Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Ten - The Way In The Completed Testament Age
Chapter Three - A Perspective on the Nation and the World
Section 4. The Future of the Democratic and Communist Worlds

4.1. Unifying the democratic and communist worlds

What is Godism? It is an ideology pertaining to our ancestors, an ideology that places ancestors first. It is also head-wing thought, which is like the ideology of the Parent, the mediator in the conflict between communism and democracy. Head-wing thought can be said to be the ideology of the True Parent. Once people get to know the Parents of love, they let go and free themselves from one another's grasp, and instead unite. When they are provided with a place to sit or stand, and change into people who can live according to the great way of the heavenly principles without anyone's help or guidance, everything will be completed. The problem lies with people. There is plenty of money and land. So what is the problem? Human beings are the problem. (191-200, 1989.6.24)

Without the Divine Principle, it would have been impossible to present a counter-proposal to communism, let alone overcome it. So, by what means could we overcome communism? It was through Godism. What is Godism? It is the Way of True Love, trying to give life again, again and yet again. As a consequence, this universe will become a place that overflows with God's love, more than enough to embrace the whole universe. (213-89, 1991.1.14)

What will be the final difficult challenge that we will be faced with in this world? It will be the separation of the Oriental and Western cultures. The issue at hand, therefore, is how we can unite East and West. Human efforts alone would not be enough to achieve this. In uniting the left and right wings, the endeavors of one side, whether left or right, would not suffice. Instead, the head wing must emerge at this point, which is why we are talking about the emergence of head-wing thought. Humanism and materialism, which assert human beings to be the greatest of all beings, would be of no use here. They would not be adequate at all. We need to revert to the path based on God's will and centered upon His original heart. The question is how we can present these issues to the world and connect the cultural backgrounds of the East and West, which are presently alienated from each other. Though the American people opposed me, we have reached the stage where they have no choice but to follow me. The same can also be said of the Western world. (168-112, 1987.9.13)

True peace for humanity cannot be attained by the right wing or left wing alone. The reason for this is that the fundamental motives of both right and left are not free from egoism. If people are self-centered and nationalistic, there will be everlasting conflicts of interest, and unity and peace could not possibly be found there. (164-194, 1987.5.15)

Communism and democracy are the left- and right-wing ideologies. What that means is that they are in the position of the brother ideologies of Cain and Abel. So a new ideology should emerge from the East as the way of the Parent. Centering upon the Parents and Asia, left and right must unite. The Way of the Parent is none other than head-wing thought. Thus, when the head wing tells the left and right, "You are wrong!" they will answer, "Yes, we are," and when it tells them, "Listen to me!" they will answer, "Yes, of course." Everything will then work out fine. When told that what the parents are asserting is much better than what they are claiming, and that they should follow the parents, they will answer, "Yes." (168-60, 1987.9.1)

Since it is clear to us that the essence of communism is atheism, it goes without saying that the ideology that can overcome it is one that acknowledges and has its basis in God. We call this ideology Godism or head-wing thought. A worldview centered upon the absolute God is the most effective weapon that can liberate people from communism. This is because only the veritable truth that God exists can eradicate the falsehood that claims He does not exist. (168-237, 1987.9.21)

The path of restoration is not easy at all. Now is the era marking the end of left and right. As he breathed his last, between the thieves on his left and right, Jesus left behind on earth lasting parental grief. Thus, unless we, with the God-centered way of the Parent and head-wing thought, discuss the realm of unity at a place that is free from the accusations of the left or the right, and thus create an environment in which, instead of retreating, we continuously march forward, God's kingdom cannot be established. Such is the time now. In this sense, I have come forth with Godism and head-wing thought, and am working to digest the divisive left- and right-wing ideologies. (169-212, 1987.10.31)

What is head-wing thought that is advocated by the Unification Church today? Godism is derived from it. What is head-wing thought? Left and right wings are in constant conflict because there is no head figure. Thus, if there were a head figure, it would be possible to combine the three ideologies of head-wing thought, left-wing thought and right-wing thought into an integrated whole. Isn't that so? Then what would be the central figure of this integrated ideology? However much you think this through, you will finally conclude that the head is the root of the entire nervous system and the central nerve of the body, and as such, nothing could be done without it. Then what, or who, would be the root of roots? No one knows the answer to this question. The root of roots is God: head-wing thought comes from God. (172-31, 1988.1.3)

Left- and right-wing ideologies should get along with each other like twins who, even when they are held together in their mother's bosom and are made to share her milk, do not try to kick at each other but are willing to change places if need be. If Adam and Eve do not stand in the position of having loved in such a manner in God's bosom, His kingdom cannot emerge. That is why I went to the United States and included my enemies in laying the foundation for the traditions of God's kingdom in the enemy nation, and declared its commencement. The enemy which is mentioned in the Bible is not just one individual. It is a whole nation. (176-131, 1988.5.3)

You must follow only God and the True Parents and nothing else. Otherwise, you will not be able to establish the original heavenly tradition in the satanic world. Satan is not part of the heavenly tradition, so he cannot last long. As the time for this tradition is coming, his end is drawing near, and so the end for Kim Il-sung, the Soviet Union and even the United States will soon be in sight. Only my God-centered ideology will remain in this world as head-wing thought. It is the head wing. With the right wing on the right hand and the left wing on the left hand, standing on an equal level with each other, and the head wing on top to manage them both, all it will need will be for them to make a 180-degree turn. On the day that the left stands on the right and the right on the left, everything will be completed. (176-277, 1988.5.11)

The whole world, not just Korea, is in chaos due to the collapse of values. Up until this time, to such a world I have emphasized the importance of absolute values based on love, by way of conferences for international scholars; I have proclaimed head-wing thought and have guided this world to rectify the wrongs of the left and right wings, so that we could all advance into a new and better world. It is up to us to work hard to make it possible for our homeland of Korea to produce many world leaders, who can, in turn, lead this world into unity and peace, creating a paradise on earth. We should strive to achieve, through Godism and head-wing thought, not only the unification of our homeland, but also the elimination of the cultural gap between East and West, as well as the economic gap between North and South. This is the first step in building a world of peace, where global humanity becomes one great extended family of true love. (195-52, 1989.11.3)

We need to reunify divided South and North Korea and bridge the economic gap that exists between the two states. We have to unify the cultures of East and West. We must do away with racial and cultural discrimination and become all-unifying. Through what then can we be united? The world has been deprived of the one absolute love, so once we are firmly established on earth through that love, the cries of opposition against the Unification Church are bound to disappear. All the peoples of this world, regardless of gender and age, would be enveloped as one body in this great blanket of love, and all the people in the spirit world would want to be wrapped up in this blanket as well! Thus, cosmic unification through the application of head-wing thought is not just mere words, but something that will be accomplished! Amen! (195-122, 1989.11.5)

Socialism and communism aspire to establish the one absolute nation. The era of the restoration of ownership based on God's ideal will soon arrive, and Satan, in coming to know of this in advance, planned to completely remove God's ownership over the world through communism. Satan did all he could. I was the one who undid his every action, and brought everything back to God's side. Those on that side have therefore all yielded to my logic and ideology. Now, there is nothing and no one who can stand in opposition before the True Parents and God. (229-156, 1992.4.11)

Even now, ownership remains a big problem, does it not? Communism and socialism make the nation the sole owner. Democracy makes the individual the owner. Then, who is the true owner, to whom the overall ownership should be handed over? The ownership of the whole world lies with God, which means that the world belongs to His children, who in turn belong to His family. Consequently, His children need to bring everything together so that the ownership of everything can be offered to Him. God, and only God, should be the sole original owner. Only when He has become the sole owner, with the sole ownership, and passes it down to the True Parents and through them to the children, can that right of decision over ownership truly belong to His world. (183-82, 1988.10.29)

Your possessions, children and spouse all do not belong to you. Standing in the position of the archangel, you need to pass through the era in which you must absolutely deny ownership over everything. Since we will soon be entering such an era, socialism, communism and other such ideologies of this age deny individuals ownership over anything. Instead, they speak of everything as belonging to the nation or society. Korea is no exception, is it? You earn money just to have it taken by the state. Isn't that true? We are entering such an era. (200-303, 1990.2.26)

4.2. Head-wing thought will rectify religion and philosophy

Differing philosophical views developed into different ideologies; from the viewpoint that claimed matter emerged first, there arose communism, and from the viewpoint that claimed the mind came first there arose democracy. In other words, historical materialism and the spiritual view of history came into existence. These differing views led to conflicts in history and purpose; however, all these views were incorrect, and so they need to be rectified. That is because these views had their origin with people who did not know that the mind and body are in a subject-object partnership. Those people have nowhere to go now because they always thought of the one as being separate from the other. Consequently, from their perspective, Godism and head-wing thought as advocated by me pose a big problem. When the leader appeared, it was not for its own sake. (201-17, 1990.2.28)

Head-wing thought is the perfected Adam-centered ideology. Due to the Fall, Adam failed to perfect himself. Thus, both Satan's and God's sides raised a son each in the hope of making their respective sons inherit Adam's position. This is what led ultimately to left and right fighting each other for mastery. Such is the history of this world. Then what is head-wing thought based upon? In terms of the Divine Principle, the realms of indirect and direct dominion failed to achieve unity. Through Adam fulfilling his responsibility, the realms of indirect and direct dominions will become one. Where will this union take place? It will occur when the tenth stage beyond the growing period has been attained. (202-270, 1990.5.25)

How can unification be achieved? Can you bring it about through brute force? It can never be achieved that way. Not one person will be brought around to take part in the process of unification forcibly. Then how should we go about it? The answer is to live altruistically, to give that which is most precious: love, life and lineage. Those actually carrying this out actively are Unification Church members. What is the Unification Church? How can unification be brought about and through what ideology? Through Godism or the Way of the True Parent, which is also head-wing thought. (202-334, 1990.5.27)

The many ideologies which came into existence up until this time failed to keep to one unchanging direction. The United States as well as the Soviet Union, democracy and communism, all focused on themselves, and have continued thus to this very day. The same is also true of religion: the direction taken by religion is not the one desired by God. Whatever the time or age, the many religious denominations failed to keep the same course, and instead spread out in all directions. Until now, not one organization, leader or nation, held the course desired by God. Therefore, from this day on, everything from the individual to the family, society, nation, world, universe and cosmos, should keep to one eternal and unchanging direction. The ideology that embodies this concept is head-wing thought, or Godism. (203-27, 1990.6.14)

When we consider the issue of East and West, we should not believe that democracy has emerged as the winner. There is nothing to democracy; it is just a method of explaining one form of politics. It is not based on any ideology. There is currently an ideological vacuum. Thus, from now on, we must educate the world about our ideology. We need to present to them Godism, or head-wing thought. We need an organization that can take the situation in hand and make our ideology into a system that can lead the world. The Unification Church alone is not enough. (203-117, 1990.6.23)

Why have all of you come here? You have come; you are fighting, and giving and giving again for the world. What you are doing is theoretically in accordance with God's principle of creation, and that is why the Unification Church is not falling back. Instead, we are moving forward and expanding. At present we are centered upon head-wing thought which embraces both the left and right wings. This ideology has the capacity to bring even the spirit world to order through Godism. Achieving order in the spiritual and physical worlds and bringing into existence a world of true love represents God's ideal of creation in accordance with the Principle. (205-95, 1990.7.7)

The democratic world represents the right wing whereas the communist world represents the left. Both worlds are currently collapsing. The same can be said of the United States. Neither world has a central point to focus on. I have already proclaimed that what is needed at this time is head-wing thought and Godism. No form of humanism can stand before God. There can only be Godism, and no other. God, and God alone, is the absolute and eternal center. Only head-wing thought can be the center of all humankind. The true center for the spiritual and physical worlds can only be the Way of the True Parent. (205-261, 1990.9.9)

Even in the Bible it is written that in the Last Days your family members will be your own enemies. In the Last Days, your own family will turn into enemies. Why was such a paradoxical logic foretold? It was because everything must be reversed once. What would happen if the left and the right were turned through 180 degrees? That would be no light matter. The directions will be reversed. Hence, we need the ideology of the subject partner, namely, head-wing thought. Then what is head-wing thought? It is our guide to Godism. What would we have to do once we have found Godism? We would have to start afresh with the ideology of peace. Godism will enable people to meet God and unite with Him through His love, and peace will flourish through this fresh start, thereby establishing the base for the beginning of His kingdom on earth. Those who have lived their whole life in love will, without a doubt, enter the world of eternity with no procedures or judgments to hinder them. (206-131, 1990.10.3)

Even the saints are standing at the roadside, unsure where to go. They cannot move on because they do not know the fundamentals. The founder of the Unification Church is, by contrast, walking straight forward into the presence of the King and reporting directly to Him. You should understand that this path is the standard set by the True Parents, and live in accordance with head-wing thought and Godism, and let it flourish in your life. Such is the ideal of mind-body unity! Amen! (206-224, 1990.10.7)

Through the death of Jesus, the left and right wings, as well as the realm of Barabbas, came into being. His was the death he did not want. He should have lived and brought unity in the world; instead, due to his untimely death, individuals, families, tribes and the nation of Israel have always been fighting. Thus, all these must be united. They must become one completely through head-wing thought and Godism. Satan is standing in front of the realm of Barabbas. (238-201, 1992.11.22) 

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