Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eleven - The Root of the Universe
Chapter Two - The Creation of Humankind and the Perfection of the Ideal of Love
Section 2. The Sexual Organs Are the Three Great Original Palaces, and the Most Holy Place

2.1. The original palace of love, life and lineage

How did man and woman come into existence? What makes them different? How do they become one? Centering on what do man and woman unite? Centering on the sexual organs. This is how they harmonize. Love is perfected in this place. True love is perfected for the first time there. That is also where the lives of man and woman are united, and their lineages interchanged and planted. The sexual organs are the original palace of the ideal love and lineage. The absolute original place is called the original palace, and no one can change its value. (228-51, 1992.3.3)

The sexual organs of Adam and Eve are places of greatness. That is why they are termed the original palace of love. This is an amazing term. The palace wherein all creation can be perfected and even God Himself can be perfected and dwell, in is the original palace.

Neither the kingdom in heaven nor the kingdom on earth is first; it begins in the family. The sexual organs are the original palace. These are amazing words. That place is also the original palace centered on true love, as well as true life. It is the original palace centered on lineage and the starting point of God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven. (263-347, 1994.10.27)

The sexual organs of human beings are the place of true love. Isn't that where man and woman are connected in the act of love? It is not anywhere else. That is the palace where the lives of man and woman are connected and made one. When man and woman are unified, their sons and daughters are born from that lineage. Therefore it is the palace of the lineage. The sexual organs are that important. (231-275, 1992.6.7)

The male and female sexual organs are the palace of love, the royal palace of love. Which is more precious: the womb or the male and female sexual organs? Answer me. Did they come into being because of the womb or vice versa? These are serious words and not for you to laugh at. The womb came into being because of the existence of man. The female sexual organ was made for man. Without the sexual organs, there cannot be love. Love could not be found. Without passing through them, life cannot continue. What good would be the existence of man and woman? Life could not continue. Without passing through them, the lineage that links history could not continue. (245-70, 1993.2.28)

What are the sexual organs? They are the palaces centered on true love, true life and true lineage. They are the most precious things. If they disappeared, so would heaven and earth, and without them, God's ideal, God's family, and God's will could not be fulfilled. They are the origin, from which the perfection of everything can be achieved. (216-218, 1991.4.1)

The female sexual organ is the universal origin. The place where one forms the connection of love is the original palace of love. It is the original palace. Love begins there. Lovemaking on the wedding night is the beginning of the original palace of love. It is the place where the life of man and woman unite for the first time. Thus, this place is the original palace of ideal life, and it is also the original palace of lineage, since lineage begins there. Furthermore, since the Kingdom of Heaven also begins there, that place is the original palace of God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven, the original palace of perfection of humankind and of God. (257-324, 1994.3.16)

Where is the principal place through which not only man and woman, but also God Himself can be perfected? Where can the love of God, and man and woman be perfected? Where is the central place of settlement? This is the question. If you don't know the answer to this question, you cannot expand and extend the Kingdom of Heaven of the ideal of love on earth. Is it the eyes, the nose, the hands, the feet? Where is it? It is the concave and the convex. (261-167, 1994.6.9)

Where is the stronghold from which life begins? Where is the original homeland of love and lineage? It is the male and female sexual organs. Through what do man and woman become one? They become one centering on love. Everything begins from that point. Life begins from that point, and lineage also begins from there. You must not lose these three precious bases. They cannot be exchanged for heaven and earth. (218-133, 1991.7.14)

The original palace of love, life, and lineage are the sexual organs. The origin and the destination of true love most sought after by God are the male and female sexual organs. From there the life of man and woman fuse together. From there, their lineages are interwoven and human beings, who embodying history, is connected by a kinship of blood, which is why they are most precious. (212-297, 1991.1.8)

Your sexual organ is more important than your head. The origin of true love is not in your head. The origin of true life is not in your head. The origin of true lineage is not in your head. Where is this origin, then? It is in the sexual organs. Isn't that true? Everything can be found in the sexual organs: life, love, and lineage. They are the original palace of love. The root of life can also be found there. It is the same in the case of lineage. The sexual organs are the most precious part of not only our body, but also our present and our past. Without them, human reproduction would be impossible. (203-104, 1990.6.17)

"My sexual organ is the original palace of love, life, and lineage." Only in this way can it become the palace in which God can reside. Since God is the King of kings, He needs to reside in His original palace. So if you want God to come and dwell within you, you need to become the original palace of love, life, lineage, and conscience. (280-197, 1997.1.1)

The sexual organs are the palace of love. What is the current state of that palace of love? The human sexual organs are the most precious in the world: they are the palace of love, life and lineage. They are the most sacred, the most precious, in the world. Life, love and lineage are connected to them. These sacred organs were defiled by Satan. (218-176, 1991.7.28)

What is the sexual organ, the original palace where man and woman make love? It is the palace of love, life and lineage. Grandfathers and grandmothers treasure it, as do fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, and all sons and daughters yet to be born. Is there any woman or man who does not treasure it? Then why did they become such a bad thing? People regard any word connected to sex as bad. Why is it bad? It should be holy. You should accept words connected to sex as holy. The sexual organs connect to eternal love to bring forth eternal life and eternal lineage. They are the most precious things. (210-101, 1990.12.1)

The male and female organs are the palace of life. They are the starting point of new life and the unchanging, originating place. They are the palace of life, and the unchanging palace of love. They are the foundation whereupon the conscience can settle centered on the ideal. They are the basis of lineage. From them life buds. From them love becomes one. From them man and woman unite. Since the Fall occurred through the sexual organs, they became the monsters that destroyed heaven and earth. Therefore, in the present age we treat them as evil.

They were created by God with the utmost care. The core marrow of all created beings were extracted and connected to them. The sexual organs are connected one hundred percent to the essence of love and life, and the essence of history springs from them. Hope, happiness, and the beginning of the realm of freedom based on love all stem from these organs. (262-114, 1994.7.23)

Where is the source of life, love and lineage? Where is it? It is the sexual organs. As they were subverted, they came to be the lewdest words in the world. If they had not gone awry, they would have become not the lewdest words but the grandest. They are holy words. Aren't holy words the opposite of lewd words? What could be more exalted than true words? True words are only established in reciprocal relationships, but holy words indicate the vertical, the spherical realm.

If human beings had not fallen, the male organ would be the palace of love. Therefore it cannot be used recklessly. It is also the palace of life. Isn't life generated from it? Where does life come from? The palace of life. The sexual organs are also the palace of lineage. From them our life is born, inheriting lineage. They are the source of our life, lineage, and love. As such, our ancestors should have valued and esteemed them. (206-125, 1990.10.3)

How much would God have delighted in making them? Think about which parts of the male and female bodies He would have created with the utmost pleasure and care. It is the sexual organs that were thus created. They are not receptacles for storing uncooked rice. They are receptacles that generate life. They are the sexual organs of life that initiate life. Without them, no life would emerge, even after the passing of eons. Then there would be no nations, and heaven and earth would become one vast expanse of darkness and desert. (283-256, 1997.4.13)

True loves arises from that place where God's sons and daughters are born. That place is the sexual organs. However, they are treated most contemptuously. They are treated as the lewdest because heaven and earth were subverted, but in the restored world they are the original palace of love, life, lineage and conscience.

We are ignorant of the fact that without the sexual organs, no nation would have come into existence, and there would be neither the beginning nor the development of the ideal world. (286-170, 1997.8.9)

Why did the sexual organs come into existence? They came into existence because of love, life, lineage and conscience. Without passing through them, there can be no love, life, lineage or conscience. When creating human beings, which part would have been harder for God to create, the five sensory organs of eyes, nose, and so on, or the sexual organs? Do we appeal to love through the five sensory organs? Are these the organs where love, life, lineage and conscience converge? Absolutely not. The only such place is the sexual organs. That is where the second fruits of love, life, lineage and conscience are borne, and we call these fruits our sons and daughters. Without the sexual organs, nothing can exist. The entire world would cease to exist.

Until now people have not known how precious the sexual organs are. Some might think proudly, "I am the best in the world!" but without their genitals they would be nothing. By genitals I am referring to the true sexual organs. (281-189, 1997.2.13)

Where is the palace of life, love and lineage? Isn't it the family, the couple? Isn't that place the home of conjugal love? The male and female sexual organs should fulfill that task. You all should give birth to royal descendants. Based on God's love, you need to give birth to the true princes and princesses of heaven. That is true life. You must bequeath a true lineage to posterity. (221-13, 1991.10.20)

The sexual organs are the palace of life. The palace is the first original home representing the whole. What is the king? He is the center of formation, growth, and completion. The center of those three stages is the king. From that perspective, we consider that this Chinese character came about through revelation. Do you have the palace of love? Do men and women have the palace of love? Yet why would people that possess the palace of love worry? Would they know unhappiness? It is simple. (228-266, 1992.7.5)

Why should you be concerned with original tradition? Because the three -- love, life and lineage -- are the highest tradition and core. The sexual organs connect those three simultaneously. They are where engrafting takes place, the engrafting of love, life and lineage. (230-119, 1992.4.26)

The genitals through which a loving couple has intercourse are the palace of love. Love begins from that place. They are the palace of true love and the place where life first begins. Think about whether this is true or not. The sexual organs are the palace of love. In the original state without the Fall, the genitals are the palace of love, life and lineage. Where man and woman are joined together centering on love, there, life and lineage are perpetuated. (254-281, 1994.2.15)

All beings in the world give their lives to be absorbed into the higher level, to ultimately reach the sexual organs through which men and women can give birth to God's sons and daughters who have not fallen. Minerals are absorbed by plants, plants by animals, animals by bigger animals, and bigger animals by human beings. Therefore, human beings must be qualified as lords who can absorb and digest everything.

Hence you should love in order to eat. Did you show love? What kind of place is that place? It is the sexual organs. Sexual organs are living vessels. They are the vessels that take in life. They are the palace of love. Can women and men feel love without them? They cannot. (286-144, 1997.8.9)

The final, ideal destination of the assimilation of all creation is the male and female organs. That is a fact. Why is that so? It is where the love of God, humankind and the universe combine. It is where love and life become one.

It is also where descendants are connected vertically through lineage, and through this vertical connection, countless peoples are connected horizontally. This is how God's Kingdom on earth is established. That's how valuable the sexual organs are. How important they are! (269-129, 1995.4.9)

Where did the original ancestors of humankind come from? Not the eyes, nose, mouth or hands. Where is it? Where is that holy place? It is your sexual organ. Isn't that so? The lineage is connected to that place. Hence, salvation is not easy. (218-179, 1991.7.28)

You've heard of a melting pot, haven't you? What is the blast furnace, the place where the blood of man and woman are melted and blended together in the crucible? It is the sexual organs. The vessels for the generation of new life are called the sexual organs. They are the original palace of love. You need to know that they are the garden where God's love begins to bud. (302-166, 1999.6.13)

Your sexual organs are like that: "Ah, through them, children are created." Have you ever considered this? It is very important. (298-180, 1999.1.1)

In the term saeng shik gi (sexual organs), the Chinese character for saeng, meaning life, can be used with either shik, meaning food, or shik, meaning to plant. These organs are called the vessels that plant life. Shik can also be represented by the character meaning to multiply. In other words, the organs for planting life are also the organs for multiplying life. That is how we can interpret the word. The organs are the vessels for the planting of life. (302-181, 1999.6.13)

Centering on what are the Creator and the creation to become one? Love. You must know this. Thus, we arrive at the conclusion that God created everything with love. The fact that He created us centering on the genitals proves that He did so based on the theme of love. (193-163, 1989.10.3)

Everybody in history pursued this. It is incredibly powerful. It transcends culture and economics, even in the fallen world. Yet what would it have been like in the original world? If you think about it, it is most precious. It is the original palace of all palaces. It is the palace of life as well as the palace of lineage. The foundations of these three palaces are the genitals. They are the most important place. Even God seeks it. If He had occupied these three palaces, all of the people of this world would have become His kindred. (243-275, 1993.1.28)

The most precious place in the human world is the original palace of love, the source of love, life and lineage. Where is that? If the Fall had not occurred, this would have become the most holy place. The male and female genitals are the original palace of love. You need to understand this. They came to be dirty due to the Fall; originally, they are the source of life and lineage. Yet the most precious source of us all was destroyed, and became the worst thing. Consequently, this must be completely reversed. (209-230, 1990.11.29)

The male and female genitals are the organs of love, life, and historical lineage. This was not known. They are most precious. Even though our model ideal ancestors, an ideal nation, and an ideal culture were to coexist together with God, this ideal was thwarted by secular humanism. The devil knew that God was seeking such a nation, and, to completely thwart His plan, came up with a strategy that is America's secular humanism of the present day.

That is an animalistic world. The sexual organs are the palace of love, the palace in which eternal life is born, the palace that inherits the lineage that will succeed to the eternally unchanging tradition of heaven. They are the palace of true life, true love and true lineage -- the most precious place of all. You cannot use them arbitrarily. You cannot open them without God's permission. They cannot be touched by anyone other than your husband or wife who has obtained the permission of God and the universe. Yet is love in America like that? (216-207, 1991.3.31)

After Adam's creation, his sexual organ -- as originally intended and idealized by God, and untainted by the Fall -- should become a base and original palace that is united with God. It is to connect the lineage and life centering on true love. They are the original palace of love. (290-17, 1998.2.2)

You'll hear it said that the founder of the Unification Church is a religious leader of sex. Were it not for the Fall, the sexual relationship would be the original palace of love. It would have been the original palace wherein the King can always come in and reside. You should know that it is the original palace of love. The sexual organs are the headquarters, the palace of love. (278-17, 1996.5.24)

2.2. The organs with which to complete God's purpose of creation

Your genitals are the organs for love. Even if a dictator were to come forth and desire to revolutionize those organs of love, it would be impossible. Despite the many changes made in history, never have the sexual organs been changed, nor will they ever be changed. They cannot be exchanged for the entire universe. The problem lies in the fact that human beings are unaware of this concept.

All problems in human beings arise from man and woman. The moment men and women are completely united a world of peace will unfold before our eyes. (276-130, 1996.2.11)

Biologically, the organ where there is the greatest concentration of nerves and veins in a human being is the sexual organ. Through these organs we can create beings that resemble us. The genitals were most painstakingly created, and yet at present they are no better than manure pails. (275-74, 1995.11.3)

God based His work of creation on the male and female organs, which are incorporated and connected to all elements including those of the spirit, the body and the blood. Didn't the elements that make up your eyes also come from there? Don't the elements of your teeth resemble those of your mother and father? Is there any part of you that doesn't take after them? Even your minds resemble those of your parents. On account of this, everything is concentrated on the sexual organs, and every nerve and blood vessel stems from them. The genitals are the roots. The root of a human being is not the head; our roots lie at the genitals. (194-139, 1989.10.17)

The universe began from love. What love would that be? It would be vertical and horizontal love, and frontal and posterior love. It refers to spherical love. The family is the center linking above and below, left and right, and front and back. If you were to ask God, "Where is God?" He would answer, "In the center of love." If you were to ask, "Where is the center of love?" He would say, "It is at the place of the settlement of love." To the question, "Where is the place of the settlement of love?" He would reply, "The sexual organs!" (279-48, 1996.6.9)

What is the most stimulating and sensitive part of a man? Is it his tongue? Though the organ for tasting may be very sensitive, it could not be as sensitive as the sexual organ. To satisfy the tongue, once you have tasted something, you will desire to have it again the next day, but in the case of the genitals, if you have a spouse who satisfies your sexual organ, merely thinking about that person would give you satisfaction; that is what the world will be like to you. You can taste something only when you have eaten it, but you will be able to feel your love partner by just thinking about him or her. What can give you pleasure transcending great distances and infinite space, and make you desire to love even after death and into the next life. It is the love of your beloved husband or wife, and no other. (286-275, 1997.8.13)

Where is the source of love, life and lineage in our world? Is it the mouth or the head? Where is it? It is the sexual organs. However, through the Fall that wrecked heaven and earth, the sexual organs were defiled and became the palace and source of evil. Therein were planted false love, life and lineage. As the organs are the culprits that sold heaven and earth, they are considered indecent, and any talk about them obscene. (200-249, 1990.2.25)

Aren't the genitals magical organs? The organs connecting the love and life of man and woman, that blend and bring together their blood, are placed at the center of our bodies. These are the sexual organs. Am I right? If you were to delve into this origin, you would fathom the reason for God's act of creation.

Why did He create? What did He base His creation on? Today, there is no one who ponders such questions. Even if you were to visit all the world's libraries, you would find that I was the first to advocate this point. That is so precious. It became clear that this is the conclusion for everything. Why did He create? The fact that man and woman become one through the sexual organs proves that He created with love. It is the source of His ideal love. (194-63, 1989.10.15)

Where do man and woman join together at ninety degrees? They connect at the genitals. This is not a laughing matter; it is holy. The genitals are the original palace of love. The principle palace of love is not the eyes or the head. Which parts of man and woman are used for lovemaking? Is it the eyes, the head, or what? It is the sexual organs. So don't think of them as evil. They are considered bad due to the Fall. Satan made them the original palace that ruined this world. Aren't the sexual organs the original palace of love and life? Where does life come from? Isn't it from the genitals? What enables the connection of lineage? Is it at the head, or on the back of the hand? (198-353, 1990.2.11)

What is the original palace desired by all material elements? The male and female genitals, the minutest part with the ideal sensibility in human beings, are our highest beacon of hope. Aren't you hearing this for the first time? That is why everyone tries to invest themselves totally as they seek it. The only path you would tread even if it means forsaking your life is the path of love. This is true for everything in the universe, from the world of microorganisms to the mineral world, the plant world, and the animal world. (249-164, 1993.10.10)

All should adhere to the mainstream; those who do not follow it but instead halt halfway would degenerate somewhat. Be this as it may, what would be the greatest purpose and desire of all creation? It is to seek the place of loving God. From God's perspective, of all forms of creation, what did He create with the utmost care? It is the male and female genitals. He concentrated all His energy into creating the human sexual organs, to make them into the source that can collect together all elements of humankind and re-create them. That place is the palace of cells, for cells are made up of elements. (249-162, 1993.10.10)

The original palace of love, the historical palace of love, comes to be where the male and female sexual organs unite. It becomes the place of repose. No one can move this place; it is eternal and absolute. In that love nest, the life of man and the life of woman assimilate, boil over, and finally explode, giving rise to a new life. Through the explosive power thus generated, a new life is brought into existence. That is why when making love even doves make explosive noises of coo-coo. Thus, in lovemaking, a man and wife should not be embarrassed at making a noise loud enough for their parents to hear them. (193-147, 1989.10.3)

What serves as the center point of left and right? It is the male and female sexual organs. When they meet as one, the cosmos and the universe revolve. That's how precious they are. It is not man and woman themselves that are precious. (243-27, 1993.1.1)

Based on the concept of love, man and woman were born as separate entities to become one through love. Based on what are they to unite? They are to unite based on love. Their genitals are the tools through which they can unite centering on love. That is why they are in the shape of concave and convex, so that they can fit together as one. That's nothing to be embarrassed about. Man and woman are to come together and become one through their sexual organs. In other words, they are to become one body based on love, that is, become one in mind and body. Through what is the mind-body oneness of a man or a woman achieved? It is not by kissing or holding hands. They achieve complete oneness when they fit together perfectly through the sexual parts. (229-251, 1992.4.12)

Even God Himself created heaven and earth and all creation based on love. How is this evidenced? This task is important. Through what can we prove that He created for the sake of love? Not through man or woman. Then what is it? You can tell through their sexual organs.

What was God's standard in creating human beings? If one were to ask what the standard for creating the man was, would it be right to say, "God created him based upon his face"? With regard to the creation of woman, is it right to claim, "He created her to be distinguished by having less facial hair, smoother skin, and a smaller stature"? Of course not. You need to understand the fact that He created them based on the sexual organs. The man is the way he is today in correspondence to his genitals, and the woman is the way she is in correspondence to her genitals. I was the first to make this statement. No one else ever uttered such words. These are new concepts not found in libraries or in history. (193-145, 1989.10.3)

When creating man and woman, God started out creating them based on their sexual organs. Thus, all structural elements of human beings converge there to move the sexual organs. For this reason, when man and woman unite in the act of lovemaking, conception takes place and a baby is born. What would happen when the baby is born? Whom would it take after: the woman or the man? Its birth would be possible because it has the entire nervous system in its body. Can branches sprout forth if there are no roots? The logic in this cannot be denied. Hence, when love is stirred up, it is the principle that the mind and the body be united. That is logical.

Then what are the organs by means of which love, life and lineage can be connected continuously to one's children? Those organs are the male and female organs. Then which comes first: love or life? This is the question. In the world today, the new materialistic philosophies question whether mind or body comes first. Similarly, we also need to ask ourselves which is more precious: love or life? This is the issue: which comes first? The order of importance needs to be determined. Love comes first. When God set up the ideal of creation, He did not do so centering upon Himself. Instead, He made love central, and therefore created the world as his object partner. (193-145, 1989.10.3)

What are the sexual organs for? They are for finding love. Through woman and man finding each other, love comes into being. Such is marriage. It cannot be exchanged for anything in the universe. Man is the way he is because he was created in correspondence to his genitals. The woman too was created the way she is in correspondence to her genitals. People have been living till now without knowing the fact that woman came to be woman and man came to be man on account of their sexual organs. (280-60, 1996.11.1)

The most important issue to date has been: which organ of the body is for fulfilling love? Because of ignorance, that organ has been treated as the worst thing. What is that organ? Until now the sexual organs have been treated as something bad. What is the organ that fulfills love? What are the sexual organs? Aren't they the concave and the convex? What is the concave place for? What is the convex place for? By fitting the two together perfectly, love is connected. Without joining them together, we would not know love. The genitals are where perfected love appears and becomes absolutely one. There is no other way. (278-203, 1996.5.24)

What organ do man and woman need as partners? Is it located where they kiss? Is it accessed by touching each other's bodies? What organ is it? It is the genitals. Genitals in Korean mean the vessel wherein life is planted. That is just what the genitals are. The female organ is the tool that can occupy the man. The sexual organ is the tool to be used in seeking love; the owner of the tool, however, is not the woman herself. Through it, she becomes qualified as the owner of love. This is true for both woman and man. (301-74, 1999.4.16)

All beings were born for love and as such should not have their sexual organs for themselves. They have them for their spouses. Unless they form a connection to their spouses, true love cannot be perfected. This is the law of heaven, by which we are all to become absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal owners.

Man alone cannot become the owner of love. Perfection takes place where one is connected to one's spouse through the sexual organs. The woman becomes perfected when connected to true love. That is, for her, perfection occurs at that place where she completely occupies the male organ. The same is true for the man. That is why we all stake our lives on it. (297-155, 1998.11.19)

Women need to become sovereigns over their ears and mouths. The Chinese characters for these three words (ear, mouth and king) combine to form the character for seong meaning saint. When asked, "Would you like to be a holy woman or a wicked woman?," every woman will answer that she wants to be the former. That is what is referred to here by seong, not the seong meaning sexual desire between man and woman. Though the same Korean word is used, the seong I am talking about is the combination of ear, mouth and king. You would do well to think of it as the female genitals. This is true. Isn't it the king? By safeguarding them, you will become saints. Isn't that something worthwhile to learn? You cannot find this in any dictionary, or anywhere else. You've never seen such teachings even in Japanese textbooks, have you? (283-48, 1997.4.8)

All of us are seeking after God's world of love, the source of His love. All beings are on their way to possess the male and female organs. People are on their way to become God's partners in love. Isn't this the flawless view of the Principle? This is not some theory I thought up arbitrarily. It refers to the principles of the great way of heaven and earth. (288-334, 1998.1.1)

2.3. The sexual organs are the most holy place, where God dwells

The cells of the love organs of man and woman are the most minute. To have the feelings of all the cells of that part through which runs all paths of love that unites mind and body, to enter that world as one of its elements: this is the aim of all beings in the created world. Then where do man and woman unite? Through the sexual organs. That is where man and woman directly unite and become one with God. Through the Fall, the organs came to be the worst thing, but originally, they are extremely holy. When man and woman open that door, the world is opened, and when the door is closed, the world is closed; when they are happy, the world and the entire universe are happy.

To become God's child, one needs to be born through the point of unity of these organs. If not from that point, from where would God's sons and daughters be born? Thus, when man and woman are making love, of course all cells in the body desire to be a part of the sexual organs, but once they have entered the place of love the whole body feels the same way. In other words, the entire body becomes one. (248-55, 1993.6.20)

Love should be fulfilled after everything has reached maturity uniformly. What is the highest antenna in the world? What would it be? It would be the antenna of love. What is the antenna of love in human beings? The antenna of love in human beings is the male and female genitals. It is a matter of course for radio waves to run through nothing else but the antenna. Hence, a sphere needs to be formed with that antenna.

People are God's antennas. They are the antennas focused on Him. The day God's vertical love makes contact with His antennas in the world, we will enter the realm that will engulf more than the world and the entire universe. The antenna is like the device that causes thunder to strike and lightning to flash in the physical and spirit worlds. (134-197, 1985.7.20)

God wishes to live at the center. The ideal family, nation and world all desire to be connected to that root. Yet everything was lost due to the Fall. We are in a piteous plight. What is the male organ? It is the palace of eternal love. Is this true just for your generation? It is not! It's for eternity. It's the place of the eternal palace. It is the palace of eternal life. From then, the life of man and woman are bound together as one for the first time based on love. What are the sexual organs? They are first, the palace of love, second, the palace of life, and third, the palace of God's lineage. This is the most precious thing. Wouldn't you all be happy about that? (248-111, 1993.8.1)

Conjugal and parental love settle eternally when we are married and making love. Through which part of the body do we make love? Is it the mouth, the eyes, or the ears? I don't know, but I believe you all know the answer very well! What is it? Until now, people have regarded the sexual organs as something bad, but now I'm teaching that it is the holy original palace. How amazing are the male and female sexual organs? Without them, true love, life, lineage and conscience cannot be connected. Can God's Kingdom begin without them? It cannot! Only through that organ is the world of freedom, happiness, peace and unity possible. (278-153, 1996.5.5)

What are absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience? These are all terms concerned with the genitals. The Fall refers to the failure of God and human genitals to become one. They failed to attain oneness. You must believe this absolutely. They are the pillars of the history of our family, clan, and lineage. (304-164, 1999.10.10)

Where do God and human beings meet? They meet when man and woman come together and make love, that is, when they unite through their sexual organs. The organs, however, became evil because they brought ruin to the world, heaven and earth, due to the Fall. You should think that when man and woman make love, they do so to attend God.

Every day you should think to yourselves in relation to the sexual parts of your body, "How can I connect this organ centering on love? How can I welcome and serve through it? How can I lead a conjugal life based on true love?" Our bodies are in such a position. (246-73, 1993.3.23)

We should be eternal and unchanging like God. Love is absolutely unique, eternal and unchanging, like God, and the place it settles is the sexual organs. No one knew this until now. That's how precious the genitals are. A family of happiness is formed when the sexual organs of the grandparents, parents, husband and wife, and also your sons and daughters in the future, are in union. If that is broken, the whole family falls apart. The grandmother has taken hold of the grandfather's sexual part and will try never to let it go, and the grandfather has occupied the grandmother's and will try never to lose it. Everything, love, happiness, freedom, and so on, begins from the sexual organs. That is undeniable. (278-203, 1996.5.24)

Adam and Eve were in the position of the original palace, and their descendants were meant to become palaces naturally; however, the site for the original palace was lost. The male and female sexual organs are that amazing. You need to realize that they are the three great palaces of love, life and lineage, and at the same time, the starting base for God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven. It is truly astonishing. (267-257, 1995.1.8)

All creatures on the earth are meant to be fully mobilized to become the cells of the male and female sexual organs. Why? They are worth the sacrifice because the organs are that valuable. What this means is that once Adam and Eve have become partners of love, God will dwell in them, and vertical and horizontal love will be like a tornado that can even dig up the earth and create mountains. Only love can dominate all evil things of this world, and occupy God on high. (296-90, 1998.11.3)

You think of the male and female genitals as most indecent, but that is not true. They are most holy. Centering on true love, God intended to expand His ideal kingdom from there. They are the extremely holy sanctuary. Hence, your love partner is absolute. You should marry once, not twice. (245-151, 1993.2.28)

Speaking of the male and female love organs, the latter is her love palace and the former is his. It is ideal to have the two palaces meet and make them into the queen and king of the ideal. That is referred to as loving. Those who have shown such love can become God's sons and daughters, and together with Him, participate equally in the one ideal sphere of life. People were created to be of such value. (128-326, 1983.10.2)

What is most precious to us? The sexual organs are more precious than our nations or our ideal families. Without them our families, races and nations cannot be established. Eternal life could never come about if they were not united. That is to say, the realm of life through which we can transcend the dominion of the physical world into the spirit world, the limitless world, could never come into being without the male and female sexual organs. God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven would not exist. (298-155, 1999.1.1)

We are abused and called the scoundrels of the Unification Church because its founder teaches such things, aren't we? I don't care if we are called scoundrels. Isn't it better to win a real gold medal rather than a false one? The male and female sexual organs are gifts inherited from the Creator and the ancestors, unchanged and connected as they are. They are precious gifts that not even God Himself will interfere with, and which our ancestors cannot violate. Those who violate them would become the flesh and blood of the devil, destroying the original palace of love, the center of the great laws of heaven. The sexual organs are the original palace of life, giving birth on the foundation centered on eternal true love as the pure essence. They are also the source of a new lineage.

Why were the sexual organs created? Certainly not just for one individual person or another. They were given to you for the great Way of heaven and earth, and the great providential governance of heaven and earth. How will the ideal world come upon the earth in the future? If the way of the rightful use of the sexual organs is not revealed, the world will come to ruin. We would never be able to find the world of peace. Look at Rome and the United States. The United States will not be ruined over lack of money.

Until now, because of Satan, we were ignorant regarding the owners of the sexual organs and how they came to be created. In order to disclose this truth, and to clean away the evil and foul tumult and turmoil of Satan, both on earth and in heaven, I came forth and hoisted my banner. (193-147, 1989.10.3) 

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