Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Twelve - The Pacific Rim Providence
Chapter One - The Twenty-first Century Is the Oceanic Era
Section 1. The Sea Is a Valuable Storeroom for the Future of Humankind

1.1. The sea is the solution to the problem of hunger

In the future, we will have to prepare a world-wide foundation. This is what I am thinking about: more than two thirds of the Earth's surface, more than 70 percent is ocean. What would we do if our land-based food resources diminish? We will have to turn to the oceans and catch our food there. We really will have no choice but to come up with a solution for human survival depending on the sea. For this reason, the logical conclusion is that, from this time forth, those nations with large ocean areas will have an advantage, particularly in terms of marine products-related industries, and nations with less ocean area will be at a disadvantage. (88-179, 1976.8.10)

In the future world, it will be necessary to industrially develop the resources of the world's oceans. I have already created a variety of enterprises that embrace all aspects of the fishing industry ranging from the manufacture of large scale fishing boats to the construction of fish hatcheries and farms. In the future, the sea will supply food to many of the world's people. Naturally, the development and cultivation of the sea will truly become a preferred method for bringing an end to the starvation that plagues humankind. (193-324, 1989.10)

The resources for humanity's future are buried in the sea. The resources found on the land's surface are reaching their limits and cannot last for long. They will be exhausted in a few short years. The challenge becomes how to recover the resources hidden away in the oceans. In the future, humanity must research the development of the tundra plains. It is this future world where my interest currently lies. The food resources on land will not last for more than fifty years. In a few decades, this reality will rise up and hit us in the face. We must prepare for that time. This is the reason I place such an emphasis on our projects in Alaska. (236-22, 1992.11.2)

Americans do not really recognize the abundance sea-based food resources. They really have little idea of the quantity of fresh fish jumping and splashing about. Most people like eating beef, but cattle's natural aversion to death causes their blood to coagulate and become all knotted up when slaughtered. Thus, people are eating beef embedded with many toxins and negative elements. (261-313, 1994.7.24)

The raw materials that we can get from dry land are limited but those that come from the sea are unlimited. One female fish can lay several million eggs. It is in this sense that the raw materials of the sea are unlimited. If these eggs are hatched artificially, it is possible to hatch up to 100 percent of the eggs. By correctly adjusting the feeding process and the input of other raw materials it is possible to propagate unlimited raw resources from the sea. That's only possible with the ocean, and that is why I am thinking about marine commerce. (207-218, 1990.11.11)

Every year, 20 million people die of starvation. That is 60,000 people a day. Is the President of the United States going to take responsibility for that? Will Gorbachev of the Soviet Union take responsibility? Who will take responsibility for this? Who in the world is going to do that? The True Parents and the siblings of the True Parents have to take responsibility for it. For this reason, all our work with the sea is something I have been planning and preparing for, over the last twenty years. (217-314, 1991.6.12)

The primary resources in the sea are unlimited. One fish lays millions of individual eggs. Normally these eggs are eaten up by other fish and creatures in the sea. If they were protected under human control, the supply of these resources would be unlimited and always available. Also, it is now possible to connect even the mountains with the sea by piping systems, and there, above our cities, make high-elevation tanks where unlimited numbers of fish can be raised. The way I see it, this is the only viable way that humankind will be able to solve the food supply problem. That is why I have invested two billion dollars over the last 20 years to develop this area. (228-218, 1992.4.3)

That is also the reason why I have been working in the field of ocean industries. The sea has unlimited resources. If little baby fish remain in the open sea, then most will be eaten by larger fish. But if we cultivate fish, it is possible to have up to 90 percent survive. This naturally becomes an unlimited resource. The only means to solve the future food supply problem will be through the cultivation of fish. (229-156, 1992.4.11)

Salmon live in the ocean but they swim up to freshwater to breed, don't they? What we need to do is to make fish farms and raise the freshwater fish in saltwater and saltwater fish in freshwater. Do you know why? We cannot catch and eliminate parasites one by one. So, to kill them off, we move those fish that were living in the seawater to freshwater. By the end of a month the parasites will all be dead. This is simple to do. If we exchange them every two weeks, we can do it as much as we like. It is possible to control this kind of process. We just do it by swapping the freshwater fish and the saltwater fish. That is the reason you cannot compare the output you get from a ranch or farm that uses land for production. In other words, in the future, we will have access to inexhaustible, unlimited resources. (226-342, 1992.2.9)

By using fish as the basic food source, we can have access to unlimited resources and produce as much food as we like. In the future, fish cultivation will not take place only in the sea; seawater will be pumped up to land areas using pipes, just as oil is pumped hundreds of miles in Alaska. Even with distances of hundreds of kilometers it is possible to pump seawater up through pipes, make saltwater ponds, and raise large quantities of fish. Fish offspring are virtually unlimited. By raising great quantities of fish, we create a huge food supply. If we make a seawater reservoir for each village or community then everyone in that community can have enough food to eat. (294-175, 1998.6.14)

In the future, it will be possible to move water from the Pacific Ocean for hundreds of miles in order to use it for fish cultivation. We are at that point now. In this way we can also move living fish and we don't need many people to do it either. We can build a 'fish building' and devise a completely automated system where it is only necessary to push the right button to supply feed to the fish, to sort them out according to size, to have them loaded on trucks and delivered ready for eating. That time is coming. (217-314, 1991.6.12)

We can obtain tens times more benefit by cultivating sea industries than by raising cattle on ranches and farms hundreds of miles wide, and then selling the cattle, or by milking them and selling the milk. Because of the times we live in, we can move sea water anywhere. Humankind has now arrived at the time when it is possible to move sea water for hundreds or even thousands of miles simply by laying and using PVC pipes. Such a method is not expensive. It is quite possible to construct a cultivation building in the mountainous areas of continental regions, bring up water from the Pacific Ocean and raise any kind of fish there. You can construct a building ten or twenty stories high, raise the fish in it, and you wouldn't even need people to go up there to look after the fish. You could raise the fish just through a remote monitoring system. By simply pressing buttons you could automatically feed the fish, separate grown fish from the smaller ones and send them down pipes to another location. (206-348, 1990.10.14)

By understanding how the more expensive fish species, such as tuna, striped bass, salmon, croaker or flounder, behave in different seasons, they can be caught year round. By matching the fish catch with the seasons and the movement of fish throughout the oceans, fish can be caught in every month of the year and the fishing community can maintain a livelihood and solve the economic question as well.

This time we caught 54 croakers and flounder. I caught about half of them and the other ten people caught the rest. I am here is to teach you the secrets of how you can do that too. It is in this area that we find the global economic base that in the future will decide whether the ocean industries will thrive or whether they will collapse. That is how I see it. Are you going to treat this like some game or some kind of hobby? Since I have taught you how to fish, it all becomes much fun. You have to agree that I am right, don't you think? There is no other reasonable conclusion. (128-226, 1983.6.27)

If you compare the creatures living on land to creatures living in the ocean, which group is the largest in number? There are about 4 billion people living on this Earth but there are hundreds of billions of creatures living in the oceans. And what exactly are the oceans like? The waters from the Pacific Ocean in the east move to the Atlantic Ocean and the waters of the Atlantic move to the North Sea so that all the five great oceans are connected. The land on which we people live is also interconnected. However, where the land is connected two dimensionally, the oceans are interconnected three dimensionally. The waters of the Pacific move to the Atlantic and to the Mediterranean, in fact, to every place. We can conclude that by moving as one everything is interconnected as a whole, moving about with living energy. (128-246, 1983.8.28)

In the United States I am running world-level fishing enterprises. Our fishing boat factory is one of the most famous in the United States. From this point on, the time when humanity relies on the land-based resources will pass. A new era is coming when taking a leading position in the world will require having a leading position in the management of the world's oceanic resources, through possession of the technology required to do so. The sea is a fundamental source of limitless raw materials. In the future, the era of just catching fish for food will also pass. We have to develop ocean agriculture and ocean farming. (126-201, 1983.4.19)

I am more than seventy years old but I am still coming to Alaska and doing research on king salmon. King salmon are a species of the salmon family and there are five different kinds. This king salmon is the best kind of fish. However, they die right away once they lay their eggs. Of course, God would have designed things this way for the sake of their descendants but we are now at a time when we can artificially have fish produce the eggs and not die. If things change so that all salmon can come upstream every year to lay their eggs without dying, then salmon will become the number one food source for humankind. Salmon are a convenient food source. There is nothing like it. Even tuna sushi cannot be compared to salmon. King salmon tastes that good. (233-50, 1992.7.20)

Currently, I am focusing my attention on salmon and thinking about how to deal with humanity's future food problem. Because tuna are swim so fish, once you raise a large number of them and release them into the ocean, after two months they become impossible to catch again. The average cruising speed for tuna is 35 kilometers per hour but when they swim fast they can race up to 100 kilometers per hour. They are the fastest fish in the sea. They are just so amazing, so beautiful. When they swim, their dorsal fins lay right down and fold into their bodies. When their pectoral fins spread out they get stuck to the other tuna. They become just like a torpedo. Tuna travel throughout all the five oceans. When we master the unlimited spawning of these fish and release them into the seas then we will solve the problem of food. We will also solve the problem of pollution. This is why I am developing this area. (126-201, 1983.4.19)

You know that one third of the Earth is land and two thirds of the Earth is sea, don't you? Human beings can eat just about everything that lives in the ocean. We can eat most all the different kinds of seaweed that grow in the ocean. By contrast, we cannot eat all the grasses or trees that live on land. And the ocean contains almost everything that the land has. There are sea cows, seahorses, sea lions and sea tigers, and even sea snakes. And what about all the different kinds of fish? Generally speaking, Caucasians like to eat meat from land animals but they shy away from fish because they do not like the smell. But recently, Americans are starting to say, "Hey, fish is really good! It's better than beef or pork; it has all the right proteins." They are attracted to natural foods now and so they want to eat fish in order to live for a long time. This just goes to show how rich the ocean is; there is great wealth within the oceans. You women could even catch a single tuna and live on it for more than a year! (108-214, 1980.10.5)

A family can easily be supported through fish farming. A mere 200 pyung fish farm could feed an entire family. By farming a large number of fish a family can create a good food supply. Also, fish are very nutritious. Fish protein is superior in many ways. With fish then, it is possible to solve the global food problem. Fish that are swimming and splashing about in the ocean become powder in less than ten minutes once they enter our factories. Temperature differentials between the ocean and the fish holds on boats promote decay within ten minutes due to bacteria. That is why we need technology that can allow processing within minutes. The fish powder we produce is very high quality protein. It is from 86 to 94 percent protein. It is the finest quality. By reducing the percentage of powder used, unlimited quantities of fish and animal feed can be produced and used for farming more fish in order to produce more food. (294-175, 1998.6.14)

The sea is a world treasure containing two thirds of the world market of raw materials. Don't you think so? Are there diamond mines in the ocean? There are twice as many diamonds under the ocean as there are on land. From the point of view of my work of carrying out God's restoration providence based on His will I estimate there are twice as many diamonds in the ocean. Furthermore, in the sea we also find seaweed and fish and this can all be used as food. The ocean area covered by seaweed is about twice as vast as the land mass. And the supply of fish is almost limitless. If I think about these kinds of things then does it surprise you that I am interested in fish? Anyone who thinks about these things is going to be much more interested in the ocean than the land. So, we need to catch fish and sell them and transport the natural resources that we find in the ocean. That is why we are seeking a leading position in each sector of the transportation industry, on the land, in the ocean, and in the air. (89-28, 1976.10.3)

From this time on the era when land resources are most important will start to fade. A new era is starting; one in which the world will be led by those who take care of ocean resources on the global level, by those who have that technology, by those who have leading positions in the oceanic world. That is what the ocean is: the root source of unlimited resources. Because of this, the era of catching fish simply to eat them will also pass away. We will need to expand ocean agriculture, ocean farming, and ocean development. (126-201, 1983.4.19)

1.2. Unlimited resources from developing the ocean bed

You need to understand that the ocean is a treasure chest of amazing and unlimited resources. (128-254, 1983.8.28)

One cannot help liking the ocean. We need to pioneer it. We cannot afford to ignore the ocean: the area it covers is more than three times the size of the land. Who do you think is going to develop the oceanic resources that can be found at the bottom of the ocean? We can find oil -- black gold -- on land, but the ocean is three times larger, so we can expect to find perhaps three times more oil from the sea.

We need to start this development now. That is why I am telling Unification Church members to move into coastal areas, however you can, even if you have to sell your house to do it. Some coastal areas can be inexpensive. There are many islands where you can become the sole owner. If you establish a base for ocean industry there, hundreds of boats can be attracted. If a national inspection station can be built there, then you can receive taxes on the fish that come in, and build up a way of life to maintain your family. (294-172, 1998.6.14)

Most of the treasures on planet Earth can be found at the bottom of the ocean. I am very interested in this part of the world. I do not want others to touch that place. All the treasures at the bottom of the sea can be dug up. The quantity is huge. We have developed technologies that permit tunneling, even tens of kilometers under the ocean floor, from an island in whatever direction we wish. Who will be the master of the ocean? (263-18, 1994.8.16)

"We need to create mines under the sea." That is what I have been thinking. If you cannot do it, then I will stand at forefront and do it myself. I will take you there and we can dig the mines together. (119-256, 1982.9.13)

If you stand by the seaside, the ocean looks very simple, but in reality, its contents are extremely complex. Moreover, in terms of resources, the ocean is far more abundant than the land. In fact, the ocean is a place of unlimited treasures. All the precious things that people like can be found locked away in the ocean. So what do you think is necessary to become the master of the ocean? Think about how America was developed, and how many people undertook all kinds of adventures to find and mine precious minerals in the American west. At that time, adventurers and fearless, courageous men were given special rights of ownership. In the same way, unless you challenge the limits many times in your adventures, you cannot become the owner, the master of treasure. Until now, people have fought to gain possession over the routes that ships travel across the oceans, but they have not fought to gain ownership over the things that exist under the sea. (128-246, 1983.8.28)

Who will be the owner of the oceans in the future? If a great cataclysm were to occur, land can rise up out of the middle of the ocean, while land that is currently dry can sink into the sea. If a land-mass greater than that of the United States appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, who would be its owner? No one can say this kind of thing is not possible. Nobody knows when such a thing could happen. There are also volcanoes at the bottom of the sea. If there were someone who could say, "Everything outside two hundred nautical miles from any coast belongs to me," then there is no problem, but no such person exists. Nevertheless, the time will definitely come. The day will come when people will fight over the ocean. At that time, the people who want to be the owners of the ocean will need to have a dauntless pioneer spirit. There is no other way to become the owners of the sea. (128-246, 1983.8.28)

Because the earth is crowded with people, they will soon begin building more ships and venturing out to sea. In the not-too-distant future, the world will become a place where people will live on and under the ocean's surface. So what do we need to do at sea? Unification Church men should live at every ocean port and coastal base in the world. If we can become a presence in these areas we will be in a position to influence and guide all the cultures of the world. Our men should all gather in coastal areas. We should live on every coastline of the world, and thus become a force there. (116-326, 1982.1.2)

The future leaders of the world must understand how to keep and preserve the oceans. The time is coming when humankind will invest and devote all its power, cultural identity, traditions, and national resources into developing the riches and treasures that lie at the bottom of the sea. However, the key point is who will be in a commanding position in the ocean areas to pursue that development. When I am faced with this problem, I ask myself, as the founder of the Unification Church and True Parent responsible for human history, what base of operations am I going to leave for the future of the Unification Church? That base will not be in urban areas, but at the coast.

I am doing things in coastal areas that no one else has even thought of doing. The United States has washed its hands of the marine industries, but I am continuing to develop them. Since I know exactly where the world is going, and how things will turn out, I am investing huge amounts of money, even though it is difficult, and even if most of it is lost in the wind. Even if I cannot make a huge highway along the direction of history, from beginning to end, at the very least I can cut out a small path for others to follow. That is the reason I am alone on the ocean, training. (220-11, 1991.10.13)

After you learn one skill, then learn another, and then a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. You always have to think and determine to learn more. That is the basic formula. One area or field of work is organized centering on one specific kind of formula, therefore, someone who knows a great many formulas will win the battle. When I go out fishing on the ocean, I do it better than other people, as I know where the fish are. I have a lot of experience in this area. We lose out to those who have experience and done something before.

I have no concerns wherever I travel. I can go anywhere by myself, without any worries. If the fishing is no good, I can make it good. But to have that kind of confidence, you have to have a lot of experience. In the future, when interest begins to focus on the ocean, those who don't have any interest in the ocean will fall behind those who do and lose out completely. (146-251, 1986.7.1)

1.3. The future will be the water age

I am preparing for the future world. I am not doing this just because I love the ocean. It is difficult being at sea. In the beginning, when I came back after a week, my entire body was in pain. Still I thought, "There is so much to do. I should go on without complaining about my age. I should be like a colt going over the Himalayas." How could I rest?

Do you know why I am so interested in the ocean? It is because the ocean is the key to opening the path of peace for humanity in the future. It is also the key to prosperity. Doing what? How can the ocean provide prosperity? Is having a good meal or having three meals a day living in prosperity? What does it mean to live in prosperity? It is to eat healthy food, lead a healthy life, and live with good health throughout one's lifetime. It is to fulfill one's desires with the world as one's stage. Have I not laid all the foundations for that to happen? (189-295, 1989.6.17)

The question is who will take the lead in the oceanic world in the future. Now is the space age, the age of air. It is the same with the ocean. Those adventurous people who occupy the sea and take chances will enter the space age and a great migration will transpire. Now we have entered such an age, and will soon be able live for a month on oxygen provided by a special suit.

When that happens, will you cook your meals? To have a convenient life, you should prepare some delicious fish and then carry enough with you to last half a year. Would you also bring water or hot pepper paste, or a kimchi jar? Such an age will come in the future. (189-291, 1989.6.17)

Everything will be done by machines. There will be nothing for people to do. With the press of a button, it will be easy to cross the ocean alone to some destination. It will be just like an airplane. All you will have to do is turn on the computer, then it will follow the course setting already mapped. You can take a nap, go to sleep at night, or even make a fuss of your wife. The ship will sail toward the destination with more accuracy than when controlled by a person. So no one is needed to maneuver the ship, as the electronic devices will do it all for you perfectly. Instead, you can gaze at the bottom of the wonderful ocean saying, "Wow, look at all the fish! That's a shark. A shark just passed by!" and continue cruising, while closely observing everything large and small in greater detail than in a photograph. (192-150, 1989.7.3)

How do you feel in your heart? Don't you want to go to the bottom of the ocean, or up a high mountain, or travel freely throughout the universe? There are no boundaries. I am sure there is not one Unification Church member who does not believe in the existence of the spirit world. Do you believe it or know it? You know and experience it. That is why you cannot deny it. (225-138, 1992.1.12)

In the future, we will be able to live in the ocean. That is why I have initiated research on a five-person submarine. Wouldn't that be convenient? When the wind is not blowing, the calm sea waves let you become like a billionaire or master of the ocean. You don't know how mysterious and good it feels.

Think what it would be like if a husband and wife could look over the great ocean when the winds are calm on the crystal clear surface of the sea, dreaming about their love nest while talking about their future together. That would not be a problem. Even if a storm should come, they can submerge thirty meters below to safety. A time will come when we will be able to live freely under the water. That is why you do not have to worry that the Republic of Korea is small. (233-52, 1992.7.20)

Human beings are free to go anywhere. If they want to go to the ocean or mountains, they can freely do so without any national boundaries. They can live in the water as well. The age will come when we can build a submarine and live freely under water based on scientific advances. Otherwise, humanity will have no place to live. A submarine sinks by letting water into its tank until it becomes heavy enough to sink. With a button, you can control the inflow and outflow of water, and accordingly submerge or rise in the water. Therefore, we can live in the water. There is no better place in heaven and earth than what lies deeper than ten meters. If you go down thirty meters, would the wind matter? A truly serene world emerges, an underwater kingdom.

If you go up in the air, you can encounter trouble with lots of wind and constant change. The air currents and atmosphere can vary, and it can suddenly rain. That is why I believe that living in the ocean is an ideal way of life. (262-272, 1994.8.1)

Since everybody wants to live in a nice place, I have initiated research into submarines. Where is the most wonderful place? Apartments are the best places, aren't they? How will you live deep in the middle of the ocean? You will need a submarine at that time. With a press of a button you can descend to a refreshing place. There will be no need for an air conditioner. There will be all sorts of exotic fish dancing in all their colors, and beautiful scenes with a myriad of colors spread before your eyes. Nothing will be inaccessible. You can go anywhere day and night. Think how convenient such a life would be. Wouldn't you want to live in such a place before going to the spirit world? Wouldn't it be wonderful? I am doing this for all of you. I am not doing it just for myself. I am doing it for everyone. That is why we are carrying out this research. I want to make it possible to live in the ocean, without being a burden to anyone. (217-212, 1991.6.1)

If you enjoy yourself in the sea, you will find many things that are more interesting than the pleasures on land. That is why I am trying to make a submarine. Such an age will surely come in the future. Everybody will have a yacht and be able to sail across the seas. They will also take underwater trips. How amazing that will be! We will advance to an age when we can move about in the water and live with groups of fish, sharks, and whales. I believe that if I prepare for that, we will be able to lay claim to the economic rights of the world. (95-225, 1977.12.4)

Where will people go? They will go to the mountains in search of nature. Yet, it will become boring just living in a mountain area. That is why people will go to the sea. In the future, people should go into the sea and eventually live there. I have already asked various scholars to carry out research on submarines, and their work is almost done. They say that if a submarine goes down just thirty meters into the water, it will be calm underneath, even if there is a storm above. No matter how hard the wind blows or how rough the waves are, there is no disturbance thirty meters below the water surface. There are no winds or waves thirty meters below. That is why if you press a button and go down thirty or a hundred meters, you will immediately be able to enjoy the scenery of the ocean using a periscope. (236-309, 1992.11.9)

What kind of age will the future be? Why would you want to spend hours on a plane? Instead, we will build a massive steel column in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and build a hotel. How diverse are the functions of a helicopter? You can fly anywhere you like with a press of a button. Yet, flying becomes boring, even after three hours. So, we will fly for one or two hours and then stay in a marine hotel. It will be fantastic! We will build a hotel on the Pacific Ocean. Then, it will take only a few hours to get there, and you can have lunch or go on a boat with your family, or even go fishing. What a wonderful life! (203-57, 1990.6.14)

Since the sea has a vast amount of resources, we should prepare for the future by building ships around the world, in France and Germany, and in dozens of other nations when the order is given. Then we should build excursion ships for diving underwater, which will be needed to develop a leading position and secure economic strength in a global age. Only by making preparations in several dozens of nations can we ensure a leading position in this field throughout the world. Can you imagine that! Do you think that is possible? (95-225, 1977.12.4)

I have also designed and built the best boats in the world. I will also build a submarine that can carry five people and go anywhere under the sea. In the future, we will have to live in the water. That is why I am doing this. I also want our Unification Church members to live prosperously. (210-39, 1990.11.30)

Where can we find clean water? The ocean water is completely polluted. However, the North Pole has snow eight hundred meters deep. That is fresh water that was accumulated thousands of years ago. It is not polluted, but clean, even after ten thousand years. It is the same with the South Pole. What if we were to build a cultural city like New York below the ice, do you think many people will come to see it or not? This could actually be done. Don't you feel excited just thinking about it? If you build a tunnel in the ice, it will not collapse, but last for ten thousand years. By spraying cold water on the inside surface once a year, the ice will stay frozen and eventually become solid. (302-99, 1999.6.1)

The time has come when we can farm under the ice. Do you know what this means? Flowers will bloom. If you go to Alaska, the tall mountains are covered with perpetual snow and grass grows in the central regions. Below there, flowers bloom and people go fishing. You have no idea what a beautiful and enchanted land it is. It is beautiful with clean water and clear air, and is a perfect ecologically balanced environment. If you ever visit there on vacation and enjoy it, you will want to live there and never leave. The reason I am exerting myself and investing in all these projects is because such things are now possible. (220-13, 1991.10.13)

When hydrogen energy is developed in the future, electricity will no longer be a problem. A time will come when an underground city will be built in the cold area of Siberia and become a pleasant city to live in. (194-95, 1989.10.17)

If the tundra region of Siberia and the North American plains are to be developed in the future, Alaska should also be developed. The first person who occupies the ice-covered world of the North Pole will be able to influence the world. The one who occupies the sea will rule the world. That is why I have started so many marine industries and take a deep interest in the North Pole. (219-196, 1991.8.29)

The Himalayas are connected to the Pacific Ocean, along with countless other high and low mountain ranges. The Pacific Ocean also contains fearsome sharks, called sa-me in Japanese, and many other scary creatures. Thus, to swim across the Pacific Ocean is a dangerous undertaking, and a course no one in human history has ever attempted. You need to be aware of your surroundings to safely pass through such a difficult course. By doing so, you can reach the other side of the world. That is the course of human life. (205-86, 1990.7.7)

Something deep takes the central point. Something high also takes the center. Deep places are not visible. Can you see the bottom of the ocean? The deepest places are at the bottom of the ocean, right? Even if all of creation tried to ignore Mount Everest, they can't help seeing it from morning to night. They watch it and wonder if it is going to rain or not, or if the weather will be fine or not. If it is cloudy or dark at the peaks, they try to predict if this year will be a fruitful harvest or not. However, deep places are not visible. You cannot see things that are deep. The reason is that they are covered in water! It is not bad to be deep. It is surrounded with mystery. Women are also mysterious. That is why men take interest in them. Men search for women, thinking that they are mysterious. (205-136, 1990.8.12)

1.4. The ocean will become the only energy source

The resources of the ocean are so vast, compared to those of the land. In the future, the use of oil, coal, and electricity will cease. There is a limit to what electricity can do. Therefore, the ocean will become the only energy source. This will be based on the development of hydrogen energy. (94-130, 1977.7.30)

In the future, science will be able to create an unlimited supply of food. The reason this is not possible now, is because the cost of fuel is so high. However, when hydrogen energy is developed, we will have an unlimited supply of energy. We will even have too much energy. Then, we can make as much food as we want, so much that we will not know what to do with all the food. Since it will be boring to eat all that food alone, we will approach a person on the street and say, "Come and share some of this food with me, and let's talk for a while." Since we do not know when that time will come, I am saying that we should prepare from now. We must create those circumstances. Then our descendants will be able to live comfortably. (141-223, 1986.2.22)

If you mismanage the ocean, wars will break out. Then a hydrogen bomb that could destroy the earth might be dropped. That is why church members should occupy the coastal waters to a point twenty kilometers from the coasts, or any place in the world centering on this number. Then the world will be within our embrace. (303-155, 1999.8.17)

Someone once said, "In the future when hydrogen is converted into fuel, the world will quickly become an affluent one. But if the wrong person is in charge of this vast raw material, they will destroy the entire world. The only person who can prevent that is Rev. Moon, so we should entrust that task to him." (184-222, 1989.1.1)

1.5. Oceanic nations will take the lead

We must have a leading position in the oceans in the future. With my own hands I will recover all the gold, silver, and treasures in the sea. After thinking about it, I have concluded that we have to dig a lot of tunnels. That is also why I came up with this highway project. If I can drill a passage under the sea and create a door, wouldn't it be fun to open that door and catch a fish? How wonderful it would be if we could directly supply ships with the oil under the seabed using a pipe? How great it would be if we could produce oil from a pipe with one press of a button?

If you are a leader, shouldn't you make plans so that you can live like that in the future? Then how will oxygen be supplied under the ocean? How much oxygen is there in water? So, oxygen can be produced in water and automatically supplied. What is the oxygen ratio in sea water? How can that all be used? This is not a problem. That is why the time is soon coming when the oceanic realm can be settled. (116-326, 1982.1.2)

The first forty years of my life until now was a time of tribulations, centering on the developed countries in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as centering on the land. That is why for twenty years I have been preparing for the oceanic civilization sphere in South America. I have been paving the way for the oceanic age to save all the countries within the tropical climate zone. That twenty-year course was to pave the path of tribulation. (277-131, 1996.4.7)

In the future, if someone is committed to developing the ocean, then that person can be in a commanding position, globally speaking. Water is the most important thing. That is why, before going to the spirit world, I have to initiate a project to utilize large areas of water. Accordingly, I have to diligently give many directions. If I speak on this subject, I know that future generations will make it happen. (276-296, 1996.3.10)

To whom does the ocean belong? In the future, the ocean will be worth a fortune in gold. It will become more valuable than the Myeongdong shopping district in Seoul. We must become influential in the oceanic regions. I believe that the person who can acquire the body of water within three kilometers from here will have a leading position in the world. I believe that such a time will come. (300-192, 1999.3.3)

I am saying that we must be leaders of the oceans. Who does it belong to? It belongs to God, then True Parents, and then you. It all belongs to you. Wouldn't you like it even more if you could say that it belongs to you? The ocean and river water controls life in this world. The ocean generates clouds that bring rain to the earth. That is why it sustains life. (289-181, 1998.1.1)

Young people should develop an interest in the ocean. Someone who can take responsibility for projects in the ocean must emerge among you who are here. The reason I go out to the Atlantic Ocean and stay there for twenty-four hours is to establish a tradition of having loved the ocean. Sailors who go out to the ocean usually come back six months to a year later. Because of this, most women dislike seamen. For this reason, the global trend has seen a reduction in the numbers of mariners. That is why we should become strong in the ocean businesses.

Unification Church women will not complain, even though their husbands go to sea and do not come back for half a year, right? That is why in the future we should become a leading force in the shipping industry. The time will come when you will concentrate your efforts upon the ocean more than the land. That is why I am taking an interest in the ocean, and that is why you should also take an interest in the ocean. (73-142, 1974.8.16)

I am conducting research on submarines that can go to the center of the ocean. I also have a great interest in the universe. However, as an international religious leader and idealistic philosopher in modern-day society, as someone beyond nations yet with an incredible foundation throughout the world and with greater power than any one country, why do I take an interest in the ocean? It is because I believe the only way to solve the problem of hunger in the future will be through the ocean. (217-219, 1991.6.1)

You all think that a fish from the ocean cannot live in fresh water, and a fresh-water fish cannot live in the ocean. But that is not the case. Salmon live in the ocean, yet swim to fresh water to lay their eggs. That is why a salmon has no problem in completely changing itself within three weeks, or even ten days. Does this sound like a fantasy to you or something real? Will computers become small enough to fit in your pocket or not? We are heading toward that kind of world. So, will you become the master of the ocean, or the master of the land? Which would you like to be? (217-227, 1991.6.1)

We should go to the North Pole to mine, and dig up diamonds and gold from deep in the ocean at the South Pole. You should go to an underwater vein of diamonds and excavate them all. Men and women alike should do this. If you can go in the middle of that and engage in true love, if you can dive into the deep ocean waters and make love, you may have a hard time getting there, but that love would be so sweet. You may suffer a shock or be under distress, but you have gone all the way to that place in search of the ideal love. If you can make love there, would it be breathtaking or unsatisfactory? Don't you want to go to the bottom of the ocean and make love? Everybody will die anyway eventually. If the two of you can live at that bottom of the ocean, make love and die, you would be happy. (299-186, 1999.2.15)

I have been interested in the ocean my entire life. That is because the fortune of the great ocean is coming. For this reason, you should also take an interest in the ocean. After that, you should be interested in the continents. (12-117, 1962)

The marine products industry has bright prospects. I have a clear concept about this endeavor. That is why I am declaring to humankind to go to the ocean for their sake. (128-211, 1983.6.26) 

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