Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter Four - Blessed Families and Registration
Section 1. Registration of the Blessed Families and Our Homeland

1.1. What is registration?

Do you know what registration is? Once a woman is married, she needs to have her name entered into the family register of her husband. She needs to have her name removed from the register of her original family and have it moved to that of her husband. (177-302, 1988.5.22)

When a woman is married, she basically has to move into her husband's house, and so it follows that her name also has to be moved from the old family register into that of the new family. Then her family registration is changed. What is our registration? It is the certificate that gives evidence of our relationship based on the origin of true love. (178-207, 1988.6.4)

Once she is married, what is it that a woman should do? There is more to do than just registering her marriage. She must be entered into the family register of her husband. (195-227, 1989.11.15)

Once a woman is married, isn't she entered into her husband's family register? In the case of Western countries or Japan, what happens to her surname? It is changed. Since she has nothing, no foundation upon which to stand, she will become one with her husband by taking his surname, be it Inoue, Yamaoka, or Kinoshita. When they unite together, they do so by forming a relationship of love. As the power of this love is stronger than the origin of life, the woman is not sad for having to leave her own family for that of her husband; on the contrary, she accepts this as a matter of course, and goes to her husband with hope and a smile. (258-244, 1994.3.20)

Let us say that the bride follows her husband to his house on her palanquin. The moment she steps over the threshold and becomes a part of his clan, any thoughts centered on herself will no longer be allowed. If she were to conduct herself in a self-centered way, as she used to in her own house, would that be tolerated by her new family? This is the question. Can she ask them to tolerate her? Of course she cannot do such a thing. Since she is in a new place, she must be cautious about her every move -- the way she looks, listens, and speaks. Why should she be cautious? She must think about how she can be of use to her husband's clan, and to the new environment she finds herself in, rather than be a source of conflict. This is an extremely difficult thing to do. (142-160, 1986.3.9)

God and True Parents are weaving history together, and the era of registration will arrive. At that time, you will transfer your name into the new family register. Are you ready? Have you become sons and daughters of God like True Parents have? It is easy to say, but not to fulfill. Whether asleep or awake, you must always keep this in mind. These thoughts must accompany you wherever you go and whatever you do, whether you are eating or sleeping. In order to accomplish this, you need to experience residing in the homeland before passing on to the next world. Since this is the case, should you learn Korean, or not? Originally, human beings did not have many languages. There was only one. (201-234, 1990.4.22)

In the future, a time will come when you need to register yourselves. The era of registration is coming, for your family to connect to the family of True Father, the royal family. However, even when the era of registration arrives, those who have failed to restore their tribes will not be able to register. You must keep that in mind. It is similar to the twelve tribes of Israel. You cannot register before you have restored your tribes.

Once people learn about the details of the restoration of tribes, they will swarm to the Unification Church to become members. What, then, would happen at the time of the registration? Until this time, nothing -- from love itself, to humankind, to the creation -- has belonged to God. Therefore, what has become Satan's must be restored. The sons and daughters and all things of creation have to be restored centering on Father, who has fulfilled the will of God. At the moment, Father does not have a nation of his own. Isn't that so? The nation must be restored. (208-339, 1990.11.21)

Throughout all of history, there has never been such a thing as registration into the Kingdom of God. In fact, there was no Kingdom of God in the spirit world. There was no family and no nation there. Once a family passed on to the spirit world, that family was separated; if there were ten members in a family, all ten of them were separated. However, that will not be the case from now on. You must understand that, had it not been for the Fall, the Kingdom of Heaven would have been a place where the whole family, the mother and father and all the others, would have entered together. If the grandparents, mother and father, and sons and daughters united together centering on true love, and cherished the true love of God in that family, even God Himself would show absolute obedience to them. In a world motivated by the love for others, where one is obedient to such a tradition of love and where people live for the sake of others, the base of peace can come into existence. (210-354, 1990.12.27)

Once we enter the era of registration, a register of names must be drawn up, and this is a task that cannot be carried out carelessly. Without accomplishing Home Church activities, you cannot make the list, nor can you have your name in the family register of the Kingdom of God. Even Blessed Families would be excluded. You must bear this in mind, and make haste in doing all that you have been told to do by God. You should carry out what you have been instructed to do, not because other people are doing it, but because there is no other way. If you do not complete the task given you on earth, once you enter the spirit world, you will have to carry on with it forever. If you do not complete it on earth, you will be in great trouble in the world to come. (143-118, 1986.3.16)

Jesus, who failed to accomplish the will of God on earth, should have found a bride in his time and established the relationship of true parents and raised true children. He should have prepared a foundation on earth that would secure, with heaven's authority, the right of inheritance and the right of registration into the kingdom. He passed away to the spirit world without having done so. In registering, would you register as servants? If you cannot be a son of direct descent, you must at least be registered in the name of an adopted son in order to become one of God's heirs. Then you will share the right of inheritance. (155-309, 1965.11.1)

What are we trying to achieve? We want to be registered in the positions of sons and daughters who can be loved eternally by God and True Parents. The registration will begin from this time forth. You will be registered in the Book of Life of the Kingdom of God. A new form of registration should take place based on the true parent-centered ideology and Godism, and at the same time, the organization of tribes should also take place. Similar to the twelve apostles of Jesus and the twelve tribes of Israel, we also need to organize ourselves into tribes. (146-230, 1986.7.1)

From now on, you will return to your hometowns and compete with each other as to who will be the first to expand the environmental conditions in which you can restore your tribes through your own efforts. You will compete with each other over this issue. So, regardless of whichever tribe you belong to, the tribes will be organized together according to those who have returned to their hometowns. What I mean by this is that the time is coming in which the branches which are to point east, west, north and south will be decided and registered accordingly in the family register.

There will no longer be racial discrimination or distinctions between the developed and developing nations. The biggest question is how well you can unite centering on your good ancestors in the spirit world, and how well you can lay the foundation upon which they can come down to earth and support you. Your work in developing your hometown, and how it is carried out, will all depend on this point. How big a branch is, will therefore be an issue. Even if the trunk is dead, if the branch is big enough, it can serve as the trunk.

The shoot comes out first, then the branches sprout. This holds true for humankind as well, but this is not the main issue. The question is how you can grow new branches; in other words, how the members of your tribe can be registered into this realm and returned to the original homeland, the Kingdom of Heaven. You must realize that you are standing on the path to the homeland. (189-224, 1989.4.6)

Registration will take place from now on. When South and North Korea are reunited, the members of the Unification Church across the world, the Blessed Families who have conducted themselves in an appropriate manner, will all be registered regardless of tribe. This will happen, if the North and South are united through the authority of True Father. Then heavenly law will decree that the loyal subjects of the Unification Church around the world the representative race, the race that passes on the lineage. Who would oppose that? From the historical point of view, I have worked so hard for the independence of Korea and to establish it as the homeland, so who could possibly oppose me? (197-212, 1990.1.14)

The era of tribal registration is coming upon us. It is not the era of individual registration. The coming era is the era of tribal registration, be it Kim, or Park. Once that phase is passed, the era of national registration will soon follow. Things are happening quickly now. Everything will happen so quickly that it will be like being caught in a whirlwind. Isn't the world situation changing so quickly that it almost makes you dizzy? Why do you think this is? The world is changing so quickly because of True Father. There is no other reason for it. (197-363, 1990.1.20)

1.2. Registration occurs in the era of the national level Blessing

The Blessing of the Unification Church is a church level Blessing, not a national one. So there are three stages to pass through to the world level Blessing. After passing through the era of the church Blessing, what follows is the era of the national Blessing, which is the era of Blessing centered on the nation of God based on a united South and North Korea. Then comes the era of Blessing in which the physical and spirit worlds are united. We need to pass through the three eras of the Blessing. Originally, these three should have been accomplished in the generation of Adam, but this did not materialize and it has been postponed until the era of the returning Lord. This must be accomplished in True Father's time. By the year 2000, the worldwide Blessing must be carried out all at one time. That is how registration can begin in earnest. (290-253, 1998.3.2)

Blessed families of the Unification Church were all married in a holy wedding ceremony, but this ceremony was conducted within the realm of the church, and not the nation or world. That is why there should be ceremonies for the Blessing at the church level as well as at the national level. You must understand that only when you pass through the ceremonies of the world level Blessing, and later on the eternal Blessing in the Kingdom of Heaven, can you follow the path which returns to the original world. You may receive the Blessing of the Unification Church in a simple and convenient ceremony by being sneaky and taking me unawares. But, even if you claimed that you were blessed, it is not enough. You must still go through the national Blessing. Therefore, when you go to the spirit world, along with the Great Initiation Ceremony you also need to participate in the Registration Ceremony and be organized into twelve tribes. Then, when the time comes for True Parents to pass on to the next world and be seated on the throne, centering on God, all people can take their own seats in the presence of True Parents in an orderly fashion. (185-36, 1989.1.1)

The Blessing in the Unification Church goes through three stages: the church, national and world levels. That is why the Blessed Families of today must go beyond their current position. Originally, people who were free from indemnity would have received the Blessing. However, the Blessed Families have conditions of indemnity to fulfill. In front of our church stands the nation who is persecuting us and beyond that the world; we must overcome them all. For this reason, the right of inheritance bestowed by God can only be handed down to Adam's family in a united world, after we and our families have overcome and reached the liberated position where there is no persecution. Only then can there be true liberation. On that basis, the realms of church, nation and world have to be dealt with. Only after going beyond the realm of the worldwide restoration of sovereignty, and leaving the realm of Satan's accusation, can liberation of the physical and spirit worlds come to pass. You need to rise to such a position and overcome Satan's accusation on three levels in order for you to receive the Blessing. (285-235, 1997.6.5)

For what purpose are the Blessed Families being entrusted with the mission of becoming tribal messiahs? It is in order that their tribes may be registered and may work for the restoration of God's nation, after which they can receive the national level Blessing. Yes, the tribal messiahs need to gather their strength to restore the nation. By restoring a nation and having it registered in the world, it will then be possible to receive the Blessing on the world level. (268-251, 1995.4.2)

Once God's nation is restored, the era of registration will be upon us. Since the Kingdom of God does not currently exist, the era is now approaching when all of humankind will be registered anew as the family of God. Accordingly, the era of the great exodus is also coming. Communism forced itself upon the capitalist world as a destructive and powerful ideology, but in the future you will have to be responsible by taking your own initiative. (259-223, 1994.4.10)

When the era of registration comes, just being a citizen of Korea will not be enough. All nations must be subjugated with love. You need to deny the family, tribe, society, nation, world, even hell in the spirit world and the devil himself. The way of affirmation represents the Fall. Since the Fall occurred in this manner, you have to restore it by going the opposite way. (259-223, 1994.4.10)

At the present, the Blessing is being carried out within the Church because we do not have a nation, but in the future we need to be registered in the nation. You can be registered only when you have fulfilled your responsibility as tribal messiahs. By being registered in the nation and the world and becoming one with True Parents, then, with them as the subject and Blessed Families as the object partners, you need to dedicate your families to attend God. Only then can the cosmic ideal of Blessed Families be formed. Such is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in spirit world! Amen! (269-65, 1995.4.7)

1.3. Registration requires a sovereign state

Without a nation, there can be no nationality. Without a nation, there can be no foundation upon which you can be registered. We need to create a new nation of people, and be newly registered. We have to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and, as its citizens, love the kingdom and its people, live on earth together with our tribes and family members, and be the victorious sons and daughters who have inherited the true lineage of the parents of goodness. Only after doing so can we enter the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. This is the teaching of the Divine Principle. (58-143, 1972.5.22)

You are not yet registered in the Kingdom of God. Since there is no nation of God, you cannot even make registrations of births before Heaven. You cannot get married unconditionally. You cannot even register deaths. So religious believers have walked a path of lamentation, in which they had no choice but to fall down when pushed, and no one to appeal to after death. You must realize that True Father has walked the most difficult path of all. Weeping bitterly cannot bring it to an end. He must endure it, even if it is mortifying and deplorable. (283-222, 1997.4.12)

Even if I was born as the son or daughter of God, since there is no Kingdom of Heaven, registration into the kingdom must be postponed. You must yearn to become a husband in the Kingdom of Heaven, to receive a wife, to form a family and to have children as a citizen registered in that kingdom. You must always be conscious of this. You must remember that it is an established understanding that you must fight evil at all times, whether you are asleep or awake, and be victorious. This is the way you should live always. (122-280, 1982.11.21)

Don't you have to register births? If you are Japanese, you need to register as a citizen of Japan who was born in a certain place. Similarly, we need to be registered into the kingdom. Until now, the Kingdom of God has not existed. Since there has been no family centered on True Parents, it follows that there was no tribe or nation either. We need to indemnify all this, so that we can reclaim the family, tribe, a people, nation, and world from the satanic realm, the kingdom of Satan. Centering on the religious realm, the whole world including the non-religious realm must be united together, and everything that belongs to Satan must be restored to God's side. If this is not achieved, you cannot live peacefully in the spirit world after you have passed away. It is tens, hundreds and thousands of times more difficult to form a relationship with the physical world from the spirit world. (250-112, 1993.10.12)

It is the Blessing of the Unification Church that bequeaths the love, life and lineage of God. Fallen humanity cannot be registered before receiving the Blessing. This is true for everyone gathered here today. Then how should you go about registering yourselves? Originally, you were supposed to be registered at birth. You were born in Korea, and so you made registrations of births in Korea, didn't you? On a certain day, you were born in a certain place as the first or second daughter or first son of a particular father and mother, and you were given a certain name; all these details are written down as part of the registration. Then you become the citizen of Korea forever. Have you become citizens of the Kingdom of God? Have you, or have you not? You are not even close. (211-109, 1990.12.29)

There is no Kingdom of God. Currently you are registered in the satanic world, but the era is soon coming in which you will be able to remove your names from the old register and enter them into the register of the Kingdom of God. Those people who have passed on to the next world without knowing this are now becoming agitated. Once you have been registered as a citizen, family, tribe, nation and world of the Kingdom of Heaven, and once the kingdom in spirit world is united with the kingdom on earth, you will be able to govern both worlds with love as the right hand of God. Before you can enter that world, however, you need to go through the registration procedure. (287 -40, 1997.8.10)

The time will come when you can register yourselves. Receiving the Blessing is not the same as registering. The Blessing is only a symbolic registration. That is why we are seeking to restore the nation in which we can be registered. What kind of nation would it be? It would be one in which a trinity is formed of the sovereignty, which takes the place of parents; the citizens, who take the place of the children; and national land, which takes the place of possessions. In order for a nation to be established, there must be sovereignty, citizenry, and territory. The same principle is true of religion. (35-282, 1970.10.25)

We do not have a nation of our own. Though there are many sons and daughters of Blessed Families, we have yet to establish the ideal kingdom desired by God. Consequently, there is no place for you to register the names of your sons and daughters, and to register any marriages or deaths in later years. If there is no nation, there can be no settlement. What that means is that you cannot stay in one place for long. If you do not have your United States passports with you, you are not permitted to enter any other nation. In other words, you are not acknowledged as a citizen of your nation. The same is true for us. We do not have passports of our nation, because we do not have a nation.

Where do the members of the Unification Church belong? In the United States? Where else? In the Kingdom of God. Where are you from? Isn't that a frequent question in the satanic world? When asked, "Where are you from?" don't you usually reply that you are from the United States, Germany, Japan or wherever it is that you come from? Of these nations, the very best nation is the Kingdom of Heaven. The most precious nation is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the Kingdom of God. So, when you are asked, "Where do you belong?" you must answer, "I belong to the Kingdom of God." From now on, the answer will be the Kingdom of Heaven. (277-251, 1996.4.18)

Members of the Unification Church will be able to register their names in the not too distant future. The day when North and South Korea are united as one nation, in which God can take delight, will be the day on which you can be registered. When such a day dawns, even if you are blind or have an impaired voice or a deformed arm, if you were blessed first, you would be considered the elder. You would be the elder sister-in-law. If you were blessed later, you would have to serve a person with an impaired voice and deformed arm as your elder, even if you are older and a college graduate. Such a day is coming. Therefore, when that time comes, all these special conditions of attendance will become important factors that will decide between success and failure. (58-113, 1972.6.6)

Once South and North Korea are reunited, and the nation is filled with blessed people, we will enter the era of registration. Once you have inherited the lineage of True Parents, the era of registration will be imminent. Through the worldwide expansion of the Blessing and subsequent registration of the five billion people in the world, the ancestral generations they will assume will be decided. Though they may all have received the Blessing at the same time, some will be thousands of generations higher than others. A very frightful era is coming. (252-246, 1994.1.1)

If you were to die without having restored the nation, the best you could hope for would be to come back to earth and support individuals and families. You would not be able to provide any form of open and authoritative support. You would not be qualified to take part in the battle to conquer the satanic world. Therefore, you can be registered only after our nation comes into existence. Have you been registered? Though you may have registered your names with the Unification Church, you have not yet been registered in the united nation of God. Can you become a citizen of a nation that does not exist? No, it is not possible. (54-277, 1972.3.26)

1.4. Reclaiming the Homeland

The homeland that we need to reclaim is not an existing nation on earth with its own history and traditions. It is completely different from those other nations in essence. In order for us to be able to inherit such a nation that stands on a completely different level from others, we need to become citizens with appropriate ideological proactivity. That proactive ideology should be in accord with the ideology of the absolute Creator.

For a nation desired by the Absolute Being to exist, you should yearn for that nation to be one in which the citizens would be united together centering on the nation's sovereignty. Therefore, the nation should take form based on such a standard of citizenship. (49-93, 1971.10.9)

Where is the homeland of God? It is the place where true parents and a true family reside. Then where is the original homeland or homeland of true parents? It is the place where God and His sons and daughters, the subject and object partners who can love one another, can dwell. The homeland is where you can receive the love of the subject partner as the object partners. If this is the case, then where would the homeland of children be? It would be a place where they can love their parents with God as the subject, and where the children themselves can be loved in the object position. Such a place is the homeland of the four-position foundation as taught by the Unification Church and represents the ideal homeland. Why is it an ideal homeland? It is because in that place can be found the love of the True God, the love of true parents and the love of true children. The world which develops from this place, on this basis, would be an ideal world. Such a principle can be found in the four-position foundation. (124-266, 1983.2.27)

What is the homeland? The homeland is the nation of the mother and the father. It is the nation of our ancestors. To sum it up, it is the nation of our mothers, fathers, and our ancestors. It is the nation of the first human ancestors. It is a nation handed down from, and loved by, the first human ancestors.

Since that love is unchanging, then that nation should be unchanging as well. When you consider the historical backgrounds of those who claimed the nation as their homeland, it can be recognized that there has not been a single nation that could maintain itself as the beloved homeland of the parents. The homeland was always lost. (173-68, 1988.2.14)

The homeland desired by the will of God is the homeland and the original homeland of humankind, based on true love. Korea should become such a homeland and the homeland for all humanity. (185-131, 1989.1.3)

If you consider the characteristics of a nation, you can understand that for a nation to be established, it must have sovereignty. From this viewpoint, when you consider the question of realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, then who would be the owners of the Kingdom of Heaven? Who would be the sovereign? Without a doubt, God would be the sovereign. Who would be the citizens? The citizens would include all people of the world. Then where would the territory of the nation be? It would be the earth. (96-15, 1978.1.1)

Where would the original homeland and homeland be? What would the homeland be like? Of course, the homeland would have a specific nation to create a foundation, but the homeland of humankind sought by God is in fact this earth. It is this earth that we are living on. This planet earth is the homeland yearned for by humanity. It is the homeland of humanity desired by God. In past history, many generations of our ancestors walked the path of sacrifice; and for what purpose did they do so? What was the hope for which they walked such a path, appealing to heaven? It was with the words, "May the time of the hoped-for homeland come soon!"

By establishing one nation of God, we should pass judgment on the archenemy of heaven, the great Satan; eradicate evil from the world; and build on earth the Kingdom of Heaven of peace centered only on goodness. You must understand clearly that this is the desire of God, the desire of Jesus, and the desire of the ancestors who have contributed greatly to the course of the providence until this day. (155-321, 1965.11.1)

There can be no national boundaries in a world created by God. There can be no racial discrimination between blacks and whites. There can be no reason for conflict because only goodness prevails in such a world. Nevertheless, we see that the world we are living in is divided into separate nations by national borders. Discord and disunity come about due not only to racial discrimination, but even due to conflict within the family between husband and wife and between parents and children. People of goodness are struggling with those who are evil. Considering the current situation of the world, we can easily see that the coming Lord must unite the world into one, making it a place without racial discrimination and without barriers between nations. He must reunite all the broken families, and establish a kingdom of peace in this world where goodness and evil are in conflict. (53-72, 1972.2.9)

Our goal lies in establishing a united world, transforming the world into one nation centered on God. That nation would have the one and only sovereignty, citizenry, territory and culture. Its people would be connected through the one lineage centered on True Parents. In that nation, everyone would want to become the ideal heirs by perfecting the realm of heart. They would be able to achieve what is taught in the Bible as, "Love your enemies!" (God's Will - 789)

There is no doubt that the Kingdom of God is a place that is governed according to the will of God, whose sovereignty is inherited by His children of direct descent, who follow the commands issued by Him as their center. In such a place, democracy or communism cannot exist. Once it is established, the kingdom would retain its system of governance eternally. Taking all this into consideration, how truly lamentable it is that you cannot be a citizen of such a nation. Therefore, you should lament the fact that you are not a resident of that nation. You should lament the fact that you are not qualified to be a part of it. We should all lament the fact that we do not have such an unchanging sovereignty anywhere. (72-292, 1974.9.1)

The goal of our faith is to become the citizens of the Kingdom of God. If we do not become the citizens of that kingdom, there will be no way for us to be loved or to be proud of being God's children in front of the people in the world or the creation. Those without a nation are prone to attacks. They are in the most wretched of positions. In most cases, they are easily beaten. That is why we should try to find the answer to the question: Where is the nation desired by God, the nation that can be the foothold of God? (55-79, 1972.4.23)

The citizens of a nation without sovereignty are in a pitiful plight. That is why Jesus preached, out of concern: "Therefore, do not be anxious, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the gentiles seek all these things; and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well." (Matt. 6:31-Section 33) Did he say you should seek His Son first, or His kingdom? He told you to seek the Kingdom desired by God. (34-337, 1970.9.20)

The reason we are shedding blood and sweat for this nation and its people is to establish the eternal Kingdom of God, the blessed land in which our future descendants can praise God for generations to come. (14-193, 1964.10.3)

Now we can establish the homeland. In that homeland there would be sovereignty, territory, and citizenry. Furthermore, the people would inherit the lineage of the homogenous race, and the history that can be written by none other than that race. We need to fulfill the duties of emissaries for the homeland. The sooner you complete this mission you have been called to do, the sooner can the basis for restoration of the homeland be laid down.

The work we are carrying out today will be the foundation upon which we can welcome the day of liberation of the homeland. Bearing this in mind, you should march forward, determined in your hearts to complete the mission of emissary as long as you remain standing. Otherwise we cannot receive as our own, the historical world Blessing and heavenly fortune that God can bring us in this era. (29-40, 1970.2.16) 

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