Pacific. There is a flow of water called the Black Current that is about four to five thousand miles long. As it circulates it influences all five of the great oceans of the world.

For this reason, when the era of the Pacific civilization draws near, everybody must become one. Then we can explore outer space. Unless people become one, they would even fight over the ownership of the sun, with everyone claiming that right. They would ask who the master of the starry realm is and they would all claim to be the one. They are bound to fight among each other. Our sun is about 1.3 million times larger than the earth. How could human beings, who don't even amount to a tiny speck, claim to own this vast entity? The universe would roar with laughter. A unified world is bound to appear in the era of the Pacific civilization. That is why everything must be overhauled. Democracy in America does not work, and neither does communism. That is why the head-wing ideology, known as Godism, must appear in this age. (207-46, 1990.10.28)

A unified universe on the heavenly side must be created centering on the mother on the heavenly side, along with Cain and Abel on the heavenly side. What is this unified universe? It is a world without Satan. When you think about the Garden of Eden, its standard was devoid of the Fall. Adam and Eve, who are in the position of fallen parents, must attend the father anew. They should go around the world, return to the era of the Pacific civilization and attend the father there. Then they should inherit the new blood. When they become one after inheriting life and the new lineage through new love, a unified universe will be established for the first time. (209-292, 1990.11.30)

The era of the Pacific civilization is now coming. The Adam nation and Eve nation, and three archangel nations should lay the principal foundation at that time. They must become one. On the strength of the reputation of True Parents, who are from the original Eden, we can head straight for heaven. I have established a liberated realm, an original standard, whereby we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, based on the archangel's love, God's love and True Parents' love. Therefore, the age in which we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven on the national standard has come. Consequently, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world will be manifested. (211-204, 1990.12.30)

Through the unification of North and South Korea, the gap between the rich and poor in the East and the West will be resolved, and Western Civilization and oriental civilization will become one. Originally, the East was the center of spiritual civilization. That is why all religions emerged from the East. When religious spheres begin to flourish, all material possessions must be cast away. You have to give up everything, including your house and nation. However, the material world cannot be thrown away. This is why it is being collected from the other end.

As a result, western people were the ones who developed material civilization. The European powers had knowledge, and the more they discovered, the more they occupied the land, claiming it to be their own. They all expanded their domain through knowledge. Yet in the East, people gave up all their money. Unification, however, unfolds when the spiritual standard and material standard become one. The material civilization comes seeking Asia. Thus, an era is coming in which Western Civilization and oriental civilization are combining in the Pacific sphere, so an era is coming which will lead to a new world. That is the era of the Pacific civilization. (212-138, 1991.1.2)

A majority of scholars worldwide have reached the conclusion that the Pacific civilization is the way that history is leading us toward the original vertical world of God. Then what are we looking for? We are seeking true love. If that principle of love is established, then the world will not perish.

Rev. Moon, who represents the East, came to America to educate people so that they could safely cross the Pacific Ocean without drowning in it. You should know that this is the purpose of the Unification Church in western society. The Unification Church, alone, can go to the eternal and ideal original homeland, where the Pacific civilization, including both vertical love and horizontal love, is formed and brought to perfection. (216-206, 1991.3.31)

In the process of advancing to the unified realm of the world, a Pacific civilization will emerge from the Asian continent, based on Western Civilization and oriental civilization. Europe will now become one. In that regard, what will become its underlying cultural basis? It will not be the history of Great Britain, Germany, or France. Its foundation is the entire Christian cultural sphere. (218-362, 1991.8.22)

The vast American and Western sphere will restore Jesus' body, then become one and return to the Pacific Ocean. The standard for a nation to lead the world, centering on Jesus, must be established in Asia, which is a spiritual civilization. That is what I have been preparing until now. The formation of the Inter-religious Federation for World Peace has brought order to the Christian cultural sphere, based on oriental civilization, and it can revive and unify the substance of Christian civilization in the future. It has tied together the hidden relationships of the world. (218-364, 1991.8.22)

In order to restore through indemnity the failure of Roman culture, I am laying out a worldwide peninsular civilization, and also thinking of creating a historical Roman kingdom of law which goes back to God. This is coming to the Pacific civilization. By the end of this month, I am assembling the religious spheres from the East and the West. That has never happened in history, has it? The International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), the World Media Association, the Inter-religious Federation for World Peace, and the Federation for World Peace are organizations that are going to deal with all existing divisions and conflicts of mind and body, so that each nation may be brought together in an ideal unified realm. This is awesome. All this is made possible because God exists. (218-379, 1991.8.22)

Most intellectuals believe that the time of the Pacific cultural sphere is coming and that Asia will play a leading role in that age. What should Asia do in order to play such a leading role? Surrounding nations should be brought into harmonious relationships. Korea, for instance, has Japan, China, the Soviet Union, and America surrounding its territory. This small nation is a place of geopolitical importance, so these four great powers are in hot rivalry and cannot let her go. Practically speaking, I have been working hard until now to bring together nations from many directions, connecting, assimilating and forming them into a supra-national core. That is why we have come to a stage in which even America, which heads the free world across the Pacific, cannot ignore us. We have come to a stage where even Japan cannot ignore the man called Rev. Moon. It is the same with the Soviet Union and also China. (222-29, 1991.10.27)

As we face the imminent approach of the Pacific civilization, is there a nation among the many countries of Asia which can possess a Christian cultural background and maintain a receptive attitude? If so, that nation would not be Japan, China or the Soviet Union. It could only be Korea. Of the five billion people in the world, more than 3.2 billion or three-fifths are Asian. They live in Asia. Korea has come down through history as a kingdom where religions have flourished. That is how it was with Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity. (221-196, 1991.10.24)

I am trying to promote a Pacific cultural sphere in Asia, on the basis of bringing together Christianity and many other religions centering on Korea. The democratic world and communist world can come if they wish. I inaugurated the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Inter-religious Federation for World Peace in preparation for this. Do not forget the fact that combining the mind and body, which are in conflict, and driving them into one, makes the internal relationship that enables you to unify the entire historical course during which the mind struggled within the individual self. (221-196, 1991.10.24)

Think about it. The cultural history of the colored races is long, while the background of cultural achievement of the white race is short. White people are cousins of polar bears that have come from the North Pole. They eat meat while looking at blood. Bloodshed always accompanied the white people wherever they went. They shed blood. However, those who live in an agricultural culture are different. That is why the end is near for white society. You should be aware of this. Where should they go now? Shouldn't they go to Asia?

Don't intellectuals in America these days say that the era of the Pacific civilization is coming? The era of the Pacific civilization comes centering on the yellow people. Why is it that Japan and Korea have experienced such rapid growth? It is because God is with them. From those lands, Rev. Moon will also prosper. This is why I have planted an essential concept that the Pacific cultural realm needs. I have planted it throughout the world. Once planted, it cannot be removed by anybody. (205-261, 1990.9.9)

Many people say that the future will be the time of the yellow people, or "Yellow Power." The world of the Pacific cultural sphere refers to Asia. In some way or other, that is how humanity will become in the future. Through our large weddings, two-thirds of the human population will belong to the yellow race, and the other third of the population will be of mixed backgrounds. That is why, from now, the world will advance into the time of the yellow people. I am not saying this because I belong to the yellow race. I am saying this because that is how the Principle works. (244-135, 1993.2.1)

1.2. The central nations in the Pacific era are Korea and Japan

The Pacific civilization is now coming. In a situation where battlefields are inevitably emerging in America, Japan, Korea, China and Russia, countries that are unprepared for this civilization and cultural background will fall behind. I am the very man who has made preparations, standing on the front line. That is why I have brought together Japan, America, China and the Soviet Union. It gives us hope to think that the great things done by Rev. Moon and the Americans, who have joined hands in unity, will become a condition for America, and the world in the future, to secure and enter a common destiny within the Pacific civilization. Don't feel so bad about this. Once this is connected, it will be very good for the Western world and America. (202-264, 1990.5.24)

Since there are people from the Soviet Union here today, I would like to give you one piece of advice. There will be many problems if the Soviet Union continues to strengthen its economic system while emphasizing Germany and Europe. Always bear in mind that you should put America first, and then bring Europe together.

If you give priority to Europe, and proceed to bind Europe together, then a great war and complex problems will occur in the near future in the European region and the Pacific coastal regions of Asia. In order to prevent this, leaders in the Soviet Union should focus their economic policies on America and then proceed to bind Europe together. If they ignore this advice, the problems will be great. (210-143, 1990.12.18)

From now, the era of the Pacific civilization is coming. This is what scholars are talking about in western society. Japan as an island nation cannot deal with this. Is it Japan or China? China belongs to the third world and is undeveloped. Since I knew this, I have been carrying out the providence in this way. Korea and Japan were designated respectively as Adam and Eve. That is why they are connected with the continent. China belongs to the archangelic realm, whether it believes it or not. Aren't there many men in China? They are archangels. In the past, didn't they bind the feet of women because there weren't that many women? Wasn't China called the "blue dragon"? The dragon is the archangel. (194-347, 1989.10.30)

Since the allied forces of Great Britain, America and France belong to the Christian cultural sphere, they offered great protection to a country like Korea. If the Pacific war had been extended for another four days, two hundred thousand Christians would have been massacred. That did not happen because God loved Korea. Did a single bomb fall on Korea during the Second World War? In the chaos during the final months, Japan was left in ruins. But in Korea, not one bomb fell. Why? It was because heaven and earth were protecting the Korean people. Since America belongs to the Christian cultural sphere, it had protected Korea. (240-217, 1992.12.13)

In this way, the Pacific civilization advances toward the unification of Asia and world unification. This is why everything that was lost is being restored through indemnity. Isn't that exactly how things are now progressing? Since America is the archangel on the heavenly side, three archangels on the satanic side must be under America's control. That is why the mission of the Eve nation is great.

What kind of mission remains for the Eve nation? She should maintain her chastity, stick close to her husband's side, and not protrude her personality. Nothing a woman has exists for the sake of the woman herself. Japan's assets should be used for the sake of Asia. They should be used for developing the Middle East and even Europe. (250-292, 1993.10.15)

We are now moving from the age of the Atlantic cultural sphere to the age of the Pacific cultural sphere. The Soviet Union and America are having closer ties, thus helping them to become the leading forces of this age. They have taken prominent roles. But in order to lead the world from now on, they must digest the people of Asia. Otherwise, they cannot lead. The Asian population is close to 3 billion among the world's 5 billion people. Asia has over three-fifths of the world's population. This is why a thought system, that cannot digest the people of Asia, cannot lead the world. (173-219, 1988.2.18)

There are 3 billion people living in Asia. We are now living in the time of the Pacific cultural sphere. Such a time has come. History has passed through a river culture, through the Mediterranean cultural sphere, and has come around to the Atlantic cultural sphere. Now we are entering an age where we can leap into the cultural sphere of outer space, centering on the Pacific cultural sphere. How to continue linking all this together is a question for the world's political tacticians to explore, but they will not find an answer. I have gathered the prominent politicians of the world to countless international conferences. Their conclusion is that only Rev. Moon's ideology is the hope for this age -- and not America, France, Germany, Britain or even the Soviet Union. (174-48, 1988.2.23)

The inhabitants of our global village have become like close neighbors. The approaching Asia-Pacific era will be a world where people cannot help but live in harmony, going beyond skin color and cultural background. Heavenly fortune is driving people towards an age of harmony when, in order to survive, individuals must make peace even with their enemies.

The Korean people should become the guides of the new age by living under the right set of values, embedded in the firm foundation of a belief system centered on God. We should all go beyond our petty interests. With a clear and calm perspective on international relations, we should exhibit the combined strength of the entire nation and take the leading role in the Asia-Pacific era. (193-322, 1989.10.12)

Thankfully, there are 3.2 billion people living in Asia. The Soviet Union is a nation of white people who are in a disadvantageous position due to their frigid climate. Yet, the Soviet Union is in a position today, which surpasses that of communist China in all aspects, including military and political fields. That is why the Soviet Union is intent on devouring Japan at any cost. Once the Soviets do so, they believe that they can grasp the initiative in their confrontation against America, centering on the stage of the Pacific Ocean. (121-16, 1982.10.21)

From a geopolitical point of view, Japan is an island nation. In the end, island nations cannot live in isolation. This is why Japan needs to establish ties with some continent. Currently, Japan is making her ties with the American continent across the Pacific Ocean.

These two nations were enemies forty years ago during the Second World War. The uniqueness of these people is that they have fought each other as enemies. But where will Japan go? Should she cross the Pacific Ocean and get a ride on America's back, or should she connect with the Asian continent? If Japan were to connect, where should she be connected? This is the question. Since the shortest route is to go through the Korean peninsula, Japan should not connect to Siberia or to Communist China.

Japan cannot enter Communist China and digest the chaos there. Japan cannot digest the 1.2 billion people of Communist China. Japan is also unable to digest the Soviet Union, which is the leading nation of the vast communist world. From this point of view, Japan has no alternative other than to connect with Korea, centering on the United States. (177-14, 1988.5.15)

The Pacific civilization is a preparatory culture, established for the sake of creating the sphere of influence for the coming God-centered ideology of the True Father. A unified cultural sphere must emerge from this place and bring an end to the disparate cultures. That is why the unification of languages, cultures, and nations will unfold centering on the culture of the True Parents. Such a time will arise and be ushered in. It will become more and more evident on the Korean peninsula. (193-225, 1989.10.4)

In American economic and philosophical circles, people are saying, "the USA, as the leading force in the Pacific civilization, is finished. We must go to the East. Yet, how are we to go there?" Such people do not realize that they need to take a hold of Rev. Moon's tail. Once they are taught that, everything will be completed. (195-258, 1989.12.1)

Korea is the decisive point for creating the realm of a unified nation. Korea is the Adam nation. The lineage that enables you to inherit the original nature of the owner who connects love, life and lineage together, and stands within the new ideal realm of creation, begins from the Adam nation.

Where will the mother nation, eldest son nation, and nations of the second son achieve unity? They will cross the Pacific and come to Korea, the Adam nation. That is when Korea will be liberated from Japan. (198-232, 1990.2.3)

Among the many countries of Asia, if there is one that can accept the Christian cultural background and maintain a receptive attitude while confronting the situation in which the Pacific civilization is approaching before their eyes, that country would not be Japan, China or the Soviet Union but could only be Korea. Have hope. More than three-fifths of humankind lives in Asia, which is the birthplace of religions. Korea has been a kingdom that brings fruition to those religions. (222-36, 1991.10.27)

The age of the Pacific civilization is unfolding, centering on the Korean peninsula. Japan is exactly like a woman's womb. These two must become one. That is why Japan must restore through indemnity all the mistakes of Christianity and of Britain. The failures of the Vatican must also be overcome, centering on the Korean peninsula. The Vatican ideal, the Christian ideal, and the ideal royal palace for the returning Lord should all be created. Since Jesus' body was lost in Asia, the Christian cultural sphere must be combined, both spiritually and physically, in Asia so as to create a unified cultural sphere. (226-134, 1992.2.2)

The Adam nation is Korea, and the Eve nation is Japan. The archangel nations are the surrounding countries of America, China, and the Soviet Union. This is what God chooses. Didn't Japan rule over Korea? China also tried to occupy Korea. The country that controls Korea controls the Pacific Ocean. The time of the Pacific cultural sphere is coming. Haven't most intellectuals been announcing this in recent history? That is why the Soviet Union, China, and America have tried to occupy Korea. (234-110, 1992.8.4)

The people of the world do not know that Korea has reached the stage where it can be in command of the four nations. God, Rev. Moon, and the Unificationists are the only ones who know. How grateful we are for this amazing knowledge! In regards to the future direction of history, many of the world's scholars, economists, and social scientists say that the era of the Pacific civilization is coming. The world shall come to know that Rev. Moon has created the base for the Pacific civilization, and is pushing ahead, after establishing it as an ideological base! Amen! In this way, the sun is bound to rise and bring a new dawn to the world. (239-274, 1992.12.6)

The unification of North and South Korea will not take place through Kim Il-sung, but through Rev. Moon. The Pacific civilization is established by bringing together the Eve nation, the Adam nation, and the archangel nations. It is inevitable for the Pacific civilization to be established in that way because Jesus lost his body in Asia, and therefore the standard remains that a unified world should be restored again in Asia. That is why the Pacific civilization is being discussed worldwide. The world will become a unified place through the unity of Adam and Eve, and the three archangels. That is how providential history is developing. (250-290, 1993.10.15)

Centering on Asia, the Korean peninsula is like the male sexual organ, while Japan is like the sexual parts of a woman. Centering on the Pacific civilization, this forms the central point for the standard of connecting the larger landmasses of USA, China, and the Soviet Union, along with all six continents of the world. This forms the Pacific civilization.

What is the Pacific civilization based around? China and Japan are thought to be the center at this time. Actually, this is not the case. The Republic of Korea-the Korean peninsula-will inevitably become the center. From a topographical point of view, the Korean peninsula, as the crossing point between Hellenism and Hebraism, is where worldwide democracy and communism, materialism and theism, are in confrontation. This is where the embodiment of the evil true parent and the good True Parent, Kim Il-sung and I, respectively, are in confrontation, with both of us trying to digest the other. The Korean peninsula is the final destination of history. The central body that brings this to oneness is the peninsula that takes on the form of the male sexual organ of the continent. This can embrace all of the Pacific Ocean. (213-223, 1991.1.21)

In Asia, the Korean peninsula symbolizes the sexual organ of the continent; it is the male sexual organ. The Japanese archipelago has Hokkaido as its head. The group of islands below look like a woman with all her limbs spread out. That is why Japan is the Eve nation. The base of Japanese trade is located in Shimonoseki and Shikoku. Western culture spread out from the waterway by Shimonoseki with the Pacific Ocean in the background. It was the seaway for importing culture, where a woman spreads her legs and begins a relationship. However, with the earth in the background, I am unifying the Pacific culture and the American culture into the culture of the Korean peninsula, centering on heavenly culture. (295-223, 1998.8.28) 

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