Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eleven - The Root of the Universe
Chapter Two - The Creation of Humankind and the Perfection of the Ideal of Love
Section 1. The Absolute Value of Love

1.1. Man and woman

When considering the fundamentals of the universe, God created the universe through the concept of male and female, based on the ideal of reciprocity. Until now, people have not known this. (300-217, 1999.3.14)

What are the fundamentals of the universe? Humankind is subdivided between men and women. For what purpose did they come into being? Why did human beings come to be born? This is the question. The question we should deal with is: what is the most fundamental center of the universe, or, what is most precious in the universe? (217-94, 1991.5.4)

When seeking the fundamentals of the universe, we arrive at the concept of subject and object. Even the smallest woman sitting here has power within her, does she not? Would the power in this small woman desire to be the weak power of a small man, or the strong power of a big man? This is the case for the man too; if he were a small man, he would yearn for the power of a big woman. Why is this so? It is to attain a balance. Balance is the issue; you need to be perfectly perpendicular on a horizontal base. That is why the term ideal of reciprocity arises; it is from there that the ideal of reciprocity is derived. (216-9, 1991.3.3)

Humankind is composed of men and women. Then what do they represent? The question is, of the two, who should be the seed of seeds, the focus upon which both should be centered? Man and woman, too, were created as plus and minus. There must always be plus and minus. If you look at any seed you will notice how two halves are enveloped together in one outer layer. That demonstrates the fundamental nature of the universe. Everything in existence has these same characteristics. (255-79, 1994.3.6)

How did the universe come into being? Nothing exists without a cause. For every result, there is a cause. From this perspective, what would be the cause behind the creation of man and woman? Did woman come into being to devour man? Or vice versa? No, both were created for love. If love was the cause, then the woman came into existence for love, as did the man. Love is the cause. (283-251, 1997.4.13)

Why was woman created? She was created for the sake of love, for man. She is meant to exist for the sake of man. Why was man born? Man was born for the sake of woman. That is the essence of the original ideal of the universe. That is the law of the universe and the truth. There is nothing that can change it. This simple truth was unknown until now. (278-203, 1996.5.24)

Where is woman heading from the time of birth? Why did women come into existence? This is a big question. Women regret being born as women, do they not? Why were they born as women then? It is very simple. It may not seem so, because you are not aware of it, but it is one of the most fundamental points of the philosophy of life, and it is actually very simple. She was born for man. It is simple. The truth about the universe is simple. (246-222, 1993.4.18)

Fundamentally, this universe was created in the pair system in order to create consonance. This consonance or harmony takes place centering on love. When you think of it this way, did God establish love for the sake of man and woman, or did He establish man and woman for the sake of love? Which came first? Did God design love to be the way it is because men and women are the way they are or did God design men and women to be the way they are because love is the way it is? In light of this, the most precious thing is that which cannot be seen. (226-81, 1992.2.2)

Why were human beings born? No one is born for him or herself. Human beings are born for a greater purpose than just themselves. Those who live only for themselves are acting contrary to the fundamental principle of their birth. People who live in this way are deserters, dropouts, degenerates, and destroyers. Did you learn this in school? Those who say they were born for themselves are not wanted by this universe. (221-313, 1991.10.27)

What belongs to woman is not for her own use. It is for man. Is there anyone who can deny this? That being so, nobody owns anything. It is not shameful to be women with nothing for yourselves but your names, for as such you can harmonize anywhere. You can harmonize with grandmothers, mothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles. As the centrality of being women is not great, it leaves plenty of room for women to gradually expand their realm of reciprocity. This is connected to the formulated foundation based on the principles of the creation of the universe, and so it becomes definite. (255-144, 1994.3.10)

Once the seeds have become one, that is, once two seeds have come together as one, there cannot be another seed. The one who breaks this rule would be in the same position as the one who fundamentally destroyed the universe and broke down the entire process of re-creation, that is, Satan. That is why your wives are like your younger sisters. As God's children, a husband and wife are like twins, the woman born for the man and the man for the woman. The woman is not born for herself, but for her man, and vice versa. Human beings are not born out of their own desire. So, a man cannot be loved by himself, he needs a woman. Similarly, the one who loves a woman cannot be herself, but a man. Is that not so? (253-65, 1994.1.7)

Maturing in true love is impossible without a partner. You need to understand your partner's preciousness. Your partner comes before true love. You must know that your partner comes first. If you reject this idea, it is as if you reject the origin of the universe. Doing so is a rejection of God and his creation. Please realize this. True love cannot settle where a man or a woman lives alone, but only where the two are unified. When you think this way about your couple and family, you can state, "The universe resembles me." (248-53, 1993.6.20)

Would it be all right if man and woman were identical? They are fundamentally different. If the man were east, the woman would be west; if he were south, she would be north. So women should not say things like, "Why don't men look like us?" If the woman is weak, the man should be strong, and if the woman is gentle, the man should be tough. Furthermore, the man should swing his shoulders as he walks and the woman should swing her hips as she walks. This is how they differ. By swinging his shoulders, he is stirring everything. Such is the tone of the universe. He is in rhythm with the universe. (167-220, 1987.7.19)

Man is born for woman, and woman is born for man. Then why are they born? This is the fundamental question. Why are man and woman born? They are born to experience God's love. That is the point. Why should the two, man and woman, become one, and what are they to do when they meet? It is to attain horizontality and reach the center of the sphere. The entire universe is in the shape of a sphere. Is not the Earth also a globe floating in space? The universe, the sun -- in fact, everything -- floats in space. (173-205, 1988.2.18)

Why was the man born? The purpose for his birth is simple. He was born for woman. Why was she born? She was born for man. She cannot do without him any more than he can do without her. Adam and Eve were born for love. All human beings were born for love. Why is this so? God needs love and He is pleased only when He has drunk the soup of love. Even if He were to have love for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, He would still say, "Ah, I feel great!"

Would it please God to have a bundle of money brought before Him? God does not need bundles of knowledge or power, but He is bound to fall head over heels for bundles of love. That is the most precious gift humankind can offer. The proverb is apt: "All is well if there is harmony in the family." This saying refers to the fundamentals of the universe. Is this not clear once you have joined the Unification Church? (148-33, 1986.10.4)

Men and women were not born to live self-centeredly. They were born to protect this universe, the origin and all results of God's original nature, and to live as beings with such value. The characteristic common to all forms of creation is the inclination to have and love that which resembles themselves. Don't the insects like to be where there can be found both male and female? The same is true for all bugs. Butterflies prefer those places where stamen and pistil are found in blossoms emitting their sweet fragrance. Everything in creation wishes to act, to live, and to feed in places where male and female are engaged in the act of love. (303-286, 1999.9.9)

If the Fall had not occurred, everything would be known without being taught. Then why were men and women born? That is the question. They were born for love. Why do we need that love? What is meant to be done with love? Do people live and die for love? Do people worry about living or dying for love? Yes, because love is the origin of life. We seek the origin that is the one absolute love; we are not looking for two loves. Such is the great way of the universe, the law of heaven. This law will never disappear, for this law of love is also the standard of judgment when you have gone to the spirit world. (191-36, 1989.6.24)

What links the life of the mother and the father to lineage? Love. This is what you would find if you delved deep into the fundamentals of the universe. People like me are very serious. The question of what the fundamentals of the universe are, is a very serious one. (191-11, 1989.6.24)

The fundamentals of the universe are love, life, and lineage. We are their fruit. Within us is the center of love, which safeguards life. Based on that, history and tradition are connected through lineage. This is why you need all three. You have all three of them within you, do you not? You have love, life and lineage. The three combine into one to give birth to a new person. (190-223, 1989.6.19)

At what point in time are God's love and the love of humankind unified? This has been a historical question of great importance since the creation of the universe. Until it is answered -- that is, until the origin of the universe is determined -- there will never be resolution. Centering on true love, God needs to stand in the position of the nucleus and Adam and Eve would be two halves enclosing the nucleus. If you examine a chestnut, you can see this phenomenon: you would see that it is made up of two halves surrounding the germ, would you not? Likewise, with God as the nucleus, man and woman should become completely one centering on love. (177-142, 1988.5.17)

The reason man and woman meet is love. Man is born for love and woman is born for love. Then having loved, what are they to do? They are to occupy God, the origin of the universe. In other words, cause and effect are harmonized as one. The fruit is born from the place where cause and result are brought into oneness and unity. When the fruit is born, buds will shoot forth. That is to say, it will bring forth offspring. That is how the offspring receives flesh and blood from its two parents, and is born. (197-143, 1990.1.13)

We were born for the sake of love. Love! Do you understand? This is the origin of the universe. Love, true love! That holds true for everyone, for men and for women. (198-122, 1990.1.25)

Based on what should the two become one? Not God, or man, or woman. Unity can only come about when God, Adam and Eve are centered on true love -- the absolute love. Such are the fundamentals of the universe. It is simple. Even God would be a lonely God without love. (144-150, 1986.4.12)

Why does the pumpkin leaf breathe? To maintain life. Why is life sustained? For love. For what does the woman live? For what does the man live? For money? It is only for love. (223-150, 1991.11.10)

Would you exchange your beloved spouse for ten billion, or a hundred billion dollars? This is a very serious question. If you really knew how precious love is -- for this love leads to the fundamentals of the universe -- and clearly understood that without it all origins would be destroyed, what would you exchange it for? Would you exchange it for a nation? (201-15, 1990.2.28)

Do you support the communist or the democratic world? The democratic world believes in theism, that is, they put the mind first. The Unification Church states that mind and matter are one. This is the core of Unificationism which expounds on subject and object. The fundamental principle of the universe is that nothing can continue to exist alone. Though two beings may exist separately, based on love they are to become absolutely one. Though originally two, man and woman, plus and minus, must unite or monism cannot be attained. Instead, dualism is established, and dualism gives rise to the logic the world will divide into two parts that fight with each other. Therefore, though man and woman are two separate entities, they need to become one. In other words, by principle they are intended to become one centering on true love. (274-71, 1995.10.29)

1.2. The sexual organs perfect man and woman

The fundamental root of the universe is man and woman. The basis of the universe came to center on the love of man and woman, plus and minus. That is the status of the sexual organs. Is that not how everything is? Whatever you cast your eyes on, be it a kangaroo or some other animal, as soon as it is born it seeks its mother's breasts. As regards to the sexual organs, there are some animals that have their organs in the weirdest places, such as the armpit. How then do their mates find them? They give out something like ultrasonic waves. The source of the universe that connects them is the universal prime energy, which refers to God's essential energy. (299-154, 1999.2.10)

What is difference between man and woman? They are not different because of their eyes or five senses. What makes man different from woman? They are distinguished by their sexual organs. This is what sets them apart. (246-220, 1993.4.18)

Why were man and woman born? The word man came to be due to woman. It acknowledges her as the precondition. Though the man is bigger in size, he was born for the small woman. Why was woman born? What is different between man and woman? What is it? Do their hands, eyes, noses, or mouths look different? What is different? What did I say is the one thing that differs between them? One is convex while the other is concave. That's the sexual organs. What is absolutely necessary to the man is the woman's truth, and to the woman, the man's truth. What is the man's truth? What is the woman's truth? Aren't they the sexual organs? Yes, man and woman were born for their sexual organs to fit each other. Why should they fit together? For what? For love. To unite their lives and lineages. To merge the three elements of love, life, and lineage. (196-130, 1989.12.31)

The perfection of man and woman is through their sexual organs. Think about it. Isn't this true for you? Do you have one eye or two eyes? Why do you have two? Do you have two nostrils or one? Why two? Do you have two lips or one? Again, why do you have two? How about the ears, one or two? Why two? What about your hands, one or two? Why do you have two? Do you have one foot or two feet? Why two? What about the sexual organs of woman and man, are there two of them? Are they also alike? They are different. They vary in form. The question is what is the best way to deal with them, since they are different from each other. Everything else is made in complementary pairs except the male and female sexual organs, aren't they?

Why do we have sexual organs? What are they meant for? What is their purpose? Do you use them to eat when you are hungry? What is their purpose? One person alone cannot fulfill their purpose. They would remain useless forever if man and woman did not become one. Think about it. What are they there for? What does a man call upon a woman for? Is it for the eyes, the head, the body, or the heart? Which is it? Also, what does woman calls upon man for? Which part of her calls out to him? Is it her lips? To fulfill the purpose of the sexual organs, one requires a partner. Thus, woman must call out to man, and man must call out to woman. Is this absolute or relative? It is absolute. It transcends history and circumstances. Hence, regardless of eventualities or what incidents may occur, this must be fulfilled. (247-203, 1993.5.9)

What is different between a man and a woman? First of all, their bodies, including their sexual organs are different. Then to whom is the sexual organ of a man absolutely necessary? It exists for a woman.

When you look at the human sexual organs, you see that one is concave while the other is convex. Why do you think they were created like this? Organs of both sexes could have been made in pointed shapes or flat shapes, but why were they shaped so differently? It is for one's partner. The organ of man is absolutely desired by woman, and that of woman by man. Until now, no one knew that woman's sexual organ belonged to man absolutely, and that man's sexual organ belonged to woman. By occupying the organ belonging to the opposite sex, one can understand love. (299-119, 1999.2.7)

Not only the base of peace, but also everything else including God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven comes about from love. What love? Is it the love of man, the love of woman, or the love of both? It is the love of both. Where do the love of man and woman come together? Is it the face or the fingertips? The love between the two comes together through concave and convex. (263-52, 1994.8.16)

Centering on what do body and mind unite? They do not unite because of money, knowledge or power, only true love can unite mind and body. How can we know this for certain? Upon examination of the created world, we see that people are born as men and women; then, aren't those who have studied philosophy most curious to know why human beings were born? The answer is simple. Why were human beings born into the world? By human beings I mean man and woman. Then taking into consideration the question of why man and woman were born, we can answer that there is the animal that is woman and the animal that is man, and their sexual organs were made thus to unite them. Centering on what are they to unite? Centering on love. That is how human beings came to be. In light of the concept that originally God is love, it is undeniable that man and woman came into being for love. What are they to center upon in becoming one? As they are to become one for love, it is undeniable that they were created based on love.

That is why love is the universe's greatest mystery, interest, zest, concern and fascination, and evokes all superlatives in describing it. What else is there after that? Conversely, love can cause the greatest downfalls. Love is a very tricky thing, which can be formed whichever way you want. Such is love. It is the trickiest thing. (219-166, 1991.8.29)

The sexual organs are sacred entities. Is that right or not? Why do you look at me so strangely? Why are you looking at me as if to say, "The founder of the Unification Church is talking about sexual organs"? Can pastors speak of such sexual organs? They would all be spat upon. Are there men and women who spit on the sexual organs? Do men spit on the female organs, and do women spit on the male? Sexual organs are sacred things. Sacred, sacred, sacred are the sexual organs. They are sacred. They are the place of the perfected Adam who has not fallen. They are the sacred place, the sacred palace. They are the highest palace. The sexual organs are the original palace of life and love. (285-59, 1997.6.5)

What is the purpose of the sexual organs of men and women? They are for making love, aren't they? Man and woman are essential elements to bring about love. They were born for true love, this cannot be denied. (221-145, 1991.10.23)

It would be a serious problem if there were only convex and no concave. Then, when God was creating human beings, would the concept of concave and convex, man and woman, be there first, or would it be the concept of love that was there first? Ponder this before you give me an answer. What would have come first, the concept of human beings, man and woman, or the concept of their gender? The gender is the origin, and is more important than anything else. You need to know that the male and female sexual organs are the ancestors of the creation. This has not been known until now.

The sexual organs are the progenitors of the creation of humankind. The first ancestors are the sexual organs. From them emerged man and woman. This is the truth. By the sexual organs human beings were distinguished into man and woman. The concept of distinction came after the original concept. From the original concept of male and female, we were divided and came to be called men and women. (272-171, 1995.10.1)

When male and female came into being, would the entire body have been made first, or the sexual organs? Is the gender, female or male, decided midway in the growth process, or is it decided at first with the coming into existence and then the being grows as such? How about it, Dr. Yoon? Isn't it decided before they begin to grow? Such is the case. Who decides whether a being should be male or female? Can you become a male just because you want to be one? Women must remain absolutely as female, and men must remain as male. They cannot change back and forth.

Can I become a woman like Mother through wishful thinking? It was already decided at the time I came into existence. It is determined at that moment when the sperm meets the ovum. The sexual organs are decided before the emergence of man and woman. One cannot be almost a man and then become a woman at the last minute. The man is a man absolutely, just as the woman is a woman absolutely. (197-51, 1990.1.7)

In conclusion, into which part would God have invested the greatest effort when He was creating human beings? Would it have been the eyes, the mouth, the nose, or the hands? People have not given the slightest thought to this. That part would be the stronghold of love. Where would the stronghold of love be? It would be the male and female sexual organs. The sexual organs are the original palace of love. It is through them that the love of man and the love of woman can be learned. Without them we would remain ignorant of love, for the owners of love could not appear. The owner of man's love is woman, and the owner of woman's love is man, and it is the love organs that qualify us as the owners of love. (302-220 1999. 6 14)

Twenty-four karat gold, or pure gold, is worth the same regardless of its origin, be it the land of Korea, a place of scenic beauty, underwater, or some remote spot in a ravine somewhere untouched by human hands. Do you think that, with regard to the spouse you are about to make love to, the sexual organs will protest, "Oh, I don't like you because your face is ugly"? Once you are in a love relationship, even a pockmarked face will look beautiful. When a white woman and a black man love each other, she will not think of him as a black man. Such things will happen. (276-87, 1996.2.4)

Did our eyelashes grow by themselves, and do our eyes shed tears just because they feel like it? Don't talk such nonsense. There must be the owner -- the idea -- that is the origin of this universe. How mysterious are our bodies? Did they come into being just like that? How mysterious are the sexual organs? Could these organs, so unimaginably mysterious, be made capriciously? Nothing that is connected to life is simple. (191-53, 1989.6.24)

I'm the one who teaches that men should become the owners who closely safeguard their sexual organs, and that women too should safeguard their sexual organs carefully forever. The people who bear the responsibility of making men and women safeguard themselves are the parents having the name of True Parents. Being True Parents is very simple. They are the ones who have the power to assemble licentious men and women and make them men and women who will never again be unfaithful, but remain absolutely chaste. (271-188, 1995.8.28)

1.3. The sexual organs: the beginning and the end in solving fundamental problems

Women, you must not defile your sexual organs. Who did I say owns that which belongs to woman? Don't laugh! I am revealing a fundamental principle of the universe. Think about whether this is true or not. Can you imagine how I worked my fingers to the bone to find this out? The words in themselves sound simple, but do you realize how awesome their meaning is? This will divide heaven and earth and the world into two groups of people -- evil and good. (177-219, 1988.5.20)

Where is the palace of love? You should not think it strange if I speak of such things. If our thinking, of the sexual organs, is not aligned with God's thinking, then the whole world will go awry. When the first step goes wrong, then the whole universe will be filled with wickedness. In my strenuous efforts to find the answer to the fundamental problems of humankind, and the root of the universe, I realized it was the sexual organs. Once I realized it was them and thought the whole matter through, I found that the harmony of heaven and earth was swirling around the sexual organs. It is an amazing fact. (197-24, 1990.1.7)

Haven't I inquired into all truths as to the complicated world? God acceded to my determination to find out everything. After going through hardship upon hardship in my quest, I realized that I had the answers right there under my nose. Of course, I was surprised and gratified, but at the same time I could not help feeling how futile my endeavors had been. (295-15, 1998.8.16)

I really did not know that the solutions to the fundamental problems that humankind wrestled with until now were this simple and easy. I underwent unbearable hardships. Being unaware of those solutions to the world's problems, I wept and cried out, went to the spirit world and searched all the way down into its filthy gutters, in short, did all sorts of things. It turned out that I had the answers all along. I said to myself, "Ah, I didn't know this!" I have everything. The universe is in my hands. The entire universe has come into me. (199-314, 1990.2.21)

I grappled for nine years with the question as to the origin of the universe, and finally found the answer. It proved to be a very simple principle. Then I said, "Wow, I didn't know this simple truth. I held the answers within myself but didn't realize it." Isn't that so? An old man who dug for wild ginseng went into the deepest parts of jagged mountains like that of Mt. Taebaek to search for the plants, only to discover in the morning that the place where he had rested and urinated was a patch of wild ginseng. He hadn't been aware of it. On his way back, he decided to go back to where he rested and had a smoke when he first set out, He found the cigarette butt he had thrown away and smoked it., Lo and behold, the cigarette butt was in a patch of wild ginseng. This actually took place. At such a moment, going back for that cigarette butt and smoking it was great fortune for him. This could really happen. (196-130, 1989.12.31)

I'm not a scamp. I delved to find the principles of the universe and revealed them. To discover them, did I need to suffer hardships all my life in this world? When I discovered them, I was dumbfounded, for it proved I had the answers all along. I had all the answers within myself. As such, when you enter the spirit world and attain an ethereal state and call out, "Where is God?," from within you will come the answer, "Yes, here I am." It is from here that the maxim "Human beings are God" is derived. (191-43, 1989.6.24)

No one has any idea of the hardships I went through to solve the fundamental question of the universe it came into existence. I did not find the answer in passing, like one would learn the notes of a song being played on a flute. Shedding tears and blood, I concentrated my five senses and strained my nerves on the one focal point and struggled, seizing the answer in the end. Though I was able to seize the answers, if I had not had the capacity to hold onto them, God would not have allowed me to keep them. (225-281, 1992.1.26)

Whose protection do you think enabled me to survive throughout my life? Would it be due to my own effort? Is there anyone who desires to be ruined in life, and not to prosper? In order to be under the protection of heaven, we need to walk a path that does not lead to our own prosperity. What path would that be? The devil's motto throughout history has been to live for one's self while on earth. The universe, meanwhile, protects whoever transcends this motto, and continues with the unfinished work of creation based on living for the sake of others. It protects whoever acts in conformity with the original purpose of the Creator to seek after the ideal by living for others, on the basis of God's fundamental ideology. Let us say the motto, "The universe protects." (197-253, 1990.1.19)

No one knows the difficulties I had to go through in order to find this path, which was unknown by anyone. You cannot even begin to fathom the hardships I went through in my youth, groping blindly in the dark in my quest for an answer to life's problems. I realized that the fundamental problems in our lives could be resolved only after history, the universe, and God's anguish were solved. However, I was triumphant in the end, and built up an organization that can perform this task, not only in word but also in deed, and now the whole world testifies to it. Now the era has come, in which anyone who comes running to us and holds fast to the banner and turns around to stand with us, can enter God's Kingdom. (209-292, 1990.11.30)

The most fundamental problem is the ignorance of the fact that the base -- wherein was buried the universal gem -- was lost due to the beginning of the struggle between mind and body. No one has known that the way to internal unity within oneself is to find love that will perfect oneself. This love can only be found after the universe is entirely deciphered. Otherwise one cannot arrive at the answer. What are your thoughts after listening to my words? Do you consider yourselves unfortunate or fortunate? How fortunate do you think you are? (224-164, 1991.11.24)

What is everything, such as the continuation of this universe, history, nations, and the inheritance of the ideal, centered upon? What is the root element that sustains the world of multifarious relationships? I am asking about the central element that represents the whole. This is an important question. Among the Unification Church members, with the passage of a decade or some decades since their first joining the church, there are those who have gradually become habitual. This was not the case when they first joined the church as they worked earnestly and thought of the greater good before themselves. However as time passed, such tendencies disappeared and they became slowly caught up in the devil's net, looking to derive profit for themselves. This marks the beginning of their ruin. (253-223, 1994.1.30)

Why is the Principle so called? It is the fundamental theory. The Principle refers to the reason and logic of the origin of the universe and life. As the answers to the fundamental questions of life and the universe are revealed through the Principle, there is nothing on earth or in heaven that can stop its path. This is how the life course of peace, equilibrium and repose is found. It is important, if you become a unified being, that you do not feel distant from yourself. (258-304, 1994.3.20)

God cannot tell us what the fundamentals of the universe are, even if we pray and beseech Him with great clamor. You need to understand that it is something that cannot be disclosed to just anyone. Isn't that strange? If God were to enlighten us on this, the world would be united in a day; however, because it is human beings who have erred and sinned, it is for them to liquidate their sins.

Since they have fallen into a state of ignorance, only people who have overcome and transcended this state of ignorance are eligible to know the truth. It is akin to those who cannot be discharged from a hospital until they are completely cured. When one has fathomed the fundamentals, what comes up is the issue of the relationship between God and humankind; and the answer is simple.

Standing before you right here is the man who has pondered more than anyone the question, "What are the fundamentals of the universe?" As I solved this problem, I could come forward with the term "Unification Church." Such a thing cannot be accomplished in the human world. When I went to the spirit world, I had to deal with everything as if at an auction in a marketplace. (198-104, 1990.1.25)

If God who is the origin of the universe did not exist, there could not be a standard of absolute values in this world. If that were the case, then the standards for human ethics and morality could not be established. A society without ethics and morality would not have any philosophical basis for human beings to become the lords of all creation. (259-127, 1994.3.29)

I'm a man who has studied science. I set out on this theoretical basis because I had faith in the infallibility of the fundamentals of the universe that I have discovered. Throughout my life, I have been in and out of prison, beaten and abused, and exposed to all sorts of hardships, and yet in silence, never uttering a word of defiance. I have emerged from these hardships and overcome the world. Can God, the center of true love and the source of all power, collapse? Can His partner of love collapse? If you strike yourself, you are only bound to hurt yourself, aren't you? How about God? If you were to ask Him, "Father, do You want Your object of love to be uglier or handsomer than You?" He would answer, "I'm of the same mind as any of you!"

This amazing truth of the fundamentals of the universe is like this! If you then went on to ask God, "If You had sons and daughters, wouldn't You want them to be greater than You?" He will give you the same answer. People have lost the privileged value they ought to have. (217-189, 1991.5.27)

Even if I inquired into every truth in the world, probed into the spirit world and the physical world, and searched every scripture, there would be no way to solve the question: does God exist or not? As He exists, I will not let go of a God who made the world the way it is today. I will fight to bring this problem to an end.

What is the fundamental principle under which human beings were born, and why were they born? Man was born because of woman. That is the highest truth of all truths. An ideal man standing before a woman is the highest truth. You need to realize that an ideal man is the substantial entity of truth, who has perfected the whole universe. An ideal woman standing before such a man is also the substantial entity of all substantial entities of universal truth. She is the absolute embodiment of truth. (267-230, 1995.1.8) 

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