Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eleven - The Root of the Universe
Chapter Two - The Creation of Humankind and the Perfection of the Ideal of Love
Section 4. The Sexual Organs Are the Greatest Mystery and Interest

4.1. The sexual organs were created with utmost diligence

Why is the universe based on the pair system? Did it happen naturally? We can talk about today's theory of evolution, but what is the better-known truth that came before the theory of evolution? Men and women have genitals, the sexual organs. Have these organs evolved? If they have, then the way of lovemaking would have changed as well. People of the present would have a more developed way of making love than those of the past. Even in the insect kingdom, lovemaking between bugs would be different today from what it was in the past. Birds too would mate in a different way. Discussions should be held based on such factors. Are the love organs, which are the source of life, made to develop through evolution? Did our eyelashes grow by themselves and do our eyes shed tears just because they feel like it? Don't talk such nonsense.

There must be the owner -- the idea -- that is the origin of this universe. How mysterious are our bodies? Did they come into being just like that? How mysterious are the sexual organs? Could these organs, so unimaginably mysterious, be made just like that? Nothing that is connected to life is simple. (191-53, 1989.6.24)

The material world yearns to become the cells of the male and female organs because they are the final destination of hope. Through becoming one of these cells, they become invaluable, because that is where they can come into contact with God's love. Hence, all the essential nuclei and cells of the universe are focused on the operation of the male and female organs. Power is coursing through love and emanating from them: this can even move the universe. Because of this, one desires to sacrifice oneself for the sake of one's beloved. (287-303, 1997.10.6)

All physiological senses are concentrated at the sexual organs. God exercised utmost diligence in creating them. As such, they became the organs that connect history and re-create life. Without knowing anything, you have sexual intercourse and produce sons and daughters, but that is not the way it should be. God, who created the organs, intended every element to be connected to them. Hence, when they are activated, the fundamental elements of life all get connected to them, and explode like a power station. That is called love. (255-306, 1994.3.11)

Are you married? Do you have husbands? When animals are in heat and yearning for a mate they go out in search of their mates by scent and not sight. Similarly, you need to initiate a great physiological revolution. But due to the Fall, we have not yet reached the standard of using all our senses. What is lovemaking like for animals? You watched the movie earlier today, didn't you? In the Dong River located in Gangwon Province you can find Hemibarbus mylodon, a type of fish with no sexual organs. There is a line running through the body of the fish, and that is their sexual organ. When the females give off their odor in heat, the males rub their bodies against the line on the bodies of the females, and there is a spark. Then the males secrete seminal fluid. It is truly amazing. How are they able to lay eggs in water? That is how they make love. (301-195, 1999.4.26)

According to the theory of evolution, who made the distinction between male and female gender? Was it the amoeba? Darwin, that rascal, I should shake him to his senses. Do you know how much more mysterious and complicated the structure of the male and female organs are compared to your skeletal structure? How would you answer this question, Dr. Yoon? Well, how would you answer? Is the statement "The structure of the sexual organs is more complicated than our skeletal structure" correct? Yes, the structure of the sexual organs is more complicated. (197-22, 1990.1.7)

4.2. The owners of the sexual organs were interchanged

Man's treasure is not owned by him. It is owned by the woman, and her treasure belongs to him. In short, ownership has been exchanged. The woman does not own her sexual organ. She needs to know that it belongs to her man; it is not hers. The same is true for the man. Therefore one cannot do as one likes with their sexual organs. American women think of their organs as belonging to them. As a result, they act freely and do whatever they want with them. This is also the case for the men. But you are only the caretaker of your sexual organ. In other words, the caretakers are passing themselves off as the owners.

I ask the women: When did you meet the owner of your sexual organ? The owner is your husband. And you men: Do yours belong to you? Then what is marriage? Through marriage men and women are to find the owners of their sexual organs. Love is negative and positive electricity searching around for each other and meeting to produce lightning. Love is similar. A woman gets married not for a man's face but for this. A man gets married not for a woman's hand but for this. If man and woman are meant to marry among themselves, how can there be gays or lesbians? They will cease to exist. In less than a century, they will be gone in one generation. In light of this, should you get married or not? Why get married? Because this is the way it is, you need to get married. You must absolutely get married. (162-50, 1987.3.22)

Women's sexual organs are not for themselves, but for their husbands. Until now they have thought of them as their own, but that is not so. They have no need of them. Men are the ones who need them. Women need to realize that what they have belongs to the men. It belongs to the men, to their husbands. Despite that, women feel possessive about them and so wickedly ruin everything in this world. Without men, what would they use them for? I am asking: what could they be used for? This is a serious question. Previously that was not understood. (275-132, 1995.12.4)

The owner of man's love is woman. She owns it. The owner of woman's love is man. He owns it. All men know this. To whom do those things dangling from men's bodies belong? This was previously not understood. Thinking that your sexual organ belongs to you is a sin. It is a grave sin for women to think that their sexual organs belong to them. (141-172, 1986.2.21)

True men should not change. True women do not change. Where can these men and women who are absolutely unchanging in true love be found? If there were such people the entire universe would bow down before them. That is how it would be. Since He is the King of wisdom, God let women keep the treasure of men, and men keep the treasure of women. That is the case for the sexual organs. (142-335, 1986.3.14)

For what purpose were human beings born? To seek the path of love. So the sexual organs men and women have do not belong to them. The organ dangling from man's body is not his. However, he regarded it as his possession. Woman is not the owner of her sexual organ; it is the man's. The owner of the sexual organ on man's body is woman. You must understand this amazing fact that, in this way, the love organs and their owners were interchanged. (143-66, 1986.3.15)

Woman and man are different in one respect. What way is that? Is it not in their sexual organs? Does a woman's sexual organ belong to her? Does it belong to her after she is married? It is her husband's. Also, what is that dangling from the body of the husband? Whose is it? It is the woman's for eternity. The right of ownership of absolute love is determined centering on true love. If one has an affair in the satanic world there is only way he can be forgiven; that can happen when he has taken a knife to cut it off, but then does not only because his wife held his hand back and prevented him from doing so. (180-334, 1988.10.5)

Can man and woman unite by kissing or by embracing each other? Complete unity takes place only in married life, which brings man and woman together as the interchanged owners of their sexual organs. (190-130, 1989.6.18)

Man is there for the object partner before him, woman. Since God is the King of wisdom, to prevent them from fighting and staying apart, He placed the most precious parts of each on the other's body, that is, He interchanged the owners. Those precious parts are the male and female organs. It is the most holy place. Wasn't the place built to store the Ark of the Covenant called the most holy place? Anyone who touched it was struck down by lightning and destruction was wrought for his generation and myriads of generations to come. The sole owner, the chief priest, is the husband. (190-134, 1989.6.18)

In the process of creation, God did not make man and woman haphazardly. He created them based on the sexual organs. Why? It was because He is the ancestor of love, the origin of life, and the origin of lineage. Man transmits ideal love there. The woman's sexual organ belongs to her man and his to her. They are not the owners of their organs. Hence, they are not the ones who can open them. Woman cannot open hers. Man cannot open his. Only she can open his and he hers. The focal point of love comes to fruition at that place. (193-301, 1989.10.8)

Man was born for woman. Woman was born for man. Thus, the sexual organs of man and woman do not belong to them. God is very wise; He interchanged the owners. Aren't those men who have affairs utter scoundrels? They are the lowest of the low and deserve to be struck down by lightning! Such behavior can never be forgiven in the Unification Church. (198-122, 1990.1.25)

Who is the owner of that concave female organ? Is it the woman or the man who needs it? Does woman need it absolutely or man? Man. Also, his is absolutely necessary to her. In terms of who holds the keys to them, he has hers and she has his. Thus, there is only one person who can open it. Since true love is one, only true men and women can be in charge of it. (210-108, 1990.12.1)

Who is the owner of the female organ? Man. The male organ is needed by the woman, and the female organ by the man. They were created correspondingly in that way. The owners were interchanged. (227-59, 1992.2.10)

Love wants to be absolute. Absolute means there is only one, not two. Something that is absolute is eternally one. Therefore, only one man and one woman can be allowed as the partner of love. As such, God created one Adam and one Eve. How can that be denied? No one could change that. (254-273, 1994.2.15)

For whom did woman's breasts come into being? For herself? For her sons and daughters, not for herself. For whom does she have big hips? Again, her sons and daughters. The owners of her breasts are her children. How about the sexual organ? It is for her spouse. Why? Everything on earth came to exist for the sake of others. Who is the owner of the female organ? Her husband. Who is the owner? The husband, not the woman herself. Then who is the owner of the man's organ? The woman. God is truly amazing. He has interchanged owners to make it impossible for either to run away. (201-196, 1990.4.1)

A woman's face is not for herself. It is the face in which her husband can take delight. Nothing is hers. Her sexual organ placed down below in her center is not hers. It belongs to her husband. Not one part of the woman's body was created for her. They are all for her husband and her sons and daughters. Such is the path trod by woman: she is the one who can embrace the two worlds. She should clasp hands. The one who can become the vessel of love that will embrace the vertical and horizontal worlds on earth for the first time is the woman. (263-180, 1994.8.23)

With regard to the female body, her breasts and hips were created for her baby, and her face and the part that is covered up, are for her husband. This is the case of all parts of her body, upper and lower, left and right. There is not one that is for herself. Who own it? The owner of what? I am referring to the female organ. It is not hers. It belongs to man. She cannot do whatever she likes with something that belongs to him. If only this had been known, the world would not have become chaotic like this. How could there be free sex or homosexuality? Isn't it theft to use somebody else's property as one pleases? Thieves will end up in a bad situation. (290-158, 1998.2.18)

Present with us today are presidents from more than ten nations; I would like to ask them: try broadcasting this message on the air. Ask whether man's sexual organ is for himself or for woman. Those who claim theirs belongs to them are thieves. Those who think that they own what they have are thieves. This is not a laughing matter. It is a historical declaration. If everyone lived in accordance with this, the world of peace would unfold right before our eyes. As far as God's will is concerned, the most important things are those related to love. To instruct human beings about His will concerning love, God created the most precious organ, that is, the sexual organ, and the male organ belongs to woman, and the woman's organ to man! Amen! Do you think this is not true? Do you think this is wrong? (277-182, 1996.4.15)

The male and female organs are the poles, plus and minus, that can possess God's love. They are the charging plates of a battery. Without them, we could not be charged up with God's love. Since human beings refill their love through that organ, they can do so daily. Animals however cannot. They can only do it yearly. (134-200, 1985.7.20)

The family system in the United States is such that grandfathers and grandmothers cannot visit their grandson's house whenever they like. If they want to visit him, they have to call first. Such procedures have to be followed before a visit. Think about it. In a love relationship, should one ask his or her spouse, "Let's make love tonight!" and get permission? Be it the wife or the husband, if one says, "Let's make love!" the other has to say okay. These are conjugal obligations. That is how it is. One cannot answer, "I'm tired, I don't want to!" Your organ is not yours. The owner of the female organ is man, and the owner of the male organ is woman. Who could deny this? (246-53, 1993.3.23)

You women, do you have such big breasts for yourselves? Do you have big hips for yourselves? There is not one part of you that belongs to you. Everything that women have is not theirs. It is for others, for their children and their husbands. None of their physiological organs or the sexual organ exists for the woman alone. Then who would be the owner of the male organ? The owner is woman. It is the wife who holds the key. If she were to use it wrongly, she would incur the punishment of heaven. Why did Sodom and Gomorrah go to ruin? Why is the United States on the way to destruction? They came to ruin through drugs and promiscuity. (142-150, 1986.3.8)

You did not know what makes a man a man, and a woman a woman? The answer is: the sexual organs. Is there anyone here who dislikes them? If you like them, how much do you like them? Even if you hitherto disdained them, you should henceforth esteem them. What will the world be like in the future? If it is a world that absolutely values the sexual organs. Will that world be good or bad? Will it prosper or perish? This is not a joke. When God was creating human beings, into which part did He invest the greatest creative effort? Would it be the eyes, the nose, the heart or the brain? Do not all these organs eventually die? What is the purpose of the Family Federation for World Peace? If there were a world inhabited by people who transcend all fields including morality and religion, whose sexual organs are harmonized into oneness so as to earn God's welcoming praise, what kind of world would it be?

When men and women are born, who do their sexual organs belong to? The owner of the husband's organ is the wife, and vice versa. You have been ignorant of the fact that the owners of the sexual organs were interchanged. This simple truth is undeniable and will remain unchanging throughout history forever to come. (279-244, 1996.9.15)

Where on earth is that place which harbors God's love? You should know that it is in the male and female organs. The original love organs, that have nothing to do with the Fall, are the most holy place. Humankind has been ignorant of this shocking fact, that, due to the Fall, this palace, this spring, which should have inherited the most precious lineage of the imperial prince of heaven, inherited instead the bloodline of Satan, God's enemy. (134-185, 1985.4.7)

Through the sexual organs man and woman make love. Yet, God wisely interchanged these love organs, one with the other, so that they could not be apart even if they wanted to. Even when they are separated, one needs to return to the other, having nowhere else to go, and no place else to rest. Only by taking one's counterpart along can one harmonize and be welcomed wherever one goes in heaven and earth. (148-290, 1986.10.25)

4.3. True love can digest even the unclean

Do you all know into which part of the body God invested His greatest creative effort? It is the sexual organ. The term sexual organ does not signify a reproduction machine. It is the most precious part of all, but it lies beside the most unclean part. Are you aware of that? Is the urethra found in the same place or not? It is in the same place. This is true for both man and woman. Why were they created that way? Even the best of seeds needs to be fertilized to take root and grow well. The greater the value of something, the more fertilizer it needs to continually receive.

Human beings continue to grow. They are growing as if they want to occupy even God Himself, and for this reason they are given manure throughout their lives. Should you find that dirty or be grateful for it? When you think of it alone, it is horrendous, is it not? Then why is it lying right there next to your organ? Every morning that organ needs to smell the odor coming from it, and it gets wet each time you urinate. What is this all about? Such are the principles of heaven and earth. (261-170, 1994.6.9)

When you actually stop to think about it, you thought that treasures were stored up there in heaven. But it turns out that you had treasures all along in your bodies. You came to understand that the original palace is a part of your body. Aren't the love organs the original palace that can attend God? Where is the pathway that makes the love connection? Is it in the fingertips? Where is it? What is it in a man? What is it in a woman? It is the male and female organs, where the most distasteful substance can also be found. Where does urine come out? From the sexual organ. This is the case for both women and men. If that unclean urine thus excreted were to mingle with love, would it still be unclean or would it become clean? Then how wonderful would it be to drink urine steeped in true love like iced tea! (178-125, 1988.6.1)

Love harmonizes many things. It can make a foul odor, a stench, or smell like perfume. Thus, for love nothing is unclean. Hence, God really is the King of wisdom. Our sexual organs are situated right next to the dirtiest part of our body. Declaring this as the way of harmony, He placed the male and female organs in the most unpleasant, dirtiest place. (194-49, 1989.10.15)

Where are the male and female organs? They are in the safest zone, and at the same time, the dirtiest. This goes to show that God truly is the King of wisdom. Through it, He teaches humanity, "Love rules over even such dirty things!" The sexual organ lies close to the anus, and urine passes through that same organ. (194-175, 1989.10.22)

When making love, do you not desire the male organ to enter you? When you think about it, how dirty is that? The most sacred hole and the most unclean hole are one and the same. Is that not true? In that foul and smelly place, eternal life springs forth. This is true. When you are going to the toilet, you should think about this. You should bring to mind my words, "It is a holy place connected to true love. Everything is holy." Never forget this. Always remember it. (293-43, 1998.5.1)

The most precious sexual organ is connected to the dirtiest part. Where does urine come out? No one ever gave a thought to this important point. If you did not know this, it would be impossible for you to be perfected. In the spring, when you are sowing seeds, do you wash that seed in water, or do you cover it with manure? You cover it with manure, dirty, stinking manure. You bury it in the ground and then stamp on it. (277-274, 1996.4.18)

Is the sexual organ located farthest from or nearest to the parts you use to urinate and defecate? Great people should be honored even in the foulest of places. The location of life needs fertilizer. It cannot be a clean place like a sandy beach. Man should taste like bean paste soup. It is all right for the woman to be clean, but the man should be a little musty. Coming in from a day outside, even if his feet smelled a little, he should laugh over it. If he were too clean, not even flies would approach him. Even they would refuse to visit him. If so, then what else, be it ants or birds, would approach him? (247-323, 1993.6.1)

What is marriage? Isn't it about connecting the sexual organs together? Is that so or not? My words are not vulgar but holy. The noblest part of the human body is the sexual organ. That is where life and the ideal are passed down. It is exceedingly precious, but it lies close to the excretory organs.

What happens to the sexual organs of man and woman when they are sitting on the toilet bowl? Is it only the anus that sits on the toilet? Are they not all sitting on it? (187-70, 1989.1.6)

What is the most precious part of the human body? The sexual organ. Although that organ is most holy, what lies next to it is the dirtiest. In the case of man, urine passes out of his sexual organ. Why is this so? That is the mystery of the universe. Also, what is closest to the female organ? Is it not the anus, which she uses every morning? The same goes for urination. However, you should not think that the sexual organ is located in an absurd place. Have you ever heard of anyone accusing that part? No words should be spoken against it, and no wrong should be found in it. When you go into the spirit world, you should wish to live in the lowliest of places as much as you would wish to live in the highest. (213-283, 1991.1.21)

What passes out of the female organ? Life. And what else? Urine, a cousin to feces, passes from it. Even I find this strange. Why on earth would anyone like that? Grandfathers and grandmothers, and even God Himself, lament that they could not obtain this love. It is amazing. What is so good about that? (295-186, 1998.8.28)

Love is precious to humankind. The love of human beings is precious, but right next to that organ of precious love is the organ that you hate the most. Which one is that? What do you urinate through? In both men and women, is that connected to the sexual organ or not? Do you not find that offensive? (263-95, 1994.8.21)

Which is better: the fingers or the head? Which is best in man? Which part of the body is the most precious in men and women? Is it not the sexual organ? How precious it is that it was created so as to be protected against unwelcome intrusions from all directions! That would not be the case if it were located where it could be touched just in passing. So it is thoroughly protected. This is the case for man as well as woman. Even if I were God, I could not have found anywhere else to put it. In creating and installing that organ, where would you have placed it in the body? Would you have put it somewhere else? If you had done that, what would happen when a man and a woman are walking together? (199-323, 1990.2.21)

4.4. Vertical and horizontal to be balanced by the sexual organs

Do not architects design with just a set square? Do they not draw up plans very easily? By the same token, with regard to the human body, where are the most important organs located? The ones found along a perpendicular drawn down the center are most important. What are they? In this physiological form of the body, which are the most important organs? The first is the nose. Try blocking your nostrils. Through them, elements essential to life pass in and out. Then further down, where would you reach? After the navel, you go further down and reach the sexual organ. Is the female organ placed upside down or laterally? I wouldn't know; it is the women who should know well. Is the male organ placed vertically? You should know about that. Everything centered on that vertical line is holy. It is connected directly to the issues of life. (196-226, 1990.1.1)

A person in whose face the lateral line (mouth-line) and the vertical line (nose-line) are straight is a person of true conscience. People in whose faces these two lines intersect at ninety degrees are conscientious people. This is the most important part. The navel should not be displaced but should instead be at the center-line, going straight up to meet the chin, and with the lips here the nose should be straight, making a straight line to where this vein is. Those who display all these features will succeed in life. This line should also go down to meet the center of the hips. In this way, waist and hips should be perpendicular. That is how everything should look. (207-78, 1990.11.1)

Are not the eyes horizontal and the nose vertical? A vertical line extends from this vertical nose, down through the mouth and the esophagus to the stomach. Vertical and horizontal should be harmonized. If the vertical mouth or the horizontal eyes in a person's face are crooked, it changes that person's personality. The male and female organs are also harmonized with the vertical. The male organ consists of two, one vertical and the other horizontal. This represents the universe. Thus, the seed of life, the source of life comes from man. However proud American women are of themselves, they do not have baby seeds in them, do they? Even the most renowned American women could never have baby seeds in them. (243-272, 1993.1.28)

Where does this straight perpendicular line lead? To the sexual organ. That is the point the vertical line passes through, and for this reason, God desires this place. The body needs to form ninety degrees and unite right here, in this place. Until now, the minds and bodies of human beings have not been righteous. The mind is the vertical "you," and the body is the horizontal "you." Starting from where? The vertical Parent and the horizontal parents came together to create you. You inherited true love, true life, and true lineage from them. That is how you came into being. They united in true love and brought you into this world. Therefore, you are the center of the universe, and the representative of love. You are the central being of true love, formed by the union of horizontal and vertical love. That is who you are. (217-152, 1991.5.19)

Human beings like vertical things, and for this reason they stand upright. The head is above and the sexual organ is below at the center. Men find this to be true when they stand naked before a mirror. They have hair growing right down to their sexual organs and this line should not be crooked. Women have breasts and they should also be in a line. Their hips should not be too big, but correspond with the upper part. This is nothing to laugh about. You should learn how to be moved by such things. (225-99, 1992.1.5)

Our body is shaped in such a way as to be in focus. The ears, eyes and every other part are all created to keep us focused. The mouth too is in focus centering on the nerves. Also, the navel and the sexual organ lie in a straight line at the center of our body. It is wrong to be ashamed of that. (229-241, 1992.4.12)

The focal point of the eyes is also in a straight line passing through the center. Shouldn't this center-line be in alignment with the navel and the sexual organ? Thus, you have these two and they resonate with one another. The reason they were placed where they are is for them to resonate, because only when they resonate can they be conscious. (226-19, 1992.2.1)

The lips must be in focus, and the hands should also. If not, there will be trouble. No matter how big one's mouth, it needs to be in line with the nose and the navel, and the most important part further down, the sexual organ. Look at yourselves in a mirror and see if yours are in line, and learn how you should live your lives.

From childhood, people need to be taught that, because this is the way it is, they need to be aware of such aspects. There are no textbooks that teach such things. I could go on and on talking about such things. (221-227, 1991.10.25)

The eyes are not placed where they are by accident, but based on the perpendicular. It does not look good for a person to have slanted eyes. They should be perpendicular. The nose symbolizes Adam and Eve, the eyes God, and the teeth creation. There are thirty-two teeth, and four times eight is thirty-two, symbolizing the entire creation. All these visual aspects come to fruition not at the head but at the sexual organ. The sexual organ is the palace of all types of nerves. You would know this if you studied physiology. (190-130, 1989.6.18)

Why is the male part convex? Women too have a protruding part. They look like a broken mountain range. That is how the very best place should be like. That is where the term "Blue dragon on the left and white tiger on the right," meaning the very best site situated between two mountains on the east and the west, comes from. As such, the sexual organs of love need to be perpendicular and connected to parental love through the line of love. (180-303, 1988.8.22)

Everything resembles a sphere and needs to be in motion. In the human body, the part that most resembles a sphere is the face, and among the facial features, the eyes most resemble a sphere. Next, in men, a part of the sexual organ is spherical. I have not mentioned that, so you do not need to say it. Then next, what can be found inside the body? The kidney and bladder; these are all important organs. (214-56, 1991.2.1)

Everything flows vertically, coming to fruition in the sexual organs. That is where everything is bound to come together, whether bad or good. Hence, those who use them well become people of goodness, and those who use them wrongly become the worst people. (280-97, 1996.11.11)

A person whose nose tip is not in line with the center cannot be a conscientious person. You should know this as a matter of common sense. This must be in a straight line through the navel right down to the sexual organ. Men have hair on their chests, but women do not, do they? Do women have chest hair? Hair in men also grows in two parts, subject and object, which must become one. (248-284, 1993.10.3)

The nose tip should lie at the center, as should the navel and the sexual organ. If the line going through them is crooked, that person is ill-fated. His life will not be easy. When you look at a person, at first glance you see whether his eyes are in a straight line, and how everything else is from the shoulder down. People who walk zigzag are not good people. Though there are hundreds of people gathered here, there are no two whose manner of walking is alike; they are all different, for the way one walks displays one's personality. There are some people who walk in a strange manner. Such people should change the way they walk. Otherwise, they can never settle down anywhere. (248-88, 1993.8.1)

Doesn't the head always stand upright? It remains upright. The important parts of the human body are the head and the sexual organ. A line comes down straight, and splits right there. Thinking takes place in the head, and the husband thinks of his wife and the wife about her husband. They think centering on love, and their thoughts become one through the sexual organs. (188-44, 1989.2.16)

Are the breasts identical and in a perpendicular line? Is the navel at the center of a circle? Then the line leads right down to the sexual organ. Where does water flow? It flows downward, and where does it go? When you are working while seated, the part that gets most moist is the center of the lower part of the body. That is where you sweat the most. That is why a lot of hair grows on that part. Isn't that true for everybody? That is where all the water collects. (297-46, 1998.11.15)

Only when your nose is well-formed can you become rich. Do you understand that? A glance should tell you that it is dead center. The line from it to the sexual organ, passing through the navel should be straight. If it is crooked, your spouse will waver. So when getting married, you should both undress and see whether your navels, chests, and all other parts are in line, for only then can the couple be ideal. There are some people whose sexual organs are crooked. In the case of the woman, too, if her breasts tilt to one side and do not correspond, then she will be a playgirl, or will be widowed and die alone. That is how these principles of creation work. (295-30, 1998.8.16)

The most important parts of the human body are the eyes. They are most precious. Next is the heart. The heart too is spherical. Also, in a woman, the womb is spherical. Then how about the man: is not his sexual organ spherical as well? What is spherical is precious. Women do not have bones jutting out. Since women's bones do not show and their bodies are rounded out with flesh, artists like to draw nude women. (272-154, 1995.10.1)

Starting from the face, the navel and the sexual organ should all be in a straight line. Go ahead and get a checkup of your body in a hospital. When walking, the weight transferred to the center should be the same, and so the soles of your shoes should wear out evenly. If you were to look at a person's shoes, and see that one is more worn out than the other, he may not be a good person. The person whose shoes wear out evenly would be an enlightened person. (286-219, 1997.8.11)

When reading a person's physiognomy, you should see how the line descends from here. Only when this line comes down vertically to the sexual organ can that person be said to be a person of conscience. If it does not, then things would get difficult. The breasts should not tilt to one side, and it is also not good to have the navel off center. (252-108, 1993.11.14)

When sitting, sit up straight. When walking, walk upright. When you look at how people walk, you see there are all types. Even where there are thousands of people, their gaits will all be different. When walking, the top of your head should be in a vertical line with your sexual organ at all times. All organs in your body should be set in motion centering on the vertical. Then God would look at it and say, "Wow! That man and woman are walking the way I want," and take interest, and so would the spirit world. (246-237, 1993.4.18)

When looking at a person, from the top of the head, don't your eyes come straight down to the nose? That line passes through the nose, the median line of the upper lip, the lips, the navel, and finally reaches the sexual organ. Based on this vertical line, you check to see how the eyes are placed, whether they are in line horizontally. You also see the ears, the shoulders, and if that person walks straight or not. Thus, even in something like walking, you should not walk thoughtlessly, for a person's gait symbolizes his life. (246-235, 1993.4.18)

When closely examining any human being, what are the most important parts of the body? Those that are close to being spherical in shape are precious. In this regard, the eyes and heart and sexual organ are precious in a man. In the male sexual organ two eye-like features can be found. Men have those, but women do not. They are precious. Are not the eyes precious? They symbolize God. The heart symbolizes life, and the sexual organ love. The head is the supervising organ centered on God. (249-173, 1993.10.10)

4.5. Love is not known through being taught

There are no creatures in this world that do not teach love. Animals, even the smallest insects which are so invisible to the naked eye that when you hold them in your hand you can scarcely see them, they all have five senses. When you think about this, you see that they must, because even among them, males and females have to find each other. What causes these males and females to unite? What is their focal point? Isn't it love? That is undeniable. (223-268, 1991.11.12)

Sex education is unnecessary. People talk of free sex and sex education, but I say, "You crazy fools, stop!" Is there sex education in the animal kingdom? When they are next to each other, they fit together naturally. Some animal has its sexual organ under its shoulder, and its mate fits its own sexual organ into it, though the latter may have it on its heel. They are meant to fit together automatically. Are the magnets forced to match their poles with the North Pole and the South Pole, or do they do so automatically? They find the poles automatically. Once your mind and body are ready to be in tune with true love, if you let yourself, you will automatically find the direction, north, south, east or west, and fit yourself in.

In mating, how do animals fit their sexual organs together? Are the organs bigger than the rest of the body or smaller? Though they are smaller, they pull along the rest of the body in order to mate. In other words, the rest of the body is pulled along by love. Do you think the body is pulled along forcibly or willingly? The body lets itself be pulled willingly. We are meant to enter heaven automatically. (272-91, 1995.8.30)

Sexual organs in animals, both male and female, can be found anywhere on the body, even under the shoulder. Then how do they fit them together? Do they need to be taught? Do they need to learn how to fit them together? Even though they are not taught, by rubbing themselves on each other, they are bound to fit together in the end. There is sex education these days to teach this, but that is all Satan's doing, for there is no need to teach this. (284-122, 1997.4.16)

Nowadays it is said that even germs exist as couples. If you were to examine them under a microscope three million times magnified, could you tell whether the male germs have eyes or not? How about noses? Ears? Mouths? Sexual organs? Even something microscopic like that knows how to fit its sexual organ into its mate's. Would it have to be taught how to do so? Is there any mother or father who, when their daughter is about to get married, teaches her, "This is how you should fit your sexual organ together with your spouse's"? The organs are bound to come together with natural motions. It is a natural union, not a forced one. People harmonize when they are united. It is all about unity. (272-74, 1995.8.30)

Why did God create the male and female organs like they are? The universe possesses much content in educating about love, showing how animals love each other. Among animals, there are many deserving our respect. (180-336, 1988.10.5)

Isn't there conflict between teachers and students in schools nowadays? It is because they do not know about how love is for the sake of others. They have failed to teach the fundamentals of heavenly principles. Those who serve others more can receive and control greater love. In love there are rights of inheritance, participation and cohabitation. Isn't love like that? Could you place a gold nugget before your beloved wife and tell her, "This is mine," and then let her only have your body and say, "Since what you like is love, you can only have my genitals"? Is that love? It's not. Love means being willing to give all things, even one's sons and daughters, body and soul. (204-41, 1990.6.29) 

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