Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter Two. True Parents and the History of the Blessing
Section 2. The History of the Blessed Couples

2.1. History of the 36, 72, and 124 Couples

The work of God is the creation of a people from a tribe. The formation of the tribe was begun in earnest after 1960, the year of the Holy Wedding Ceremony and Blessing of Rev. Moon, the founder of the Unification Church. The 36 and 72 couples follow this. The 36 Couples represent the restoration of the ancestors of the people of Israel, the history of Judaism. They are the representatives of the ancestors. The 72 Couples stand on the foundation of this formation stage.

Then, who are the 72 Couples? Numerically, they are twice the number of the 36 Couples. In Blessed Families, there exists a conflict between Cain and Abel families. Centering on the parents, the eldest son's family and second son's family could not unite. Because Cain always inclined toward attacking Abel, they were always disunited. Therefore, the 72 Couples can be seen as the couples called to symbolically fulfill the condition of indemnity for this disunity. (110-120, 1980.11.10)

On the horizontal substantial level, the 72 Couples represent the 72 disciples related to the twelve apostles at the time of Jesus. When we consider them vertically centered on the 36 Couples, they correspond to the families of Cain and Abel, with the 36 Couples as the family of Adam. Until this time, all the ancestors who have influenced the age they lived in have, in one way or another, all failed in their work for the providence to unite Cain and Abel. Because the foundation upon which Cain and Abel could become one was not established, the fallen world continued on and on. Therefore, based on the 36 Couples, the 72 Couples were blessed so that one ancestral family that linked the families of Cain and Abel could be established. (110-120, 1980.11.10)

Who were the 120 followers? They were chosen after Jesus ascended to heaven, and can be said to have been the standard representing the worldwide nation, with the 72 disciples as the racial standard, and the 12 apostles as the tribal standard. That is why the Unification Church asserts that unless the Lord, who comes to restore all this through indemnity, liberates the world, the world will perish. That is why I organized the 36 and 72 couples, and through the unity of these couples, the center of a new race could be established. (110-120, 1980.11.10)

The 36 Couples represent the ancestors who lived during the two thousand years from the time of Adam to the time of Abraham. That is why there must be Cain and Abel in front of the 36 Couples. The 72 Couples were thus designated to occupy these positions. The 120 Couples were set up to represent all providential numbers, based on the number twelve. Of the 124 Couples, four couples were previously married from before. Their Blessing was for the purpose of restoring both the position of the fallen families and the family that Jesus had tried to establish. (17-216, 1967.1.1)

I blessed three couples centering on my family, and based on these three couples, there were Blessings of 36, 72 and 120 couples. I blessed these couples after going through many struggles on the world level. These couples represent the three apostles, 12 apostles, 70 disciples, and the 120 who followed Jesus. Just as Jesus became the victorious leader on behalf of his Father in the position of the Son of God, all of you must fulfill your responsibilities in the position of the son. (22-163, 1969.2.2)

In the future the Blessed Families will be an important issue. The first three couples represent Adam's family, Noah's family and Jacob's family. Who are the 36 Couples? They are the representative couples who are meant to restore all conditions of indemnity presented throughout history. That is how it is.

So, who are the 36 Couples? In each era of history, not a single family has been able to fulfill the Will, or been able to form a family according to God's will, and so the conditions necessary to indemnify this have been passed on from generation to generation. The 36 Couples, by offering these conditions of indemnity, have been called to act as shields for families on earth in this era. In other words, they are the representative couples that can fulfill the conditions of indemnity that have been handed down throughout history.

Then, who are the 72 Couples and 120 couples? The 36 Couples are representative couples of history, so they represent all that has happened in the past. Based on these couples, the 72 and 120 couples were set up as the representatives of the present. If the 36 Couples are the couples who can fulfill the conditions of family-level indemnity inherited from the past, the 72 Couples and 120 couples can fulfill this condition in the present. The 72 Couples represent the tribe and people, and the 120 Couples represent the world. That is how it is. (28-60, 1970.1.3)

From the position representing the nation and people, we must face the exhausting task of having to fight the final decisive battles on the borderline between life and death. As you well know, since the 1960s we have expanded from the 36 Couples to the 72 and 120 couples centering on my Holy Wedding Ceremony.

Based on the three couples, I selected the 36 Couples to represent the ancestors of three ages, one for each group of twelve. They represent the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. The number twelve should not just represent the horizontal foundation alone. From the vertical position, the 36 Couples also needed to establish the foundation that connects the earth with the spirit world. The Blessing was therefore extended to the 72 and 120 couples, based on the 36 who are the foundation upon which the ancestors could come down to earth. The 72 Couples can also be said to be the central figures representing heaven, by forming a race from the tribe. (100-171, 1978.10.14)

Just as Moses laid the foundation from which he could lead his people by going through the 72 elders, the Unification Church must expand from the realm of the tribe to that of the race. The key to this is the family. The providence of God is always carried out based on the family. As a result, the large holy weddings of the Unification Church are not carried out in order to deal just with individual marriage situations.

The Blessed Families must eliminate everything that is in conflict with heaven, and which has been inherited from the numerous ancestors, races and nations of past history. In order to do so, they must be a united group, one that will take up the burden of their mission in the present era that we are living in. If it is the 120 Couples, then every one of them must come together and form a team, and this goes for the 430 Couples as well. You must understand that the couples blessed in the holy wedding ceremony made their entrance as the resurrected central couples, indemnifying the failures of all previous couples in history. (100-171, 1978.10.14)

Everything would have been restored if the Cains and the Abels had united into one on the foundation of their ancestors. Isn't that so? The purpose of restoration is not just for a nation alone. It is for the world. Restoring the nation is not enough. The world must be restored. Who were the 120 followers gathered in the upper room of Mark's house on the day of the Pentecost, when Jesus ascended to heaven? They were the representatives of the worldwide nation. The 72 Couples become the foundation for the race, and from this a global nation can be established based upon this foundation. What that means is that the original foundation that was laid based on the 12 tribes and 72 disciples can become the center of a nation, but not the world. (84-144, 1976.2.22)

Based on the foundation of the 72 disciples, who were on the level of the nation, if the 120 followers who represented the nations of the world had united together, Jesus would have been able to accomplish the will of God on earth. This is the providential view, and it is the mission of the Unification Church to take responsibility for this by restoration through indemnity. It is the responsibility of the Church, and at the same time, the responsibility of the Blessed Families within the Church.

Then what should these families do? Based on the 36 Couples, the 72 and 120 couples must unite completely into one. They must become one completely. They are represented in the following way: the 120 Couples representing the world correspond to the formation stage, the 72 Couples correspond to the growth stage, and the 36 Couples correspond to the perfection stage. They are our ancestors. That is how we should view them. With the culmination of the Blessing of 120 couples, I could then designate holy grounds around the world in 1965.

Why did I do so? I established the 36 Couples centering on the will of God. This was followed by the 72 Couples, thereby creating the foundation for the race, and finally I laid the foundation through the 120 Couples representing a worldwide nation. That is why the time has now come for me to take care of the world's nations. Since we have entered the era in which I can carry out this task, I designated 120 holy grounds in 40 nations around the world. Through this, the 36 Couples as the ancestors were restored by the will of God; the 72 Couples representing Cain and Abel, and the 120 Couples as the representatives of the world, were all restored. So the time has come to restore the land of the worldwide nation.

Since we have restored the people and the land in the age of God's providence, we can now cross over to the worldwide era. This was meant to be accomplished after the designation of the holy grounds in 1965. (84-144, 1976.2.22)

In the providence of indemnifying the vertical history horizontally in the present time, a foundation for restoration through indemnity had to be laid first; that was the reason for establishing the 36, 72 and 120 couples. Of these, the 36 Couples are the miniature versions of the 36 vertical generations of ancestors. The 72 Couples represent Cain and Abel, the next generation. Finally, the 120 Couples represent 120 nations in the world. Their number should correspond to the number of United Nations member countries, which actually were 120 at the time. It turned out to be exactly so in reality. (34-103, 1970.8.29)

The 36 Couples represent the resurrected ancestors of fallen humanity, the 72 Couples represent the resurrected sons and daughters of the ancestors and the 120 Couples represent the resurrected people of the world. Therefore, it follows that if all these couples are united as one, the family, the sons and daughters, and the world will be united into one. That is why, at the very least, I will take responsibility for all couples to the 120 Couples.

From now on, your ways of thinking should be the same as mine. In order to restore one world, we must first restore one nation, and in order to restore one nation, we must mobilize our tribes; for example, if you are a Moon, then you must mobilize the Moon tribe. We must save the people of Korea by mobilizing each of our tribes. You should maintain this concept in your minds. (82-245, 1976.1.30)

The returning Lord must restore through indemnity the position of Adam's family. Therefore, he must seek out the families that can represent the families of Adam, Noah and Abraham, and set them up as the ancestors. In order to do so, he must first find 12 couples to represent Adam's family, 12 couples to represent Noah's family, and 12 couples to represent Abraham's family, thereby establishing a vertical foundation on behalf of the ancestors. That is why I organized the 36 Couples. I sought out and set up the 72 Couples to represent Cain and Abel centering on the ancestors represented by the 36 Couples. The 120 Couples represent the leaders of 120 nations around the world. (22-215, 1969.2.6)

Jesus' 120 followers represent the world. Jesus tried to begin his worldwide dispensation with these 120 followers, but this wasn't accomplished at that time. However, we must prepare and fulfill this work. On the way of world restoration, we must raise up our descendants step by step to act as bridges connecting us to the path. In doing this, Father cannot just select anyone to become descendants, but rather this must be done with care, as they will be representing the world. How can descendants be chosen? It was done through the holy wedding ceremonies of the 36, 72 and 124 couples in the Unification Church. (34-262, 1970.9.13)

What is the responsibility of the 36 Couples? They are to act as a shield against accusation that has resulted from all the mistakes of past history and up until this time. In other words, they must become the perfect protective fence that can block Satan out completely. That is why these families should practice the new tradition and ideology, which are completely separated from Satan. Centering on these traditions, the 72 Couples and 120 couples must expand. Considering all this, you should realize how important the responsibility of the 36 Couples is. (28-60, 1970.1.3)

The Blessings of the 36 Couples and 72 couples were carried out within our church. That is the difference. Performing the Blessing in our church is the same as laying the foundation upon which a nation can be established. This is on the basis of the Christian church and on Judaism. Through this achievement we were able to secure an internal foundation. Next, in order to lay the external foundation and make contact with the historical realm of the world's Christian culture, we expanded the worldwide activities based on the 124 Couples.

At the time of the Blessing of the 124 Couples, the number of member countries in the United Nations should also have been 124, and surprisingly, that was the case. The numbers of couples and member nations corresponded with each other. What this signifies is that the Blessing of 124 couples established the prerequisite internal condition of indemnity for the nation of Korea as a representative of the world's nations, and thus set the condition on the world level.

Then, what is the Blessing? It is the securing of families on God's side, starting from the three couples and extending to the 36, 72, 124 couples, and so on, based on my family. In this way, the worldwide condition for indemnity is established. (110-123, 1980.11.10)

When you consider the Unification Church today, what is the responsibility of the 36, 72 and 124 couples, who received the blessing over the three years beginning in 1960? These couples must complete the mission of fulfilling the external prerequisites needed to provide a protective fence, something Jesus could not complete during his life on earth. In this way, they must represent the world, nation, people, tribe, and family, both externally and internally, and connect all these conditions of indemnity of the one objective standard to me. This is the responsibility they must fulfill. You must understand that fulfilling the mission of being the protective fence is the responsibility of the couples who received the Blessing during the three years from 1960. (25-22, 1969.9.21)

2.2. The 430 Couples represent the nation

After the blessing of the international holy grounds, I performed the Blessing of the 430 Couples. This number corresponds to the 430 years of captivity of the Israelites in Egypt, and also the 4,300 years of Korean history. This Blessing signifies the beginning of a new history. Moreover, the 430 Couples also represent all families in the world. Afterwards, while I was carrying out my second world tour, I blessed 43 couples in the United States, Europe and Japan. I could then connect those 43 couples to the 430 Couples on the world level. By doing this, I was able to connect the victorious foundation I had established in Korea to the world, including the Western world.

By accomplishing all this, all the families in the world, not just the members of the Unification Church, could now stand in a position to receive heavenly fortune right then and there. That is why the gates of heaven are now open to all families on earth. (52-131, 1971.12.26)

Who are the 430 Couples? They correspond exactly to the 4,300 years of Korean history. After 430 years, the Israelites were able to escape, and this included the four generations living at that time. The 430 Couples are representative couples who will, in the same manner as the Israelites, bring about a fresh beginning based on the foundation on earth of the number 43, after 4,300 years of history, and expand the territory in which the nation and people can be established according to God's will. Considering the number 43, when you add four and three you get seven, and when you multiply the two numbers you arrive at twelve. The 430 Couples were thus blessed in Korea according to this principle.

In this way, just as the Israelites were liberated after 430 years and began their exodus, the same took place with the Unification Church members. That is why people from Jeolla province moved to Gangwon province, and people from Gangwon moved to Jeolla, and thus a great mobilization was begun through which people from different provinces were interchanged. (58-59, 1972.6.6)

The fact that I blessed 430 couples in the year which marked 4,300 years of Korean history signifies that, since the foundation built by a single religious denomination is equivalent to victory on the tribal level only and that this is not enough, then a common gate had to be opened for all the tribes worldwide.

That is why people with the surname Lee can also enjoy national and world level benefits according to God's will. The 430 Couples were blessed in order to allow a foundation to be laid, upon which any tribe, the Kims or Paks, and so forth, could receive blessings from God. (84-146, 1976.2.22)

Because I made possible the 430 Couples Blessing, anyone who is a citizen of Korea is now living in the realm of fortune, in which everyone can be equally connected to God's providential will. That is why we can safely conclude that Korea can never go to ruin. It cannot. This is the conclusion. We have entered such an era in history. (84-146, 1976.2.22)

We have entered the worldwide era beginning with the year 1968. Didn't we institute God's Day in 1968? In the year we instituted God's Day, I conducted the Blessing of 430 couples. Isn't that true? We are now living in the worldwide era. We are connected worldwide. After doing so, I needed to connect what I had started in Korea to the rest of the world, and so I selected and blessed 43 couples in 1969 around the world, instead of 430 couples. Why did I do so? Through the 43 Couples, I could connect the fortune I had prepared in Korea to the world. (84-146, 1976.2.22)

The nation of Korea represents the world, and so we need to transcend all the tribes in this nation. In doing so, I am not putting the Moon tribe before others. I should open the gates through which all tribes in this nation, regardless of surname, can come in contact with God freely.

The mass holy weddings of the Unification Church are not performed to solve the marriage problems of independent individuals. The Blessed Families must eliminate everything that is in conflict with heaven, and which has been inherited from the numerous ancestors, races and nations of past history. In order to do so, they must be a united group, one that will take up the burden of their mission in the present era that we are living in. The 36 Couples must unite into one team, and the 430 Couples must come together and form a team. You must understand that the couples blessed in the holy wedding ceremony made their entrance as the resurrected central couples, indemnifying the failures of all previous couples in history.

That is why the holy wedding ceremonies of the Unification Church hold such meaning. Based on the 430 Couples, the world could be connected, and through this, the Unification Church could broadly expand into the realm of a global citizenry. Do you understand? It is not just the Korean people alone. The fact that I connected the 430 Couples to the 43 Couples on the foundation of the family on the world level signifies the birth of a new race transcending ethnicity and nationality. That is how I see it. (100-171, 1978.10.14)

Since I had to create the worldwide foundation, after blessing the 430 Couples I conducted an international wedding of people from ten different nations. Should Korea have been left out of such an event? Then, is it an honor for a foreigner to meet a Korean man, or not? Is it an honor to meet a Korean woman, or not? Considering all this, would a nation that brings honor to all people in the world prosper, or perish? That is why men should choose spouses going beyond national boundaries so that they can meet wives who will bring honor to them, and women should also choose spouses from other nations so that they can meet husbands who will bring honor to them. (26-201, 1969.10.25)

The fact that Father blessed the 430 Couples signifies that the way through which we can carry out the mission on the world level has been opened. After you attain that goal on the world level, you can then be in the position to become messiahs on the tribal level. As Blessed Families, you are not in the same position as the crucified Jesus. That is because you have received the Blessing. You are in the position of Jesus at the Second Advent, who has come back to restore his tribe. The Blessing of the 430 and 777 couples signifies that we have successfully laid Jesus' foundation. (52-193, 1971.12.29)

The year 1960 was a very dangerous period, just as dangerous as at the time of Jesus, when the Jews, the nation of Israel, and Rome united in opposing him, and he was finally crucified. Nonetheless, I performed the Blessing Ceremony under such circumstances. That is how I took the 36 Couples away from the clutches of Satan. In this way, starting with the 36 Couples and extending to 72, 120 and 430 couples, we aroused criticism in society and instead of being pushed out, we pushed society out. That is how we grew. (161-72, 1987.1.2)

2.3. History of the 777, 1800, 6000 and 6500 couples

This is how the history of the mass holy wedding ceremonies of our church developed. The Blessings were first begun with the three couples, then 36, 72, 124, 430, 777, and then what came next? It was the 1800 Couples. The last one is the eighth. That is how we progressed. This involves the whole world. We are now living in an era in which the gates have been opened, so that any nation in the world can enter the realm of God's blessing. That is why I held Blessings for international couples in the United States, Germany, and Japan as the host nations. That was one reason I chose missionaries from these countries as well.

Because such a foundation had been laid, the Blessing of 777 couples could be held. This number is triple seven, and so it is the final one. It is the final one in the realm of God's providence on the national level. Through the Blessing of the 777 Couples in 1970, the time had finally come in which any nation could enter the realm of God's providence. Just as one needs to perfect the ideal of the couple in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the Blessing Ceremony of the 777 Couples bestowed on any nation and tribe in the world the privilege to enter this realm of God's providence. You must understand this. That was why, after the Blessing Ceremony was held, the 777 Couples were made to scatter all over Korea for a period of three years for the purpose of world restoration. Japanese members were asked to live separately from their spouses for five years. They were separated from 1970 through 1974, and it was not until June 10, 1975 that I issued special instructions for the couples to finally start living together. Why did I do this? It was in order to create a foundation for the worldwide providence. (84-148, 1976.2.22)

Why should the Unification Church be opposed by the parents and siblings of the members? Why should the path Rev. Moon is walking, and the Unification Church is following, be like this? That is the question: why should it be like this? Is this way true or not? This is why the heavenly and satanic worlds will be divided. In this way, the foundation was laid in Korea through the Blessings of the 36, 72 and 124 couples, and the worldwide foundation was laid through the Blessings of the 430, 777 and 1800 couples. (86-239, 1976.4.1)

You [430 couples] received the Blessing within the realm of my tribe. Centering on this, the 777 and 1800 couples were connected and represent the national level and world level respectively. The 777 Couples represent the perfection of the number seven. All the descendants of Adam and Eve have matured through their families, and passed through the process of three times seven equaling twenty-one of the formation, growth and completion stages, and are now spread out across the world. So the 777 Couples can be considered to be those representing all levels worldwide. That is why they are connected to the twenty-one levels in the world. (141-209, 1986.2.22)

By instituting God's Day, the foundation was laid upon which God can finally intervene in and dominate all circumstances on earth, and from the year 1968 we have entered the era of national confrontation -- family versus family and tribe versus tribe. That is why I ordered the 777 Couples who were blessed in 1970 to walk the 3-year course. What is this 3-year course? It is the period in which families from all over the world come to Korea, unite with the families in Korea, and set the condition for national and worldwide expansion. Through this, I was able to initiate, in 1970, the foundation of indemnity of the family and tribe through the 3-year course during 1970, 1971 and 1972.

In order to achieve this, I broke up everything that had been prepared by the families who had received the Blessing up until that time; that is the 36, 72, 120, 430 and 777 couples who had secured a living and had children according to their own family circumstances. I broke up all these families and sent them out in different directions, to the south and the north. These families became a sacrificial offering by my making them walk the nationwide three-year indemnity course, in order that the tribes and people of this nation could be saved. (143-180, 1986.3.18)

The three-year course required an all-out offensive. What came next after the Blessing of the 777 Couples can only be described as an all-out offensive focusing on Korea. That is why during the three-year course all our Blessed Couples were mobilized. Did we mobilize the 777 Couples at that time? We even mobilized the 777 Couples. Every one of the couples left their children at home and went out to serve for the benefit of their nation. It seems like only yesterday that everyone set forth, crying and pledging that they would save their nation. In order to fill up the pit of suffering in this nation, they handed over their beloved sons and daughters, wrapped in blankets, across the fences and into the houses of their opposing parents. They just left them there and set out on this path, having nothing to eat for many days on end. (196-248, 1990.1.1)

During the three years from 1970, we even mobilized the 777 Couples, didn't we? Didn't you do the same? This was worldwide. We mobilized them in order to undergo hardships for the sake of the nation during the three years. What this means is that there is no family on earth, representing the nation or the world, who can be a match for the families of the Unification Church. Every family must become like the families in the Unification Church. How we were criticized during those three years! Since their mothers and fathers opposed them, the couples wrapped their babies in blankets and left them on the doorsteps of their parents' houses at night, before setting out. Why did they have to do that? It was because they had to set the condition that they loved their nation more than their own sons and daughters.

In order to do so, some of them even left their children in orphanages. Some husbands split up with their wives. After blessing them, instead of letting them live happily ever after, I made them throw away what little they had in their households, even pots and pans, and turned them out of their own homes. I did all this, so that the Blessed Families of the Unification Church from various tribes could go out to the nation as representatives of their tribes and restore them through indemnity.

At first, we were opposed nationwide, but in the end, the circumstances were such that the same people were heard to say, "If we want to defend ourselves against Kim Il-sung and save our nation, we must become like the members of the Unification Church." We set an example for others, teaching them that if you want to save your nation, you must do what we did, and serve the nation by sacrificing your wives and children. At the end of the three years, the people who at first had opposed us welcomed us. The fact that they did this signified the restoration of the Cain and Abel relationship. (198-328, 1990.2.11)

I even mobilized the 777 Couples. They set out according to the order of mobilization, leaving behind their homes and even their children as orphans. This was the period of indemnity, cleansing everything in the nation, in order to go out to the world. Based on the family level, because there was no other solution except to set up a period of separation through the three-year course, the couples had to fulfill their duties of loyalty and patriotism to Korea in the position of protecting the nation from Kim Il-sung's intended invasion. This was the period in which Blessed Families had to act as exemplary patriotic families. (264-61, 1994.10.9)

The year 1970 saw the beginning of a great mobilization. The Blessed Families from ten nations around the world were called to Korea, in order to restore Canaan. They were called to Korea and became completely united while over here. You must know that this was after the Blessing of the 777 Couples. Wasn't that Blessing held in 1970? In making such a foundation, the Unification tribe from across the world representing ten nations came to participate. Going beyond the number nine, which signifies formation, growth and completion, the number ten is the number of God, and it also corresponds to the number twelve. That is why the ten nations must be connected providentially. (69-237, 1974.1.1)

The 36 Couples represent the twelve apostles, and the 72 Couples are in the same position as the 70 disciples. Didn't Jesus have 70 disciples? Then the 124 Couples are in a similar position to the 120 followers, followed by the 430 and 777 couples. Restoration through indemnity takes place in this order, expanding to the rest of the world. In this manner, the fortune of Korean re-unification will henceforth emerge on this worldwide foundation. It will gradually appear as time goes by. This is how the Principle works.

The women of the Unification Church should attain living circumstances that are at least superior to those of Kim Il-sung in North Korea. If they don't, they won't be able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. A time will come in the near future, when everyone who believes in the Unification Church will get to live in an environment that is far superior to Kim Il-sung's in North Korea. A time will come in the not too distant future, when just being a 777 couple will make you a guest of honor wherever you visit; you will be greeted with music from a military band, and people in high places in that nation will go out of their way to serve you. (58-70, 1972.6.6)

Until now, it has been really complicated, hasn't it? First of all, you had to restore three spiritual sons and daughters. Up to the time of the Blessing of the 777 Couples, I insisted that they needed to restore at least three spiritual sons and daughters. However, I have not asked this of those who have received the Blessing since then. Restoring three spiritual children represents the restoration of half of Adam's realm. Through them, half of that realm can be restored. It represents the restoration of the world of the three angels.

Before the True Parents came into existence, even Father had to pray in the name of Jesus; he could not pray in the name of the True Parents. However, after conducting the Holy Blessing, he was finally able to pray in the True Parents' name. (288-28, 1997.10.31)

Centering on the True Parents, couples were blessed in this order: starting with the 3 couples, then 36, 72, 124, 430, 777, and finally the 1800 Couples. These are the seven stages, the number seven. There still remain three stages to fulfill, fulfilling the number three. It is always the number of sanctification. Why must it be the number three? There can be no harmony in a straight line. Only with the number three can an area be formed. If you leave the number three like this, it forms a straight line, and there is no returning path in a straight line. However, when you have three points, a path through which you can return is formed. That is why it is always in the third stage that you can return. After you climb up, you can always turn and come back. (288-28, 1997.10.31)

I have already left the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven open for all tribes in Korea. These gates must not be blocked. The gates cannot be closed, because the universal love centered on God is the love of the whole. All gates must remain open. That is how we can proceed. Expansion to include the rest of the world begins there, starting with the 430 Couples, and then the 777 Couples. Through them we can stand on the world level. We are going beyond the national stage, and entering the world stage, and that is why the 6000 Couples represent all humankind. Following next was the 6700 couple Blessing (including 200 from the United States). This Blessing was based on the foundation of the number seven, and allowed us to establish the liberated realm in the satanic world, and even in the spirit world. (291-293, 1998.3.18)

Before everything else, I emphasized the importance of the restoration of the archangel. This is achieved through the restoration of three spiritual sons and daughters. I placed emphasis on this until the time of the 777 Couples. From the 1800 Couples onward, we advanced to the next stage. Since the time had come in which I could bless couples in the world as representatives of the worldwide nations, I did not put emphasis on restoration of the archangel. The Blessing of 1800 couples was the seventh Blessing I had conducted. Through it, we crossed the number seven. The eighth was the Blessing of 6000 couples, and the ninth was the 6700 couples. The 30,000 Couples were blessed on the horizontal level. On the horizontal level, the Blessing can spread out and directly influence the world. Do you understand? (288-228, 1997.11.28)

The fact that the Blessing has been successfully conducted signifies that the realm of the heavenly family has come into existence on the earth on the foundation of the True Parents, despite ruthless opposition by the satanic world. Many tribes are included in that realm. With Korea as the center, all kinds of tribes are incorporated within that realm. The gates to that realm were opened through the Blessing of the 430 and 777 couples, who have in turn been connected to the rest of the world. (164-165, 1987.5.14)

The number 18 is the completion number of the satanic world. The number 16, which is the square of four, is also an ideal number of the satanic world. That is why 16 nations of the United Nations took part in the Korean War, and 160 nations participated in the Seoul Olympics. North and South Korea were also the 160th and the 161st nations to join the United Nations. This is what is taking place in the world today. (251-255, 1993.10.31)

Satan destroyed family relationships, and so we are establishing a transnational movement that binds the family to God's realm of direct dominion with the 777 Couples, followed by the 1800 Couples. The 1800 Couples will be the last in creating this movement. The number 18 comes from the satanic number six multiplied by three representing formation, growth and completion.

The fact that I have restored 1800 couples from the satanic world signifies that I have gone beyond the realm of the tribe. The victory I achieved on the national level is the starting point of the path leading to the world level. The 1800 Couples are three times the number 600, which represents the realm of Satan's dominion. Therefore, by establishing the families on this basis, the 1800 Couples have become the standard of indemnification for the families in Satan's realm.

The 6000 Couples connect the Christians who are in the vertical position with the non-Christian people worldwide; in other words, they connect the vertical Christians with the horizontal Cain world. The fact that I have connected them through the 6000 Couples shows that the era of the satanic world attacking the Blessed Families has passed. That is how the situation is developing. My course, which was leading to the world level, began from there.

The spiritual standard of the growth stage has been established on the national level. In establishing the worldwide standard, since the spiritual foundation of Christianity works as the worldwide foundation, the worldwide substantial standard had to be connected to the realm of Christianity. Therefore, in order to achieve this, I went to the United States and carried out nationwide revival activities. Wherever I went, I was welcomed. In this manner, I connected all this foundation in America to Korea as the representative of the national standard. That was how I returned to Korea victorious. (190-275, 1989.6.19)

For the Blessed Families, the international holy wedding is something of a tradition. I placed a lot of importance on the 1800 Couples, right? That number came from three times six. That is why 1800 couples were blessed. Jesus needed 120 couples, and the returning Lord needs 180 couples. 180 and 160 couples have the same numerical meaning. They are both multiples of the number four. The number 16 comes from four times four, and the number 18 comes from six times three. They are the completion numbers of Satan.

Didn't I instruct Blessed Families to bless 160 couples from their tribes for this reason? Originally, it was supposed to be 180 couples, but 160 couples are also acceptable. It is easier to accomplish a smaller number, and so I said 160 couples are okay; but from now on, you must bless 180 couples. The seventh Blessing I performed was the 1800 Couples Blessing. Right through, from the 3, 36, 72, 124, 430, 777 to the 1800 Couples, you can count seven Blessings in total. From the number seven, we must move on to the numbers 8, 9 and 10, the number of unity. Once we reach the number ten, we can move into the era of the globalization of the Blessing. (292-20, 1998.3.27)

From now on, I am free. Up until now I have taught you clearly as an elder brother would a younger brother, as God would His beloved sons and daughters, as a husband would his wife, and as a father would his children. Haven't I taught you from all these different positions until now? I educated the Blessed Families at least three times, from the 36 Couples to the 72, 124, 430, 777, 1800, 6000 and finally the 6500 Couples. I have even educated the 30,000 Couples, and so now my work is done. (235-124, 1992.8.29)

2.4. The 30,000 Couples: Formation stage of the international Blessing

Up to the present time, many Blessing ceremonies have been carried out, and particularly in 1992, I conducted the 30,000 Couples Blessing. Why the number 30,000? This was an international Blessing. In 1952, we lost the original worldwide Blessing era, in which we would have been able to hold the Blessing on a worldwide scale centering on True Parents, Forty years later, in 1992, we were finally able to enter the worldwide Blessing era, and so the 30,000 Couples Blessing was held. This is the formation stage of the worldwide era. (275-282, 1996.1.1)

The 30,000 Couples Blessing in 1992 was the formation stage. It was truly an international level. The ceremony transcended everything, including race and culture. What is marriage? Wasn't it originally brought about because of the love between Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve denied God centering on Satan, but we can restore this through indemnity by receiving the Blessing centering on God and the True Parents. (277-135, 1996.4.7)

It was our parents who got married of their own accord and then opposed their children becoming members of this church. That is why in the Unification Church we bestowed the right of Blessing even to the parents. We must bless the satanic world along with our members. That is why at the time of the 30,000 Couples Blessing; we blessed even those who had only attended a 7-day workshop. That is how we progress. In this worldwide era, a time may come in which 3.6 million young couples may be blessed, following the Blessing of the 30,000 and 360,000 couples. The current situation of young people in the world today, tattered and torn, originated from Adam's family.

Jesus died because he was unable to establish his marriage. It was all because of the love relationship. Everything that has occurred until now will be repeated in this era. The responsibility of the True Parents in this completion era is to marry the children of direct descent as well as the young people, and so from now on, I will not have to concern myself with the Blessing of previously married couples. (243-325 1993.1.28)

Since I put great emphasis on the family, I blessed 30,000 couples last year. This was like dropping a bomb on the world. Think about it, the marriage of 30,000 couples! We are living in a world in which even the parents cannot control their own children, and yet Rev. Moon of the Unification Church brought together young people from 131 nations around the world and married them. Can you think of anything more miraculous or amazing in the world? (243-214, 1993.1.10)

On April 10, 1992, I blessed religious leaders from eight nations including Islamic countries, and thereby set the condition of having the Muslims come into unity with us. You did not know of this, did you? There was no one who withdrew from the Blessing. Even the Muslims took part in it. The Blessing of 30,000 couples was a truly international Blessing. Chinese, Koreans, and even North Korean youths came to our church, attracted by the Blessing. They were converted from Communism, were educated, and some even received the Blessing. Simply said, the Blessing has now spread to the whole world.

I brought together 30,000 young men and 30,000 women from 131 nations, matched them using their photographs, and married them. If anyone other than I was doing this, you would ask yourselves, "Is he out of his mind?" There is no one else in the world who would carry out such a task. I am not out of my mind. Everything I do may seem incredible to you, but that's just because I am too competent, don't you think so? (243-247, 1993.1.17)

From now on, individuals should not be involved in the Family Party. Instead, families should participate in it. In this way, they must try to have everyone receive the Blessing. Do you think it will be easy, or difficult? That is why I have deployed tribal messiahs. If you return to your hometowns and set the standard as tribal messiahs, your whole tribe can be restored at once.

If all of the 30,000 Couples that received the Blessing returned to their hometowns and witnessed to twelve couples each, then in three years the Blessing of 360,000 couples would be possible. I have already created the environment in which this can be brought about. Think about it. Has there been anyone else in history, apart from me, who married 30,000 couples at once? It is my plan to hold a Blessing Ceremony for 360,000 couples on the next occasion.

If I were to marry that number of couples, even if I were to marry one thousand couples per day, it would take me a whole year. Only after I have done this can I go to the spirit world and declare before God, "Father, I have brought together the varied and complicated cultural realms, regardless of racial discrimination, and unified the world as you desired." Then He would laugh aloud, "Ha ha ha…!" with great joy. We have now entered a new era, in which even the smart youth of our Unification Church can accomplish this. (241-137, 1992.12.20)

Thirty thousand couples from 131 nations received the Blessing even though they had only just been matched by photograph. This was a historic event. Could the pope bring this about? Could the president of the United States do this kind of thing? It was not I who wished to do this, but you. You asked me, "Please, Father, do this for us!" Now that I have matched you, do you think the couples suit each other well, or not? The whole world knows that I carry out the matching using photographs only. The members of the Unification Church are intelligent, and that is why they have left the matching up to me. I do not think I will do it from next time.

Then you will see a lot of crying going on around you. They will cry, "I should have received the Blessing earlier…" Where do you think I got this ability? I can tell if a person will suit another just by looking. Because I have such ability, I am able to act as the founder of the Unification Church. Do you think it's easy to become a religious founder? Isn't it true that ever since the beginning of history, no one has been persecuted more than Rev. Moon? On a quiz show that I saw, to the question, "In all of history, which religious leader has been persecuted the most?" the answer came out spontaneously -- "Rev. Moon!" Isn't that true? (235-249, 1992.9.20)

The time will come when you will have to run away from an avalanche of people. The time will come when you will be proud of the fact that you heard about the Blessing from the highest of the Blessed Couples. Between being witnessed to by one of the 30,000 Couples, and one of the 6000 Couples, which do you think would hold more value? The members who have served a long time in the Unification Church will be received warmly wherever they go when they explain about the Blessing. (235-165, 1992.8.29)

The fact that 30,000 young couples from around the world have come together to be married is truly something to be celebrated on a universal scale. It is more wonderful than the marriage of a prince or princess of a king in his palace, which is celebrated by the whole nation. This marriage is on the worldwide level. If the Blessing on the worldwide scale were to develop from this to a second or third occasion, events of epic proportions would take place as a result. (234-281, 1992.8.27)

I will open the Blessing of the 30,000 Couples to people in general. They will receive the Blessing after being educated for forty days only, and then the couples will walk the three-year course. Even those who have done nothing to deserve the Blessing will receive the benefits. Therefore, all of you should set new traditions that will be adored and cherished by the people in your neighborhood, and make them exclaim, "That is what a Blessed Family is like!" Then the newly Blessed Families will be able to come to your family and unite together like the twelve tribes of Israel. In this way, you will create an environment similar to the one surrounding me, and people will say, "Oh, I wish I could have a meal with the people in that family!"

Once you become the central figure in the course of fulfilling the duties of love in which you give and give, and forget that you have given -- just as God has done -- the environment surrounding you would never be like a desert, even if you wanted it to be. Then the day will come in which the cheers of a united people and the cries for a united South and North Korea will rock the world. Soon the South and North will be liberated, and the members of the Unification Church will shout three cheers of Mansei with rapturous joy. (215-107, 1991.2.6)

2.5. The 360,000 Couples represent the growth stage of the international Blessing

Did you know that during the past two or three years the Unification Church has reached an international level? Are you aware of this? Then how did we attain such a level? By earning a lot of money? By witnessing to many people? It was through the Blessing. When was the 360,000 Couples' Blessing held? It was in 1995. The 30,000 Couples Blessing? It was in 1992. The 30,000 Couples came in 1992 and the 360,000 Couples in 1995. Next came the Blessing of the 3.6 Million Couples.Who would have believed at the time of the 30,000 Couples Blessing, that at the next one we would bless 360,000 couples?

It was the same after the Blessing of the 360,000 Couples. After that Blessing, it took us less than three years to hold the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing. We did it in two and a half years. It wasn't even that long. When I first issued the instructions to prepare for the Blessing of 3.6 million couples, not one person believed that it would actually happen. I can't speak for God, but even I was in doubt. Think about it. Is one finger the same as ten, or not? How many hills are there? There are ten hills to climb. During the three years I worked in Jardim, Brazil, I declared the era of the Second Generation in which absolute faith is paramount. Now the time has come in which you have no choice but to believe, even if you don't want to. (291-152, 1998.3.11)

When I told everyone that from the Blessing of the 30,000 Couples we will move on to the Blessing of the 360,000 Couples, no one believed me, and the providence was set back as a result. The members all refused to believe me, and so through their lack of faith they disqualified themselves. Moreover, when I told them that from the Blessing of 360,000 couples we will move on to the Blessing of 3.6 million, they didn't believe me either. Then I told them to prepare for the Blessing of 36 million couples by the end of May, and later changed the number to 120 million couples. Do you think people who say such things are normal, or crazy? (291-152, 1998.3.11)

The marriage of 3.6 million couples is the completion of the formation, growth and completion stages. By passing through the Blessings of 30,000 and 360,000 couples we have reached the completion stage. When you explain this in terms of water level, it would be the same as the tide coming in every six hours and going out after twelve hours. The water that comes in earlier and the water that comes later would still be at an equal level when the tide eventually goes back out. In fact, if the water that came in later pushed forward and replaced the water that came in first, then the former would be ahead of the latter. Therefore, we can say that we have entered the era of equalization. (282-181, 1997.3.12)

The year I conducted the 30,000 Couples Blessing was the year that Mother stepped forth as a public figure. This was an international Blessing. For the first time, the True Parents were able to stand on an equal footing and hold the international Blessing in the formation stage, so that it could spread out to all nations in the world. The International Blessing of the 360,000 Couples represented the growth stage, while the Blessing of 3.6 million couples was at the completion stage. From the time of the Blessing of 30,000 couples, the way was opened for the international Blessing, through which anyone, regardless of religion or place of birth, could be blessed. Then we held the 360,000 Couples Blessing of the growth era as a grand event. Now we will hold the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing, through which everyone, even non-believers, can inherit the Blessing on equal terms. (280-215, 1997.1.1)

From now on, whole nations will come over to our side. Hasn't it been difficult to witness to people until now? Once we cross over to the era of the tribe, nations will come over to our side. If the presidents and the nations accept us, we could even bless 3.6 million couples at once.

If I persuaded Kim Il-sung to hold the wedding ceremony of 360,000 couples involving the youth in North Korea, and the ceremony was actually held, do you think the unification of South and North Korea would come about, or not? If we held such a ceremony, in which 360,000 young men of North Korea and 360,000 young women of South Korea were married, do you think unification would come about, or not? At this time, when even Japanese people are marrying Koreans, is there any logic that says North Koreans and South Koreans cannot get married? If Kim Il-sung is a real man, he cannot oppose bringing together young men and women in marriage. It is a very simple issue. (240-205, 1992.12.13)

At first, those who received the Blessing had to live separately for seven years. They had to pass through these seven years. The end of indemnity is so high up and so far away, but we are getting closer, aren't we? We have almost reached the top, through the number 36, as can be seen from the 360,000 Couples or the 360 Million Couples. Based on the conditions of indemnity, history has been accelerated several hundred years, and we have reached the present state. We have marched forward, starting from the 36 Couples to the 3.6 Million, 36 Million and 360 Million Couples. In fact, in terms of heart, the older members have become aged and rather rusty, and so they can no longer carry out worldwide activities that would set an example to the rest.

There would be no dullards in Japan if they could all receive the Blessing, because they would quickly realize the value of the Blessing and develop themselves. In this way, they stand on an equal footing with those who received the Blessing before them. Why was the Blessing conducted in the order of 30,000, 360,000, 3.6 million, 36 million and 360 million couples? The Blessing of the 30,000 Couples was the ceremony of sanctification. Centering on the number three, the Blessing was conducted to separate the satanic world from God's world in terms of the realm of international Blessing. (291-230, 1998.3.13)

When you say True Parents, everyone knows that you're referring to Rev. Moon. How amazing is that? The words True Parents automatically put Rev. Moon into your minds; what more could you expect? I can't teach you more than that. Forty years ago, in order to explain the Second Advent of the Lord, I had to go through the sixty-six books of the Bible, but now there is no need to even talk about the Second Advent. When asked, "Do you know Rev. Moon?" the answer would be that he is the man who has blessed 360,000 couples, and will bless 3.6 million couples in the not too distant future. One might ask, "Is he an ordinary person or the Messiah?" Considering all he has done, the right answer would be that he is the Messiah; no one would think that he was just an ordinary person. (275-66, 1995.11.3)

The time has come when Rev. Moon of the Unification Church can, in the position of the True Parents, marry people and send hundreds of thousands of couples as tribal messiahs into the world. Since the era is now upon us in which 360,000 couples are being sent out, the tribes of these couples cannot perish. After receiving the Blessing, we can have sons and daughters; centering on our families, we can accomplish all that Jesus failed to achieve because of the families of Zechariah and Joseph who did not fulfill their responsibility to unite.

That is why our work will be done when the family of the husband and the family of the wife are united into one. They represent Cain and Abel. Doesn't the husband come from his clan? Just as the husband has his own clan, the wife has her own clan also. Therefore, the husband would be the son-in-law to the wife's clan, and the wife would be the daughter-in-law of the husband's clan. On the day these two clans are brought together and at least 160 couples from both clans are united, Satan will lose his base of activity within these two clans. (274-169, 1995.10.29)

Since the root of lineage was defiled, it must be overturned. That is why, every now and then you hear about the "root-of-lineage research movement." Through the false parents and their wrongful marriage, the origin was turned upside down, and so it is only logical and reasonable that the True Parents must come and perform international holy wedding ceremonies. That is why we are first holding the 360,000 Couples Blessing, and later the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing. Do you think we will succeed in holding the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing, or not? We'll have to wait and see, won't we? It is already decided. The Blessing is going to happen. (273-247, 1995.10.29)

When I announced that three years after conducting the 30,000 Couples Blessing, I would conduct the Blessing of 360,000 couples, was there even one person who believed that would be possible? Only God and I knew better. We accomplished this in five months. From now on, a 3.6 Million Couples Blessing won't even be a problem. There are hundreds of millions of Hindus in India, and more than 70 million Muslims in Pakistan. Both of these nations will claim that they can accomplish 3.6 million couples on their own. The United States will be reduced to running errands. They are skeptical that America could achieve this. It is a serious problem. (272-161, 1995.10)

You must understand that we cannot leave the world as it is: full of confusion, evil, and pervaded with free and open sex. AIDS is dealing a crushing blow to the world. Knowing that the sins of humankind always demand punishment and in order to protect the world from this dreadful fate, I had no choice but to organize the world into one big family.

When I married 3.6 million couples, do you think the candidates would have examined the Unification Church's views on marriage before receiving the Blessing or not? Now is a time of crisis. The world is in trouble, despite the fact that we have conducted the 360,000 Couples Blessing.

Primary school students may ask their teachers: "Teacher, we are now eleven, twelve years old, and we'll have to get married when we grow up. Other churches say that the wedding ceremonies of the Unification Church are heretical, bad, and from the devil, but the 360,000 Couples of the Unification Church are happy in their marriages, even though they come from different parts of the world, never saw each other in person and were matched using photographs. On the other hand, there are people from my neighborhood, who got engaged and later married, and broke up within a week. Considering this, is it right to get married in the Unification Church?" Then how should the teacher answer? Such a time is just in front of us. (273-252, 1995.10.29)

Now that we have performed the 360,000 Couples Blessing, the next stage is to hold the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing in three years time, and 36 Million Couples Blessing three years after that. After these Blessings are held, do you think you'll be able to find a neighborhood in the world where there isn't at least one Blessed Couple? There will be Blessed Families everywhere. Then we will achieve great power.

In such a nation, boundaries separating towns would disappear. It would be no problem to connect all the places of the world. Then you will be able to sit in your own home, and make friends with people from all the nations of the world on the phone. (272-138, 1995.10.1)

In this era of progressing beyond the Blessings of the 30,000, 360,000 and 3.6 million couples, the standard of a worldwide liberated realm is finally being formed today, and I can now give three cheers for myself. Until now, my life has been wretched. I have walked the path of death with gritted teeth in order to usher in the day when the whole universe can rejoice. The 4,000 years of history had to be indemnified in 400 years, but since a person cannot live that long, I had to accomplish this in 40 years within my life. Think about it for yourselves, how serious it must have been for me to have to finish this work in forty years, staking my whole life on it. (289-81, 1997.12.30)

We are conducting this campaign on a worldwide scale in order to lay the foundation for the global realm of True Parents. Therefore, we have conducted the Blessing ceremonies of 30,000 and 360,000 couples, and at present are preparing for the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing. This means we have passed the formation and growth stage. The fact we have passed the growth stage signifies that we have gone beyond the national level foundation.

Since the time has come when we can restore the lost nation -- the restored realm of Israel that was not established in Jesus' time -- from this point of view, the time has come for us to restore the family, tribe, people and nation centering on myself. That is why we are now moving into the era of kingship. (277-287, 1996.4.19)

2.6. The 3.6 Million Couples represent the completion stage of the international Blessing

Our expansion on a worldwide scale should take place on the foundation of the Blessed Families. The world is fast becoming a global family, due to the establishment of the 30,000 Couples, the 360,000 Couples and the 3.6 Million Couples. As a result, we have now ushered in a new era where not only God alone, but God's family and the family of True Parents can dwell on earth without having to pass through the previous historical generations expressed vertically and their present expansion expressed horizontally. Therefore, I was able to proclaim the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Because we were successful in conducting the three Blessings representing formation, growth and completion, we have entered the era in which the Blessed Families of the Unification Church around the world can be welcomed wherever they go, with no obstacles in their paths. Consequently, we are living in an era when God can rest wherever He wants. That is why I performed this declaration ceremony. Now that heaven has declared the realm of the Sabbath, what will happen is that based on the international 30,000, 360,000 and 3.6 million couples, we will hold the Blessing ceremonies of 36 million couples and 360 million couples. Conducting these two ceremonies will be easy, as they will be like going down the hill from the top. The Blessing of 360 million couples will act as a divide, and once we pass over this peak, humanity will become one big family.

What was initiated in Adam's family was lost, and in order to restore that, we attempted to accomplish this on the national level, followed by the world level. It was done connected to me, and for the first time in history the whole of humanity will be able to enter the liberated realm based on our victories on the family, national, and world levels. (287-108, 1997.9.19)

What will happen after the Blessing Ceremony of 360 million couples is held? The Blessing of 3.6 million couples will be the highest peak when it comes to the Blessing. It is like Mt. Everest. We are now climbing this great mountain. This will be the most difficult crest for us to surmount. Once we reach the peak, we will then be able to hold the 36 Million Couples Blessing on the foundation of having completed the 30,000 Couples of the formation stage, 360,000 couples of the growth stage, and 3.6 million couples of the completion stage. All these numbers relate to the number 36, except for the 30,000 Couples. Why the number three? The number three is a number representing the process. At all times, transition takes place in three stages. That is why I blessed 30,000 couples and not 36,000. Since the number three always represents a period of separation, upon the foundation we created by blessing the 30,000 Couples, we climbed to the top by holding the 360,000 and 3.6 Million Couples Blessings. This was the most difficult task we had to accomplish. The whole world was watching us to see if we could do it.

The religious community was dubious, saying, "The Unification Church has blessed 360,000 couples and are claiming that they will bless 3.6 million couples next. It may have been easy to bless 360,000 couples, but will they succeed in blessing 3.6 million couples?" Isn't it roughly one year and eight months since the Blessing of 360,000 couples? Not one person believed that we would be successful. However, we accomplished 3.6 million couples on July 15. When we count the number of couples we have blessed up until today, the total number would top 25 million couples. Was it yesterday or the day before when the final count was 24.57 million couples? Considering this, the total number would now round up to 25 million couples. (288-16, 1997.10.31)

By accomplishing 3.6 million couples, we will cross the final peak of the world, and in so doing, we must establish more national messiahs than there are member countries in the United Nations. Our success in blessing 3.6 million couples will lay the foundation upon which each national messiah can influence the cabinet ministers in their respective nations, focusing on their ambassadors to the United Nations. What the United Nations needs right now is the institution of True Parents, and the establishment of a United Nations for women and a United Nations for the youth. Once Mother and Father, Cain and Abel, women, students and the youth have joined the United Nations, then the whole world will become united and peaceful. (282-36, 1997.2.16)

The uppermost wish of all the descendants of humankind will be to connect to my lineage. Therefore, their greatest hope will be to form a blood relationship with me. How many sons and daughters do I have? How many grandchildren do I have? What I'm asking you is how many children should my sons and daughters have? Should they give birth to just one child each? Each of my children should have at least a dozen children.

Aren't there many people waiting? People, be they black, white, or yellow, are waiting. Asians are yellow, are they not? Such is the hope of the great tribe, that is, the world. So many lineages can be connected to each other. There is not one neighborhood in the world that is not connected through the 3.6 Million Couples. In every corner of the world, you will be able to find at least one Blessed Couple without fail. (283-108, 1997.4.8)

Centering on the family of True Parents, the Unification Church has climbed back up from where humanity had fallen, through indemnity on the tribal level. We have climbed back over the horizon, and through the 40-year period from 1952 to 1992, we have passed into the era of the global Blessing.

The Blessing can now be held internationally. We have reached a certain vertical standard concerning the spirit world, and from there could cross over to the horizontal international era. By doing so, we were able to bless 360,000 couples in 1995, eventually leading to 40 million couples on June 13, 1998. These Blessings of 30,000, 360,000 and 3.6 million couples were held in the international era, and the 3.6 Million Couples was the peak. On reaching this, we could then enter a world of equality. (298-190, 1999.1.2)

In order not to fail under any circumstance, the operation must be carried out perfectly, and for that, everyone must fulfill his or her responsibility. The last resort, the final solution, after having to postpone the fulfillment of my work over and over again, was to set the condition to fulfill my responsibility in this last stage through the Blessings of the 3.6 million, 36 million and 360 million couples. It is my responsibility and way of thinking to achieve this, so that I can liberate all people in the world. This is the path that I have had to follow, with the consciousness that I have not fulfilled any condition. (289-64, 1997.12.30)

We must pass over twelve peaks of the Blessing. Once we cross these twelve peaks and spread to the rest of the world, the universe is destined to be embraced by that world. The time will come when the universe will be embraced by the Blessed Families. That is why I instructed that the Blessing of 3.6 million couples should be completed before August. It should be completed before August, and the Blessing of 36 million couples should be concluded within one year. Once we have accomplished the Blessing of 36 million couples, we will have no problem in accomplishing the Blessing of 360 million couples within one year. What would come after this would be the Blessing of 3.6 billion couples, but there aren't that many people in the world. At present, the population of the world is only 5 billion. Once we hold these Blessings a few times, the whole world will be blessed. If this comes to pass, by the year 2000, there will be no place in the world for people who are not one of the Blessed Couples. (283-301, 1997.4.13)

We must surpass the worldly standards centering on the family. For this purpose, the Unification Church has performed mass holy weddings. From the Blessing of thirty-six couples, centering on the number ten, we climbed to the highest peak by passing through the Blessings of 30,000, 360,000 and 3.6 million couples. We have surmounted the highest summit. The uphill climb was the hardest part of our path, and now that we have reached the peak, the gates to the Blessing have been opened to everyone. With the Blessing of 3.6 million couples, the equalized standard has been established at the peak, and on account of this, the vertical standard has been elevated proportionately.

As a result of this, just as anyone in the world, regardless of tribe, people or nation, can receive the Blessing, those in the spirit world and even in the realm of the archangel, can now receive the Blessing. (286-167, 1997.8.9)

The accomplishment of the Blessing of 3.6 million couples is not the end. The Blessed Couples living in each town should put up the flag and bless everyone in their towns. They must do this. They must bless those in their towns with the flag flying high above them. Through the Blessing, the people living in the hell of the satanic world can enter heaven as its citizens, and everyone can inherit the lineage of the True Parents. Once they understand this, everyone will want to receive the Blessing. Therefore, our Blessed Families should put up our flag and bless everyone living in their neighborhoods without exception. (285-310, 1997.6.29)

If we accomplish the Blessing of 3.6 million couples before August 9, 1997, at the age of 77, I can, on July 7 at 7 minutes and 7 seconds past 7 o'clock in the morning, declare the Blessing of 36 million couples. Anyone can participate in this Blessing. It is the liberation. Once we have accomplished the Blessing of 36 million couples, we will enter a new age, in which the spirits from the spirit world will come down to earth and bring everyone to receive the Blessing. (285-240, 1997.6.5)

Religions until now have talked about salvation of the individual, but this is very easy to do. There is still more to come, namely salvation of the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. As with the Blessing of 3.6 million couples we have moved onto the world level, the time has now come for us to move on from the salvation of the nation to the salvation of the world. Therefore we can finally bless our ancestors in the spirit world.

The people who lived on earth with the True Parents as Blessed Families become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth or in the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world, depending on whether they are in the physical world or the spirit world. That is why, in order to liberate our ancestors in the spirit world we need to form tribal federations. At present we should all make this our priority.

The longer you take to achieve this, the longer your ancestors will have to wait, tapping their feet impatiently in the spirit world, and exclaiming, "You dim-wits! What's taking you so long?" They want to be liberated as soon as possible, and so the liberation of the realm of the archangel will take place quickly. Since we are blessing the realm of the archangel on earth, we should also bless those in the spirit world. That is why as soon as we have accomplished the Blessing of 3.6 million couples, I can bequeath to Heung-jin and Dae Mo Nim the power to bless those in the spirit world. (284-164, 1997.4.16)

The official name of Rev. Moon, the name created by God is "True Parents." After climbing uphill through the eight stages, I have leveled out the course for everyone else. According to the law of indemnity and my own free will, I have organized a worldwide family. Here is where the Blessing of 3.6 million couples will take place. (280-77, 1996.11.1)

The second 40-year course will be shortened from now on. After this happens, we will cross over to the era of free marriage. In the era of free Blessing, the parents will decide whom their children will marry. From now on, I will not perform the wedding ceremony. Once I have blessed 3.6 million couples, I will only have to bless a small number of people from that time on. Through the Blessing, all such relationships will be perfected, and those above the age of Mother at the time of her Holy Blessing will be liberated. That is why currently I am blessing even those who are 19, or 18 years of age. (271-104, 1995.8.23)

The Blessed Families must be placed on the horizon that is transnational, trans-global, interracial and inter-religious. Everything will end with the Blessing of 3.6 million couples. The world will have to learn the doctrine of the Unification Church in order to restore the family. With what power can one person unite 3.6 million couples, transcending national boundaries? The fact that I have such a power is something that we can take pride in eternally. Then would the marriage of one couple, similar to the coming together of pigeons, be a big problem? Through the Blessing, we will be able to leave behind the environment in which the tribe has to worry about the marriages, and in which mothers, together with their husbands, have to spend many a sleepless night worrying about wedding plans.

That is why even the primary school teachers must know about the Blessing. When asked, "Teacher, is it true that 3.6 million couples were married at the same time?" how should the teacher answer? Should he say it is a lie? Then he would be the one lying. If he cannot give an answer to the question: "How was the marriage performed?" he would fail as a teacher. (272-229, 1995.10.5)

I have set the conditions of indemnity for everyone to follow. We have entered an era where 160 couples and even 1600 couples can be blessed in one week. Hasn't the situation ripened through the Blessing of 360,000 couples? If you ask Koreans, "Is Rev. Moon, who has blessed 360,000 couples, or married 720,000 people, a good person or a bad person?" what would their answer be? If they answer, "He is a bad person," you can tell them that the followers of such a bad person include the presidents of nations, numerous holders of doctorates, and many prominent leaders. You can also ask them if they think they are better than these respectable people who have received the Blessing; they would not be able to give an answer. There would not be a single thing they could pick on about us even if they looked for years. Such is the era we are living in. (273-170, 1995.10.22)

Once the Blessing of 360,000 couples gives way to the Blessing of 3.6 million, 36 million, 360 million and finally 3.6 billion couples, human society will finally see the eradication of AIDS and the realization of a world of pure true love, where God and humankind are united into one. This is not a mere dream. God's great work of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the realization of this providence, is an inevitable truth. That is because it is the not the work of one human being, but the work of God. (271-99, 1995.8.23) 

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