Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eleven - The Root of the Universe
Chapter Two - The Creation of Humankind and the Perfection of the Ideal of Love
Section 3. The Oneness of God and Humankind, and the Perfection of the Ideal of Love

3.1. The point of settlement of love where God and humankind meet

Where is the origin of love of the universe? It is God. The question here is how to put in logical order the idea of where God's love will settle. For God to become the harmonious being whose dual characteristics are separately represented in the form of Adam and Eve, created by Him, what should the harmonious being center upon? He should center on love and be in the masculine position of the Subject in relation to all. Centered on what? Centered on love. You must know this.

Then what would God be like? Adam and Eve are the subjects with dual characteristics, and so their bodies are external and their minds are internal. Therefore, God desires to reside in their minds.

If that is the case, when Adam's and Eve's bodies as well as their minds unite, would or would not that which is at the bottom of their bodies unite too? What would that be? Would God unite with them or not? Where would He unite with them? Since He created the organs for love, where would He come to unite with human beings? Where would that place be? It would be the place of love. (194-64, 1989.10.15)

The Unification Principle defines God as the incorporeal absolute Subject, the Subject with harmonized dual characteristics. As a being with dual characteristics, He created Adam and Eve with substantial bodies to reflect each of those characteristics. He intended to become the center in the vertical position when they were fully matured and connected to each other horizontally based on love. What this means is that when Adam and Eve reached full maturity, God's masculinity was to reside in Adam's mind, and His femininity in Eve's. This, however, does not mean that God is divided into two. Since He is the Subject Being of these dual characteristics, He can dwell in the minds of both Adam and Eve. (138-245, 1986.1.24)

When the fully mature Adam and Eve are able to form a mutual bond of love, God, who possesses dual characteristics, will repose His masculinity in Adam, and His femininity in Eve. He will be wedded by dwelling within their bodies and minds. (143-236, 1986.3.19)

The central line divides the road into equal distances, angles, and widths. There is only one line of equilibrium that can do this at the center, not two. There is only one perpendicular line with one central point on it, and only one central point that is crossed by the line of equilibrium. That one spot is where God's love, the axial love, is connected. On the day this love runs into and unites with this spot, all actions of power headed in all directions -- 360 degrees -- will pass through this point. Once such a power of love explodes, man and woman will completely unite, and God will enter their midst.

Doesn't God have dual characteristics? What would He be like, who is the Subject with dual characteristics as discussed in the Principle? He is a God with dual characteristics, and at the same time, the Subject with harmonized dual characteristics. What would be the essence of that Subject? It is love, absolute love. (136-37, 1985.12.20)

The substantial realm of the dual characteristics is intended to become God's partner and return to Him through true love. It is the origin-division-union action. The internal nature and external form, which were originally one, come together again substantially through the blessing of Adam and Eve. At this place where everything unites, God comes there to unite with man and woman, who are united. I've spoken these great words. God is that near to us. There is nothing better than coming to know God, who used to be at the depths of our minds. In accordance with His command, we should walk the path of victory unerringly throughout the course of our lives. (250-108, 1993.10.12)

Since God possesses dual characteristics, His masculinity is to enter Adam's mind. Thus, He becomes the internal Father. He comes into the position of the internal Father. In 1 Corinthians it is written, "Do you not know that you are God's temple?" It says our bodies are temples, wherein God can dwell. This is only too true. Since God exists as the Subject with dual characteristics, Adam is the visible representation of His invisible masculinity. Hence, Adam is God's body represented substantially. Behind Adam, the father of humanity and the substantiated corporeal form of the incorporeal being, God was meant to stand in the position of the internal Father. (139-233, 1986.1.31)

Originally, without the Fall taking place, God would have come to dwell in Adam and Eve. God is the being with the dual characteristics of external form and internal nature, and the objects of that external form and internal nature are Adam and Eve. It was God's intention to enter their minds and form the realm of oneness of mind and body with them.

God was to be in the position of the mind of the original and perfected human beings. Human beings were in the position of His perfected body, and in this realm of mind-body oneness He would get married through Adam and Eve. That wedding is substantially and horizontally Adam and Eve's marriage, but vertically it would be God's wedding. (256-85, 1994.3.12)

Who on earth are Adam and Eve? Theirs is the position where the harmonization of humanity based on their horizontal ideal love is supposed to take place, the right angle set, and the focal point set up. That position would intersect the lines drawn from above to below, left to right, and front to back. What does this mean? Since God is the Subject with dual characteristics, and will enter the mind of Adam and Eve when they conform to the focal point of love, their wedding, as the ancestors of humankind who have not fallen, will be His wedding as well. (223-267, 1991.11.12)

Adam and Eve came into existence from the invisible dual characteristics of God. Those two characteristics make up the one being, God. They are harmonized based on true love. In this state, God stands in the masculine position, and created His son and daughter to be in the object position to this. Thus, when they grow up and became husband and wife centering on love, God on high can come down to them. He will stand as the invisible Parent and they as the visible parents, are to be united through love. (222-317, 1991.11.6)

God has are the qualities of both masculinity and femininity. That is why He is called the Subject with dual characteristics. The Unification Church presents this wonderful conclusion, that "The Subject with dual characteristics is God." The one who is invisible is the plus, and the ones who are visible are the minus parents. The invisible Parent is causal, the visible parents resultant. Thus, in the position of parents, God the invisible Parent and these visible parents are to become one based on love. The latter are the horizontal parents and the former the vertical Parent. (161-306, 1987.3.1)

Man and woman in union, harmonized by God's love in the united position, represent east and west respectively. The one man and the one woman representing this universe are the combined form of the dual characteristics of God. This is inevitable. When the two are united, a central axis will be created in this universe through which the love of God can be connected. (149-229, 1986.11.23)

Where can you discover God? In this day and age, however much people might have prayed, meditated, believed in religion, and so on, they could not discover Him. That is to say, they could never find God's true love. God and human beings have dual characteristics of internal and external, plus and minus. In this regard, God is concerned only with perfected human beings; aside from this standard, there are no sons and daughters or anything else. (161-323, 1987.3.8)

In considering who God is, it is seen that Eve is His wife from the internal, spiritual perspective. Entering Adam and Eve, God desires to make love. The divided dual characteristics are to unite based on love, for it is only love that can form the connection in all directions. Such is the relationship between God and humankind. God is the internal "you." However, He differs from us in that we are in the position of the His divided dual characteristics. Then why were they divided? It was to make the feeling of love more stimulating, to make it more stimulating while at the same time moving the position and changing the setting. With the move in position, reproduction came to take place. No reproduction can take place with only the vertical God. There is only one vertical position; can there be two? (187-94, 1989.1.6)

If you closely observe a woman who loves her husband, you will feel his presence with her. They have attained oneness. Isn't this the case for God? Just as all things have dual characteristics, they all return to Him in the end through the unity of the dual characteristics.

Those who unite centering on true love become God's friends. He enters into them. Man's center is woman. Since she is in his relational realm, she revolves with him as the center. He is the center around which she revolves. He doesn't revolve around her. When he stands in the center, she naturally centers on him. (213-266, 1991.1.21)

In order for God to be the Father, He must be connected to us through lineage, life and love. God, who is a being of dual characteristics, took pleasure in thinking about love when He was alone, but in order to become the central owner of a world of harmonized pairs in all directions, He divided the dual characteristics that are within Himself. Therefore, the Unification Church teaches not origin-antithesis-union, but rather origin-division-union. (199-276, 1990.2.20)

What happens when Adam and Eve get married? Does not God exist with dual characteristics? His femininity enters Eve and His masculinity enters Adam, and the two unite. To put it another way, Adam and Eve are the bodies of God in substantial form. In such a way, God enters the internal dual characteristics of Adam and Eve and unites with them through love. Through this, they inherit His lineage. (137-88, 1985.12.24)

Where does God enter? He enters the mind of Adam and Eve. Does God have dual characteristics? These two characteristics enter one root and bind together. This is how their sons and daughters are connected. Connected through love, and with the body, mind and spirit firmly rooted, would the sons and daughters of love born from there go to hell? No one could deal arbitrarily with it. The absolute body, mind, spirit, absolute man and woman are united through the sexual organs, which are the source of life, love and lineage, based on God's absolute love. (194-343, 1989.10.30)

Who on earth are God, Adam and Eve? Who are Adam and Eve? If Adam had not fallen and become perfected, God would have entered into him, and if Eve had become perfected, He would have entered into her. God would have entered the separate embodiments in substantial form of His dual characteristics and brought together in union what was divided. How is God to bring this union about? It is not through force. It is through love. From love, stimulation is generated, and reproduction is brought about, the reproduction of the ideal world. (148-290, 1986.10.25)

God is the vertical Father. Adam and Eve before the Fall were to have been the horizontal parents. God is the vertical Parent to everything that exists with dual characteristics, and Adam and Eve would be their horizontal parents. Then where should they meet? True love passes through the shortest route. (199-361, 1990.2.21)

3.2. Fundamental principle of the ideal oneness of God and humankind in love

3.2.1. Explaining the oneness of God and humankind

What is it that I have agonized over the most? It is the matter of how to facilitate the oneness of God and humankind in love, and how to explain it logically. If this is not clarified, this arrangement cannot logically take root. If these fundamental circumstances of love for human beings are not established, everything will go wrong. (249-223, 1993.10.10)

The love of God and the love of humankind become the issue. Whether the love of God and the love of human beings are of the same color, or of different colors, is a great matter. Where do the two loves finally settle down together? If they do not finally settle down together, and lay down the base for the oneness of God and humankind in love, neither God nor humankind can come to settle. If God feels joyful and human beings also feel joyful through love, but the place where they are doing so is different, then there will be serious trouble. (257-58, 1994.3.13)

In pursuing fundamental problems, I thought a great deal about where on earth the realm of oneness of God and humankind would be. This is a very important question. If it were not answered, the starting point and the final destination would not be in accord. In the pursuit of this question, an awakening like a flashing thunderbolt came to me: that true love passes through the shortest route. That one realization solved everything. If heaven and earth were connected through true love, it would be through the shortest distance. In other words, there is only one perpendicular. It is always at ninety degrees to the horizontal. That is the shortest possible distance. (250-153, 1993.10.14)

Why do we marry? We marry to perfect love. If, horizontally, right and left, east and west are man and woman, then their true ideal will pass through the shortest distance, and so on the face of it, there will be only one point at the center that is at the shortest distance from horizontal love. That could only be at ninety degrees. If that angle increases, the shape formed would be an oval, which would not be proper. No other angle is the same. It is only the ninety-degree angle that allows everything to stand in the same position of equality on the same basis. Therefore, the meeting place of love through the oneness of God and humankind can only be situated at an angle of ninety degrees. (224-167, 1991.11.24)

The term for God as the vertical Father has emerged. Centered on true love, God is the vertical Parent, and Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents. Vertical and horizontal meet at ninety degrees. These are the fundamentals of the universe. Ultimately, God created human beings so He could have His wedding. He created them for His love. With this explanation, all difficult fundamental questions can be resolved. (252-319, 1993.1.5)

What I agonized over the most in delving into the fundamental truths of the universe was the question of how love moves and settles. By discovering the fact that love travels the shortest distance, everything came to be resolved.

If love were to come from above, seeing that heaven is above and the earth is below, what route would true love take to come to earth from heaven? It would take the shortest possible distance. What would that be? It is the perpendicular, isn't it? There is only one perpendicular. It is the shortest distance. Granted that love takes the fastest and shortest route, there can be only one meeting point of the heavenly and earthly worlds. There are not two. There is absolutely only one. (211-77, 1990.12.29)

Adam and Eve came into being from the invisible dual characteristics of God. Those two characteristics, which are invisible, together make up the one being. They are harmonized based on true love. In this state, God stands in the masculine position, and created His son and daughter to be in the objective position to His dual characteristics. Thus, when they grew up and became husband and wife centering on love, God on high could come down to where they were. He would stand as the invisible Parent and they as the visible parents, were to be united through true love. (222-317, 1991.11.6)

When people achieve perfection, they attain divine nature, become perfect like our Father in heaven, and attain divine value. Though God is the Absolute Being, He cannot fulfill the ideal of true love alone, for that requires a partner. Here, we need to understand the relationship between the beginning and perfection of God's true love and the true love of human beings. If God had not established human beings as the absolute object beings of true love, and instead tried to achieve the beginning and perfection of His true love, without human beings, what would have happened? The motivating forces of the true love ideals of God and humankind would have been different, and consequently the direction and purpose of the two loves would have been different. (282-209, 1997.3.13)

Who on earth are Adam and Eve? Theirs is the position where the harmonization of humanity based on their horizontal ideal love is supposed to take place, the right angle set, and the focal point set up. That position would intersect the lines drawn from above to below, left to right, and front to back. What does this mean? Since God is the Subject with dual characteristics, and will enter the mind of Adam and Eve when they conform to the focal point of love, the wedding of these ancestors of humankind who have not fallen would be His wedding as well. (223-267, 1991.11.12)

Where is the starting point of human perfection? It is the place most precious to God and human beings, the basis for the continuance of this universe. It is the origin of all elements at the time of creation. In short, it is love. We were born for love. What would this love be? It would be true love. Nothing, not the eyes, the mouth, or the five sensory organs can part from that true love. They are meant to revolve around it, to come and go in accordance with it, to ascend only when it ascends, and to descend only when it descends. Thus, we can concentrate our five sensory organs on one focal point. What enables this? Not money or knowledge or power. It is nothing other than true love. (210-317, 1990.12.27)

Where must vertical and horizontal come together? Where is the union of heaven and earth to take place? It takes place at the perpendicular. The path followed by love takes the shortest distance. The question of where it is supposed to settle cost me untold effort.

In clarifying the fundamentals of the universe, I came to know that there is both vertical love and horizontal love. How did I know this? We cannot rise perpendicularly in an instant -- whoosh. If that could be done, we would have to stand on the spot without moving an inch. Besides, if we were to love vertically, we would have to be different. In this state, where or how would we revolve? We could not. If there is love both in heaven and on earth, the most serious question related to the way that the two loves would be connected is how these loves would be brought together. The one thing I know for certain is that love passes through the shortest distance. (214-232, 1991.2.2)

What God wants is to achieve oneness with humankind through true love. The oneness of God and humankind! This signifies the realm of the union of God and human beings. If the standard of ideal that gives joy to God were contradictory to that desired by humankind, the situation would be dire. They need to become one face to face.

In other words, they need to become one horizontally and vertically. When these meet on the perpendicular, then front and back, left and right, upper and lower the right side and the left side, all twelve directions will fit in perfectly wherever they are placed, for they would all be at ninety degrees. (223-346, 1991.11.20)

Until now no one knew the logic as to where God's love and the love of humankind come together. Without this being known, the term 'Heavenly Father' would be groundless, completely irrelevant. Adam and Eve were to be God's bodies. What does it signify that everything will be as Adam and Eve named them? It means that God has entered their bodies and is naming them together.

Once they are perfected, God's internal nature would enter the man's mind and His external form would enter the woman's mind. The actual marriage ceremony of Adam and Eve was also to be God's wedding. You will understand this clearly when you pass into the spirit world. These incomprehensible theories will all make sense. Thus, only when you have completely occupied God's love will your desire be fully satisfied and will you declare, "Now it is done!" (252-119, 1993.11.14)

God is the root of love, life, lineage and the root of His kingdom on earth and in heaven. At the time of Adam and Eve's wedding, God enters their minds and fulfills the love that arises through oneness. God is the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve are the horizontal true parents. Since we were given flesh and blood and born from such parents, the mind is our vertical self and the body our horizontal self.

Those who have perfected mind-body oneness in love by uniting with God in love become His sons and daughters. Once they become His princes and princesses, they are in a father-child relationship with Him, and so can inherit everything from Him. When these children attain conjugal oneness based on true love, they form a family attending God, and the starting point of peace and the ideal.

Man and woman, each being a half of the whole, unite and complete God's ideal love as His partners. That is to say, based on true love, God will perfect humankind as beings having infinite value. As such, through the perfection of true love He will perfect the world of the ideal of creation that is the home of eternal ideal love. (254-106, 1994.2.1)

God, the Subject Being of true love, created humankind as the object beings of that true love. His love ideal can be perfected only through human beings. His purpose of creation is the world of the absolute love ideal through the oneness of God and humankind in love. God created human beings as God's highest and very best object partners of His love. Accordingly, of all forms of creation, human beings are His object partners uniquely embodying His image. They were born as visible beings in front of the invisible God. When human beings are perfected, they become God's temples. They are the corporeal beings into whom God can freely and comfortably come and dwell at any time. God's absolute overall ideal of true love is realized and fulfilled only through human beings in the form of the vertical parent-child relationship. (277-198 1996.4.16)

3.2.2. The base for the oneness of God and humankind

Where do God's love and the love of humankind meet? At the point where love, life and lineage settle. If it were not for that place, there would be no way for love, life and lineage to connect. What is that place, that sexual organ, and what is it used for? It is the place where the lives of man and woman connect, and where their lineage and blood intersect. God's life, love and lineage, and those of man and woman are connected through this one point of settlement. Based on it, their descendants come forth. (205-63, 1990.7.7)

Where do God's absolute love and the absolute love of humankind meet? Only at one point. Where would that be? It is where the sexual organs unite on the wedding night. Well, did you ever think about meeting God there? The question is: where would you unite with Him? If the base on which the absolute God can settle, and the ideal love desired by human beings, Adam and Eve, are not the same base but are two different ones, then there would be two different directions and purposes for love. This would mean that human beings could never form a relationship with God's absolute love, and consequently it would be wrong to say that He created for the sake of love.

Is that not the place where our existence began? Men and women are born there. They did not come into being through kissing, did they? Therefore, would it not be desirable for the male and female sexual organs to unite absolutely? Do husbands and wives long to unite absolutely or moderately? To receive love through that organ, a woman needs to stand in the position where she attends not only her husband, but also God spiritually. Externally, Adam's sexual organ is his own, but internally, it is God's. Externally, the woman's sexual organ is also Eve's but it is His internally. What is invisible is vertical, and what is visible is horizontal. That is how the vertical Parent and the horizontal parents attain oneness. (282-306, 1997.4.7)

God's wedding takes place on Adam and Eve's wedding day. There would be one vertical wedding and one horizontal wedding. Through their sexual organs, man and woman would attain God's absolute love and at the same time, reach the center of that love and be united centered on His love. Had this come about, they would have been united centering on their minds, like God. (284-56, 1997.4.15)

God dwells in the place where love is absolutely unchanging. He resides in the sexual organs. He is the source of love and the origin of life, the life of man and woman, and lineage. Then where would the love, life and lineage of God and humankind come together? It can only be in this place. (287-29, 1997.8.10)

Internally, Adam and Eve's marriage ceremony is God's marriage: in other words, it is a dual wedding. What unite the two are the male and female organs. Without those, one's life would not have come into being. Through the organs, the lineages and history of humanity have been perpetuated. Even God's ideal world will be established by the children, the beloved children, who have passed through those gates. That is how His kingdom will be built. (290-81, 1998.2.3)

Whose wedding is the marriage ceremony of Adam and Eve? It is God's wedding. If that had been the case, what would have been the result? The sexual organs would have become first of all the palace of God's love, the original palace of love. That is why the family is said to be the palace, because the organs are the original palace of love. The family generally is the palace, and the organs are the vertical original palace of love. How precious they are! (265-269, 1994.11.23)

Who is Adam? Had he not fallen but instead become perfect, he would have become God's body. Eve would also have become His body. Man would have become His body on the plus side, and woman His body on the minus side. Thereupon, what would have served as the basis for them to be united? That basis would be love, the sexual organs.

Given that Adam and Eve, with God residing internally in the center of their minds, are His embodiments, what would happen when they made love through their genitals? Through whom does God make love? Through what does the mind love? Isn't it through the body? Likewise, God would enter perfected Adam, who has not fallen, like a homeowner enters his house, and the two would make love. (197-52, 1990.1.7)

Who on earth is God? He is the Creator and the vertical Parent of true love. In other words, He is the vertical Parent based on true love. Perfected Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents based on true love. These two sets of parents are to unite. Vertical and horizontal are to unite at the place where Adam and Eve make love. That place is the original palace of love, life and lineage. It is the male and female organs.

In such a manner, God Himself will give birth to His sons and daughters. They are indeed His children. You were all born of two sets of parents, and the conscience is in the reciprocal position to the vertical Parent. In view of this, the conscience is the vertical "you" and the body the horizontal "you." How do vertical and horizontal unite? If they were to unite through true parental love, the Creator's true love, body and mind would never conflict but rather would harmonize completely. (250-38, 1993.10.11)

What on earth does it mean to call God our Father? You need to know the origin of the ideal of creation. Who is God? He is our Father, and you are His children. Given that you are His children, who do you take after? You resemble Him. Would He have eyes? Would He have a nose, a mouth and ears? He would. Next, would He have a body? Would God have sexual organs? All such subjects pose questions, which must be answered logically. (196-41, 1989.12.24)

Which organ does a couple uses to make love? Where do the love of God and humankind come together? There is only one starting point. If there were two, there would be two different directions and purposes, and we would consequently conclude that both God and human beings could not be happy. If God created humankind to be the object partners of His love, the starting point where His love and their love come in contact should be one and the same. Where would that point be? Not the heart. What is the most important organ for both man and woman? It is the sexual organs, the organs which God devoted the utmost care to during the creation process. (267-315, 1995.2.5)

Should not Adam and Eve's wedding be God's wedding? Where will you go to meet God, who created the object partner of His love to be superior to Him? Where will you go to unite with Him? Through the nose? Where would it be? This is a weighty matter. As such, the sexual organs, found in both men and women, are the original garden wherein God can reside. That is where His love is perfected for the first time. That is the place where concave and convex come together as one. That is where the perfection of human beings, that is, the perfection of woman, man and God, takes place centering on love. (261-220, 1994.6.19)

Body and mind need to unite through the sexual organs. There should be only one starting place: if there were two, there would be two different directions. The final destination where the love of humankind and God's love come into contact and settle is the sexual organs. There the internal husband and the external husband are bound into oneness through love. Simply put, they are bound together where concave meets convex. (264-330, 1994.11.20)

A person reaching full maturity and marrying signifies the establishment of a relationship between God's love and the love of humankind. Centering on what? On the love organs. From a spiritual perspective, Adam's sexual organ is God's external sexual organ, and Eve's sexual organ God's internal sexual organ. From the relational point of view it signifies oneness with the woman's sexual organ. (223-19, 1991.11.7)

God's wedding is Adam and Eve's wedding, which is why His kingdom on earth and in heaven come into existence simultaneously. It starts with the love nest. The moment the male and female sexual organs come together without falling is the point where God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven originate. That is also the base where the three great kingships should be established. A love nest cannot be built anywhere else except in that place. (263-57, 1994.8.16)

Adam's wedding is also God's wedding. This is His greatest secret. By finding this out, I became a specialist in the anatomy of the sexual organs. Everything unites centered on the sexual organs. If not for them, man and woman would not know love, and there would be no place for their lives to come together. That is where their blood meets, where history is perpetuated, and where the conscience begins. (275-68, 1995.11.3)

From God's viewpoint, who is woman originally and what is her relationship with Him? God created humankind because of love. In this regard, should His love and the love of humankind be in conflict with each other, or united? If the latter, where should they unite? Where would it be? Have you ever considered this? You should think about it. That place is the sexual organs. (265-256, 1994.11.23)

You need to know that the tradition of love based on God and True Parents is the starting point for everything. Where do the true love of God and humankind unite and begin? In the sexual organs. What kind of sexual organs? They would be the true sexual organs desired by God. This is the conclusion. (267-321, 1995.2.5)

We seek to return to the original homeland -- the place where the love of God and humankind are connected -- the male and female organs. Where do the love of God and humankind begin to unite? God, who is the root of the life, love, conscience, and lineage of Adam and Eve, will, from the vertical position, inevitably enter the center of the union of the external form and internal nature of Adam and Eve, who are in the horizontal position. Therefore, Adam and Eve's marriage is also God's marriage. The male and female organs are the instruments that will liberate and perfect God. Hence, God is the Father, the vertical Father, while perfected Adam is the horizontal father. (258-78, 1994.3.16)

Do not be reckless with your sticks, but rather respect them. They are most precious. God is looking down at them; He resides in them. Furthermore, that which belongs to the wife belongs to His wife, the Queen, and should I say that which belongs to the husbands is His stick? You should think that it is the same as God's. They are not two different things. Just like the mind and the body, if God is the mind, you are His body. Though invisible, He is there with you and your sexual organs. Though the organ is attached to your bodies, you should think that what is attached to you is the unified form of two. (265-273, 1994.11.23)

Have you ever thought of your husbands' sexual organs as God's? How near does that make Him? Don't place Him on a sky-high pedestal and worship Him. He is inside your minds. You don't realize it because He is one with you. (265-104, 1994.11.20)

Due to the Fall, the male and female organs became evil things because they became the original palace that opened the gates to the evil wave of death, the laws of death, the hell of destruction, and the wicked objects that violated the laws of heaven. This was the secret hidden in history until now. Had they not fallen, the male and female sexual organs would have become the origin of love and the original palace of love, life and lineage. As such, they should have been united with God's vertical love and the horizontal love of true parents.

Since true love flows through the shortest route, the horizontal love of human beings, Adam and Eve, would also do so, and would therefore have no choice but to form a ninety degree angle. Here, an explosion should take place, caused by the joy brought about through the oneness of Adam and Eve with God in life, love and lineage. Humanity should have been born from this unifying explosion. Thus they would have become Adam and Eve's children, and God's grandchildren. Had that come to pass, why would they go to hell? Why would they need religion? They would have lived just as they were and gone to heaven. (197-175, 1990.1.13)

Since God is in the vertical position at the center, He is vertical, and Adam and Eve are horizontal, and so the place where they come together and unite is the sexual organs. Thus, God, the source of love and life, can dwell in that place, and since He is the origin of lineage, everything begins there.

If that which is the source of life, love and lineage were to be pulled, that is to say, if this bloodline were to be pulled, then along with it all ancestral bloodlines would emerge. If life were to be pulled, would the lives of the ancestors who come forth be pulled as well? Furthermore, if the love line were to be pulled, would the rest be pulled along also? That place, the headquarters where creation is concentrated and connected is the most precious place of all. The sexual organs are the distinguishing characteristic between men and women.

Then who were the male and female organs created to make a connection with first? Not for Adam or Eve, but for God. The Bible depicts the devil as a god of lewdness. Why did God hate him so? He completely destroyed His ideal intrinsic nature. So his banishment from the entire universe is foretold. (194-64, 1989.10.15)

How precious are the male and female organs? The Fall came about through them, causing the ideal of all humanity to break down. They cannot have two owners, but absolutely only one. When a woman gets married and permits hers to become one with her one and only husband, it will be for eternity. Hence, the male and female organs are precious. Where do God's love and the love of humankind meet?

God created heaven and earth for the sake of the love of the ideal of creation, and the object partner of that love is humankind. Wouldn't you all want the object partner of your love to be better than yourselves? Don't you want that? How many thousands of times better should they be? If asked, "Do you want your spouse to be a thousand times or ten thousand times better?" you would answer ten thousand times. If asked, "Ten thousand or a hundred thousand times?," then it would be a hundred thousand times, and so on and so forth to many millions of times. (263-121, 1994.8.21)

Who do you think would be the partner of love desired by God in the world of creation? What would that partner be like? Could man alone be His partner? Could woman alone be His partner? What partner does He want? Not a partner for money, knowledge or power. Since He desires a love partner, we can meet Him at the place where the male and female organs unite. (279-250, 1996.9.15)

3.2.3. The root of true lineage: God

Were it not for the Fall, God would have become the internal Father and Mother, and Adam and Eve the external father and mother. As the sons and daughters of the internal Parent, human beings should have been born inheriting the seed of love. However, due to the Fall centering on the love of Satan, they inherited his love, life and lineage. (223-234, 1991.11.10)

God stands in the position of the invisible internal Adam and the invisible internal Eve. In front of humankind, Adam was to stand as the substantial father, attending God, the internal Father, and Eve as the substantial mother, attending God, the internal Mother. Through this, the vertical basis was to be expanded to a horizontal foundation. (138-245, 1986.1.24)

Eve is God's future wife of love. God Himself is vertical, but He does not have a horizontal object. Unless vertical and horizontal are brought together, production cannot take place. God exists as the vertical. The vertical is perpendicular, and there can only be one perpendicular. The perpendicular world is incapable of multiplication. The configuration capable of multiplication is the horizontal foundation, since there is space for the realm of multiplication to unfold in all directions. Since He could not do it alone, God created His bodies in the form of Adam and Eve to multiply citizens for His kingdom. (203-296, 1990.6.27)

Originally, had they not fallen, Eve would have become God's wife and Adam His body. Through the lovemaking of Adam as God's body and Eve as God's body, the union of God and humankind, of heaven and earth, should have taken place. This union of God and of man and woman, plus and minus, should have come about, giving way to new life and new lineage through love settled vertically and horizontally. (196-233, 1990.1.1)

Who is Adam? Since God is the root, Adam is like the newly sprouting branch and bud. God and Adam are one body. Since God is the root of life, love, lineage, and conscience, He needs to feel love first. It is the Principle that the root should precede the stem in feeling love. (264-136, 1994.10.9)

Adam and Eve occupy the position of the object partners for the love of God, who is their subject partner. God's love is to become one with them at the time and place of their first lovemaking on their wedding night. However, they would not feel as if they were united with God because He has become completely one with them. But God would already be feeling the joy of the ideal of creation through the connection of love, life and lineage. In response to God's joy, man and woman feel pleasure in making love. I am referring to the marriage and union of Adam and Eve. (253-211, 1994.1.23)

God is the source of love, life and lineage. Where would the love, life and lineage of man and woman come together? It would be the secret place of man and woman, namely their sexual organs. Thus, of all great enterprises in life, the greatest is marriage. (211-240, 1990.12.30)

Regarding the relationship between God and the progenitors of humankind, Adam and Eve, the origin of our life is God. God is also the subject of our love and the center of our life. (53-238, 1972.2.29)

The marriage of Adam and Eve signifies the marriage of God with humankind. Similarly, all of you, as human beings, are to marry Him. Where is God? He is inside of us. (258-276, 1994.3.20)

Adam and Eve's wedding is also God's wedding. Who is Adam? He is God's firstborn son. He is the level, the horizontal and God is the vertical. In a family, horizontal expansion begins from the firstborn son. God and Adam form the one body of father and son centered on love. Then where does love become one? At the wedding of vertical Adam and Eve. They adore each other after reaching full maturity in order to find the vertical position. (263-124, 1994.8.21)

Through love, God is to enter Adam and Eve and become the internal Father, and they are to become His body, ultimately becoming God internally and externally. God is the internal God who created the universe, and humankind is the external god. Becoming husband and wife, and setting out to establish the palace of God's Kingdom is their great work of creation. Hell cannot exist when the palace is established, centered on the kingship of the universe and the royal family of Adam and Eve. (140-115, 1986.2.8)

If God and Adam had attained internal and external oneness, God would have been the internal God and Adam the external god. God within would have been the internal God, and Adam without would have been the external god. (41-290, 1971.2.17)

God is the Creator and the vertical Parent of true love. In other words, He is the vertical Parent based on true love. Perfected Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents based on true love. These two sets of parents are to unite. Vertical and horizontal are to unite at the place where Adam and Eve make love. That place is the original palace of love, life and lineage: the male and female organs. In this way, God Himself will give birth to His sons and daughters. They are indeed His children. You were all born from two sets of parents, with the conscience in the reciprocal position to the vertical Parent. In view of this, your conscience is the vertical "you" and your body the horizontal "you." Through what do vertical and horizontal unite? Uniting through true parental love, the Creator's true love, body and mind would never conflict but rather would harmonize completely. (250-38, 1993.10.11)

If a family embodying the oneness of God and humankind in love had been realized, today we would all go straight to the Kingdom of Heaven without having to worry about heaven or hell. In this family, God can be one with human beings by making a relationship of true love centering on the genuine, great true love, which God desired as an ideal at the time of the creation. But without the true love of God and the true love of true human beings becoming one as the true love, there would be two starting points. If God's true love and the true love of human beings were to start as two different forms of love and thus have different directions and purposes it would be impossible to find the absolute ideal world desired by God and human beings. (275-54, 1995.10.30)

The Unification Church differs from established churches in that it states that the oneness of God and humankind takes place and settles through love. Other theologies define God as holy and humankind as low and sinful. If this were the case, how could the love of God and of humankind become one? There is no answer to this. The problem lies in the belief that the absolute God can do anything. As a result, wherever Christianity went, much blood was shed. Christianity invaded plundered and created dictators, dragging God's name into it. The world should not be like that. From the viewpoint of God's original nature, that is not how things should be. (249-145, 1993.10.8)

3.3. Why marriage is important

3.3.1. The purpose of marriage is to resemble God

These are the fundamentals of the universe and the same is also true of God's perfection. Possessing dual characteristics, Adam and Eve are to unite with Him vertically. Thus, it is human beings who will perfect and liberate God. In addition, it is God who will perfect and liberate human beings. They cannot be separated from each other; they must all love each other together in that position. (277-25, 1996.3.17)

Since Adam and Eve arose out of God's dual characteristics, they can be said to have emerged from the same bundle. In other words, they are like brother and sister born from the same womb as twins. Touching each other, the twin brother and sister suckle separate breasts and think together centering on love. They love each other embraced in the bosom of their mother. (238-248, 1992.11.22)

Since God's original nature is composed of dual characteristics, wouldn't it be natural to see two parts when separation takes place? Man is the god of internal nature and woman is the god of external form. Only when the two are united, that is, the two separate beings are brought together, can the axis centering on love be created. This axis cannot be touched by anyone. From this we can conclude that even God must absolutely obey this axis of love. All this is logical. (206-296, 1990.10.14)

Where is the standard of unity? It is on the perpendicular. Had the Fall not occurred, where would God and humankind meet? People get married to meet God, to be engrafted to His love. Like God, we should seek the ideal object partner of our love because we are born for love and through love we are united with the universe. This cannot be done alone. We are the divided forms of God's dual characteristics. (203-247, 1990.6.26)

Why marry? We marry to resemble God. He has dual characteristics and is a unified being in which both characteristics are harmonized. Man and woman were created to resemble each of His dual characteristics. Thus, man and woman should come together in complete unity and harmony, become like the seed, and return to the position of God's original character. For us to connect to that seed we need to go the way of love, and so we need to be born out of love. We need to be raised with love as our goal, live centering on love, and walk the path that will lead us back to God's love in heaven. You must understand that if you do not follow the path focused on that goal while living on earth, you will be headed in the wrong direction. If you keep your mind focused on leading a life of loving others you will be on the right path, no matter which way you go, as if you were trying to find your way to the South Pole or the North Pole. (138-97, 1986.1.19)

You get married not just for yourself, but for your spouse as well. Does that mean to say that marriage is more for your spouse than yourself? Since everything in heaven and earth is based on the principle of subject and object, for man and woman to get married is also a rule in heaven and earth.

If man represents right, woman represents left, this is so that they can form a horizontal relationship in the universe. If man is subject, woman becomes his object; this forms a vertical, upper and lower relationship with God. Therefore marriage is not for the sake of just the man or just the woman. It is to conform to heavenly law. The reason man and woman are shaped differently is so they can come together according to heavenly law. (Blessing - 356)

Why get married? To love God. What can you achieve after loving Him? You become one with His axis. What are we trying to achieve by becoming one with God? What happens when we become one with Him? Why should we become one with Him? Centering on the eternal love of the absolute God, eternal life can be achieved. This is not all. You must know that starting at the point where contact is made, the right to inherit the universe is bestowed. The world created by God centering on love belongs to Him, but it can become ours through the right of inheritance. (136-39, 1985.12.20)

Why get married? It is not for Adam and Eve to discover their own love. It is to make a secondary circle centering on the nucleus which is the vertical love of God. That is the ideal. God's ideal of creation is also fulfilled centering on such a love, and only through the union of a mature man and woman can love be fulfilled and connected to life. The connection cannot be made through life, but rather through love. Centering on vertical paternal love, with horizontal conjugal love, the seed of original love can be connected for the first time. (173-288, 1988.2.21)

Marriage is where the ideal of creation is perfected. The perfection of God's children, siblings, and the ideal man and woman takes place in marriage. The substantial unity of the dual characteristics, internal nature and external form as they existed before being manifested in the form of Adam and Eve, takes place here. (252-118, 1993.11.14)

Separately, God's spiritual dual characteristics were manifested in the form of Adam and Eve. Through marriage the two can reunite vertically. The moment they are united in marriage, the incomplete halves are completed, achieve perfection, and embrace each other's worlds. Only the power of love can bring this about. Not only that, but through marriage they occupy God and their spouse. That is exactly what marriage is. It cannot be done casually. (255-260, 1994.3.11)

What is marriage? Through marriage, man occupies woman's world, which he was previously ignorant about. Woman also occupies man's world. Prior to marriage, man is a mystery to woman, as is he to her. They are in the same situation. By mutually occupying each other's mysterious worlds, thereby possessing both worlds, man and woman can be united before God, the Subject of dual characteristics, and thus they can become one with Him. (261-218, 1994.6.19)

Man is born for woman, and vice versa. Marriage brings two halves to perfection. It makes the half that is man and the half that is woman whole again, and then they occupy God. Man and woman are divided as dual characteristics and then reunited in love. What was divided from the origin was reunited. (270-167, 1995.5.29)

Adam and Eve's marriage can also be said to be God's marriage. God, who is the root of love, life, lineage and conscience, should experience love first. God, and then the husband, should be welcomed into the place of marriage. God's dual characteristics should go into Adam and Eve's minds respectively. In other words, the origin divides and enters the two separately. This is how origin-division-union action takes place. Plus and minus are completely united in this way. (273-84, 1995.10.21)

Why get married? We marry to resemble God. He has dual characteristics and is a unified being in which both characteristics are harmonized. Man and woman were created to resemble each of His characteristics. Thus, man and woman should come together in complete unity and harmony, and become like a seed, returning to the position of God's original character. Marriage signifies attaining the position in which the couple can become one with God. (290-53, 1998.2.2)

What is marriage? Through marriage, woman who is only half-complete is made whole by the fulfillment of love with a man. The same is true of man, in that he is perfected through marriage by becoming one in love with a woman. Thus, the male and female organs are absolutely necessary. The male organ was made for woman and the female sexual organ for man. Their sexual organs were not made for themselves. (265-101, 1994.11.20)

Great is the love of the first night of marriage. That is first love. This is the moment a woman offers her body, which she has safeguarded all her life, to her man. This is also the case for the man. On that night, a man offers his chaste body one hundred percent to his woman. The lives they led before marriage were all in preparation for that night. (250-97, 1993.10.12)

When man and woman meet, and love blossoms between them, do you think they should unite absolutely, or remain separate? How does absolute oneness come about? Through man and woman kissing? Through which part do they become one? Marriage is intended to perfect the ideal of the sexual organs. Marriage is to satisfy that ideal. Is that wrong or right? This may sound like a coarse conclusion, but it is not coarse at all. It seems coarse because it is expressed in the words of coarse people in a secular world, but it is holy in God's original world. Where is the most holy place desired by God? It's the place wherein love can dwell forever. (279-71, 1996.7.24)

A woman on her way to find her man should be thinking: "I am seeking the one who is more precious than God. I am on my way to meet you with what is most precious. With great care, I have treasured and saved this my whole life. I love you." When women yearn for their men in such manner, their sexual area throbs. (206-141, 1990.10.3)

Filial love is perfected in the moment a married man and woman make love, that is, have sexual intercourse, for the first time. Here, the perfection of fraternal heart and conjugal heart takes place. This moment is also the starting point for the perfection of the heart of future parents. Thus, the woman's sexual part is the original palace of love, the origin of love. From there love begins; it does not begin in midair. (257-100, 1994.3.13)

What perfects man and woman? Married life: where the concave and convex of man and woman are unified, focused on love. You should know that is through love that they are unified. Looking from a structural point of view at the entire human body, there is nothing like the sexual organs. They were created to be the nucleus of the whole. In the process of creation, God invested the greatest effort into them. (263-261, 1994.10.15)

Mutual perfection is achieved through marriage and by the union of man and woman, who are two halves, through their sexual organs. Man becomes perfected through woman's love. He perfects her, and she him. This perfection, and union of true life, takes place centering on true love. Man and woman are unified in true love.

It happens in the place where the two are united through activation of life, with love as the center. That is where their blood is brought together in one melting pot. Sons and daughters are born from there. You should know that place is more precious than sons and daughters, your husbands, and even God. (280-199, 1997.1.1)

Where man and woman embrace each other in love is the place wherein the universe is unified. That is how the creation appears when it fulfills God's ideal as originally intended. (22-201, 1969.2.4)

Of all blessings, the most precious is God's love. Next is inheriting God's creative power. Just as God created Adam and Eve, we are given the power to create through the children we give birth to. Why do we love our children? It is because through them, we horizontally inherit God's great achievements; the ability to create in this substantial realm. As a result, we feel the same joy from our children that God felt when he created Adam and Eve.

Next, God bestowed upon us the right of dominion. Because of this, we can have dominion over the creation just as God has dominion over it. Therefore, we should understand that at the moment we are married, we inherit God's love, the power of re-creation and the right of dominion in the realm of perfection. Hence, marriage refers not only to the fulfillment of love, but also to inheritance of rights over creation and dominion. (76-45, 1975.1.26)

The free sex rampant in this world is a trap Satan made to cause people to fall and to prevent them from coming closer to God. Once caught in this trap, they will die and be controlled by Satan or become his prey. In today's western societies, the USA in particular, due to the prevalence of free sex, it is becoming more and more difficult to form ideal families, and the number of people failing to form families is increasing daily. Thus, in the not-too-distant future, the majority of people will not have families at all.

When that happens, the USA will become a loveless society. I can confidently predict that it will become a hellish society in the end, dominated by anxiety and fear caused by mistrust. At this point of time, you in the USA have been given the responsibility and mission to eradicate these social trends, and instead establish a society brimming with love, the society God hopes for. (Blessing - 361)

In the Unification Church, our views on marriage are different. The purpose of marriage is for us to return to the Origin. (182-186, 1988.10.23)

3.3.2. Conjugal love and absoluteness

If a husband and wife love each other so much that their love is about to explode on the basis of their minds loving God and humanity, God and the universe will be able to feel elated through that family. The love that they share cannot be anything else but the love for God and humanity. That root of love cannot be found within oneself. The love of God and humanity are its source. (35-239, 1970.10.19)

After marriage, nothing is horizontal anymore because when a higher being is connected to a lower being, the concept of perpendicularity emerges. A horizontal foundation can control the universe but not the cosmos. Only when vertical meets horizontal perpendicularly, can all sides fit together, be it heaven as earth, earth as heaven, front as back, back as front, right as left, high as low and before as after. The perfected standard on earth leads to the total perfection of the spirit world. (230-259, 1992.5.8)

After getting married, the place where husband and wife share true love is the origin of the love, life and lineage of God and humankind. This palace is the starting point of God's Ideal, His kingdom on earth and in heaven. The children born of this true love then achieve conjugal oneness by focusing on true love, form a family that attends God, and become the starting point of peace and the ideal. Man and woman, who are only halves by themselves, unite and complete the ideal love of God as His object partners. (259-45, 1994.3.27)

When a man and a woman receive the Blessing and feel joy by giving and receiving perfected love, in God's eyes, it's like a flower blossoming on earth. Moreover, everything that occurs through their love is like the fragrance of flowers to Him. He would then come to reside in such a family, since He desires to live amidst such a beautiful fragrance. The foundation where His love comes down is where conjugal love takes place. That will also become the place where all things and the universe can unite in harmony. (Blessing - 887)

Who is the owner of the male and female organs? It is the vertical God. Where do the ideal love of God and human beings come together? In the sexual organs. We marry to meet God. These are amazing words. God does not reside in some other separate place. When we have attained that position we will find Him dwelling there. Where does the teaching concerning the three great subjects come together and take root? It is in love. The love of God and human beings come together through the sexual organs. Marriage is for us to be engrafted to God's vertical love.

Thunder and lightning caused by negative and positive electricity on a cloudy day symbolizes the marriage of the universe. A loud noise is audible at such times, right? Are not pigeons noisy when they make love? Do you cry out when making love? I'm sure you have a hard time stifling the cry that threatens to come out of your mouths lest your mother and father may hear you. Be spontaneous. There is no need to hide such things. It is no longer a sin to shout until the windowpanes shatter all at once. Just as lightning flashes with a peal of thunder, so should you blaze. In marriage, you should attain that state of living in attendance of a holy woman or man, and God. Buddhist monks will never get to know such a world of love, no matter how much they practice asceticism. (203-255, 1990.6.26)

Do you think God does not see you making love? It is all out in the open. It is open for the universe to see. It is very wrong to be unaware of this fact. Your ancestors are watching from the spirit world; they can see it as if it is taking place right before their eyes, like on the palm of their hands. Therefore it is very wrong to think making love is embarrassing. (250-244, 1993.10.15)

Love is eternal. There cannot be two loves that are eternal but only one. When man and woman are bound together through love, they should live together in happy union while on earth until parted by death. Even after death they should live together eternally. Although there are two bodies, they attain oneness by reuniting. When the two bodies unite, they are to revolve around God, thereby establishing the four-position foundation of love; that is the ideal world. False love cannot invade this world, and only true love will dwell there. (Blessing - 344)

What sort of a couple are an ideal husband and wife? They are the husband and wife who can substantially manifest the highest art and greatest literature. Before they can come in contact with the highest ideal and cultural world, the sweetest, greatest love shared by husband and wife should become the best work of art in the world. Their conjugal life should become the greatest work of literature, the embodiment of literature itself. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

Art should be manifested in the family. Husbands should become entertaining and artistic. If you find a good article in a magazine, mark it up and read it out loud in a wonderful voice to your wife as she is about to fall asleep. If you imagine in a dream that your wife was moved with emotion just as she went to sleep, it will come true. You would be connected to the spirit world. How splendid that is! Would you like to live like that, or would you prefer living like an unrefined couple? If you want to live in style, first adopt a flamboyant attitude and direction. That is the first condition. (271-282, 1995.8.28)

By giving birth to a baby you occupy the top quarter of God's world. By ascending to God's position and loving our children, we can experience God's inner heart and how much He loved human beings after creating them. (224-28, 1991.11.21)

By giving birth to sons and daughters and taking on the position of parents, a couple can experience how joyful God felt when He was creating human beings. Through the experience of having sons and daughters we are initiated into the world where we can inherit all God's powers, the Great Subject of heaven and earth. The responsibility of the mother and father entails producing sons and daughters, raising them well and marrying them off. God was to raise Adam and Eve and marry them, but He could not do so. Adam and Eve also failed to give birth to sons and daughters and have them married. This deplorable failure must be resolved. These become the principles of education. (223-196, 1991.11.10)

A couple can perpetuate their lineage by uniting and having sons and daughters. They can experience God's joy of creating in this horizontal world through being elevated to the position of creators, and giving birth to sons and daughters. Thus, the wife should be treated the same as the sons and daughters because her position combines that of sons, daughters and siblings. Hence, husband and wife cannot be separated. Love is not meant to be satisfied thoughtlessly. In order to have sons and daughters, the couple needs to reach the inherent standard originally desired by God as the ideal of creation by complying with all such traditions. In this way, the family becomes the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven. (223-24, 1991.11.7)

Circular motion manifests in all sorts of forms and figures once you become one centered on God. That is why the older sibling must love the younger, following the example of their parents loving them. Love within the family blossoms when a family unites into one in that way, the. Then that family love becomes love within a society, and then the love within a nation. In this way, it becomes the love of the whole world. (28-168, 1970.1.11)

Since God is the original substance of true love, when one gets connected to true love, everyone becomes part of one body. Parents are gods living in God's stead on earth, husband and wife are mutual counterpart gods, and sons and daughters are little gods. A family structure comprising three generations with true love as the focus is the basis of the Kingdom of Heaven. Without achieving this type of family, the kingdom cannot be established. The family is the center of the universe. The perfection of the family is the basis for the perfection of the universe, and so if there is love in a family and love for the universe, you can freely go anywhere. Then God would stand in the combined central position of love as the Parent of the whole universe. (298-306, 1999.1.17)

Monuments of peace should be erected for woman's chastity and man's fidelity because man and woman are trusted absolutely. When this is equalized for eternity there will be happiness. The treasure of all treasures is woman; she was but one half, however in occupying her husband, heaven and earth are reunited. To God, who is above us, sons and daughters are born, who are below Him. In short, an upper-lower relationship is formed.

Next, based on the conjugal relationship, expansion takes place in all directions. At last the family can settle down centering on the front and back relationship of siblings. One needs to have brothers and sisters. This organization of the relationships of up and down, left and right, and front and back, must take firm root.

As such, the only treasure man has is his wife. Even if he were to abandon all his assets, the one thing he cannot change is his wife. She is his one and only treasure. (2000.9.1) 

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