Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter Three - The Providential Significance of the Blessed Couples
Section 4. The 430 Couples

4.1. Significance of the 430 Couples

What are the 430 Couples? They are the horizontal foundation of their entire nation; as such, they need to achieve unity. We have reached a stage where we can exert influence upon the world based on the national foundation, which is why we should ascend to the global stage. Therefore, my forty years of public life should be restored by establishing the number 43. This condition must be set on the global level. Hence, we are now entering the era in which the Unification Church will influence history. Then what should be done now? The clans should totally unite and move forward for the restoration of the race. On the day the race is restored, the nation will automatically be brought into line. (29-103, 1970.2.25)

430 couples must be blessed within this year because 1967 marked the 4,300th year of the Dangun Era, and these numbers must accord with providential dispensation. Moreover, it took the Israelites 430 years to return to Canaan from Egypt. That is to say, what is significant here is the number 43. That number represents a turning point in history, marking the time of our entry into a new era. Thus, we have completed the Seven-Year Course restoring the number 43. Once all these numbers accord with each other, we can cross over into the new era. From this day on, the Unification Church will make rapid progress. (19-171, 1968.1.1)

The numbers four and three together represent the number seven, and also the 430 years the Israelites remained in Egypt before departing to Canaan. Hence, 430 represents the time for a new beginning. Furthermore, the 430 Couples Blessing also took place upon completion of 4,300 years of Korean history. This is not mere coincidence. God's providence is always carried out mathematically. The foundation built by a single religious denomination is equivalent to victory on the tribal level only, and this is not enough. By blessing the 430 Couples after 4,300 years of Korean history, I opened a common gate for all tribes worldwide. (84-146, 1976.2.22)

What is significant about the 430 Couples? They were blessed upon the completion of 4,300 years of the Dangun Era in Korean history. In that year, the gates were opened through which any Korean family could enter heaven. Even those who opposed us could now enter. Whichever clan or tribe they came from, Korean citizens could enter heaven, even the descendants of butchers, who are considered as members of the lowest class in Korea. Hence, the 430 Couples Blessing marks the time when the whole tribe must take part. The era of selectivity has now given way to the era of universality. For instance, if the Kim clan is chosen by God, everyone with the surname Kim can enter hand in hand. In 1969, I also blessed a total of 43 couples representing the many nations of the world. I conducted the Blessing in Germany, the United States, and Japan. These 43 Couples are in the object position to the 430 Couples on the national level.

What this means is that, since all the tribes in Korea received the privilege of being part of God's realm, the internal foundation has been established so that all other tribes and races in the world can also become a part of that realm. Furthermore, by connecting this reciprocal foundation, the tribes overseas can also be connected to the people of Korea, who are standing on the condition of indemnity of the homeland. (100-31, 1978.10.4)

Just as the Israelites set out from Egypt for Canaan, the 430 Couples signify that we too have set out to restore the world, which is our Canaan. Whereas they set out in the 430th year of their captivity in Egypt, we have settled on the number 43, representing 4,300 years. We are moving forward from this point. In doing so, we are not working individually but in family units. We must move forward with our families. You should understand this. The unit is no longer the individual; it is the family. Thus, you should not abandon your families and move forward alone. Furthermore, the central person in the position of Moses should not abandon the Israelites. He must lead them all out of Egypt into Canaan. If one of them happens to be in prison, he should help that person to get out so he can come with the others.

I blessed the 430 Couples to represent all these numbers. Among them, every person in the world is represented, whether good, religious, or otherwise; everyone is included. All other numbers are derived from the number twelve; the numbers 40, 30, and 120 all come from that number. Thirty days in one month is also derived from that. The central numbers in the universe are all included in that number. Thus, we are setting out in the 4,300th year having restored the 430 Couples. We have climbed one step up. This is the year in which everyone has been included -- not only Koreans, but also people of every other background. With Korea as the representative of the world, the whole world was included in the 430 Couples Blessing. You must know this clearly. We are on the way to expansion. (98-186, 1978.7.16)

Through the 430 Couples Blessing, Korea could be connected to the Unification Church. This means that, although many Koreans did not believe in religion, all could enjoy the privileges of the realm of the third Israel due to the fulfillment of indemnity conditions within that realm through the 430 Couples. I was therefore able to publicly announce that Korea is the nation of the chosen people. The realm of the chosen people was established. I can now expand this foundation globally.

After the 430 Couples Blessing, the next stage is the global extension of the land and people from Korea. By that I mean sowing the land, designating holy grounds, and engrafting them to the 430 Couples. I therefore established holy grounds in forty nations. Following this, I made a world tour, during which, I blessed the 43 Couples. I connected a total of 43 couples from Japan, the United States, and Germany as the counterpart of the 430 Couples in Korea. This is truly historic. Through this foundation, the many nonbelievers in the world can also receive the benefits of the realm of Israel. The world passed through four thousand years of Jewish history before Christ or six thousand years including Christian history, during which traditions were passed on from generation to generation and people believed in the benefit derived from them. But now, they are being endowed with the privilege of participating in the realm of benefit in this era of horizontal expansion, even though they do not believe. Such a foundation has finally been laid. (110-123, 1980.11.10)

What is the Blessing? It is the securing of families. Centering on my family, the 3, 36, 72, and 124 Couples were blessed, and through these Blessings, the global indemnity condition could be fulfilled. Then the issue of the 430 Couples arises. Although the 124 Couples were established to represent the global standard of the Blessing, there are still many Koreans who do not believe in religion and so do not lead religious lives. Isn't that so? God's providence must take account of all existing religions, and indemnity conditions are necessary for their sakes. But what would happen to nonbelievers? They cannot just be cut off completely and cast away.

Ultimately, the many races and clans must be equally engrafted to the realm of mainstream thought through religions. Although the way leading to the world has been paved and the gates through which religious people can pass have been opened, ordinary people had been excluded; they could not be admitted. Thus, the many ordinary tribes in Korea must be engrafted. That was the reason behind the establishment of the 430 Couples: they represent the 4,300 years of Korean history. (110-123, 1980.11.10)

What are the 430 Couples? Are there not hundreds of surnames in Korea, such as Park or Kim? In like manner, there are many surnames in other nations across the world as well, and the path through which all of them can be connected to the center of God's providence has been opened up by the 430 Couples Blessing. With regard to the 430 Couples, there are actually 430 from Korea forming a reciprocal relationship with another forty-three from Japan, the United States, and Europe. By this means, the world's five races have been brought together through the 43 Couples, corresponding to the 430. (100-279, 1978.10.22)

The 430 Couples correspond to the 4,300 years of Korean history. They comprise all types of people: sinners and others from all walks of life, including murderers and robbers. Only thus was the doorway created through which everyone in the world could enter. (118-331, 1982.6.20)

The 430 Couples must become the main driving force of the Unification Church. When I was in my forties -- as many of you are now -- my struggles assumed global proportions. By the time I turned forty-five I had laid all the foundations, met the indemnity conditions for Korea, connected all the nations, and established 120 holy grounds in forty countries. It was the time I started preparing for those struggles. (141-226, 1986.2.22)

Do you know how important the 430 Couples are? Originally, their Blessing should have taken place last year in 1967. Instead, it was held this year on February 22, which was the twentieth anniversary of my entry into Hungnam prison. Accordingly, there is great significance in completing twenty years of my course of restoration both spiritually and physically; you therefore stand in such a significant position in commemorating that important day with me. You should realize what an honor it is to have such a right of participation. That day is not a sad one. It is also George Washington's birthday. Knowing this, all of you should work hard to form wonderful families of your own. (159-43, 1968.3.1)

The 430 Couples are the representatives of the Korean people; they include all kinds of surnames. As such, they can stand in Adam's position and connect to the citizens of Korea, the Adam nation which stands on the global foundation. They also include a representative couple from the Eve nation. Otherwise, the two nations could not be connected. Hence, Kuboki's couple from Japan was included in the 430 Couples Blessing. Every other nation could be connected from that point on. (164-269, 1987.5.17)

In 1968, along with the inauguration of God's Day, I prepared the foundation in Korea upon which God's Blessed Families could be connected worldwide. Only after I had prepared the right foundation were we actually able to branch out globally. Thus, Japan was allowed to participate in the 430 Couples Blessing and not before. Mr. Kuboki's couple represented Japan. In this manner, we are moving into the global era. By fulfilling such indemnity conditions, we are paving our way in the world and making successful progress as we move along. (163-145, 1987.5.1)

From the perspective of the Principle, Kook-jin is our fourth son and seventh child; he is also the eighth among all my children to be married. All these numbers are in accordance with the Principle. I chose his spouse from a family among the 430 Couples because they represent all the surnames in Korea. Surnames have become so diversified in the world. Blessing 430 couples was the same as indemnifying the 4,300 years of Korean history through people, if you think of each couple as indemnifying ten years. It is the same for indemnification on the family level.

In the past, through the 430 Couples Blessing, individuals could progress; however, with the selection of Kook-jin's spouse from a 430-Couple family, the time has now come when people of all surnames in the world -- from north, south, east, and west -- can be restored on the family level, rather than just individually through my family. Hence, you must realize how influential Kook-jin's Blessing is. Through his wedding, Blessed Families will spread in all directions around me. (185-304, 1989.1.17)

What are the 430 Couples? The numbers four and three are linked to the 4,300 years of Korean history. Furthermore, their product is twelve and their sum is seven. All important numbers in the Divine Principle, whether you add or multiply them, involve the numbers seven, three, and four. In this way, the number 430 was determined as the number of couples to be blessed. Then, with Korea as the center, a related number of couples from the world had to be chosen as their counterparts, and so forty-three couples were selected from nations around the world to be blessed. The Blessing of the 43 Couples from Japan, Europe, and the United States created a global reciprocal realm. Through this, the horizontal foundation was completed upon which all people in the world could come into contact with heaven.

The path through which everyone can pass through the door of the Blessing and come together in one place should be opened for all people of faith, even if they live at the very ends of the earth. Such is the significance of the Unification Church's large weddings: by forging global connections through the 430 Couples, it has developed into a worldwide race of people. It is not just for Koreans. The fact that I connected the 430 Couples to the 43 Couples on the foundation of the family on the world level signifies the birth of a new race transcending ethnicity and nationality. That is how I see it. (100-171, 1978.10.14)

God's Day being inaugurated on earth in the New Year of 1968 was a victorious day for the Unification Church. That period was also marked by the 430 Couples Blessing. Because such a day of victory had to be connected worldwide horizontally, I toured the world in 1969 and blessed the 43 Couples, thereby linking ten nations to that sphere of activity. Our victorious achievements in Korea needed to be anchored worldwide. I accomplished this by blessing 43 couples from ten nations, corresponding to the 430 Couples Blessing. The 430 Couples represented Korea's 4,300-year history, thus enabling all Koreans to become the foundation for the Blessing. (58-223, 1970.6.11)

The 36 Couples Blessing took place under desperate circumstances. Thus, after passing through the stages of the 36, 72, and 120 Couples taking their places on earth, we entered the era of the 430 Couples, in which we could finally spread out in all directions to the rest of the world; that was the early history of the Unification Church. During this twenty-one year course since 1960, I have opened the gates of the Blessing in all directions to connect with all peoples and tribes. All the world's five races must enter through those gates. Thus, the Unification Church has been globally active ever since the 430 Couples Blessing.

What are the 430 Couples to Korea? The number 430 signifies a new beginning marked by the 430 Couples Blessing after 4,300 years of Korean history. The number 430 also stands for the number of years the Israelites were in Egypt before they departed for Canaan. They set out for the Promised Land after 430 years. Hence, through this number, the worldwide restoration of Canaan can be started based on the family. (100-277, 1978.10.22)

The 430 Couples signify the coming together of the whole nation and not just the Unification Church. The number 430 is related to the 4,300 years of Korean history and also signifies setting out to restore the worldwide Canaan, equivalent to the Israelites departing for Canaan. The path has been opened for everyone to follow, whether they believe in God or not. That is to say, in place of the Israelites setting out on the national level after 430 years, we have the 430 Couples setting out on the worldwide level after 4,300 years. They are leaving for the Promised Land on the global level. Through the 430 Couples, the whole nation should be connected to the Blessing, and this connection should expand to include the whole world, which is why I blessed the 43 Couples as the worldwide counterparts of the 430 Couples. That is the condition: through these Blessings, the 430 Couples can connect to any tribe in Korea, whereas the 43 Couples, as representatives of the world, can connect to any nation. (91-259, 1977.2.23)

Originally, I was planning to hold a Blessing in 1967 in Japan but could not. Thus, when I was blessing the 430 Couples in 1968, I set the condition of having the Kuboki's couple participate in the Blessing, representing Japan. I thus blessed Japan first before America. Then, through the Blessing in Germany -- the Adam nation on the satanic side -- God's anchor was cast into another four nations in Europe. Accordingly, what you must realize is that the victorious foundation on the global level representing every nation has now been built upon which the indemnity conditions can be set. I returned after achieving all this. (23-291, 1969.6.8)

Since all of you participated in my Seven-Year Course, I took responsibility to bless everyone up to the 430 Couples. All Blessed Couples are a part of me; every one of them is great because they contributed to my course of world restoration. (22-68, 1969.1.21)

4.2. The 430 Couples and tribal messiahship

When blessing the 430 Couples, I told them to become tribal messiahs. That did not mean that they should go off and live happily by themselves. In other words, I had given them a mission similar to that of Jesus and the Holy Spirit; that is, to become the tribal messiahs working to save their tribes as the substantial embodiments of the resurrected Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That means they should fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs, not as spirits but as physical people. (40-216, 1971.2.1)

I told the 430 Couples to become tribal messiahs, but none of them understand why I said that to them. While living on earth, all of you must witness to your parents and relatives. Accordingly, one couple should restore at least 120 people. This is your mission in life. Moving forward focusing on this purpose is the way that Unification Church members should go. (34-261, 1970.9.13)

What is the second Seven-Year Course? It is a period during which your families must become Abel families. In order to fulfill that responsibility, you must restore Cain families. What do you form when Abel families restore Cain families? You form tribes. You must become tribal messiahs. The 430 Couples are tribal messiahs. This means to be global. In this way, all conditions should be met. (34-104, 1970.8.29)

The instruction issued to the 430 Couples I blessed in 1968 was to become tribal messiahs. They must fulfill this mission. Just as I organized the 36 Couples in our church, blessed members having the surname of Kim, for example, are to likewise organize 36 couples within their Kim clan. If they cannot, they should become the ancestors of at least twelve couples. The way to do this is to form trinities with their children, since they are the parents, and thus establish the standard of tribal messiahship. (31-276, 1970.6.4)

What are the 430 Couples? Their Blessing signified entering the era of tribal messiahship. Since every one of them represents the family foundations upon which all tribes in the spirit world can return to earth and be resurrected -- in other words, the family foundations of the resurrected Jesus bestowed upon the entire nation -- the 430 Couples are the messianic families of their tribes. What that means is that they are like the families of Christ at his Second Advent to their tribes.

The 36, 72, and 120 Couples are part of me. These three groups of couples correspond to the vertical standard, whereas the 430 Couples have been established horizontally in all directions. Hence, they enter the realm of tribal messiahs, which is why I told them all, "Be tribal messiahs!" As I have already restored the 36 and 72 Couples, who form the center, as well as the 120 Couples, all you need to do now is to restore 120 couples per Blessed Family. Then everything can be indemnified both vertically and horizontally.

As such, you must understand that it is the responsibility of the 430 Couples, the Blessed Couples of the Unification Church, to create 120 families in your tribes. So have you fulfilled this responsibility or not? Have you thought about that or not? You did not understand this until now, did you? Now that you have heard my explanation, do you understand? (84-157, 1976.2.22)

Individual restoration precedes family restoration. After achieving individual victory, we enter the stage of Abel families. Whether husband or wife, all of you are Abels in your family and so from there you must become tribal messiahs. As this mission can only be undertaken by families, I have entrusted it to the 430 Couples. You do not understand this at all, do you? What do I mean when I say that the 430 Couples are tribal messiahs? This is logically inevitable. These words apply to everyone. (39-119, 1971.1.10) 

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