Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eleven - The Root of the Universe
Chapter One - Fundamental Order of the Universe
Section 3. Love Is the Root of the Universe

3.1. The center of the universe is love

What is the central axis of the whole universe and spirit world? It is love. Love is the origin of life and lineage. As they came into existence through love, their motion conforms to the axis of love. Motion cannot be carried out haphazardly. It only takes place between subject and object partners, and so everything moves in their appropriate positions after forming a love relationship. The purpose of everything that moves is to continue its existence as a result of eternal love. Action cannot be carried out by oneself alone. (208-79, 1990.11.17)

The origin of the universe is love. How did God come into being? Love is the center of all existence. Therefore, the conclusion we can reach is that even the absolute God needs an ideal which He will absolutely obey. Where there is complete obedience and liberation, there will be complete happiness. (198-237, 1990.2.3)

On what would the fundamental motive for the motion of the universe be based? It would not move centered on man or woman, or even God Himself. The motive that can move God and the universe is none other than love. Therefore, love is said to be the beginning and the end. In 1 Corinthians 13 it is written, "So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love." Why would this be so? This has never been fully explained. (185-157, 1989.1.8)

Why should we practice true love? It is because the universe originated from the principle of true love. Therefore, through this love you can form a relationship with everything in the universe. This is only logical. So in this kind of relationship, if one is positioned above, the other would be below, if one is on the right, the other would be on the left. This is how everything in the mineral, plant and animal worlds is arranged. God created a world in which everyone would desire to give as the origin had done, and therefore it can be understood that the universe is a place where everything exists in order to give to others. In this sense, everything is trying to be absorbed into a being which stands at a higher level than itself. From this viewpoint, where would the source of continuity of the universe be? All existence in the universe carries out actions, which are guided by the desire to give, based on love from a higher level. (128-291, 1983.9.11)

The principle of parental love that governs the continued existence of the universe is an environmental element that can connect to the original ideal love, along with attributes of that parental love belonging to the realm of spherical motion taking place vertically, horizontally and in all directions. Then how should you conduct yourselves before the Parent of the universe? You should be reciprocating His love. Shouldn't you be His partner? We can draw the conclusion that in order to unite with Him, you need to become your Parent's counterpart. Only when you have become the recipient of true love can this union be achieved. Without true love there cannot be complete unity. (288-89, 1997.11.16)

God-centered people are like His body, and everything in the universe is sent to us from God with substantial forms which symbolize Him rather like shadows. All things in the universe are modeled after God Himself. Every one of them was created with Him as the original Subject; the only difference being whether they are in image or symbolic form. (153-119, 1963.11.15)

How did the universe come into existence? The answer is neither the theory of evolution nor the idea of creation. Before the concept of either creation or evolution, there were male and female. Why did male and female come into being? It was because of love. Love is the formula. (280-60, 1996.11.1)

God wants a partner of love who is better than Him. Don't you also desire your objects of love to be better than yourselves? It is the same for Him. God is the completely united form of subject and object partners, which is the origin of creation. It is for these two to become perfected as one based on love, as this brings liberation and fulfillment for God. At the place of love, the entire world of creation will sing, dance, roll about and thus become as one. How delightful such a world would be! (276-123, 1996.2.11)

In building a house, we know that it has to be perfectly level and perpendicular. Otherwise it would tumble down. This leads us to the fundamental question of how the universe came to exist. God Himself needs love. Would He just sit on His throne in heaven and exclaim, "Oh my, I like love!"? If I were to dance alone, covered in sweat, would I not be viewed as a crazy man? I would not be quite as crazy if I danced looking at a handkerchief. I would not be considered mad if I danced and laughed looking at something that was one tenth, or even one hundredth the size of that. You need to acknowledge the fact that creation takes on the value corresponding to the absolute standard of the reciprocal value. (179-229, 1988.8.12)

After achieving full maturity, Adam and Eve would have been married by God. Then God, with His external form and internal nature, with His masculinity and femininity, would have entered their bodies. Then subsequently, the Creator would have naturally dwelt in the center of our minds, and we would have become His external form in image as His creation, in short, we would have become one as with God through love, and not by anything else, such as knowledge, power or money. By achieving this, based on true love, the external form followed by a family could emerge. True love is crucially important. If you don't clearly know this, you won't be able to understand about the origin of the universe. (286-16, 1997.7.1)

Secular people have the notion in their heads that they will become the number one person in the world in terms of money, power or knowledge. Yet everything in the universe related to God hopes for them to become the number one practitioners of true love. You should understand that this is the path originally desired by both humankind and God. (179-33, 1988.7.3)

Don't you all claim to like love? Aren't you looking for it? The question is: what path would you take as the most direct way, the shortcut to love consistent with the fundamental formula of the universe? (184-58, 1988.11.13)

What is the origin of the universe? God is an absolute being who has power. Yet power is not the origin, any more than knowledge is. Then would it be money? As viewed from the next world, people who try to make money for themselves look like they are collecting garbage and useless things. In other words, saving money is the same as collecting waste material. People like me may have money, but I am not going to use money that has been collected like this. (191-18, 1989.6.24)

In what way did God create heaven and earth? Only human beings, and none other, can be His perfect objects. Thus, He committed Himself 100 percent. Then why did He commit Himself so much even though He was the King of wisdom? After investing everything, He reached the position of zero, nothingness, whereas His object attained 120 percent; to explain this in terms of atmospheric pressure: where God eventually comes to stand would be a vacuum, the point of lowest pressure, and His object would be in a high pressure area. This situation would immediately create a renewed circulatory action according to the principles of automatic generation and movement. Thus, if you were to constantly invest yourself in your object, it would eventually be enveloped, wouldn't it? It would be completely surrounded. With what would you surround and envelop it? It would be with love. Since the origin of the universe is love, this is what would take place according to this principle. (196-320, 1990.1.12)

The original form of unity is expressed through individual perfection. The family, tribe, nation and world, all stem from there. This is the case regardless of how small that origin is; the angle of the perpendicular would remain the same. So with this as the central axis, if true love were to spread out in all directions from it, then no matter where it was in the universe, the whole earth would nevertheless be unified and filled with true love. Once this happens, then at any time everyone could say to each other, "Good! You are just like me!" It would be the same both spiritually in the vertical sense, and physically in the horizontal sense wherever you went. (207-58, 1990.10.28)

Throughout their lifetime, and even when they have gone to the spiritual realm, human beings require love. They can never be separated from the concept of love, be it day or night, whether they are young, old, or have passed away, or wherever and whenever it may be. Why is this so? They cannot help being like that because that is how their origin is. Love alone can, even now, exercise creative ability. Without it, this ability cannot come into operation. Everything moves driven by a force of love that is like a powerhouse. (133-64, 1984.7.8)

God would undoubtedly be able to create love, but owning that love would be another matter because one cannot own love alone. It takes two to do that. Not even God can seek love alone. What then would be its original standard of measurement? What would be this prototype of which there is absolutely only one, that can measure all things in the universe, material world and eternal world? This is a fundamental issue. The answer is love. So it is not -- and should not be -- affected by the changes of the four seasons. (137-235, 1986.1.3)

Why are we created to live bound by the ties of love? Human beings are destined to live constrained by the ties of the love sought after by God and the universe through which this world can be harmonized. If this is the case, can those, who are not bound by the ties of love and therefore have no basis of mind through which they can become happy, expect to lead happy lives? No, they cannot. Can the result be one of happiness if the basis is wrong? This is what history has been rooted in. (138-265, 1986.1.24)

When you attain the state of mind-body oneness, it would be the same as that experienced by the Buddha. It would be the state wherein you could feel, "In heaven and on earth, I alone am the honored one." When you are at the center of it, every form of energy within the sphere of love could not engage in action without passing through this center. In other words, any action that does not pass through it could not exist. Every action in the universe of creation has expanded based on this principle.

Yet the axis of love did not come into being. The nucleus did not come to exist, and not just for humankind. In expressing love between individuals, within the family, of tribes, races and nations stemming from the family, or taught by saints and sages, humankind has so far failed to comprehend and practice it according to the standards of the origin. (141-113, 1986.2.19)

When considering which comes first -- life or love -- with regard to the origin of the universe, we find, on delving further, that life cannot come first. Given that God is the source of life, on what foundation would He desire to live and continue to exist? What foundation would that be? He would want to exist on the foundation of peace. What establishes that foundation? Would it be life or something else? This is another question to ponder. Life could not achieve that. What can establish peace is something that transcends the orderly stages of creation, and goes beyond the highs and lows of subject and object partners -- and acknowledges their common value. What would that be? It would be true love. (173-84 1988. 2.7)

You know about cell reproduction, I am sure. Even if you were to cut this off, another eye, nose or any other feature could grow back. The same is also true of hair, feet, in fact everything. Everything is like that. The cells connected to true love are of the same value as the universe. Why would true love make this so? It is because it is the cause and, at the same time, the result. It is the motive and, at the same time, the purpose. (216-288, 1991.4.14)

Love exists throughout the universe, and there is not a single being disconnected from it. Even something commonplace like a clump of grass exists based on love. Minerals come into being by way of positive and negative ions, which are all in motion for the sake of love. (289-129, 1998.1.1)

However small it may be, the realm of heart created through true love is connected to the universe, and the effects of every occurrence that takes place within it extend everywhere, even to the spirit world. This is because the cosmos, including the spirit world, exists under God's principle of true love without any inequities. The vertical, horizontal, and front and rear relationships of true love between God and humankind are the origins of such true relationships among human beings themselves. Its perfection can only be accomplished in ideal families that have established the Four Great Realms of Heart. (260-128, 1994.5.1)

What is the essence of love? What kind of qualities does love have? What is love? Are the one-night stands and free sex which prevail in the United States today expressions of true love? That kind of behavior has no connection with original love. Then what is original true love? Love is the beginning and the end. The universe came into existence in the first place because of love. It is seeking after true love. God says of Himself in the Bible, "I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end." What does this mean? He is referring to original love in these words. (255-56, 1994.3.5)

Why should you live for the benefit of others? Why should you do so when you don't want to? You are bound by the ties of love, which are connected to all creation. Your body is bound tight with the ties of love. At this time, everything and everyone has their arms spread out wide and is asking to be tied more quickly. They want to grow rapidly and occupy the universe of love. They want to possess not just the universe of love, the object partner, but even God Himself who is the origin of love. (278-142, 1996.5.5)

Do you think God is happy all the time? Are you happy all the time? No you are not, but when you possess true love, then even sadness will be absorbed by that love. From this perspective, we can realize that the natural desire of human beings is to make the absolute authority of love stand in a position superior to anything else in the universe, no matter what individual forms of authority or knowledge, or claims to pre-eminent positions exist. Where did that come from? It came from the origin. Then where did the origin come from? It came from God's love. He also desires such love. (200-197, 1990.2.25)

In the beginning, did humankind emerge from a combative concept like communism or from a concept of harmony? Which was it? To express it in terms of electricity, let us say that the positive and negative charges are fighting each other. Where would that lead? Humanity originated from a source of harmony and unity. Therefore, through the harmony and loving union of a mother and father, you came to exist. That is undeniable. In this light we can recognize that the origin of the universe, that is to say the original nature, was first initiated from something which was harmoniously unified. (124-111, 1983.2.1)

In what way can you become someone to whom the entire universe is indebted, instead of its debtor? It will depend on your state of mind: you need to possess the mind of an owner who can say, "I'm sorry" and "Thank you," who can gaze on the waters, the fields and mountains, the plains and rivers of Korea, and, furthermore, of the whole earth, and say "Thank you!" You must be people who can cherish gratitude toward God and nature, and live in service to them without complaint. Only people with such a mind can become true owners. (198-150, 1990.1.28)

3.2. Humankind is the center of love in the created universe

3.2.1. Human beings are the objects of God's love

How great is the value of humanity? We are the ones whom God, leaning on His walking stick, can yearn for after thousands of years. I have discovered the nature of the origin of the universe. The two-way relationship between God and humankind has finally led to the recognition of a worldview based on the vertical and horizontal aspects of love. As it developed into a relationship of up and down, and left and right, the worldview of vertical and horizontal love could emerge. In the center of it all dwells God. That place, which can be bound firmly in the deep valley of the mind, is the center of the vertical and horizontal aspects. If it is not tied down, the vertical and horizontal standard cannot emerge as the ideal form of love. Though there may be any number of vertical standards, the horizontal will not come into being. Thus, you must know that God had no choice but to create human beings accordingly. (48-223, 1971.9.19)

God is an absolute being with an absolute idea about creation, and so He seeks after an object of absolute value. This is something that cannot be exchanged for anything in the world. In terms of value, the relational being is a form of existence that cannot be exchanged for God Himself. The term 'relational value' sounds difficult to comprehend. The relational value of anything, the value of the object based on the word 'relational,' is so great that it cannot be exchanged for anything or anyone, not even God Himself. If God were to exchange it with Himself, He would be left alone as a result. He would be all by Himself. This is why God commits Himself and exhausts His strength, His energy. He is engaged in a war of attrition. The forms of existence thus created with relational value which cannot be exchanged even for God Himself are human beings. It becomes very clear that the form of existence with absolute value is none other than humankind. God created us as valuable beings with such an idea in mind. (68-134, 1973.7.29)

God created human beings for love. Human beings differ from others in that they were created as God's children. We were created as the object partners who can receive direct love from Him. This is our privilege. (132-244, 1984.6.20)

Whom do human beings resemble? They resemble God. It follows that He desires love in the same way as they do. The ideal world of creation based on love signifies the manifestation of God's love in external form on both image and symbolic levels. The Divine Principle explains it thus. Based on what? Love. When the substantial form is happy, its image form will automatically be happy, and when the image form is happy, the symbolic form will also be happy automatically. What brings about such a phenomenon? Only love. (166-48, 1987.5.28)

It is said that, of all the things in the universe, the most precious and sacred are human beings. In simple terms, it means that out of all the creation, they are the center. Based on what are they the center? Love. Things such as knowledge, money or power are of no importance. Since God is the Creator, He can create and possess any of those things on His own at any time. However, love is something that no one can seek after or possess alone. Without exception, love appears and is fulfilled through an object partner; not even God Himself can fulfill love alone. (272-275, 1995.10.8)

For whom did God create heaven and earth? Not for Himself, but the object partner of His love. Then who is that object partner of His love? It is said that, amongst all the things of creation, the most precious and sacred is humankind. That means that only human beings were created as His direct object of love. If we were to analyze the essential qualities of love, we would find them to include the rights of inheritance, equality and participation. That being so, if God were to experience love, even He Himself, the high, almighty and universal God, would dance to the tune of love. (179-148, 1988.8.1)

The Unification Church teaches that even God needs love. No matter how omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and almighty God may be, He requires objects of His love, for love is reciprocal by its very nature. Those object partners were Adam and Eve. (121-173, 1982.10.24)

Even though God may be a great, absolute, omniscient and omnipotent being, nothing good can happen to Him when He is alone. The noun 'happiness,' or the adjective 'good,' cannot be used concerning one being in isolation. The words 'good' and 'happiness' can only have meaning where a reciprocal relationship has been established. No one claims to be happy when alone. Hence, even Almighty God Himself cannot be happy alone. For instance, let us imagine there is a musician who sings beautifully, and he is singing in solitude. Would he be happy? Of course not, he needs an audience. What is good can only come about in the process of giving and receiving. Similarly, God cannot be alone in order for Him to be able to say, "Good!" (65-20, 1972.11.13)

3.2.2. The process of human maturity is reflected in God's own development

The creation of human beings shows the renewed development of God Himself in a substantial way. God can find interest and stimulation from their creation. The same is true of human beings. Artists draw with the idea of creating masterpieces in the course of which they fully and substantially express their inner nature. They squeeze it out from deep within themselves down to their bone marrow, and invest it into their works. (225-198, 1992.1.20)

Where can human perfection be found? There is no way for a man to be perfected by himself any more than a woman by herself. This is all because they are only half-complete; they therefore can be perfected only through a complete union of love. In being perfected, whom would Adam absolutely need? He absolutely needs God vertically. To be perfected, Adam needs both vertical and horizontal connections. Without them, he could not generate the circular and spherical motion of love. For this reason, what he absolutely needs horizontally is Eve. Likewise, Eve also absolutely needs Adam. (145-319, 1986.6.1)

What did God love in Adam and Eve? The fact that Adam and Eve grew up as His son and daughter signifies that He also developed in a similar fashion. God too had times when He was like a baby, sibling, spouse and parent, and that is why He created them in this way. God is an invisible god, who developed in such fashion. He created them like this, as children, siblings and spouses. (254-274, 1994.2.15)

When God created Adam and Eve, at which stage did He create them? We cannot think for a moment that He created them as fully-grown persons. He created them as infants. Unless we establish the logic that He created them in a similar fashion to that of a mother with a baby growing in her womb, there is no way we can explain the growing process through the order of three stages. In short, Adam and Eve had their babyhood, followed by the periods of growth and completion. This is the way of heavenly principle. (225-198, 1992.1.20)

Adam and Eve passed through babyhood, but what sort of babyhood would it have been? To answer this, we need to begin with the logic that the invisible God raised beings that were babies in His arms, the babies who came from the invisible world and passed through a process in order to become substantial beings.

Then how can a person who has been born and has grown up to full maturity advance to the position of marriage and parenthood? A child's growth shows the process of how God passed through the periods of youth, middle age, and old age, that is to say, the child shows in substantial form the invisible process of how God developed. Only when this logic is established, can the concept, "Parent and child are one body" emerge. Since one represents vertical and the other horizontal, the logic, "Vertical and horizontal are one body" can be established. (225-198, 1992.1.20)

Ideally, Adam and Eve as a loving couple giving birth to a child would be the same as standing in God's position as the Parent, wherein His invisible Self, that is His internal nature and external form, united and lovingly created His children. The first Creator, the invisible God, created Adam and Eve as the visible second creators, and by their giving birth to children from the position of substantial second gods, they are elevated to the position of parents. Through these young children's growth, God's past history is displayed substantially, which also includes Adam and Eve's infancy, siblinghood, matrimony and parenthood. Thus, parents desire to love and be close to their children because they are their second selves. (258-240, 1994.3.20)

The position of a married couple is truly a great one. There, the fulfillment of hope that humankind has yearned for throughout history blossoms in the form of children, siblings and spouses. In this way, just as God began His work of creation with love, the couple that represents Adam and Eve will begin to create on their own through the act of giving birth to their children. They take the position of substantial creators, and in the position of horizontal creators in relation to their children, they bear them. This is the making of the third creators, namely the children.

Thus, parents raise their offspring as God's children from the position of substantial parents in His stead. In so doing, they substantially experience how the invisible God nurtured His children. God also underwent a similar developmental process. He passed through infancy, siblinghood, matrimony and parenthood. By parents giving birth to and raising their children based on the invisible God's past, their children can gain sight of God, the first and incorporeal Creator, from the time of His invisible babyhood onward.

Adam and Eve were destined as the visible second creators to raise their children as siblings and later to have them marry to form couples, so that God, who raised Adam and Eve as His son and daughter and as brother and sister, could see through them the substantial reality of His every intrinsic and invisible desire on earth. Those who can fulfill this desire are their own sons and daughters. (263-148, 1994.8.21)

The course of the creation of Adam and Eve is that by which God as Creator substantially developed the growing process from the origin of existence through to the present time, following the intrinsic principle of creation. Then where did it begin? In the same way as the minutest cells come together to form bigger cells, fetuses pass through the ten lunar months of gestation to emerge as males or females.

Why is that so? If this were not the case, there would be no way we could explain the logic of how life is inherited. In fact, we could not even establish the logic of how heredity unfolds. Hence, there is a need for an essential invisible form and an essence of the visible form to unfold substantially, based on a relationship of oneness. To put it another way, there must be a corresponding realm of the object partner in front of the subject partner. The internal nature has the innate capacity to unite and communicate with the external form in every fundamental respect. As a result of this, the growth process after the birth of human beings is so that the invisible, incorporeal God can see the process take place through substantial forms. As such, God cannot help but love us, since every intrinsic aspect within Himself is expressed and manifested through us in the life of our substantial selves. Given that the invisible form is transposed into visible form, everything must be invested into it. (225-198, 1992.1.20)

When God was creating an object partner through which to experience love, whom do you think He would make it look like? It would be created to resemble Himself. For that object partner to reflect God, it should have both masculine and feminine characteristics, just like Him. He created this object partner in His image, that is to say, He took every attribute from His original internal nature and manifested these thought forms -- this invisible nature -- in substantial form. This is how human beings came to be created. Hence, the biblical book of Genesis correctly states that God created humankind in His image. (170-167, 1987.11.15)

The original Garden is the world of happiness wherein everything can be in tune with others in its unique way, in front of the rhythm of joy created by God and humankind through their maintaining mutual harmony. It is where each in its own creative way can dance and do all kinds of harmonious activities both symbolically and in image form. When this occurs, the creation will exclaim, "Aha! This is worth being born for!" Would it not be the greatest wish of even the tiniest forms of creation to become eligible to take part in the joyous feast day of love which would be held by God and humankind, and to share that joy with others? (166-46, 1987.5.28)

When you speak about truth, what do you think its core is? It isn't money, power or knowledge. It is love. Essential love stays in the vertical place, and truthful love is connected horizontally. Thus, we can know God by observing His creation, and Adam and Eve, for they were created in His image.

Why is this so? Adam and Eve are subject partners who take an object partner position in relation to God's vertical true love. Therefore, when they completely unite and create a sphere of love that covers all directions, they can form the central axis that will be connected to the entire world, as well as to God and the spirit world. (179-290, 1988.8.14)

3.2.3. Humankind is the center of all created beings

Who does God look like? He looks like us, both man and woman. Aren't your minds invisible? Would you like to see your mind or not? God is the same if you consider this from a spiritual perspective. He does not have a body. He has not had one until now because Adam failed to reach perfection. He exists in a mind-like universe as a mind-like lord, teacher, custodian and parent. (197-44, 1990.1.7)

All the things of creation are the foundation upon which God's children can be created, a foundation which is related and connected to them. This includes everything from the animal kingdom down to the mineral world. Plus and minus can be found in the mineral kingdom, just as there are stamen and pistil in the plant kingdom and male and female in the animal kingdom.

The greatest masterpiece of all, created by amalgamating both spiritual and physical elements from all the rest of creation, is the human form. These forms were manifested as the internal natures and external forms of man and woman and revealed symbolically, in image form and substantially, so that they could connect with and relate to all of creation. (144-236, 1986.4.25)

It is not for the sake of money, knowledge or power that God stands in need of humankind, the center of all creation. It is for love and only love. If this was not the case and God stood in the position of desiring to be loved all on His own, there would not be anything or anyone there to love Him. If this is the conclusion, there can be no doubt that God would create an object partner in this world whom He could love. Bearing this in mind, who could be that great and courageous object partner of His love in that world? Of all God's creatures, the only ones satisfying the conditions of being perfect object partners who can stand in front of Him are man and woman. You should thus be bold enough to be able to say, "I am the lord of the universe, the greatest in the universe." (148-308, 1986.10.26)

God created all the things of nature in order to multiply joy and perpetuate its stimulation. He did not create them just to feel happy temporarily, but rather to feel joy permeating deep into His heart every time He saw them. For this reason, He created everything with the greatest heart and devotion. After making all the things of creation over five days, then on the sixth day God created human beings with a joyful heart. Our first ancestors, created in His image, were most beautiful, precious, pride engendering, gratifying, glorious and lovable. (9-194, 1960.5.22)

God, being omniscient and omnipotent, does not lack knowledge, ability, power or money. Then what is it He has need of? It is the one object partner that He can love. That object partner can be none other than human beings, who are the most precious and greatest of all created beings. I have said that the ones God can love most of all are human beings, but why is this so? It is because God also needs love. Love is something which cannot be experienced alone. (112-291, 1981.4.25)

God's invisible image is symbolically invested in all parts of our body. Whom do our eyes resemble? God! Hence, they are situated in the most sunken part of our face, from where they observe everything. Next, the nose symbolizes Adam and Eve and forms the center. Next, the mouth symbolizes all things of creation and is horizontal. For this reason, enclosed in it are four times eight, equal to thirty-two teeth, based on the number four which represents all of creation. Next, the ears symbolize the four directions. The features found above the neck symbolize heaven. In other words, it is the information center of heaven. (201-83, 1990.3.4)

Where is the root of your lives? It lies with the unfallen parents. Then what would be the place of the unfallen parents of goodness? Since He is the Subject with dual characteristics, God has created the entire universe and human beings in His image, manifesting in them His dual characteristics. Adam is the embodiment of God's masculine characteristics and Eve His feminine characteristics. From this perspective, though in general we usually call Him "Heavenly Father" because He is one being, nevertheless, encompassed in this concept is the notion that He is 'Heavenly Father and Mother'. (140-123, 1986.2.9)

How would things have turned out had our ancestors Adam and Eve not fallen? They would have become one in heart with God, and from the same position as Him, inherited His great work of creation, and stood in the same place of joy with Him after creation. Such a relationship would have been formed between God and humankind. Original unfallen human beings would have become His temples. (54-64, 1972.3.11)

Even though God is our Father and we human beings His children, it still feels like the Father is above us, and that we are in a relationship in which He is superior and we are inferior. In such circumstances, what would we be thinking? We have the desire in our hearts that cries out to Him, "Father, let me have your place for just once. I want to sit in your place!" If God were to dismiss this with the words, "You scoundrel, no, I will not allow it!" then we would feel crushed. Hence, He would not answer in this way. On the contrary, He knows that people have such a desire in their hearts, and thus will encourage them with words like "Of course, by all means!" and would give up His place for us. He wants us to occupy His place, while He vacates it to enter our hearts and reside in them as His temples. (54-89, 1972.3.20)

When you have achieved mind-body oneness, the universe will protect you. When you have attained this state of being protected by the power of the universe, your parents as well as your siblings will also be protected by the universe. In short, everyone around you will be protected. Your race and nation must also form this connection. This is a wonderful conclusion. So, if you were to go to another nation and maintained mind-body unity, then you could connect to the people of that nation also. It would work wherever you were.

In playing soccer, what happens when the ball stops rolling? It becomes one with the ground through a perpendicular. Hence, a sphere is considered to be the most ideal shape. That perpendicular could rest at any point on its surface, and this is how it is possible for the ball to roll around on any surface anywhere. So, once you have achieved mind-body oneness, and formed a perpendicular, you would fit in anywhere. Regardless of whether the person you meet is a Westerner, an Oriental, a person from the past, present or future, you would be able to relate with any situation. (205-53, 1990.7.7)

When you follow the path which your original mind leads you along, the universe will open up in unity with you. You need such experiences. Once you enter such a state, you will be able to fully relate with your original minds. You will be able to hold conversations with your minds. As soon as you think of doing something, the answer will already be right in front of you. You are advancing toward such a state. Wouldn't such people know the path they should take? The way they should follow would be definitely laid before them, and so all the power in the universe would help them to go that way. Once they face the test of faith, having been led there by the hand, everything will come to their support. Only after this, it would be possible for them to perform great deeds. (120-313, 1982.10.20)

You may look at nature and say, "Oh, I don't need the four seasons. I only like spring; I hate summer, autumn and winter." However, if you were to ask God, He would answer, "I love all the four seasons." Hence, you need to learn to like summer, autumn and winter, even though you may have disliked them in the past. When the winter snow comes, God looks upon the world covered in white and derives pleasure from it. So you should also be saying, "Oh, I like it too!" That is the way it should be. (133-28, 1984.7.1)

You should be able to look at nature with a mind similar to that of God's. Such should be your mindset. If there is a flood or streaks of lightning, you should not say things like, "Oh, how I hate that!" God is thinking, "Ha ha, heaven and earth are kissing and making love!" He tells those who say they do not like it, "Ha ha, you good-for-nothing rascals!" (133-28, 1984.7.1)

Where would God, the King of wisdom and the Center of everything, place the origin of true love, ideal, happiness or peace between subject and object partners? In this question lies a serious issue. On the one hand there is the subject partner and its path to live for the sake of the object partner, and on the other hand vice versa; between the two paths, where should the requirements of the ideal be placed? This question inevitably poses a big challenge for God, the Creator.

God had to consider, with regard to the true ideal, love and peace, whether He should set the subject partner as the center and place the ideal origin in the object partner's living for the sake of the subject partner, or set the object partner as the center and place the ideal origin in the subject partner's living for the sake of the object partner. After considering, He decided that if He were to place the ideal origin as in the case of the former, not only Himself but all people in the world would need the object partner to live for themselves. In other words, all would become subject partners and not object partners. If this were to be the case, the path to unity would be blocked. You need to know this. (75-318, 1975.1.16)

Where is the path which leads to unity and the origin of peace? God had no choice but to establish the principle that not only Himself but also all human beings need to live for the sake of others. Hence, true love, as well as the true ideal, peace and happiness, can be achieved by doing that; they cannot be found in any other case. Until now, people have not known that this is the fundamental principle of the creation of heaven and earth. (75-318, 1975.1.16)

Why were men and women born? Men were not born for men but for women, and vice versa. We were not born for ourselves. Despite this, they assert themselves. Egoism should be demolished. Once that is done, the world can be unified. (61-265, 1972.9.1)

Those who follow the path of seeking to realize their value, not from their own viewpoint, but from that of their spouse, in other words, based on a reciprocal standard, are not unhappy people. Anywhere and anytime, their foundation of heart is within a reciprocal realm, and so they will not be lonely, but in a state of happiness. (59-200, 1972.7.16)

Harmony, enjoyment or happiness cannot come about if you are alone. Not even the Absolute Being can bring them about by Himself; He must have someone fulfilling the requirements of His partner. An absolute being needs an absolute counterpart -- and an absolute subject partner an absolute object partner -- for there to be happiness, harmony, joy, dancing and singing. (38-155, 1971.1.3)

Members of today's established churches boast, "The omniscient and omnipotent God is in essence the glorious Subject of all glories, the happy Subject of all happiness, and the Subject of all love and life, and so there is not a single thing that is not attributable to Him." Yet, though He may be the Absolute Being, without an absolute object partner He couldn't help but be unhappy. Even God Himself would end in failure if He could not find the one object partner which can stand in an absolute position. Without an absolute object partner, even the Absolute Being would inevitably be unhappy. That being so, in order not to end in failure, God has no choice but to create the being that will be His partner. (38-157, 1971.1.3)

3.3. The world of creation is a museum of love for humankind

3.3.1. God's will in creating the universe

Everything in the world was created by God as the textbook to help His beloved children attain the ideal of love. Thus, it was created with a reciprocal structure. Minerals exhibit subject-object interaction, as do protons and electrons in the case of the atom. Nothing can continue in existence without engaging in action and motion. Thus, with human beings as the center, the universe is created to reach that central point. (137-59, 1985.12.18)

God first created all the things of the universe and then the progenitors of humankind in the Garden of Eden as their lords. In creating human beings, God did not intend them to be just a source of amusement or interest for Himself. We need to understand that the amount of effort and devotion He invested into not only creating human beings but in establishing them as the center representing all creation cannot be expressed in words. (20-205, 1968.6.9)

In creating humankind, God spared no pains, devoted all His energies and poured in the essence of His being, love and affection. He created them through a connection that could not be separated or severed by any amount of force. As He created human beings in this way, peace can rest with God as He casts His eyes upon them, and He can derive all joy and happiness only from them. (20-207, 1968.6.9)

God is the Father of humankind and we are His children. Since He poured in His bone of bones, flesh of flesh, and marrow of marrows into creating us, He could not help being drawn to us if we were to pull Him, any more than we could help being drawn to Him if He in turn pulled us. Within this bond, God created human beings to conform to the purpose of creation. If God were to compose an essay or a poem to praise human beings who had been created in this manner, that would be the greatest masterpiece which no poet or writer on earth could ever emulate. Its object would be neither God nor the creation itself, but humankind representing all creation. (20-207, 1968.6.9)

What is the universe? It symbolizes God's body, His visible body. It is His manifestation. Thus, the concept is established that we can really love it. We can wake up to the realization that we love the universe. Quite often you stroke your hair, and when something gets on your clothes, you brush it away. Why do you do so? It is because these things belong to you, they are a part of you, and so you naturally wish to take care of them. What you need to strive for from now on is to allow God to dwell in the center of your mind, become one with your mind, your body, with all things, and achieve a unified world in this way. (86-173, 1976.3.28)

The vastness of the universe is measured in billions of light years. Light travels at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second, and 300,000 kilometers is approximately seven and a half times the circumference of the earth. The distance traveled by light at such a speed in a whole year is termed one light year in astronomy. The universe is so vast that light traveling at such speed will go on for billions of years and still not reach the other end. (127-213, 1983.5.8)

So far the Greenwich Observatory has discovered stars that are ten billion light years away from our world, and the era has now dawned in which stars even fifteen billion light years away can be observed, and we will soon be able to discover others even further away.

The size of this vast universe is approximately 21 billion light years. This is a Principle number. That is how big it is. For your better understanding, we will say that the distance traveled in a day by light starting out from here is a light-day, in a month a light-month, and light travels 300 million meters in a second. To cover this distance, you would have to go around the planet seven and a half times. Seven and a half! With a snap of the fingers light would have already gone round the earth seven and a half times.

Light traveling at such speed will have backaches, will not be able to think at the end of the day, and will say, "I don't care." Consider then that it is traveling not just for one hundred light years, but tens of thousands of times that distance, 100 million light years. 100 million years would have passed by since it first set out, and during that time, one million people living consecutively to the age of one hundred would have died. Still light would not have ceased traveling.

Then how long is 21 billion light years? During that time, 210 million people living to one hundred would have died, and yet light would still be traveling. It does not go in a straight line; instead, it goes round and round. Such is the universe. (181-195, 1988.10.3)

3.3.2. The world of creation is the textbook of love for humankind

From the perspective of the standard of true love, Adam and Eve were to grow up observing and learning from the natural garden of love created within the pair system. They were to become aware of what they should do after they had grown up by looking at how everything was created. The creation is God's veritable museum, the museum of love for the education of Adam and Eve. They were to grow up watching how all creatures were born in pairs of male and female, even birds and butterflies, and how they developed affection for each other and brought forth their young.

Growing up and reaching full maturity, they were supposed to realize for themselves that the man is the prince of God's love representing plus and the woman the princess of love representing minus. Then the woman would have thought to herself, "That man is the very man I need!" and learned to believe in him, just as he would have thought to himself about the woman, "She really is the woman who is essential to me!" (201-161, 1990.3.30)

From the perspective of the standard of true love, Adam and Eve were to grow up observing and learning from the natural garden of love created within the pair system. They were to grow up observing how all creatures were born in pairs of male and female, even birds and butterflies, how they developed affection for each other and brought forth their young. (201-356, 1990.4.30)

We grow from childhood to youth. Reaching adolescence, we start learning thenceforth. This is true for all of you. In your infancy, you don't know anything, and so as you grow you ask, "Mom, what is this?" or "Dad, what is that?" and in this way you get to find out and learn new things. After learning all about life in such a manner, the man then sees that everything in the world is in a pair system. He comes to realize, "Ah, the animal kingdom is in pairs, as are the insects and everything else in the world, even the flowers and minerals!" He awakens to the fact that "Yes, they are in the position of subject and object partners, they work accordingly, and as a result everything turns out in a certain way! It seems that I have to follow this path. Oh, that is not the right one!" (219-31, 1991.8.25)

As they grow, Adam and Eve learn about the world. As these two, son and daughter, grow up, they gaze on the world and find it to be a museum of love made in the pair system. They each learn from it. "Oh! Males and females like each other so much. Even the fly exists as male and female and the butterfly too; in fact, all of them exist in pairs. They all make love and reproduce!" Do you think they would have realized this or not? (200-246, 1990.2.25)

For what purpose did God create heaven and earth in the pair system? It is the museum of love, and through this He is telling us to live more happily than the birds, the insects, indeed more happily than anything else in the world. (200-57, 1990.2.23)

Every form of creation in this world exists in the pair system, and the environment created according to that system is the ideal museum of love for humankind. Hence, interaction in the world of minerals takes place only with appropriate counterparts. Trees and plants too engage in give and take action and reproduce with their counterparts. This is also the case for birds and even grasshoppers in the insect family. Don't grasshoppers sing too? (199-309, 1990.2.21)

As God created the world in a pair system, all elements are encompassed by man and woman. What is nature? It is a museum that teaches about love so that man and woman can love. Therefore, if a man were to sing a song longing for his beloved wife, whatever song he sang would not be considered a sin. It would be a sin if he committed the Fall. When a family breaks up due to love problems and the heavenly principles are broken, that would be a sin; what would not be a sin is when a couple love each other on the foundation of these principles and pledge to each other, "I truly love you, for ever and evermore. You are my spouse for eternity." You should understand this clearly. (199-280, 1990.20.20)

This universe is made up within a pair system and is like a living museum created by the loving God. It is not filled with lifeless and ownerless antique souvenirs as those in the National Museum. It is filled with living souvenirs instead. (195-136, 1989.11.7)

There exists a True God, and everything created by Him is in a subject-object relationship so that they can satisfy the requirements of ideal love. Thus, every form of creation in this universe comes within the pair system. There are 'husbands and wives' even in minerals. Isn't that why they attract each other? You are hearing this for the first time, are you not? Even if the laboratory researcher were to turn into a tyrant and force together two incompatible chemical elements, they would not fuse together. Even the word, "Fuse!" from God would not do any good. However, if the elements are in accord with one another, they would fuse even if commanded, "Do not fuse, and do not become one!" From this we can see that everything exists in the pair system because of God's love. (177-271, 1988.5.20)

You need to realize that even minute forms of life such as insects exist in pairs based on love. The same is true of the mineral world. For what? For the sake of love. Even though they belong to a lower level of creation, they still, in their own way, reproduce through love. This universe is designed to function with its system of relationships intermeshed perfectly so as to realize God's ideal of creation through human beings. (293-308, 1998.6.7)

As everything laid out in the Garden of Eden was part of a pair system, Adam was to look at them and realize in due course, "Ah! I am a man, a male, for I look like a male; where then is the one that is like the female?" Then he was to look around and discover, "It is Eve!" and the two were to be married in God's presence. Then they would have remarked, "When a male and a female carry on like that, they give birth to their young!" There are many women who do not desire to get married, but nonetheless are fond of babies. (288-304, 1998.1.1)

Since everything in the Garden of Eden was created according to the pair system, Adam and Eve could see for themselves the animals mating and reproducing and would remark, "The females and males are making a loving environment together." Adam and Eve would have learnt about love from them and so they would have eventually felt, "We should be with each other." While they were yet growing up, how complicated would it have been? Man is wild by nature, and so he climbed mountains and ran about, whereas the woman looked on from where she was sitting and stayed in the vicinity of their home every single day. Though different in character, they were meant to learn from the environment that surrounded them and be drawn to each other naturally. (278-280, 1996.5.26)

When Adam and Eve came to be aware that the whole world was composed of paired relationships, they were to realize that they could not live alone. Anyone can see that even deer and cows exist as male and female, and mate and reproduce. Since they saw how everything from the animal kingdom down to the insects, birds, bees, and flowers were all doing likewise, they did not need to be taught what they had already come to know. (246-58, 1993.3.23)

Each of your couples is like a brother and sister set of twins similar to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. There, Adam had nobody other than his younger sister. She was the only daughter with no friends in the world. With only one woman and one man in the Garden of Eden, Adam had to befriend Eve. They were elder brother and younger sister.

As Adam and Eve grew up, they were to learn how everything in the pair system grows and reproduces, and when they came to understand how the creation exists and develops, they were to awaken to the fact that they should love each other, become husband and wife, and consequently leave behind this tradition in future history. It was for the sake of future history and humanity that they were to become husband and wife. (243-177, 1993.1.3)

Adam and Eve were born to be God's object partners and children, yet had no elder siblings to guide them, did they? The woman was to educate herself, and the man was also to perfect himself. Educational materials for them could be found in abundance in heaven and on earth. As everything was created in the pair system, the man would look at them and learn that, "That is how we should grow!" and the woman would also gaze at them and come to know naturally, "That is how we should grow!" Nature displays plainly, like a museum, all the educational material about love, as everything in nature is in pairs. (228-268, 1992.7.5)

Reciprocity must be included in the vertical standard. There is a reciprocal partner within that standard. Yet Adam and Eve must first grow up and become fully mature. Everything in this world is created within the pair system. This is true right across the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. The human world too, forms part of this pair system, as represented by man and woman.

The natural world is a museum of love, where the creation is made up in pairs, though at a lower level than humankind. Then why was this museum of love created? For whom was it made? That is the question. It was made for human beings and for God. Hence, God can experience the sensation of love in everything encompassing the mineral, plant and animal worlds. (238-29, 1992.11.19)

Man and woman have to walk the path to maturity individually. The man only realizes he has to marry a woman when he sees everything in the pair system living together and giving birth to their young. With the coming of spring, he observes cows, pigs, dogs, cats, mice and even locusts doing so and exclaims, "Oh, that's how it is! One alone isn't enough!" He is awakened, or as we say, enlightened to this fact. So far, man and woman had only directed their attentions toward each other obliquely, but then they realize, "Ah, the one I need is Adam!" and "The one I need is Eve!" (229-321, 1992.4.13)

The environment is made up of a pair system of subject and object partners without exception. The universe is a museum with love as its nucleus, a museum of pairs. For this reason, when you see a pair of birds in love with each other building a nest, laying eggs and feeding their young, you should learn from them. You should be able to say, "I will do hundreds of times more for my children than the birds." Even with insects, male and female mate and reproduce. They raise their young at the risk of their lives. That is education. (229-287, 1992.4.13)

As they grew to maturity, Adam and Eve were meant to see the creation around them and come to learn that Adam was to be Eve's spouse, and she his. Adam, by nature, liked to go out and conduct himself in an extrovert fashion. He wanted to hunt and be in command wherever he went. How about Eve? Her intrinsic character was totally different from this. As they grew up in this manner, they were to learn what they ought to know as woman and man. Everything in the world is created in such a way. Aren't the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms all created in the pair system? This is what Adam and Eve were to learn. As they grew, they perceived that everything they cast their eyes on has a reciprocal relationship with an object or subject, and that they understand this truth without being taught. (225-201, 1992.1.20)

Who teaches about love? It is nature that teaches about it. The animals running about in the garden are male and female, as are the butterflies; in short, everything exists in pairs. When the flowers bloom, then in the beautiful garden can be heard the twittering and chirruping of birds. Why do they do so? For what purpose do the male and female birds sing? Who are they trying to call? There are three reasons for the singing of birds. One is for hunger, another for love, and the last to call their young. These are the three reasons. They do so out of love. (208-251, 1990.11.20)

In order to be in the realm of reciprocity toward perfected Adam and Eve, all creation in this universe also needs to be constructed in a similar way to them, and thus is made up within the pair system. It all exists in pairs. Adam is the great plus and the forms of creation are the little pluses spread out in all directions. For this reason, humankind and the creation are identical in the respect that they were created with reciprocal relationships. When human beings and all creation achieve balance centered on the absolute Subject, God can descend upon them vertically. (230-252, 1992.5.8)

Is it wonderful to be awakened by the twittering of the sparrows rather than on one's own? How poetic is that? What do you like better: to sing by yourself or to hear someone else sing? Isn't that poetic too? To hear birds twitter rather than to twitter yourself and to have your beloved awake you rather than to wake up by yourself; would it be ideal to wake up to various tunes of harmony? So the birds are my friends too. What makes them my friends? In view of the pair system, they can become my friends. Man and woman are also a pair. How poetic is that when you consider birds as being friends? (177-271, 1988.5.20)

Seeing everything in the world existing in pairs and reproducing themselves accordingly, Adam and Eve understand that they too should come together when they have attained full maturity. Before that time, they are not aware of it. Adam and Eve are living together all by themselves. When we consider their characters, Adam is masculine and extrovert. When he wakes up in the morning, he likes to go out to the mountains and catch rabbits, pheasants, deer, and snakes to cut their stomachs open. In order to become the future master and manage everything, he needs to know all there is to know. So he desires to find out what there is in the mountains, what animals can be found there, and what kinds of fish live in the waters. Being a man, he needs to investigate anything and everything to become their lord. (262-74, 1994.7.23)

God enjoyed Himself as He created the universe. How much fun would it have been? How interesting would it have been for Him as He created everything in the pair system, and saw that even the cells came together in pairs in their love for each other? A well-taken picture gives endless pleasure to its photographer; how much more pleasurable, then, would it be to see the real creation talk and dance with joy? (283-102, 1997.4.8)

In bringing up the man and woman He had created within His embrace, God provided for them the servant, the archangel, to protect and raise them. When they had reached full maturity, He had meant to marry them, but not before that time. In order to accomplish this, they were born separately, with the man raised as a man and the woman as a woman. After they were fully grown, they would gaze intently at the world and see that the mineral, animal and plant kingdoms were all created in the pair system according to the ideal reciprocal relationships. They were meant to look at them and learn, "Ah! The animals all pair up, have their offspring, and live happily. Wow, the mother risks her own life to protect and nurture her young. We should do so as well!" Hence, nature is the exhibiting museum for the ideal development of Adam and Eve. (262-74, 1994.7.23)

When you enter the deepest level of the realm of true love, you can communicate even with the rocks and all the rest of creation. In the world of true love, all things would be able to communicate with one another. Why? It is because everything was created according to the pair system in order to relate to God's love. True love is bound to resonate. When you are within the realm of true love, you would feel God's internal and external worlds. As such, without being taught you will naturally get to know everything there is to know about the spirit world and God, and how to attend your Parents and the nation of God in your earthly life. The path of love is not meant to be trodden haphazardly. There is a formula, for there is but one path for love and no other. The path of true love to be pursued by human beings and the path of true love led by God and the heavenly world is one and the same. As He descends, we ascend the same way. Then where will we meet Him? We must meet at the place where we have attained full maturity. There is only one meeting point. Where should we meet in order to attain oneness with Him? It is right at that spot, and no other place. That is where we should meet Him. (238-31, 1992.11.19)

After speaking a while about the theory of love, it becomes clear that everything can be explained by it. It is the highest knowledge. In coming to understand the theory of love, we have learnt that this entire world is made up of a pair system. Isn't the mineral world made up of positive and negative ions? They are pairs. For what purpose are they paired? They were created in this way for the sake of love corresponding to their respective levels, as only then can reproduction take place.

Similarly, there are males and females in the animal kingdom, and men and women in the case of humankind. Why were they created like this? Love did not come into being just for women or just for men, but for both! This is how it should be. The wicked people that deny this proposition are the minions of hell and destruction. (221-257, 1991.10.25) 

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