Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Ten - The Way In The Completed Testament Age
Chapter Three - A Perspective on the Nation and the World
Section 3. The Way of True Love is the Central Ideology of Humankind

3.1. The way of Adam is the way of the parent

Originally, Adam, as the progenitor of the human race, was meant to be, at the same time, the head of his family, tribe and race, as well as the king of his nation. Had the Fall not taken place, what way would this world have followed? It would have become a world of the way of Adam. Another word for this is Godism. That is how the world was originally intended to be. Yet this plan was torn to shreds by the Fall. The hole caused by Adam needs to be patched up. The Fall blew a big hole through God's ideal world. (155-304, 1965.11.1)

What did God have planned for Adam and Eve had they not fallen? He would have blessed them in holy matrimony and had them give birth to children in whom He could delight, thereby forming a family that would have been a source of joy to Him and having it expand into a tribe and then a nation.

Once this nation expanded further, it would have formed a world of Godism and the Adam-centered ideology simultaneously. The ideology to be found in that world would have been the Adam-centered ideology, which would have been an outlook on the universe, cosmos and life itself.

It would have been fine to have five races, all of different complexions, living together in that world. Skin color is merely a reflection of one's environment, and so having numerous peoples with different skin colors is a natural and fine thing. Then how did these peoples come to have different languages? Due to the Fall of the first ancestors, God separated them. (156-202, 1966.5.25)

The only path we need to know is the way of Adam; the only language, culture, tradition, way of life and system of government would be those derived from Adam. In fact, everything in this world should have been in accordance with the system of government of Adam's nation. Such a path is Godism, as we need to attain oneness with God through His heart. (20-123, 1968.5.1)

Before worrying about sovereignty, we need first to discuss the equality of human rights. The path we are in pursuit of is the cosmos-centered path, which can also be termed Godism. This is about becoming one with God. Today's democracy has excluded God from everything, and communism is an ideology whose sole considerations are materialism and humanism. The cosmos-centered ideology, on the other hand, brings humankind together with God. Through that, we want to make this world one under God's sovereignty. (13-72, 1963.10.18)

We need to create the basis upon which we can establish the blessed land of the mind and heart, thereby setting a standard through which heart, mind, and body can be interconnected. Once mind and body are united in this manner, we need to embrace the world. Thus, in today's era, we need a cosmic ideology that extends far beyond globalism, and this is none other than Godism. Unless people base their earthly lives on Godism and establish a firm standard through which mind and body can consistently experience God's heart, we will never be able to live happily. (8-30, 1959.10.25)

Due to the Fall, people's minds and bodies were subjected to Satan's false love, which in turn made them into egocentric, and consequently, dysfunctional individuals. Hence, the families, societies, nations and world formed by the coming together of such individuals created multi-dimensional expanded conflicts and were afflicted with mutual distrust, disunity, and discord through the complications and lack of integrity within themselves. Due to egocentricity, which reflects Satan's desire, the democratic world today has become egocentric, with Satan and the people living in it heading toward destruction. To save this world, we need Unification Thought and Godism based on God's true love. (219-109, 1991.8.27)

Godism is not about living for the sake of oneself. It teaches giving for the sake of others. In short, it is a path whereby one puts others before oneself. The devil's ideology tells you to live for yourself whereas God's ideology asks you to live for others. That is why the more you give and give and then give again, the more your possessions will pile up in the next world of eternity. In the communist world, the more one gives, the more one loses, and so no one works for others. In God's world, on the other hand, this is not the case, and so everyone works night and day without rest, shedding blood and sweat, for the benefit of everyone else. Those who consistently give in the same manner as God are bound to be blessed. (209-292, 1990.11.30)

What is Godism? Another term for it is the Way of True Love. What is the Way of True Love all about? It is about giving and giving, and forgetting that you have given. If all its citizens were like that, what would Korea be like? (201-54, 1990.2.28)

What is the Way of the Parent? It is the Way of the True Parent, which means having Adam and Eve as perfected parents on earth. Then what is Godism? Since the True Parents are the horizontal parents, human beings also need their vertical parent. Hence, the vertical Way of the Parent is Godism. Head-wing thought is also the Way of the True Parent, and Godism can also be said to be vertical Godism. The horizontal Way of the True Parent and vertical Godism, that is the vertical and the horizontal, come together and thus connect the life, love and lineage in heaven with those three entities on earth. The human race was born from this union, and that is why human beings have acquired dual characteristics. They consist of the internal and external selves. The internal self is one's vertical aspect, and the external self is one's horizontal aspect. These two selves come together to form a human being, the fruit of the union mentioned above. (224-277, 1991.12.15)

3.2. The way of the parent is the way of true love

What attracts God most is the culture of love. Would He require money, power, knowledge or things like that? In order to design and build a nice house, one would need bricks, doors, and various other materials, but most important of all would be the overall beauty of perfection that gives the finishing touch to it. The greatest hope God cherishes for humankind is not for us to be wealthy or to become academics. As it is stated in the Bible, you should love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength. This is the First Commandment. The Second Commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. These are amazing words. (143-273, 1986.3.20)

The path we should follow is the one we truly desire to tread from the bottom of our hearts, and the nation we should seek to establish is the one we truly desire to live in eternally. The things that we would possess by right should be guaranteed to belong to the cosmos as well as to us, and to this present era as well as to the past and the future. Moreover, we should also be in possession of the authority and knowledge that will enable us to share our sorrows as well as our joys with heaven and earth. This is the greatest desire and hope that the fallen people of today should strive to fulfill in this world. (13-31, 1963.10.16)

Where would the realization of God's ideal kingdom, that is, the restoration of the homeland, first take place? It will begin with an individual who believes in loving his enemies. Hence, as long as God remains in existence, Christianity, the religion that came forth first with the movement to eliminate national boundaries, transcend all the walls of environment and culture, and embrace its enemies, by virtue of the power of love, cannot help but become the most widespread religion in the world. When you sow beans, you reap beans; when you sow red beans, you reap red beans; and when you sow seeds of red flowers, red flowers will bloom. Similarly, if Satan, who takes vengeance upon his enemies, sows seeds of the devil, from that place will grow trees of evil that take vengeance on their enemies. If, on the other hand, one who loves his enemies sows the seeds of goodness, from there will grow trees of goodness that will love their enemies. Such is the law of nature. (107-18, 1980.2.21)

There is no doubt that God's kingdom is a place that is governed according to His will by the sovereignty held by His begotten children upholding His command. In such a place, democracy or communism cannot exist. Once it is established, the kingdom will remain eternally. Taking all this into consideration, we cannot help but think that it is truly lamentable that we are not citizens of such a kingdom. Therefore, we should lament the fact that we are not a part of such a nation. In fact, we should all lament the fact that we do not have such an unchanging sovereignty. (72-291, 1974.9.1)

What sort of ideology is Godism, which is capable of absorbing communism and democracy through Unification Thought, which I have advocated? Is it about showing off one's powers? No, it is based on true love. The question is how we are going to digest this world through true love. (181-227, 1988.10.3)

For whom does the democracy of Korea exist? It is not for political parties. Instead, it exists for the Republic of Korea. Then what should the system of thinking that governs Korea be all about? It should be about Korea working for the sake of the world. The world needs to return to Godism. Humanism cannot be trusted. If left as it is, the world will perish in less than a century. Only Godism will last forever. Only by the logic of true love can we inherit and become part of the tradition of Godism, and that is why individuals need true love, as do all men and women, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, tribes, races, nations and the world. (177-70, 1988.5.15)

What is Godism all about? It is the Way of True Love. Then what is the Way of True Love? It is the way of thinking that asks, not for others to live for the sake of oneself, but for one to live for the sake of others. You must clearly understand this. (169-281, 1987.11.1)

What is Godism? It is not an ideology centered on the individual, family, tribe, ethnic people or nation. It is an ideology centered on the cosmos. However much people held captive within the walls of individualism try to enter the heavenly spirit world, which is based on a cosmos-centered ideology, they will not succeed. If they become centered on their family alone, thinking to themselves, "Hmm, we don't care about the world; all we care about are our children and parents," there will be no way for them to ever escape from that realm. They would be trapped there forever. So, who will demolish these walls within which all families are asserting themselves and fighting with each other? (112-211, 1981.4.12)

A healthy person can digest things that even ordinary people cannot take in, which is why everyone likes a healthy person. Similarly, those who have sound minds, that is, healthy minds, can take in anything mentally, be it democracy, communism, or any other system of thought. Then what is the way of thinking that the Unification Church is following? It is Unificationism. Does it sound easy? When we examine the human body, we see that it incorporates the eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet and other features. These different parts of the body must act in unison through connecting to the one life in that body. Then, for the body to function properly, should the different parts, instead of uniting in common purpose, complain among themselves, "Oh! I don't like the eyes," or complain about some other part of the body? Of course not. They should say, "I like all parts of the body." Each part of the body must cooperate with the others. (111-96, 1981.2.1)

Those who worship God must shed blood. Those who yearn to love God must shed tears. In fact, their tears should not cease to flow. Those who are seeking God must shed sweat. Then, with parental hearts and the bodies of servants, they must sacrifice and serve from the position of Abel for humanity, and give everything they have with utmost devotion. In giving, they should not boast of it to others, but instead feel ashamed that they cannot give something better. This is what Godism is all about. (38-328, 1971.1.8)

How should public property be managed? How should individuals, societies and nations be managed? Furthermore, how should the world be managed? Based on public rules of management, a new level of love and a new globalism must be established. That cannot be done through humanism. Humanistic ideologies will perish. The question of whether or not you can embody Godism will be the deciding factor between life and death for each of you. (31-255, 1970.6.4)

We need to transcend the cultural limitations created by the numerous peoples and the five races of the world and make those cultures into one single civilization. In other words, we need to establish an ideal world that is governed by a domestic system, a social system, a national system, as well as other institutions that are all based on Godism. This process can also be referred to as the ideology centered on the perfected Adam. It is not communism or democracy, but the way of Adam. This path is one that leads us to Godism. Such a path is like a walking stick that aids us in pursuing a certain purpose. The path or ideology itself is not what we are after. It is a necessary process we need to pass through to attain our purpose, and so ideologies undergo change.

Today, the United States is considered to be a developed country as the suzerain of democracy, but a time will come in the future when it becomes corrupt because of money and it will learn to hate democracy. The current situation in Korea also reflects this fact. Though democracy in itself is a good thing, at present the people in Korea are engaged in all kinds of scheming and the slandering of others because of money and are fighting against everyone else to take power. Can that be called democracy? What is currently taking place is a phenomenon that can only be seen under the rule of the privileged. (21-156, 1968.11.17)

Today's youth are unaware that, when they live for the sake of others, they become central figures, leaders and protectors. The true love that enables one to invest one's life for others without expecting anything in return and yet still finding joy in offering it, brings man and woman, and parents and children together in unity. In such a family God's love can dwell, and it would become eternally prosperous. This is the core of our teaching, and herein lays immortality. (222-138, 1991.10.28)

A new globalism that does away with egoism must come forth. Altruism, which aims to live for others rather than oneself, can only come from God's ideal because He is the original source of love, and the essence of love is altruism, which teaches us to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others. Consequently, the essence of Godism is love. This doctrine is the central one, similar to the head that moves the rest of the body, and hence it is termed head-wing thought. (164-194, 1987.5.15)

Our aim is to secure victory. The question then arises: how will we be victorious? We need to triumph through the head-wing thought of Godism, and so I am the only one who can win in this. Head-wing thought exists to resolve the right- and left-wing ideologies. While Jesus was being crucified, the robbers that were crucified along with him on his right and left quarreled with each other. This situation must not be repeated in this era, when everything is being brought to fruition worldwide, centering on God and the True Parents. What this means is that centering on the doctrine of the True Parents and God there shouldn't be any conflict between the right and left wings. Then, through what can these two wings be united? It is certainly not knowledge, money or power. They must come together and be motivated by love. Only when they are instructed to take action with words of love would they do so gladly and willingly. (169-210, 1987.10.31)

The only ideology that should remain is Godism, which provides us with the absolute ideal of love and the realm of heart for our brothers and sisters in all nations. Only Godism and no other should govern this world! Amen! (137-196, 1986.1.1) 

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