Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter Three - The Providential Significance of the Blessed Couples
Section 8. The 6500 Couples

It is the number that is three times the satanic number, indemnifying the six thousand years representing the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages, and restoring through indemnity all families in history into the realm of God's blessing. That is the 777 Couples Blessing. The 1800 Couples Blessing was the seventh to take place. The number seven is the number through which we can cross over into the global era. The 6000 Couples Blessing came next as the eighth and then the 6500 Couples Blessing, otherwise considered as the 6700 Couples. The 6700 Couples represent humankind, eliminating everything focusing on the number six and the number seven in the satanic realm. Since we were unable to cross over to the number seven in the previous 6000 Couples Blessing, I blessed the 6500 Couples in order to indemnify that. They are also called the 6700 Couples because it was 6,500 couples plus 200 couples from the United States. Through that ninth Blessing, we passed through the number nine. (288-116, 1997.11.25)

You know, on October 30 of the year before last, I married more than 6,500 Korean and Japanese people. Many Japanese were matched to Korean men and women, and Koreans were matched to Japanese men and women. I am phrasing it like this because that is the way you like to hear it. Isn't that true? (203-277, 1990.6.27)

The fact that Koreans representing the Adam nation and Japanese representing the Eve nation intermarried holds great significance. How else would they unite? Through intermarriage between nations, we have transcended the national dimension by forming unified families. Having done so, we can enter the global era, hence the importance of last year's cross-cultural marriages. God began His providence with Korea as the nation having a unified destiny, but it failed to follow His will. So Kim Il-sung and the satanic world infiltrated the nation and divided it into North and South, which is a problem for the world. Since the nation was divided, unless its fortunes are realigned toward reunification, we cannot return to the original homeland. In connection with this, I returned last year and performed the intermarriage of representatives of the Adam and Eve nations on the basis of the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World, thereby surpassing the national level of the Blessed Family at least conditionally. You must consider this in terms of the family. This is the standard of the Blessed Family. It won't do if you don't understand this. (194-116, 1989.10.17)

Do you know the reason behind the 100 percent intermarriage between Japanese and Koreans in this Blessing? The Adam and Eve nations are Korea and Japan respectively, and because the original Adam and Eve married privately of their own accord, they brought shame on themselves and the whole world was lost. Now the fruits harvested on the national level as a result of what Adam and Eve sowed must be overturned. Through indemnity, everything was turned the right way up once again. In terms of the worldwide principle, there is not a single person in the satanic world who can defile this foundation of love, in which Adam is above and Eve is below, and will be consolidated through the blessing of the younger generation of those two nations. (188-313, 1989.3.1)

I know well enough: Japan is in the form of a beauty lying naked, adorned from head to toe in jewels; she is like a woman without clothes. Four males have their eyes on her -- three archangels and the perfected Adam. In order for the latter to have authority over the others, he must intermarry the Adam and Eve nations, thereby telling the others, "You devils, do not even lay a finger on her!" Otherwise, all his children would be taken away. The Fall was consolidated by Adam and Eve's children, particularly Cain. A woman is not strong enough to defend herself against three archangels; however, through intermarriage, God's son can claim her -- that is, restore her. Hence, intermarriage is the only way Japan can obtain the best circumstances as the owner -- the circumstances of joy. (237-249, 1992.11.17)

The Japanese who intermarried with Koreans are no longer Japanese. They transcend Asia. Since they now possess the ideology to lead their own nation, the Japanese families living in Korea should be able to pioneer even China. Long ago, part of China belonged to Korea. I am bringing Adam and Eve into oneness in order to restore God's homeland so that they can lay the foundation upon which to embrace the whole world. That is how history will unfold. A new and great history will commence henceforth. (234-91, 1992.8.4)

On the last occasion I intermarried 2,500 men and women from Japan with men and women from Korea. When they first gathered together, I told them, "From this day onwards, Japanese must marry Koreans, and Koreans must marry Japanese!" Of the 2,500 Japanese, do you know how many graduated from Tokyo University? Forty-three of them are chief secretaries to assemblymen, and more than ten have graduated from Tokyo University. Most of the others are graduates of intermediate universities, and at least thirty of them are medical doctors. I told them, "Quit everything you are doing and come to Korea!" What do you think of that? (200-122, 1990.2.24)

If you were to compare a Japanese couple with an international couple, which would you say is the higher? You must serve the international couples. It is the same for Mr. Furuta and Mr. Oyamada as well. On whose shoulders lies the most important responsibility of leading Japan in the future? It is in fact the traditional standpoint of heaven to gradually appoint those who have intermarried as the leaders. This is not the case at present, but you should bear in mind that it will happen. The same is true for the United States. This is the first time I have spoken about such things in public. I am telling you because the time is ripe. (217-54, 1991.4.16)

Some time ago, when I set out to hold the Korean-Japanese Blessing, Japanese church leaders, including Mr. Kuboki, did not believe it was possible; however, after a week of prompting the leaders, it finally took place. How many thousands of people were there? Since there were 6,500 couples, it follows that well over 10,000 people were participating. Originally, more than 10,000 people had to come from Japan. Between 8,000 and 9,000 people flocked into Korea within one week; so do you think they had enough airplanes to accommodate them all? Everything was brought to a standstill at one point. I made sure that no one knew what was going on. The Korean Embassy in Japan had to mobilize even the families of their staff, and for three days and nights did nothing but stamp passports. That is how the condition was established for the Japanese and Korean governments to support us. For the 6500 Couples Blessing, the Korean government supported us. (198-373, 1990.2.11)

Christians tend to think of individuals when we talk about the enemy, yet we are not referring to just one person but a whole nation. We must love the nation that is our enemy; as such, I am telling you to love the nation of Japan. When Japanese and Koreans come into contact, don't the sparks start to fly? Do you know that they have intermarried? If ordinary individuals ventured to carry out such intermarriage, it would likely result in nothing but destruction; however, on account of the roots planted through the Blessing, these couples will not divide up nationally, but unite and enter heaven together. Through Korean-Japanese intermarriage, the fortunes of these two nations will begin to take root on earth. (195-222, 1989.11.15) 

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