Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter Three - The Providential Significance of the Blessed Couples
Section 5. The 777 Couples

5.1. The 777 Couples represent the world

The 777 Couples, formed by young men and women from ten nations, were blessed in 1970 in order to create new families and new tribes based on God's love, transcending national boundaries and racial differences in pioneering the way of His will for the world. Thus, a new global nation was being prepared for Christ at his Second Advent, as well as the requisite personnel who could serve any nation and any citizenry in accordance with his plan. (53-255, 1972.2.29)

The 777 Couples represent the world: they are global couples. As such, they strengthen our church. However, the family structure in the Unification Church is still in tatters. None of the families until now have fulfilled their missions and so I have had to extend them to the 777 Couples, representing the global level. Originally, the 430 Couples should have done this work. This is the progress we have made thus far. The 777 Couples represent the whole world. The three sevens refer to formation, growth, and completion. I prepared the global family structure for us to enter the trans-racial era by blessing the 777 Couples in 1970. Thus, any of the 777 Couples, including the Japanese, could take the place of any of the 36, 72, 124, or 430 Couples who deviate from their position. In this way, the path of the providence of restoration is being paved. (79-104, 1975.6.22)

We should be ready to unite globally, transcending nationality and race. Race or skin color is not an issue for us. Having declared that I must promote a movement to form a family structure transcending our nation and race, I conducted the unprecedented joint wedding of the 777 Couples. (53-190, 1972.2.20)

The 777 Couples that I blessed in 1970 signify total perfection symbolized by the number twenty-one -- the sum of their three sevens -- as well as the three stages of the growing period. Rather than trying to break these stages up, I sought to put them together all at once and did so in one place. There, ten nations participated in the Blessing, representing the world in order to restore the number ten. Thus, I could organize a new global tribe by blessing those families. Thereby, a trans-racial standard was set for the creation of that tribe. (54-295, 1972.3.26)

The 777 Couples Blessing signifies the attainment of maturity at the end of seven years of formation, seven years of growth, and seven years of completion. Thus, I brought together a great number of people from several nations and blessed them, whereby the way has been opened through which anyone on earth can form a family of God's Kingdom. Everyone can begin to have such a family. (105-156, 1979.10.14)

Now that we have ushered in the New Year 1971, what should we resolve to accomplish? As the Unification Church is the core and center of the world, we should lose no time in propagating the Lord's teachings to the world. On the foundation of the ten nations represented by the 777 Couples, we should fulfill our responsibility of interconnecting the world of God's love, transcending race, nationality and skin color, and completely unite around God's will. The 777 Couples Blessing was held in order to advocate this. This was a truly historic event. (38-213, 1971.1.3)

What are the 777 Couples? Their wedding was the last one I conducted while my work was based in Korea. Through this Unification Church Blessing in 1970, the many races of the world were connected to heaven. What was the result of the 777 Couples Blessing? By bringing together many families and tribes of the world today and connecting them to heaven, I opened the global gate through which any family, tribe, and people can form a relationship with God. By entering through the gate of the 777 Couples and following the path leading from there, all people can go to heaven. That gate is now open. This Unification Church Blessing in 1970 was thus the last of its kind held before the providence reached its present global dimension. (100-279, 1978.10.22)

The world will gradually start to move in accordance with the fortune of the Unification Church. In this connection, I conducted the first international joint wedding in 1970, the 777 Couples Blessing, which signified that everything on earth was drawing together globally based on the providence. As part of the 430 Couples Blessing, I blessed forty-three non-Korean couples overseas rather than bringing them over to Korea. Yet, the 777 Couples Blessing in Korea was the very first international joint wedding held in the whole world, with participants from ten nations. The path by which any nation on earth can return to God was completed through the family ideal in this manner. From this moment on, it became possible for the fortune of the world to align itself with the fortune of the Unification Church. (55-171, 1972.5.7)

You, the 777 Couples, are worthy of our pride. Thus, you should stand at the forefront as we enter the 1980s and take pride in bequeathing our tradition to all families. Who among you will assume such a position? By doing so, you will reach out to the world. You are the couples representing the tribes of the world.

Your situation is akin to that of Jacob's clan, which could not be formed within a seven-year course but rather through three seven-year courses. All you 777 Couples of the Unification Church must realize that your Blessing signifies the establishment of the tribe that can relate in all directions to the world. The fact that people from several nations were blessed proves that a tradition has been established through which the whole world can be connected to heaven. Thus, you must become earnest families comprising true husbands, wives, parents, and children who can set the standard of being able to uphold God's will; such a responsibility lies with you 777 Couples, who are currently in your thirties, because you are the ones who best represent the families of the Unification Church. The couples in their forties are too old, and those in their twenties are not mature enough for this task. Since those of you in your thirties are standing in such a position, when you fulfill the duties entrusted to you, the foundation of heavenly tradition can be laid, upon which the rich legacy of the history of the Unification Church can be transmitted to the world.

By doing so, wouldn't you become heroes and ancestors of the world's families immortalized in history? Knowing that you possess such an amazing and historic background, if you perish even after having made a supreme effort, you can direct your protests to me. Actually, you will never perish. (109-109, 1980.10.26)

In 1970, the 777 Couples from ten nations around the world were blessed. They are the 'three sevens' couples; three times seven equals twenty-one. The 777 Couples represent the whole world and also formation, growth, and completion; through their Blessing, any family could inherit the right to enter heaven freely. Such is the significance of this number.

Having thus blessed the 777 Couples, I can now travel anywhere in the world with my family: Germany, Africa -- anywhere on earth. That is to say, I can fulfill God's will wherever I go. Every place is the same. Since the way is open for anyone to come to me, it follows that I can also go to any nation. The 777 Couples Blessing in 1970 made it possible for my family to go anywhere in the world. I have laid the foundation upon which, if Korea continues to oppose me, I can take my family to any nation of my choice to realize God's will; accordingly, I can now proceed into the global era. (75-152, 1975.1.2)

Among Unification Church families, if the 36, 72, 120, and 430 Couples do not fulfill their responsibilities, these will transfer to you 777 Couples. You are the "three-seven" couples. When I say that, you are probably thinking to yourselves, "Three sevens is the number favored by the world. It corresponds to the twenty-one years of the three stages of formation, growth, and completion, and is the number of perfection, the impeccable number derived from the number seven and the three stages." However, you should not try to take advantage of the name of the 777 Couples, while continuing to fight among yourselves, being as greedy as you were before, and neglecting everything connected to God's will. (109-98, 1980.10.26)

The 777 Couples were blessed on October 21, 1970. They came from ten nations and must therefore relate to the world. They are the 'three-seven' couples. There is no racial discrimination among them -- whether they are Japanese or Americans. Everyone must create unity; only then can all nations in the world follow Korea into heaven. (281-42, 1997.1.2)

The 777 Couples Blessing was held on October 21, 1970, symbolizing twenty-one as the result of three times seven; hence, the three sevens. It was the last one I conducted before globalizing my mission; through it, and with the 1970s as the frontier, any race can now be connected through marriage to God's lineage. Hence, with that Blessing, we entered the era of interracial marriage. Thus, the Unification Church is not focused exclusively on the people of Korea; through the 777 Couples Blessing, it has already laid the foundation to form a new tribe by connecting the people of the world together. This Blessing marks the beginning of a new era transcending races and tribes, in which a new tribe of the world can be formed. From that time, the Unification Church began its work worldwide. (100-171, 1978.10.14)

All of you must walk the path I pioneered; it was long and time-consuming, but you have to at least set a condition of lesser indemnity that you have followed a path somewhat similar to mine. That is unavoidable. The 777 Couples Blessing, in which you took part, followed those of the True Parents, the 3, 33, 72, 120, 430, and the 43 Couples that I blessed during my world tour. Thus, it was the seventh Blessing within the nation of Korea, and from a global perspective, it was the eighth. It was the last Blessing, which is why you are the 777 Couples. The date was set for October 21st because three times seven is twenty-one. This is the final crucial moment. From now on, I will not have to conduct the Blessing myself. Hence, I included participants from ten nations. (62-336, 1972.9.26)

The teachings of the Unification Church exist for the benefit of the world. This is how it differs from other religions. Its members are also different. Even though I am criticized within secular society, people still remark about my actions, saying, "That man called Rev. Moon of the Unification Church does everything in such a grandiose way."

This time, I brought together people from ten nations in a joint wedding. Originally, I had promised to bless 777 couples, but their actual total was 791. I had to engage more than the number promised because a few couples might not have made it on the day of the Blessing due to illness or military service. In order to ensure that they did not fall short of the promised number, I actually ended up blessing 791 couples. (38-263, 1971.1.8)

That is how the Divine Principle of the Unification Church is: At the time of the 777 Couples Blessing, most of the American participants had master degrees, yet they packed their bags, left their nation and flew thousands of miles to receive the Blessing here in Korea. The round-trip airfare for one person to fly to Korea from the United States is about 2,000 dollars. So it would be 4,000 dollars per couple. That would be about 1.3 million Korean won. Why then would these people spend so much money just to be married here in Korea? The answer is simply that it would be of far greater value for them to be married here rather than back home in the United States. It was far better.

Since it was dozens of times better for them to spend that money and come here, they came, even though they were told not to. People would not do anything that would cause them to incur a loss. This phenomenon was possible absolutely only by the power of the Divine Principle. For these people, nothing else would have worked. (39-273, 1971.1.15)

I held a joint wedding for Unification Church members. At the time of the ceremony, people from all over the world flocked to Korea. There is no one who could accomplish such a task in the whole world apart from Rev. Moon. If awards were given to those who performed the greatest number of weddings, I would definitely receive first prize for bringing together 777 Couples from ten nations across the world. When you consider these facts, you cannot help but be astounded. (41-43, 1971.2.12)

I am sure that amongst those gathered here today are some of the 777 Couples. They represent the world, which is why there are all kinds of people included among them. At the time of their Blessing, some candidates were not even proper Unification Church members and so when you look at them, you can see that they are in various states of spiritual maturity. Then do you know why I brought together all these different people? It was because they had to stand in the position of representing the world. You must understand that what brought together these people was the love of God, who wanted to bequeath His boundless realm of forgiveness to the whole world. Some of the 777 Couples do not clearly understand His will. In fact, some of them have no understanding of it at all; yet, at least the wives who are gathered here today should become righteous people.

Everything was ruined in the Garden of Eden by the wrongdoing of a woman; if the women in our church today were to devote themselves to the cause of righteousness, the outside world would have to keep in step with us. Then the men would have no choice but to follow. If they did not follow, they would have nowhere to go. (44-302, 1971.5.24)

After being blessed in marriage in the Unification Church, what do people do for a minimum of forty days? People in the world wouldn't dream of it. Japanese Blessed Families and the 777 Couples led celibate lives for five years even under one roof with their spouses. That is truly amazing. Hence, problems such as juvenile promiscuity can only be tackled by the Unification Church. If this cannot be rectified, the whole world will become a sacrificial offering to Satan. What we are trying to do is solve all these difficult problems by bringing together the people of the world and transforming them into the citizens of God's Kingdom. Does that sound like easy work? (85-335, 1976.3.4)

We entered the era of international marriage with the 777 Couples Blessing. Everyone will be brought together. From there we can pass through formation, growth, and completion stages; this time I might even intermarry all of you. What era did I say we are living in now? We are now in the era of international and interracial marriage. (100-34, 1978.10.4)

On the bright morning of October 21, 1970, the 777 Couples will fly high the banner of liberation before all peoples of the world, signifying the resurrected foundation of cosmic victory. How many of you have felt in your hearts the value and importance of such an incredible and amazing day? People from ten nations have flocked to Korea to form the nation, clan, and family of the True Parents as their sons and daughters. Those nations, including Korea and Japan, reflect the vastness of cultural diversity. There is no fixed cultural standard (35-235, 1970.10.19)

The 777 Couples signify three times seven, which is twenty-one and thus encompass the whole world. They were blessed on October 21, 1970. On that day, the bridge for any race to go to heaven was built. Three times seven is twenty-one. What is the purpose of restoring through indemnity the crucial time of the Fall and the grief related to the three sevens? It is to escape from the realm of Satan's accusation concerning the spiritual and physical realms -- or man and woman -- in Adam and Eve's 21-year course. In order to do this globally, the Unification Church laid the complete foundation on which families can escape that realm of accusation through the Blessing of the 777 Couples from ten nations.

Starting with my Holy Wedding in 1960, next the Blessing of my three spiritual children, then those of the 33, 72, 120, 430, and finally the 777 Couples, a total of seven Blessings took place. In other words, all those Blessings were completed within seven stages and, consequently, what belongs to Korea can now belong to the world and vice versa.

The standard for the restoration of the individual, family, tribe, and people, which I have laid in Korea, will rise vertically until the nation is restored. Starting from the individual, the stages rise to the family, tribe, people, and nation. They are ascending in the reverse order. (58-59, 1972.6.6)

At the time of the 777 Couples Blessing, some parents came to me and requested, "Rev. Moon, my daughter's name is so-and-so. As you are the founder of the Unification Church, we hope with all of our hearts that you will select a good husband for her." Since when was I in such a high position? The world has changed. I thought it was still winter, but when I looked, spring had come. I finally find this world worth living in. If I did not have such things to look forward to, what would I live for? (38-187, 1971.1.3)

Quite a number of participants in the 777 Couples Blessing were not qualified. In God's eyes, there were very few people who were actually qualified to receive the Blessing. Nevertheless, by participating in this event, even those who were unqualified could be revived and a national foundation established upon which their relatives could also connect with us. That is why I included them in that Blessing. The grooms presumed that their brides would move in with them. As was their social custom, there was no doubt that the brides would come to serve their parents-in-law and live together in the house of their in-laws -- far from it! Instead, they were sent to the front line without informing their husbands. Of course I know there may have been repercussions arising from this, but I had no other choice. (38-29, 1971.1.1)

In the 1970s, we must restore seven thousand years of history through indemnity and establish the dignity of Adam in Korea. Hence, we must buy a house. If you do not buy me a home, you would not be fulfilling your responsibility. Thus, I had no choice but to establish and bless the 777 Couples. By doing so, I set the condition for them to buy the best house as well as the best car in Korea. You don't know how much satanic people opposed me in that process; it came to be the most complicated house purchase in Seoul. So I thought to myself, "Ah, this is also part of restoration through indemnity!" We must buy this house, but it is so complicated that we are still wrangling over it. The owners promised to sell us the place but there are legal problems, and so we have not even paid for it yet and are still waiting. I suppose we will have to restore all this through indemnity as well. Don't you think so? (38-122, 1971.1.3)

Being served nice meals or living in a nice environment makes me the enemy of this nation. The Lincoln Continental sent from the United States has arrived at the port of Busan. I received it as a gift at the time of the 777 Couples Blessing, but I am still considering whether I should go around in it. It would be nice if I could sell the car, but it was sent to me in the name of the holy tears of history and the honor of God, and so the day I sell it, I would not be able to maintain the dignity of having blessed the 777 Couples. As such, I will have to keep it. (43-85, 1971.4.18)

From now on, whenever I go around in that car, people will talk among themselves and say, "Rev. Moon of the Unification Church has the number one car in Korea." If they ask, "Where did he get the money to buy such a car?" the answer will be, "What are you talking about? He received it as a gift at the time of the 777 Couples Blessing." There was an article about it in the newspapers. I did not buy it with my own money; it was a gift. Hence, I feel no qualms of conscience when I ride around in such a fine car; rather, I am proud of it. (46-161, 1971.8.13) 

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