Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Ten - The Way In The Completed Testament Age
Chapter Four - The Way in the Completed Testament Age
Section 5. Crossing Through the Valley of the Fall

5.1. The Parents' path is different from that of the children

In the course of the restoration of Canaan, you need to follow me. When wild geese migrate, the other geese follow the lead goose absolutely. They make no objections whatsoever. When the signal is given, they fly. Even when they are dead-tired, they still follow their leader. This has been their way.

Now that we have reached our destination, given birth to children and multiplied, we should begin to live together, live for the sake of others and love others, forming and loving your clan. This is the task at hand. Until now we have been on our way to the blessed land of Canaan, and henceforth we enter the era of settlement. (115-107, 1981.11.4)

Cain and Abel have no original portion of responsibility to fulfill. Then who would have had responsibility? It would be Adam and Eve, the parents. Since I was given this obligation in the providence of restoration, I took responsibility for what you had failed to achieve and for the errors committed by Christianity. For forty years, in the position of the parents, I corrected everything on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. In this way, I completed the individual's portion of responsibility in restoration through indemnity, erected walls to shut Satan out, and established the realm of the fulfillment of one's portion of responsibility. This is how a new world can begin thenceforth.

Since I have now achieved all this on a level even beyond that of the world, it has now become possible to build God's kingdom. Thus, a new term has emerged -- the establishment of God's Kingdom or homeland. This is all in accordance with the Principle. (148-163, 1986.10.8)

You don't know the path to heaven. You don't know the path of indemnity. Can you claim to know that path? Those who have not fulfilled their portion of responsibility must do so. Satan is able to invade people when they do not fulfill their portion of responsibility. Everything from the individual to the family, society, nation, world and even the spirit world has been invaded by Satan. (137-104, 1985.12.24)

You should not be greedy for yourselves. You should become completely and absolutely united with me. I am the root, and when the root is pulled, the rest of the plant should automatically follow. The stems or branches cannot want to exist for themselves. They cannot insist on their own way. The whole cannot move in two different directions. They are part of one unit. Only after the whole unit establishes a foundation in victory can each part enjoy freedom in all directions. Otherwise they cannot act freely. (169-199, 1987.10.31)

Everything I have taught you is the key to enter heaven. None of the doors will open if the key does not fit the lock. Only when you open the gates with the key I have given you will heaven welcome you; nothing else will succeed. This key of mine is one of original nature. Even a key made of gold or silver, or any other kind of precious metal, will not be able to open the gates. My key, on the other hand, may seem to be made of humble brass, but it will open the gates instantly. No one else on earth can make such a key: it is that precious. (260-186, 1994.5.8)

You must practice absolute faith. You should walk the path of faith with absolute trust in the True Parents. (46-99, 1971.7.25)

5.2. The path of children is the path of absolute obedience

Obey absolutely! Absolute obedience will never cause you to perish. What happens if you obey? You will become one with God. What happens when you achieve that oneness? Evil will be repelled since you would be completely united with God. This is the way evil will be eliminated. Such is the Principle. (57-114, 1972.5.29)

Every one of you should practice absolute love and obedience. The families in Eden held nothing in their name. Had they become true sons and daughters, standing in oneness with God and His absolute love and lineage God originally intended to bequeath everything in the whole universe to them. Once you have attained oneness with God through love, everything will become yours.

The Blessing signifies inheriting the foundation of a connection with the lineage of God's true life. Since there are people in both the spiritual and physical worlds who have inherited His lineage through the Blessing, He is able to have full dominion over them. With full authority He is freely pressing ahead with re-creation and the providence of restoration even now without having to set up indemnity conditions. Hence, the question at hand is whether you can stand with conviction in the position of His object partner. Once you have resolved to unite with the standard of absolute faith, love and obedience, everything can rapidly be put in place in the world of equality. (300-303, 1999.4.11)

In His act of Creation, God practiced absolute faith, love and obedience; however, the couple that was to be His object partners failed to achieve that position and consequently fell into hell. Since we are now living at a time when we are restoring globally that which was lost in Adam's family, Unification Church members need to practice absolute faith, love and obedience centering on the victorious True Parents. Since the True Parents inherited God's tradition of absolute faith, love and obedience, you also need to inherit that. Do you understand? God's blessing will be with you! (1996.11.3)

What have religious ascetics focused on in daily life throughout history? Jesus is a person to be pitied because he could not assert his own will. Night and day he was absolutely obedient to God's will. Absolute obedience! Why did he obey absolutely? He had to eliminate Satan, who had established himself as the subject being in a triangular relationship with humankind, in spite of the already existing Absolute Subject, who is in the form of a sphere. Human beings today are dominated by the satanic environment and in order to extricate themselves they need to walk the path most abhorred by Satan. (57-114, 1972.5.29)

Religion tells us to practice absolute obedience in following our conscience. Since God is absolute, the conscience and mind want to become absolutely centered on Him, as originally intended. This is why the religious world teaches us to become a minus in front of God. (57-114, 1972.5.29)

Love goes wherever there is absolute faith. In the parent-child relationship, there should be absolute faith, love and obedience. In order for both sides to reach perfection, parents live for the sake of their children, giving them everything -- their blood, flesh and devotion -- hoping that their children will be better than themselves. Parents desire their children to be infinitely superior to them, and so they give again and again, and forget what they gave. They give boundlessly and eternally, and forget. In this manner, they should think and serve beyond the scope of the individual, family, tribe and world, and as God exists, they should climb to a place even higher than Him.

The anguish caused by the Fall and all its repercussions need to be dissolved completely on earth through means that are principled from God's viewpoint. If you tried to do this in unprincipled ways, you would be caught immediately, with no hope for forgiveness.

In this life, I always stand in the forefront and consequently go through more hardships than anyone else. Originally I was supposed to live in a position of incomparable glory that entailed a glorious beginning, a glorious life and the work of building the bridge connecting with the world of eternal glory; yet the reality is quite the opposite. My path began with hardships in the satanic world, and the end will also come with suffering.

On the foundation of your own absolute faith, love and obedience, you need to become families that are absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging, serving God, and from you should emerge an eternal tribe, people, nation and world. Thus we can establish His kingdom on earth, and create an environment that would connect directly to His kingdom in heaven.

Everyone on earth -- including grandchildren, children and parents -- should be in the same position as Adam, serving and addressing God as their Father. Henceforth, you will all become ancestors. (295-255, 1998.9.8)

You must know clearly about the spirit world. We cannot live aimlessly. You need to form families that have completely passed the test on earth and are free to proceed directly to heaven. Families that have no foundation would be stopped on the way. This is not my responsibility. Haven't I already blessed you? Haven't I built the highway? You have the cars to ride in to go wherever you want; all you need to provide is the fuel.

I have already made the declaration of total liberation. If you cannot meet the standard then you will be stopped as an imposter. Only those who have passed the test on earth will be allowed to enter heaven. Until now, everyone entering the spirit world went either to a place like jail or the intermediate spirit world, even those who had passed that test. Now we must restore this world to be like a clean slate and lay a foundation and tradition on earth that will allow us to go directly to heaven. No longer should there be families going to the intermediate spirit world, paradise or hell. (298-232, 1999.1.8)

Because God is absolute, you too should be in an absolute position. As God is unchanging, you too should be unchanging. As God is unique, you too should be unique. As God is eternal, you too should be eternal. Knowing this, we can conclude that humankind must be immortal, that everyone is destined to live eternally. However much God may abound in love, life or ideals, if we human beings do not have love, life or ideals, everything will be in vain. (169-74, 1973.10.20)

Since the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships were lost, we need to restore them. In order to achieve this goal, we need to follow with absolute obedience, submission and sacrifice, and be willing to do whatever is asked of us. Only after you have done so can the True Parents come to that place which is free from the satanic world. The men of the satanic world are in the position of archangels and so you should separate yourselves from them completely. Then you would ascend from this position. (235-293, 1992.10.25)

Until now I have not told you to obey my words absolutely. We need to follow faithfully this historic course, the providential course of history for the sake of God. I have not taught you the course of the providence of restoration for the sake of Rev. Moon of the Unification Church.

I too am following this path, marching forward towards the ultimate goal of God, our Lord, and the goal of humankind, which stands as the object. Since these two goals failed to culminate at one point, it is the aim of the Divine Principle and Unification Thought to bring this matter to a conclusion. (71-64, 1974.4.28)

The truly filial son is the one who obeys. The truly loyal subject, even if falsely accused of being a treacherous vassal, does not speak ill of the king as an incompetent leader. Even if he is framed as a villainous courtier and faces death, with unswerving loyalty the truly loyal subject harbors sympathy for his king, sheds tears of compassion for him, and wishes him a long and healthy life. That is absolute obedience. The one and only path that can bring success through absolute obedience is the path of true love. (164-48, 1987.5.3)

5.3. Blessed members' rules and duties

Jardim is important. It is a place on the opposite side of the world from Korea. There, I can give official approval to all the national messiahs and tribal messiahs as families that can enter heaven. In this way, they enter the realm in which they can form part of my tribe and kindred, and set out along the course on earth which leads to heaven. Blessed families who have participated in the forty-day workshop in Jardim should sell whatever they have and prepare for a refugee life during the great exodus.

With the unification of North and South Korea and through Blessed Families becoming one unified whole, a hometown which God can acknowledge will be created; finally a hometown of God's kingdom on earth and in heaven will come into being.

The time has now finally arrived when everyone should unite, starting with the True Parents' family and extending to all tribes, clans and Blessed Families, and for all to settle. When North and South Korea are united, the world will want to follow us in every ideological aspect. Thus it will become one world.

The words "cosmic expansion of the true Blessing and the rooting out of Satan's lineage" signify the complete elimination and transformation of that of satanic lineage. From the year 2000, which marks my eightieth birthday, all tribes living on earth will be bound for heaven. In other words, just as the Israelites departed from Egypt, we will depart from this world which is the hell created by Satan. Moses headed out of Egypt when he was eighty; similarly, as the king of families, the True Parent will set out from this fallen world. (300-305, 1999.4.11)

In the same way the Israelites followed closely behind Moses, the time has come for you to leave this hell on earth and migrate to God's kingdom; thus, you need to follow a course tantamount to crossing a wilderness. It is the same principle as that of selling everything you have in your current place of residence, which represents Egypt. You would do so in order to prepare funds to enter and establish your hometown. Simply put, you should sell everything you have and pack up, for you will be part of a great exodus.

You should not miss what you leave behind in Egypt. When the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness, living as beggars in the midst of sandstorms, how sorely did they miss the food they had in Egypt, and their comfortable life? You should remember that all those who missed such things met with destruction in the end.

In the future, the families of national messiahs up to three or seven generations, together with the members of their tribe, should sell everything they have to restore the homeland. Then the whole world will be turned around at once. Every possession will be returned to the ownership of God and the True Parents to be redistributed, and humanity will enter an era of ownership of families blessed by God in His kingdom on earth and in heaven. Then the spirit world and the entire angelic world will unite together to establish the sphere of Adam's resurrected family.

From the individual will come a family, then a tribe, a people, a nation and the world. Together they will enter the homeland on the foundation laid by the True Parents. This is how one's family, tribe, people, nation and world will be liberated together. Those unwilling to participate will end up in hell.

If we are unable to buy land in Korea, there are plans to buy it in South America and divide it up among you. The piece of land I buy in South America will be recognized as having a relationship with Korea. So, when Christians in the United States decide to move to Korea, the Christian realm of the world including South America will all be united into one, and thus it would be possible to restore everything at once. Thus, I have founded the Family Federation, the Tribal Federation, and the National Federation. (300-307, 1999.4.11)

Everywhere you go, you should become an explosive center of action with full confidence in yourself, receive the power that is coming to you from the center of heaven, and push through horizontally. Carry on confidently with your work for the expansion of the Blessing throughout heaven and earth, for there is nothing that can stop you. Heaven and earth will be keen observe families who are true to their work. Through such families liberation will be achieved. Indeed, heaven and earth will be turned around. Then your blessed tribes should be educated and unified in Jardim. (298-57, 1999.1.1)

With a greater heart than that of God who nurtured His love for the universe at the time of creation, you need to bring your people together and invest everything you have into them without expecting anything in return. We are responsible to form a model family serving God. Its final destination is the highest ideal of a family, with love so beautiful that when the True Parents come to visit, they would never want to leave. In fact, all world leaders, including the royal family of True Parents' direct sons and daughters, would desire to live in the home of this family. (298-54, 1999.1.1)

Your families are the issue here. The question at hand is whether your families can be the nucleus of your tribes and achieve the foundation for unity. Until now you have lived as you pleased. No one knows this better than you. Have your minds and bodies really become as one? Study yourselves in relation to something like crystal, which is translucent from whichever direction you view it. You know better than anyone else that spouses should not clash. (298-63, 1999.1.1)

On my birthday, you are called to make an offering. This is known as the Total Living Offering. It is for the dissolution of and liberation from anguish. A liberation ceremony must be performed. God's anguish must be dissolved. God must be liberated. (298-59, 1999.1.1)

You need to offer whatever you have, even your assets. The queue formed by people waiting to make this offering should be the longest in history. The generations will be decided according to the order in which the offerings are made. That is, the first to make the offering will become the first generation, the second will be the second generation, and so on. Then how many generations would be formed from the people seated in front of me? If you are five hundred in number, then five hundred generations will come into place, so the difference between the first and the last will therefore be five hundred generations.

Although you are all seated here together, whoever is the first to complete their task and make the offering will decide the difference between the first and all the other five hundred generations in the matter of registration. This will, in turn, divide you into different levels that are so far apart that it will be impossible for you to meet in the spirit world. Thus, you will vie with each other to be the first, and this competition will be the most dramatic in the entire world. Your ancestors will stamp their feet with impatience and shout, "Come on, you! Offer all your assets quickly and immediately." If you don't, they will trample on your assets and make them worthless. (298-60, 1999.1.1)

Offerings had to be made in the Old Testament and New Testament Ages, and even in the Completed Testament Age the parents need to be sacrificed as an offering. In order to attract God's heart, we need to create unity and make the offering. By dedicating the offering of unity centered on the True Parents, we will be able to serve God as our Lord, and He will reign over us from our family to the tribes, peoples and nations on earth, and freely form relationships with all humanity of up and down, left and right and front and rear, thereby unifying this world under His dominion, and setting all of us on the same level instantaneously. (298-63, 1999.1.1)

Although we should bring about the day on which God's anguish can be dissolved, most people are still clinging on to their corrupted families bound for hell, protecting and defending them. It is preposterous. (298-60, 1999.1.1)

Hence, as soon as the workshops here are concluded, I will issue instructions to organize tribal education. When that time comes, the era of family-level education will have passed. Those who refuse to receive education in Jardim should be persuaded to go even if it means rebuking them strongly.

Thanks to the existence of family-level, tribal, national and world-level messiahs, Blessed Families are able to come to our facility in Jardim, receive the education as families and qualify to enter heaven. Those who come have their picture taken with me. Without a doubt, those who have their picture taken, will, without a doubt be included in the historic ranks of ancestors. If they do not take the photograph, problems will arise. (298-62, 1999.1.1)

I may soon give orders for the great exodus. Now the time has come for you to turn and go. All Blessed Families across the world need to go to South America as soon as possible and receive education there so as to qualify to enter heaven. I will take a picture with you as my clan. These are my instructions. It is not a matter for the American leaders. Don't listen to what they say, but take the lead in receiving education. If the father cannot go, the mother should go with their son, fulfill this condition, and put in order and pack what they will need for the exodus. They must follow this process necessary for registration. (300-309, 1999.4.11)

Is it a blessing or a curse to tell someone to resemble me? These words indicate that I will hand down all the blessings I have collected with no strings attached. As I have surmounted a high peak, you need to follow in my footsteps and do the same. Then the vertical line formed by our ascent would be one and the same. This is how indemnification should be carried out. (199-188, 1990.2.16) 

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