Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eleven - The Root of the Universe
Chapter One - Fundamental Order of the Universe
Section 2. Subject and Object Partners Comprise the Universe

2.1. The principle of the pair system governs the existence of the universe

Everything in the universe, even in the mineral and plant kingdoms, was born with the ideal common base of the subject-object relationship centered on love. The creation represents the resultant forms of existence, and cannot come into existence without a causal being. We call that being God. Thus, in the realm of God-centered love, irrespective of direction, be it East, West, North, South, up, down, front, rear, left or right, everything, including the basic elements and minerals exist within a pair system, a subject-object relationship, in order that they can always attain harmony and oneness. The entire creation exists through this system, including the mineral, plant, animal and human worlds. (173-35, 1988.2.1)

The creation was meant to be centered and modeled upon human beings. Everything in the universe was created to interrelate and form a connection in all directions revolving around humankind. Thus, the entire creation, that is, everything in the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms was created in pairs. In that way, the paths of vertical and horizontal relationships are entwined. Everything in the world based upon the pair system and engaged in various kinds of existence and ways of life provides the textbook material for humankind in the process of seeking ideal love. (173-211, 1988.2.18)

All created things exist within the pair system of subject-object relationships. Why is this so? Since all created beings are in the position to develop their love to an absolute degree, they exist in a subject-object pair system in order that they can give and receive, and attain oneness through that love. There is not a single thing which was created outside this principle. Everything was born out of love. (209-89, 1990.11.27)

The subject-object relationship is an inherent feature of the universe. Everything was intended to exist in conformity to that, and accordingly we can deduce that the universe was created based on the concept of the pair system. Therefore, the conclusion can be drawn that all of creation was brought into existence in this way based upon love, and that it is sustained through love relationships. The same is true even for minerals. Positive and negative ions have give and take with each other. The plant kingdom, too, is founded on the relationship of stamen and pistil, and animals also exist based on the paired males and females of their species. (207-9, 1990.10.21)

Within the elements of the mineral world may be found pairs of positive and negative ions. The 118 chemical elements identified in the Periodic Table will not react with just anything, however hard you may try to fuse them in the laboratory. Yet with the appropriate object, there is nothing you could do -- not even God -- to prevent them from fusing together. You already know about this, don't you? Everything is incorporated within the pair system, whether mineral, plant or animal. All things exist in pairs, in accordance with the principle of positive and negative. (203-295, 1990.6.27)

All beings in the world come under the pair system. As they are arranged as such -- whether mineral, plant or animal -- in order for them to unite, they must be interconnected based on the subject-object love relationship. (189-190, 1989.4.6)

If you possess love, you will always be welcomed wherever you go. Thus, the existence of this universe is based on love through the pair system. The mineral world exists in pairs, as do the plants and animals, don't they? Based on what? It is based on vertical love, although to varying degrees. This holds true everywhere, centering on the love that is manifested in this vast universe. The position of all beings has been determined at a particular horizontal level, and accordingly, they are able to harmonize with one another as a pair from this set position in the universe. All this came into being for the sake of love. (198-304, 1990.2.5)

The entire creation is interconnected through the structure of the pair system. This is true even for the mineral world. Everything operates either positively or negatively. Despite the earth having its own gravitational pull, we can clearly see the workings of a powerful magnet because its pull is locally stronger than that of the earth. All elements also work positively and negatively, though not strongly enough to be seen. Certain clearly determined movements occur when an electric current flows between the positive and negative poles of a circuit. What is the center of the pair system? It is the central axis which connects the two elements in a principled way, namely the axis of love. Thus, the chemical elements of the mineral world fuse together according to the laws of attraction. Elements that repel each other cannot become one, even at God's command, and even if the master of the laboratory made strenuous efforts to bring them together for thousands of years. (197-164, 1990.1.13)

All things in the universe are unable to exist if they are separated from love. They exist within a pair system. There are males and females in the insect world too, aren't there? Sometimes you go out into the garden and dig the ground. You will find many insects there. All those creatures, though out of sight, exist as males and females, reproduce their kind and feed them. They even talk with each other by communicating through the senses, and the males and the females care for each other so much. What root cause, then, would bring this about? Don't you think there would be love in the insect kingdom? It is an absolute inevitability that the male follows the female, and vice versa. (191-220, 1989.6.25)

Even the elements in the mineral world were created in pairs. They interact together through the relationship of positive and negative ions. Thus, if this compound were to be pulled by true love, God would be pulled along with it, as would the True Parents and all of humankind, for they are all part of one interconnected system. Everything exists within the pair system. Whatever level of existence they may belong to, they nevertheless live according to the principle of love. (203-244, 1990.6.26)

Everything created by God exists within the pair system. The mineral world, too, abides by a system of pairs though at a lower level; the positive and negative ions also express their love in their interlocking form. For the first time in history, I have come forth into the world to declare this truth. I was the first person in history to disclose that God Himself as the Origin absolutely believes in and obeys true love. This is not a mere concept, but is the irrevocable truth: God initiated creation in His quest for true love. (203-103, 1990.6.17)

Even the microorganisms, which practice their own forms of love, take pride in the fact that they were also created to play their part within the same realm of the ideal of creation, which is represented by the universal pair system. They are proud of the fact that although you are big and they are small, if they can unite with you and give you a part of themselves, they are more than willing to share themselves with you for eternity. They are different from fallen human beings. The creation of one chemical substance signifies that the plus and the minus elements have found and become one with each other. How silly human beings are by comparison! They are in fact essentially disharmonious, and this is the problem. (209-189, 1990.11.29)

Everything you see in the world exists in a pair system. We are at the head of them all. When God looks upon everything, He says, "Ah, you take after me too. When you are alone, you are lonely aren't you?" Accordingly, this universe is a natural museum replete with everything on display according to the ideal pairing system, irrespective of rank. It is a natural museum and yet, at the same time, a museum of love. How do you think about that? Passing along the way, didn't you see the pine trees and innumerable poplars by the roadside as usual, without actually being really aware of them? When you look at them, you should be able to say, "You are like me because you also live in a love relationship of give and take between subject and object partners! Comparing myself to you, I feel ashamed because I am all alone and living a fallen life."

If such a world existed, even people who have fallen behind would have value. If humankind came to see the world more profoundly and respect it, how beautiful it would become! How lovely the world would appear to our eyes! Since God has a loving mind, He cannot but create the world as such, and therefore everything exists according to the pair system. (209-189, 1990.11.29)

Everything in this universe functions as part of a pair. Even minerals are made up of positive and negative ions. Chemical elements lacking affinity cannot combine with each other, however much scientists conduct experiments using every possible method. Yet if elements having affinity are brought together, they fuse into one however much you may try to keep them apart. Everything exists within a pair system, and so, what is the center of that? It is love. Even in the case of plants, the male and female parts pollinate to allow fertilization. In such a manner they return to their original state. Only when the two entities unite together can they reach the original state of union before being divided. Hence, this process is called origin-division-union action. (198-112, 1990.1.25)

You need to create your own environmental realm. God created the sun, earth, air and water as part of His environmental realm. Within that realm, there must always be subject and object partners, as that is the formula for existence. All created beings exist in a pair system. This is true of the mineral, animal and human worlds. Why are they made up of subject and object partners? It is for the perfection of true love. Without a subject, love cannot be perfected. This is the formula. Up to the present day, none of our ancestors attained perfection in this manner while on earth. (293-225, 1998.5.26)

Only when male and female attain oneness can heaven and earth be harmonized. If they do not, they cannot harmonize heaven and earth or the universe, which is based on the pair system. Instead, they would be excluded from there. (226-15, 1992.2.1)

One cannot exist alone. There is no principled way that one can exist alone. Thus, everything in the world exists as pairs. Why have they been created in a pair system? It was for the sake of love. What kind of love would that be? They continue to exist because of the original love, that is, the true love in which God can take delight. (248-284, 1993.10.3)

There is not a single being in all of creation which exists alone. All things exist in a subject-object relationship. They were all created to be part of a pair system. People today are not aware of this. The concept of absolute faith derives from the fact that the universe was created according to a pair system which came into existence for the sake of love. (298-11, 1998.12.31)

On close observation, we can see that the world is made up according to a pair system, isn't it? Within the biosphere are pairs, without exception. The subject and object partners of a pair should make a good balance; otherwise, they will slip away in all directions. When they are in complete balance, that is, when they have achieved the balanced basis upon which they can pursue love, then, for them, the world will become a completely level plane. It would be the same as if the entire universe was a vast horizontal expanse of ice. When they are completely united, this expanse of ice, instead of being sharply angular, would take the form of a sphere. The extremities of the body of ice would not take a shape that would hinder its rotational motion. By circulating in this way they are destined to become one spherical body with a multiple increase in the power of the gravitational force. (144-213, 1986.4.24)

The pair system is derived from the concept of subject and object partners; why do we need subject and object partners? They exist for the sake of love. The concept of love gives rise to subject and object partners; because there is subject and object partners, they interact; and because they interact, energy is produced. The scientists of today have only partly worked this out, which is why their theories should all be put in order. Action takes place, but before it can, there must be a subject partner and an object partner, and before them, there must be love. In the reverse order, this is how it would be: for there to be energy, action must take place, and for action to take place, there must be subject and object partners, and prior to the subject and object partners there needs to be love. (247-119, 1993.5.1)

There is bound to be subject and object partners in every environment. Accordingly, the whole world as created by God exists within a pair system. The system is simple: the mineral, plant, animal and human worlds are all made up in pairs. What are they comprised of? Male and female. (251-120, 1993.10.17)

Action precedes force. It does not arise in isolation, but requires subject and object partners. The universe stands on the principle and formula of a pair system. Such is the conclusion. Look at how simple the world is. The mineral kingdom exists in pairs. In fact, this is the case for everything. Plants, animals and human beings work within the pair system. God Himself has dual characteristics. This is an eternal truth and formula. (299-154, 1999.2.10)

All creation was structured according to a pair system. Thus, our organs such as the eyes, ears, nostrils, lips and hands relating to the whole creation are also in pairs, so that they can be perceived. Anything without a counterpart will be banished from the universe, the created world. (279-41, 1996.6.9)

Everything exists in the pair system of subject and object partners. The complete form for anything comes as a pair, and so everything follows that principle. Between the body and mind, which do you think is the more conscientious and closer to goodness? The mind rather than the body stands on the side of goodness; therefore, if you follow your original mind absolutely, you would reach heaven, whereas if you follow your body, all you will attain is destruction, annihilation, hell and ruin. (303-33, 1999.7.4)

2.2. Subject and object partners in a love relationship

The question is why this universe came into being. This is the fundamental unanswered question in the religious, academic and philosophical spheres. Human beings are the center of the universe and yet we do not even know the answer to the question of why we came to exist. In addition, the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms are connected horizontally in three stages centering on humankind, and each of these kingdoms is included in the pair system. Until now, we only had a vague idea as to why they were all created in pairs, but in precise terms all this came into being because of love. (253-219, 1994.1.30)

What are the fundamentals of the universe? Since all creation originated from love, then, in order to find and fulfill love, there must be male and female. In the case of animals, it would be male and female; so what would it be in the case of plants? It would be pistil and stamen. In the case of the mineral kingdom, the male and female would be the positive and negative ions in a molecule. Everything exists as male and female. (273-91, 1995.10.22)

What should be done for action to take place? It requires some form of relationship. Plus coming together with another plus will yield nothing. Only when it is in a reciprocal relationship with a minus can action take place. The origin of all phenomena in the universe, rather than being an existing force, began from a certain action which then expanded to form the world of harmony, and this action could not come about with only a plus component. It begins where plus and minus have give and take, and so for there to be action, there must be subject and object partners. This is the way we understand it, and accordingly, everything has its respective object. (115-198, 1981.11.15)

Even something that is very small exists as male and female. In other words, they are made up of male and female, or plus and minus. The molecules consist of positive and negative ions; in fact, everything exists reciprocally, in a subject-object relationship. What do you think God likes? Seeing that He created plus and minus, male and female, in order to love each other, God likes to see the fulfillment of love through them. What are the fundamentals of the universe? It is subject and object partners, male and female. (278-100, 1996.5.1)

Delving into the fundamentals of the universe, we see that everything arises from the subject-object relationship. Upon delving deeper, the question arises: why is the subject-object relationship necessary? It is so that action can take place, and action is a prerequisite for motion. That is how it works. Every existing thing in the world is in a constant state of motion. You too are in motion, aren't you? Something is flowing between you and me as the object and subject. (240-168, 1992.12.13)

Just as in the case of electricity, where the positive and negative charges collide and produce light, when subject and object partners unite, they will emit a universal light because they work in the same way as electricity. Inside this small bulb are the connections for positive and negative, but these things alone are not enough. Only when it is connected to a power plant via a substation, in other words, only when this bulb is in the resultant position and is connected to the power plant which is the origin, can it emit light continuously, and this is the simple conclusion. (73-331, 1974.10.13)

The fundamentals of the universe follow the concept of subject and object partners rather than energy. The universal origin starts from this concept, and subject and object partners should possess their own status. There must be both a subject and an object status. The one with subject status is God, and that which has object status is humankind. Why did God create human beings? It was because, as the subject, He could not do without His object. He could only feel stimulated in the presence of an object. Stimulated by what? He would receive stimulation from truth, beauty and love, and this is precisely why He created human beings. (67-50, 1973.5.19)

The fundamental energy of the universe is produced from an action which takes a similar form to the relationships of unconditional giving and receiving in the physical world. Thus, all existing things, without exception must be involved in a subject-object relationship, for otherwise they cannot exist in this world. (48-9, 1971.8.31)

What is the concept behind the fundamentals of the universe? Even philosophers do not know where this concept came from. It comes from true love! God exists for the sake of love. He is necessary for love, and He is there because of love. Even God came into being for love. Thus, the concept of love was there, even before the universe came into being. For this concept of love to be perfected, there must be male and female, positivity and negativity. Everything in existence is in either of these two forms. (247-119, 1993.5.1)

All humankind and the creation, going right back to the origin of the universe, incorporate subject and object positions. Thus, everything was born for the sake of its counterpart. There is not one entity that does not have a subject partner and an object partner. Is this not also the case for the mineral world? Within a molecule, the positive and negative ions are in the positions of subject and object partners. With plants, it is the stamen and pistil. In the animal kingdom, it is male and female, and in the human world, man and woman. Everything needs a reciprocal relationship. (260-252, 1994.5.19)

What is the origin of the universe? From what did the universe first begin? It originated from love. Scientists believe the universe to be made up of energy. They understand that, since action takes place, energy must be there as a source of that action. If there is energy, action would already have taken place. Well then, which comes first: action or energy?

When a boy is growing up, the energy of love does not act on him. He grows through action as a male. His mind and body interact and allow him to become an adult. When he meets a woman as a fully-grown man, a horizontal energy is produced. Energy can only arise from reciprocal action. In other words, before energy can exist there must be action. Then, where does this reciprocal action originate? It comes from the subject-object relationship. Everything is governed through the relationship of subject and object partners; for human beings this is manifested as mind and body.

In the position of object to the mind, the eyes both need to be in focus in order to see, and the nostrils, too, should be working together. Everything exists in a system of subject and object partners. (247-119, 1993.5.1)

What is the formula for re-creation? The universe is made up of plus and minus elements. If we look at the molecule it tells us as much with its positive and negative ions. Everything exists on a reciprocal basis. The atom contains protons and electrons. Everything is like that, for that is the basis upon which the universe was formed: stamen and pistil in plants, male and female in animals, and man and woman in the case of human beings. Everything functions reciprocally. As such, they must be brought into one principled order. Since God is the Subject, they must be brought under His control. Unless a unified realm of reciprocal relationships has been established within creation according to His will, there can be no joy for God through the creation. (247-183, 1993.5.9)

There are two kinds of true love, one that is vertical and the other that is horizontal, and the universe moves according to this principle. You need to understand that the universe was constituted in the same way, and the plant, animal, and mineral worlds are all involved in relationships of subject and object partners. The fact that everything resembles the spherical shape formed by the relationship between a vertical axis and a revolving object shows that no matter what their level of existence, everything originally began with love as the model in accordance with the fundamentals of the universe. (217-96, 1991.5.4)

Look at this world and universe: in the field of minerals, there are positive and negative ions, in the plant world, stamen and pistil, and in the animal kingdom, male and female. I recently heard there are even male and female germs. Everything is supposed to become one based on love in its appropriate domain. Through observation, we can see that this world of the pair system has been created in this way, so that when the ideal love of human beings becomes representative of heaven and earth, the rest of the creation can connect to it and support it. Just as the foundation needs to be laid before a house can be built, God created everything within the pair system for the sake of humankind. You may have seen that among animals. When the male and female are roaming around together and the female is attacked, the male will protect her to the death. After giving birth to their young, they will risk their lives for them. Such is the way of love, and it is like this because it has the same characteristics as the origin. (222-123, 1991.10.28)

Before action can take place, there must first be a subject and object partners. For this reason, God Himself, who is the origin of the universe, needs to have His internal character as the subject and His external form as the object in eternal coexistence centering on the concept of love. Only within love can there be eternal life. (209-87, 1990.11.27)

The structure of the universe was not created at random. This vast universe responds to the reciprocal subject-object relationship, carries out give and take action, and continues following the track of this eternal law. Only by keeping to this track of law can the universe exist forever. If it failed to do so, it would not be able to continue but instead would head for destruction.

Just as we can go on living only when we have properly digested the food we have eaten, and the nutrition has been properly supplied to all parts of our body through the blood vessels, so also the universe needs to be effectively replenished. It can continue to exist only through wholesome give and take. (182-116, 1988.10.16)

Why did God create the universe? He created it for the sake of love that is the origin, which is why everything in the world of creation was made according to a pair system. There is not a single form of existence that does not come in pairs. The world is full of pairs.

What is God's ideal of creation? His ideal, based on His love, was to raise human beings as a pillar of love and have all creation live together around the base of that pillar. Human beings stand at the center of a universe which completely envelops them.

What is God's will? Taking this question into consideration, if His will were moving toward power or knowledge, it would and should meet destruction. Instead, it is heading toward love. Love is its destination. (185-165, 1989.1.8)

The question is: why would the act of giving bring you prosperity and why would your possessions grow through giving? The answer is that this would correspond with the origin at the very beginning when God created the universe. Did God create the world so as to take from it? He wants to give to it. The more you give, the greater you would grow. If the United States adopted the concept of giving in all its affairs, it would grow in influence. If you continue to just take, everything you have will become smaller. By giving, you are taking part in God's principle of creation, and then the universe can assist and support you. (183-323, 1988.11.9)

True love can only come down to the universe at a perpendicular angle, which represents the standard for measuring everything. Within the animal kingdom there are male and female. Whether they are on the left or right, positive or negative, everything in the world loves based on the vertical and horizontal according to their levels. Don't they all experience love? If there were a vertical, perpendicular line and a horizontal, level line, there where they meet would be one's place of existence. On account of this, the world is a living museum of love. Even birds risk their lives for love.

The same goes for animals, in fact, for everything, even plants and minerals. The chemical elements are made up of positive and negative ions, and engage in reciprocal actions with their appropriate counterparts. (198-360, 1990.2.11)

Where did the origin of the universe, the origin of movement begin? Even in the case of celestial bodies, the planets are relating in their movements with the sun as the center. As a result, the solar system which is formed becomes a nucleus that connects to another corresponding system, and this extended system then connects to another, and so on. Given this scenario, what would the whole universe look like? What would all the forms of existence in this vast and boundless universe look like? They would all be in movement, engaged in motions which form one spherical shape. The universe of constantly moving stars sometimes expands and at other times shrinks. That is to say, it breathes. Even the earth's land expands and contracts. Did you know that? It alternates in size, expanding and shrinking over time. (222-174, 1991.11.3)

In revolving, what would one wish to center upon through one's movement? It would be true love. This is the origin of the universe. What would happen if both man and woman only wanted to receive? If both insisted on receiving, they would have to stand with their foreheads touching, because each of them would be trying to dominate the other. All forms of existence in the universe need to give and receive. This is the principle of existence, and therefore the one who gives first becomes the subject. The person who offers first is the subject. (123-227, 1983.1.2)

Is it your body that is more important or is it your mind? It is your mind. At the center of the mind is the true mind, and this is what places the most importance on true love. As the origin of the universe is true love, people without minds of true love will be banished. In order to ensure that we will not be banished from the universe and as God is endeavoring to teach us everything, then both men and women need to train to love and practice true love through matrimonial life. By so doing, man and woman need to come together in union and become object partners of God's true love, which is the original Plus. In order to be able to fully give and receive through such a relationship, human beings need to be perfected. (123-107, 1982.12.19)

If we delve into the origin of the universe, we arrive at God. We come to know that He possesses dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. How did the universe begin? Let us put aside our discussion of God for the moment and consider humankind. It is clear that humankind is comprised of man and woman, or subject and object partners. In the mineral kingdom, molecules are composed of anion and cation. Plants reproduce through stamen and pistil. Animals live as male and female, and human beings as man and woman.

Every man thinks his sexual organ belongs to himself, and each woman thinks her sexual organ is her own. That is why the world is perishing. Everyone is mistaken concerning ownership of the sexual organs. We all think that love is absolute, eternal and dreamlike, but when we come to clearly understand that the ownership of eternal love lies with the opposite sex, the world will not remain in its present condition. There are numerous scholars and Ph.D. holders, but none of them have thought about this. Can any of you deny this? If you ask your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, the original ancestors and even God, who is the origin of the universe, they all will agree with this. This is a universal law. This truth will remain even after the universe continues to exist for billions of years. The natural conclusion is that when you stand before God, He will judge you as righteous or unrighteous according to this immutable law. (279-244, 1996.9.15)

All who hold onto a self-centered existence will be banished. When you look at all the things in the universe, you can see that the mineral elements exist in a relationship of subject and object partners, as do the plants through the pistil and stamen, the animal kingdom with male and female, and also in the human world. The owner of original love is not oneself but one's object, and the ones who deny their object cannot continue to exist in the world of reciprocal relationships. They would find themselves abandoned in their uselessness and worthlessness. (280-63, 1996.11.1) 

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