Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter Four - Blessed Families and Registration
Section 2. The Conditions for Registration

2.1. Change of the right of ownership, lineage, and realm of heart

2.1.1. Change of the right of ownership

You have to be registered into the new kingdom. However, just as God created all things before human beings, the creation needs to be registered and connected to God before humankind. The 6000 years of history, therefore, can be said to be the history of trying to achieve this.

We need to go through this process which is similar to that of establishing a relationship with God through the creation as shown in the Old Testament Age, but now through the True Parents in the Completed Testament Age. However, this task should not be accomplished just within the boundaries of today's Unification Church. What you must understand is that, unless we expand this work to the worldwide realm, going beyond the nation, and bring it to completion once and for all, we cannot welcome the day of complete restoration. (23-332, 1969.6.15)

Every object in the world came to belong to Satan through the fallen parents. In order for all families to restore this situation centering on the True Parents, in the future they should have nothing in their possession. Nothing in this world should belong to them. Their own bodies do not belong to them, their sons and daughters do not belong to them, and their husbands do not belong to them. Everything must be regarded as the possession of unfallen Adam. Nothing should belong to Eve. She should not have anything established as belonging to her.

The era of the right of ownership is coming, where objects can belong to her only after they have been determined as belonging to Adam, restored to God and acknowledged as His, and then returned to Adam to be finally handed back to her as her permanent possession.

Such phenomena can take place only after you have entered the Kingdom of God and have been registered. Only then can you be restored to the position of unfallen owners in the Garden of Eden and hold possession of all things of the world. In such a manner, you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (165-284, 1987.5.27)

None of your possessions belongs to you. You need to return them to God and have them engrafted to Him. They are not yours. You have no right of ownership to claim them as yours. Adam is not the owner of true love. You must bear in mind that God is the center, and so centering on Him as the owner, you need to think of yourself as standing in a relationship to Him as His object partner. It is God who should have the right of ownership first, and therefore that right must be restored to Him. (219-214, 1991.8.29)

You need to offer all of your possessions voluntarily. However, there is not one person who has done so. Those who have their own houses and other forms of wealth in their names, and who do not follow the instructions of Father, will find themselves in trouble. Those of you listening to what I am saying now will find yourselves implicated at the time of registration if you have houses and other things in your name. Father does not have anything. Even though he may make a lot of money, it is not for his own use, but for the world. It is not for any one particular individual. In saving all people in the world, he cannot help but melt down the whole nation and use it as one would use molten iron.

In such a time of emergency, those who refuse to be melted down with others are the enemies and traitors of heaven. If the nation of Japan was lost, and the question arose as to how its regal power could be revived, those who can devote not only their homes but even their lives are the true patriots of that nation. However, this is not just an issue for Japan alone. In restoring the cosmos, you must, under any circumstances, be ready to devote anything and everything for God. (286-238, 1997.8.11)

At this time, the world belongs to Satan, not God. However, the recovery of the right of ownership will now take place, and so the universe will come to be united as one without recourse to war. In the future, people will form an endless line unprecedented in the history of the world, making their way to be registered in the Kingdom of God by tribe, taking with them everything in their possession. Depending on who registers first, the elder brother and younger brother will be determined. (208-346, 1990.11.21)

In a place where a peaceful environment and the unified realm of the will of God begin, the fact that you would be registered by family indicates that the nation itself could be restored instantly. Consider for a moment the case where twelve tribal messiahs and their tribes have all been registered. What would happen to that nation? It would be restored instantly. This would be true of all nations, be it Japan or any other nation. They would be completely restored at once. What this signifies is that, centering on God, every fallen person since the time of Adam's family will be forgiven and embraced through love. (269-56, 1995.4.7)

Since such an era is at hand. Father is issuing these orders: "Restore your tribes immediately! Return the right of ownership to God! Be registered at once!" This is the greatest hope for humankind. The hope that has persisted for thousands of generations, ever since the first human ancestors, is based on achieving this. You must have this engraved deeply in your heart, so that you will never forget it. By doing so, in the near future, you will experience the joy of greeting the new sun rising in Japan's dawning sky. (227-107, 1992.2.10)

For you to return the right of ownership to God, you need to go through the name of True Parents. There is no other way to do it except by going through their name. That is why world unification can only be achieved centering on the Unification Church. Even if you do not do anything to encourage it, there will be a long line of people waiting, vying with each other, to be the first to register. A time will come when they will fight, making every effort, to decide who will be the first, second, or third to register. (198-242, 1990.2.3)

You need to make the sacrificial offering that is known as the Total Living Offering. Was not everything taken away in the Garden of Eden due to the false parents? Everything was taken away from true love. That is why you need to give everything in the Total Living Offering. You need to offer everything, even things that have life. You must not leave anything behind. It will not work if you leave a bank account for yourself and portions of land for your sons and daughters. When Ananias and his wife sold their house and offered only half of the money they had before Peter, didn't they drop dead right there on the spot? Did you know about that? Did you know that was what happened to Ananias and his wife? Right before your eyes, you would have seen them die and you would have had to bury them. Such a time is now upon us. (302-44, 1999.5.18)

What is the Total Living Offering? The fallen false parents stole the heavenly world and became thieves, and so, centering on the True Parents, the whole world must be restored and offered to God. Before that offering is made, Father cannot claim to be the owner. He needs to establish the kingship on earth and in spirit world, hand it down to his heirs, and have it take firm root before he leaves this world. Only then can the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world form a complete union. By complete union I mean total oneness. We use the phrases: "complete union of heaven and earth" and "the total oneness of man and woman." (299-48, 1999.2.1)

All of you gathered here have to make the Total Living Offering donation. You need to perform the ceremony of liberation and unification. In the past, when we offered sacrifices to God, we needed to first split them into two halves, one for God's side and one for Satan's side. Can you imagine what an appalling thing this must have been for God? The sacrifice was split into two parts, the right side belonged to God and the left side belonged to Satan. This was true for human beings. This was true for Abel and Adam. Only when you can offer everything centering on God's love can Satan be separated from you completely. (298-22, 1998.12.31)

2.1.2. Change of lineage

From the Divine Principle perspective in the Unification Church, all fallen human beings of today are bound for hell as soon as they are born. Isn't that so? They are registered for hell at birth. It is only too true. (48-200, 1971.9.19)

All descendants connected through the false lineage since the Fall are registered to Satan. Religion came into existence to take back the nation and the world from Satan. Religion exists to foster mind and body unity and to reunite that which is divided. (272-83, 1995.8.30)

The returning Lord descends to earth to completely fulfill God's providence of restoration, insofar as it remained unfulfilled by Jesus. In other words, he comes as the true, original human seed that will perfect the ideal of creation, and the ideal of true parents who are the origin of God's true love, true life, and true lineage. He comes on the victorious foundation of the fundamental providence already established by God's side until the time of Jesus. What this means is that the Lord at his Second Coming stands on the victorious foundation laid until the time when Jesus reached maturity, and carries on from there to fulfill what Jesus could not do: to seek out a bride, become the True Parent, and save all humankind. The True Parents, through the Blessing Ceremony, which allows the change of lineage, can save all humanity and transform them into true men and women by engrafting them to the true love, true life, and true lineage of God. They can then go on to form true families and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (282-223, 1997.3.13)

The international holy Blessing Ceremony is the very ritual of resurrection which completely liquidates and restores every defiled thing that arose from the first family that was formed from false marriage, and through which were inherited false love, false life, and false lineage from fallen false parents.

Thus, centering on the love of the True God and True Parents, our couple can subjugate the left-wing and right-wing by establishing the head-wing ideology on the external level, while on the internal level subjugating the conscience and spirit world through Godism, that is to say true love, thereby becoming true parents who can bequeath the great Blessing by engrafting to everyone the seed of true love, true life, and true lineage which brings about the oneness of God and humankind. (275-58, 1995.10.31)

The Lord must return in the flesh and bring about a new relationship of lineage. By indemnifying in the realm of the world family what was lost and should have been perfected in Adam's family, the right of the true eldest son, the right of the true parent, and the right of true kingship can then be recovered and used to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth under God's dominion. From here the returning Lord can be registered into the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world, enter the era of the kingship of earth and heaven centering on God, and recover the world of victory, freedom, unity, and happiness. In this manner, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world, which is God's ideal of creation, can emerge. Such is the Principle viewpoint on the history of the providence of salvation. (277-211, 1996.4.16)

The three goals of restoration through indemnity are the change of lineage, change of the right of ownership, and change of the realm of heart. You have heard this before, haven't you? Since the lineage was defiled, unless it is changed back to its original state, you cannot be connected to the Kingdom of God and be registered in it. The original owner of the lineage is God. Through the fallen lineage, everything was stolen from God and His right of ownership was subverted. This situation can only be rectified by connecting to God's lineage through His love. That is why the lineage must be changed. The lineage was perverted through the fallen relationship of love. Since the lineage was turned in the wrong direction, there will be no path for humanity to return to God unless the lineage is transformed. (258-287, 1994.3.20)

From this time on, to whom should everything belong? Until now, not one thing could be said to belong to God. Everything in the possession of the devil must pass into the hands of God. Through changing lineage and concurrently receiving the Blessing, you need to return the right of ownership to God, followed by the realm of heart. The realm of heart is the clan itself. It is the relationship formed between related families of the fourth to the eighth generations. That can be said to be one realm of heart. Centering on the grandfather, when you bring together the relatives, the related families up to the eighth generations can be brought together. (272-214, 1995.10.5)

What should you do to meet True Mother and True Father? You cannot walk into their presence, just like that. You are from a different lineage, aren't you? You cannot be bequeathed with the right of inheritance before you are registered. Until now, you have not been registered. Have you had your names entered into True Father's family register? It has not been done yet. Then when can it be done? Registration does not involve receiving the Blessing alone. The position in which you have received the Blessing is the completion level of the growth stage. You still have the seven years of the completion stage to fulfill. That is how the Principle works. Centered on this Principle, we are carrying out the work of restoration. (139-279, 1986.1.31)

2.1.3. Change of the realm of heart

There are conditions to be met in order to pass into the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot enter it unless you have a family of your own. As long as you are the sons and daughters of God, you have missions to fulfill. After fulfilling those missions, you are destined to meet True Parents in the world of eternity. If you do not complete this formula, it is not possible to meet them. When you are blessed, the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven are opened before you, but you cannot just walk in like that. First, you need to do everything according to True Father's instructions and be registered in the position of having completed the mission of tribal messiahs. (250-112, 1993.10.12)

If you want to achieve mind and body unity, you first need to recover the essential love of God. You must realize that you still have this task to fulfill. No matter what it takes, you need to overcome this and attain this state; if you pass on to the spirit world without having done so, you will find yourself in big trouble. From the perspective of this logic of true love, we human beings are to become one with it, and thereby enter the realm of oneness; that is how God's life becomes our life, God's love becomes our love, and God's lineage becomes our lineage. Unless you have the mindset that the world, which belongs to God, also belongs to you, and have the heart of a mother and father embracing the universe, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (200-230, 1990.2.25)

All of you, why don't you try offering a prayer? The more you pray, the more you will find yourself in tears. The closer you get to Heavenly Father, the more you will grieve and lament. You need to pass through this stage and reach the point where merely thinking of Heavenly Father will make you dance for joy; but you have not reached that stage yet. That is why you still have to fulfill the indemnity conditions of the past and present. You need to be in such a situation that God longs for you. So, you who do not possess the qualification that is hoped for must fulfill the requirements which will enable God and you to long for each other. You should know that such a time is coming.

Then, what should you do next? You must long for the day when you will be able to register as a family of God. Moreover, you should not be the only one longing for that. All humanity must long for such a day. (8-114, 1959.11.22)

All of you must inherit the right of the true parent. Then, centering on the right of the true children, right of the true parent, and right of the true kingship, heaven and earth must be unified. First, there would emerge the Kingdom of Heaven on earth; secondly, the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world; thirdly, the kingship and the realm of the royal family. What is the realm of the royal family? The Cain world is still in existence. Therefore, we need to restore the right of the eldest son in the Cain world, and transform the Cain figure from a son bound for hell into an absolutely obedient second son, and take him to the Kingdom of God. That is how the realm of the royal family will come about. If Cain had not fallen, he would have become a member of the royal family. However, up until now, he has had no other place to go except hell, and so we must make it possible for him to enter the Kingdom of God.

That is why the realm of the royal family emerged. Then what follows? It is justification by attendance; that is, you need to perfect the family life of attendance. In other words, once you are standing on a victorious foundation centered on the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world, kingship, and the realm of the royal family, you need to practice a family life that serves and attends True Parents and God. By forming a vertical relationship with God, all of you must be registered; that is, all of you must occupy the position of ancestors. (274-183, 1995.10.29)

You need to remember that the favor bestowed by the True Parents is a great blessing that cannot be expressed in words alone. It cannot be exchanged for anything in the whole universe. Your clans are not an issue, nor are your wealth and possessions. God does not want to receive such profane things from you. He will despise them. You have to pass through the true sons and daughters, through True Mother, and through True Father. It will take three generations. Whatever you have is returned to God through the archangel, the son of the archangel, True Mother, and True Father. Once they are returned to God, they return to their original states. After you have become a part of God's family, what you gave will be returned to you. These are not my words. This is a principle of the providence of restoration. (264-320, 1994.11.20)

2.2. Tribal messiahship

2.2.1. Mission of tribal messiahs

Now your roots need to be corrected. What happened to your roots? Through the Fall, the first father and mother went along the wrong path. That is why, centering on the True Parents, we have to pass through the positions of true sons and daughters, eldest son and the original parent. Your roots need to be turned upside down. They cannot connect as they are. Only when they are turned around 180 degrees and connected, can you begin anew. What this means is that you still have a destiny to fulfill, which is to return to your hometowns to change your ancestry. (178-99, 1988.6.1)

What must the tribal messiahs do? They need to restore all that Adam failed to achieve. True Parents came to earth and restored the unfulfilled mission of Jesus and the failure of Adam. Adam stands on the level of the family, but the roots of God's family could not be connected to Adam and Eve. So this must be turned around and, from the position of tribal messiah, you need to restore your own parents and tribes. In doing so, at least four generations are involved, your grandfather and grandmother, mother and father, yourselves, and your sons and daughters. By connecting these four generations, you then put down the ancestral roots where there have been no roots before, centering on your parents. (210-273, 1990.12.25)

The tribal messiahs are advancing to the position of parents. From this position, they can bring together their sons and daughters. This is predestined. There is no way for you to avoid doing this. If you fail to do so, you cannot be registered and you will not be able to enter the kingdom when you pass on to the next world. There will be no place for you to stand. Therefore, you should be thankful for having a place secured for you.

This is the greatest gift that I can bestow on you. I am asking you to do this great work, which True Father himself was unable to accomplish with his clan, and which can relieve the historical and interminable grief of God on my behalf. In this way, not only will the parents of True Father be liberated, but your parents will also receive great benefit from it. Your mothers and fathers will be transformed into the mothers and fathers who have not fallen. (220-39, 1991.10.13)

In order to restore your tribes, you need to fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs. Such a command is unprecedented in history. The position of the tribal messiah is the same as the position of the second true parents, and therefore a much better situation than that of Jesus. The bestowal of such a position holds great significance and cannot be exchanged for anything in this world.

Why should you fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs? The first reason is that you need to save your parents. Your parents stand in the position of the first Adam, and you stand in the position of the second Adam. You must fulfill the mission of Adam by restoring and recreating your parents.

The second reason is that you require a hometown. By fulfilling your mission as tribal messiahs, you will come to have your own hometown. In the end, the reason you need to fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs is to perfect Adam's family. In concrete terms, you need to educate your tribes. (Tribal Messiah - 178)

All of you gathered here today must fulfill the mission similar to that of the messiah in your tribes, whichever clan you belong to, be it Kim, Park, or otherwise. Each of you must think, "I am the Messiah!" representing each of your clans in establishing the Kingdom of God. You have to regard yourself as the savior. You must consider that you are the savior of the Kim clan if you are a Kim. In order to do so, you need to fulfill the duties of a chief priest on behalf of the whole Kim clan. (155-265, 1965.10.31)

Without registering, you cannot become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. If that were the case, you would be just floating in the air, and Satan would be free to attack you as he pleases from all sides-front, back, left, right, up, and down. All of you are now standing in the position of being able to liberate your own parents through the mission of tribal messiahship on behalf of True Parents. (236-322, 1992.11.9)

Why are tribal messiahs necessary? If there are no tribal messiahs, then all the families cannot be connected between themselves. Without this, you cannot have your hometown. I have my own hometown but you do not have one. After restoring all the families, there will come the age of registration in the future. Once the age of registration comes, tribal formation will take place. The order in which you register will determine your position. Those who register first will be the elders and a new system will be developed so that they can be attended in the same manner as you attend your ancestors. Only when the whole world is transformed accordingly, will the heavenly kingdom on earth be realized. (210-273, 1990.12.25)

Tribal messiahs are absolutely necessary! Those who do not fulfill their missions cannot connect the realms of the first and second Adam. They cannot be connected to True Father, nor can they be registered. Therefore, are tribal messiahs absolutely necessary, or not? They are necessary. The people who do not realize the true value of such blessings from God will treat anything given them with carelessness, even if they are endowed with treasure. These people will be judged according to the same thoughtless standard which they have demonstrated. Everything will be completed once all the tribes are restored. (192-233, 1989.7.4)

Only by receiving the Blessing will it be possible to register into the Kingdom of Heaven. Through this, humankind can finally inherit the Kingdom of God. They can form heavenly families, tribes, a people, nations, world, and cosmos. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven is formed, and they become citizens of that kingdom by being registered in it. Originally, the relatives of the first parents should have been registered in the kingdom. However, because those parents fell, we had to pass through numerous periods in history, and gather those to be registered from the entire world. That is why you need to restore through indemnity the unfulfilled mission of Jesus, by accomplishing your duties as tribal messiahs. In order to do so, you need to take responsibility for each nation in the world and dedicate that nation to the Kingdom of Heaven. (269-303, 1995.5.1)

The more people become tribal messiahs, the more they can come together; and by centering on this, you can carry out the movement of reclaiming your own nation. From the east and the west, in fact from all directions of 360 degrees, Blessed Families will emerge and vie with each other in how to reach the top first. You cannot occupy the position of ancestors before you are registered in the Kingdom of God. If you fail to occupy that position, there is no knowing when you will be pushed out. (269-93, 1995.4.8)

If the members of the Unification Church were to be graded according to how many people they have witnessed to in twenty years, those who have not witnessed to even one person will be viewed as hangers-on. In the future, at the time of registration, that number will be of great importance. We will soon be entering the era of registration. Therefore, the people you have witnessed to must become a part of your clan centering on your family. Isn't Adam's family a part of his clan?

Taking Adam's family into consideration, you can see that as long as there are sons and daughters of Adam's family and his clan, a nation can be established. When you restore the tribe, then a nation will be established automatically. (240-27, 1992.12.11)

If you consider your family, you have your own sons and daughters and your parents, which means there are three generations in a family. There are hundreds and thousands of families that can inherit the ideal of the God-centered family on a similar horizontal level, centering on your own vertical relationship with God. Once they are connected, they can form God's nation. Without doing anything else, a nation can come into existence. The world is not as complicated or as difficult as you might think. (240-27, 1992.12.11)

The religious order that is the Unification Church is a tribe. I am telling you that it is a tribe. The same blood is flowing in all of the members. Therefore, when I shed tears, so should you; and when I am delighted, you should be too. We are all relatives. We are one people come together, united into oneness, transcending the five races and the different national standards with different cultural backgrounds, breaking down all barriers between us, in order to establish the new Kingdom of God. On the day this new race is sanctified, the creation of the Kingdom of God can be realized. Only when you live everyday as the sanctified race of the kingdom, can a new world be created, and can the cosmic Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world emerge through that world. (168-136, 1987.9.13)

I gave you the name of messiah. Tribal messiah! What should you do about it? What should you do as messiahs? Everything you will require in being national messiahs, world messiahs, and cosmic messiahs has already been prepared for you. A mountain-high pile of treasures has been prepared for you. Once you become messiahs, every part of this mountain of treasures will be bequeathed to you. A water pipe will be connected between the treasures and you, and they will flow down the pipe right into your laps as naturally as flowing water. (189-247, 1989.4.9)

Do you think the title "tribal messiah" comes cheaply? Though such an intelligent True Father devoted his whole life to fulfilling the mission of the messiah, he still feels shameful because he has not done nearly enough. The fact that the name of tribal messiah has been bestowed on you is truly incredible. Through it, you can stand in a position much higher in value than Jesus himself. Even the very ones who opposed the Unification Church, and threw all kinds of insults at us, can be elevated to the position of unfallen Adam. Who, then, can make such a statement in this world? Father has accomplished all that he spoke of until now, because he stood in the position of True Parents. There is not one word of his that has not been fulfilled. (219-150, 1991.8.29)

2.2.2. Fulfillment of restoration of 160 families

You must raise all the members of your tribes into Blessed Families, between 160 and 180 couples. Only then can you be registered in the kingdom. Centering on this, you can seek the nation. Since such a time has arrived, should you become tribal messiahs, or not? This era is not an era of individual salvation. We are living in an age when the family, tribe, nation, and world can all be restored at the same time. So, if you continue to linger at the level of the family, what do you think will happen? (285-207, 1997.5.4)

Blessed families must fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs. Jesus did not accomplish this because he could not unite 120 families. By uniting 160 families, the tribal messiahs must fulfill their missions. This time, by bringing together and uniting 160 families on the world level, you can create family messiahs who can settle down on earth based on fulfilling what Jesus could not achieve, and establish a new history of unfallen true parents. Only when you have carried this out can registration take place. Only then can you be registered into the nation of God and that nation can become yours. You will be included in the family register of that nation. True Father carried on with this task amid persecution from all sides, but you can carry out the same work and bring together 160 families, not amid persecution, but amid welcome. In this way, in being welcomed by 160 families, you can restore through indemnity what True Father has achieved in 160 nations while surrounded by opposition. (266-182, 1994.12.25)

Since we have entered the era of kingship, True Father is sending messiahs to a great number of nations, namely 160 nations, on behalf of God. God carried out the work of salvation until now through one messiah. True Father, on the other hand, settled on earth in his endeavors to carry out God's work of salvation, and the world became free of Satan. True Father is therefore able to dispatch Blessed Families across the world in order to fulfill their mission as tribal messiahs. If these tribal messiahs were to connect to all the family messiahs and be registered into the nation of God, then the way that leads to the restored world would be opened. (274-184, 1995.10.29)

Once the 160 nations are united into one, the world and cosmos will automatically come to be united as well. You must understand that Father has completed 160 nations. The question is how will you complete 160 families? How will you save 160 families as tribal messiahs? By succeeding in this, you can then be connected to the accomplishment of True Parents' completion of 160 nations. You can then be registered. If your family is restored in this manner, then based on the 160 families, the nation would be restored as well, resulting in the simultaneous restoration of all 160 nations. That is why tribal messiahs are needed. (267-110, 1995.1.3)

Through the Fall of Adam and Eve, not only Adam's family but also his whole tribe was lost. The kingdom would have been built in only seven generations. In seven generations, the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth would have been completed centering on Adam's clan, but these seven generations failed to inherit the lineage of God. A few thousand families would have come from seven generations. The individual symbolizes formation, the family symbolizes growth, and the tribe symbolizes the completion stage. They all belong in one category. They cannot be separated, even if you try. The process involves three stages. That is why you cannot live alone on the path of faith all the way to completion. You need to live for your family and your tribe. Unless you cross the stage of the tribe, you cannot enter the realm of the world as a nation. You all know that you cannot enter the worldwide nation, the territory that is the world without first restoring a tribe, don't you? Only after blessing at least 160 families can you be registered into the Kingdom of God. Just saying the words is not enough. We need to actually practice them. (275-214, 1995.12.30)

What you must understand is that, if there were no tribal messiahs, it would be the same as losing the legs on which to resurrect, according to the principle of rebirth. Tribal messiahs cannot be registered before first restoring 160 families. The time of registration will make a difference of thousands of generations. You must realize that even among the five billion world population, gaps of generations will be created. Therefore, by summoning up all your strength, you need to carry out the duties of tribal messiah. (265-142, 1994.11.20)

Those who are registered centering on True Parents will become the ancestors of the future. They will become ancestors of the next world, and based on the mainstream tribe and everyone from the collateral family lines, tribes will be created. That is why you need to be registered. You cannot be registered without doing anything for it. You first need to restore 160 or 180 couples. Those who have failed to accomplish this will be eliminated. The era in which you could assert your position as one of the 36 Couples has already passed. We are now living in the era of equalization, and the only issue in this era is who will be the first to fulfill that responsibility. (286-247, 1997.8.11)

The perfection of self involves perfecting the absolute true love, absolute true life, absolute true lineage, and absolute true conscience. After achieving this, one can then go on to restore the family lost through the Fall and settle down. Since True Parents have settled down, you also need to follow in their footsteps by becoming tribal messiahs, connecting together 160 couples, and taking possession of 160 nations.

By doing so, you will be able to travel freely to and fro between the Kingdom of God in heaven and on earth. This is something you need to inherit at any cost, and so it is unavoidable. Only by accomplishing this task can you be registered, and only after being registered can you possess the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world. Only after being registered can you claim it to be your nation and your kingdom. (268-88, 1995.3.5)

When registering, the order in which you register determines who the ancestors are going to be. Yes, it is determined by who is the first to become a tribal messiah and be registered. Jesus tried to register his 120 followers, but could not accomplish this; in the era of the Second Coming, you need to register based on 160 or 180 couples. It came to be 160 couples because everyone wanted 160, not 180. The number 6 is the number of Satan, and so you need to perfect it in the satanic world. The number 4 is the ideal number. Therefore, four times the number 4 symbolizes the whole. (253-83, 1994.1.7)

The issue at hand is how you can accomplish 160 couples. That is the mission of the tribal messiah. In this manner, by bringing together the 160 couples, centering on your family, you can then connect to the 160 nations. That is how you can perfect the family of Adam which was lost. So, do you absolutely need the 160 couples, or not? Why do you need them? It is so that you can inherit everything won by God and True Parents. The word "inherit" signifies having everything liberated and becoming like God. Do you finally understand how important tribal messiahs are? Without them, you cannot follow True Father. What that means is that you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That also means that you cannot liberate the satanic world. That is why you need to fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs, no matter what hardships come your way. Only by fulfilling this mission can you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only then can you be registered. Otherwise, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (268-85, 1995.3.5)

You need to restore 160 couples in order to connect them to the world. Jacob had 12 family members, Moses had the 72 elders, Jesus had the 120 followers, and the returning Lord has 160 head disciples. That means that they are the head disciples. Jesus called his followers his disciples. The words "head disciple" are being used for the first time by me. No one else knows about that.

Since Japan is the Eve nation, True Father has taught it every secret he knows. I have taught you things that even Korean leaders have never heard of before. So, if you do not fulfill your responsibility, it will be on your heads. If you fail to liberate 160 families, you cannot inherit the victorious realms of the first, second, and third Adam. If you fulfill only the realm of the first Adam, you cannot form a connection with the second or third Adam. However, the returning Lord has fulfilled the missions of the first, second, and third Adam, and will engraft you as long as you have laid the foundation of formation, the realm of the first Adam. (265-127, 1994.11.20)

In the past 40 years, True Father has built mission departments in 160 nations amid persecution. Now, Blessed Families, the members of the Unification Church, need to become tribal messiahs and bring together 160 couples. This confederation will be like a crystal. Though Father was persecuted in his endeavors, we have now entered an era where the members of the Unification Church can save their tribe, not under persecution, but in a welcoming situation. Those who claim they cannot accomplish this do not deserve to be our members. As long as you have 160 couples who have received the Blessing, you will obtain the right to register in the nation of God. By accomplishing this, you will safely arrive in the blessed land of Canaan, and enter the position in which you can serve your nation. (252-288, 1994.1.1)

If the world had listened to the words of True Father, a world of peace, the Kingdom of Heaven, would have been established on earth in 1952. Then, what I am teaching you about now, namely, the tribal messiahs, would have been dispatched across the world. Since there are 800 million Christians in the world, 800 million people would have stood on True Father's side, and tribal messiahs would have emerged from towns of every description, with three generations from each family all being tribal messiahs. If this had taken place, the satanic world would have completely come to an end. Then a constitution, which would dictate how the world of the future should be governed would have been enacted and followed. That is why I have not yet taught you in detail the direction you have to take with your family. One thing you must remember is that the era of the great exodus is coming. The families who have followed the words of True Father, and have become tribal messiahs and blessed 160 families, are eligible for registration. Father will then decide the ancestors; who will be the first generation, the second, third, or fourth. Once the ancestors are established, kingship will exist. Therefore, we need to establish the family belonging to the kingship. (273-46, 1995.10.21)

People without accomplishments in love are of no use to God. Everyone must have some accomplishment to his or her name. That is why you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven only when you have your tribes of 36 couples, 72 couples and 120 couples. Without them you cannot be registered. Isn't that how the Divine Principle works? Is it, or is it not? The 36 Couples are proud of the fact that they are one of the elders, but do you think you have this position for nothing? It is actually a very fearful position. You do not know which of these couples Satan will get hold of and attack. (303-166, 1999.8.17)

2.3. Formation of the tribes and genealogy of the heavenly nation

Once we have restored the nation, all of you must be registered. Do you know what the registration is? It is the drawing up of the tribal register. In the future, when being registered into the nation centering on the Unification Church, the tribal register must be drawn up. In drawing up the genealogy, everything you own must be returned to God. Be they many or few, everything from your life, everything that represents the life you have led, must be offered to the nation.

Do you know why the tax rate is so high these days? It is because they are taking in everything. They are taking as much as 98 %. The reason for this is that the time is coming when you will need to offer everything to God's nation. That is how the whole world is at present. They are unwittingly following this trend. Once this comes to pass, and the world becomes one by inheriting the tradition of receiving the Blessing, everything in the world must be returned to God. (101-289, 1978.11.7)

In the future, you will be registered in the Kingdom of Heaven. Your names must be entered into the family register. God's nation must emerge first before you can do that. If there is no nation, there is no place for you to be registered. Therefore, you must understand how important it is to establish God's nation. Only when we have restored a nation, can God carry out His desires through that nation, and can the foundation be made upon which we can finally step over the realm of persecution that is the satanic world. Therefore, no matter what you are engaged in, no matter what you are doing, you must always have the thoughts of the kingdom in your mind. (54-228, 1972.3.24)

The family register must be changed. It must be newly made. The family registers in the satanic world will all be destroyed. They belong to the realm of hell. That is why you need to be registered anew in the family register of the Kingdom of God. You need to get a clear understanding of this today, and from this day forward gather yourself together and work hard to spread this truth to those around you. Whoever stands as the central figure needs to give everything and then forget about what was offered. (251-273, 1993.10.31)

Registration takes place when a new family register for the Kingdom of God is drawn up. The era of registration will come when the 160 families are united into one throughout all of the 160 nations. It will be very similar to the present, where you need to make a registration of birth when someone is born, a registration of marriage when someone is married, and a registration of death when someone has passed away. With the establishment of the nation, basic laws that can formulate and govern a system regarding such practices as family registers must be enacted centering on the constitution. In order for you to become eligible for registration in that nation, the 160 families must be completely united with you centered on God.

When registering, you will not be accepted if you do not know the language of the homeland. Unless your language, culture, and living environment show that you have completely inherited True Parents' realm of culture, you will lose the right to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (276-216, 1996.2.24)

You need to comply with the laws of the Kingdom of God and learn to respect the laws of the palace of the Kingdom of God. From now on, we need to make preparations for the day when North and South Korea are reunited. You still have a lot of training to do. On that day, not everyone will be granted entrance. The era of registration will then have arrived. When that day comes, gaining entrance to God's nation will be much harder than graduating from college, achieving a doctorate and becoming a professor. You will need to compile the history of all members of your tribe in your generation and have them passed. Both the spiritual and physical worlds will make an appraisal of them and select those who attain the requisite standard.

Bearing this in mind, would you say you have passed or failed in following the instructions of True Father for the last 45 years? You will be judged by how much you have done to come up to the standard. This is not a threat. Watch and wait. I issue instructions only after I have put them into practice myself and have accomplished them. They can all be found in writing in the Kingdom of God as the first article of directions, that is, in legal terms. Questions and answers will all come from them. (210-370, 1990.12.27)

Once heavenly laws are enacted and made public as the constitution, if you break one of them, you will be sent to jail. Excuses like "I did not know about it" will not be accepted. Women who harbor such thoughts in their minds should repent here and now. You must never live in hiding. I am warning you; women have more responsibilities than men. Men tend to listen to women. Do you understand what I am saying? (250-344, 1993.10.15)

When the Japanese occupied Korea, they forced the Korean people to change their surnames through the name change mandate. So, why should it be hard for you to change your names now? This all happened at the time of Japanese occupation. Isn't that true? I am the person who has come to change your surnames. I have come to uproot your tribal registers. Are you offended by it, or not? I am saying that I will uproot the tribal register of slaves and have your names entered into the tribal registers of royal princes and princesses. So who would not like that? If you do not like it, you can just leave. People like that will go down. That is why you must certainly like it. (39-111, 1971.1.10)

A heavenly tribal register has not been created since the time of Adam. For the first time ever, the era in which the tribal register will be drawn up is coming towards us. The era of family level registration is coming! You must realize that such an awesome and incredible era is coming. (290-167, 1998.2.18)

2.4. The era of the great migration is coming

After you have been registered as tribal messiahs, if you do not know the Korean language, you cannot live in close proximity to the True Parents. Such a day will come in the near future. Registration must be carried out internationally and inter-racially. The time of the great international migration is coming. Therefore, you need to make haste to become national messiahs. Every word spoken by True Father becomes a reality in this world. That is the way it is supposed to be. (253-48, 1994.1.1)

In the future, centering on the order of registration, the great national level migration will take place. Then those who have opposed the Unification Church will have to pack up their bags and leave. Because he symbolized the Lord at his Second Advent on Satan's side, Stalin ordered the Korean people of Sakhalin to be banished to the deserts of Central Asia, and they were left there to die. Nevertheless, they were able to survive. The Korean race is very persevering. The Korean people united together and survived in the desert. Now, in the same way, people will have to move. On that occasion, people were forced to move, but now they will move voluntarily. This is in accordance with the Principle. By saying that they are going to the Kingdom of Heaven, can they move to a place where they can make a good living? Of course not. When the Kingdom of Heaven is manifested on earth, a great migration will take place. In the order of registration, people will line up starting from right beside True Father. Then those who opposed us will be driven out of Korea. They will have to pack their bags. (253-299, 1994.1.30)

The blessed people stand in a more fortunate position than Jesus did, insofar as they have received the Blessing of marriage. That is why the era has come in which Father will be welcomed with no opposition from all tribes. Then nothing will be easier than bringing together 160 families as tribal messiahs. You will encounter no problems whatsoever. You need to quickly get on with it. If you fail to accomplish this task, you will be sent away. When the time comes for everyone in the world to line up to gain entrance to the kingdom, you will not be there. Then, once the number of people waiting to register tops 40 million, the rest will have to pack up and move to South America or Africa. The time is coming in which you will have to move even if you are loathe to do it. The era of the great migration is coming. (274-175, 1995.10.29)

Some of those who are here will one day say, "Good God! How could this happen to me!" You just wait and see if they do not. These same people will have to pack their bags and be sent to the South Seas. More than 10 million Unification Church members from all over the world are registering to come here. They are all moving to Korea. Those who do not know about it will have to pack up and leave. A great migration will take place. A great national level migration will take place. It cannot be helped; it will take place. Since I know what hardships there will be then, I have brought you here to listen to these words; so pay attention. Those who pass away without listening carefully may reproach me, saying, "Why didn't you tell us clearly about this at that time?" That is why I am explaining all this to you very clearly, so that I may not be accused. (283-211, 1997.4.12)

Registration can be carried out only when God's nation is created. At that time you will be able to report births, marriages, and deaths in that nation. Though innumerable families in the Unification Church have received the Blessing, they cannot go through with this procedure at present. They cannot even begin to undertake proceedings. You must understand this: since we do not have a nation, registrations must be newly made once we establish one.

That is why a great migration will then take place. People from the North Pole will move to the South Pole, and vice versa. In the future, your nationalities and your tribes will be changed according to the order of procedures. A great exodus will take place. (278-327, 1996.6.23) 

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