Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter Three - The Providential Significance of the Blessed Couples
Section 6. The 1800 Couples

6.1. The background to the 1800 Couples Blessing

On February 8, 1975, I performed the 1800 Couples Blessing. Now that the Unification Church members have made their debut, first on an individual and then on a family basis, not only the members of my family but all church members should become known throughout the world. Since this is God's will, we must become living monuments that represent and testify to this victory on the family level; thus, based on the achievement of having overcome the hardships of the first and second seven-year courses, we can finally expand our families horizontally on earth centering on the Parents through the third seven-year course. This was valiantly displayed in the ceremony on February 8. (77-217, 1975.4.12)

The 1800 Couples represent three times six, equaling eighteen, and also signify the termination of the satanic world, since it is the number three in the satanic world. Three times six is eighteen, which leads us to 1800 Couples. The gates of the worldwide Blessing have been opened even to the satanic world, which means that they have been opened to the world of the enemy. It was the 1800 Couples who opened the gates of the fallen world to the Unification Church Blessing. You need to restore 160 families before you can register your own family according to the tribal standard representing the world. That number is derived from multiplying the number four by itself and so it is Satan's number. Therefore, it is treated the same, both in value and in content, as the number four of the satanic world.

Originally, you should establish 180 families, but I will accept 160 families. That is how all families in the satanic world can join us. (281-42, 1997.1.2)

The 1800 Couples represent three times six, equaling eighteen, where the number three represents the three periods taking the place of the number six, and the number six becomes the same as the number three or Satan's number of completion. Thus, the 1800 Couples represent all humankind. Through their Blessing, the foundation has been prepared upon which the future families of not just believers but also nonbelievers in the realm of the satanic world can be connected to heaven. This is the work we have been carrying out up until now. (114-41, 1981.5.15)

If we consider the 1800 Couples, the number sixteen is four times four, and the number eighteen is six times three. They are basically the same. The number four is the number for earth and so four multiplied by four is a dimensional number. The number eighteen is the satanic number six multiplied by three. The number three is derived from the three ages, the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages, and this leads us to the number 180. Hence, in the process of indemnification for the Unification Church, the restoration of 180 families per couple is required, and the 1800 Couples stand on the worldwide level. (265-176, 1994.11.20)

Since Satan destroyed family relationships, we are establishing a transnational movement that binds the family to the realm of God's direct dominion with the 777 Couples, followed by the 1800 Couples. The 1800 Couples will be the last Blessing group in creating this movement. The number eighteen comes from the satanic number six multiplied by three representing formation, growth, and completion.

The fact that I have restored 1,800 couples from the satanic world signifies that I have surpassed the realm of the tribe. The victory I achieved on the national level is the starting point of the path leading to the world. The 1800 Couples are three times the number six hundred, which represents the realm of Satan's dominion. Through the establishment of the family on this basis, the 1800 Couples have become the standard of indemnification for the family in Satan's realm. (190-275, 1989.6.19)

God is a mathematical god. Nothing He does is by chance or based on rough estimates. Thus, families throughout the world are involving themselves in our work to one degree or another without realizing it. The 1800-Couple represent three times six, which equals eighteen. All numbers in restoration are based on six; everything involves that number. The 6000 Couples Blessing held this time in Korea, and the 2100 Couples Blessing as well, were all carried out in accordance with the Principle. (126-52, 1983.4.10)

For the Blessed Families, the international Blessing is a tradition. I placed a lot of importance on the 1800 Couples, didn't I? Their number is based on three times six, which is why 1,800 couples were blessed. Jesus needed 120 couples and Christ at his Second Advent needs 180 couples. There is equivalent numerical and providential significance in 180 and 160 couples. They are both multiples of the number four. The number sixteen comes from four times four, and the number eighteen comes from six times three. They are Satan's completion numbers, which we seek to reclaim for God.

Didn't I instruct Blessed Families to bless 160 couples from their tribes for this reason? Originally, it was supposed to be 180 couples, but 160 couples are also acceptable. It is easier to accomplish a smaller number and so I said 160 couples are okay; but in the future, you must bless 180 couples. The seventh Blessing I performed was the 1800 Couples Blessing -- from the 3, 33, 72, 124, 430, 777 right through to the 1800 Couples, you can count seven in total. From the number seven, we must move on to the numbers eight, nine, and ten, the unitary number. Once we reach the number ten, we can move into the era of the globalization of the Blessing. (292-20, 1998.3.27)

The 160 couples are based on the number four multiplied by four. Due to the failure of Adam and of his children to establish four-position foundations, it was impossible to open the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Nevertheless, during the era of indemnification, by virtue of 4.4 Jeol (Four-Four Day), we can restore this foundation because four times four equals sixteen -- the number symbolizing God's ideal that was usurped by Satan. If the number six is the foundation on which we can reclaim the satanic world for God, then that number times three, representing formation, growth, and completion, would equal eighteen, which explains why I blessed 1800 couples. The 1800 Couples correspond to 1600 couples. This is the number that can destroy Satan completely. (296-179, 1998.11.9)

One-hundred twenty couples were meant to be restored in the era of Jesus, but in the era of Christ at his Second Advent -- the era of globalization -- it should be 180 couples. Hence, I blessed the 1800 Couples and went on to the 6000 Couples Blessing. That number 1800 was derived from multiplying the satanic number six by three. Since a number was needed that could walk over everything belonging to Satan, the number eighteen emerged. (304-291, 1999.11.9)

I blessed the 1800 Couples this year. Originally, their Blessing should have taken place last year in 1974, but it was all right as long as I performed the Blessing before April of this year. From the time the Blessing ceremonies were first held in April 1960 until April of this year we are still keeping within the fourteen-year period. That is why I conducted the Blessing in February, and so we have achieved all this within fourteen years. Thus, in keeping with the completion of the second seven-year course of the Unification Church, the 1800 Couples Blessing conducted on the global level signifies that we have laid the foundation for worldwide restoration. So what are the 1800 Couples? The number eighteen is the sum of six plus six plus six. The number of couples corresponds to this and represents our gaining supremacy over the satanic world completely. Having laid the global foundation, we can conclude that we have entered the era in which we can move the nation and the world according to God's will. (81-109, 1975.12.1)

The 1800 Couples Blessing that took place on February 8, 1975 was a global event. Newspapers worldwide should have carried articles about it. The whole world should know about it. As such, you should also understand that the year 1975 was a truly historic year. We have entered the era of global proclamation. Our ascent to that level was heralded by the Blessing of the 1800 Couples. (87-62, 1976.5.1)

The 1800 Couples incorporate the numbers three and six -- the factors of eighteen. Since three sixes represent the completion of that satanic number, no matter what it takes, we need to establish a new origin through which we can cross over into the global era. That is how I came to think that I should surpass the minimum number of 1,800 couples within this year. With such a conviction in mind, I instructed, "You need to reach 1800 couples," and we have accomplished this great task. (79-104, 1975.6.22)

Currently the United Nations has 183 member states. Didn't I bless 1800 couples? Similarly, in this period of transition, 180 nations must be turned around. The numbers 180 and 1800 signify the completion of the satanic number. These numbers come from six multiplied by three and four multiplied by four. They are the numbers Satan usurped from God, which is why we as tribal messiahs were to originally restore 180 families; however, that number can be reduced to 160 -- they are providentially equivalent. In fact, four times four is the ideal number.

In the Seoul Olympics, 160 nations participated. The number sixteen is also involved in North and South Korea joining the United Nations: North Korea, a suzerain state of Satan, joined the United Nations as the 160th member state, and South Korea joined as the 161st, signifying a new beginning. In terms of indemnification, South Korea is standing in the lead. (272-284, 1995.10.8)

From the time of the 1800 Couples Blessing, I did not emphasize the importance of spiritual children. Since the Blessing entered its global era, everything must be resolved within the family. Whatever is horizontal must develop vertically and whatever is vertical must develop horizontally. Spiritual children must focus on their grandparents, parents, and older siblings within their families. Their grandparents will then become their grandchildren. Then what would parents become? What position would they take if grandparents become grandchildren? They would become children. What position would older siblings take? They would become younger siblings. (292-114, 1998.3.28)

February 8, 1975 was for me a most unforgettable day until now. I matched the Blessing candidates until just one hour and a half before the ceremony was to take place. Have you ever heard of such a wedding? I was still matching the couples until 8:30 a.m., even though the Blessing Ceremony commenced at ten o'clock in the morning. I stayed up the whole night, but marriage is very important in a person's life and cannot be a game, so when a match was rejected, I proposed another and then another and so on. (83-226, 1976.2.8) 

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