Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter Three - The Providential Significance of the Blessed Couples
Section 13. The Already Married Couples

The already married couples are those who had married without God's permission. On the victorious foundation achieved by the True Parents, these couples stand in the position of Adam's couple of having formed the relationship of love at their own discretion without having fallen, that is, of having fulfilled love voluntarily. Thus, all youths who are of the same age as Adam and Eve at the time of their Fall will belong to God's side. Even fallen couples can attain a position similar to that of other Blessed Couples who are the direct descendants of the true Adam. Since these couples stem from a different lineage, they must be engrafted as couples. (242-102, 1993.1.1)

The Blessing does not exist for you to be saved on your own. Its purpose is to save your family. Since the family of the Messiah, the True Parents, has become the center of such salvation, you must be able to carry on their tradition just as it has been from the past to the present and the future.

Bear in mind that I have blessed you in the hope that you will become our perfect representatives. The Blessing is carried out at the place where you, representing past, present, and future, have united with us, which is why I allowed you to hold the preliminary Blessing ceremonies. Only when I perform the Blessing with such thoughts in my mind can the relationship of salvation be formed for descendants of the people receiving the Blessing and for those in the spirit world.

Are you not people of the Completed Testament Age? You are Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden created by God. Have this concept in your mind that you are warriors who can fight and defeat Satan, and bring the families in the satanic world over to God's side on the final battlefield of this global war. Since this is the formula that the True Parents are working with, things are turning out according to it, as in mass production, in that these new families are becoming the seed on their behalf, taking root, growing, and thriving anywhere they are planted. (294-220, 1998.7.19)

From now on, the Unification Church should bless Cain: this is the time to bless the already married couples -- they must receive the Blessing; otherwise, they cannot go to heaven. Our first ancestors fell through wrongful marriage under the auspices of the false parent's false love, life, and lineage and doomed them to hell. Thus, to reverse that, the True Parents must come and marry them in the rightful way. That is what the Blessing is all about. It is not Korean, but rather cosmic and trans-racial. (274-285, 1995.11.3)

In terms of couples, there are the fallen couples in the world, the already married couples blessed in the Unification Church, and the Blessed Couples of the Unification Church. Stemming from the fallen lineage, they all have their roots on Satan's side. They came to us through searching for the truth. The second-generation Blessed Couples, however, have God and the True Parents as their roots. You must never forget this. This is the heavenly principle. You must understand clearly that you cannot enter into the presence of God if you are not standing on the victorious foundation that is consistent with this principle. (145-349, 1986.6.1)

None of you are qualified to receive the Blessing, but if you stand in Cain's position with the standard of heart surpassing those of Adam, Noah, or Abraham, you can triumph over Satan's accusations. Externally, you are standing in the position that God has no choice but to hate, but even then you must be able to earn His love. The True Parents were able to restore Adam and Eve's standard through indemnity. The wife must serve her husband from the positions of God's wife, his wife, and his child; then, she can stand in a position similar to that of his mother. In order to achieve all this, she needs to pay indemnity twofold.

Only as you strive for individual perfection while establishing your family can it shield you, enabling you to achieve that goal. Likewise, if a family strives for perfection while establishing its tribe as its fence, it can establish a strong basis for that. The same holds true for the processes of perfecting the tribe, race, nation, and world.

At the Blessing ceremonies, twenty-four people comprising twelve pairs of groomsmen and bridesmaids are positioned to form an entryway signifying formation, growth, and completion. They represent the number three and Jesus' twelve apostles.

After walking seven steps, the Blessing participants need to make three bows, signifying that they have passed through the formation stage. This symbolizes the course of history from the time of Adam until now. Originally, Sung-jin was supposed to be blessed first before the other Blessed Couples, including Eu Hyo-won, could be married.

Groomsmen and bridesmaids are included in order to establish the spiritual standard of the twelve tribes and the twenty-four elders. By bowing, the participants fulfill the necessary indemnity condition. The True Parents sprinkle holy water during the Blessing Ceremony to set the condition that you have been restored through indemnity and that you have gone beyond the foundation prepared by the ancestors in the spirit world. The holy wine ceremony sets the condition that you have been reborn through three providential mothers. Contained in the holy wine is the blood of indemnification. By drinking it, you are cleansed internally, and by wiping yourself with the holy handkerchief, you are cleansed externally. (19-268, 1968.2.20)

On the first day of September 1991, I proclaimed tribal messiahship and ordered members to return to their hometowns. Those who do not return to their hometowns cannot achieve the desires of their ancestors in the spirit world. The historic desire of the ancestors is for tribal messiahs to appear on earth and connect with the will of the True Parents who come in the Last Days. This is the longstanding wish that has been harbored by the ancestors in the spirit world until the present time. Their greatest wish is to form a blood relationship with the True Parents as their begotten children.

That is why the Unification Church is carrying out Blessing ceremonies. Everyone -- even already married couples -- is being blessed. Among those blessed, already married couples are people who married without God's permission. Then there are others who have had love relationships but failed to get married. In the free world of today, all those who did not form families must be saved. All already married couples must be saved, as well as all who have gone the wrong way through unfulfilled love relationships. After that, virgin men and women representing begotten children must be saved.

It was the 36 Couples who paved the way to make it possible to open the gates of the Blessing for everyone. Among them, there are three types of couples: Adam couples, Noah couples, and Jacob couples. Of these types, the Adam couples refer to the already married couples. Originally, Christ at his Second Advent, the coming True Parents, had nothing to do with already married couples. However, through the foundations that have been laid, already married couples can be regarded as having been born of Adam's body before the Fall, and the Lord who comes to perfect Adam cannot give up what was born of Adam's body. (242-102, 1993.1.1)

There is a problem with the already married couples: if they were to go to the spirit world, they would see that they are different from other Blessed Couples. In the spirit world, the Blessing received by single virgin men and women is very different from that of already married couples. There are three levels in the spirit world, just as today's society is divided into upper, middle, and lower classes. Among the 36 Couples divided into of three groups of twelve respectively representing Adam's, Noah's, and Jacob's families, which group is the most precious? It is the third. In the future, you will have to serve them. At the moment we are not distinguishing them from each other because the time to do so has not yet come, but that does not mean they are the same. They are very different. (30-189, 1970.3.22)

The world today is made up of people who have formed families and those who have not. When you look at the Unification Church, you can also see that it comprises Blessed Couples who were already married and those who were not. We must pave the way by which we can absorb all these different types of couples.

Among your tribes there may be already married couples, there may be those who had some relationships or were engaged but never got married, and there may also be single virgin men and women. We need to indemnify the vertical past history horizontally in the present time by bringing all these peoples together. We need to stand in the position of being united within three living generations. The first-born son in the third generation -- that is the grandson who is standing at the completion stage -- needs to offer a sacrifice on behalf of others in a ceremony of atonement for their sins. Otherwise they cannot be united together.

Thus, you need to become tribal messiahs. You have no idea how grateful the already married couples are to be called tribal messiahs. Nothing can be done without them. Therefore, all of you should bring up your children and do all it takes to have them receive the Blessing. Then your grandchildren will be in a perfected position before God. Through these third-generation children, you need to ask God to forgive your ancestors.

Furthermore, three generations of ancestors must be liberated. This is the reason for the offering of sacrificial rites to them. From there they can form a relationship with God. This is the view of the Principle. Once you are familiar with all these factors, you cannot just go on living the way you did before you knew these things. You need to fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs. You must understand that the already married couples hold the great responsibility to fulfill such a dual mission. (31-282, 1970.6.4)

The already married couples, the newly Blessed Couples, and my family need to come together to restore our homeland. Only when the nation is restored can Jesus' desire be fulfilled. If Jesus' heart is not freed from all his pain over the failure of the chosen nation, the grief of God cannot be eased. If the grief of the Son is not eased, can the grief of the Father be eased? The grief of the Son must be eased first. Jesus came as God's Son on the global level based on the chosen nation, but his heart was filled with grief, and so we must first ease his grieving heart. (58-196, 1972.6.11)

If you already married couples cannot outperform those who were blessed while still single, you will not be able to uphold the dignity of already married Blessed Couples. Was there such a thing as the Blessing of already married couples in the Garden of Eden or within God's will? In order to save you, I have opened the gates through which everything ragged and false can be patched up. This became possible through the inclusion of already married couples in the 36 Couples Blessing. That is the only reason you can go on living within the Will. (101-286, 1978.11.7)

What is the biggest source of trouble in a family? Actions that disrupt the love between mother and father bring trouble to that family. That is the enemy of our church. Therefore, the already married couples gathered here must confess to their children the whole truth about themselves. You need to lay a deeply rooted family foundation by practicing the family morals, the morals of love. (120-184, 1982.10.15)

The parents who are already married couples cannot stand in the position of being an object to the Coming Lord, whether they are the president of the United States or Christian leaders. This is because they are already married. There is no logical basis to marry before the Advent of the True Parents. They need to connect with the True Parents through their virgin sons and daughters. The wealth in the possession of those parents belongs to Satan's side. It all belongs to the satanic world. The parents and even their children are all held in the satanic world. (145-21, 1986.4.30)

Of the 36 Couples, the Adam couples were already married couples, the Noah couples were engaged but not married, and the Jacob couples were virgin men and women. Noah's family did not fulfill the Will. When you look at the people in the world today you see that there are already married couples, those who are in informal relationships or are engaged, and the completely pure single men and women. From this time on, the foremost kind of people that True Parents should be seeking for are not the Adam couples but the true sons and daughters, in other words, pure single men and women. (242-104, 1993.1.1)

The 120 followers of Jesus represent the number twelve. The 124 Couples were blessed in order to organize and establish a model of tribal and national leadership worldwide. In actuality, 124 couples were blessed, four being extra. These four were already married couples. Why were they included in the Blessing? Had they not, there would have been no way to save other already married couples from that time on This number four represents gates facing the four cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west. Based on the four couples, therefore, the way must be opened through which all already married couples can be resurrected. Hence, I blessed 124 couples. (158-170, 1967.12.27)

Originally, I was not meant to bless couples who were already married. In the course of restoration, there was no need for Adam- and Noah-type couples made up of people who were already married in their thirties. On the contrary, I was only to have blessed Jacob-type couples as my sons and daughters, who would then save their own parents.

For the Blessing of 400 million Couples, based on the number four at the hundred million levels, you must restore your physical parents. You must take them even forcefully. The traditional foundations of formation, growth, and completion that we should restore are already married couples, the Noah couples, and the Jacob couples. Since we are living in the era of fallen history, Abel families stand on behalf of heaven and earth in the newly created realm of the chosen people, and so they should go and bring already married couples to God's side, forcefully if necessary. (299-224, 1999.2.17)

God is fair. At present, there are many people who are just superficially connected to the Unification Church. I told everyone who is supportive towards the Church to receive the Blessing. At this time, blessed members will be responsible to bless their own parents. That is because they are closest to them. The parents can thus be blessed even if they are not very familiar with the Principle. We are now living in the era where even such people can receive the Blessing. This will be the final one. The era in which I bless already married couples is passing. From the next Blessing, the tribal messiahs should bless them. (233-351, 1992.8.2)

The universal belief of people in the established churches today is that salvation comes only in the form of individual salvation. They believe that if they as individuals have complete faith, they will go to heaven. When you consider God's original ideal, however, you can easily discern that no one can go to heaven alone. It is a place where loving husbands and wives, and loving families should be together. (143-234, 1986.3.19) 

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