Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Twelve -- The Pacific Rim Providence
Chapter Two -- The Ocean Leisure Industry and Hobby Industry
Section 2. People and the Hobby Life

2.1. The future world is the age of hobby life

In the future, the birth of a new international economic organization and a new order will bring incredible development. Thus, human beings will have enough wealth and free time to enjoy leisure. As a result, humankind will learn and understand about the greatness of nature. For this, we give appreciation to God as we try to overcome ethnic and national differences. After that, I am certain that the ideal world will come and we will enjoy the true life, a life of loving and caring for one another. (115-177, 1981.11.10)

The enterprise for the future will be the leisure industry. The age of technological industry is an age where people do not work, due to automated technology. Such a time will come. Even now, it is that way. A machine works once the person pushes a button. There will come a time when only three or four machines can produce, day and night, all the products in a factory where thousands of people used to work. Then what kind of industries will grow? It would be such things as the entertainment and fashion industries, both of which fall under the broader category of the industry of leisure. (191-73, 1989.6.24)

In the future, there will come a good time for you to build an economic foundation. The third industrial age, the age of the leisure industry will come. So the leisure and tourist industry are bound to develop. Those traveling to Mount Keumgang will first have a tour of Korea, where they will travel to Busan or Jeju Island first and then go to Mount Keumgang. You cannot take a tour to any other place after you have been to Mount Keumgang. You could go, but it would not be exciting; once you got there you would be disappointed. To attract incoming tourists, think about traveling around starting from Busan to Jeju Island and then to Mount Baek-du. (225-176, 1992.1.20)

The time has passed when the president of a company works at the desk in his office. Because the age of computers is here, you can work anywhere outside of the country, as they do in Japanese offices using man-made satellites. That time is here. The time has come enabling one to give orders, "The director should do this, the executive director should do this, the head of the department should do this" and so on, while fishing on a boat and enjoying the raw fish. We are now entering the age where the person in charge of a company can run the business for the entire year without going to the office. He can run the business from a position of freedom where he can enjoy his hobbies and get rid of stress. (191-76, 1989.6.24)

In order to enjoy hobbies, the husband and wife, or even the entire family, should travel around the world by car. It is a lifestyle of enjoying hobbies with one's family. Isn't that what women are always complaining about -- that they cannot go along with their husbands when they are traveling around? (252-296, 1994.1.1)

The leisure industry can help people feel God's happiness towards creation, so I am developing this by gathering all that is necessary in preparation of a support system, such as a big research lab and a big testing area for farming, for the ocean industry, and for hunting and fishing. This system should bring together farmers, who live close to nature, with those who live far from nature in order to develop and educate them. The people in urban areas can support them both through the best scientific technology. That is why I am developing the hobby business while enjoying many hobbies. (279-58, 1996.6.9)

A life of leisure! This is the kind of life that God likes. Your hobbies are connected to the creation. So many different hobbies are waiting for me. I never get exhausted. By enjoying one hobby after another, I automatically come closer to God's world. This is the best life that men can hope for. (279-60, 1996.6.9)

2.2. The hobby industry is the shortcut leading to the world of peace

Everyone must enjoy leisurely pursuits. After all, God did not create reluctantly. He made creation so that He could feel its excitement. We, too, must experience God's situation at the time of creation. Hobbies should not be done because someone tells us to do them. Hobbies should be done because you wish to do them. Even without sleep, you enjoy doing your hobby. Why should money or circumstance be involved there? So all these things -- our leisure time, the hobby industry, hobby research and so forth -- all these should be centered on God. Only then can those be things belong to God and be used regularly by the beloved sons and daughters of God. Otherwise, they will be Satan's possessions. I am not doing this for the money; in fact, I am investing a lot of money in order to develop these ideas. (281-263, 1997.3.9)

When you are over sixty years old, you should go back to the farming area of your hometown and prepare yourselves to go to the spirit world by digging the land. There is much to do in preparation to enter the spirit world. So staying there like Rev. Moon, you should exert yourself with devotion and fulfill your responsibility in guiding the farming areas. By doing this, you will fulfill the purpose of the hobby industry and of leisure time itself; you will become a caring, warmhearted person who can inhabit the upper level of the spirit world and make good use of your time there. (289-193, 1988.1.2)

We must develop the hobby industry from now on. It is not the leisure industry, it is the hobby industry. Normally, we perceive the leisure industry as based on a profit motive. Fishing and hunting can both lead to thoughts of profits and commercial interests. That is different from just having a hobby. The hobby industry can spread to the small villages were people can enjoy themselves in each of the four seasons.

Every individual has different tasks. There are people working at a factory, a company, and so forth. They have all sorts of jobs, so we can make anywhere from 100 to 360 groups according to various jobs. That way, every day different groups would do this work. It can be done. If it gets planned like this and gets going all year round, then we will not lose any money. About fifty percent will be returned to us. Therefore, there is nothing better than the entertainment business. (252-201, 1993.12.30)

The hobby industry is different from the leisure industry. The leisure industry sets profit as its purpose, while the hobby industry puts the hobby itself as its purpose. People would say, "Only those who have money can do so. How can someone without money enjoy a hobby?" but that is not true. Nowadays everyone enjoys going on vacations, right? You can enjoy a vacation once or twice a year.

So, do you understand what I mean by hobby industry? I believe that being the first to make such a worldwide organization is the short-cut in leading to peace in all fields, including the world's money market and human resources. That is why I have been preparing this ocean plan for twenty years. In April of the coming year, it will be exactly twenty years. So along with this hobby industry, I am thinking of doing farming as a hobby. If people have too much free time, that is a problem as well. Therefore, I will encourage people to get a space of about 200 pyung and farm so that they can live off their hobby. (252-210, 1993.12.30)

Our job in the Completed Testament Age is to mobilize a great number of people. We need a huge number of people. Which industry can best interconnect all the people of the world, transcending the national boundaries and going beyond cultural backgrounds? There is, of course, a necessity for church activities, but the only industry that can connect people, using both domestic and international activities simultaneously, is the hobby industry. (252-211, 1993.12.30)

2.3. We must prepare for the age of the hobby industry

I have recently begun using the term "hobby business." This is not for gain or benefit. (252-295, 1994.1.1)

Therefore, the age of urbanization will soon end and people will disperse more widely. The hobby industry is the only way to decentralize it. We must develop the hobby business. Now at this time I am proclaiming the hobby business. Men are made to live centering on hobbies. (253-15, 1994.1.1)

Casinos, sports, hunting, and fishing are all included in the hobby business. So the various participants did all these at the World Culture and Sports Festival, right? (253-111, 1994.1.9)

We are opening up the tourist business worldwide. I am preparing the worldwide tourist business now. The establishment of our American bus company "Go Tour" was an essential link in the preparation for this. From now on, the tour-leisure business will develop worldwide. I am giving this the name "hobby business." (262-247, 1994.8.1)

In the future, I think the circumstances will be that everyone will ride on our boats at tourist attraction areas worldwide. How will I do that? We will be able to attract tourists to any country and guide those persons with lots of money because we have a worldwide organization. All those people have to travel. They must go on vacations during the holiday seasons. So we will name this business the "hobby industry." This has to do with our interests. What I am saying is let us travel around the world while working and delivering goods. (262-247, 1994.8.1)

We are creating tourist areas. If we have the land, we can do landscaping and make a fishing ground. We will make sure that no one throws away cigarette butts, empty cans, and garbage there, thus keeping the area clean and making it a place free of environmental pollution. We will make an area where tourists can sightsee and enjoy their hobbies as well. We will create a tourist area so lovely that anyone who has looked at it once will instantly wish to come and visit. If we build such a place, then all five billion people would visit, even competing to get there. (1997.10.31)

Up to this point, have we ever taken a vacation in the Unification Church? From now on, all the well-equipped places that I have prepared, such as the fishing areas, hunting grounds, and swimming pools -- all of these should be used. I have made the foundation for you to have vacations in the warmer areas when it is cold, and in the colder areas when it is hot. The time has come now to do so. This is what is referred to as the hobby industry. I have climbed up to this position by receiving much persecution, but you will not be persecuted.

Now if you go to South America, where I have already prepared the foundation, and if you take responsibility, you can bring your tribes there and train them. All the families in that country and the ancestors in the spirit world can become one based on that tribal foundation. (266-135, 1994.12.22)

I am preparing sites in Alaska and in Texas, and trying to make fishing areas and hunting grounds in 160 countries. Fishing and hunting are hobbies. They are hobbies of the upper class, of the people who live well. That is why I am promoting the hobby industry. I am going to lead it directly, by making a tourism organization. (269-49, 1995.4.6)

I will connect the sites of the global tourism industry in order to create a world in which all people can harmonize with each other. If you can influence the people, you can influence the world. Therefore, instead of living within a small circle of relationships, you should become champions of the diplomatic world, relating with prominent people. (275-106, 1995.11.3)

All people should have a hobby. In the future, people will not have any food problems. Then would you spend your time fighting with each other? Everyone needs to have some fun. You should ride on a boat in the river and be friends with the fish by diving into the water world. You have yet to do theses activities. This is why I am creating the term "hobby business" now.

The Unification Church does not allow people to enjoy casinos, so we will organize a group. Out of a month that is spent visiting the various hobby businesses, we need only two days to visit the casinos. So we will stop by the casino. All the young people go crazy when they play in a casino, but that is also an aspect of the hobby business. Therefore, for the people who have lost ten thousand dollars, thirty percent should be returned to them.

I have inquired about the crime rings that secretly control the casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. So, if a person has lost one hundred thousand dollars, we will distribute lottery tickets worth thirty percent of this amount. But then, those who have been participating in the casino games for more than three hours must receive ideological education for one hour. Historically, casinos are considered evil, yet we must be able to say that True Parents have turned them into an instrument that can draw on the dreams of others. It must be centered on the hobby industry. Those who do not learn will continue gambling even if they cut off their own fingers. They will still continue to gamble, using the stubs of their fingers, even after determining not to gamble again. (276-184, 1996.2.19)

Academic education represents the mind, while physical education represents the body. Therefore, through the World University Association, the future direction will be toward the perfection of love -- heavenly ideal love -- using the True Parents as the primary model. For that purpose, I opened the hobby business. In the future, we must live to enjoy fun activities, so the world of the ideal family has now become the world of the hobby industry.

Everything is a hobby. If you go to a new place, the mountains, the rocks, and the trees are all different. Those are all of great interest. But for whom were they all created? God, the Owner, created in order to embrace everything. God created an ideal environment where His sons and daughters can live anywhere. (277-27, 1996.3.17)

I have been speaking about the hobby business. The entire world today is a world of science, in which through the best technology, people are moving the world. For this reason, people take a serious view of the production process, calling it the hobby industry, whereas I call it the hobby life. Do you understand? There are all kinds of hobbies -- hobbies for your eyes, for your nose, for your mouth, for your ears, for your sense of touch, for your body, for your mind, for your love, and so on… (278-95, 1996.5.1)

The realm of settlement does not only apply to the ocean; the land should also be connected to it. Now I am going to the mountains. I will find a place with beautiful scenery. What will I do when I get there? I cannot just go. I will make an animal preserve. I will not be killing animals in the wild; instead I will raise them. I will connect all this to the hobby business. This is something that will become the blood, the body, and the bones of God's son. Fallen men are like thieves, robbing everything for their own blood, bones and skin. To stop this, I have prepared the hobby business to be able to unite with the original love, in accordance with the highest turning point in history that is the holding of the Blessing of 3.6 Million Couples. (286-141, 1997.8.9)

The value of the arts continues to exist. This is why the hobby business is external. Families are not hobbies, they should be fun. By the word jae-mi (fun), I do not mean a person who "lives in America" (jae-mi, similar-sounding). Everyone likes America, but in this case, jae-mi does not have that meaning. Our parents live in a warm, comfortable home that is better than those of America. You hum when you are happy, right? Do you think you will only be humming at your parents' home? (296-127, 1998.11.3)

We can live because of joy. A hobby refers more to circumstantial conditions for joy, and fun is something that can take root in the ideal love between a subject and an object partners. Can you have fun on your own? If you can, then you are out of your mind. There must be a subject of love. Everything is in relationships within the realm of love, for God has created all things to supply fuel for the Subject of love, which is bigger than the ideal universe. That is why you must love all things. 298-234, 1999.1.8)

It is not necessary to eat crops that have been contaminated by pollution. I will create an environment in which the individual can live on what they grow with sincerity. If you have five family members, then do your own farming and eat the food you have harvested. Do not buy from other places. You should grow vegetables and even your own rice to eat. If people put the Unification Church in charge of this, there is no need to worry about the Uruguay Round. Otherwise, the world will perish due to pollution. (252-295, 1994.1.1)

From now on, the biggest issue in the world will be who is leading the tourism industry. That time will come. The distribution channels in the economy will become firmly established through other industrial bases. However, the distribution channels of the tourism industry move quickly, circulating all the time. Its potential for expansion is enormous because of its circulation and there is no place that is excluded. To build that foundation, I am preparing to build condominiums in Suanbo and Bugok. Everything is being prepared for the distant future. However, there is no one in this room with such a futuristic way of thinking. (225-176, 1992.1.20) 

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