Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eleven - The Root of the Universe
Chapter Three - The Human Fall and Restoration
Section 1. The Internal Significance of the Fall

1.1. The Fall was a misuse of love

My having closely investigated the historical details of the original sin and the Fall has revealed the illicit love relationship that took place between the archangel and the very first human family. In the Divine Principle, Satan is a real spiritual being, not merely a conceptual or an imaginary being. He is the being who destroyed God's ideal of love, and changed God's lineage into one centered on himself. In chapter eight of the Gospel of John, Jesus states clearly that the father of humankind is the devil.

The adulterer of love who deprived God of His ideal of love, which God intended to realize through Adam and Eve as His external body, is indeed the devil, Satan. This may not sound familiar to you; however, this is the conclusion that I have reached as a result of searching the spirit world in order to investigate the fundamental problems of the universe. That quest was a tremendous struggle of blood and sweat. If all of you would pray in earnest, you would be able to receive an answer about this. (135-12, 1985.8.20)

No deviation from the fundamentals of the universe should ever be possible. Yet the devil did this while Eve was still underage, before reaching maturity. When they turn fifteen or sixteen, girls fall when in their teens, don't they? It was right at that time. At the time when Eve had observed Lucifer for a while, he sounded as if he knew all of the truths of heaven and earth. He was a messenger for God and could speak about the creation of heaven and earth. Meanwhile, Adam said little and it was the time when he went around trying to catch baby birds. Aren't boys like that? As he went around catching baby birds and frogs, or baby snakes with a stick, using everything he learnt from nature in this way to have dominion in managing and befriending them and trying to adapt to them completely, would he have had any interest in Eve then? (191-97, 1989.6.24)

What is the Fall? The standard of the great laws of heaven, the original axis of love and the central axis of heaven and earth, were destroyed by the Fall. Humankind did not know the infuriating fact that because the woman and the archangel were awakened to the desire for love, they had a relationship which shattered the very fundamentals of the universe, giving rise to the abyss of anguish.

Who had to dissolve this anguish over the fact that Satan became the lineal ancestor of humankind? What the Fall amounted to was that the servant trampled on the person who was to become the queen. Hence, the original standard which should have become the fundamental principle of the laws of the universe was destroyed. Ultimately, who is this devil? He is the chief culprit who fundamentally destroyed the palace of the heavenly kingdom of love. (171-114, 1987.12.13)

Why are indemnification, the restoration of the right of parents, the right of the eldest son, and the right of kingship needed? The root problem is Satan's love, life and lineage. Although these should have started from God originally, centered on true love, they started from the devil instead, which is something incredible. The universe came into being because of love. Didn't the Creation begin from love? All beings were created centered on God's orderly love as their origin. Those fundamentals were overturned by Satan, then turned upright once again. (206-236, 1990.10.14)

Humankind has undergone a history of struggle, but why? It is a history of the struggle between good and evil. The devil usurped all rights of God's ideal world. What he did was none other than an act of usurpation of God's creation. He seized the woman and the children who were to be the center of the entire universe.

Thus, God has no woman. He has no children born through a woman. Originally, that would be impossible. The original woman is God's woman, and the children born from her should be His, but the devil took them away. This happened through the fall of minors. Without this logic, we cannot make people understand their fundamental origin. (262-74, 1994.7.23)

People were born because of love, but how did love lose its value? That would not be possible other than through an act that contravened love. What was the consequence of the Fall? Women and men were born for the sake of each other, but rather than their fulfilling each other's love, tragically, it became the reverse. Everything that was decided by self-interest brought about the results of the Fall. Things went in the diametrically opposite direction of what God had created.

It is stated in the Bible that Adam and Eve took and ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and thereby fell. Yet fundamentally, in the position of being born due to love, just the fact alone of eating a literal fruit is not enough to destroy the foundation of altruistic love. We cannot deny our origin of being born because of love. It was not the altruistic love in which man and woman were created to be intertwined, but rather the egocentric love in which they became enmeshed that constituted the Fall.

All things God created are in a pair system, born for mutual coexistence. Human beings were also created to enter a world of such values, but they went in the diametrically opposite direction self-centeredness, and that was the Fall. Upon what was the Fall centered? The act of destruction took place through misuse of the love organs, which both woman and man value most. (243-269, 1993.1.28)

Who is God and who is the devil? The devil is God's enemy. He is the adulterer of love. This was revealed by Rev. Moon. The fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil which became the cause of the Fall of the ancestors of humankind is the human sexual organ. If it is used rightfully, a nation prospers; but if it is misused, a nation is ruined. This is the meaning of "the fruit of good and evil". Even with a king, if he uses his love rightfully, his kingdom prospers; but if he misuses it, his kingdom is ruined. Through misused love, families and societies are destroyed, and everything is divided between heaven and hell. Where the fruit of good should have been borne, the fruit of evil was borne instead.

What is the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil? It is not any literal fruit. It is something everyone has. The human sexual organs are that fruit. They can be seen as the head of a poisonous snake. Why did Jesus call Satan a viper? Why was Satan called a serpent? The sexual organ can be compared with the head of a snake, the head of a serpent. Don't all women and men pursue it? (227-251, 1992.2.14)

What is the most precious part of the body for people? What is the most precious thing for men and women? Woman became woman centered on and by virtue of one thing. Which place is that one place? It is the sexual organ, the organ of love, the organ that implants life. What a good name that is! Isn't it the sexual organ? It sounds more real than calling it the love organ. It is self-explanatory. The tool that implants life is the sexual organ. Don't be ashamed of the sexual organ. What is the sexual organ in Korean? What do you call it in Korean? Those who are embarrassed to say it are living with shame. If you are embarrassed to say it in Korean itself, you don't qualify as Koreans. Shouldn't you be proud of it! (260-73, 1994.4.11)

If God the Creator wished that His object partners be millions of times more outstanding than Himself, why did He create human beings so that they could fall? This is the question. God did not create them to fall. He warned them not to fall, "Do not eat of the fruit of good and evil!" What is this fruit? It refers to the female organ. Women are weak. When our first ancestors lived in the Garden of Eden, they were naked. (262-74, 1994.7.23)

God gave the command, "Do not eat of the fruit of good and evil!" Do you know what that fruit is? It is the female organ. You might say, "Who's ever heard of anything like that?" but Eve was always saying, "Big brother, where are you? I'm lonely! and it was Eve that the archangel violated. He had the responsibility to protect and raise Adam and Eve up until they were married.

Thus, the angels also lived without any clothing. Clothing came into being after the Fall. Do animals wear clothes? Do they cover their sexual organs with something? Are husband and wife embarrassed with each other? Is it embarrassing for a couple living together to undress in front of each other? (262-150, 1994.7.23)

What was the Fall? It was the misuse of the sexual organs, which resulted in Adam, the groom and love partner of Eve, changing. Thus, it was a fundamental fall. This transgression was so grave a mistake that Adam and Eve could not stand before the animal, plant or mineral worlds, or anywhere in the human world -- or even before the world of mice or insects. Thus, they had to be chased out of the universe. That is why they were driven out from Eden. (279-215, 1996.9.8)

The Fall of Adam and Eve originates in their going against the iron rule: their sexual organs did not belong to themselves. Think about it. Would God drive Adam and Eve away just because they ate a literal fruit? God is not such a senseless being. He chased them out because they made a fundamental error and therefore could not be acknowledged anywhere in the universe. Adam and Eve did not understand that the males and females in the mineral, plant and animal worlds reserve their sexual organs for the sake of their partner in love. (279-246, 1996.9.15)

Adam and Eve transgressed against the Commandment. They should have had absolute sexual organs, absolute love, lived absolutely for the sake of others, and been absolutely obedient. God had desired a foundation of altruistic love, yet they behaved as they pleased, self-centeredly; hence, the whole universe spat on them. That foundation, which was lost by the false parents, had to be restored through the coming of the True Parents. (280-77, 1996.11.1)

Man's most fearful enemy is woman. Women have become like serpents with their mouths open, waiting to bite if the male organ enters. This has spread everywhere, and will pass to the next generation. Thus, the most fearful thing of all is the sexual organ. (281-215, 1997.2.13)

Love was lost in Eden. We must repent. With tears, we must cry out in grief hundreds of times more than when God, Adam and Eve grieved at their parting in Eden. Tears, mucus and saliva -- all three should run down past the belly button and fall off those sexual organs. Those scoundrels that sinned!

Adam and Eve were created, but for what? As man was lonely, God created woman for him and said she was good, but based on what would she be considered good? What part of the woman? The sexual organ! They are the concave meeting the convex. God created the concave for the convex. Adam is Adam, but for what was Eve created? For her eyes, nose, face? What part of Eve was created for Adam? God created the concave for the convex. The source of love is found with Adam and Eve and God created them. We must know that these sexual organs are most valuable, the origin of love. (294-270, 1998.8.5)

From now on, the fundamentals must be revealed: facts such as what God is like, what the creation of heaven and earth was like, what our first ancestors were like, how humankind, starting with families developed into societies, nations and the world. As all this was negated by the Fall, it must be reconstructed and argued logically until people acknowledge, "Yes, that's right." Individuals, families, tribes, people, nations, the cosmos and even God must be liberated. This serious problem was the problem of the misuse of love within Adam's family, and the fact that the two -- man and woman -- brought their sexual organs together in tragic error, thus shaking heaven and earth.

The sexual organ is created to be the principal royal palace of love. Without it, love and life will not come into existence, and the lineage will not continue. If these things are denied, everything will disappear in one generation. As God would not be able to tolerate this loss, He had to permit it, and I must therefore take responsibility over creation and make Satan surrender naturally, not by striking him. (300-236, 1999.3.23)

My responsibility in perfecting Adam is that I must restore the position of the king of liberated cosmic love that is untainted by the Fall. I must bear full responsibility for Satan's entire lineage. Humiliation, my own dignity, or even my reputation is not the issue. I must be prepared to put my precious sexual organ even into dog's dung. Unless I go through such things that cannot ever be imagined, I cannot restore women. Since I cannot bear the thought of that, I can say, "Let's create a new heaven and earth."

We can create a new universe attending God. How grievous it is for God that He cannot take measures against the archangel Satan who destroyed the order of love! When considering the woman's sexual organ, one should think, "So this is the pit that has imprisoned even God for tens of millions of years!" When considering the man's sexual organ, one should think that way, too. Thinking of the reality that heaven was turned upside down just because Eve said "Let's do it," should make a chill go down your spine. (302-257, 1999.6.14)

When there was a single female among five males (God, Adam, and three archangels), did God feel easy or uneasy about it? If you were God, how would you have felt? Then, whom would you have guarded most closely? The single woman, Eve. She was God's future partner, the body of God Himself, the partner of love closest to Him. When a command is given, it is given to the closest person. When leaving your house, do you give orders to the person closest to or farthest from you? You would give the order to the person closest to you, and that is why God said, "Do not eat of the fruit of good and evil" to Eve. What is that fruit? It refers to the female organ. A woman who marries a good man will give birth to good children, but one who marries a gangster will give birth to children of a gangster as the fruit. (281-195, 1997.2.13)

When God invested and invested, centered on love, His love enveloped the entire universe and there was still more left over. Centered on God who is the motive of love, centered on this core, all corners of this existing world in the universe were enveloped in the atmosphere of love. Thus, there is the atmosphere of love even if you go to the spirit world. On earth, we should have led our lives singing of love centered on the pair system; but due to the Fall, this miserable state came about. We must understand this fact and know about the Fall. (209-222, 1990.11.29)

1.2. The fruit of good and evil is Eve's sexual organ

Eve is a woman, but what are the fundamentals of woman? What is the core of that being that is good to see? The eyes? The face? The hands? What part of the body? It is nothing other than the sexual organ. Woman is concave and man is convex. God made Adam who is convex, and then created for him that which is concave, namely woman. Why did God create Eve in front of Adam and call it good? From the perspective of God's love, a way emerged that enabled the fulfillment of that love. Hence, it was good for God, for Adam and for Eve. God thus spoke out of love. What are those words referring to? God was referring to the sexual organs. You must not think of this as strange. (294-293, 1998.8.9)

In the Garden of Eden, God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of good and evil. That fruit refers to the female organ. A woman who marries a king will give birth to princes and princesses, but one who marries a Mafioso will give birth to children of the Mafia. It is the woman who can bear the fruit of either good or evil. She can stand together with her husband in his position. Even if she did not complete her elementary education, if she became a president's wife through a love relationship, she can stand in the same position with him. (279-316, 1996.11.10)

God said, "Don't eat it," but what was He referring to? The tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden refer to Adam and Eve. Isn't the tree of life Adam? Adam's sexual organ is the tree of life. Is that correct or not? What is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? It refers to Eve's love. It is just the same as bearing the fruit of the children of the Mafia if she loved a Mafioso. If she loved a king, she would bear the fruit of his children. Thus, humankind inherited the devil's lineage. (275-218, 1995.12.30)

In the Bible it says that Adam and Eve could eat the fruit of any of the trees in the Garden of Eden, but that they should not touch or even look at the tree of life and the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the center of the garden. As Adam and Eve were brother and sister, they could hold hands, or kiss, and they could eat the fruits of any tree except the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life; God said that the male and female sexual organs should not meet. That is how He warned them. (200-50, 1990.2.23)

For what purpose did God create the universe? I spoke of it being based on the pair system, didn't I? For what purpose? It is for love. What kind of love is God's love? We must understand about true love. What is true love? What is the motivation for God creating heaven and earth? Did Adam and Eve fall by literally eating the fruit of good and evil? Don't talk nonsense. What is that fruit? People do not know what the fruit of good and evil is. They don't know the origin, the root of sin. Without knowing this, how can they cure their illness? Can diseased people enter heaven? They cannot. Their kind of logic will not work. (209-214, 1990.11.29)

Considering those present in the Garden of Eden, only one of them was female. There was one woman, but there were three archangels, there was Adam, and God is also masculine. Besides God, four males surrounded one woman, so she was indeed the one who had to be most closely guarded. The fruit of good and evil refers to the female sexual organ. (272-297, 1995.10.13)

Where did the Fall begin? From the sexual organ, the royal palace of love and life. Isn't that so? It was the sexual organ through which a king's lineage was to be inherited, the most valuable thing. Due to the Fall, however, it became the dirtiest place. It is the same with any nation. That is the situation. Is it a sacred thing centered on God, or is it a base thing of sin and evil? It is not the Ark of the Covenant that Moses made, but the Holy of Holies that God created. The place God created as the most holy place is the sexual organ, which occupied that position before the Fall took place. People don't understand anything about the Fall. Isn't that in the Divine Principle? (216-107, 1991.3.9)

God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. What is that fruit? It came from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Whose sexual organ is that? It signifies the female organ. If a woman lives with a gangster, she will bear his child, and if she lives with a king, she will bear a royal child. Hence, she can bear either the fruit of goodness or that of evil. The fruit of good and evil refers to the female organ. Do you understand what it means not to eat of the fruit of good and evil? God intended to elevate Eve as His object partner of love in the future, but there were many males. How many were there? Four besides God Himself (Adam plus the three archangels).

So what kind of warning did God give Eve? He said, "Do not make love!" Did He say, "Eat the fruit of good and evil" or did he say "Do not eat it"? What was that? It was the female sexual organ. What kind of thing was there to warn and to give a command and instruction about? Was there literally a fruit called the fruit of good and evil? Would those in the garden have been interested in a literal fruit of good and evil or a woman? I don't know. You should all know better than me. Discoverers do not have the rights of ownership. (285-190, 1997.5.4)

Adam and Eve fell, but through what? They fell through love, wrongful love. Where then did this wrongful love start? Wrongful love started through the misuse of the sexual organ. This is the formula: if Adam and Eve did not have sexual organs, would humankind have been born? Without sexual organs, would God's Kingdom on earth be able to start? God's true good kingdom on earth and in heaven comes into being and develops through perfectly true and good sexual organs. What happens through untrue sexual organs? Hell comes into being through their misuse. (279-213, 1996.9.8)

Adam and Eve united centered on fallen love, bringing about grievous ruin, and made love the most obscene word. The part into which God devoted his utmost creative efforts was the sexual organ. He invested the greatest devotion there. It is where the source of all life is gathered, the integration point of all things ideal and related to the senses, and thus the principal palace of love. Love was to start from that point. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, true life would have originated from there. It was the principal palace of true love, true life and true lineage. Don't we have the word ja-goong (meaning womb, the Chinese characters for ja and goong meaning child and palace respectively)? Through where is the womb connected? Isn't it through the woman's sexual part? Through love, the flesh and blood of a man and woman are blended and their lives become one. (253-40, 1994.1.1)

The Fall ruined everything and changed the sexual organs into the worst things. God could not embrace them. Is there anyone who would deny that? The most precious royal palace became a palace of dirty love, life, and lineage. I am talking about the sexual organs. (253-40, 1994.1.1)

Since the Fall originated from love, humankind lost true love. As God drove out Adam and Eve before they had their baby, that child had no relationship with Him. The fallen ancestors of humanity appeared. We must understand their error. (287-16, 1997.8.10)

Depending on the kind of man a woman sleeps with, the result can be good or evil. If she sleeps with a thief, she will bear the child of a thief. Thus, we speak of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is a tree that knows things can become good or evil. The Bible likens human beings to trees. Don't all women have that kind of character? Be careful. God gave a warning in the Garden of Eden and it is the same today. (258-183, 1994.3.17)

The fruit of good and evil refers to Eve's sexual organ. It means that the seed varies according to the husband a woman has. If she meets a good man, she will bear good fruit, but if she meets an evil man, she will bear evil fruit. The principal palace where she can do this is her sexual organ. Isn't woman a field? If a thief came and sowed his seed, a thief's child would emerge, but if a prince did that, a royal child would emerge. (238-199, 1992.11.22)

The place where human beings committed sin is their sexual organs, where love originally starts. (229-7, 1992.4.9)

What is the fruit of good and evil? If a woman finds a good husband, she will bear a good baby. If she finds a bad husband, she will have a bad baby. I came to know that the fruit of good and evil was a term referring to that part of a woman. What is that in women? Virgins are sensitive about their breasts, but it is actually referring to the female organs. Yet in the case of a man, even if a bad woman became his partner, he wouldn't become evil and if a good woman became his partner, wouldn't he become even better? (221-315, 1991.10.27)

As women mature earlier, they have a greater predisposition to fall than men; therefore, God gave the warning not to eat the fruit of good and evil. If the sexual organ of a woman meets a good person, a good fruit will emerge, and if it meets an evil man, an evil fruit will emerge. The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil refers to the woman's sexual organ. Do men ever give birth? That will never happen to a man. (221-282, 1991.10.26)

What is the fruit of good and evil? It becomes good if you enter into a relationship with a good man: if you marry a king, you'll give birth to a prince, but if you marry a gangster boss, you'll give birth to a future gangster boss. That is what the fruit of good and evil is: the thing that is able to bear the fruit of good or evil is the female sexual organ. It must not be violated. Even in Korean, when referring to a virgin being violated, don't they say, "grabbed and eaten"? It is insightful. Do not grab and eat! (284-137, 1997.4.16)

Through what did the Fall occur? The eyes? The nose? The mouth? The hands? The ears? No. It occurred through the sexual organs. Through false love, Adam and Eve became false parents and then false life, love, lineage, and conscience came to exist through them. They became one with Satan instead of with the absolute God. They united with the side opposed to Him. (282-230, 1997.3.26)

What is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? If love is misused, you inherit the eternal fruit of evil. If love is used properly, you inherit the eternal fruit of goodness. Is this fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil a literal fruit? That fruit refers to the sexual organs of man and woman. (226 -110, 1992.2.2)

What was the Fall of Adam and Eve? They thought their sexual organs belonged to themselves. You came at this time to learn this. They made a mistake in connection with love. Why were Adam and Eve chased out? Would God chase them away because they ate a literal fruit? He isn't such an irresponsible God. He chased them out because they made a fundamental error and therefore they could not be acknowledged anywhere in the universe. (279-106, 1996.8.1)

Where are the fundamentals of the universe? The fundamentals of the unfallen universe are within the love relationship. We now know that this became the base of wickedness that destroyed heaven and earth. Thus, we can no longer lead haphazard lives. The mistake of one day overturned the history of eons, completely burying God, true parents, and the ideal world under it. That is how frightening the sexual organs are. Each time you urinate, you should be thinking about this: "Hey you scoundrel, even when you urinate, you'd better do it properly!" (281-120, 1997.1.2)

The original state of human beings, who were to have the loftiest value, was overturned through the Fall. Where is the palace that can link together all such standards? It is the sexual organ. (240-315, 1992.12.13)

1.3. The devil Satan fell through fornication

What kind of a being is Satan actually? Particularly those who believe in Jesus must clearly reveal Satan's identity before God. What is Satan? He is an adulterer, an adulterer of love. That being, Satan, beat the father to death and violated the mother. You are the children born as a result. You are all offended, aren't you? If you cannot believe this to be true, challenge God in prayer, staking your life on whether my words are true or false. (38-175, 1971.1.3)

Who is Satan? He is the adulterer who violated Eve. Eve was meant to spiritually become the wife of God. She was to be Adam's wife, and at the same time, God's wife. Satan is the enemy of love. Thus, even though God has taught us to love our enemies, He has not asked us to love Satan, the adulterer. Satan cannot be forgiven. You can love those who belong to Satan, but cannot forgive Satan himself. As this is the Principle, you must understand it clearly. (148-294, 1986.10.25)

Since we are Christians and those who walk the path of truth and who have to resolve our ancestors' bitterness that resulted from their being accused by Satan, trampled upon and massacred as sacrificial offerings, we must clarify the identity of Satan and understand the heart and viewpoint of God in the past, present, and future. When God is able to cry out, "Oh, my son, my daughter!" in tears of reunion, the world will be liberated. (8 -130, 1959.11.29)

The devil, Satan, is in the position of the chief culprit, who drove out the original owner, seized his wife and is leading even their children to their deaths. From this perspective, is there a way to forgive the devil, Satan, the enemy of God and humankind? Ultimately, the devil, Satan, became the adulterer in front of love and in front of God. Could God forgive him, therefore? If He forgave Satan, it would have led the whole world to destruction. Thus, can you all think that you will simply be able to become God's sons and daughters as you are? You must know that God and humanity must continue the historical path, being unable to avoid the way of suffering and pain until we reverse this situation. (53-338, 1972.3.6)

Where did your connection to love begin? Where was the starting point? It began with evil. The chief instigator of this evil was Satan the devil. What kind of involvement did this devil have? He was the adulterer of love. Human beings were born inheriting the flesh and blood of that adulterer. Then, is it the adulterer's love that you want to receive? Did you want to receive the love from a stained lineage through that of an adulterer? No. That is the issue. (35-90, 1970.10.4)

God exerted His utmost effort in creating the universe, dreaming of a great enterprise full of hope, but when His great endeavors and foundations of life and ideals were destroyed, heaven and earth became completely dark. It was here that the archangel Lucifer appeared as an enemy; should he be beaten to death or not? The son and daughter, who were the bone of bones and flesh of flesh that God loved most, were taken by Lucifer as his own. Should the head of such an enemy be cut off or not? It is God who was the first in history to take great pains over such problems. (27-60, 1969.11.23)

You must know that the villain who destroyed the qualification of the prince and princess that God had hoped for, ruined their family love, and destroyed their royal descendants and God's ideal family and heaven, was the devil, Satan. (302-220, 1999.6.14)

This villain is not only the enemy of God but also of humankind. It is the same as if the royal family, the prince and princess, were held captive in their own palace by the enemy commander, and lived as servants while producing the children of that servant world. Despite the fact that their descendants should have multiplied under the kingship of the prince and princess, fallen humanity is like a mob that multiplied under the devil's kingship. (302-220, 1999.6.14)

Those who investigate the contents of the Bible cannot deny the fact that the first ancestors entered into a parent-child relationship with the devil, Satan, through illicit love. Human beings who should have been born within God's absolute love as His begotten sons and daughters, thereby inheriting His direct lineage and its value, inherited instead that of the devil, Satan, being born as his sons and daughters.

In Romans, Chapter 8, it is recorded, "And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies." An adopted child has a different lineage. This is the human reality. (53-261, 1972.3.1)

In Romans 8, it is written, "And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies," and "For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, "Abba, Father." They could only become adopted children.

Today, Christians are adopted children. Adopted children have a different lineage. Jesus said in John 8:44, "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do." Doesn't 'father' here indicate the lineage of humankind from its ancestor, the devil? Hence, in circumcision, the foreskin is cut. That is how it is. How can people claim that the fruit of good and evil is a literal fruit? (154-337, 1964.10.5)

Due to the Fall, human beings had no choice but to surrender to Satan, the false father. They had exchanged their father. They abandoned God who was their true Father, and became one with the devil, Satan, the false father. In this way, the very first man and woman ended up becoming the son and daughter of Satan. (God's Will -- 293)

Originally, what kind of being is Satan? The devil was a servant of God, yet this servant seized the daughter of his Master. This is the Fall. According to the biblical account of the Fall, Eve ate the fruit of good and evil, but that fruit is not literal. It refers to the villainous servant seizing his Master's daughter. God intended to fulfill His ideal by bearing and raising His son and daughter who would inherit His lineage in the future, but the archangel, who was created as a servant, seized God's daughter. That became the origin of the Fall. Heaven and earth became that way. You should be able to understand this kind of complex and involved content mostly if you listen to the Divine Principle. (85-308, 1976.3.4)

The Bible states that Adam and Eve fell by eating the fruit of good and evil, but why did they cover their sexual parts? If only the established churches had the idea to analyze the Bible a bit more intellectually, they would know the origin of the Fall right away. Why were they ashamed of their sexual organs? They could have covered their mouths or their hands. Having sexual parts is not something to be ashamed of, but through their use during the Fall, they became the shameful palace that trampled on the love of Heaven. A fountain of true love should have sprung forth, but instead, a fountain of false love centered on the devil's love gushed out. Hence, among the foundations of love, this became the foundation of the worst form of love. (202-199, 1990.5.24)

When Adam was driven out, was it after having a son and a daughter or before? We could not witness this, but had there been children with Adam and Eve, would God have been able to chase them away? He would have had to shed many more tears. They would have clung to Him and cried, "Grandfather, why are You chasing us out?" If all four of them clung to His arms and legs and cried out, wouldn't He have had to push them off in order to drive them away? Perhaps rather than Adam and Eve who sinned, but their son and daughter who had not sinned would have penetrated God's heart. Knowing this, He chased them out before they could have a son and daughter.

After being driven out, they married and had children. Did God send them away, telling them, "Leave, get married and have sons and daughters," or did He chase them away without saying anything like that? Answer me. At any rate, didn't they bear children after being sent away? (218-230, 1991.8.19)

In the Last Days, the Fall must be reversed to dissolve the anguish of God, His providence, and humanity, all at the same time. This is how it will be, but without knowing this, people are talking about eating the fruit of good and evil and so on… If you think my words are wrong, pray for forty days, putting your lives on the line. Then you should be able to know whether Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is lying or not. You were all not born from the original lineage. Hence, established religions have emphasized celibacy; if they had multiplied children of the fallen lineage, there would have been confusion. (156-228, 1966.5.25)

God hates immorality. Why? It is because human beings turned heaven and earth upside down through illicit love. We cannot do anything with this evil blood, which is why in asceticism, celibacy is emphasized. When a man enters into a trance of spiritual prayer, a woman will always appear to test him. Something like this will inevitably occur that blocks the way of asceticism. Why is that so? It is because history descended from illicit love. It is an amazing thing that the dogma of human beings falling through eating the fruit of good and evil has remained for two thousand years. (41-292, 1971.2.17)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have given birth to children who would have been the direct descendants of the eldest son of God. Adam would have been the eldest son, true father, and king. He would have been the king of the kingdom on earth and in spirit world. Furthermore, he would have been the true parent and true first son. That is why the family of Adam would have been the royal household of the heavenly kingdom. Then, who would have been the grandfather of Adam's family? God would have been the grandfather. The mother and the father would have been Eve and Adam.

From the viewpoint of the positions represented, the grandfather and grandmother represent God, and the parents act on behalf of God. From the vertical point of view, God settles down in a family centering on the first, second and third generations. The first generation on the horizontal level is your grandfather, the second generation your father, and the third generation is yourself. Therefore, through your sons and daughters, the lineage of the royal family can be passed on and will continue forever. (218-255, 1991.8.19)

Do you know why God created Adam and Eve? Even He wanted to have the experience of loving children as a parent. Next, He wanted to experience conjugal love through Adam and Eve. He wanted to experience loving as a grandfather as well as loving His nation; He wished to possess all these loves. He bequeathed to humankind all the things He wanted to possess. You should know that it is your tribe, people and nation, this earth and the spirit world that has inherited this. (188-214, 1989.2.26)

Had they reached perfection without falling, Adam and Eve would have perfected themselves not only individually, but also universally, and a new family centered on God's love would have begun. In this way, if the clan, tribe, people, nation, and world had been created from the family, the world would have become one great extended family attending God. The center of such a great family-like society would have been God and Adam. Furthermore, in that world, Adam's family life and life course centered on God would have remained as a historical tradition, together with his lifestyle, customs, practices, and life background. Those things could only become intertwined as traditions based on God's love.

God's love is the source of life and all ideals, so that even if one wanted to leave His bosom, one could not; and even if one did, one could not but return again. (91-240, 1977.2.23)

The Fall of Adam and Eve was not just something concerning themselves but was a fall from a position involving all of human history. In other words, the fact that Adam and Eve fell meant that they were not able to become good parents, but rather became evil parents. Through evil parents, evil children were born, and through them, evil tribes and nations and an evil world were formed; and within this global realm live the five billion members of the human race. Human history in this realm of the Fall is not a history of joy, but a history of sorrow; and humankind is not living in happiness, but in sorrow. (38-149, 1971.1.3)

Where can you pay money to hear these kinds of words? Even if you sold your home, gave all your money and made ritual offerings for tens of thousands of years, no one would be able to teach you this. Only the founder of the Unification Church can do this. This is the secret of the universe. Even the Bible doesn't have this kind of explanation. The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve took and ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and in so doing committed the Fall. How can you claim that this is a literal fruit? Can those without the ability of pre-schoolers insist that Rev. Moon, to whom doctoral degrees have been granted and who became the head of those so qualified, is a heretic? The Chinese characters meaning "heretic"(??), do not mean that the ending is different, but simply that the ending cannot be seen. Are my words correct, or not? They are correct. (238-213, 1992.11.22)

In the secular world, criminals conduct themselves with dignity wherever they go as if they had not committed any crimes when no one knows of their crimes. However, if even an extremely young boy were to point out that he saw the crime being committed, the criminal would surrender right there. Thus, if you are to make the devil, Satan, surrender, what you should do is to expose his identity, reveal his crime, and launch a movement to drive him out from both heaven and earth. (53-194, 1972.2.21)

God is the Lord of the eternal universal laws, so we must drag Satan before God and accuse him of his crimes. Watching Satan defend himself, we must prosecute him as a prosecutor would, and wring him tightly so that he cannot do anything. Then, the unfallen archangels, rather than the fallen archangels, must state, "That's right! Just as you said, that's right! That's right!" (65-201, 1972.11.19)

1.4. Humankind inherited Satan's lineage through the Fall

The Fall changed Adam and Eve's lineage. Whose love changed it? They became the embodiments of Satan through his love as God's adulterous enemy. The living body of the man, and the living body of the woman entered the realm of Satan's love and united based on that; and the fruit of this was their children who thereby inherited Satan's love, life and lineage. (227-47, 1992.2.10)

Fallen people became false beings and so must be engrafted. Viewed lineally, your ancestors differ from the original. Because your father and mother are of a different lineage, you could only become adopted children; hence the logic that the Fall occurred through lineage. What is the Fall? It consisted of inheriting the wrong lineage. The explanation of the Fall being an act of wrongful love makes sense. Thus, it is unreasonable to deny what is being asserted in the Unification Church, that the first ancestors fell through love. Doesn't the Bible state that they fell by eating the fruit of good and evil? Do you know what that fruit is? Is it a fruit from a tree that falls and rolls around when the wind blows? It is not. (157-158, 1969.4.2)

Satan entered Adam and Eve's hearts and became one with them, so that they inherited his lineage. Why can't God, who abounds in love, forgive Satan? God said He would forgive murderers and thieves, that He would forgive everything; He said if you believe in Jesus, you can receive forgiveness, but why can He not forgive Satan? That is because Satan besmirched the human lineage. What does that mean? From God's viewpoint, Satan is an adulterer, the adulterer of love. (156-226, 1966.5.25)

Adam and Eve married centered on Satan, so it is undeniable that they inherited his love, life, and lineage. Had they not fallen by eating the fruit of good and evil, they would have married centered on God. Just as the True Parents of the Unification Church blessed you, God would have called Adam and Eve after they had matured and blessed them centered on Himself. (228-254, 1992.7.5)

Why do we strike our own bodies? It is because human beings inherited Satan's blood, the blood of the enemy of God. God's enemy is the adulterer. The adulterer is the enemy of the love of God! People have inherited the blood of the adulterer. Eve, who should have inherited the right of kingship of the heavenly nation and become a queen, became the spouse of the devil, the partner of the servant. This was the secret of heaven and earth, exposed for the first time during my lifetime. Thus, the satanic world must retreat. (172-277, 1988.1.24)

Why does God hate the devil? Christian logic dictates that one should love one's enemy, so why is God unable to love His enemy, Satan? If He were to love the enemy of love, heaven and earth would disappear. The heavenly laws of governance would disappear. The laws of existence would disappear. (191-43, 1989.6.24)

Satan destroyed God's ideal love and trampled on the ideal life and ideal lineage. Then, human beings bore children. God could not interfere with the sons and daughters who were the manifestations of Satan's love, life, and lineage. (197-286, 1990.1.20)

Why does Satan come without fail to those who, throughout our history, have walked the path of faith, strangling them, pressing them down, and sacrificing them? In God's eyes, Satan is the adulterer who stole and violated His family. Our original mother should have attended God, and built His kingdom of peace in heaven and on earth; yet we and our original father were driven out. Satan intervened and human beings came to be in this miserable state. It was no other sin than this that he committed. (156-226, 1966.5.25)

How did the devil bring about the Fall? Through the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Where did they cover themselves after eating the fruit? Did they cover up their mouths, or their hands? Didn't they cover up the sexual parts of their bodies? This became the seed that sowed evil. They fell before they had fully matured, whilst they were still adolescents. Because the lineage of humankind in world history stemmed form this act, in the Last Days the phenomenon of such relationships will thrive. When the time comes that all across the world young people destroy the ethics of love, hidden in the shadows, just like Adam and Eve, and have no fear of heaven, that will be the time when the era of Satan's worldwide dominion will come to the earth. That is when we will be faced with the iron hammer of God. (200-227, 1990.2.25)

You must all understand clearly that humankind needs to change its lineage because of having inherited that of Satan's. (183-308, 1988.11.7)

Whereas Adam and Eve should have attained God-centered oneness, the Fall refers to attaining oneness with the archangel, who was God's servant. People, who should have inherited God's lineage, inherited instead the lineage of a servant. Hence, however much they call God, "Father," they cannot truly feel it because they have inherited fallen nature, which always thinks in terms of self-interest without regard for God or anything else. Thus, as everybody became conflicting beings and formed tribes and people, everything started to divide after a while. In this way, the realm of satanic culture was built. Dividing into two, dividing into three, all things that divided came to belong to Satan's realm. (91-242, 1977.2.23)

Because of the complex entanglement of the human lineage, restoration has taken six thousand years; otherwise, almighty God would have restored everything in a day. As it has become like a chronic disease in the lineage, if it were to be pulled out all at once, everyone would die. That is why it has taken six thousand years. Did the first human ancestors fall through eating the literal fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? If that were so, how simple things would be. (155-295, 1965.11.1)

The question is: how did things such as the bases of sin, the Fall, evil and hell concretely come into being? We must think back to the time of Adam and Eve. If we explore the origin of why they fell, it was that they disbelieved God's words, "Do not eat the fruit of good and evil." The second reason is that they became self-centered. The third was that they wanted to love based upon self-interest first. These are the essential contents of the Fall, and we come to the conclusion that those who act likewise are on Satan's side. Fallen people are all those who have faithless and self-centered love. Ultimately, those who assert self-centered love are the people of the secular world. (79-198, 1975.7.27)

There can be no perfection in ignorance. Who did I say Satan was? He is the adulterer. I have made all this clear to you. Do you think you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven if you ignore this? Do you think you can be saved if you ignore it? There is not even the slimmest chance. What a set of ignorant people! If you could be saved by just believing what you are told to believe, people like you and I would have been saved a long time ago. We would not have to suffer like this. (188-230, 1989.2.26)

It is amazing that the fact of the Fall having been a consequence of love was revealed in my time. This is something that is theoretically systematized through its historical background and content that cannot be denied. (128-88, 1989.2.26)

1.5. The meaning of the serpent's temptation

What is it that belongs to man and woman and is a poisonous snake, the trap of a poisonous snake? Isn't it said that a snake deceived Eve? What does it mean to say that a serpent tempted her? This is indeed referring to the sexual organ. Aren't there so many female organs out there that are more frightening than a poisonous snake? Likewise with the male organ; men use that serpent-like organ to tempt and seduce women. If you women mistakenly take it as bait, that's a big problem. A nation and even the world could go to ruin, and your way to heaven and eternal life would be blocked. (227-372, 1992.2.16)

All men and women alive on earth became Satan's live poisonous snakes. The male sexual organ is a poisonous snake that spurts poison at the female. The day you lose your purity, your whole clan will be ruined. That is why the snake was used as a metaphor. Do you have a sexual organ or not? An angry poisonous snake is waiting with open mouth, but would you put your hands in there? Would you insert your love organ into it? (272-37, 1995.8.30)

If you misuse the right of lineage, it will cause a big problem. What does it mean to use the right of lineage? It means to make love. Thus, if men and women misuse this, it will be a problem. You must plant the seed in the right field. What do you all think the poisonous serpent in the Garden of Eden was? It was the male sexual organ. That's what it means. The female sexual organ is the serpent's mouth, a poisonous serpent with its mouth open. Once connected, everything is over and heaven destroyed altogether. The woman's organ, if misused, is the mouth of a serpent that is full of poison.

That is why women with skilled makeup are beautiful snakes. A snake watches quietly on the side, and when its prey approaches, it strikes suddenly. Women are extremely fearful beings. They have a serpent's mouth and bite. That is their sexual organ. Originally, the lineage was not such a bad poisonous one, and the sexual organ was not poisonous. Yet, if it is misused, the nation, the family, power and everything else are ruined. How terrible is this? It is the open mouth of a snake with poison. (228-31, 1992.3.1)

What is the sexual organ, what is the snake? In a man, it is the penis. What does it like most? The vagina. Isn't that so, isn't that right? That is why it is full of danger. God warned Adam and Eve because it's like lighting the fuse of gunpowder, pouring gasoline and it will explode any minute. The male sexual organ is like a serpent. You wives should go and peek quietly at your husbands'. It's easier to understand crude stories, so that is why I talk like this.

What was the serpent? It is the archangel's sexual organ. Doesn't that make it clearer? As the Last Days are here, I am teaching you all about these aspects this time. What is the woman's thing? It is the mouth that opens. When the man gets excited and both get excited, doesn't it open? Does it stay still? Doesn't taking a wife in marriage mean bringing the two together? If they are wrongfully brought together, a nation is ruined. For tens of thousands of years, the poison will not disappear. (304-270, 1999.11.9)

All men and women desire very wonderful partners. Everyone has different desires, but if you consider it from such a way of thinking, it is a poisonous snake. It is worse than AIDS. Once that connection is made, everything is ruined. If you misuse the sexual organ, everything will be completely destroyed. You will not prosper. It has become the worst place of all and the most fearful, more frightening than a tiger or lion. Those who misuse it even once are ruined and will fall into hell. (228-31, 1992.3.1)

The serpent is analogous to the male sexual organ. Doesn't the male organ look like a serpent's head? It goes around constantly seeking a hole. The female sexual organ is also similar to the cave of a poisonous snake with its mouth open. Once you bite it or are bitten, that poison will spread throughout the veins of your whole body, and you will die forever. Immorality is the way that individuals, families, tribes, and nations are ruined. This is because the snakes ate the fruit of good and evil. That's what it means. Men try to seduce women using that. (304-162, 1999.10.10)

No one knew that humankind would go to ruin like this. It is the most frightening thing. If we take a powder keg as an example, there is no container like this. Thus, if you were to go to the bathroom every three hours, in twenty-four hours you'd go eight times. Each time, you should say, "Hey, snake's head, come out!" If that is your true organ, it is a sacred organ. You men should worship it so that you will not be moved but rather overcome all the possible advances any beautiful woman might make in seeking to seduce you. It's not simply a matter of bowing to it. Worshipping is more than bowing with respect. It is more than obedience. I underwent such training. Whoever seeks to seduce me will do so in vain. Otherwise, it is difficult to become God's children. Thus, the words, "Before you hope to control the universe, you must control yourself" mean, in other words, to control your sexual organ. (304-270, 1999.11.9)

The male sexual organ is like the archangel before the Fall. The archangel deceived his victims with a forked tongue, then seduced, and cast them into hell. In the same way, he is behaving in such a way as to fall again, using something resembling the head of a snake. The snake bites. Adam and Eve were bitten by the snake. What else can "man eating woman" be referring to? It is a fearful organ. That is the archangel -- the male sexual organ that is like a serpent's head. (287-116, 1997.9.19)

Where did the Fall originate? The Fall began in the male and female organs. The organ itself is like the serpent's teeth: once you are bitten, your family is ruined. However distinguished your household may be, it will be ruined in a flash if that organ is misused. Even a royal family will be totally ruined. Thus, AIDS has appeared like a judgment from this truth in the Last Days. (229-25, 1992.4.9) 

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