Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Ten - The Way In The Completed Testament Age
Chapter Two - A Perspective on the Family
Section 3. The Ideal and Value of True Family

3.1. True parents, true couples, and true children

God is the vertical parent who has true love for humankind. There is only one such vertical and perpendicular relationship. It is absolute. There cannot be two such relationships. If the vertical Parent were left standing alone, He would collapse. Therefore, the horizontal parents need to be found and connected to the vertical Parent. To go into more detail, the Creator is the vertical Parent of true love, and the created Adam and Eve are in the position of His children, as well as the horizontal parents. Adam and Eve are His substantial embodiments. When they are giving and receiving at the place where they resonate together in union, a central point comes into existence and the center of that couple's realm of resonance is established. This is the origin of life from which you were born. (183-40, 1988.10.29)

The vertical Father requires a horizontal father that can unite with Him. Why? He is needed to create a sphere. A being cannot just form a sphere on its own. A sphere comes into existence only when front and back and left and right are connected relative to the vertical and horizontal. Only when a sphere is formed can you harmonize with others and not live a self-centered life.

The universe revolves on its axis; it is in an objective position to, and revolves centering on the great axis of the universe, God. That is why it is standing on the same level. Therefore, there is only one creative true love of God in the universe. There is only one axis. There cannot be two. (182-143, 1988.10.16)

Existing theologies depict the Creator as a divine being and created human beings as essentially inferior and secular. They treat the whole of humanity as sinners. However, this perception is wrong. God created humankind because of love.

If God were the owner of the vertical love only, the children conceived by Him would maintain just a single vertical line. He would not be able to have them expand horizontally. On account of this, He is not the one who would give birth to His children. Instead, He would have them born through true parents. The couple standing in the position of the parents of horizontal true love is the True Parents. They possess the horizontal love at a right angle to the vertical love of God, the True Parent.

That is why the love of both parents is necessary. On the one side stands the Parent who is the Creator, and on the other side stand the physical True Parents, the object partners of God, who were created in pursuit of the ideal. That is why God is in the position of the spiritual Parent and the True Parents are in the position of the physical Parents. In this way, human beings were supposed to be born connected to both the vertical love and horizontal love. (182-258, 1988.10.23)

Why should you give birth to children? It is so that you may experience the inner heart of God the joy and delight He felt at the time of the creation of Adam and Eve. That is why those who have not experienced childbirth may fail to appreciate their parents, their husband or wife. That is how they will end up. They may have loved in the past and in the present, but they cannot expand in the future. The grandparents represent the past, the parents the present, and the children the future. The family is where these three can unite as one. (216-192, 1991.3.31)

Eve is the external bride of God. Then why did God create Adam and Eve? It was for reproduction. It was to multiply His descendants. What would He achieve by multiplying His descendants? By doing so, He would be multiplying the citizens of the vast heaven. Would reproduction be possible in the spirit world? It is not possible because God's love is vertical, and comes down as one line. God's love is a vertical path that reaches only one point. Since it comes down the one single vertical path, there is no way for reproduction to take place on that vertical line.

He created Adam and Eve as the horizontal basis of reproduction and foundation of love. Since they stand on the horizontal plane, they revolve from East to West. A 180-degree plane stretches out infinitely. Consequently, reproduction can take place in all directions. Reproduction is necessary in order to create those who can be born and grow on this vast horizontal plane before passing to the spirit world as the eternal citizens of heaven. Reproduction takes place on earth. This is because reproduction is possible only through the physical bodies of men and women. Babies cannot be born in the spirit world. (213-265, 1991.1.21)

The citizens of God's Kingdom are not born in the spirit world. For what purpose did God create physical beings? It was to multiply the citizens of heaven. Without physical bodies, reproduction cannot take place. Vertical love reaches only one point. It is only when this love revolves based on the horizontal foundation that a sphere covering 360 degrees can come into existence. There is plenty of space to live within that sphere. This is how God's children can be born on earth. Therefore, it is not a misfortune to have many sons and daughters born on earth. The more children are born on earth, the more citizens of God's Kingdom there will be. What God desires is to fill up the limitless universe. There should not be an empty spot in its vastness. He needs more citizens in order to achieve this. (218-130, 1991.7.14)

What is the starting point? It is the right of the true parents, true king and true firstborn son. These are the foundations which Adam and Eve should have built and stood upon. These three make up the principal palace of God. At that place would be His palace and His love. When human beings and the Creator are connected as one, the foundation of true love would be laid. The starting point of this union is the center of God. It is the original foundation for the perfected family of Adam and the palace where God can dwell forever. (218-189, 1991.7.28)

What is it that our hearts desire when we human beings wake up in the morning? The moment we wake up we do not worry about what we will have for breakfast, or the work we have to do that day, or the problems of the whole world. Instead, we desire to cherish an unchanging heart full of love night and day, all year round and for our whole lives. This is the place where such men and women can form a perfect horizontal unity and be connected to the vertical God at 90 degrees. It is the place where human beings can be united with God in love and form the ideal realm of love. For this, God created heaven and earth. (213-157, 1991.1.20)

What were the means by which you were born? Based on the original ideal of creation that is God's love, the lives of your mother and father, who are earthly beings created through love, were completely exhilarated and intoxicated in love, thereby becoming one united body, and this is how you were born. What drew them to come into union? It was the complete assimilation of man and woman through love. Their cells were full of excitement and stimulation. You were born based on the love of your parents, inheriting one life and lineage. Therefore, the being that is "I" is the fruit of the love of your parents. You are the fruit of parents' love. (213-157, 1991.1.20)

The fundamentals of God's principles of creation are that women were born for men and men were born for women. They were born for each other, and the center of their lives is their spouse. They were not born for themselves. To a husband, his wife is the center and to the wife her husband is the center. They were not born on account of themselves. They did not come into this life to live for their own sake.

For what purpose did God create the universe? If everyone realized that it was for love, how peaceful and close we would feel towards the universe. On that basis, because God has absolute love, His object is sure to live forever. That is the most precious thing of all. (215-300, 1991.2.21)

All the creation would appear beautiful in your eyes at the time of your marriage, just as it was when God created the universe. The whole of creation, including you, exists through love. When you realize this, then through that love the fundamental feelings God nurtured at the time of Creation can be re-created and shared with your partner and all forms of existence on earth, all united together as one. In other words, it is possible for you to experience the deepest feelings of God at the time of Creation. You are also a part of the creation who inherited every ideal conceived by God when He created the universe. If you were to pull true love towards yourself, heaven and earth would also be drawn towards you. Even the furthest things would be drawn to you if they were pulled by true love, and things nearby could be sent far away by the power of true love. (216-192, 1991.3.31)

Sons and daughters born in the world of the one culture are princes and princesses of the absolute God. In the palace of God, human beings are the princes and the princesses. This palace is centered upon God, the Creator. We are the royal family centered upon the King of kings, the Creator. (218-198, 1991.7.28)

Human sexual organs are gifts inherited from the Creator and the ancestors and have remained unchanged through the ages. They are precious gifts that our ancestors and even God Himself cannot interfere with. If one were to violate them, he would become the flesh and blood of the devil, destroying the principal palace of love, the center of the great way of the heavenly principle. The sexual organs are the principal palace of life, giving birth on the basis of eternal true love as God's pure essence. They are also the origin of a new lineage. Why were the sexual organs created? They were given to you for the great cause of heaven and earth, for the great providential governance of the cosmos. (193-147, 1989.10.3)

At the time of Creation, God created man and woman with the sexual organs as their emblem. As result, that which controls the sexual organs is connected to all structural elements of the human body. For this reason, a man and woman unite as one in the act of making love and give birth to a child. What would happen during childbirth? Whom would the baby take after? The baby becomes attached to the mother's nervous system so its own develops in a similar way. Can branches grow if there are no roots? The logic in this cannot be denied.

When a man and a woman become excited during love-making, it is a principle that the mind and body unite into one. That is logical. Then through which organ can love, life and lineage can be connected continually through the generations? It is the sexual organs. What comes first, love or life? In this question lies the problem. Similar to the problems of the world today, which are caused by materialistic philosophy, and the questioning of whether it is the mind or the body that comes first, we also need to ask ourselves: What is more precious, love or life? This is the problem. What comes first? The order of importance must be determined. The answer is that love comes first.

When God first established the ideal of creation, He did not do so centering upon Himself. Instead, it was centered upon love, and that is why He created the world of reciprocal relationships. This is logically correct. (193-145, 1989.10.3)

Where did men and women come from? As there is a Creator of the universe, they originated from Him. Then for what purpose did that Creator create men and women? It was for love. What love? True love. Then what is true love? True love is the love that is eternal and yet unchanging. No matter how much the era and the environment changes with time, true love will remain unchanged.

Men and women were created to fulfill the ideal of true love, which is unique, eternal and unchanging. They were not created for themselves. Creation was initiated centered on God, who is the root of all. Therefore it can be said that the whole universe was created because of love. (213-156, 1991.1.20)

A true family that has matured through true love is the love nest of God. (173-166, 1988.2.14)

God's grief is that He could not educate human beings to become true children, siblings, and couples. He could not teach them how to be true parents. (228-34, 1992.3.1)

3.2. The qualities of a true family

The Kingdom of Heaven is your homeland. You can go there after restoring the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships. You will know this once you die. Even the greatest human beings would find themselves in trouble on account of this. So, you should quickly decide and receive the Blessing. Then when that time comes, you will not curse yourself saying, "I should have listened to the words of Rev. Moon!" That is the quickest solution. (239-76, 1992.11.23)

Satan ravaged the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships. He brought the heavenly realm, the earthly realm and the future world to ruin, thereby destroying the kingships of the three worlds of past, present and future. That is why, in order for us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we need to become perfect embodiments of the Four Great Realms of Heart. We must become people who can receive the love of the royal family as the princes and princesses of love who will inherit the Three Great Kingships. It is the heavenly principle that such people enter God's Kingdom. (239-74, 1992.11.23)

Since everything was lost through the Fall, when you meet your spouse as God's representative, you will feel the heart of a daughter or younger sibling. Likewise, you will also come to feel the heart of a bride, a mother, and even new sons and daughters. For this reason, when people used to see Father, they wanted to make him their son. By restoring the realm of heart, you can judge what is right or wrong and what is good or evil, and thus return to God's side. In this way, all resentments and grief can be appeased. That is how the realm of heart works. It cannot be helped.

You need to form families of love. Let it be known that the Kingdom of Heaven is the place for members of a unified royal family that have experienced love as princes and princesses of God's Kingdom, the realm of His love! Amen! While you are living on earth, you need to base your lives on this principle. Even when you pass on to the next world, you need to do your absolute best to follow this principle. During my whole life, I have never thought of anything other than this. (238-262, 1992.11.22)

When you return home you need to serve your grandparents as you would God. You need to serve your parents as if they were the king and queen; the center of the family. As the sons and daughters of such parents, you are the princes and princesses who are to inherit their respective duties while you are growing up. Once you have grown up, inherit the kingship of the future and lead the world.

From now on, members of the Unification Church should consider these matters and keep in tune with such an order of love. When you have become the parents, mother, grandfather, or child of such a family, you will automatically enter God's Kingdom. Heaven is the place for those who have experienced the love of the royal family of God's Kingdom on earth. (221-309, 1991.10.26)

Members of the Unification Church are closer to each other than their own siblings. In this manner, in the world of the future, front and rear, husband and wife, left and right, and above and below need to unite as one. Above and below represent the duties of children towards parents, front and rear represent the duties between siblings, and left and right represent the duties between husband and wife. Once perfection is achieved in this way, you can then ascend to the level of God in the spirit world and become like Him.

The only way to return to God is through true love, and nothing else. A true family represents the trained and perfected Adam's family based on the heavenly standard. Once it extends across the world, it will bring about the unity of East and West, as well as man and woman. The object partner needs to unite as one with the subject partner, the man. Also front and rear, and above and below need to unite. In so doing, one unified world will undoubtedly result and everything in it will become perfected based on true love and the content of the Principle! Amen! (222-321, 1991.11.6.)

The course of human life is that of a wanderer. Considering this, what is it that we need? We need to experience what true love is. Due to the Fall, humanity could not receive the perfected parental love. So, based on true parental, true sibling, true conjugal, and true filial love, you need to form a family vertically related to God. You must create a horizontal environment, by extending your family into numerous families in all directions. Then these families become true families that can connect the vertical with the horizontal, and thereby expand to the realms of tribe, people, nation and world. That world connected through love will be God's Kingdom! (139-212, 1986.1.31)

Filial love, the love between siblings, and parental love all need to spread. When these kinds of love are expanded and adopted by all, the family will become perfected in both heaven and earth, inheriting the spiritual and physical kingdoms. People who have lived in families that experienced God's inner heart as well as the external substantial forms of Adam and Eve belong to the realm of the royal family of God's Kingdom. Isn't that simple? What I am saying is true. (240-17, 1992.12.11)

There is only one fundamental concept common to the three main ideals of true parents' love, true teacher's love, and true owner's love. This is the concept of parents in a true family. Even I myself return home at night, don't I? Even a nation's president returns home at night. The school should be a place where a teacher possessing parental love teaches, and the president should be someone who governs a nation with parental love. (213-124, 1991.1.16)

What is true love? It is about giving more than one has and not expecting anything in return. What is patriotism? It is about sacrificing one's life for the nation without expecting anything in return. A true husband is someone who is ready to give his life for the sake of his wife, time and again. True husbands, true wives, true children, true siblings, true parents, and a true family follow that path. Families in which the grandparents, parents, husband and wife, and children are all ready to do this will automatically have God dwell with them even if they tell Him not to. Why? Because they would resemble Him. (210-32, 1990.11.30)

You don't need a lot of money. Money flows away, as does knowledge, and everything else. However, the tradition of the true family based on true love remains forever, even in the spirit world. This is the most precious thing of all. (215-160, 1991.2.17)

If Adam and Eve had fulfilled their responsibility as children, as siblings, as husband and wife, and parents, then their children would have been in a different situation. As it was, Adam's children could not reach the realm of God's love. If they had been the children of unfallen Adam, they would all have been connected horizontally and would have established God's Kingdom on earth; instead, the vertical and the horizontal were not connected, and so it could not be established. That is why the sons and daughters need to inherit two kingdoms.

Since they are destined to inherit God's Kingdom in heaven and on earth -- the vertical and horizontal kingdoms -- and the lineages of the vertical and horizontal parents, the sons and daughters are eligible to inherit every internal aspect of the vertical Parents and every external aspect of the horizontal parents. Being a part of the royal family signifies leading the life of having inherited the two kingdoms. The fact that you have become the royal family would mean that you stand on the perfected foundation, and you can be accepted by both kingdoms at all times. (240-17, 1992.12.11)

The love of a mother and father can be said to be the flower that represents all men and women of the world, at the same time giving out fragrance and standing in the position of their fruit. They are the representatives. The mother and father represent the women and men of the world. Then who do their sons and daughters represent? They represent future generations of descendants who will become the billions of people that make up humankind. Therefore, the mother, father and child need to unite through God's love, and exercise a love where those above live for the sake of those below them, and vice versa. It does not mean living for oneself. From the perspective of the original nature of God's creation, it is living for the sake of others. (214-270, 1991.2.3)

The grandparents should conduct themselves as representatives of God, the parents as the president of the world, and the sons and daughters as the children of the king of the heavenly nation -- that is, the princes and princesses. This characterizes the family ideal, and the original family of the love of God, the Creator. The family is the palace of God's Kingdom, and its members represent the royal family of that kingdom.

From the viewpoint of God, the grandfather is the representative of the princes and princesses of the past. Your parents are the representatives of the princes and princesses of all nations currently. Isn't that so? Doesn't everyone have such a desire? Everyone is the same. The children are the representatives of the future princes and princesses of the entire universe. It is our family that holds such great value. This is something to be proud of. That we are standing on the foundation of such a profound premise is truly precious.

"I am proud of God." When you say this, God would feel the same way about you. "I, as the central family, feel proud to be the representative family of the ideal husband and wife." When you are ready to claim this, the whole cosmos including all things of the future will welcome you. Do you recognize the background underlying this historic family, this most-highly valued family? This structure of the ideal family was created by God. You need to advance to such a position. God stands in the position of the Grandfather. Anyone who comes into His presence should bow before Him. (216-299, 1991.4.14)

Loving and respecting the grandfather is the same as inheriting and learning about the world of the past. From the father we can learn about the present, and by loving and caring for one's children, we can learn about the future. What we can inherit from the grandparents and parents is lineage and true love. We inherit true love.

Although the grandparents are old, they are united through true love, as are the mother and father. So the children need to become like them and inherit the future from them. Unless you form a true family, you can never inherit the future world.

Looking at these three generations in the family is the same as looking at the universe. The love of the universe lies in the true family that represents the whole history beginning with God, as well as the present and the future. In a true family, the grandmother, mother and older sister are loved by the other members of the family. The same is true in the animal kingdom, where the female and male are also loved; that is the situation of every creature in this world.

What this indicates is that the family is the textbook from which you can learn the love of the universe. Without the grandmother, the family is unstable. The same is true of a family without a grandfather or either of the parents. Only when the family has all of its members present can it move directly to God's Kingdom. The grandparents, parents, and children can all enter heaven as they are.

The people who love the true grandparents, true parents, true children, true family, true nation and true universe can enter heaven. The model textbook is the family. If you learn to constantly reflect on God with such thoughts in your mind, your future would be assured. When you love God in your heart and you can say, "I love for the sake of the future," then your future would be eternally blessed. (162-140, 1987.4.5) 

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