Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eleven - The Root of the Universe
Chapter Three - The Human Fall and Restoration
Section 2. The Results of the Fall

2.1. Fallen human beings and the state of the fallen world

2.1.1. Youth problems and free sex

Just as Adam and Eve fell as teenagers in the shade of a tree, with the coming of the Last Days of Judgment which brings the fruits of world history, today's youth all over the world have fallen into free sex. What is free sex? It is the trap of the devil's Sodom and Gomorrah. It stimulates young people's sensuality, and then it is all finished. Everything falls over the cliff. What kind of disco dances do young people dance? The twist is like a snake's dance. Doesn't the snake twist its body? To twist means to turn part of your body. Just as the devil has sown, he will popularize this around the world to tempt humanity. (208-263, 1990.11.20)

As Adam and Eve fell through sexual misconduct, so will it be in the Last Days. The youth will all fall into promiscuity. Just as the ancestors sowed their seeds, at the time of harvest, the youth will cover the world in that way and bring it to ruin. That is today. This is undeniable. Where did free sex arise? Who promoted it? Adam and Eve did. Being the ones who fell, they are the ancestors of free sex. (257-60, 1994.3.13)

Didn't Adam and Eve fall through free sex in Eden? Didn't they have free sex? In the Last days too, it is free sex. If this is not redeemed, everything will have to be destroyed. My life's work is to redeem this situation. I must bring it under control and build a bridge for you to cross from Satan's realm over to God's realm. If not, everyone will fall into hell. Men and women all fell in and died. That is why I must build this bridge to cross the great ocean to the peace of true love. No one but I can build this bridge. Once you have crossed over, there is no need for this bridge. Things like indemnity will not be necessary. We move into the era of absolute sex and absolute love. (281-293, 1997.3.9)

Disco dancing, liquor and smoking -- you should have nothing to do with any of these things. You should have nothing to do with free sex. Homosexuals, lesbians and swinging singles are not needed. However strongly the wind blows, you should calmly maintain your position. However much the wind or typhoon blows, or the Earth moves, the direction that the Unification Church goes does not change, just as north, south, east and west do not change. Thus, once we unify the world, everything will be accomplished. (206-62, 1990.10.3)

Who is going to block this wave of free sex and sexual misconduct that pushes forth from all directions? Who is going to eliminate this wave of hedonism, the pursuit of sensual pleasures? Not satiated by drugs and illicit love, the last of the human race looks for recreational drugs -- is that a problem of body or mind? (200-227, 1990.2.25)

What is ironic in America now is that even while free sex may be prevailing among the youth, they leave their own homes. This, in a way, is in heaven's favor. Leaving home, they are able to get away from their folks and country. American youth have no ties to the world, their country, family or parents. Based on free sex, they accept homosexuals and lesbians, and deny masculinity and femininity. If this continues, humanity will all disappear within a century. How unspeakably pained must God's heart be as He looks upon this miserable state of humanity caught in the devil's spell! (208-265, 1990.11.20)

We must know that the hippie movement and the current problems of immorality and drugs are things that have all appeared as one aspect of the global communist strategy. Things such as free sex and the homosexual-lesbian movement are one form of behavior that destroys human rights and dignity. Viewed thus, the current destruction of the family, society and church has already reached its zenith, reaching a stage at which no individual, no theologian nor any state power can prevail against it. (128-33, 1983.6.1)

I know America well. Americans talk about sexual freedom, this and that, have one-night stands and then say good-bye. Everything is based on individualism and self-vindication, and they don't like it if the self is not at the center. Greetings are diplomatic; they may look you in the eye, but the mind may be elsewhere. Emotions and lifestyle are based on expediency. (127-328, 1983.5.22)

What kind of weapons did Satan use? He used an airborne weapon: that is smoking. Next, the liquid weapon is liquor; and then the solid weapon is drugs. Through these means, everything including your spirit is made to rot. He makes everything rot -- your body and spirit, and everything from the nostrils to the lungs. So we do not drink liquor or smoke cigarettes. These are the weapons Satan uses to destroy human beings.

These three things, which are elements that prevent one's spirit from communicating with God, are the enemy's best weapons. What comes next? Free sex that destroys the order of love. All these things I must put in good order single-handedly. (126-70, 1983.4.10)

Free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism -- these things should not exist. In the Last Days, things that did not obviously exist in history have come to appear in the world in broad daylight. Things that could not possibly exist in this universe have come to appear openly. The order of love is now completely destroyed. We must know that is why America has now become the bottom of hell. The order of love is totally destroyed, and through using drugs, the physiological order of man and woman is totally destroyed. What that means is that live young people will be ruined. Moral principles and order will be destroyed. (125-168, 1983.3.20)

I am seeking to single-handedly cure and restore this world, which talks about sexual liberation and free sex, and has become abominable today. I am licensed as the doctor who can do this. There is no one else who can cure this but me. It can be cured by teaching true love. There will come a time when people cannot help but believe in the Unification Church. I am notifying you that even if you are unable to believe, I have the responsibility to guide your sons and daughters to go such a way without fail, even if I have to drive them with a whip. Do established churches have this kind of ability? Do they have an injection to cure this? (209-222, 1990.11.29)

Do not make love in a manner shameful to God, humankind, or this earth. Until now, those groups advocating free sex who call themselves hippies or yippies all have such past experiences and have done everything imaginable, but was that for the self? Is that what love is? We must know that this is what destroys humanity, disgraces God's name and spits the blood of love on planet Earth. That is the same as spreading the original blood of human beings on the earth. There they dance, do bad things and cause uproar. (93-29, 1977.5.8)

Since Satan knows that, in the Last Days, God will form His kingdom on earth, bring humankind to order, and cause them to enter His kingdom in heaven, the devil insists on behavior that is opposed to God. As a representative example, he completely crushed the one and only first love through free sex. First love was meant to be eternal, yet he turned it into a love between mutts and bitches. Heaven and earth became a world of such worthless love. This is the story of the human lifespan of seventy years.

Satan knows this, so he created a world of free sex in which men marry each other and women marry each other. They become messed up on drugs and only seek pleasure. Those who are intoxicated with physical satisfaction will receive a summary judgment that leads directly to hell. Who is going to clear this up? It must be Rev. Moon -- the True Parents must sort this out. (227-279, 1992.2.14)

All created beings are linked as pairs based on love. Were that love removed, they would be scattered like grains of sand. What kind of love do you desire? In the world of love, there is no concept of individualism, but that of pairs. In the insect world as well, there must be plus and minus, subject and object partners. This is the modality of existence of all created beings. (287-60, 1997.8.31)

2.1.2. Corruption of sexual morality

An example of the sort of things happening in America is that under the proposition of sexual liberation, high society people such as lawyers who attend a bar association meeting check into a hotel after the meeting and mutually swap wives. In just one week, they have slept with the wives of all their friends. (191-220, 1989.6.25)

Is it all right for women without husbands to put on makeup or not? Aren't prostitutes and street girls like that? Today unmarried young girls are walking around with rouge, but do you know how ugly the rouge looks? The original natural color of young people is beautiful. If you beheld it for a thousand years, you would still find it beautiful, not ugly. How beautiful that color is! You cannot produce color surpassing that. You cannot create that color with rouge. (275-136, 1995.12.4)

If the family is ruined, this is fundamental ruin; everything is ruined. There are youth problems and breakdown in the family. There is not even one complete family. In the Last Days, women will have two men. From this arises the term sexual liberation. It is the responsibility of True Parents to repair all this, as if sewing together rags to make them better than a silk robe for God to wear. (304-166, 1999.10.10)

Chicago and Los Angeles are the same as New York. All of America's big cities are the same. Satan thinks that if he can totally ruin the family, which is central to Christianity, by corrupting sexual morals through sexual liberation, then the foundation that has been established globally until now will collapse. So he injects everyone with free sex, and in that way people all become little satans. (87-137, 1976.5.23)

Can the US government solve the problem of juvenile promiscuity in America today? That cannot be done through military power, economic power, science or technology. Are not all sorts of wicked things taking place these days in the name of sexual liberation? Is love like that? Love can lead to eternal life, yet it has turned out like this. So what hope is there here? It is hopeless even if you m eet a man, if you see your son, or if you see your parents. Wherever you go, when you meet some one, it is hopeless. (183-337, 1988.11.9)

As the world became filled with turmoil and chaos, the disease of AIDS emerged. In the name of sexual liberation, confusion is spreading. True love cannot be found. The original human mind is seeking and pleading for it, but there is no way to find it. The further you go into the secular world, the more you will be hurt. The kind of love in a world that is based on outward appearance crushes everything. (210-280, 1990.12.25)

What started with Adam alone has now led to confusion among men today, as people speak of sexual liberation. Even incestuous relationships are occurring within the family. This is a miserable phenomenon not seen even in the animal world. Such breakdown and aberration of love within the family are unforgivable before God. This has become a world that He cannot bear to look at. (292-175, 1998.4.12)

When a couple attains complete oneness, heavenly fortune will protect them. Even if they wanted to fail, they could not. The fortunes of the family, society, nation, world, heaven and earth and God's love would form layers of protection for them. Yet if this oneness is about to be broken, would the world leave it alone? If that were the case, that seed would disappear. Would anyone be able to get a divorce? Divorce destroys that position protected by heavenly fortune. Would anyone be able to have an affair? I must single-handedly reorganize this world that is arguing in favor of sexual liberation today. It must be cleanly reorganized. Until today, I have been doing this. American society is also saying, "There is no doctor other than Rev. Moon who can get a grip on this." There is no other such physician. (211-268, 1990.12.30)

We hear of murders of fathers, mothers and children. In extreme cases what do we hear? That a son is cohabiting with his mother. It is truly the end. Have you ever heard such things? There are many such cases, but they do not stir up rumors to this extent. Now, such a time has come. It is called sexual liberation. In the communist world, people are treated like animals, so this kind of thing would not even be considered a problem. These are called the Last Days. Do they differentiate between their cousin, uncle or mother? As for dogs, would a pup and its mother mate and have a litter again? When such a time comes to the human world, it is the end. (39-123, 1971.1.10)

Nowadays people emphasize the single life, and things like homosexuals and lesbians are an issue, but why do homos and whatnot become that way? What is in them that inevitably makes them that way? Incestuous relationships caused them to be that way. A grandfather willfully violates his granddaughter. A father violates his own daughter. The cause of these incestuous relationships is that ultimately people are contacting each other sexually as they please since the age of sexual liberation, the age of free sex, arrived. They come into sexual contact not with some stranger from a distant town, but with someone from among their closest relatives. (261-44, 1994.5.22)

What is happening in New York now is that only the wealthiest people and those of the lowest level remain there. The people of the middle class who are the city's backbone all packed their bags and ran away; just last year, some six hundred thousand people departed. Among the lower classes there are prostitutes and rogues talking of sexual liberation, making the base for Satan. Those who think they cannot have their children educated in that chaos cannot help but leave. Up until now, there have been many hotels in town that are a market for prostitution. (87-135, 1976.5.23)

2.1.3. Homosexuality

We Unificationists intend to digest all the evil things of the world that Satan likes. We will digest the problem of the gay movement of homosexuals and so forth. We will digest free sex, the problem of immorality, all gangsters, terrorists and organized crime. We will take responsibility for the most difficult problems of the world. We will even digest the Communist Party. (109-34, 1980.10.26)

Isn't the gay movement widespread in the United States? Aren't there many homosexuals? It is because these people do not know the Principle of Creation. However, the members of the Unification Church, who know the Principle of Creation, understood through education that they must absolutely get married. The gay movement has totally broken down here as a result. Your mothers and fathers may have gone out dancing, had free sex that shattered the family and everything. All of you understand about the Fall, however, so no matter how much you dance, can it lead to free sex? (118-109, 1982.5.9)

Are they saying that a law will be passed to legalize homosexuality? A law will be made? They should be ashamed to see the sun, the trees, the grass, or even a dog. Being that way, how can they dress, eat and live like other people? People who practice homosexuality will be the ones who oppose us and call us heretics. (118-295, 1982.6.20)

Then, what is America now? Be it homosexuals or lesbians, a cultural realm that denies the spouse is expanding in America. Is there a spouse for an angel? A long time ago, man followed Eve who betrayed God, but from now on, he must follow Eve who supports God. That is why I married many American men to Japanese women. Americans listen well to what women have to say; for them, women are queens. (119-246, 1982.9.13)

Is a woman who lives alone happy? If lesbians and homosexuals came here and listened to my words, would they think of continuing in their ways or will they think that they must remedy this? Would they be able to oppose Rev. Moon, saying that he is wrong? The youth of the world did not know that such a teaching existed. If you seek to meet God, you must possess a love having the attributes of being eternal, unique, and unchanging. Otherwise, you will not be able to meet the Subject of true love or to participate in the way of true love. (124-86, 1983.1.30)

Homosexuals and lesbians: they will be saved through whose hands? Through the hands of Rev. Moon; my hands! Who can liberate these young people who are becoming living corpses, ailing from drugs and dying away? I will liberate them with my hands. Who will liberate those who promote free sex and gambling with love? Is there anyone in American Christianity who will do this? Who is there among the pastors of American churches? Next, who will block the Communist Party? Rev. Moon will block it. (124-329, 1983.3.1)

How about people like the homosexuals and lesbians of America? This is a presumptuous love. The longer they persist in it, the greater their ruin. It leads to ruin, the breakdown of individuals, families, children, nations, the world, and the universe. If they are destroyed, humanity will disappear automatically. When people become that way, humankind will perish. (125-68, 1983.3.6)

Today in America, lesbians, homosexuals and gays are becoming prevalent. This is sinful and there will be consequences. This malaise which afflicts them is not found where heterosexual men and women live. Diseases not found in ordinary couples pervade them. Sexual diseases of the kind that arise from violating the principles of love are their punishment. Thus, central love is needed. You were born from central love. What is central love? It is parental love. This is eternally undeniable. It can never be denied. People might insist upon denying it, but it remains undeniable. (128-15, 1983.5.29)

These days, there's such uproar over homosexuals and lesbians. Those who do things like that will perish. They won't last even a century. They won't last for long at all. If they live like that, everything will be destroyed. What American culture is based on is that it is in the realm of the culture of satanic love, which is destructive and bound to collapse. As such, it must be tossed out. American culture is in the cultural realm of satanic love.

What is Unificationist culture? It is in the cultural realm of God's love. It is simple. It absolutely opposes free sex, homosexuality, and drugs. We oppose all of them. (134-14, 1985.1.1)

American women say they don't need aging parents. Who are the aging parents? Aren't they their parents and grandparents? Satan made it that way in the Last Days. Why? It's because Satan knows God's purpose. As God is trying to set up this formula, Satan tries to break its foundation. Who attacks? Satan does. Next, they say they don't need spouses. Isn't this a truly strange system? Who made it that way? Satan did. This is Satan's goal. Homosexuals and lesbians are all the result of Satan. Next, they'll say they don't need babies. (135-115, 1985.10.4)

For those who have taken drugs and experienced being homosexuals or lesbians: how difficult is it to get out of it? It is human hell. We cannot lose the American youth who are caught in a net like that and end up becoming Satan's prey. Who besides Unificationists can save them? If we don't do this, there will be no America. (149-377, 1986.12.28)

Men and women are horizontal. They are level. The union of man and woman is to be engrafted, based on vertical, lifelong and eternal love. As men representing east and women representing west have lost the central line, they will seek to graft into this, so they must absolutely get married. Aren't there many in America who oppose marriage? There are many who, like homosexuals or lesbians, dislike having children. Those without children have lost out when they pass on to the spirit world. This is the formula of the universe. (163-88, 1987.4.19)

Wait and see: evil free sex will disappear one day. Homosexuals will also disappear one day. Lesbians: women marrying each other -- how on earth can that be? Insects in the animal world don't even do that. Are such people human? Also, those wicked people who say there is no God must all disappear. The materialistic view of history will disappear. (188-157, 1989.2.19)

Men tire of women and women tire of men, so they go around daily, hungry for love and always lonely; they will all become homosexuals and lesbians and end up in the trash can. They smoke opium and all fall into the straits of self-destruction. Who will take responsibility for this? Will the State Department or the Pentagon be responsible? Will the nation's president take responsibility? All of us should take responsibility. (207-111, 1990.11.1)

As America has become the archangel nation in the Last Days, its women will not be qualified to be women. Hence, homosexuals and lesbians arise and say, "Let women marry each other. Let men marry each other!" The archangel does not acknowledge a complementary partnership. He does not recognize the right of ownership. He does not acknowledge heterosexuality. That is why everything has become like that. The reality of America today is that while opposing homosexuality on the one hand, it must present the way it should go honestly before God on the other. Issues like lesbianism, homosexuality, and family breakdown must be resolved completely. (240-155, 1992.12.11)

According to the US Statistics Bureau, the soaring divorce rate showed a threefold rise between 1970 and 1990, with the conclusion that one family out of six has a divorce, and the reality is that nationwide, thirty percent of children are being raised by single parents. Furthermore, the strange, decadent phenomenon of gay married couples is spreading. (288-197, 1997.11.28)

Immorality, sexual misconduct and decadent trends, along with hedonism, are systematically ruining families. It has come to the point where some people of today think that gay people can also build a different type of family alongside the traditional family, and that they can have children through adoption or artificial insemination. (288-171, 1997.11.27)

The problems of the world today are serious. If you go to a place like America, you will see many gays among whom men are marrying each other and women are doing the same. Really, where can we find such laws? Physiologically, they are not made to be that way. After one generation their lineage will die out. Everything will be gone. Heavenly fortune will drive them out, and it is not as if their hearts will be happy. They will accept suffering as such, and more complicated problems will arise. Thus, subject and object partners will always coexist in a living environment. You must know this as you lead your life in society. (243-74, 1993.1.3)

Free sex is indeed the wicked trend that we must completely eradicate from this planet. The elements that are related to free sex such as drugs, violence, homosexuality, and AIDS are driving humanity toward destruction. (288-283, 1997.11.30)

Today, those that are gay appear and deny their parents; husbands do everything imaginable and wives likewise; but as these contravene the heavenly laws of the universe, they will be judged by universal criminal law in the other world. (106 -112, 1979.12.16)

2.2. Reining in the errant culture of free sex

2.2.1. In the Last Days the order of love is corrupted

As true love is most precious, violating it is a universal crime. Immorality, juvenile promiscuity, family breakdown, incest, homosexuality, indescribable sex crimes, and so on are the reality of today. These cause God grief. The ideal of creation lies in the fulfillment of the family ideal which is based on sublime and eternal love, but why did it result in today's miserable way? We can say that in the Last Days the result of the Fall of the first ancestors is bearing fruit in displays of decadence, just like the seeds that were sown. (135-12, 1985.8.20)

Americans do not understand that there is no foundation of true love in their nation. Ultimately, things will go to ruin because of false love. Couples, siblings and parent-child relations break up. Incest spreads and sweeps people into hell, destroying everything. Having come completely to the zero point, American society must be built anew. It is one world under God! All color barriers, obstacles, customs, and conventions must be abolished. Only the parental heart and love of the family will remain: that is, to invest and forget as parents truly love their children. This is the concept of heaven. (293-152, 1998.5.26)

As unity is the origin, Satan destroyed it completely. He destroyed everything through free sex, homosexuality, and incest. We must totally overcome this. As it has become hell on earth, we must go 180 degrees in the opposite direction. As we have such an ideal, we will be able to fulfill an ideal world without problems, building an ideal nation and world on the foundation of an ideal family by going in that diametrically opposite direction. (261-284, 1996.6.20)

Free sex is the devil's destructive strategy to erase God's ideal from this earth without a trace, so that He is unable to step into this world. Next, Satan made people mentally ill through drugs. In a place like this, we cannot find the way of heavenly principles in a normal situation and all the ideals of love blossoming in a loving couple. Could the restoration of God's ideal be fulfilled in such a state? How did America become like this in forty years? (253-303, 1994.1.30)

It has become a world pervaded by free sex and incest. How did this happen? At the time of Jesus, these things were to have been resolved. The returning Lord must come again to definitely resolve incestuous relations. However, because he was driven out, the free world is unknowingly falling into hell, with people all lining up to fall off the cliffs. People do not know how to turn around at this point. If I had been here at that time, it would not have become like that. The free world chased me out and created a mess in the space of forty years. (252-139, 1993.11.14)

Can a woman perfect herself alone? She cannot. Don't American women say they don't want to get married, but they do want children? How did this happen? They say they don't need their grandparents, parents, spouses, siblings or anything. As they cannot live alone, men stick together, women stick together and then do they comfort each other? Is that the way to offer consolation? Where did incest begin? Behind it is free sex. (248-111, 1993.8.1)

Men or women on earth end up becoming like animals. In other words, with regard to sexual relations they are the same as animals. What is happening is that grandfathers cohabit with their granddaughters, and uncles with their nieces. In this way, based on destructive environments that cannot even be imagined in the realm of ideal love, the world will collapse. Living in the same house with her mother, a daughter makes love with her father. Living like this, they even appear and are interviewed on television. In America, it is said that such incestuous relationships comprise more than twenty percent. (208-304, 1990.11.21)

God cannot intervene in the affairs of fallen humanity. His beloved was snatched away and bore children. Could He visit such a place and love them next to that devil? These are not empty words. Thus, Rome was destroyed through immorality, and America will now also perish through immorality. If you go to Pompeii, there are still traces of such immorality, traces of incestuous relationships over three generations. In America, twenty percent are that way. This is meant to be destroyed. (197-265, 1990.1.19)

Do you know why America is now going to perish? I warned them before. Do you know how numerous the cases of incest are? Twenty percent in this nation of scoundrels! Grandfathers cohabit with their granddaughters and fathers sleep with their daughters even though they are married. All the symptoms of apocalyptic destruction are here. An atomic bomb has been dropped from heaven and we are in an age where we might be directly bombed. Yet the developed nations do not know how fearful this is. This is where they need me and the Unification Church. Without the Unification Church, they will never be able to bring this under control. (201-165, 1990.3.30)

Men are in the archangel position. Thus in America, cases of men violating their own daughters or even mothers are taking place. The incidence of incest has exceeded twenty percent. Satan is throwing grandmothers, mothers, younger sisters and even daughters into confusion. Therefore I am devising a strategy to surround all of hell in order to destroy the satanic realm. (227-71, 1992.2.10)

With Jesus' death on the cross, the satanic world on the left side triumphed. Due to the fact that the Vatican could not fulfill its responsibility, people fell into atheistic materialism, going through the stages of the French Revolution and humanism. Driving out God, His people, and even His belongings, humanity has become miserable. They are also suffering without having food to eat. Who made them like that? God made them like that. In this democratic world, people boast of material worth, but they do not know about the grace of the Christian cultural sphere and how to return this to God. They cannot fulfill their human portion of responsibility and end up becoming animalistic people. How can incest occur in a family with a Christian cultural background? Such people have become rotten in heart and spirit, and offerings to the devil. (214-243, 1991.2.2)

Adam fell while in his teens without his Parent's permission in the shade of a tree. That is how he sowed his seeds, so that is how they are reaped. Why have teenagers become a worldwide problem in this age, and why has the age come in which they exercise full power that no one can control? This is something inevitable. The only way this can be managed is to learn the way of the coming True Parents. This must be done. (262-212, 1994.7.23)

In the history of Korea, what we can take pride in globally is the realm of the tribe. It is a race that God has preserved within the providence in order to revere the ancestors and maintain one tradition and a pure lineage. Thus, we must reorganize ourselves quickly so that no adulterous thugs will appear. Today, in places like America, incest is a problem. Grandfathers cohabit with their granddaughters, fathers with their daughters, brothers with their sisters, and every imaginable behavior is taking place. Such a trend has emerged now with relatives of the eighth degree of closeness intermarrying. This has to be judged and eliminated. Our mission in resolving this is great. We have the responsibility to keep the tradition of a tribe of pure lineage, and to inherit and foster the ethical concepts of a people. (213-154, 1991.1.16)

2.2.2. Absolute purity: do not defile the lineage

God pursues a lineage that preserves purity eternally. We must know the fact that our desire as human beings and that of our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, was how to preserve the direct lineage eternally. This traditional thought has still not disappeared. Why? Because what God has planned is absolute. His will must be fulfilled absolutely at some point. If it could not be fulfilled, He would not be God. This is immutable. The numerous conflicts among religious denominations, religions and nations are not God's will. They are not in accordance with it and will all break down. (249-188, 1993.10.10)

The True Parents must bear the responsibility over all things that Adam and Eve failed in and resolve them in their stead. Otherwise, there is no path to restore the true parental position. The parents sowed them, so those who are to be parents must harvest them, burn the bad things, store away the good things, and distribute the seeds that all people seek after. These are the words of the Divine Principle: true love, a pure lineage, and ideal conjugal love. There is no other way to go as human beings. All other things will disappear, but this will accompany human life, eternal life. That is how precious the Divine Principle is. (256-28, 1994.3.12)

Where the original lineage was lost, no culture of heart will emerge. Culture is connected to the unfolding of history. Based on the family, society, nation, and world, this must be propagated. "We pledge to perfect the world of the culture of heart, connected to the original lineage." The point is to bequeath a pure lineage. Otherwise, we would be cut off from the world of the culture of heart. That vast Kingdom of Heaven is the foundation of the heart that we can live in, but if the world of the culture of heart cannot be built, that world will be cut off. Hence, we must live a life centered on the realm of the culture of heart. (260-305, 1994.5.19)

Through what did the Fall occur? We can conclude that it occurred through fornication. In connection with the exposition on the Fall, we must talk about all of these things. Satan was a god of fornication. God is a god of purity. What does this refer to? The lineage; I am speaking of the bloodline. The satanic world is totally a world of fornication, the world of the devil. (266-22, 1994.12.4)

A clean lineage, a pure lineage must be maintained. Just as God drove out fallen Adam and Eve, if your lineage is stained, you must remove yourself completely and return to the back of the line of humanity to come in as fallen people. In the future, leaders will be only those who preserved their purity. These people will inherit and also bequeath the mainstream traditional thought. It is unforgivable for Blessed Couples to fall again. Western society is in terrible confusion. (268-110, 1995.3.31)

Do you know what will happen if you become a drug addict? Don't you know that love addiction is much stronger than drug addiction? People became addicted to false love, causing them to perish. Women too are like that; they have two minds. When you women make love with your husbands, you should think, "God is visiting us. He has descended into my husband. I will clean and prepare our bed well for tonight" and focus all possible devotion from the time of your baby's conception. Focus your devotion when you are children, then siblings, then spouses, and finally parents; focus where such pure couples, mobilizing the four great realms of heart, will love each other. Have you ever thought about it like that? (273-21, 1995.10.21)

What fearful beings women are. If one woman is mistreated, a nation will perish and a clan will be destroyed. The same holds true for men also. If a woman mistreats her husband, the nation will perish, her tribe will be ruined, and the generations of purity maintained through her ancestors will all be hurt. It is serious. Thus, the true form of the highest truth before a woman is her husband. She has given her first love to her husband. That first love cannot be traded. Even if she offered everything to God she could not exchange this, and even if Adam was offered, she could not exchange this. Only after offering the perfected God and Adam, the two of them, can she trade them for the first time. That is how tremendous first love is. (275-83, 1995.11.3)

God cannot interfere with the results of the Fall, and Satan, after making things this way, says, "Hey, I was wrong, but I can't even keep up with this!" Thus, there is no one who likes this. There are more and more people committing suicide. Purity, the most precious thing that has to be protected, which women maintained as the base of this valuable love, has been trampled on from all sides. Women's parents should have provided an environment to protect them, but their grandfathers, fathers, and brothers violated them. Hence, even in a dream, they don't want to see any men. Even if they have to die, they hate men. (283-32, 1997.4.8)

You must conquer the body and its five senses! Will you follow physical or spiritual love? Even if you had to die ten million times, you must preserve your chastity. Women who are about to be married and all children must preserve their purity. Before marriage, you preserve purity and after marrying a true man, you must maintain chastity. Did you women understand? (286-161, 1997.8.9)

As the seeds of youth problems were sown, and since the wrong alliance took place in the Garden of Eden, this therefore must be turned around for humankind to marry on heaven's side again, and the lineage must be changed; this logic should be affirmed theoretically. Thus, we assert the absoluteness and purity of youth. Absoluteness is absolute. For what? For the purpose of absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal love. Due to false love, things turned out this way, so it must be turned around into true love. (288-48, 1997.10.31)

You must guard your sexual organs. We must launch a movement to guard the original organs. God created organs of pure love. You all must protect them. They are absolute organs. They are absolutely unidirectional. You must eternally follow the way of love connected to that absolute one direction. They are the organs God originally desired. People must know that they are the palaces of love, life, lineage, and conscience, where four palaces have gathered in one place. They are the most holy place. You must preserve their purity eternally. (288-67, 1997.10.31)

The question is: how do we bequeath a tradition of absolute purity? The people of Israel used to stone the offenders to death if this was defiled, but not today. It is more frightening than that. We cannot think even in our dreams of falling again before the heart of God who had to expel His only son and only daughter, Adam and Eve. Thus, the boundary must be declared. Those who are left behind on the day when that is declared are all the evil firstborn among all the firstborn left behind on Satan's side. (288-111, 1997.11.25)

Just as the Israelites had to follow Moses in the course to restore Canaan, now is the time for us to enter it and restore God's kingship. We must endure suffering greater than even that of the 430-year course in Egypt and the miserable 4,000-year history of God from Adam to Jesus, overcome everything and comfort Him. You do not go to heaven by apologizing or just because you've repented. The right of inheritance arises on the foundation of comforting God and the True Parents after surmounting that peak, repenting and pledging to bequeath an eternally pure lineage as the new lineage of their child. (288-114, 1997.11.25)

You must pledge true purity and chastity anew before God, looking back and denying your past based on the fact that you were unable to lead a life of purity until now. You Unificationist women must maintain your purity before and chastity after marriage. For whose sake is that? It is not only for your own sakes. It is for your husbands and families, your nation and the world. If not, when you enter heaven, the eternal world, you will not be in the position to settle into heaven and God's love as an individual, family, people, nation or cosmos. You won't be able to do anything. (288-146, 1997.11.27)

The future world will be placed at the crossroads between heaven and hell, depending on whether the moral code of preserving the purity and protecting the value of the family will be established. Will the problems plaguing all of the nations of the world such as the degeneration of youth and constant crimes related to drugs, increasing family breakdown and divorce, the spread of AIDS and sex crimes, be solved by political power? Current academic education and religious teachings are unable to solve these problems. (288-139, 1997.11.26)

From now on when I conduct the Blessing, I will not bless those who flirted and violated chastity. Unless you are chaste men and women, I will not marry you. When the restored Adam and Eve settle in the Garden of Eden and stand in a public position in the world, will they gather together fallen sons and daughters and bless them? Such a thing is impossible. Thus, those who have flirted and had relations must know that whatever kind of man or woman they are, they will not be able to receive the Unification Church Blessing in the future. If that is the case, my intent is that there will only be the sons and daughters born from blessed marriages. Thus, I will marry only the children of Blessed Families. (233-351, 1992.8.2)

From here on, all women will maintain their chastity. A pure religion has to be one that absolutely rejects sexual deviation. Thus, it is said in Christianity, "All sins are sins outside the bones, but fornication is a sin inside the bones." Love in the satanic realm is sexually deviant. Maintaining chastity blocks all fornication. Numerous people opposed the love of the satanic world. To prevent everything from becoming part of that world, God established the way of bridal chastity by reforming the world through Judaism and Christianity. From here, if bride and the groom attain oneness, a way would open up for these two worlds. Thus, if a pure bride and a pure groom of the world of historical tradition come together, love each other and encircle the world, the entire satanic world will collapse. Hence, since the beginning of history, countless women have been sacrificed in order to open the gates to the realm of Christian culture. They have been caught and violated. They have undergone every possible humiliation at the hands of the powers that be. (238-276, 1992.11.22)

If Jesus had married and shared his love with a woman who loved him more than he could ever love, would the devil be able to pull away the children they bore? God would protect them. Christians will say all kinds of things and raise a big fuss. What do you think would have happened if a pure Jesus, as a good man, welcomed a good woman and had a family that God could protect? If children of goodness had been born then, the world would already be unified within two millennia; it would have become one tribe. That wouldn't even have taken seven centuries. (245-45, 1993.2.28)

The more people pursue a pure sublime conscience and the sphere of activity for a lofty, vast and profound world of conscience, and desire such a foundation of love, the larger, higher and broader their sphere of activity in the spirit world will become. If you think only of yourself, your sphere of activity becomes more and more narrow. (275-70, 1995.11.3)

Before God, Blessed Couples should pledge the unity of their family and couple and eternal conjugal trust and purity, and promise that they will raise and nurture their children, teaching them a high level of morality and purity. These couples come from diverse linguistic, racial, national and religious backgrounds, yet they took part in this Blessing because of the faith that God's love and the start of world peace comes from perfectly God-centered families. I invite you all to be not just spectators in this historic ceremony, but that you come forward with the people around you who are related to you, and renew your marriage vows before God. (288-165, 1997.11.27)

2.3. True Parents and fundamental restoration

2.3.1. To solve the fundamental problem, the origin of the Fall must be understood

In order for us to solve and rectify the global and moral problems of humankind, there must be a principled view of the Fall. This is the final desperate phenomenon of the Last Days due to Satan betraying God and dictating the course of history. It is the strategy of Satan to ruin and destroy humankind. If all this is not resolved, the problems of history cannot be solved, and there would be no way to liquidate the debts of history. Therefore, we are advocating returning to Godism, the true love ideology, and God's Creation and ideal as an alternative proposal. This is not egocentric but altruistic. We must create the object partners of our love. Without such content, there is no way the problems of this world can be solved. (219-266, 1991.10.11)

The historical Fall originated from a wrongful marriage centered on a false parent. As Adam and Eve fell during their youth, the corruption of youth began in the Garden of Eden. They sowed the seeds of corruption of the youth. Owing to that, the whole ideal of God centering on Adam's family was completely shattered. Seeds planted just like that will grow, and in the Last Days there comes a time in which their fruits will be borne. There is no one in the world capable of preventing the corruption of the youth. America itself cannot stop it, but instead has become the field of free sex, homosexuality, and lesbianism. It is a complete mess. Can all these things be stopped by American education and religion? Such things cannot be blocked by America's political and economic power, or by military power. They can only throw their hands in the air.

Then who is capable of solving these problems? Only God is. Since they were planted by false parents, the motive for committing sin was humanistic. Since the false parent, Adam, erred and messed everything up, and as he fell in ignorance, the restored Adam must understand the truth completely on earth. He can make Satan surrender by understanding the details of God's secrets, what the goal of His standard of perfection is, and what manner of wrongdoings the devil perpetrated. (302-222, 1999.6.14)

The cause of all difficult global problems lies with two people: man and woman. Their entanglement led to national, global, and cosmic problems. What was their problem? Love. They erred in the matter of love. Hence, the True Parents must come and undo the corruption of the youth and the failure of Adam's family which was smashed to smithereens in Eden due to the false parents.

The True Parents will bequeath the lineage of God's love, and all must become living beings centered on love, true olive trees and not wild ones. Those who become true olive trees will change their lineage. I am someone who has all the theoretical systems that can connect people to God's lineage. It is so if you go that path. That is a proven fact. (302-226, 1999.6.14)

So what is Rev. Moon doing at this time? He has been solving all the problems centering on the issue of youth, which all representative nations -- the so-called developed nations, namely of course the United States, Russia and China -- and even religions have given up on. The very person who has been conferred the privilege to do that is Rev. Moon. There is no such person other than him. (302-228, 1999.6.14)

It is said you will reap what you sow. Since Adam and Eve fell while they were in their youth in the Garden of Eden, families have been completely destroyed until there is not a single family in the world that God could claim as His own. These are the Last Days. That is indeed the reality today.

Do the American people have a view of the world? They have no worldview. Do they have a view of the nation? No. Not to mention a view of society, they do not have a view of the tribe, people or family. They deny their mothers and fathers. That is individualism -- returning to the position of the archangel, the devil. Man denies woman and woman denies man. Since the Last Days have come, Satan must expose himself in the end.

Thus, Satan destroyed the family completely. There is no way for Satan or God to solve the problems of juvenile delinquency and family breakdown. If God could, He would have done so at the time of Adam's family in the Garden of Eden.

Can God, who was not able to interfere in the Garden of Eden, do anything about this perishing world? Who must bear the responsibility for this? As the false parents, who were made to fall in ignorance ruined things in this way, the True Parents must completely understand everything, God's secrets and Satan's secrets, and expose Satan's secrets before God, saying, "You thug, you turned out to be a murderer!" Wouldn't even a murderer in hiding slip away from the human world forever, when the proof of his crime is revealed, his crimes declared for what they are, and he is pronounced guilty? It is the same; the reality today is exactly the same as this situation. (302-224, 1999.6.14)

God who is full of anguish due to the Fall of our first ancestors must be consoled. We must start from the position where we can console God, who has a large nail of sorrow stuck in His heart due to the Fall of Adam and Eve. In order to do so, we must become filial children who can comfort the God of grief.

By fulfilling the ways of filial children representing their families, loyal citizens representing their nations, saints representing the world, and divine sons and daughters representing heaven and earth, we must console God. That is not all; we must, without a doubt, mobilize new youth, bless them anew and eliminate all elements which Adam defiled. (302-224, 1999.6.14)

The hope of humankind is to remove the mask of the Fall, which refers to the lineage that was changed. What is the fall of the lineage? That refers to man and woman engaging in an illicit sexual relationship. Centering on whom? Satan.

If we ask whether Adam and Eve gave birth to sons and daughters before or after the Fall, nobody would say they gave birth before the Fall. Who took responsibility for their marriage for the sake of those sons and daughters? God cannot take responsibility for people whom He drove out. There is no doubt the marriage was conducted by Satan the devil.

Thus, Satan occupied the place, where God would have entered Adam's mind and where Adam and Eve would have fulfilled their conjugality, and planted his lineage there. Didn't they conceal their sexual parts after the Fall? If they had eaten with their mouths, they would have concealed their mouths and hands, but they did not do so. Those sexual parts became the basis of lineal resentment. (302-220, 1999.6.14)

The two tablets inside the Ark of the Covenant refer to Adam and Eve -- they symbolize them. The most holy place refers to the sexual parts, which are inviolable. Didn't those who tried to touch it perish? The most holy place is that very place. Next came Aaron's staff with sprouts! What is the staff? It refers to eternal life. As new buds sprout from a dead staff, it means one will never die. Centering on what? Original love. You would die without love. Thus, new buds sprouted forth from Aaron's staff. Since there was such significance, it was laid and attended to in the sanctuary. The tabernacle symbolized God's body. The body is the sanctuary and the most holy place refers to the sexual organs. (325-62, 2000.6.29)

2.3.2. Why True Parents are needed

The people we need are the True Parents. What started from the false parents must be restarted by the True Parents. The false parents are the ones who inherited false love and false lineage starting from false love. This must be reversed. Then, how can we inherit true life and true lineage centered on the love of the True Parents? In other words, the issue is how to inherit the original seed again since we inherited the wrong seed of life.

With regard to this issue, it cannot be inherited without the True Parents. Therefore, the Messiah must come upon the earth, and his seed, the seed of new life of the True Parents, must be injected and engrafted. Through this, you can return to the original position of the true olive tree. It is simple. Therefore, God is our True Parent. So, think how close He is. The vertical Parent is God, and the True Parents fulfill ideal love as horizontal parents. (218-223, 1991.7.29)

Why are the True Parents needed? They are needed to liquidate the base of Satan's love, life, and lineage. How did man and woman fall into such a position? The fell through the sexual organ. Originally the sexual organ was the palace of love. Now what has happened to that palace of love? The human sexual organ is such a precious thing, being the palace of love, life, and lineage. Would this be filthy? It is sacred. It became filthy because of the Fall. From God's original viewpoint, it is not something filthy but sacred. It is most precious. Life, love, and lineage are connected here. Satan defiled something so sacred. (218-176, 1991.7.28)

Adam was originally a parent who could have become your ancestor, but failed to connect to God's love. As he could not connect to it, your parents cannot connect you to God's love. The True Parents are different in that they have brought the special right to connect you to God's love. Since you did not listen to your parents but listened to Rev. Moon of the Unification Church, is this social justice or evil? It is justice. The fundamental principles of the cosmos work that way. (118-147, 1982.5.23)

How did I become the True Parent? I became the True Parent by my being able to offer the requisite devotions that can bring down the walls created by the Fall of our first ancestors. Our Unificationist community includes everyone from Protestants to Catholics, Buddhists, Confucians and Muslims. Buddhism is also included here -- do you know that or not? You should be embarrassed if you didn't. If they enter here, the religions can unite. Regarding the issue of race, people of the five different skin colors can become one. (118-270, 1982.6.13)

The Messiah comes as a man who has perfected the original true parental love and is the embodiment of the original ideal. Whenever you say "I" you must think about this. Then are you not liberated? It is like that. If you are liberated from Satan, his realm of life and realm of lineage, then everything is done.

If so, what would you do after being liberated? We must attend God, instead of the devil, and form His cultural realm and the True Parents' realm of life. As we stand in the position of the perfected Adam, we must fulfill the purpose of his birth. Therefore, the True Parents' love dwells within us, and God's love dwells in us. That love is the root of the harmony which can perfect us. In other words, we have His love, life and lineage; they are the union of three. (202-283, 1990.5.25)

The ideal history and new culture, love, life, family, nation, world and cosmos, together with God's love, will begin based on the True Parents. You must understand that the term "True Parents" is nothing like what you have known until now. In order to establish a relationship with the ages to come, nations, individuals, and families perished. Therefore this position is a place where the blood of innumerable billions of sacrificed offerings is crying out to God.

The Bible states that the blood of Abel shed by Cain cried out from the ground to God. There is no other position that can resolve all history; this is the only one. The throng that has gathered to inherit such a mission and to straighten this amazing way of indemnity is none other than all of you. If you come to understand this truly, you would not be able to complain about your life or your situation in your dreams, even if you were to die a thousand times. (67-226, 1973.6.27)

The original ideal of God's creation was to establish His kingdom in heaven and on earth through the name of the True Parents. Without that name, God's Kingdom will not appear. If you were to ask today's Christians, "Why wasn't Jesus able to enter heaven instead of staying in paradise, despite his being God's beloved begotten son?" they would not be able to give you an answer.

God's Kingdom in heaven and on earth can only be established through the foundation of the perfection of the True Parents and of love. The mission to unify the kingdom after going to the spirit world belongs to the True Parents, and this is no one else's mission. Jesus could not become a true parent, which is why he is in paradise. (131-182, 1984.5.1)

Hitherto in the fallen world, there has been no trace of anything or anyone having received love from the True Parents. Thus, even if such a foundation appeared in the spirit world, it would not be needed. There is a precise vertical and horizontal principled standard and formula. You must understand that there is such a formula. You cannot do as you please. (131-183, 1984.5.1)

Everything begins from the True Parents. The beginning of everything is not you, but them. It is the same with our lives, actions and connecting together as a family of love. The True Parents are the beginning. These are not my words but these are God's principle and idea of our first ancestors. How can you make your families like that of the True Parents? This is what you must think about. (277-250, 1996.4.18)

How much did I invest for the sake of the world? How many tears and how much sweat and blood did I shed, and how many sighs did I heave? I did not do that for the sake of feeding myself or making myself successful. It was in order to liberate this earthly world, the spirit world, and God. There is no such person in history other than Rev. Moon. There is none other than the True Parents. It has such a historical background. It is not just a concept. In forming a substantial realm in this world as I built the foundation of this ideal, I have reached a level where all nations of the world can solemnly bow their heads before me. (210-363, 1990.12.27)

2.3.3. Lineage is restored through the Blessing

All fundamental issues cannot be resolved other than by the contents of the secrets of heaven that Rev. Moon has revealed. I was introduced as the True Parent, but what on earth are true parents? Where are the True Parents? They are in heaven. God is the True Parent. Today, humankind, and all the religions of the fallen world call God, "Father". The Lord who created heaven and earth is indeed the Father. Whose father? He is our Father, but through what paternal content did we develop a parent-child relationship? It is God's love. Then, centered on God, the lives of Adam and Eve untouched by the Fall will be connected in love.

Centered on God's original love that has nothing to do with the Fall, the unfallen ancestors, Adam and Eve, who are our original ancestors, should have attained oneness, burning with God's love. What unites man and woman is neither the man on his own nor the woman on her own; love is absolutely necessary for unity. If man and woman unite, everything is harmonized.

God is absolute, unique, eternal, and unchanging. The love of the absolute God is not divided in two. The love that man possesses and the love that woman possesses are not two but one. You should know that; yet you have lived to this day in ignorance of it. (2000.3.3)

What is the Fall? God desired through the ideal of creation to bequeath His direct lineage, starting from a family to form a tribe, people and a nation, to create a world of peace, namely God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven. What is God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven? There must be a house of love where God can dwell: within my body, in the family, nation, world, and in the infinite spirit world where nothing is impossible. The individual is a house which God can enter and inhabit, centered on true love. The family is formed by a couple in which man and woman are different and opposite poles. In the Garden of Eden, the family united by love was the place for God to come to dwell in. The mother and father were prepared to bear fruit -- God's grandchildren -- as the seed connected to His lineage for all generations.

What is the Fall? If God is the first generation, Adam is the second. The Fall refers to being unable to have a grandchild of the lineage in the third generation. Not being able to have grandchildren is the Fall. Did Adam and Eve give birth to sons and daughters after or before the Fall? They had sons and daughters after the Fall. So who married them? Adam and Eve had nothing to do with God and were driven away. They then married and gave birth to children as Satan's offspring. Today, the six billion people on earth are the sons and daughters who have inherited the lineage of the fallen Adam and Eve -- who were expelled, hid themselves and married wrongfully -- and are thus headed for hell. They have nothing to do with God. (2000.3.3)

You must understand the roots. Then which way does not lead to ruin? The lineage of true love must be connected to today's six billion people and to the world of the future, transcending all generations. It must become an unchanging lineage and a connected body of kinship in which all branches of a large tree stretching in every direction form the central root to the trunk and buds, and feel like one body. If what is thus connected is a nation, it becomes a national heaven; if it is the world, it becomes a global heaven and if it is heaven and earth, it will be the cosmic heaven.

All these were lost because Adam and Eve were not able to become true parents. Thus, the fallen parents who were unable to become true parents are false parents based upon false love, creating false families, false tribes, false nations, and a false world. Thus, they are doomed to perish. The world does not know what to do. God's providence of salvation is for humankind to return to its original state, and therefore may be termed "restoration". Humankind became sick and thus must go back to the original world through being cured. How can we restore our lineal relationship with God? Hence, He cannot abandon these people who are doomed to perish. (2000.3.3)

What are true parents? Centered on the realms of God's love, life, lineage, and conscience, everything is harmonized in unity. This is such a position in which true parents can settle. If a sprout grows from there and the branches reach out to the world, it will all be connected to the nation, world, and cosmos. That position does not shift.

Since God is absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal, the standard to settle must also be absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal. Through what will this happen? It will not be through political power, some expedience, or force. If one invests true love, living for the sake of others, then it becomes more valuable.

When you invest yourselves in others with a heart of true love, that investment is never lost, but will actually yield an output greater than your input. Why? The universe is like that. Such phenomena attract the attention of the universe like a magnet. True love also has that effect. As for a magnet, if there is a metallic object close by, doesn't its magnetic force depend on its iron content? It is the same: true love attracts the universe. (317-269, 2000.2.28)

Since lineal identity is necessary, humankind cannot help but follow God's realm of heart. That is not possible if the root and the trunk are different. However, the buds must come from the same root and trunk. The incredible matter of the absolute lineal conversion takes place there. That cannot be accomplished through one's own efforts alone -- there first must be True Parents. (172-55, 1988.1.7)

Despite your diverse lineages and backgrounds, in order for you to resemble the True Parents, the great feat of engrafting must take place. You must all writhe and squirm to be engrafted. You yourselves must pay off your remaining debts of indemnity. What originated from the parental position must be indemnified from there, which is why one must be engrafted to the True Parents. Since Adam was not able to become the true parent and instead became a false parent, God has been seeking to establish true parents until now. The bride and groom mentioned along with the marriage supper of the lamb at the Second Advent are those parents. (24-203, 1969.8.10)

You must all become completely different after the ceremony of the conversion of lineage. If the True Parents hadn't come, would this have been possible? After the creation of the universe, how difficult was this path? Even just the appearance of the True Parents is a thing to be grateful for; yet receiving the Blessing from them is even more amazing. This tradition is one of lineage, which has planted true love, true life, and true lineage. You must always be mindful of this. (216-36, 1991.3.3)

Who is to convert the lineage? This is not something anyone can do simply, without knowing what needs changing. You must understand that I went the tearful way of the cross in order to do this. Since there was such a standard, you were able to inherit a new tradition called the Blessing through no merit of your own. In establishing a realm of victory of the conversion, there was God's effort of thousands of years and my life of substantial suffering. The position based on such a foundation is the very place you are now standing in. Blessing means cutting off the evil lineage and being engrafted onto the new one; thereby, the lineage is changed. (35 -178, 1970.10.13)

What is the significance of a Blessed Family? Satan cannot dominate it. When you absolutely believe in the True Parents and that you belong to them, whatever your nationality, then Satan cannot invade your family. Why is that? It is because you are connected to the True Parents' realm of heart, in which the lineage has been changed. (149-53, 1986.11.2)

You all originated from the wrong starting point, which is why you must return there. You must go back, but where? To the original point. Since you originated from false parents, you must return and start all over again with the True Parents. How serious this is! You must inherit God's love, life, and lineage anew. Thus, at the time of your Blessing, didn't you undergo the ceremony of the conversion of lineage? You must believe in it more than you believe in your life. Do not regard it as an ordinary ritual just because it is one of the ceremonies of the Unification Church. This is the same as an injection that brings the dead back to life. It is an antidote shot! (216-107, 1991.3.9)

2.3.4. Final goal: realizing the ideal of the true family

True love is most sacred and precious to people. It does not arise if you are by yourself or self-centered. True love is manifested when you seek to attain oneness with others by living for them through giving endlessly without remembering what you have given. By such means, true love can embrace everything. It cannot be the possession of just one individual. After it is inherited, it belongs to the individual as well as to all people and the universe.

God desires to fulfill true love together with humankind. He wants to share the delights of true love and happiness eternally with his children, humankind -- the highest and most precious creation of all in the world of heart. (294-63, 1998.6.11)

If true love were perfected in the human world, what problems could there be politically, economically, culturally, and environmentally? In a world of true love, there is no problem that cannot be solved. It is a world filled with delight and the ideal, in which freedom, peace, and happiness spread infinitely and eternally. The difficult issues which humankind is facing today can only be solved fundamentally through true love. (294-65, 1998.6.11)

The true family of true love is the origin of God's purpose of creation and the desire of humankind at the same time. Only through a true character of true love which can be created in such a true family can the true society, nation, and world be perfected and all the creative ideals of the environment realized. I have always been emphasizing the true family heaven; if that is achieved, then God's Kingdom on earth would be accomplished. A character of true love which has been perfected in a true family heaven will be expanded to the society, nation, and world; it will not compromise with injustice, but will be embodied by a true person who will attain harmony and unity through a true family always living for the sake of others. (294-65, 1998.6.11)

God's ideal intended through the ancestors of humankind was to create an ideal family by bringing together a man and a woman. Thus, the center of an ideal family is neither of them. A family is a unit consisting of parents and children formed through the union of husband and wife, but the center of that unit is none other than God's love. We can conclude that God's will was to perfect a family centered on His love. (Blessing -- 298)

The family is the starting point from which God's ideal can be realized and for manifesting human happiness. It is a position where all human work ends and where God perfects everything. Why is the family good? That is because it can become a base of free activity centering on true parental love. (Blessed Family -- 930)

In a family, there must always be parents, spouses and children; only thus can it become the base of happiness. There is no doubt that God's purpose in seeking humankind must also be for the sake of His own happiness. That being so, in order for God to establish the base of His happiness, there can be no such ideal in a position separate from humankind. That point of oneness can only be obtained through relating with human beings. Just as we are happy in a situation where all our emotional needs are fulfilled within our families, God would also be happy in such a situation. (32-197, 1970.7.15)

True love is vertical in a parent-child relationship, true conjugal love is lateral, true fraternal love is in a position of front and rear, and God wished for the ideal of true love to be spherical. In short, vertically we have upper and lower, laterally left and right, and for front and rear there are anterior and posterior, and unity can be accomplished by connecting all these at the central point of that sphere. When the four realms of filial, fraternal, conjugal, and parental heart attain perfect oneness, that is, when people marry and unite in their first love centered on God, that position becomes the center and the point bearing the fruit of all perfection.

As such, marriage consolidates the virtues of heaven, earth, and humanity, and perfects vertical and horizontal unity in all directions. It is where the ideals of true children, siblings, spouses, parents, and true love are perfected. (259-42, 1994.3.27)

Where is the center of the universe? It is in the family. Where is the base in which true love can settle? It is the family that you are living in. Therefore, the original family holds sway over universal love, experiencing the aspects of universal protection and expanding the realm of universal love; it must transcend itself to go the way of patriots loving their nation and then proceed to transcend the race and the nation by loving the world. Those who truly love their families are called devoted sons and daughters, and if those who love their nation devotedly are called patriots, then what are people who love humanity sacrificially called? They can only be called saints. (Blessed Family -- 924)

Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have established an ideal family and tribe, and their descendants would have formed a race and nation within the realm of God's love, and these would have expanded and accomplished an ideal world in which Adam's ideals would also be realized. Just as the root, trunk, and leaves of a tree are connected as one living body, human beings centering on love, attending God as their Father above, and attending each other as siblings below, making them into one living body, turn themselves into beings of love and establish an eternal and ideal God-centered world. This was indeed the worldview of God's will.

People living in such a world do not require salvation or the Messiah because they are God's good sons and daughters. (110-213, 1980.11.18) 

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