Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter Four - Blessed Families and Registration
Section 3. The Four-Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony

3.1. Transition of the Three Ages Realm of Oneness Unification Blessing Ceremony

The people on earth received the Blessing through True Parents, while those in the spirit world received the Blessing through Heung-jin. These two groups of people, separately blessed through the parents and the sons and daughters in the physical and spirit worlds, must be brought together and united into one. What the son has achieved in the spirit world centering on his parents on earth must be brought down to the earth, so that the foundation for the Blessing bestowed through the parents, that is, the Blessing conducted by parents on earth, and the foundation for the Blessing in the spirit world, can be connected and unified. The spirit world, which stands in the position of the archangel, needs to be perfected. It must align itself to the standard of the Blessing, and instead of the parents blessing their sons and daughters on earth, Heung-jin needs to come down to the earth and set the condition that the father and son have united into oneness. It needs to be acknowledged that the accomplishments of the True Parents were achieved together with Heung-jin. (332-287, 2000.9.24)

The era in which an eighty-year old man travels around the world to bless people will soon pass. Instead, a new era will be inaugurated, where you would perform the Blessing Ceremony on behalf of True Parents, together with Heung-jin, also performing the Blessing Ceremony on behalf of True Parents in the spirit world. To this end, I have bequeathed to my son, Heung-jin in the spirit world, the authority to conduct the Blessing, from the position of the father in the physical world. Furthermore, the foundation on which the Blessing is performed in the spirit world has equal value to that of the standard through which Father can also go there any time to perform the Blessing. What this means is that the Blessing performed in both worlds is of equal value and on the same level, whether it is performed by True Father in this world together with the son, or performed by True Father in the spirit world with his son in attendance. Therefore, you must understand that True Father has passed down the authority to perform the Blessing to his son, in order to set forth the significance of the unified Blessed Families, who stand on an equal footing. (332-287, 2000.9.24)

When a father passes on to the spirit world, he will become the elder brother and his son will become the younger brother. Therefore, Heavenly Father is in the position of father to both the father and the son. In the presence of God, everyone is a son. In this regard, they are all sons of God, but since the father was born before the son, he can assume the position of the elder brother on the horizontal level.

That is why True Parents have perfected the position of the parents, so that they can then bring about the perfection of the position of the son, by bestowing on him and uniting into one what is of the same value both in the spiritual and physical worlds. By making this declaration of unification in the joint presence of Heung-jin, the elder son in the spirit world, and Blessed Families, we will now enter the era where True Parents no longer need to perform the Blessing; instead, Heung-jin will conduct it, and in his absence, Hyun-jin can hold the Blessing on behalf of True Father. (332-289, 2000.9.24)

You sons and daughters, Blessed Families who are all the third generation from God, must on no account commit the Fall, once you have received the Blessing. If you were to fall, the time in which True Parents come and save the world will pass. The lineage of the husbands and wives who have inherited the right of kingship representing the ancestors of the Three Ages, where the stained lineage has been completely changed and so can perform the Blessing themselves, must never be defiled in thousands and tens of thousands of years to come. The defiled bloodline must not continue. You must keep your chastity. This is a very serious matter.

You will no longer be able to ask for forgiveness, saying, "Please forgive us in the name of True Parents." There will be no other way for you to be saved other than sacrificing your own ancestors and your beloved brothers and sisters. That lineage would not be pure, and so it must be removed. A pure lineage must be passed on. This is very serious. (332-291, 2000.9.24)

I want to warn you, that Blessed Families in the realm of the third generation from God must not, under any circumstances, become families that taste the bitter sorrow of the Fall. (332-294, 2000.9.24)

The women who participate in the Registration Special Workshop have been registered, and so can take responsibility for their sons and daughters. The mother should unite together with her sons and daughters and help their father repent of his sins, thereby setting up the position of unfallen parents. Thus, the husband and wife should follow in the footsteps of the coming True Parents, and stand in the position of having devoted everything in the cosmos with a grateful heart, including themselves, their sons and daughters, all of creation, and the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages, and attend God on His throne.

The place where you inherit the actual authority of love is the very starting point of having your own homeland, and the beginning of the restoration of the homeland. Henceforth, everything desired in providential history, but which has remained unattainable for Blessed Families, should be indemnified so that we can take responsibility for the chaotic era of the reunification of North and South Korea. In this solemn task of restoring the homeland with our own hands, and thereby restoring our homeland, you are the mothers and sons and daughters of the soldiers at the front line. You must understand that you have been ordered to march forward on the one-way path towards victory and perfection, step by step, working together with heaven and earth. The Parents of Heaven and Earth hope and pray that you will be the soldiers who, as the first, second, or third generation, do not leave an indelible stain on the reputation and traditions of heaven, and instead become proud families that are not ashamed to show your faces before your ancestors in the spirit world. I pray to God with my family, including the blessed eldest son Heung-jin and Hyun-jin, that all members will become victorious princes and princesses of heaven and earth, by achieving the goal of liberating the perfection and completion of the absolute ideal! Amen! (332-298, 2000.9.24)

I proclaim the bequeathal of the victories of True Parents in the physical world as the victorious traditions and unified ideal centered on Heung-jin, the representative of the right of the eldest son in the spirit world. Therefore, every being in the cosmos should, with a grateful heart, pledge loyalty and devotion to the eternal and unchanging nation of love and the Kingdom of Heaven of love on earth and in spirit world, and fulfill the duties of filial sons and daughters, patriots, chaste women, saints, and sages! This we pledge! Amen! This we pledge! Amen! This we pledge! Amen! (332-302, 2000.9.24)

3.2. Four-Position Foundation Registration

You cannot be registered unless you have the foundation of a family. The True Parents are the family of the world representing the foundation of the Blessing based on the family, and so you must bear in mind that there is no other way to be registered other than by forming an objective realm with them. In other words, you need to register the birth of your family. In this place, where a peaceful environment and the unified realm of the will of God begin, the fact that you are registered by family indicates that the nation itself can be restored instantly. (269-55, 1995.4.7)

Because of the Fall of the family of Adam and Eve, everything was registered in the name of Satan. At this time, centering on your family, your nations and everything in the world need to be returned to God and registered in His name. This is the way of the Principle. The Fall occurred centering on the family. Therefore, it needs to be indemnified. Since this principle is now in effect, if there were any presidents in the world, their nations should be brought before God to be registered. On the day of registration, the entire nation would be saved. (184-96, 1988.12.20)

You need to be registered based on the family. You have not registered yet, have you? A truly fearful time will soon be upon us. I am not going to go into any details about it. If a family violates the heavenly law, it should be cut off. That is in accordance with the rules of the Principle. (28-333, 1970.2.11)

You should love the True Parents as you love God, and you need to love your brothers and sisters as you do God and the True Parents. The person who loves all humankind as he does his family and brothers and sisters is qualified to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, he is eligible for registration. (190-122, 1989.6.18)

The incoming tide flows in very quickly in the beginning. You do not realize how fast it is. However, once the water is in and reaches the high mark, the incoming and outgoing tides exchange places in less than a minute. In this time of grace, it takes less than one minute for everyone to stand on the same level. That is why the enthusiastic youths of the Unification Church can be blessed together with people from the satanic world, and the world population of five billion can be united overnight. In this way, tens of thousands of families would be connected horizontally through the Blessing. Then God's nation will be established. In establishing that nation, these families will emerge as the ancestors. (253-299, 1994.1.30)

From this time on, when you receive the Blessing, you need to take responsibility for your tribe. Even if they are pushed into receiving the Blessing by force, they will still receive a pass to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (283-295, 1997.4.13)

3.3. True Parents' instructions to Registered Families

a. Steadfast defense of the pure lineage

b. Settlement of unchanging heart

c. Education of children in practicing true love

d. Breaking down of national boundaries and cross-cultural marriage

e. Restoration of the homeland and establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven

f. Memorization of Hoon Dok Gyeong and Divine Principle

g. Fulfillment of the Family Pledge

h. Settlement of Noon
(333-233, 2000.9.26)

3.4. Mobilization of blessed wives and the restoration of the homeland

The time in which the family needs to take responsibility is now upon us. Only after this takes place can registration begin. Therefore, those who did not send out their wives will be caught. Once they are caught, there will be no way to help them, even if they come crying to me. Not even I can do anything about it. (37-264, 1970.12.27)

Now the time has come for all those in your clans to be registered. If you do not take part in the mobilization, you cannot be registered. Since this is the case, should your Blessed Families participate in the mobilization, or not? How about previously married Blessed Couples? What about the previously married Blessed Couples? They are free to take part if they want to, but it is not mandatory. If other people outside the Blessed Families want to be mobilized, they can join, but if not, so be it. However, everyone will want to take part. Such a time has now arrived. (164-292, 1987.5.17)

The Lord at his Second Advent comes as the father. Nevertheless, all blessings of the Kingdom of God come down through the mother. The eldest son inherits and represents the tradition of the mother followed by the traditions of the parents, and the second-born son inherits all these and even the tradition of the first son.

Therefore, the mother should be absolutely obedient to the commands of the father; the eldest son should be absolutely obedient to the mother; and the younger siblings should be absolutely obedient to the eldest son. That is the way it should be. Therefore, it is the overall view of the Principle that any family failing to reach such a standard as just described cannot become a family which can attend God. (283-56, 1997.4.8)

Since True Father knows the heart of God very deeply, just one word from anyone will restart the flow of tears from his eyes. The fact that God, who should rule freely over the whole universe and govern all the nations, had His ideal trampled upon, the ideal of His being the sovereign of all sovereigns and reigning over all of humanity in the parent-child relationship with the authority and power of the king of all ages is a truly mortifying reality. At this time, the day of glory on which we will rise up, defeat all the evil powers of this world, and restore the sovereignty longed for by God is now right before our eyes. (164-216, 1987.5.16)

You must understand that the day of hope, on which we can live in an independent state centered on God, will be the most precious time on earth which cannot be exchanged for anything. Among those who have passed on to the spirit world, there is not one person who has lived in the realm of a nation centered on God. True Father knows this. Though I have put the members of the Unification Church through many hardships, do you realize what a prestigious thing it is to have the original human nature and to live in dignity as citizens before the sovereign, in the restored providential nation?

This is the standard according to which True Father has lived his whole life. Though I gave many people trouble, I did so in my fight for the day of glory, when we can put our whole heart into dedicating everything in our life of attendance to God, who is the sovereign of the nation of which we are the citizens. (164-216, 1987.5.16)

The homeland that we need to reclaim is not an existing nation on earth with its own history and traditions. It is completely different from those other nations in essence. In order for us to be able to inherit such a nation that stands on a completely different level from others, we need to become citizens with appropriate ideological proactivity. That proactive ideology should be in accord with the ideology of the absolute Creator.

For a nation desired by the Absolute Being to exist, you should yearn for that nation to be one in which the citizens would be united together centering on the nation's sovereignty. Therefore, the nation should take form based on such a standard of citizenship. Because you did not qualify as the people who can maintain such a nation, that nation could not be established. (49-93, 1971.10.9)

In this world that we live in, how numerous are the homelands? Don't the Korean people call the Republic of Korea their homeland? People in North Korea claim that to be their homeland, centering on Kim Il-sung. The Japanese people call Japan their homeland, don't they? The Chinese people regard China as their homeland. The innumerable races in the world, which have their roots in a certain nation or in a particular people, and have spread out from there, claim that nation or ancestral place to be their homeland. However, originally there should not have been hundreds and thousands of homelands in the human world. There is only one original homeland. There should be only one homeland. (241- 291, 1993.1.1)

Our homeland is just one nation. Each one of us is trying to find our way back to the one hometown located in that one nation. At present, there is no nation that can be said to be the homeland in the name of God, where He can dwell and reside with us in our hometown. That hometown cannot be Moscow or Washington. There is no such place there. Therefore, what I am saying is that we should seek for the treasure, that is, establish our homeland and hometown. (102-260, 1979.1.14)

Even when I was lying down, I always had thoughts of God's homeland in mind. Since this house is not located in the nation of God, I have no particular affection for it. I am only attached to this place, having children and leading my life here, because I do not have any other choice.

How much would God and the spirits in the other world yearn for the unification of the homeland! How much would they yearn for it! Wouldn't they hope in their hearts, "Even though I am in hell, even though I am at the lowest level of the spirit world, I wish our homeland will be established soon…"? Only when the homeland is manifested on earth would they receive liberation. Therefore, if so, they should be granted an amnesty. Such is the work I carried out during my imprisonment. I had the gates opened wide. I made a highway both in the spiritual and physical worlds. I am hoping and praying, "The whole spirit world should face in the same direction True Parents are going, and march forward towards the one nation of God!"

The spirit world is praying for the physical world, encouraging True Parents in their work. You must know this. Isn't that what God desires? "True Parents on earth, please fight well and be victorious, and relieve the spirit world of its grief and lamentation!" You should be ashamed of the fact that you were neither born nor raised in the nation of God, but instead have lived to your current age in the satanic world. (164-218, 1987.5.16) 

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