Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Ten - The Way In The Completed Testament Age
Chapter Four - The Way in the Completed Testament Age
Section 3. The Seven Great Jardim Declarations and the Establishment of the New Eden

3.1. The first declaration: The New Hope Farm Declaration

God created human beings and all creation with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. As His object partners, we should also practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience towards Him. (268-262, 1995.4.3)

You must understand that God's mission of restoration has been to recover the absolute faith, love and obedience lost in the Garden of Eden by completely denying the satanic world. Through circumcision in the Old Testament Age, and baptism by water in the New Testament Age, everything defiled through disbelief was cleansed.

What is the Completed Testament? It represents the age of true love. It means giving of yourselves through self-sacrifice and then forgetting what you gave. You need to redeem the fallen world by giving yourself completely in the same way God does. To become God's children, you need to invest yourselves in this world and be resurrected quickly. Thus, you need to receive the Blessing of the change of the lineage. Once you have received the Blessing, you need to restore your nation as quickly as possible, even if it means sacrificing your family. Since you need to practice absolute faith, heart and obedience, this course of action must also be absolute.

If you have become people who can practice absolute faith, love and obedience, you would not need to know about the Divine Principle of the Unification Church. When you have achieved that foundation in the physical world, then through the absolute restoration of lineage, rights of ownership and heart, and going beyond these stages even, you will automatically become citizens of God's kingdom.

Now the time has come in which I, holding the victorious authority acquired by taking charge in the free democratic sphere and the communist sphere based on the world's 160 nations, can come to the southern hemisphere and establish the world with the ideal sovereignty, God's kingdom on earth. (268-292, 1995.4.3)

From this moment on, you stand in my stead as well as God's. You should follow wherever He and I go. On this day, April 3, 1995, I make the New Hope Farm Declaration. (268-296, 1995.4.3)

3.2. The second declaration: Absolute, Unique, Unchanging and Eternal Ideal Family

God is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. As His children, we should take after His attributes and be absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging children, live as absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging couples, become absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging parents, and perfect absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging families. (1998. 8.7)

All true created beings in the world possess ideal love, the love of original nature, centered on God, and so we must become families based on absolute couples, children, siblings and parents. This is the second Jardim declaration. As well as absolute faith, love and obedience, God's nature includes the qualities of being absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Since these are God's attributes, it naturally follows that He desires His object partners also to possess these four attributes. Moreover, since He wishes for His object partners to be superior to Him, He would look for more absoluteness, more uniqueness, more eternality and more immutability in His object partner.

Have you ever served God as your absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging Parent? God, the Origin, is such a parent. Because He is invisible, Adam and Eve were created to be husband and wife, the visible representatives of the absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging God.

If there is only one central being, the Lord of all forms of existence in the world, and the Creator and Origin of the universe, we are sure that the ideal world of humankind desired by that Center would not be as it presently exists on earth. The world He yearns for would not be one of concepts in heaven, nor would it be just a physical world. That world, instead, would be one in which everyone would be included in the flow of love as expressed through relationships of heart, and they would be called His children. Although He may be the greatest entity in the world, the Creator and Absolute Being, He also wishes for someone to fulfill this. This is something we cannot deny.

History is seeking out the true person, the true nation and the true world. We ourselves are aware of our inclination toward become true beings. Then what is the standard of all true bonds of relationship? It is the parent-child bond between God and each human being. The heart springing from this bond is eternal, unchanging and unique, and cannot be altered on the authority of any being. Moreover, the authority of this heart is absolute. For this reason, all forms of existence would automatically bow down and submit to a being that appears with this authority, and the whole universe would have to follow his every move. This is an intrinsic rule of the universe. If it were not so, we reach the conclusion that we could not achieve our true purpose, nor be able to forge one absolute bond with God.

If we were to consider that human morality and the heavenly principles might eventually come to an end, what form would that end take? That should be the day when God could say to humankind, "You are my true sons and daughters, however much I might try to deny it. My sons, my daughters: my grief and resentment have finally been relieved." It should be a day on which He can relax, rest in comfort, and enjoy life with His mind at peace. Only when such a day dawns, after such sons and daughters have appeared on earth, could God's new, ideal world emerge. (7-104, 1959.7.26)

3.3. The third declaration: Declaration of the First, Second and Third Creators

God, as the First Creator, created Adam and Eve, and Adam and Eve, as the second creators, created all humanity; therefore, it follows that we are the third creators. Although God's grief at having lost His son and daughter is great, He is also afflicted with the sorrow of having no grandchildren. So three generations should live together under one roof with a heart akin to that of the First Creator (God). (1998.8.21)

Would God want those who live for the sake of others to perish or to prosper? He would protect them. Unification Church members should always bear this in mind, that the person who lives for the sake of others more than anyone else automatically becomes the central figure. This is a heavenly law.

By the time you have breakfast, you should forget the name of your enemy from the night before. By the time you have lunch, you should forget the name of your enemy from the morning of the same day, and instead set your mind to living for his sake and saving him, following the way of God's heart. If you do so, heavenly fortune will take care of you, and whenever you feel like turning back, it will urge you to continue along that path. You should not think of your enemies as enemies. I have forgotten the names of all my enemies. When the children of my enemies had no money to pay for school, I sent them money. When they had nothing to eat, I bought them food. Now I don't even remember who they were. Since such a heart has been beating inside me, now at this time I am able be the central figure who can set the world right and save the universe centering on God and that eternal center can be established. This is the logical conclusion.

Not one person in history has ever perished from living for the sake of others. Though I dislike having this said of me, there are many who claim Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the greatest saint in all five thousand years of Korean history, and he is alive at this time! I have met many who wanted to greet me in person and attend me as a living saint. Who taught them this? You should not forget this amazing truth that these actions are brought about by something noble in their hearts. Their ancestors or those named in the family register of loyal subjects in God's kingdom would have come to them during their dreams or meditation time and awakened them to this fact. (1998.8.21)

3.4. The fourth declaration: Declaration of the Accomplishment of our Destined Task -- New Hope Farm, Jardim

God and human beings are in a parent-child relationship. The relationship between parent and child is our inherited destiny. All sorrows and problems of parents can only be resolved by their children. Such is the path of children. There can never be disbelief or betrayal in a registered family. God and humanity should be united in harmony as father and children. (295-167, 1998.8.28)

Parental love should be fair. Part of being parents entails connecting and bringing together their firstborn son or daughter with their younger sibling, so that the elder children can love their younger siblings in their parents' stead, and the younger children can respect their elder siblings. The parents should act as intermediaries connecting them together. If they cannot do so, the family will fall apart and disputes will arise among siblings. Hence, parents should educate their children. Thus, our destined mission is to accomplish liberation! This means Adam and Eve have to restore and perfect themselves and become absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal man and woman, based on God's four main attributes. As such, they should then receive the Blessing and become true husband and wife.

God hoped to establish a family and for the firstborn son to be His filial son, but this was lost and the family was not perfected, due to the most unfilial act committed by the first ancestors. A nation should have been established following the tradition of the firstborn, but this also could not come to pass. A whole world following this tradition should have been established, but this too was not fulfilled. Consequently, God's kingdom should have been established on earth and been connected to His kingdom in heaven, but this plan also met with failure.

Do you realize that everything went wrong because our destined responsibility was not fulfilled? The means by which all this can be resolved is through the Jardim Declaration. It requires absolute faith, love, and obedience. God is our Parent. Parents, including those of the fallen world, who are loving subject partners, are hoping for their beloved object partners to become better than them. This is a heavenly principle. Because our fundamental relationship with God is that between parent and child, we need to form God-centered conjugal and parent-child relationships, that is to say, Adam and Eve should have become His embodiments and a divine couple.

The sperm of the father is like the bone, to which the mother adds the flesh. The sperm penetrates the ovum in the mother and only through this act can that ovum develop into a zygote. The bone! How do the bones first start to develop? They begin with the father planting the seed of the baby. It is all part of the original design. That seed enters the mother, receives flesh from her, grows and develops all the features of a human being in due time; what had originally been only in a seed in concept form starts to grow when planted in the womb by the father taking from the body of the mother and adding to itself. Thus, after attaining a form according to a preordained process, an individual person is born.

There is freedom of love in married life. It should begin in an unrestricted, liberated universe, a place of freedom, where conjugal love would not be hindered by anything, regardless of wherever the couple goes. Based on their love in a free environment, they should be brought together in a unified life of freedom, and through this union, their child should be born having passed through a natural period of development in its mother's womb. Then when the child claims that he is free, respect for his parents' liberty and freedom of love would be embedded in his words. Freedom cannot exist for the child that denies his connection to his parents and to the free life and lineage.

Hence, you are told to respect your parents. You need to respect the love that your parents have been faithful to and inherit its tradition. Only after you have inherited that tradition can you enjoy freedom. In order for the branch to live and grow, it needs nourishment to be supplied from the roots, through the trunk. Then it is free to grow as long as it is kept nourished in this way; when this is denied, it cannot have freedom. If it is cut off from this lifeline, it will die.

The path of true love is purely rational. If you live for absolute faith, love and obedience, love will grow. Since the seed of love was sown through faith, and it put forth buds, who would be responsible for it? For all this, God would invest everything He has, even Himself completely.

In Kodiak, plenty of salmon can be found. Salmon lay their eggs in the cold winter month of November. Since it is so cold, there are no insects, nor are there any small fish around. All fish swim away in search of warm currents and so there is nothing to eat. For this reason, the mother and father become the food for their young. It is only natural for the parents, the ancestors, to sacrifice themselves for their children. The animal kingdom has abided by this tradition for billions of years and still continues to live by it; on the other hand, humankind, who should be better than animals in every respect, are not keeping true to this principle, and so it is sometimes said that people are inferior to animals. The same is also true for loving. Animals do not love recklessly. Birds follow their own species in the way of true love. They don't love imprudently. Once they have found a mate and formed a pair, that relationship is absolute.

In the future, family law should be enacted. I have already issued instructions for the fundamental rules to be drawn up. If the nation is established after I have passed on to the spirit world, my absence would not matter so much because you would already have the laws set out on how to constitute that nation. If you abide by those laws as you would my words, and become united and march forward, you would be connected to God's kingdom.

You should understand that you cannot be self-centered, individualistic or insist on your own way. Before asserting yourselves, you need to realize that your father and mother existed before you, and from their lives emerged their lineage. On top of that, love was created. The relationship through which you can learn to respect lineage, history and your ancestors, and which will help you serve them, is the one between you and your parents. You need to respect your parents and then God. What would then be even higher than Him? It would be love.

Encompassed in the mother and father are the absolute love, life and lineage attained through the Absolute Parent and Father of absolute love. You should be aware of the fact that you are born from all this. Thus, you are the representative of lineage, maternal and paternal life and love. Having received them all as the representative, you were born to expand them and spread them wide; since such is the purpose of your life, if you don't fulfill this and instead act as you please and put your greed before everything else, you would be ruined and perish.

It is our destined and inevitable task to unite through the parent-child relationship, but what should that unity be centered upon? From the bone marrow, the seed, it should be centered on true love. Only when a baby is born thus can it possess a heart and body big enough to embrace the whole world as well as its father and to become one with its mother. You should follow your parents with absolute faith, love and obedience, as the grandson and father should follow the grandfather with absolute faith, love and obedience.

It will be handed down as an eternal tradition. Our destined mission is to accomplish liberation! Only then can we fulfill Family Pledge number eight, which is to achieve the ideal of God and human beings united in love through absolute faith, love and obedience now that we have entered the Completed Testament Age. Only when this unity has been achieved can we strive to perfect the realm of liberation of God's kingdom on earth and in heaven. (295 -167, 1998.8.28)

3.5. The fifth declaration: Sa Sa Jeol (4.4. Day); Declaration of the Family - September 8, 1998, Kodiak, Alaska

We have welcomed the era of the conclusion of the completed and perfected providence in the earthly world.

I. The four-position foundation has been established both in the spiritual and physical worlds.

II. Parents and children have restored the four-position foundation and have sown the seed of ideal families

III. The first and second generations have become as one.

IV. The South (Pantanal) and the North (Alaska) have become as one. (Representing the unity of heaven and earth)

V. Satan's lineage has been rooted out and converted to God's side.

(1998.9.8, Kodiak, Alaska)

Today is September 8, 1998, and when you add all these numbers together you arrive at the number 44. The number 9, which can pass over Adam's four-position foundation, his children's four-position foundation, and his object partner's four-position foundation, is Satan's number, and the number 8 is the starting number. The number 19 comes right before 20. All the numbers connected with nine are Satan's numbers. However, through these numbers will come the era of all-immanence, all-transcendence, supreme authority and omnipotence in which God will be free to do whatever He pleases. In other words, everything in the satanic world will be absorbed into one unified world. Then when would the number 44 appear? It would do so at the time of a historic declaration. The sum of the numbers representing September 8, 1998 is 44, and so that is why on this day I am making the declaration of 4.4. Jeol.

All humankind must return to God in any case. Therefore, I have come to Kodiak in the North, to declare 4.4. Jeol. Centering on the second generation, you are divided into two with the national messiahs in the south, and the Cain messiahs of the mother nation in the north. These two groups should be connected in heart, and the second generation should stand in front of them. You are the plus and the minus, and wherever there is a positive charge, it should be paired with a negative charge.

By my coming to the North, and with the firstborn, the second generation, connected to the plus and minus, I have finally been able to declare 4.4. Jeol, through which the four-position foundations of Adam's family and that of his children can settle and ultimately open the gates to the heavenly world. In preparation for this, I blessed both saints and murderers simultaneously on June 13. They are all brothers and sisters. Satan took what belonged to God, but now God can freely do whatever He wants. Thus, the cosmos has become God's liberated kingdom on earth and in heaven. (295-268, 1998.9.8)

3.6. The sixth declaration: Ceremony of Liberation and Unification of All Spirits and the Entire Spirit World -- October 5, 1998 (Lunar 8.15), São Paulo, Brazil

Since all spirits received the Blessing without having proper merit, they must aid their descendants on earth in establishing God's kingdom on earth. (1998.10.5)

Beloved Heavenly Father! Today is October 5, 1998, which is also Chuseok in Korea, a day of celebration on which the people honor their ancestors. You have worked endlessly to establish the realm of liberation for the Old, New and Completed Testament ages in history to ease Your grief over not having seen this world become a settlement of love, in which all forms of creation, all people in the spirit world, countless believers, and all things created with love and living on earth would have lived together with You. Today, before heaven and earth, Chung Pyung in Korea, and the people gathered here in São Paulo in the western world, please bring to an end the sorrowful history that You have had to endure, (296-9, 1998.10.5)

The time has now come for the final transition to take place, made possible on the foundation based on the blessing of five great saints and their blessed followers, in the spirit world on June 13, members of the groups they have established. Those serving You and the True Parents on earth and in the spirit world must now follow the way of filial piety, loyalty and heavenly tradition. In other words the archangelic families on earth should come together and join the liberated domain of the Blessed Families in the position of perfected Adamic families on earth. They should strive to fulfill their duties before You as filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, and saints in the world, and also inherit the bond of love tending to the duties of Your divine sons and daughters on earth and in the spirit world. In order to do so, they should become as one with You in heaven and with the True Parents on earth to be enabled to fulfill this, Your long-cherished desire. So please liberate the followers of the saints and the ancestors who are the offspring of the first ancestors, Adam and Eve.

Based on the kinship of the sphere of love united with the originally intended perfected heaven, and by serving the True Parents on earth, all those who could not serve them until this time can arrive at the destination founded on the family. The family is the result of vertical and horizontal love coming together, the original ideal of creation, springing from the bond of siblings, and of parents and children, as formed between the ancestors both on earth and in the spirit world. This is the day proclaiming that both the physical and spiritual worlds can now be connected eternally on the foundation of the cosmic family centered on the True Parents, and that through the liberation of both worlds all families can freely travel in all directions. In the name of the True Parents, the era has now arrived in which we can publicly carry out activities after we have brought all those in both worlds together and establish a foundation on earth. Then together with all created beings we can advance in full force for the victory of the eternal sovereignty of Your love and the establishment of Your kingdom on earth and in heaven. This will be founded on true love and the sphere of heart of Your true lineage and that of the True Parents. All this I declare in the name of the True Parents! Amen! Amen! Amen! (296-14, 1998.10.5)

3.7. The seventh declaration: Declaration of the Cosmic Sa Sa Jeol (4.4. Day)The Complete Liberation for the Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and the Rooting Out of the Satanic Blood Lineage -- January 8, 1999, Punta del Este, Uruguay

You need to achieve mind-body unity, husband-wife unity, and parent-child unity. Thus, you must create an absolute family. This is the second part of the Jardim Declaration, which connects with the third and fourth, and finally, the declaration of 4.4. Jeol. Adam's family failed to perfect the four-position foundation and firmly establish itself. It naturally followed that their sons and daughters also failed to firmly settle. Therefore, after passing 4.4. Jeol, you need to come to Jardim and receive family training, and return to the path that leads to heaven.

The Old Testament Age required the offering of creation as sacrifices of unity, the New Testament Age required the offering of the son as the sacrifice of unity, and now in the Completed Testament Age what is required is the offering of the unified parents as a sacrifice. Only then can liberation and unity be declared in this world of resentment. You should know that at this time God is overflowing with blessings to bestow on us. Needless to say, the wider the water pipes are, the more water can flow through them, and similarly, depending on how much you offer devotion, prayer and effort, the pipelines of victory connecting you to the spirit world will be installed. So, taking this into consideration, give everything you have in order to offer devotions and prayers, and may you come out victors, not losers, in the end! (298-57, 1999.1.1)

Regardless of how strong the power and authority of the satanic world is, the era of God's authority will soon be upon us. The era in which God is free to do whatever He pleases is coming soon. Only when that era has arrived can this world become God's kingdom on earth.

God should be liberated, and this involves the number four. After the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament Ages will come the era of liberation from anguish. In that age, you need to offer everything. That does not mean that God will receive everything and keep it all for Himself. Instead, He will pass it all to Adam. Adam will then give back what he has received to God, and God will then hand it over to the True Parents, from whom the distribution of rights of ownership should begin. (298-63, 1999.1.1) 

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