Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Ten - The Way In The Completed Testament Age
Chapter Four - The Way in the Completed Testament Age
Section 2. Complete Providential Settlement and the Great Proclamation of the True Parents

2.1. Proclamation of the True Parents (Messiah) -- April 30, 1990, Korea

How is it that I was able to proclaim the True Parents? The democratic and communist worlds represent the brothers Abel and Cain. Though these two worlds are like two sons, they are fighting with each other. Since I now stand in a position from which I can make peace between these two hostile sons and be welcomed by both, I could finally come to Korea with the special authority of the Parent and proclaim Mother and myself as the True Parents to the whole nation. (204-187, 1990.7.8)

The world is one in which nothing can be trusted, one that doesn't bear being looked at and one that is filled with despair, but its one real hope has appeared with the emergence of the True Parents. I proclaimed this in Korea. (202-340, 1990.5.27)

The purpose of the Bible is to seek out the one True Parent. That is the most hopeful gospel. Since Satan was also a created being, he will disappear with the appearance of the True Parents. Since that time is close at hand, communism has collapsed and North Korea is on the verge of collapse. Whichever way they look there is no solution. I am fully aware of this. Now God's kingdom will come to fruition and the liberation of hell on earth and in the spirit world will take place. (202-351, 1990.5.27)

Our purpose is to liberate God and save humanity and all that belongs to the satanic realm. This is our goal. We are proclaiming such a true parental heart. We are marching forward. There is no place for Satan here. Such is the view of the Principle. (202-354, 1990.5.27)

Communism is an ideology of servants and masters. There is no freedom. Democracy, however, is based on a philosophy of brotherhood. Thus, everyone has freedom to pursue their self-interest, and as a result they are constantly fighting one another, each claiming to be superior to the others.

In contrast, head-wing thought is based on a parent-centered ideology. Aren't senators clashing with congressmen and Republicans with Democrats? That is because they do not have Parents. Once the Parents emerge and reprimand them, saying, "You scoundrels! Why are you fighting? You are not servants; you are all our children!" then everything will be resolved. Racism between blacks and whites and all races will also be resolved in this way. (202-357, 1990.5.27)

How is the communist world faring? I told Gorbachev to take down the statues of Lenin and Marx. In the whole history of communism, there was no one but myself who dared to say such things. The communist leaders of the Soviet Union clamored, "How dare he talk of Godism in front of us? How dare he speak so arrogantly?" Regardless of how much they hated me, the communist world declined to its present situation. The person they feared the most in the world became their only hope. There is no other hope for them. So I told them plainly, "Listen to my words and follow, for there is no other way to go." (202-351, 1990.5.27)

What is going to become of this world? History has progressed through the eras of the first, second and third Israels, but now with the announcement of the name of True Parents, this entire world will become like the Garden of Eden and all the traditions of the sphere of religion will disappear. As a result, all the spirits in the heavenly world will be able to come to earth whenever they want. This is called the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle. Heaven and earth will be as close as the pages of a book, as though the physical world was directly connected to the spirit world.

By my proclaiming sovereignty of the parent, these two worlds are reconnected and Satan will disappear. Hence, the spirits can come whenever they please. The spirit world is in a vertical position and the earth is in a horizontal position. The two worlds are perpendicular to each other. A right angle is not the domain of Satan. The fallen world emerged when this original perpendicular relationship was altered. God can have dominion only over the places where right angles are formed. At such places, Satan cannot be found. That is where liberation takes place. The spirit world is liberated, as are the earth and all of creation. At that place the course of indemnity need not exist. (202-358, 1990.5.1)

By my making public the declaration of the True Parents, Satan's authority and all the laws of indemnity which have caused religious struggles will disappear. Then all the good spirits will be on a par with the angelic world, whereby they will freely render assistance to earthly people, freeing this world from the effects of the Fall. Your ancestors will be able to work like the angels. Therefore, all kinds of phenomena will happen to those who oppose the providence. (202-358, 1990.5.27)

Today I am proclaiming the truth about the Messiah. After opening a wide path for everyone's liberation, including your mothers, fathers and yourselves, and proclaiming the right of kingship, I am also proclaiming the True Parents. The True Parents represent individual and family-level right of kingship. This is the way it is. They are the sovereigns as well as the True Parents. They are being proclaimed as such to the whole world. They are manifesting true love. (202-358, 1990.5.27)

You need to become bold. What I mean by this is that you need to exercise the rights of ownership of a subject partner. However difficult your situation, it should not be a big problem for you. When you say, "Not even God wants this. Be gone!" then it will be quickly gone. The same is true in the spirit world. If you were to say, "I don't want this!" then it will vanish. Such a power is all around you. Once the center of love appears, everything will turn around to head for it. When the morning sun rises in the East, doesn't all nature focus and turn towards the sun? Such is the essence of life and the essence of love. (202-358, 1990.5.27)

From now on, everything will connect to you automatically without a struggle. All paths will open. Through exercising the right of ownership you can become true teachers and true parents. That is your mission. It all depends on how hard you work. This is a logical and clear conclusion. It is now up to you to understand this clearly and say, "I will completely inherit all that the True Parents have proclaimed and liberate everything in the world!" Do you want to do so? If you do, make a vow before God. Raise both your hands and wave them like this. Ah, that looks good; it looks like a rolling wave! (202-360, 1990.5.27)

2.2. Declaration of God's Eternal Blessing (Chil Il Jeol: 7.1. Day) -- July 1, 1991, Hannam-dong Residence, Seoul

Beloved Heavenly Father! Today is July 1, 1991. We understand that the year 1991 is the very last crucial moment in the dispensational transition period. From the very first day of this year until the end of June, we have persevered through many complications and difficulties, and are now finally entering the month of July. Now that the first half of 1991 has passed, we understand that the second half of this year is the time in your providential history when we can reach the summit of new hope to enter the world of freedom and peace in Your kingdom.

Now, the resentments caused by the North-South division of the Korean peninsula and all the suffering and struggle brought about by East-West complications have all been dissolved by the True Parents. All historical conflicts sown by the false parents have been victoriously overcome by the True Parents, and the era has arrived in which the communist and free worlds, and North and South Korea, can unify. Heavenly Father! Thank you for allowing me to perform the Declaration Ceremony of God's Eternal Blessing on this day, bringing to a culmination the sacrificial effort You have offered, together with everything representing Your providential history, and thus celebrate together this day of victory, liberation and glory.

The overall meaning of providential history dictates that without having fulfilled the mission of tribal messiah, one's family and nation cannot be connected to the providence. We are so grateful to be able to welcome this day on which we can declare ourselves to be tribal messiahs. We are truly grateful that as of this day we are free to proclaim ourselves as the kindred of the True Parents.

We are thankful that you protected each of our courses of faith up to this point, and that as of this day, July 1, 1991, we are finally able to eliminate the grievous course of historical indemnity. We are aware that now is the time of declaration to reclaim the liberated world of original nature. This world will emerge when the left and right wings unite and when North and South Korea, plus the religious realm and the political realm inherit right of kingship in the parental realm, attending the Creator God and the horizontal True Parents who are the original parents.

We should not stop there, however; centering upon the true love of original nature, we should fulfill the obligations of true love, which is the center for the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and the whole universe. We understand that by so doing, we must become the foundation for the families living on earth who are the representatives of Your kingdom as originally intended. This is the absolute purpose and goal following the one absolute direction. In order to bring this to pass, we have been issued the order to advance and carry out this solemn task, which means breaking through in the local neighborhood activities (tong-ban gyeokpa).

With this in mind as the final destination, all of us should realize that from the first of July we are entering a new era of world history when we should march forward in full force to save our families and our tribes. Moreover, I have designated this day, the first day of July, to be the one on which we can apply and declare ourselves to be tribal messiahs across the world. All those who have applied to become tribal messiahs should not look to one side or look back, but, rather, follow the destiny You have given them directly and fulfill their missions as Blessed Families. This is to first restore and establish in their families the standards of the right of the eldest son, right of the parent and right of kingship that were lost by Adam and Eve, and then firmly establish a victorious legacy that no one, not even Satan, can affect in any way. Please help us to never forget that such is the mission given for each Blessed Family to fulfill.

In Your presence, there is no free world or communist world, no South or North, and no Satan. I declare in the name of the True Parents to both the spiritual and the physical worlds that all the works of evil will be cleared away and buried forever alongside fallen history, and that Your victorious and liberated kingdom will be established on earth. I therefore beseech You to let us become a shield for all generations to come. I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents at this time on this day of the first of July! Amen! I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents! Amen! I proclaim this in the name of the True Parents! Amen! Amen! Amen! (218-7, 1991.7.1)

By concluding the ceremony of Chil Il Jeol, we inaugurate the era in which the True Parents can do as they please. Until this time, I was not free to do as I pleased. If I could have done all that I wanted to do, why would I have suffered? Why would I have acted so powerlessly before the world? There is a time for everything. Without fulfilling my responsibility with regard to time, I cannot lift up my face and lead others. (218-16, 1991.7.1)

I must prevail over the satanic realm. Now, with the name of True Parents, I can triumph over persecution on the levels of the individual, the family, the tribe, the people, the nation and world. Although both the communist and free worlds have opposed the Unification Church and Rev. Moon, by educating Soviet leaders in Washington, D.C. in the free world, I am the victor in the end. (218-19, 1991.7.1)

The authority of the True Parents and God are the only things that can be on the rise. Therefore, others have now lost the power to overstep their authority. If they continue to carry on forcibly as they have done in the past, they will only collapse. If such a thing were to take place in Korea, then both North and South would ultimately perish. No single leader, whether from the North or the South, has the power to have his own way in everything. Thus, this proclamation must be made. Up until now, false parents have been in charge, but the time has come for the True Parents to bring everything together in a proclamation, which should be made this very day. (218-32, 1991.7.1)

2.3. Declaration of the elimination of historical indemnity -- November 1, 1996, Uruguay

Families must be restored by the Family Federation for World Peace. The returning Lord must bring to completion within the global domain the task that ended in failure in the domains of family and nation. How can he restore on the world level that which was lost by Adam's family, then connect it to the global Blessing, establish it in the position of Adam's family, construct God's global nation, and ultimately enter the era of unified right of kingship, the era of the unity of heaven and earth? You need to bear in mind that an era of great transition has begun. Centered on the True Parents and based on the democratic world as Cain and the Christian cultural sphere as Abel, we have been able to surmount all opposition to the good fortune of the families of the Unification Church. With victorious supremacy thus attained on the family level, then the settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace and the elimination of historical indemnity could be proclaimed in the name of the True Parents.

The Fall was brought about by free sex and so it can only be overcome through absolute sex -- having one eternal spouse of the opposite sex -- centered on the absolute love of the True Parents. The conversion of lineage can only take place with absolute sex; it cannot be achieved by free sex or casual sex. The restoration of lineage must be carried out. Through the declarations I made with the Family Federation for World Peace, I have established the authority on which this can be brought to fruition worldwide. Based on all the victories achieved by the True Parents within the global domain, the Blessed Families in the stead of the True Mother, then Cain and Abel, must unite with her. In short, they need to become as one with her.

The impact on families of juvenile immorality, free sex and homosexuality can only be reversed on the basis of the True Parents' ideology, through which the restored family, nation, and world can advance to establish God's kingdom on earth and in heaven. This means that everything must be completely turned around. On the Blessed Family foundation, individuals and families representing Cain and Abel must unite centering absolutely on the True Parents, first becoming as one with True Mother. Centering on her, the democratic and communist worlds, Catholics and Protestants, and the spiritual and physical worlds can be united. On this global foundation, everything could then be indemnified centered on Mother. Thus, it became possible to proclaim the settlement of the Family Federation for World Peace and the elimination of historical indemnity.

In His act of creation, God practiced absolute faith, love and obedience; however, the couple that was to be His object partners failed to achieve that position and consequently fell into hell. We are now living at a time when we are to restore globally that which was lost in Adam's family. Standing on the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience achieved in the victorious realm of the True Parents, Unification Church members need to practice absolute faith, love and obedience centering on them. Since the True Parents inherited God's tradition of absolute faith, love and obedience, you also need to inherit that. Do you understand? May God's blessings be with you! (280-47, 1996.11.3)

2.4. Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth (Chil Pal Jeol: 7.8. Day) -- August 9, 1997, Seoul

On this 7th day of the 7th lunar month in 1997 at 7 minutes and 7 seconds past 7 o'clock, by accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing, we have fulfilled our motto for this year, which was to be proud of and to love the True Parents absolutely by successfully completing the Blessing of 360 Million Couples. Heavenly Father, how much anguish You have had to harbor in Your heart!

Heavenly Father, we of the Unification Church know only too well the historical truth that all cultures of East and West have been lost to You. The homeland that should have been the central nation of all nations through the unification of North and South Korea, and all of Your children, who should have inherited the Blessing and become a part of Your tribe of heaven, stood instead in a position with no choice but to be divided into two. For this reason we have had to walk the path of restoration for a period of forty years, engaged in the conflict between communism and democracy.

Because this period of forty years represents four thousand years of providential history, the persecution perpetrated by the sovereign nations of the satanic world against Christianity, Christian states, and believers of all other religions and faiths during that period manifested during those forty years as opposition and oppression from the whole world against the True Parents who were endeavoring to fulfill Your will on the world stage. No one knew of Your sorrow as You watched this history of forty years. You have had to pioneer this path all alone with no one to help You. However, under Your guidance, we persevered through the forty years of suffering and hardship, engaged in the battles to prepare Your abode of the Sabbath on the levels of the individual, couple, family, tribe, nation, world, and the cosmos. This was in order to develop a free environment based on the ideal of creation wherein You can reside with perfect freedom.

Now at last we have completed this history of forty years, Heavenly Father, enabling us to welcome an amazing new era in which today we can proclaim the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath centering on the True Parents.

Today, Your son by the name of Moon celebrates his seventy-seventh year in this world. The era has come in which we can connect the Sabbath year with the number of a new beginning, rising above the numbers seven and eight by connecting eight number sevens based on 7 minutes 7 seconds past 7 o'clock of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in 1997, and my 77 years of age. Now, therefore, Unification Church members can form families inheriting the heavenly authority and traditions of love, and thus attend You and offer You a dwelling place on the levels of nation, world and cosmos. Through these families, the foundation of the Sabbath in which You and the True Parents can freely come and go will be connected from the family to the cosmos. The time is close at hand when we will cross the boundary that separates us from the simultaneous establishment of Your right of kingship on earth and in heaven, which will allow us to achieve complete oneness with You. In such a manner this work has been accomplished.

To fulfill this undertaking, the mother representing the nation that can take the place of the Eve nation should come on earth. Centering on the United States as the archangel nation, as well as the United Nations, the fortune that will unify North and South Korea needs to be prepared in the United States and then sown in Korea so that Korea can be the nation that can represent the liberation of all peoples. However, You eased our concern on this matter, for under Your protection True Mother embarked on a third speaking tour, and visited sixteen places, thereby surmounting the number sixteen and opening the doors wide for the passage of the dignitaries of this nation. You have bestowed on us such a blessing which has allowed the holiness of Blessed Families to be known nationwide.

Moreover, through the women of North and South Korea, True Mother has been welcomed to the worldwide conferences for women representing the northern and southern hemispheres. On that basis we can enter into the era of family right of kingship within Your victorious domain, based on the accomplishment of the number sixteen and the successful world conferences. This era can be proclaimed tomorrow, August 10, to the leading figures of this nation and the leaders representing the sovereignties and nations of the world. By the grace of your endeavors this blessing could be granted to this nation, and the blessed realm established, with the Unification Church leading the way through its Blessed Families. We are truly grateful for Your great work in collaboration with True Mother in preparing such a foundation for us. If this had not come to pass, there would have been no place for Korea in this world.

Furthermore, no words can express our gratitude to You for allowing us to establish and proclaim upon this foundation the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth centered on the True Parents.

Heavenly Father, please take pleasure in welcoming this era in which You can be liberated from imprisonment, and in this state of liberation embrace Your loving cosmos, through the establishment of the Sabbath foundation of the eras of the right of kingship in the family, nation, world and cosmos, which has been Your long-cherished desire.

We are aware of how much You grieved over not being able to help this son of Yours in his work, since all that You could do was shed tears and watch over his path. We beseech You with all of our hearts to bestow on us Your blessings, that You may achieve total, overriding, supreme and full authority as You have desired, and with the whole world under Your dominion we may march forward into Your liberated kingdom.

Now the era has come when the stains created by tears of sorrow shed by the family of the True Parents will fade away. With the achievement of Your authority of liberation, the family of the True Parents can attain the privileged and highest position of the ideal of creation looking down over the beloved children, nations, world and cosmos, with the freedom to travel anywhere in the world.

Therefore, please accept this proclamation which I am now making in the name of the True Parents, as contributing to the resolution of Your grief and sorrow, and to Your full liberation. At this hour, please accept with joy the proclamation of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Please proclaim this from heaven in order that the banner of victory of the harmonized realms on earth and heaven may fly high. I proclaim this day in the name of the True Parents! Amen! Amen! Amen! (286-78, 1996.11.11)

You need to understand that in all the historical ages up to the present time there has never been a Sabbath day for God. It is dumbfounding. Before now, everything in the entire growth period belonged to Satan: three times three is nine. There was not one thing that belonged to God, neither His son nor daughter, neither creation nor the nation. Everything was lost through the Fall of Adam and Eve. God wanted them to become the ancestors of humanity, representing God's lineage as His ideal object partners. The ideal family is God's house of the Sabbath. We need to understand more clearly about the nature of His dwelling place. (286-112, 1997.8.9)

God lost His house of the Sabbath. Therefore, the ideal family raised in the fallen world would restore His house of the Sabbath. Then, centering on what would this house be built? It would be built centering on true love, true parents, true children and true family. The family is the center. Centering on the family you need to form a tribe, and on that basis become tribal messiahs for that tribe. The family gives rise to family-level messiahs, tribal messiahs, national messiahs for the nations and the global messiah. The global messiah is also the King of kings. From there the Kingdom of Heaven is established. God should be able to reside wherever He goes, from within the individual to any place in the world and even in the spirit world. That is to say, if He chose to dwell within a family, the individuals in that family, husband and wife, and sons and daughters would all be happy to serve Him. (286-114, 1997.8.9)

Where is the dwelling place for the True Parent? Where can he reside? That place is the center of the universe, and at the same time, the position of the prince who has the right of kingship on the basis of which God can be enthroned. It is the place that connects the position of the heavenly prince with the position of the earthly prince based on the qualification of being a true parent. However, this connection is not forged by money.

If I had a weakness for money, I would have become a rich man in Korea. If I had a preoccupation with knowledge, I would have become the chancellor of Seoul National University before anyone else. Don't you think I could have done so, given that there are university presidents whom I have taught and inspired to become my followers? I've made disciples of people who are regarded as great in this world; yet I freely push them along. There are former heads of state working with me. In other words, I have enough power not to crave worldly knowledge, money or authority. What power would that be? It is the power of love, God's love, true love! (286-98, 1997.8.9)

In Korea everything can be found, even things that cannot be found in the families of other nations in the world. Korean folk songs are universal, with universal contents which transcend history. "Moon, Oh Moon, you bright Moon, Moon loved by the poet Lee Tae-baek! Oh Moon, on you grows a laurel tree. I want to chop it down with a jade ax, and trim the branches with a gold ax to build a thatched cottage, to bring my parents to come and live with me forever." How splendid this is! To live for thousands and tens of thousands of years together! Which parents are being referred to here? There is no other nation in the world whose folk songs praise and pay respect to parents, who are yearned for in such dreams as this. (286-103, 1997.8.9)

Live forever together. Even though the house which is built may only be a small cottage, the song expresses the desire to live forever together with True Parents! It coincides perfectly with the ideal of the children's songs of Korea. Then what would they do next? A half-moon! It is all right even if the moon is not a full moon. Although the family does not begin with perfection, this world is like a half-moon, and we are heading towards a nation of clouds in the sky, on a satellite like the boat mentioned in the song. Though we have neither mast nor paddle, we are moving swiftly to both the East and West.

The sun rises in the East and shines westward. Man symbolizes East and woman West, and all women will receive the light of the sun from the east and be on an equal status with men. Then a world of equality and agreement between East and West will be realized! Amen! How wonderful that people will be! (286-114, 1997.8.9)

What is today? It is the Declaration Day of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The Parents of Heaven and Earth. (286-123, 1997.8.9)

Such a world will be established when the ideal realm of the Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth comes into being! The word "Amen" is made up of two syllables, the first, "A-" signifying that I am grateful even when I have my mouth open wide for a thousand years, and the second, "-men," signifying that I will live even after I have passed away, because the place where you say "Amen" is one where you feel good just thinking about it, dreaming about it, working for it, sweating for it, with nothing bad and everything good in it. (286-118, 1997.8.9)

Then we will be stamped with the seal of God, become a royal family, the citizens of His kingdom who can enter its palace and reside there for thousands of years and in so doing fulfill all the desires and hopes of humanity. (287-108, 1997.8.9)

2.5. Proclamation of the liberation of hell and the opening of the gates of heaven -- May 15, 1998, Americano Hotel, Pantanal, Brazil

Whereas Heung-jin is a child of direct descent from the True Parents, Christianity stands in the position of the adopted child from another lineage. Only when these two are united can the True Parents stand up completely straight on a firm foundation.

Thus, the will of the True Parents can be fulfilled only when Christianity receives the Blessing and becomes as one with Heung-jin, who is already blessed. Accordingly, it follows that the Unification Church should begin in earnest to conduct the Blessing for Christian denominations. Centering on the True Parents, the father, mother, and the realm of the firstborn must all become one. Furthermore, the father, the mother, the realm of the adopted child (Christianity), other religions, and the non-religious realm must also unify.

With the Blessing of the 120 million couples on June 13, one-third of the 360 Million Couples will have been blessed, and so we will have transcended the Old Testament Age. Thus, no time must be lost in performing the ceremonies of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life, which are also part of the Blessing ceremony. Already the four saints have been blessed, and at Chung Pyung devotions are being offered for the liberation of Christianity. The key to the liberation of the realm of the fourth Adam lies with the True Parents. The truth of the matter is that the spirit world must be taken care of before the physical world. Hence, effort is being made to take care of the ancestors.

The order of the providence is such that the spirit world must be set right before the physical world. This is because the spirit world stands perpendicular to the physical world, which is a world of horizontal relationships. When the vertical and horizontal worlds meet, true peace will be achieved on earth. If the True Parents had not come, it would have been as if the spirit world did not exist at all. This is because the spiritual and physical worlds can only be corrected by the True Parents.

2.6. Ceremony for the Total Liberation of the People in the Spirit World -- October 5, 1998, São Paulo, Brazil

Beloved Heavenly Father! Today is October 5, 1998, which is also Chuseok in Korea, a day of celebration on which the people honor their ancestors. You have worked endlessly to establish the realm of liberation for the Old, New and Completed Testament ages in history to ease Your grief over not having seen this world become a settlement of love, in which all forms of creation, all people in the spirit world, countless believers, and all things created with love and living on earth would have lived together with You. Today, before heaven and earth, Chung Pyung in Korea, and the people gathered here in São Paulo in the western world, please bring to an end the sorrowful history that You have had to endure.

We understand that You as the vertical True Parent of heaven created the horizontal true parents in this world through the ideal of heaven and earth, that they represented Your external form, and that they should have become our ancestors of the very first generation. They were meant to achieve complete oneness through their family, thereby unifying their minds, which are vertical, and their bodies, which are horizontal, and thus bring the seed of love created through that unity to complete fruition on earth. Through this achievement, Your eternal lineage and that of True Parents were to be connected, and would have led to the multiplication on earth of children whose minds and bodies would have been as one. However, the joyous day of such a beginning of history did not come to pass, and You have had to continue with the providence in order to erase the legacy of lamentable and mortifying historical grief; we are aware of all this.

No one until now had any inkling of the anguish You harbored in Your heart, and as You haven't had a single son or daughter on earth who could be devoted to You, You have been a lonely and miserable Father. Looking into Your heart, I know how You endeavored to save Your only son who came after countless generations. This son of Yours perceived more clearly than anyone how much You grieved as You looked upon wretched humanity, dispossessed of any ancestors because they were lost through the Fall.

From the day I came to know You, I also came to realize that the path You have followed for the sake of Your immature children has been one of ordeals and suffering. You have worked ceaselessly in order to welcome the day of the Blessing of the True Parents centered on the foundation which was laid through the toils of Christianity during thousands of years of history. You labored so that the path could be evened out and You could restore the unity of Adam and Eve which had failed to emerge with Your true love, in order to bequeath the victorious lineage of Adam's original family which was lost in the Garden of Eden.

Ashamed of becoming a child with unfulfilled responsibility, I searched endlessly for a way to avoid this failure, and I came to pioneer the way I should walk in following Your path, building bridges and climbing mountains, passing through the eight stages vertically and horizontally, and finally proclaiming the fulfillment of those eight stages and proclaiming True Parents. As a result of this, I declared Chil Pal Jeol (Day of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth) and at the same time, on the foundation of Jardim, I disclosed that Your ideal of creation and the original standard that You had first established was that of absolute faith, love and obedience.

Also, in order to make Your wish come true -- that is, to establish the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal family foundation, which reflects Your characteristics, and the foundation wherein love can dwell -- then what must be achieved are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal parents, who are also true parents, as well as absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal children, couples and families. Though the world may not be aware of it, this son understands that the day upon which this is brought to pass will be the day You have long awaited and will be the greatest transition point of history. Yet despite the fact that the coming of this day should be the subject of worldwide rejoicing and celebration, I am forced to make this proclamation within the confines of Jardim.

Through this third Jardim declaration, You could be connected to the first, second and third creators and to the tribal foundation. On this horizontal foundation and on the basis for Your right of kingship on earth and in heaven, the authority of the third creator was proclaimed on earth. By passing through this liberating process which cannot be interfered with by even God or Satan, the eternal, unchanging and predestined relationships between parents and children, husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters, which had remained until this time unfulfilled, were all resolved.

Now, through the Sa-Sa Jeol (4.4. Day) declaration, which represents the number four, the southern hemisphere can be connected to the northern hemisphere and the heart of the Parents to the oceans. Although the great judgment of Noah's time took place on the sea, based on the sea that did not face judgment and the principle of giving and receiving by all created beings, then all national messiahs and Blessed Families were called to gather here in Jardim in order to symbolize the coming together of all creation to the place of liberation. I have disclosed to all those who are here that, in the form of the global messiah, national messiahs, tribal and family messiahs, they should return following the Parents.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for guiding us as the True Parents in creating the path that could form an easy passage free of any obstacles, through the transfer of the victories achieved on every side. Thank you for allowing the Blessed Families the free environment where they can seek the path to the homeland based on parents, children, couples, siblings and families which exhibit the four great attributes of absoluteness, uniqueness, immutability and eternality. This can be achieved by virtue of the practice of absolute faith, love and obedience. I am grateful to You for letting us march forward as the blessed members of the Unificationist community, whose mission now is that of unifying the separated spiritual and physical worlds, transcending the East-West cultural divide, as well as the North-South economic divide, and establishing a peaceful heaven and earth and humanity with the heart of children who serve the Parents of Your unified kingdom.

We know that it is the task given to us as Your blessed sons and daughters and all those who are heading to the blessed place to take the lead in restoring Your lost kingdom of peace, even if it means selling every asset and property we possess. It is our responsibility to strive for the nation with all our family as the offering, and then for heaven and earth with the nation as the offering, and finally towards You with heaven and earth as the offering.

This son is aware of the fact that the historic starting point of establishing Your kingdom on earth and the eternal liberation that can possess the substantial sovereignty of love of the eternal realm of liberation already took place on June 13. On that day the simultaneous Blessing of saints and murderers as siblings overcame the weeping and sorrowful mind of the True Parents, and even now joyful cries of liberation are echoing in the spirit world.

Although people on earth are ignorant of this, all our ancestors in the spirit world, the angelic world, and countless believers are all aware of this, and are laboring hard to pioneer the environment for the True Parents on earth.

The fallen angel became the archenemy that destroyed your family of love. He initiated all forms of sovereignty on earth by leaving behind the family of the realm of the fallen archangel. However, the spiritual and physical worlds came together through a relationship of united siblings in order to embrace parental love and Your love. They were given the order to advance and were able to reclaim the right of the eldest son.

Now the time has come for the final transition to take place based on the five great saints blessed on June 13, and their blessed followers in the spirit world, members of the groups they have established. Those serving You and the True Parents on earth and in the spirit world will now have to follow the way of filial piety, loyalty and heavenly traditions. That is, the archangelic families on earth should come together and join the liberated realm of the Blessed Families in the position of perfected Adamic families on earth. They should strive to fulfill their duties before You as filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, and saints in the world, and inherit the bond of love while tending to the duties of Your divine sons and daughters on earth and in the spirit world. To do so, they should become as one with You in heaven and with the True Parents on earth. Through this, they will be empowered to fulfill this, Your long cherished desire. So please liberate the followers of the saints and the ancestors who are the offspring of the first ancestors, Adam and Eve.

Based on kinship in the realm of love united with the perfected heaven You originally intended, and by serving the True Parents on earth, all those who could not serve them until this time can arrive at the destination founded on the family. This family is the result of vertical and horizontal love coming together, the original ideal of creation. It springs from the bond of siblings, and of parents and children, as formed between the ancestors both on earth and in the spirit world. This is the day of proclaiming that both physical and spiritual worlds can now be connected eternally on the foundation of the cosmic family centered on the True Parents, and that through the liberation of both worlds all families can freely travel in all directions.

In the name of the True Parents, the era has now arrived in which we can publicly carry out activities after we have brought all those in both worlds together and established a foundation on earth. Then together with all created beings we can march forward in full force for the victory of the eternal sovereignty of Your love and the establishment of Your kingdom on earth and in heaven, which is founded on true love and the realm of heart of Your true lineage and that of the True Parents. All this I declare in the name of the True Parents! Amen! Amen! Amen! (296-9, 1998.10.5)

2.7. Proclamation of the Complete Liberation for Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and the Rooting Out of the Satanic Lineage -- January 8, 1999, Punta del Este, Uruguay

This year's motto is "The Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and the Rooting Out of the Satanic Lineage." This means not being related in any way with the satanic world. If you are centered on what is true, then what is false cannot come between you and your spouse. Last year's motto was "Being proud of and loving the True God means completing the 360 Million Couples Blessing and eradicating the lineage of the satanic world." The fact that we were able to fulfill this motto by September 30 last year shows that the era of struggles in the subject and object partner relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds has passed. In short, we have crossed over the summit and accomplished this by blessing people on such a grand scale. Those couples represent the original Adam and Eve and are standing in the position of having received the Blessing; therefore, there should be no walls separating heaven and earth. This year's goal is to root out the satanic lineage. It must be pulled out at the roots, and to do so, the realm of the grace of the Blessing must be established in the cosmos, in both the spiritual and physical worlds.

Adam's family should have been perfected through the support of the angelic world. Since the original couple fell, that family needed to be completely cleared away and recreated. In other words, the ancestors had to be recreated into a family in the position of the archangel. Thereupon we will enter the era of blessing on a large scale, of liberation and blessing of the spirit world. It will be the era of liberation and blessing. When this comes to pass, all the people in the spirit world will be crowded into the archangelic realm of free movement on the family level. In that liberated environment there will be no such thing as the works of Satan.

The people in the spirit world will descend to earth with their spouses when the Blessing is scheduled to take place, and from the position of ancestors they will urge their descendants to receive the Blessing. Originally, only those who lived on earth centering on the True Parents can enter heaven. Therefore, for those spirits that could not live with and serve the True Parents on earth, the Blessing is a ceremony that opens the path for them to come down to earth to serve True Parents.

Now they are liberated to come to earth, bringing with them whomever they like, in order to receive the Blessing and become married couples. This was not fulfilled in the Garden of Eden. By following their descendants and supporting them in practicing absolute faith, love and obedience, they can live together with the True Parents on earth, and be a part of those following the great path that leads to heaven. Rooting out the deep-seated satanic lineage will make this possible; this is something I must achieve. Do you understand what I am saying?

Humankind is currently headed in the wrong direction, but with the liberation of everyone and the banishment and eradication of Satan, the root of sin can be corrected. Thus, people can follow the right path. Devils and sinners are bound for hell. Being imperfect, they have been heading in the opposite direction. By becoming good, however, they would be able to turn around, face the right direction, and enter the level of the heavenly world appropriate to them. This has been made possible by our opening up the cosmic expansion of the Blessing both on earth and in the spirit world. (298-209, 1999.1.8)

Based on today's proclamation for the Completion of the Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and the Rooting Out of the Satanic Lineage, all Blessed Families, by making a special offering centering on my birthday, February 20, will be able to rise beyond the level of everyone that Jesus yearned to bless on earth -- not just his twelve apostles, but also from the 72 generations to the 120 generations. They will then automatically enter the realm of the direct dominion of the True Parents and live in an age completely unrelated to Satan.

All ancestors in the spirit world will be liberated. Even Satan should be liberated. Thus, in the future, as tribal messiahs who have blessed 160 families, you will be able to include and connect them to your own tribe and give the offering of total indemnity. On that foundation you will then be able to bless 120 generations of your ancestors. In your lifetime, you need to bless 160 families, and with the Blessing of 120 generations of ancestors we would then enter the realm of the unified world. It would be in stages of 12, 72 and 120 generations and once you completed 120 then all of them would be able to enter. Concurrent with the Blessing of 120 generations of kings including their eldest sons, then the True Parents and God would give the permission to liberate all citizens under their right of kingship.

You need to stage demonstrations and from now on display your pride in the True Parents and in the reality of a true family, true lineage and true purity. You should dedicate yourselves to expand the True Parents' foundation worldwide, and the individual, family, tribe, people and all nations should be centered on the True Parents.

Practice of the ideal of true parents, true family and purity at the individual level should be expanded to the levels of the family, tribe, nation and world. Once the national foundation is laid, then global expansion can take place and we can enter the era of liberation through the true-parental standard connecting with all levels from individual to nation, to the world and cosmos, as well as the standard of a true family and the bloodline of true purity.

Thus, in order to clear up everything, we need to stage demonstrations. This should come first, even before witnessing or bringing people to the Blessing. Once that has been carried out, there will be no one who can accuse the True Parents; not even Satan or God could make accusations. That place where the liberation, reconciliation and the fulfillment of God's desire are completely realized will be where God's kingdom on earth and in heaven would be established. The church should then cease to exist.

However, the era of the Family Federation will not pass, but will remain until the very end. Everything has been carried out through a prolonged and difficult course of indemnity during the forty-year period between 1960 and the year I turn eighty years of age. By Korean age I am already eighty years old now. Before my coming birthday, all the proclamations will have been made. (298-221, 1999.1.8)

2.8. Proclamation of the Completion of the Completed Testament Age and God's Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven -- April 11, 1999, East Garden

On a recent speaking tour, I traveled to eight locations in Korea. Mother took responsibility for the Eve nation, Japan, speaking in sixteen cities there, and for the son nation, the United States, by giving her speech in twenty-four cities. She held a total of forty rallies in forty cities in the two nations. In such a manner the two of us shouldered the responsibility to complete the providential responsibilities of the parents and the children which had not been fulfilled. This was a task that God could not accomplish on His own, and that Christianity could not accomplish, but I took it in my hands and brought it to a successful conclusion.

The Christian cultural sphere failed to take responsibility in 1945, and consequently the forty-year family-level wilderness course of restoration of Canaan ended in failure. Through the victories in Korea, Japan and the United States and based on the right of the eldest son and the thirty-four nations standing in the realm of the Cain culture, I could finally take responsibility for all failures and with full authority bring them to complete resolution on earth. You should understand that I embarked on the recent speaking tour with such an end in view.

On this day I proclaimed the Completion of the Completed Testament Era and God's Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven. When considered from the viewpoint of perfection of the family and all the liberated realms in the spirit world, Blessed Families can be divided into three different types, namely, the already married blessed couples, the couples who had been previously engaged outside the church, and the couples formed by the union of virgin men and women. With the three representative couples of the 36 Couples I made it possible for previously married couples, and for engaged couples of which one of the parties passed to the spirit world, to receive the Blessing there in the spirit world.

Now the partner in the spirit world and the other on earth can come into union through the spiritual Blessing. I am permitting people in the spirit world to receive the Blessing and to have the three-day ceremony. We can assume there are billions of people who passed on to the spirit world when they were only children, and have reached the age of sixteen. People in such circumstances in the spirit world are being blessed, and through the Blessing they stand in the position of having been legally married during earthly life like the other ancestors in the spirit world. Previously they could not have entered heaven because they were under age and not blessed. I have given the Blessing to 1.6. billion such couples.

The Blessing brings inheritance of the foundation of a connection with the lineage of God's true life. Since there are people in both the spiritual and physical worlds who have inherited His lineage through the Blessing, He is able to have full dominion over them. Thus, even now, with full authority He is freely pressing ahead with re-creation and the providence of restoration without needing to set up indemnity conditions. Hence, the question at hand is whether you can stand in the position of His object partner with such conviction. Once you have made your resolution to unite with the standard of absolute faith, love and obedience, everything can be rapidly put in place in the equalized world.

Every one of you should practice absolute love and obedience. The families in Eden had nothing in their name. Had they become true sons and daughters, standing in oneness with God and His absolute love and lineage, everything in the whole universe would have belonged to them, as God originally intended to bequeath everything to His children. Once you have attained oneness with God through love, everything will become yours.

You should not believe that everything you have in your possession truly belongs to you. Of the things you can possess, the greatest of all is God's love, and the greatest thing you can become is a family of His sons and daughters who are eligible to receive His love. This comes first. When that was lost, everything was lost. Conversely, through its recovery, you can recover everything. In order for you to establish such a family centering on God's love, you must create it from a position of possessing absolutely nothing and connect the foundation of absolute faith, love and obedience with the ideal. Having this original standard, you must stand in the position of being denied even by the satanic world.

Everything lost by Adam and Eve can now be fully restored centering on the family through the relationship with True Parents' lineage, which is based on true love. Hence, you should not have anything in your possession, for if you are united with God, His lineage and His love, then everything that belongs to Him will also belong to you.

As the Messiah and Parent for the whole world, I have assigned national, tribal and family messiahs who should all become as one with God and together with me take part in the great exodus. In this way, we should seek out the original homeland and establish our original nation there and thenceforth spread out to the world through expansion of the tribes. As we need to follow such a path, a great exodus must take place.

The Blessing of February 7 was an event through which I could rectify the failures of Cain and Abel. The responsibilities in regard to Korea, Japan and the United States can be settled once and for all, with full authority within the sphere of victory. We will hold revivals to advance the global expansion of true families.

Please observe how serious I am. I have said that at this coming Blessing ceremony I will open the gates of hell and bless even the murderers, something that not even God can claim to do. I am encouraging them to pass out of the gates of hell and come to heaven. Even those who opposed the Unification Church for years and years and who passed away can be blessed with their spouses who are still alive on earth and have their three-day ceremony in the physical world. I gave permission for this on March 13, 1999, before I left Korea for the United Sates.

Those who became saints and those in hell who are evil -- in short, every spirit from the saints to the murderers will be liberated. According to this principle, the followers of the Unification Church can bring whoever they want even from hell -- even a husband who opposed the Unification Church -- have them liberated and receive the Blessing. Such things will take place.

Because of this principle that allows even the saints and evil spirits to unite together, the spirits of children who passed away before marrying can be liberated and blessed after they have grown and reached the age of sixteen or over. I have opened the gates of hell and blessed everyone. Through this, their authority as God's kindred can be acknowledged and Satan has no choice but to retreat completely.

Never has there been a revolution such as this. With these words which I have spoken today, the world has changed. The spirit world has come under Blessed Families, the three-day ceremony can be performed freely and the liberated realm has been opened. Through all of this, the lineage of the satanic world has been rooted out and we are now in the liberated realm of the spiritual and physical worlds under God's complete dominion. (300-300, 1999.4.11)

2.9. Declaration of Congratulations for True Parents' East-West (Global) Victory -- May 30, 1999, Belvedere

Heavenly Father,

We realize that You have allowed us to welcome the era when Satan's lineage, which has been the source of Your anguish, can be rooted out. We are grateful for Your protection over us, the blessed group of the Unification Family, whose mission and responsibility it is to transform this world into Your kingdom by completing the blessing of men and women in both the spiritual and physical worlds who yet remain unblessed after the Blessing of 360 Million Couples, and which we continuously struggled to bring about.

I stood in the forefront as their leader, and in order to gain my honor as the True Parent, I withstood alone all the ordeals that came my way, and fought to banish Satan, the enemy of heart of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and heaven. I am truly, truly, truly grateful to You for watching over us, anxious that we might not fulfill, protecting us, and standing together with us at the front to give assistance, as we persevered with our endeavors.

Based on the hard work of Blessed Families who fulfilled the Blessing of 360 Million Couples, we are now 400 million God-centered blessed couples together on earth. With the Blessing as the impregnable fortress as well as the vanguard, I could declare the realm of liberation of Satan's foundation of hell in the spiritual and physical worlds.

Thank You so much for bestowing upon us the grace with which we could establish, with Your help, the victorious foundation of the True Parents together with Blessed Families. In these days of providential declaration, You could recover Your autonomous authority.

On this foundation, with the victorious authority achieved through Your great work that was completed in this year's eighty-nation speaking tour as conducted by the True Parents, concluded the day before yesterday (January 17 to May 28, 1999), we can now celebrate the time when we can run at full speed along the one-way street to our destination and victory.

Moreover, on the foundation of this Blessing together with the cosmic liberation which took place in the Pantanal, the True Parents could focus on the number eight in an offering of devotion, a total of eighty cities, with eight venues in Korea, 16 in Japan, 24 in the United States, and 32 in the rest of the world. These numbers are related with the number eight. The number eight also represents double the number of the four-position foundation. The tour resolves once and for all the recovery of the lost number eight of Adam's and Noah's families on the world level. It was successfully concluded as a "great awakening" campaign.

By accomplishing this supreme victory two days ago, it is now possible to declare the True Parents' East-West (Global) Victory here at the central and historic venue of Belvedere, but not just in words. This declaration also serves as a holy shield that will allow us to distinguish good from evil and high from low.

Based on this declaration, henceforth, all blessed Unification Family members can confidently carry out their duties on Your behalf as the citizens of Your kingdom and members of Your kindred, for there is nothing that can hinder them from advancing. We beseech and entreat You to connect them to the True Parents' supreme victory by the authority of the victorious expansion on earth of Your great blessings.

We ask You, the Creator, and no other, to become our Lord, the King of love, and supreme victor totally abolishing Satan's basis for accusation. Stepping over the sorrowful sacrifices of the things of creation in the Old Testament Age, of the children in the New Testament Age, and of the parents in the Completed Testament Age, You are declaring Your ideal and sovereignty of love to the whole universe through the victorious liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth in the spiritual and physical worlds.

We desire to fulfill this work in the name of the True Parents, through whom the liberation of the spirit world can be achieved on the day of triumph which brings peace to the earth. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that You will receive our prayer and bless us for generations to come so that we may advance from victory to victory.

We also proclaim before You our resolution to march forward, all peoples and all creation together, into the God-centered nation of absolute victory in the spiritual and physical worlds in the name of the True Parents.

I proclaim this day of victory entirely on behalf of the realm of the True Parents on earth and in heaven, in the name of the True Parents, based on liberation of the grief and lamentation of all generations.

May You be the Supreme Lord of this victory of all ages. Amen! Amen! Amen! (309-199, 1999.5.30)

2.10. Congratulatory Declaration of True Parents' Cosmic Victory -- June 14, 1999, Seoul

Heavenly Father! On this day, June 14, 1999, at quarter past one in the afternoon, the historic moment has come when the proclamation of the victorious cosmic liberation in the names of the True Father and True Parents can be made standing here before You. Also the declaration of welcome for the victorious True Parents representing heaven and earth can be made, based on the Congratulatory Declaration of the True Parents' East-West (Global) Victory on May 30.

I am aware of the anguish long-harbored deep within Your heart, which could not be dissolved by anyone in the past. Every moment of the sad history of sin committed in front of You ever since the time of the first ancestors is buried inside Your heart.

I know that many difficulties arose in Your mind as You had to watch Satan accusing, cursing and ridiculing You. In order to resolve this, You endeavored to form the tribe of love that could inherit God's lineage. You intended it to be centered on the family of perfected Adam, developing into a people, a nation, and finally a world of true love to begin Your kingdom on earth and in heaven. However, the providential course to establish this ideal faced continual failure.

Satan has now finally been brought to submission, as a result of which a new era of global liberation has dawned wherein You can establish control of everything that is on Satan's side by actively exercising Your creative authority. Heavenly Father, we are truly grateful for Your grace in permitting us this time of the Congratulatory Declaration of True Parents' Cosmic Victory as the vertical foundation, along with the Congratulatory Declaration of True Parents' East-West (Global) Victory as the horizontal foundation.

Under Your guidance, Heavenly Father, from this day forward we can begin to reverse Satan's threats and intimidation. He has been cutting people down, dragging them to the scaffold, and dooming them to hell. We welcome the era of freedom and liberation in which families blessed in the spirit world can come to their descendants to inspire them and reprimand them in turn to lead them, by force if necessary, to heaven rather than hell.

The era has now arrived in which, by Your attaining control over the nations that connect together all of struggling humanity, they can become Your tribe, part of Your lineage, in front of the eternal sovereignty of love. As Your trans-national family they can liberate all humanity, liberate the spirit world, as well as the True Parents and Yourself. This liberation will remove the position of the servant so as to liberate everything to rise even beyond the original ideal of creation, where You can have sympathy for Satan. In front of Your authority, True Parents dedicate this era.

Please therefore exercise Your power through this liberated sovereignty, moving between earth and the spirit world. With righteous judgment establish Your kingship of love, goodness, and Your independent dominion, and thus become the eternal King of love and Ruler of the universe, bequeathing to us eternal immortality of love.

The True Parents pledge to govern and teach those on earth the path that they should follow to fulfill the duties of Your filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters. By guiding them to become a part of Your kindred having dominion over Your blessed kingdom, True Parents will raise them to become eternal heirs to Your kingdom on earth and in heaven.

Please accept all glory and honor and appoint this day as the day of proclamation. Please exercise Your autonomous right of the kingship of goodness, whereby everything will turn out as You wish. We desire You to do so, again and again and again, and proclaim and declare this in the name of the True Parents! Amen! Amen! Amen! (302-234, 1999.6.14)

I have lived my whole life for the liberation of the Will. The mission of the Messiah entails being born for the liberation of the Will, living only for the Will, and accomplishing it. This means liberating God's kingdom and God Himself.

Next comes the liberation of this world, Satan's prison, where humankind is held in the bondage of Satan's lineage through fallen parents. Following this comes the liberation of all creation, the creation which is now lamenting. In order to connect God's will to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, I offered special devotions from May 13 to 15, 1998, in the Pantanal. On that foundation, the proclamation of cosmic liberation was made on May 14 of this year (1999).

Then the horizontal foundation was laid by instituting the Day of Congratulations for True Parents' East-West (Global) Victory at Belvedere on May 30, the day they returned to the United States. The vertical proclamation, the Declaration of the True Parents' Cosmic Victory, signifies that historical indemnification is completed and God is now restored to a state of freedom from anxiety. He can be welcomed wherever He goes in this world, including in all families of the Garden of Eden.

The ultimate conclusion of the providence is the perfection of Adam. What does this tell us? It tells us that the first Adam failed to fulfill the original responsibility given to him. This God-given responsibility is the original basis, the very cornerstone of the family, tribe, people, nation, and God's kingdom on earth and in heaven. However, this cornerstone was defiled and must be cleansed. Everything must be purified, including the spiritual and physical worlds.

The lineage was defiled through false love when the archangel took dominion over Eve, who then took dominion over Adam in a reversal of the proper order... Since God is the Parent with children of the defiled lineage, He likewise cannot avoid being in the reverse position, having nowhere to go. Think about it: He is imprisoned. Who on earth knows that God cannot enter the human world? How can He be in such a position?

After God invested billions of years in the creation, Adam and Eve were created as His only son and daughter. How great, then, was God's sorrow when He lost His only son and daughter after billions of years? Moreover, the inherited tradition of love that should have been established was also lost. God could not express His love. He was not able to love His beloved son and daughter even though they were standing right before Him because they had cut off the path through which He could love them. Who can take away His grief? A perfected Adam has to resolve this. (302-239, 1999.6.14)

The era of the arduous course of indemnity is ended. The important thing now is for you to have absolute faith. God began His creation of the universe with absolute faith. Only on the foundation built with absolute faith can absolute love be created and then perfected Therefore, you need to invest absolute love with absolute faith.

With such precious love God sought the family of perfected Adam for thousands of years, repeating restoration through indemnity throughout history, giving and forgetting again and again. He cherishes a desire for His object to be billions of times better than Himself. You should truly appreciate His endeavors and become families that can liberate Him and of whom He can be proud.

The mere fact that the Declaration of Congratulations for True Parents' Cosmic Victory could be made shows that the foundation of gratitude before God, the True Parents and heaven and earth now extends goes beyond the scope of God's hope when He created the universe.

It also shows that the victorious hearts of God and the True Parents yearn for the era of the fourth Adam to inherit the entire world and secure something greater than that of perfected Adam. During their lives the True Parents' must liberate God by following the path to perfection that is even hundreds of times more severe than Adam's original course. They must do so with a fully devoted heart that surpasses even God's love.

After completing that path they must stand in the position of filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, saints in the world, and God's divine sons and daughters, and thus inherit everything from Him. In order for us to accomplish this, we must offer everything.

My conclusion is that, once we have offered all those things, God can bequeath everything to us with this eternal victory for all generations. Even the eternal God could not ask for more. He will then be able to exercise global, victorious authority, overcoming His anguish over the Fall. Satan's defiled lineage should be eliminated completely, leaving no trace. (302-246, 1996.6.14)

2.11. Declaration of the Liberation and Unification of the Cosmos of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (Gu Gu Jeol: 9.9. Day) -- September 9, 1999, Sutaek-ri, Korea

Beloved Heavenly Father! On this day, September 9, 1999, at 9 minutes and 9 seconds past 9 o'clock, in the True Parents' seventy-ninth year, I have made a clear pathway so that everything can now be liberated which has been bound by Satan through the Fall, both in hell and heaven, on earth and in the spirit world, which tied the spiritual and physical worlds to the realm of the number nine, Satan's number of perfection, and which has been confounding heaven and earth.

This liberation couldn't be manifested even from our time in the womb. The unified ideal did not come into being. Through the lineages of the union between men and women, it should have been connected in the experience of childhood, life with siblings, engagement, matrimony, parenthood and grandmother and queen. Satan blocked this by creating the boundary between the mind and body, resulting in barriers on every level from the period of gestation through the periods of childhood, siblings, engagement, matrimony, parenthood, grandparenthood and even right of kingship. Unification Church members clearly understand that these truths gave rise to a history of conflict between good and evil, in which many of those belonging to the realm of Abel on God's side shed their blood. It has been a history of anguish wherein the connection with God's lineage that was defiled cannot be regained unless Cain is brought to submission by Abel; then Abel would recover of the right of the eldest son of God's kingdom and naturally the children of the satanic world would submit in the position of the second son.

Because everything which arose from the false parents comes under the number nine, the numbers one to nine are loathed by Heaven. You persevered in providential history to clear up Satan's number, the number nine, through the practice of tithing, in the Old Testament Age.

The path that leads directly from earth to Your kingdom in heaven can be laid down based on true love. This requires bringing to submission this number nine, the greatest of all satanic numbers, on the levels of the individual, tribe, people, nation, and world. Also the physical world must be remedied centering on the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. At the same time the barriers in hell on earth and in spirit world which have been erected vertically and horizontally by Satan must be shattered through the achievement of complete unity with God, the vertical True Parent of heaven. This path, which has been connected through the tears of the True Parents, will spread out physically and spiritually and pass beyond the era of the individual and break down the limitations of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Thus Your paramount ideal of the family can be disseminated throughout the earth to welcome an era wherein You can be liberated and have autonomous dominion over the whole world. Based on this, the declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth was made two years ago, centering on Chil Pal Jeol. Now that we are in the third year since the declaration, we cannot cross over to the year 2000 without first clearing away the number nine which is blocking everything in the satanic world.

The significance of tomorrow, the tenth day of the month, is that this number ten allows us to pass into the year 2000 from the year 1999. Then God can restore unhindered the physical world vertically from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world, and connect it to the spirit world. This can happen based on the love of the ideal of Adam's family, the original ideal of creation, untainted by the Fall. God's original will to recover the world of cosmic unity could be fulfilled, together with liberation, at the June 14 ceremony of the Congratulatory Declaration of the Cosmic Victory of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, greeted with cheers from the liberated realm of heaven and earth. This could then form the foundation for the Declaration of the Realm of Liberation and Unification of the Cosmos by the Parents of Heaven and Earth, which has been made today. With this declaration, fortune has turned in favor of the unification of North and South Korea.

There exists a gap between Eastern and Western cultures, between the standard of the mind-oriented culture of the East and the material culture of the West. Though they are in conflict with each other, the two cultures must be unified; the disparity of wealth between South and North must also be eliminated and they must be reunited. Thereby, liberation can take place vertically and horizontally through the establishment of the kingdom of the ideal of love based on the ideal of the family, expressed in the love of siblings centering on the parents. The time has now come when the declaration of the final and conclusive victory creating the realm of freedom and liberation can be proclaimed to the cosmos and can manifest itself throughout hell and heaven, both on earth and in the spirit world.…

From this day henceforth, in obedience to the name of Jehovah, we will absolutely obey and submit to this declaration made on Your behalf. By so doing we will turn 180 degrees to face the direction of goodness. We will forge the bonds of absolute faith, love and obedience, thereby restoring through indemnity the fallen act of the archangel committed in Eden. This evil ancestor absolutely opposed the great sovereign Parent of heavenly principle, and His object partners, the Parents of Heaven and Earth. When we stand in the absolute position of achieving absolute faith, love and obedience that conforms to absolute liberation, then not only humanity and the whole creation but even the fallen archangel and hell itself can be liberated. In the name of the True Parents, I proclaim this day as 9.9. Jeol and reveal this truth and make it known across the cosmos. Therefore, I am asking You to allow us to welcome the era of liberation and heavenly fortune, the era of Your ideal kingdom on earth and in heaven. Therein, the good and evil worlds will become as one with You and the True Parents, and only goodness will remain and flourish! Amen! Amen! Amen! (303-253, 1999.9.9)

I have secured my global domain. Providentially, the United States is the Abel nation and Korea the Adam nation. Father and son should become as one. Until now the history of restoration has progressed through mother-son cooperation, but such an era will pass.

In the history of indemnity until now, restoration was achieved at the sacrifice of the mother and her children, but with the declaration of 9.9. Jeol, fortune has turned in favor of the unification of North and South Korea, and on the day of unification we will enter the era of father-son cooperation. The mother is not primarily essential for restoration, for any number of them can be established. If Adam had not fallen, Eve could have been re-created many times over.

Who would have had realizations unknown to anyone else of how to connect Korea to the unified ideal world and God's kingdom in heaven in the future? Would it be pastors or church elders? Who would it be? The religious world has no idea, for the answer is only known to the True Parents. The Fall came about through ignorance. The first parents fell through ignorance of love, and left behind false love, false life and false lineage. The True Parents have full knowledge of all this. Who is God? How has history developed? How will the people's end come about, and how can the divided mind be reunified? With my own hands I will bring about the unification of the individual and family, the liberation of the tribe, people, nation, world, heaven and even God. The false parents have imprisoned God, and so it is up to the True Parents, as the masters of liberation, to liberate Him. I have the responsibility to do away with the satanic right of the eldest son, family-level rights and right of kingship. I must establish the domain into which I can welcome God from heaven and secure complete authority over the family, tribe, people, nation, and world. I have been continuously working to fulfill all this. (303-264, 1999.9.9)

How can the numerous races, tribes, and clans come to enter heaven, since they have occupied many different locations in all directions throughout history? The gates have been opened for all of them. In order to become part of the sea, raindrops must fall and flow into the streams which flow into the tributaries, then into big rivers, and finally into the sea. Yet the great river must flow in the opposite direction from now, and since there is no limit to the amount of sea water, it will continue to flow in a reverse direction.

The waves of love, truth, justice and the utopia of God's ideal kingdom will flow up to the mountain streams into the highest valleys, and when they have been back and forth three times, those streams will be purified. After the completion of the three-year course, God's kingdom on earth will appear before your eyes. You need to understand that we are living in a time of great transition of national fortune. Though there is but one sun, its light fills the whole universe.

The True Parents are absolutely needed by the individual because only they can teach the way to solve the mind-body conflict. Then to whom do the True Parents absolutely belong? They belong to you. Repeat after me: "The men and women who belong to me are the sons and daughters who have inherited the lineage of the True Parents." There is no room there at all for Satan's lineage, not even one inch. To whom do the True Parents belong absolutely? Those who can claim the True Parents belong to them are those who have achieved absolute individual perfection.

"The True Parents are mine! I will even sell the whole earth to buy them and make them mine! The whole world would still not be enough." Even if you sold the whole universe, both spiritual and physical worlds, you would still not be able to buy them. Make a special resolution today that the True Parents are absolutely yours, uniquely yours, unchangingly yours and eternally yours. (303-266, 1999.9.9)

Now, centering on 9.9. Jeol, you need to give the Offering of Total Indemnity. This offering is to be made for the ceremony of liberation and dissolution of anguish. The ceremony of liberation should be performed to dissolve God's anguish and liberate Him. You should realize that the Offering of Total Indemnity will also liberate the cosmos and yourself.

After the proclamation of 9.9. Jeol on September 9, 1999, then as of September 14 at quarter past seven in the morning, we have entered the era in which we will pray in our own names instead of in the name of True Parents as we have been doing until now. In this era of cosmic unity and liberation, we are entering the era of freedom and autonomy in the environment of the fourth Adam. (304-154, 1999.10.10)

2.12. Declaration of the Era of the Fourth Adam (Ssang Shib Jeol -- Double Ten Day) -- October 10, 1999, Uruguay

The number ten representing the month of October in the date of October 10, 1999, signifies a new start centered upon God, and the number ten of the tenth day signifies a new start centered upon the earth. That is why I have proclaimed October 10 as Ee-Ship Jeol (Ssang-ship Jeol, Double-Ten Day). (304-152, 1999.10.10) 

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