Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Twelve -- The Pacific Rim Providence
Chapter Two -- The Ocean Leisure Industry and Hobby Industry
Section 1. The Development of the Ocean Leisure Industry

1.1. Fishing and hunting are aspects of the leisure industry

The leisure industry will develop and grow in the future. This is because exciting kinds of recreation are necessary to relieve stress for those who live in urban areas. How should they relieve their stress? The three best ways are through hunting, horseback riding, and fishing. However, there are many restrictions in hunting and horseback riding: for instance, only those people in a specific class can ride horses. It does cost a lot of money, after all, so not everyone can enjoy it. Also, only those people around forty years old can go hunting. Once they get over fifty, hunting becomes too strenuous for them, so only a specific group of people can enjoy hunting. However, fishing is something that people can practice from their youth until the day they die. So, I envision the fishing industry becoming a worldwide industry in the future. (207-122, 1990.11.1)

What is the hobby industry? It includes casinos and team sports as well as hunting and fishing. I am developing these. Whoever attains a leading position in the hobby industry will have a profound impact on the world. This person will be highly influential. Thus, for several decades we have been preparing all of this for humankind. I do not intend to sell off the fish that we catch. It is just a hobby. We can still eat and live. Because fishing is a hobby, you can release the small fish and eat only the big ones. Also, when eating, you do not eat alone. You must share with others. This is what a hobby is for. That period of time will soon come. (252-295, 1994.1.1)

In Canada, the government is asking us to quickly expand the deer ranch and they have offered financial incentives. They are wise. If you think about it, that will bring an enormous amount of revenue for the country. Getting rid of stress is the best cure for modern-day illness, and there is no better way to solve the problem than hunting and fishing, which are encouraged by the leisure industry. Those people who hunt have a lot of guts. Effeminate men cannot hunt. On the whole, hunters are people who fight well, and who can become generals. Therefore, since their radius of activities is big, they will make a lot of money when earning and spend a lot when spending. (210-196, 1991.8.29)

Most fishing is done in the summer, not during the winter. The question is how to maintain fishing throughout all four seasons of the year. So, I am planning to bring people from Kodiak, Alaska, to check on this. Since fishing is for the summer, and hunting for the autumn and winter, they can be enjoyed alternately. Therefore, in order for us to have enough time for the tourist industry to expand, the hobby industry, consisting of fishing and hunting, is absolutely necessary. Hunting is a sport conducted when it is cold, and fishing is done when it is warm or hot; therefore, together these expand the foothold of the hobbies. Whether it be winter or summer, you can make use of them as year-round hobbies. Then affluent people worldwide can enjoy hobbies throughout the year. (270-300, 1995.7)

Fishing and hunting are hobbies. These are particularly hobbies of rich, upper-class people. Therefore, we must develop the hobby industry and make a tourist organization. (269-49, 1995.4.6)

Among hobbies, you have hunting and fishing, as well as other activities that involve exercise. Then you find more high speed, adventurous activities, such as car racing and flying planes. If there were an air show in South America, where several thousand planes fly without colliding, then people all over the world would gather there. Let us say that in this show the planes fly vertically downward, from a height of ten thousand meters, toward the ground in a matter of seconds. Then, about ten meters from the ground, the planes suddenly change course and fly upward again. Those watching such feats would automatically be rid of their stress! This is a whole new world of adventure happening before your very eyes. (276-184, 1996.2.19)

The first time you fish, you might not appreciate its appeal. However, you will gradually feel its charms as you fish once, twice, and more and more. It is the same with hunting. At first, you start by catching a small bird, and then when that becomes interesting, you attempt to catch a little bigger one, then an even bigger one. Soon you buy a bigger gun, then an even bigger one. There is no limit to it. You cannot help yourself. You will keep going up and up. This is all relative to human life. So, there is a possibility for this enterprise to develop worldwide.

I hope the ambassadors will come and visit a few times each year. In this way, through those ambassadors, you will be able to give lectures and teach all the people of that nation. You can hold banquets by gathering people together to go fishing and hunting. You can also organize clubs, establish businesses, and conduct other activities with the people of your own country who are currently in that nation. (253-116, 1994.1.14)

Horseback riding is limited to a certain degree, and those people who are rather old cannot go hunting. However, fishing transcends a person's age. In this sense, fishing is unrestricted. If we have people in boats spread out on the ocean, even catching a small one counts as having caught a fish. From this point of view, fishing tours can develop limitlessly from now on. The best place for this is Alaska. (205-319, 1990.10.1)

Now that I have entrusted to you all the countries of the world, I can enter the age where I can enjoy fishing, hunting, and singing and dancing -- without drinking -- with all the top leaders of the world. I have distributed ships to 160 nations, and I am preparing to develop the global hobby industry through that group of people.

I would like to build condominiums and create an organization in which people can live together, but not in separate houses, and take all the elderly people to parks worldwide and educate them. I would like to build ships, hunting grounds, and also airports and hotels. I am thinking about leading the world with this kind of hobby industry. For this purpose, I am establishing an airplane company. You can fly anywhere with small and medium-sized airplanes. From now on, I am planning to create a worldwide sightseeing network by establishing airports, even in countryside towns.

I will make small-sized planes a popular means of global transportation. Currently, I am establishing an airplane company with a view to also building airports in 160 countries. I have visited all the resort areas where large airplanes go. Therefore, I am planning to create lakes and hunting grounds in those places. (275-183, 1995.12.8)

The tourist industry should link the middle and upper classes together. People who go on tours usually belong to a class higher than the middle-class. Therefore, we will make many hunting grounds for doing business, and then breeding grounds for fishing worldwide. Those are the businesses we should do. (262-256, 1994.8.1)

It would be very nice to create recreational facilities by building a waterway all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and by building hunting grounds and fishing areas. In those countries where there is land and water, I will teach people how to avoid starvation. (246-89, 1993.3.23)

1.2. One Hope: a ship that cannot sink

What "One Hope" means is that it is the first hope of the ocean. In the past, all other ships that were thirty to fifty feet long sailed proudly as luxury liners. Yet our ships, although small in size, are quite fast. When our ship was sailing, everyone made fun of its small size. They would say, "That's dangerous, people will die!" Why would we die? They did not know that One Hope is a ship that will never sink. (270-64, 1995.5.4)

When establishing a relationship with the ocean, the most important aspect is to have a boat that can float well in the water. Unlike ships built by other companies, the ships of our company must hold with tradition; we must build ships that are praised as history progresses when seen from a worldwide point of view. (262-243, 1994.8.1)

What will you do with small ships? They will be used for fishing. For the most part, people are interested in fishing, but not so much interested in fishery itself, which is catching fish with nets. In the future, there will no longer be an interest in catching fish using nets, nor in riding on big boats. For this reason, I have built this New Hope. I have designed a boat that can sail on the river, as well as the sea. Now our New Hope is famous for fishing and guiding. It is not a boat that just goes out to the sea. Also, it is easily transferable to any location, simply by using an automobile. (262-240, 1994.8.1)

If you wish to take this boat from here to Florida, you can easily attach it to a car. On the water, it takes a couple of days to sail to Florida from here; but you can drive there in one day by car. It takes about four days from the West Coast to the East Coast by car, but one month if sailing on the sea. The boat was built to ride on the waves, to glide through two types of waves when in water. That is why it was built longer than twenty eight feet in length. It was designed that way because it will not sail properly if smaller. Based on this twenty eight foot long boat, we have also built other boats that are thirty-eight feet, fifty-two feet, ninety-eight feet, and 108 feet in length. The 108-foot long boat can even maneuver out in the rough waters of Alaska, and is perfect for fishing when using its dragnets. (262-240, 1994.8.1)

When sailing on a ship at sea, you must know its exact position and maintain the correct direction to your destination. If you do not comprehend the various controls, then the ship cannot operate properly, especially when struggling through fog. How difficult that would be! There are about ten instruments for this purpose. I had ordered research to be done to create one system that performs the roles of all those ten instruments.

Now we have reached the stage where the developmental research has been done, and we can start manufacturing an instrument with one system that can detect the position and direction of the current, depth of the ocean, even the movements of fish. Our new system is made by a combination of various instruments, linked to a computer system. When news of this leaked out, a competition began among many nations who were all asking our company to manufacture such an instrument, using the factories they would build for us. However, we keep saying that our own group should do it.

Knowing the depth of water and the movements of fish are essential matters. What is mysterious about the sea is that it is very difficult for you to return to the same place where you previously caught many fish with nets. When fishing by dragging nets, what course must you take in order to catch a lot of fish? Three ships can catch a great number of fish, even when they are only ten meters from each other, if there is a concentration of fish in that particular place. But because it is difficult to go back to such a place to catch fish again, I have developed a system that can guide us to that location. The system would automatically insert the nets into the water once that specific place has been entered into the computer. This is indeed something remarkable. (134-237, 1985.7.20)

I have paved such a foundation with my own hands. I can construct any kinds of boat whenever I need one. Currently, I am directing research to build small-sized submarines. As I speak, research is being conducted in Norway and Japan. I am planning to construct small family-sized submarines in which we can live based on the various depths of seawater; I will build residential areas in the middle of the sea where we can live. (190-100, 1989.6.18)

We will have the van families, the submarine families, and the spaceship families. We can live here for one week, and then live in the sea for one week, and then go off somewhere else again. I have the best technological ability. I can now make a van and a submarine, and soon a spaceship. (276-218, 1996.2.14)

1.3. The future leisure industry that will be spotlighted is fishing

1.3.1. The joy and zest of sea-fishing

Swordfish and yellow-fin tunas are to be found in the middle of the ocean. They each weigh about three hundred pounds, which is about 150 kilograms. That is one and a half times my weight. Because such big, heavy fish move around in schools, once one is caught, you can catch hundreds of them. These schools of fish become the prey of shark attacks. Once a shark makes an attack, blood spreads through the water. Then all the sharks in the vicinity gather round, and about two-thirds of those fish will become food for the sharks. This is shocking. Due to these shark attacks, the situation becomes instantly hopeless for the seamen aboard, who had have hope and expectations for a big catch. (192-152, 1989.7.3)

When a large fish gets caught, you can feel its vibration reverberating deep under the sea. People on the boat bang the boat, making the sound, "boom-boom-boom-boom", which is similar to hitting your head with a hammer. How many raging waves have fish endured, having gone through all sorts of hardships for several decades in the sea? We can easily imagine what they have gone through, since they have managed to survive in those harsh circumstances.

You should never make a loud banging noise from above the water, because the fish already know, due to the vibrations, how many meters away the people are. (221-84, 1991.10.23)

Catching tuna is not fishing. It is more like hunting at sea. You are hearing the term "hunting at sea" for the first time, right? Catching one tuna is harder than killing a large cow. One tuna weighs more than one thousand pounds. Some tunas can weigh five hundred, six hundred, or even seven hundred kilograms -- that is bigger than a bull. It is exciting to catch such fish! We take all the blood out since the fish will spoil if left for a long time after being caught, and in an instant the water becomes a sea of blood. At that moment, I cannot help but think, "Oh, I am so merciless!" Whenever I feel that way, I think "God allows people to suffer because they are the sacrificial offerings for the liberation of humankind." Also, I feel better when I tell myself, "Well, these fish were caught from nature and I never invested myself in raising them, but from now on I will raise fish and offer them as a sacrifice." This is why I carry out the fish farm and marine product industries. (219-196, 1991.8.29)

The size of some fish is so huge that two people as big as us can be covered by it when we stand together. It is amazing to see how such large fish can be caught and dragged to the boat on a fishing line as thin as a millimeter. It is like pulling up a bull, caught on that line. This tiny fishing line is just remarkable. As women, don't you wish to observe fishing, just once, even if you cannot fish? (224-211, 1991.11.24)

I caught one black fish yesterday, but you cannot imagine how strong this particular one was. This amazing fish even cracked open a shellfish and ate it. In fishing, the moment that requires the most careful attention is fishing for black fish. You know crabs, right? When I cut the crab and put it on the hook as bait, a black fish comes and eats it away. It will come to eat and quickly go away. It is miraculous. When there are many fishing rods with bait placed in the water, these black fish come and eat the bait without you even noticing them. (217-208, 1991.6.1)

Peter was a fisherman, wasn't he? Then aren't you all the descendants of a fisherman? So you all should know about the sea. You came all the way to Alaska to catch what you did? Halibut is the fish that lies on its belly in the seabed, acting like a king. It eats and lives lying on its belly. It looks like a piece of mossy rock, living on the bottom of the sea with eyes springing out like antennas. Since it stays lying down and has a smell, small fish tend to gather around it. When those small fish gather, the halibut twists its body to swallow them up.

A halibut eats and lives lying down on its belly. It is the same as Satan. It is the "King" Satan. It thinks, "Who on earth dares to touch me!" Even when this halibut is caught on a fishing line, it keeps on saying, "Who on earth is touching me!" But then, after staying calm for awhile, it starts to think, "Oh, no. I am in trouble!" The Alaskan halibut has been struck by the lightning of Rev. Moon. No one else in Kodiak has caught a halibut heavier than eighty pounds. However, with my appearance in these waters, halibut weighing two hundred and three hundred pounds have been caught. (206-274, 1990.10.14)

The reason some people find fishing is exciting is because they see blood. They feel it is stress-relieving to see blood. It is the same with hunting. Otherwise, they think, how can we get rid of stress, as people in these modern times? Seeing blood is shocking. Do you know why the ancient Romans were cruel? They liked to relieve their stress by seeing the blood of people being brutally killed. They felt the cells of their body jump when they saw blood, and this completely relieved their stress. Men who do not know how to fish or hunt are more like women in character. (203-57, 1990.6.14)

People living a cultured life build up layers of stress. How can one get rid of that stress? It is not enough to just talk about it. You need excitement! Some say nothing works like seeing blood. They say the instant you see the blood flow your stress cannot remain. It all begins to fade away. This is how it is with sports like hunting. A tuna is much bigger than a bull. Blood splashes up when the tuna is harpooned. Then as you look, the color of the water changes to red.

At such a moment, you become like a melancholy poet. If women look at such a sight, they might faint, uttering weakly, "Oh, my God! Ohh…" That is how gruesome it is. So there is no room for stress to build up; it is totally removed. That is how much it affects you. (192-152, 1989.7.3)

Because many Japanese people are traveling, the tourist industry looks optimistic right now in America. You can go fishing all-year-round there. Among all the various kinds of fishing, the most interesting is fishing with a reel and line with multiple hooks. Using this method, the fishing line extends as far as sixty miles, which is the distance from Seoul to Cheonan. The sea can be up to 500 meters, 800 meters, and even over 1,000 meters deep. At that depth, the water is like the color of ink. Since the fishing line goes all the way out for about sixty miles, it is magnificent once the fish take the bait. Among the sharks, some are huge enough to swallow an entire person without difficulty. Swordfish are also three to four meters long. Those sharks can even swallow something big like a swordfish, except for the head part. It is like a war out there. Once the sharks meet such fish, then without any greetings, they just swallow them and swim around as if they are princes. (192-152, 1989.7.3)

Now we should go to the North Pole area and fish on top of the ice. The only remaining task is to catch sea lions from atop the ice. If you go to Australia, you can find something called the "Black Mario," one that weighs about three thousand pounds. Since I weigh about two hundred pounds, the Black Mario is fifteen times heavier than my weight. Such an animal exists that is fifteen times heavier than I am -- three thousand pounds! Now even whales will be caught if we start whale fishing. However, whenever we caught such big fish, I had to release them because the fishing line almost snapped. If I had caught such a big fish, I would have placed it in a museum. To have caught it, I felt that I would have had to struggle with it for about five hours, due to its unimaginable strength. But I let it go, thinking, "No! What will I do with this fish by catching it, when I cannot even use it?" So, I have caught everything that I have wanted to catch. (222-277, 1991.11.3)

As you may know, if you looked at the halibut in the photo album a little while ago, this picture shows the catching of that fish. There are giant tunas and blue-fin tunas in Gloucester, a seaport near Boston. My record was a fish that weighed 1,272 pounds. It was over eighteen feet long; that is more than five meters. The one that I have just caught was about 14.9 feet -- that is bigger than a bull. A big tiger weighs about seven hundred pounds, and a bull weighs about a thousand pounds. Therefore, that fish was bigger than a bull. Most people usually catch fish that weigh about two hundred pounds, but my record was about six times that size. Isn't fishing an amazing sport? It is more fascinating than winning a victory as a general in the Second World War. A real man who tries fishing is like a true prince, and once he acquires a taste for fishing, he is so determined to fish that he would even sell his wife! But you will never know this about fishing unless you try it. (167-136, 1987.7.11)

There is a gorgeous fish called the striped bass. This fish is more delicious than tuna. It is very sweet when served as raw fish. The meat has resilience and a sweet taste. Japanese people say that toro (the part of a tuna's stomach where most of the fat is found) is the best. However, once they taste the striped bass, they will all rush to it. Even so, True Mother does not like sushi. At first, it feels as if you are chewing snake meat. It also slides out of your mouth when you are chewing. It is the same as snake meat. However, after having tasted the striped bass, True Mother has been saying, "Sashimi! Sashimi! Striped bass sashimi…" When I tell True Mother to get ready for fishing, she says, "Oh, really?" and she follows me, knowing that we are going to fish for striped bass. This is why it is so interesting. This is the reason why fishing is exciting and sensational. (192-152, 1989.7.3)

Any fish can be eaten raw. It may be unpleasant since there is blood, but you will not even need any sauce, such as chili pepper paste, when you sit down and eat the fish, after it has been cleaned and cut. It is simple, nutritious enough, and very good to eat. It is eating live cells, not dead cells. You swallow the delicious raw fish and rest on the boat for a day. Do not worry about getting diarrhea. But if someone does not eat this raw fish, maybe they will have diarrhea. I am showing you such a wonderful way of living yet you do not know about it. (189-291, 1989.6.17)

1.3.2. The essential points for sea-fishing

It is very interesting to see all the various kinds of fish in the sea. There are small fish in the shallowest area at the edge of the ocean, and then as the water gets deeper, you can find big fish. The smallest fish get eaten by slightly larger fish, and the slightly larger fish get eaten by fish that are even larger, and the cycle keeps repeating itself. What is interesting is that all the young look the same whether they are baby whales or baby tuna. Baby Alaska pollack and baby tuna all look the same. (264-286, 1994.11.20)

I go to the sea very often. An infinite amount of treasures are buried in the sea. In the sea, there is a certain order to prey. It is interesting to observe this. Aren't all creatures living for the sake of others? They all exist for the sake of others in a connected relationship. Disorder results if the bigger fish do not eat the smaller fish. The sea will be full of fish. Because the bigger ones eat and the smaller ones get eaten, the number of fish in the ocean waters is balanced. (198-232, 1990.2.3)

When you look at all the fish in the sea, they all eat up the smaller ones, so how is this God's love? For these fish, the ideal is to serve human beings and be absorbed into the human cells, where they can receive God's love. Because of that, the minerals are absorbed before the plants. They are absorbed in human cells, in which they can receive God's love. The plants are absorbed by the animals, and the higher animals are absorbed by human beings. All those creatures that are fine and delicious hope to be absorbed by people. The best cells are absorbed by their owner, in hopes to connect or return towards the original palace of love, as the realization of God's sons and daughters by being the real body of love. (199-333, 1990.2.21)

The deeper the water, the more levels there are in the ocean. There is a big difference in temperature as well. The kinds of fish change entirely, even with a temperature change of one or two degrees. It is marvelous. Although people do not know this, the fish of the world search the five oceans for a temperature layer that is only a degree wide. It is mysterious. Even though there were unlimited numbers of fish until yesterday, as if half of the ocean were of water and the other fish, there is not even one if you go back today. That is due to the difference in temperature. The fish disappear entirely when the water temperature changes by even half a degree. To people, a one or two degree difference is not an issue, yet it is an issue for fish.

People can live in the arctic regions, in the tropics, and in the temperate regions. However, this does not hold true for animals. Do lions live in Korea? No, lions are found in Africa. In Korea, there are tigers, not lions. (200-261, 1990.2.26)

The way that fish bite onto the bait differs according to their character. If there are one thousand families of fish, then there are one thousand ways that the fish bite. When you go fishing at a new place, then you must formularize the ways the fish bite when catching one, two, or three different kinds of fish. That is common sense. When the fish bites that way, and you pull your fishing rod another way, then the fish will not be caught. The fish can free itself and swim away as often as it wants since the fishing line goes along with the fishing rod. When the fish bites that way, you should pull the opposite way. You must pull like this when the fish moves forward, and pull the opposite way when it moves to the left. Most beginners always pull a certain way, but that is not right. The fish gets caught faster when you pull the opposite direction. It does not take a long time to catch a fish.

When you go sea fishing, you do not simply go to an ocean area which has only a horizon, with no land or rocks. You should certainly go to an area that has rocks. More fish can be found near rocks, where they can safely hide. These rocks also have insects on them, which the fish like to eat. When you observe the way water flows, surely the water has waves in which there are many fish. When there are waves of three to five meters, you will find fish in such spots. You must go to such places in order to catch fish. (268-307, 1995.4.3)

Most people think that anyone can catch a fish just by throwing a fish hook into the water. However, that is not the truth! Different fish are active in different water temperatures. The water temperature differs between the bigger and smaller fish. In summertime, the water temperature is higher close to the surface. That is why the smaller fish live near the water's surface. The fish move naturally, according to the temperature of the sea water. The fish dislike moving in all directions. They always try to move sideways. You must know such facts in order to fish. You must have knowledge of such things as where the fish gather and where to go fishing for salmon. You must become professionals. Therefore, studying is necessary. You cannot fish unless you become a professional in fishing.

When I fish, I know exactly the right temperature. I already know what kinds of fish are found in certain temperatures. When you drop the fishing line a couple of times, the fish already touch the bait. So if I reel up the fish hook fast, the fish come up, and when the fish hook is reeled up slowly, it tends to sink down. While slowly reeling up the fish hook, you should know how fast the water is flowing on the surface. By the water temperature that we have today, I know what level the king salmon will come to. Usually, the salmon remain on the ocean floor. Why? They can find lots of food there. Crabs and small sea creatures live on the sea bottom, so the salmon like to gather there.

No matter how many times you have caught fish in Alaska, you must learn again whenever you go fishing at a new place. You do not know how interesting this can be. Also, when people come and go, they can share their knowledge about fishing. The New Zealanders must learn when they come to Kodiak. Although they may be excellent fishermen in New Zealand, it does not work the same way in Kodiak. Because they must learn again when they come to Kodiak, they can mingle and create harmony. There are various ways of fishing, different ethnic groups, and different environments. Everywhere you go to fish, you will find many different environments. (252-206, 1993.12.30)

Here is something interesting. The ocean is teeming with fish when no boats come out due to windy weather. Usually in normal weather, people come out and play loud music, making loud "boom boom" noises that cause chaos. The creatures in the ocean can feel big vibrations as if they are being hit with some type of a club. Yet even in a typhoon, the ocean beneath its surface is calm and quiet. Therefore, the whales gather to jump around and perform. That was a historic day. I probably have the picture somewhere. There were big ones, small ones, and even smaller ones. However, the whales jumped up leaving their tails inside the water due to their enormous size. Their tails were always left in the water. So they would fall right back down on the water, lying flat while floating upon the waves. You do not know how delighted whales are when they are performing. So I thought, "Are whales really that happy when it is windy?" If I see them perform once or twice more, then I can conclude, "Yes, they are!" (233-306, 1992.8.2)

You do not go to the sea only to fish. The spirit of Alaska is the spirit of salmon. Salmon always return to the homeland that they left, swimming four or five thousand miles across the ocean to spawn. This is the same principle when looking at the path of restoration of humankind. You must know how to go back; no matter how long a journey you have taken away from your hometown. There is no other fishing more exciting than salmon fishing. They are so strong. When other fish are hooked, it only takes a couple of turns on the reel before you see the fish on the surface, but with salmon, it takes tens of turns on the reel.

It is difficult, like trying to catch a person who has heavenly tradition. The salmon jump until they die, till the very end. The fish hook usually falls out after they jump about three times. That is the tradition of Alaska. The ocean symbolizes the world of death, the satanic world, and the fish symbolize the people. The boldest of all fish are the salmon. (236-124, 1992.11.4)

I went out to the sea one day, and though the weather was very windy, there were a number of boats out. When the tuna season begins and I go out to the sea, I do not have a pleasant feeling towards the five hundred boats gathered there. I think, "It would be nice if I could fish by myself just once," but there has never been such a day. One day, there was a typhoon warning and I tried to go out to sea. Everyone told me not to go. But I told the boat's captain, "Hey, you listen to me! We are not going to die." So we went out on my orders. The fishing area is a long distance out at sea. Since it takes a little over two hours to reach it, we must leave at one o'clock in the morning. We must leave around one to arrive there by four. Due to the wind and other conditions, it takes double the usual time. For these reasons, we had to set sail at midnight.

I have had so many difficult challenges in my life. A person cannot buy these kinds of experiences, even with a tremendous amount of money. Since the weather was so bad, there weren't any boats out. When I threw out the fishing line into the water, a number of fish bit the hook as soon as the line was dropped. Wouldn't you expect this to happen? Usually, a number of them bite onto the bait from many different boats, but since our boat was the only one at sea that morning, all these starved fish, who are capable of searching for food up to distances of about four kilometers, were all rushing to bite onto my bait. So when I threw the fish hooks into the water, they all bit onto them right away. I did not pay attention whether the typhoon was blowing or not. I continued to pour out my sweat. It took four hours to get there, and four hours to fish. From there, we dragged the fish, with the engine running, for twenty miles. (233-306, 1992.8.2)

People like us already know where the fish can be found when we go fishing. Most fish tend to search for food in the mornings and evenings. Then, since they have eaten, at lunchtime they are simply idle. The fishing spot should not be too deep. One area should be a bit deep and the other area should be with a flat bottom. Fish tend to escape to deep places in order to hide. Also, even if they come out and idle about, they will play around where the ocean bed is flat. That is the situation in late morning. However, in the afternoon, since the fish are eating again, I say to myself, "Oh, I know exactly what kinds of fish are here," by merely looking at the spot. (221-82, 1991.10.23)

You must know how many feet your fish hook should be under the water surface. The fish are a foot off the bottom, as that is a favorable place to eat food. Because they eat in order to live, they cannot move two feet away from their food source. When it becomes fishing season, these fish are the ones spread out along the bottom. Whenever you try to hook them, you can easily do so. You should approach them carefully and when there is a slight chance, get closer and quickly hook them. That is the proper technique. Tuna used to live freely as the greatest fish in the ocean world. Therefore, they will not bite at small bait. Yet, you must somehow get them hooked. This is what you must research. (221-81, 1991.10.23)

You must go to the very bottom of the sea in order to catch big fish. Among all fish, those that jump from the water are the small ones. Big fish do not jump. They think, "Why should we jump?" Those fish are the ones that get hooked when we drop the fishing line. If our bait spreads its smell and is about a hand's length from the bottom, the fish will approach at a regal pace. Fish use their fins to swim. Therefore, you must leave a space about a hand's length for them to move horizontally, without getting stuck. When you drop the fish hook, after having calculated in such a way, a big fish will surely be caught.

The last fish that I caught was fifteen pounds and thirty inches. It was the biggest among all the salmon we have caught until now. We hung it up, displaying it as the finale. It was so strong that we should have scooped it up using a net. Yet, it was hard to see the fish, due to the faint light of the setting sun. But the fish was brave. It could have escaped from the net, since two-thirds of its body was inside, with its head hanging outside. If you do something wrong at this moment, the net can be torn. (205-322, 1990.10.1)

There are a number of different types of fishing lines -- those that are many miles, a few miles, and a few inches long and so on. When you fish, many lines are placed in the water. Some fish get caught right away when a certain line, which is only about a chi long, is let out. Yet, it will be a mess if you start pulling this in. If the fishing line is long and it goes far from the boat, we can determine that the ocean here is deep. However, if you are a real fisherman, you should not be concerned when small fish bite onto the fish hook. You must think, "Oh, you fish are biting. Keep gathering round." A big fish will come along from many miles away. You must catch the one that has come from such a distance.

I fish quite well. I have done fishing day and night for over forty days. The fish that I intend to catch does not get caught on the first try. You must wait until the biggest fish bites onto the hook, saying, "Bite on it. Come on, minnows!" There are numbers of minnows that just come and go. They would come and go saying, "Oh, this is delicious. The fisherman must be crazy."(152-32, 1963.3.3)

To hunt is barbaric, for you shoot the animal after waiting at a strategic point. And to shoot at something that is flying is not proper. However, fishing is not like that. The fish come and bite onto your bait themselves. So it is all right to catch them. Also, you can go fishing from the age of five until the day before your death. So a one-hundred-year-old grandmother and grandfather can enjoy fishing simply by dropping fishing lines from their beds. Even if you are the champion, no matter how famous you might be, when you go to a different province, that place has a different way to catch fish.

For this reason, if you only follow your own way and not the way of fishing for that place, then you will not catch any fish. Because you must follow the way of the place you go to, you learn wherever you go, and you can teach others wherever you go. Anyone can become the teacher as well as the student. This is equality. It will differ according to the place and the kind of bait used by the person, even though you may be fishing for the same kind of fish. Therefore, you must learn it all when you go to a different place. All nations are different. Thus, due to the wide variety of places, there are many different hobbies. (252-206, 1993.12.30)

1.3.3. You will not die of hunger if you learn to fish

Do you know how to farm? I know how to farm. I must teach that to you. The members of the Unification Church should know how to do three things: how to farm, how to hunt, and how to fish. Therefore, even if you go alone to a village in Africa, it should only take you a week to establish the basis for you to live by feeding the village people. If you feed them for one year, then they will feed you from then on. (262-256, 1994.8.1)

There are many animals in the tropics, so fishing and hunting are necessary for Unification Church members. Why? You must teach people how to fish and how to survive by hunting in order to save those who are dying of hunger. Therefore, Rev. Moon is dignified even though he has seen the blood of fish and animals.

A long time ago, the high priests killed their offerings. The reason why I kill animals is to make the members of the Unification Church the high priests. This is a divine task. We can organize a group to go help out in Africa once they learn fishing and hunting. I should send hunting and fishing missionaries to Africa to help out and spread this practice all over the world. So wherever you go, we have a way to save the people through fishing and hunting. (262-255, 1994.8.1)

There will be a time when thousands and tens of thousands of families can live on one lake. Those fish are all ours if we just know how to fish. Who should fish? Women should do it. Why? It is because women have large, cushion-like hips. They are comfortable. Thus, they can sit for a long time. Men feel pain after sitting for just three hours. Therefore, if one woman catches three fish, she can feed three children, and if she catches four, then she can feed even the father as well. When she goes to the fishing area, she can catch ten fish and perhaps even a couple of dozen fish within one hour.

Say there are one hundred families in a village. If they form groups of a hundred women and they decide to catch one hundred or two hundred fish, there would be no problem. It will work by mobilizing a small number of people. The mobilization of all people is not necessary. We can feed them by mobilizing a small group to fish once a month. (262-251, 1994.8.1)

Fishing is easy. Women in the African interior all have needles. They make fish hooks by lighting the candles and heating the needles. I have done fishing by making them myself in the old days as well. There is no need to buy the fishing lines either. There is any amount of nylon lines. This fishing line does not have to be the silk thread that was used in the past. And a lump of lead can be broken and hung as the sinker and the kaoliang stalk can be used as the float. So by hooking bait and using your hand as the fishing rod, you can catch any amount that you want. There are unlimited numbers of fish. Because fish are everywhere, it is not a problem.

But it is a problem that wives do not know how to fish. There is no leader to teach this. That is why I must fish and hunt. I can form and distribute federations in village after village and feed the villagers by forming groups of people to hunt animals. There was no one who taught such skills. (263-45, 1994.8.16)

The people of Africa and those of Third World countries that suffer from starvation are dying because they do not know how to fish. If the mother can fish, then they will not starve to death. There are rivers and lakes everywhere. There is an unlimited number of fish. Therefore, we must teach people how to catch and breed fish. I have already started this project. Fishing can be done as long as thread is available. Needles are everywhere. You can catch any amount of fish by lighting candles, heating the needles and bending them. Also, the bait is everywhere. One person feeding ten children a day is not a problem because fish their same height are easily caught on the hook. Even though they live in a suitable environment, their daily lives are impoverished since they do not have someone to lead them. (262-100, 1994.7.23)

You should have good business sense. You should be able to save the twenty million lives that die each year. You should make sure that people do not die of hunger by teaching them how to farm the land, and how to breed fish in water. Why would they starve to death when their wives and children are able to fish? Why die when there is water and an abundance of fish? That is why we do fishing. You must teach them how to fish.

You must also teach them hunting. Many animals, such as alligators, are found there in abundance. Therefore, the Sightseeing and Hunting Association for World Peace is for the sake of bringing about a peaceful world. Why are we doing such work? For twenty years I have lost money, yet I have made a foundation. True Parents must be responsible for those people on earth who are dying of starvation. We cannot give up because all the people in the world are brothers and sisters. Imagine twenty million people becoming members of the Unification Church every year.

By taking the initiative and expanding this worldwide, can you imagine how many people would be saved? I am telling you to learn how to farm and how to fish as soon as possible. Why do you need to do so? You must do so for the sake of those people who are starving to death. Therefore, learn such skills here and return to your countries. (253-109, 1994.1.9)

The children will not be left to starve to death as long as their mothers can fish. Don't we have a lot of water, fish and animals in abundance? There are lakes everywhere. If a person catches one big fish, it can last for one week. If a person catches an alligator, a family can live on it for a month. Hippos can be eaten for one year by drying its meat. After that, you can live on hunting. I have established the Sightseeing and Hunting Association for World Peace and the Fishing Association. I will hold a fishing tournament, gather American women who have nothing to do, and teach fishing to all of them. If you teach fishing to those mothers dying of hunger, they will not starve to death, no matter where they go. All they will need is water and land. They can cultivate land for farming. The Caucasians have not taught them this skill. They have just exploited the land, without even teaching them how to farm.

That is why they were stabbed and kicked out. Our missionaries are unlike the others. Everybody welcomes them. Why is this so? It is because they live for the sake of others. Therefore, we have built the Texas farm and the fishing ground, and are now training people on how to cultivate and farm. We can catch ten or even a hundred wild boars in a day as long as we set up the traps. (254-305, 1994.2.6)

If the women living in the Third World countries knew how to fish, if they at least knew how to place a fishing line with multiple hooks, they would never starve to death. There are numerous fish where you find lakes and rivers. People are dying of hunger because no one is teaching them such things. Moreover, if each village had a gun, then by hunting you could save the lives of those who are dying of hunger. I am now starting such training worldwide. If some area has water, I can teach fish breeding, and if some area has land, then I can teach cultivation and farming, so that is why I am currently preparing the Texas farm as a place of training. We must send many people to the farm. These Caucasians have not even taught the African people farming. (255-70, 1994.3.5)

If you go to the mountains, you can find a lot to eat. Even rabbits survive in the mountains, so why can't people live there? When you go to the countryside, there are lakes and rivers. But even though there are a number of fish in the lakes and rivers, you do not even know how to catch and eat them. I am trying to teach all that to you. Also, it is all right for you to go hunting when it is the hunting season. Do you know how to use a gun? You can live on hunting, too. You can survive for a year if you catch one bear. So why not conduct further research on such matters? (132-214, 1984.6.1)

1.3.4. Sea fishing is a mind game

I think a lot, even when I am fishing or wherever I am. A person who has been fishing for a long time thinks ten times for every ten times he reels the fishing rod, and thinks a hundred times for every hundred times he reels the rod. Therefore, if you think a hundred times while reeling the fishing rod only ten, then you can get ahead in this world. When I go to the fishing area, I already know whether there is sand in that fishing ground or not, by walking for a while. Experts know all this. When you connect a plummet and drag it along the ground, it will make a sound of "thud, thud, thud" if on sand, but it will move smoothly along if the seabed is muddy. (221-84, 1991.10.23)

Generally, people do not fish with just one fishing rod. Most fishermen put two fishing rods near each other. The reason why they use two is because these rods symbolize the perfected man and the perfected woman, in other words, the perfection of subject and object partners. (228-260, 1992.7.5)

Hunting is exercise for the sake of your physical health, and fishing is for the sake of your mental health. You tend to reflect on your life and think a lot when sitting down and fishing. It is amazing that you can actually have such a time. You can analyze your past and plan for your future. It can be the most important period of time for us. You can calmly reflect on yourself with dignity. This is absolutely necessary. This is called the spiritual path of fishing in the East. The baby fish come along when the mother fish is hooked and caught. So people think, based on their own life, "Oh, I should not catch these fish!" when observing such an occurrence. People tend to think about their own sons and daughters, and their own people as well. After fishing for a couple of years, you will want to free the fish and put aside all thoughts of eating the fish just caught. That is the true spiritual path. The desire to eat simply vanishes. (252-208, 1993.12.30)

When going out on a boat to fish, people prefer a day when both the weather and their emotional state are good. That is their general mindset. However, in order to be a special person, one must go fishing in an environment where it rains and thunders. Without having experienced fishing in the pouring rain, you will never learn about environmental changes, the difference in the surrounding waters, and how the fish are influenced by the water movements due to heavy rain. (276-69, 1996.2.4)

From history comes forth a new world. Therefore, you cannot point at me and tell me that I am wrong. I am not ashamed. Say it while looking at the faces of the fish. While fishing and sitting all day, I say to the fish, "You have not seen any other man like me, right? Catching you is not my purpose. By bringing you fish to the fish farm we can liberate human beings from their food shortage. Isn't that the original purpose for your creation? If that is the case, then those people who eat your meat will not be considered as having done an evil deed." (247-32, 1993.4.21)

While fishing, if I say, "I am the owner. All come!" then all the fish come rushing towards me. Then I feed them. That is why I catch more fish than others around me whenever I fish. Others think, "This is strange. I can't understand how he does that." This is what happens when you center on the vertical God. My spirit has an incredibly bright aura of light. Although you give off an ordinary light, there is a special light coming from me. The fish are attracted to that light. That is why they pour in, no matter how much I tell them not to come. (248-35, 1993)

When I go fishing, I always free the first fish I catch. I free it with the heart of God, who released it after creating it. Also, I have not eaten any of the fish that I have caught. Even so, I cannot allow the fish to die a natural death when there are twenty million of God's sons and daughters starving to death. You must think that you will save those twenty million sons and daughters of God by catching the fish. Since this is in line with the principle of the creation of animals and all other living organisms, the fish should be grateful in a sense. So when we have fishing tournaments, the fish often get hooked onto my hooks, yet not so often on the hooks of others. It is the true heart, the earnestness. The fish will come to you voluntarily if you say to them, "Hey, since God cannot dive into the water museum that He has created, please come out of the water, just this once, and give God a chance to feel the joy of letting you go free through me." (276-146, 1996.2.18)

Trying to catch fish as you ride on a boat in the blue ocean can be compared to God's providential work of restoration and salvation. The fish represent fallen men. If you prepare everything, use good bait and tie a sturdy string to a fine fishing rod, then you should catch many fish. But you will not be able to catch a single fish if your skill is poor, the string is weak, the bait is spoiled, and the fishing rod is worthless. It is all the same. Living in this world is the same as catching fish.

If you want to succeed in this world, you must put yourself in the position of a fishing rod and set it up with good fishing line and good bait; only then can you fish effectively. Fish are not caught easily. You reap the harvest when all the corresponding conditions are met. Without these corresponding conditions, you cannot bring in the harvest. (277-16, 1996.3.17)

When you go out to the sea fishing with Rev. Moon, you think the fish often bite onto my fish hooks, right? When fishing, everything looks like my object. The perfected subject fulfills the perfected object. The idea should be "the fish must bite here" when fishing. That is how the Principle operates. As soon as I put the fish hook in the water, the fish come to me as object partners of perfect value. This is different from the way normal people touch and handle a fishing rod. (262-300, 1983.8.1)

When fishing on a boat, you sit in one place all day. You even take care of going to the bathroom there. When you need to pee, you take a can and say, "I am going to pee, so don't look!" and then turn your back to pee. You eat and pee all day by yourself. I have done so for twenty-five years. It is very convenient if you use a can. Is there anyone who will make fun of you for doing so when people swim naked in the sea and do all sorts of other things themselves? Animals might look at you and laugh, but only a very few people are out there. Even so, birds, animals, and all things are in the same position, so who will say anything? Urinating is a natural occurrence. Therefore, there is no need to be embarrassed. Even ladies can urinate there, not sitting down, but standing up like men. (303-118, 1999.8.8)

When we were fishing in Alaska, the U.S. Coast Guard came and praised us with great admiration after they had seen us going out fishing very early in the morning. They asked, "How can you people live this way?" They also said that we fish as if we are engaged in rigorous training. Therefore, I am the best at fishing when we go to the sea, aren't I? Starting from a school of minnows and going on up, there is no kind of fish that I have not caught. If someone tells me to catch whales, I will be able to catch a couple of them in one day. Is there any fish that I have not caught, starting with tuna? There are no fish that I have not caught while fishing along the East Coast, the West Coast, the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, I am familiar with all facets of the sea. (211-62, 1990.12.28)

When you see a big pine tree, you should be able to ask, "How do you think about me today, given that you know of my persecuted past and have watched me get kicked out?" Also, while looking at the playgrounds of the past at which your friends were cursed, you should embrace that place with love as if it was your friend. And while standing at a flowing stream, although your initial intentions was not to forget all that had happened there, you should now be willing to swim and catch fish in it. Then you are the owner. You can fish and hunt and eat with the heart that you will restore through indemnity for Adam, who could not be the first one to go into the river as the representative of the kingship, nor could he fish in the Garden of Eden. With this kind of mind, you should leave your life's record of hunting rabbits and pheasants in the mountains with such a heart and serve your parents faithfully, offering those animals as the sacrificial offerings before God, and using them as food and the ingredients of life. (221-13, 1991.10.20)

Up to this day, I have overcome everything from this most wretched world. So there isn't anything that I do not know about. And there isn't anything that I cannot do. I can do anything. If I go to a farming village, I can be the king of farmers. I know well what to cultivate on certain types of land. Also, when I go to the sea, I am the king of fishing; I am already famous with "Rev. Moon's system" of catching tuna. Moreover, I can be the cameraman taking pictures when all the people are cheering victoriously, and I can be the cook if I enter the kitchen where they cook meals. That is how the owner is, isn't it? The owner is responsible for looking after all things. You must not forget the fact True Parents have worked behind the scenes in many activities. (229-67, 1992.4.9)

Unity is possible for everything if it has true love. The animal world, the plant world, and even the venomous snake -- they all protect me. When I go fishing, I say, "Dear fish! I am not catching you for the sake of myself. I am catching you on behalf of God, who is shedding tears with the heart of wanting to feed the poor people dying of hunger in this world. I am not fishing for the sake of myself, but for the sake of descendants and all people, therefore you must forgive me!" That is why I always free the first fish that I catch. I free it as the sacrificial offering.

Once the fish have received my love, they will then try to sacrifice their life for me. Therefore, when twelve people get aboard the boat, I catch one-third the amount of fish caught. So, the fish recognize me and say, "Continue biting only on Rev. Moon's fish hook!" (278-105, 1996.5.1)

The people of the world think of Rev. Moon as a man of mystery, right? This is because I am good at saying mysterious things. I also do mysterious deeds. Although I am the founder of the Unification Church, I am the king among fishermen when I go out to the sea in a boat. People may say, "What would the founder of the Unification Church know?" Yet when they observe me at the fishing site, even those who have fished for ten or twenty years are struck with admiration. I am also skilled at doing farm work when I go to the farm. Most scholars think of themselves as mysterious people but when they meet me, they will know that I am a more mysterious man than they are. What makes Rev. Moon mysterious? It is the true love of God that makes me mysterious. (205-140, 1990.8.12)

I am an absolute believer in three meals a day. I do not eat desserts. I do not eat them even if they are on the table because I am thinking about poor people. Even my clothing is like this. I hesitate to wear neckties. I would like to collect all the money people spend on neckties and use it towards saving the world.

I do not use more than two sheets of toilet paper when I am in the bathroom. If possible, I use just one sheet of toilet paper. From the Principle point of view, it is a sin to waste. From the time of our birth, we are born with a set amount of consumer goods that we can use. It is a sin to use more than that amount. When we depart, we must leave material things behind. Otherwise, our descendants will inherit them as debts. Does anyone teach that nowadays? Before you receive formal education, your primary teachers are the Principle, nature, and the ocean. (193-104, 1989.8.31)

I know quite well about the edible plants that grow wild in the mountains. I know what each plant is, which can be cooked for eating and which is harmful. I am also familiar with poisonous mushrooms. Therefore, I know how to survive living in the mountains and also how to fish if I go to the sea. As long as there are fish in the water I can build a house nearby and live there by myself. Fish are good when eaten fresh, with just some salt. It is true. I have prepared myself to be able to live anywhere on my own. (233-260, 1992.8.1)

None of you are aware that I have come this far while going through all the hardships in America by myself. You do not know about all the hardships behind me. Going out to the sea everyday is just one part of it. There isn't anything that I have not done. From the world of scholars to the world of culture, arts, education and so on, there isn't anything that I have not touched upon. I have been involved in the world of ideology as well. Based on that standard you are being trained and are working here.

Why do I go back and forth doing so many activities? Even the people who have followed me for almost forty years do not know what kind of a person I am. Every day with me is a new experience. You must not judge me from your own point of view. Even if you found out for sure what position you are in, you should not say anything until the world is restored. (193-104, 1989.8.31)

I do not like being alone. I do not want to be on my own. If working on the sea, I want to be with the fisherman, the best fisherman. When I am in the mountains, I want to be with the best mountain climber. When I go to the wrestling match, I want to be with the wrestler. And when I'm at a drinking place, I want to be there, even though I would only smell the aromas, because there should be another person who smells them as well. One cannot be alone. It is necessary to have a friend and a colleague. What I am saying is that I don't like being alone. There is an expression that birds of a feather flock together, right? No matter how great I am, I cannot live alone because it would be boring. (147-312, 1986.10.1)

Marrying means finding the owner. When a man and woman are attached to each other and ask where their love came from, they should know that love came straight from God. When the couple joins together, the loves comes straight down. Even blood that goes up to the head must also circulate downward, right? It goes all the way down to the bottom of the feet. What would happen if you were to try to stop the blood from flowing to the tips of your toes and fingertips because they were dirty and smelled like those of a farmer? Without this blood, you would die. This illustrates the principle of heaven and earth. Those people who are in the higher place should move down to the lower place, and those who are in the lower should go to the higher. Therefore, after having succeeded in fulfilling all of God's will, I would go down to some low, remote corner of the countryside and live in seclusion, fishing and being friends with the farmers and fishermen. That is what I am training for right now. (221-342, 1991.10.27)

God is happy even if He is being dragged by the fishing rod of love. That is where the arts of love will begin to form. Both the comedy and tragedy of love will be created. A varied culture of love will be created. Don't you want to be a soldier for national independence in creating such a world? (195-273, 1989.12.10)

What is analogous to the best bait in fishing? It is love. What is the one bait that can catch all people? That is love. What is the bait that can catch history and catch God as well? If there is bait that can catch God, you would want to prepare it at once, right? That is the bait of love. If there is bait that can catch history and catch heaven and earth as well, what would it be? I am saying that it is love. (145-227, 1986.5.11) 

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