Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eleven - The Root of the Universe
Chapter Two - The Creation of Humankind and the Perfection of the Ideal of Love
Section 5. The Sexual Organs Are the Crossroads to Heaven or Hell

When the sexual organs are sanctified, they can be connected to heaven. Their importance should be taught from elementary school. The goals pursued by man and woman are the sexual organs of love. They are shaped as concave and convex for love. Why were the genitals shaped differently? For the sake of love. Which love is it for? It is for true love, God's eternal and unchanging love. (278-271, 1996.5.26)

You need to know that the sexual organs were the dividing point between heaven and hell. If you use them wrongfully, you are bound for hell, and if you use them rightfully, you will automatically reach heaven. There is only one starting point, not two. This shows the importance of lovemaking. When all women and men return home and say, "Now I know the truth. Let's put it into practice henceforth. It is the basis of hope for our family," then universal liberation will take place.

The conclusion is that, in conjunction with the universal proclamation, we should understand its contents and preserve the sanctity of the sexual organs. The mother, Eve, fell. Next, Cain wrought havoc. Abel also played a part in this. That is why the Unification Church created a global organization representing the mother. (278-209, 1996.5.24)

Where did heaven and hell begin? Where did they begin? In midair? Where? At the sexual organs. This must be serious. They have turned heaven and earth upside down. Can anyone deny that? There is no way to deny the logic of The Fall in Rev. Moon's Divine Principle. Ask God. Examine everything. Not having received any answers from that, you would not be able to oppose what I have arranged in systematic order including theories and contents that you could never imagine even in your dreams. (279-118, 1996.8.1)

How can you end up going to the most terrible part of hell? If you use your sexual organ in a way that violates heavenly law, you are bound for hell, whereas if you go the opposite way, that is, the path of God's absolute love, you will go to a higher place in heaven. This conclusion is only too clear. (279-121, 1996.8.1)

Due to the Fall, the male and female organs became evil things because they became the original palace that opened the gates to the evil wave of death, the laws of death, the hell of destruction, and the wicked objects that violated the laws of heaven. This was the secret hidden in history until now. (197-175, 1990. 1.13)

The sexual organs must be liberated. Thus, absolute sex is the opposite to the free sex of today. It is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal sex. How lofty and precious are these four concepts! If the two organs remain separate as they are, no development can take place. They must be rooted in true love. True love begins from there. (279-239, 1996.9.8)

In today's satanic world, the sexual organs have ruined everything. Free sex, homosexuality and drugs are reigning supreme. Drugs make you lose your senses. They make you like animals, not human beings. They make you think nothing but animalistic thoughts. The Kingdom of Heaven, on the other hand, is diametrically opposite to this. It follows the concept, not of free sex, but of absolute, eternal, unchanging and unique love. They connect to the Kingdom of Heaven instantaneously. When such a foundation is laid on earth, it will become God's Kingdom on earth. This is the undeniable logical conclusion. You should exercise great care toward the foundation of love. (278-271, 1996.5.26)

The sexual organs were misused. A revolution is needed here. For that you need the Mother and the Father. Women are to be mobilized with Mother as the leader. Mobilizing the Women's Federation settles Mother's position. Is that not where the returning Lord appears? What would the Messiah bring with him? Absolute sex. He is coming for the perfection of absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal sex. (279-269, 1996.9.22)

What part do women look at first in a man? Is it the eyes, the hands, or where? The question is where you look when you look at a man. The eyes? Then what? The face, then what's next? Lower down, where are all five senses drawn to? Which organ is most evil? Throughout history, the sexual organs came to be regarded as most evil. Think about it.

The starting points of heaven and hell lead in diametrically opposite directions. Until now, humankind was ignorant of how the true sexual organ is the starting point to heaven, and the false sexual organ leads to hell. That is the sexual organ. Misusing the genitals leads to hell, and the rightful use of love leads to heaven. It is simple. (278-269, 1996.5.26)

Where can absolute love be found? In kissing? The question is where absolute love can be found. Absolute love comes about by means of absolute sexual organs; without them, it cannot be found. Where can you find absolute love? Is it from kissing, seeing, hearing and touching? You can only find it in sexual intercourse. This was hitherto unknown. People did not know the place where eternal love and sex settle. They did not know where its starting point was. Those of you without sexual organs, raise your hands. All of you have them. What are they for? If you were to pose this question to them, the sexual organs would answer, "It is our last wish for us two to come together firmly to fulfill absolute love." Then, do you want to have absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal sexual organs? The question is whether you have them. (279-220, 1996.9.8)

Whose are the sexual organs? Are they yours? They belong to your spouses. You did not know this simple truth. The yin-yang principle of this universe is that of male and female. Even in the mineral world the subject-object relationship can be found; nowadays it is even said that there are male and female bacteria. In short, the entire universe exists in a pair system. Under the concept of love, each subject partner was born for its object partner, and vice versa. Why were they born? It was for love, to perfect love. You must understand that since God created Adam and Eve, man and woman, and intended to marry them when they were fully matured, the sexual organs that would have been brought together in intercourse on their wedding were to become the absolute and central organs for the planting of absolute life, love and lineage. (280-62, 1996.11.1)

What is the Fall? What is the fundamental problem, what are the fundamentals? It is that Adam and Eve considered their sexual organs to belong to themselves and acted freely. Had they reached full maturity centering on God, Adam's was to belong to Eve and Eve's to Adam, and through them they were to lay the foundation of absolute love with the eternal God. However, they were unfaithful and instead made the organs their own. Hence, that foundation was completely destroyed. Those who live for themselves are bound for hell, and those who live for their spouses are bound for heaven. This is where the crossroads are. The sexual organs are the boundary between hell and heaven. You must know this. (280-63, 1996.11.1)

God's ideal of creation is to establish absolute couples. Absolute couples are established when they live, not for themselves but for each other, based on the absolute sexual organs. They came into being for the creation. Each was created for the sake of the other, not for themselves. Men were endowed with sexual organs for the sake of women. The female organs exist for the sake of men. They were created for the men. Those who use their sexual organs according to Satan's desires, and do not follow the way of the Principle will go to hell. On the other hand, if you live for the sake of others centering on absolute love, you will enter God's dominion. You will become members of the imperial household of heaven. (280-70, 1996.11.1)

Let us discover the dividing line between heaven and hell. Would it be in midair? Where would it be? It lies in the sexual organs. This is a serious matter. The sexual organs have turned heaven and earth upside down. Who can deny this? It is all explained in the chapter on the Fall in the Divine Principle, taught by Rev. Moon. If you doubt this, ask God. You will not be able to oppose Rev. Moon's Divine Principle, arranged in systematic order with theories and contents that you could never imagine even in your dreams. Those who use their sexual organs aimlessly, like a blind person who is wandering here and there because he has lost his way, are bound for hell. Conversely, those who use their sexual organs according to God's standard of absolute love will go to a higher place in heaven. This is the clear conclusion. (279-256, 1996.9.15)

Due to the Fall, evil ancestors came to exist alongside the good Ancestor, who was unable to have descendants. Nevertheless, Satan cannot ignore God, the great Superintendent of heaven and earth. Whenever he desires to carry out some act, he needs to get clearance from the God of goodness. Evil deeds break down God's ideal world. They bring destruction to the world of love. Ultimately, they would completely destroy the sexual organs, the basis for God's ideal of love. (287-32, 1997. 8.10)

Which part did humankind use to become part of Satan's lineage? Was it through kissing? It was through lovemaking. Where is that place, that starting point? It is the sexual organs. You must know that, from God's point of view, the sexual organs are truly fearful organs. (304-11, 1999.9.5)

To what end did God make the male and female organs concave and convex? Can convex tie the knot with another convex? Can two concaves come together in marriage? My goodness, the crazy scoundrels! Such people will come to ruin in one generation. Those who emphasize celibacy will find themselves headed in the opposite direction from the Kingdom of Heaven when they have passed on to the next world. (304-241, 1999.11.8)

When Jacob left his uncle Laban's house after living there for twenty-one years, he stole the idols most loved by Laban's family. If his deed had been found out, he would have been in serious trouble. So what he did was to grind it into powder and eat it. Did you know about that?

Do you know how pained God is by the sin of man with woman? The question arises as to how to manage this and turn God's original heart back to us by getting to the point where there is no longer any satanic foundation in us. Isn't celibacy taught in the religious sphere? Men and women are taught to live as if their sexual organs had been done away with. It is the same for you. So who can commit the fall? In an instant, that act ensnared the great eternal King of heaven and earth so that He could not be liberated. In order to reverse this, Unification Church members receive the Blessing. Do you think they can repeat the Fall? Is that possible? (296-204, 1998.11.9)

In South America, I talked for two hours about the sexual organs to a religious leader whose followers number a hundred thousand. Well, he rolled his eyes and said in conclusion, "You are an expert on sexual organs!" It is lamentable that grandfathers failed to become experts on sexual organs. Since grandmothers failed to become experts on sexual organs, families were divided. Since parents failed to become experts, families are in turmoil, and since husbands and wives failed to become experts, they are always fighting. Once you become an expert, you can put heaven and earth in your pocket. (302-170, 1999.6.13)

You are bound to be punished if you use your love organs recklessly. They are the palace of love and the ancestral garden of love. Love began there. The origin of God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven, and the origin of the beginning of God's happiness are molded there. God's laughter begins from there. That is where God can find love at last and dance for joy. We must seek this place. (256-199, 1994.3.13)

The place where two lives come together as one centered on love and the place where the blood of man and woman become one is the sexual organ. You should know that this place is more precious than your sons and daughters, your spouse and even God. It is a place that is more precious than your children, spouse, and even parents. If sexual organs did not exist, parents, husbands and wives, and sons and daughters would be of no value.

Since this place is that precious, it is kept under lock and key away from other eyes during your lifetime as the treasure of treasures. Furthermore, the key that can unlock man's organ is owned by woman, and hers by him. There is only one key for each person. There should be only one key per person. Do you want to possess ten, twenty keys as in the case of free sex? Do you want to become like an unoccupied derelict house with its doors open wide, where anyone can come in and go out? (280-199, 1997.1.1)

You should attend and love the sexual organs more than you do God, for only then would He rejoice. Where on earth would you hear such words? If religious people heard them, they would jump and fall down in shock, but this is the plain truth. Only when you attend the love organs more than you do God can the foundation on which God can settle be laid. It is more precious than life, and you cannot exchange it for the world, the universe, and even God. Only when you worship, love, and recognize the value of your spouse's sexual organ more than you do all God's creation put together, will God come to reside in your homes. (325-211, 2000.7.1) 

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