Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Ten - The Way In The Completed Testament Age
Chapter Four - The Way in the Completed Testament Age
Section 7. The Royal Family of Love

7.1. Heaven is open to those with the qualities of the royal family

Those who have become princes and princesses of God's love, who have become members of the royal family loved by the King and Queen, can enter heaven. Christianity preaches that those who merely believe in Jesus will go to heaven. They will learn the true state of affairs when they pass away. Once they enter the next world they will come to know whether my words were true or not. What is being claimed now is incomplete. All religious teachings up until the present have fallen short. (237-172, 1992.11.16)

The people who can enter heaven will perfect themselves as the princes and princesses of God's love. They will form families and have children in order to experience all dimensions of love as a royal family, and will ultimately bring this along with them to heaven. They can be called citizens of God's kingdom. Do Christians think they can go to heaven merely by believing in Jesus? Belief alone isn't enough. Did Jesus have a spouse? In every era a reciprocal ideal must come into existence. However, Jesus did not have his object partner. That is why he went to paradise, to wait for the time when he could descend again. The established churches have no inkling of this reality. (236-261, 1992.11.8)

Those who will enter heaven must first pass through the gates as God's princes and princesses, as the beloved children of God's lineage and the royal descendants of His kingdom. Only the royal descendants and members of this royal family can enter heaven. Lineal and collateral descendants, siblings of exemplary love between siblings, will form exemplary tribes and nations on earth. They will bring those qualities and the dignity of a heavenly royal family when they begin life in heaven. (236-204, 1992.11.8)

In a family, the grandfather represents right of kingship dispatched from heaven and should therefore be served like God. The father and mother are the king and queen representing all families in the world. Wouldn't you like your parents to be like a king and queen? That tradition was lost, so we need to re-establish the way of the princes, princesses and the royal family of the heavenly world, and return to our point of origin. Everything that resulted from the Fall, such as free sex and other corrupted things, must be transformed through absolute love and return to the point of origin in order to inherit the Principle way. Then everyone -- whether as an individual, a family, a tribe, a people, a nation or the world -- can be re-created. Only then can this world be harmonized. (233-45, 1992.7.20)

God's kingdom in heaven and on earth must be unified through love. The sphere of the royal family of heaven will become the center of everything, both in the spiritual and physical worlds. Thus, unity comes about wherever members of that family may be. My theme here is the unity of God's kingdom on earth and in heaven through love. For the first time, everyone can become united through love centering on the royal family. All nations in the world will be unified, as will all tribes in heaven. (232-326, 1992.7.10)

Didn't hell come into existence after the Fall? In contrast, heaven is the world of love which everyone in both the spiritual and physical worlds can enter after passing through the True Parents' gates of love. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, but instead entered heaven through establishing true parental love, they would have become the model for all subsequent families in the world. Heaven will be opened when the first exemplary family can enter.

All the families that have linked themselves to the love of this royal family of heaven and inheriting their tradition will be like branches pointing north, south, east and west as they grow from that central trunk. Thus, they can enter heaven by the same principle that is the basis of a unified world. You need to understand this clearly. (231-76, 1992.5.31)

The era of registration of the royal family has now arrived. Before one can register, the change of lineage must take place. We need to return to God all aspects of ownership that were lost to Satan's side through Adam and Eve and through Satan's love that was expressed in a pseudo-Principle form. (229-253, 1992.4.12)

Adam and Eve were to be the King's counterparts in love and the crown prince and princess of Heaven's royal family. It should be clear that Adam and Eve were the firstborn son and daughter of God, the Great King of the entire universe. (229-57, 1992.4.9)

You should nurture your families to be fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. Mothers need to keep this in mind and begin to teach this tradition while breastfeeding their babies. Implant the tradition within them by murmuring, "You need to become members of the royal family of God's kingdom. We love you on God's behalf. On the foundation of love shared by your parents, you can become a better couple than us. This is your parents' wish." (236-159, 1992.11.4)

This world has become the devil's haunt, stained with dirty love, the seeds for which were sown by the false parents. Its people, covered from head to toe with the devil's filth, need to be cleaned up and educated to become eligible to belong to the royal family in God's original kingdom. Does this sound like easy work? God has labored for six thousand biblical years to do this -- actually billions of years -- but still has not achieved the perfection of Adam and Eve. (227-279, 1992.2.11)

You all need to return to your hometown. What place would this hometown be? It would be your home representing the palace of God's kingdom. Does this thought make you feel good or bad? No matter how shabby your house is, you will think, "The royal family of God's Kingdom has left their palace yearning for mountains and streams, and has made their abode here, where the water is cool and the landscape beautiful." A cup of water offered by this family would be more precious than mineral water because love would be contained in that cup of water. You should understand that the extract of true love of infinite value is contained in that water. You would never fall sick in a thousand years if you ate rice cooked with that water. Wouldn't you like to eat such rice together with your husband? Wouldn't your parents-in-law love to have it? Every time you returned home, you would think to yourselves, "This is a home that represents the royal family of God's kingdom, which have come here longing for a house in a quiet place." (222-101, 1991.10.28)

Grandparents and parents are meant to bequeath the right of kingship to their royal descendants. You should have led lives befitting royal descendants because this is a time when you would inherit that as if you were the firstborn. Yet you have not done so. Since you are now aware of this, starting from this moment you should live for the sake of your family. When you have achieved unity in love with your grandparents and parents, then God in His kingdom will come down to dwell with you. Then you will be able to live forever in the united love of the eternal God. That family in which He dwells will automatically live for eternity. Those immortal families will form the principal palace of His kingdom. You should be aware of the fact that even in the world today, the movement that connects to His kingdom is now being mobilized in Korea and involves 160 nations. You should know that I am holding high the representative banner of heart in that movement. (222-101, 1991.10.28)

You should become someone whose body and mind can be in complete concert with God's life centering on His love. Whoever on earth may tempt you; you need to follow your path and not be led astray or have to hide. With confidence in yourself you must surmount any obstacles that come your way and become citizens of heaven who are rightfully members of the royal family in the palace of God's kingdom. If you cannot do this, you will fall into Satan's hands. (222-89, 1991.10.28)

Now you need to become members of the royal family of true love. If Adam becomes the child of the direct line of the royal family, his brothers and sisters, as collateral children, would become his people. When entering heaven you need to have within you the loving dignity and honor of the princes and princesses of God's kingdom. Heaven, the original homeland, is a place you need to enter with dignity after having walked the course of life with honorable steps. (220-219, 1991.10.19)

The citizens of heaven, the subjects of heaven's nation and tribes, are branches of the royal family. In order to be reinstated to your original positions, you need to learn from the experience of the heart of the royal family based on the true love of heaven. Without that, you will not be able to enter heaven. God has been anguished that these things have not come to pass. Not having His prince and princess to love has caused Him great pain. Without His princes and princess He was also unable to have His grandchildren as royal heirs.

In the process of growing up, Adam and Eve failed to love from the position that they could maintain the pure lineage of the King as His prince and princess. They fell into a position midway between God and Satan while still in the realm of God's indirect dominion, based on accomplishments through the Principle. Consequently, they had no foundation in God's love to directly consult God about the development of original history based on the great undertaking of the creation of heaven and earth. (220-47, 1991.10.14)

You may have had your share of troubles up to this point in your lives, but I still have to ask why you haven't begun the work on restoring your tribes into the royal family. If I were to undertake this task I would finish in six months. When you call out "Mother!" with a full heart, that word connects to the history of a thousand years. In the cry, "Elder brother!" would be love of a thousand years. Through the call, "Elder sister!" you would feel the heart of God in a thousand years of history. Where can that heart be found since the time of creation? When you can step forward and speak of God with the subject nature of that heart, the great work of re-creation will take place. (220-14, 1991.10.13)

Since the family was lost, no families of heaven could be formed, and so God's people could not be formed. Could God's kingdom come into existence or not? God, who was supposed to establish that kingdom, lost everything through the Fall. Heaven is vacant. It is a place that can only be entered by those with the authority and dignity of the royal family of true love, who possess the qualities of God's true representatives and God's object partners. They have nothing to be ashamed of as they stand as the centers of the love of heaven and earth. If this is true, then it is serious for the members of the established churches. (219-33, 1991.8.25)

Love's eternal nature makes it the most precious of all. In receiving your husband, did you feel like a queen receiving her king, and that you were entering the place of love revered by the whole world? With the heart of a queen receiving her king? You must give birth to your children with that perception of their value. From the day of each child's conception, you should feel that you are carrying a prince or princess in your womb. When delivering your baby, think that you are giving birth to a member of the royal family of hope, dawning like the sun, an heir who will inherit the whole universe. Have you ever thought of such things? (218-358, 1991.8.22)

Had the Fall not occurred, the firstborn would have inherited the right of kingship, right of the parent and right of the eldest son of heaven and earth, becoming the palace of God's kingdom. Furthermore, all siblings would have inherited horizontally the traditions of the direct lineage, and the people who lived according to heavenly tradition would have entered heaven. No one can deny that this kingdom is entered by the qualified families and tribes who lived the traditions of the royal family of true love. Given that those who have lived as though they were in the living environment of a royal family, whether it be as the leaves or the branches, will enter heaven, we can conclude that all families must keep the traditions of the royal family of love. (218-222, 1991.7.29)

What is happening in America nowadays? Originally, grandparents, parents and children could not separate. These three generations should not be apart. They need to be united in order to establish the four-position foundation. Otherwise, the foundation for the ideal cannot be made. You understand this clearly, don't you? Thus, God is creating the horizontal foundation of His love through human beings. If the True Parents had not appeared on earth, God could never have children in the spirit world. For the first time, the children of the original nature will be born through us. Through us, God's royal family will come into being. You should be proud of yourselves on that account. It is up to us to connect all nations to the original Eden. (218-199, 1991.7.28)

What is the mainstream of this changing world? It is made of the people who are building families of true love that come from the parent-child relationship under God's lineage; they stand as the representatives of all of heaven and earth based on His love and their lives affect their environment, even to the very ends of the earth. Living lives of vibrant faith, they can surely become members of the royal family of His Kingdom. (194-220, 1989.10.22)

The people I seek are the members of the royal family of God's kingdom of love. Those seeds with the potential to become such people should be gathered in preparation for the winter of freezing north winds and snow. Only those seeds that can maintain creativity within themselves and bring fresh life when the warm spring sunshine breaks forth and a warm breeze blows from the south, and respond to that sunlight, may sprout forth as the buds of new life. (180-62, 1988.8.20)

What should we achieve during our lifetime? We should leave behind a legacy of love felt by all who visit our family tomb. That is my conclusion: we should leave behind a tomb of love! I would want nothing else in this moment if I could live surrounded by such monuments to love. Even though one may weary of living amid tombs, when surrounded by love, one would want for nothing more. Let us make such legacies of love whilst we are yet alive! If we achieve this, we will have been successful in life. When you pass away after leading such a life, God will come out with His children to welcome and bless you. When that time comes, if your fingers are bare, the diamond rings of His kingdom will be placed on them, and if you are shabbily dressed, you will be clothed with raiment worn by the royal family of His kingdom. (97-167, 1978.3.12)

7.2. Become a person of love

There is a great difference between God's joy before the Creation, and the great stimulation of love He felt when harmonizing with His partners in love thereafter. Even if He were to dance and dance for a thousand or tens of thousands of years, that joy would not come to an end. But could God dance alone? Would He want to sing alone? We were born because of love and we live to become the objects of the Lord of love who will unite the universe and have dominion over it. Then we too would be able to be lords of love. Seen in light of God's intense hopes at the time of Creation, God's beloved object partners are superior to Him, are to stand in a position above Him.

Consequently, when we call out, "Heavenly Father" He comes to us, and when we tell Him, "Come on," He follows in our wake and never complains. Even when He is made to follow us for thousands of miles, He will gladly continue to walk behind us. Words cannot express the joy felt by parents following their children. When heaven and earth harmonize with and welcome their children even more than themselves, the parents will be so pleased that even their cells will burst forth in peals of laughter. (215-109, 1991.2.6)

Everything and everyone can become a friend through true love. Even rocks can speak in a certain way; they will talk about how they came into existence at the time of creation, their mode of life, and much else. Of course God is aware of all this. No matter how majestic and unyielding mountains may seem, they will want to receive love from God. If He were to cast His eyes upon a mountain and ask, "How did you come to be so big?" would He reprimand the mountain if it replied, "I became so big to give joy to You"? Each and every being in the world is affected by love; all of them have become objects of love. (183-49, 1988.10.29)

How can we perceive the beauty of nature? "Though you look like this, from my viewpoint, you are offsetting what would otherwise be lopsided in front of the universe and world created under the banner of love. In creating harmony, a stimulating sound needs to be added, and that is why high and low pitches exist in the universe; you too exist in the communal realm of ideal reality to play a part similar to such musical notes!" When you are able to think like this, your viewpoint will be similar to God's.

Wherever love may be, it is always in pursuit of newness. What began before eternity and what continues to exist after eternity are similar. Thus, we can experience God's feelings, since love has the power to let us feel God's original heart as He created the universe. In this manner the creation can also speak and feel. (182-125, 1988.10.16)

An elastic band makes a noise like "ping…ping…ping" as it is stretched, and then returns to its original length when released. God understands that true love is similar to this elastic band. He will never want to cut it off. When you have finally reached perfection, He will tell you, "I will follow you forever with true love that is like an elastic band. Even if you are very powerful, you will not be able to cut it off. The least you can do is to protect it, for it is precious!"

God Himself is that elastic band of true love. Obey Him, submit to Him completely, respect Him absolutely and ask Him what He needs. He will reply, "I don't need money; within me are mountains and oceans filled with money." If He needed money, then through His creative power He would be able to turn this whole world into diamond and gold mines. He created everything. Nothing would be impossible for Him. (217-255, 1991.6.2)

You need to understand that there is no one on earth who would not be devoted to parents who are willing to suffer and carry the cross for their children forever, and give such parental love that the world and even God Himself would exclaim, "You are much better than I!"? Wouldn't you want to be in such a position? If you live with a heart of gratitude for the life you are leading at present, even after giving everything you have over many years, yet always keeping His thoughts in your mind, then God Himself will praise you.

If children live with such an attitude toward their parents, husbands toward their wives, wives toward their husbands, the family toward the nation, and the nation toward the world, how splendid that world will be! When that happens, God will not want to stay in the spirit world. He will quickly descend to the center of the human world and dwell here, recommencing the work of creation so that everyone can live abundantly. (215-243, 1991.2.20) 

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