Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Nine - Blessed Family
Chapter One - True Parents and the Blessing
Section 2. True Parents, Rebirth, and Transformation of the Lineage

2.1. Who are True Parents?

2.1.1. True Parents are the ancestors without original sin

Who are true parents? If Adam and Eve had not fallen, God would have bestowed His vertical love on them, and Adam and Eve would have become the body of God. They would have represented the body of God. God would have been like the bones, and Adam and Eve like the flesh. God can have a mind and body through Adam and Eve. He would have become the internal parent in the internal position, and Adam and Eve would have become the external parents in the external position. The internal and external parents must become one through love; at that place, we come to have external parents and attend the internal parents in heart. With the union of love between God and Adam and Eve, then true parents -- the perfected man and woman -- would emerge. There can be no perfected human beings if there is no union through love. (184-71, 1988.11.13)

What kind of position is that of true parents? It is a place where Adam and Eve, centered on God, have united into complete oneness and are free from Satan's accusation. The origin of true parents can only come into existence when a man and woman who have not fallen and who have nothing to be accused by Satan, can rise to the realm of perfection. This is the origin of true parents as seen from the Divine Principle point of view. However, attaining this position is not as simple as it may sound. (25-30, 1969.9.21)

Who are the new parents of humankind? Adam and Eve, who fell in the very beginning in the Garden of Eden, became fallen parents. The new parents coming with the mission of giving rebirth to humankind are the original, parents who have nothing to do with the Fall. They have become one with God's will and can be approved by God. They are the parents who keep the original, unfallen standard and fulfill God's will. They multiply children of goodness by forming an ideal family in the embrace of God, centering on His love. They are the parents who have nothing to do with the Fall. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become the parents of humankind and would have established a world centered on God. However, because of their fall, they became false parents under the dominion of Satan. As a result, the true parents, who were intended by God to become His ideal of creation, were lost. The true ancestors of humankind were lost. (20-117, 1968.5.1)

What do true parents signify? They are the symbol of hope for everyone. They are the absolute symbol of hope for fallen humankind. They are the fruit of past history, the center of this era, and the starting point of the future of hope which connects to the world we live in today. (35-236, 1970.10.19)

When you think of the words True Parents you should remember that history will be reset through True Parents. The origin through which we can build a new world will come into existence, the internal standard through which Satan can be brought into submission will be determined, and Satan's domination of the external world will be conquered. Only then can the central point be set and the liberation of God take place. Therefore, you should be thankful for this great blessing which has been bestowed upon you, which is the grace of being able to live in the same era as True Parents and act upon their orders. (43-144, 1971.4.29)

The hope of humankind is to meet true parents. Even when you are walking the path of death, you desire to meet true parents. Even if you lost all of past history, all the ages, and all of your descendants, if you were to meet true parents, you would regain history, the ages, and the future. You should understand that this is what true parents are able to do. (35-236, 1970.10.19)

When the Messiah comes to earth, he will come as an individual and yet he is not just an individual. He is the fruition of the faith and devotion of the whole of humanity, the fruition of the desires of the whole of humanity, and the fruition of the love yearned for by the whole world. He is the fruition to which all courses of history are connected. To put it simply, he is connected to the past, present and future. He is connected from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and heaven and earth. (13-143, 1964.1.1)

Jesus came with the mission of attaining the position as the parent of humanity, but he died before he could fulfill this mission. Therefore, in the era of the Second Coming, we cannot establish a world that advances beyond the old world unless that position is restored through indemnity and successfully achieved. The Unification Church has been continuously working for this purpose. (55-143, 1972.5.7)

The True Parent, as the perfected Adam, must restore the standard of the first parents, which Adam failed to meet. He must also perfect the standard of the parent that Jesus, who came as the second Adam, failed to achieve. The reason I have no choice but to establish a tradition of suffering in this era of the Second Advent is because Jesus established the spiritual foundation but failed to establish both spiritual and physical foundations on the world level. (55-173, 1972.5.7)

Who are the True Parents that we know of? They are the human ancestors. That is why you must attend True Parents as you would your own parents. (118-147, 1982.5.23)

Humankind needs True Parents. Why is this so? For the first time in history, we are able to connect to the axis of love. This is unprecedented, and there will not be another event like this in the future. You must know this clearly. There is only one axis. There cannot be two. That axis is none other than true love. (137-108, 1985.12.24)

Throughout history, there has never been even one person who was victorious in the name of God as a representative of all men in the world. That is why up until the present time I have struggled to establish the standard of victory. Members of the Unification Church and I could avoid suffering, but since we know of this Principle, we have to walk the path of suffering. (91-257, 1977.2.23)

What is the hope of humanity? It is to attend True Parents. Six thousand years ago, Adam and Eve were supposed to be blessed in marriage, an event that would have allowed all humankind to subsequently become the descendants of God. However, due to the Fall, everyone became the descendants of Satan. Therefore, True Parents, who were lost six thousand years ago, must be restored on the side of heaven, and human beings have to be reborn through the relationship of the love of True Parents. Only then can they become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. (19-203, 1968.1.7)

What does the term true parents mean? What is the difference between physical parents and true parents? Who are true parents? What is their responsibility? What is the difference when it comes to love? The difference lies in their concept of love. Their idea of love is different. Physical parents teach us about the love centered on the physical body, whereas spiritual parents teach us about the love centered on the eternal spirit world. The quality and contents are different. (129-99, 1983.10.1)

You were born of the lineage of false parents, driven away from God, and have no connection to true parents. Therefore, in order to free yourselves from this lineage, you must stamp it out and uproot it. Only when you do so, and totally change the lineage, can you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (22-271, 1969.5.4)

What should true parents accomplish? They must put right the false lineage, which is the root of the satanic world, rectify the false life, and straighten the false path of love. (169-37, 1987.10.4)

To convert the lineage, the requirements for a victory bound to the love of God must be fulfilled in the seed of the future children of an Adamic figure, and must penetrate as deep as the bone marrow, flesh and blood of that person. Unless this is fulfilled, those children cannot be born as children of God. This is undeniable from a logical point of view. Is there a record of such a thing in holy scriptures? If so, then that is the word of God. (35-163, 1970.10.13)

Who is the Savior that is needed by fallen humankind? The Savior should not be in the position of fallen parents, but instead in the position of Adam and Eve who have not fallen. From there he can become one with God's will, receive God's love and blessing, and give rebirth to humanity in the position of true parents. Otherwise, humankind can never escape the connection with the original sin. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

Why are True Parents needed? You need them because it is necessary for you to take root centering on the realm of heart. At the present time, your roots are different. Because of the Fall, the trunk and the branches are also different. A new root must begin from true parents, and new trunk and branches must also grow from them, which can then be used for engrafting. You must cut off the old trunk and branches and engraft the new shoot. By engrafting them like this on to the old root, that tree will then become part of the great mainstream of the universe. Everything in the satanic world must be cut off. It must be cut off at the roots. (164-155, 1987.5.10)

What is desired by all humankind today? Before they establish a nation or world, they want to meet with true parents. From whom do your future descendants want to be descended? Your sons and daughters do not want to be born from your false lineage. They want to be born through the lineage of true parents. That is why true parents will automatically become the starting point of a new future. (35-237, 1970.10.19)

What is the responsibility of true parents? They must right the false lineage, which is the root of the satanic world, and right the false path of love. In the Bible it is written, "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it." Why did he put forth such a paradoxical logic? It is because the satanic world must die. (169-39, 1987.10.4)

True Parents and their children are an eternal, unchanging and predestined original family whose course needs to be fulfilled providentially. This is a bond of parent-child relationship that no one can break up. This is the eternal path. There are not two paths; there is only one path. There is no other way. There is no secret method. The only thing for us to do is to follow that path. (203-192, 1990.6.24)

The Fall occurred through the wrongful marriage in the Garden of Eden. Now the time has come for True Parents to overturn this, by marrying people in the right way. The trouble caused by the false parents should be solved by the True Parents. Through them, hell can be eliminated and the millions and billions of ancestors in the spirit world can be blessed in holy matrimony. Through the foundation of the families of descendants on earth, centering on true love, the ancestors in the spirit world and the descendants on earth can unite into one vertically. The East and West will be connected horizontally with this vertical family foundation.

What should an adopted son do? He must be engrafted to the true son. The wild olive tree must be cut off at the root, and then the sprout of the true olive tree can be engrafted into it. It would be as if there were a movement to convert all the wild olive trees into true olive trees. In order to be reborn, you need to inherit the lineage of True Parents. That is why the whole of humanity hopes for True Parents, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit yearned to carry out the marriage feast of the Lamb. (19-164, 1968.1.1)

Before anything else, you must long for True Parents sincerely. You cannot be saved if you do not attend True Parents, centering on the standard that they are the origin of your life, all your hopes, and the source of all your ideals and happiness. Have you ever attended True Parents like this? You must understand this clearly. That is why you must have a firm belief that transcends even your self-awareness. This shows that you are the son or daughter who can become one eternally with True Parents. If you do not have such a strong faith, nothing will come to pass. (30-238, 1970.3.23)

You have been bought. You have been bought, along with humanity and the universe. That is why God wants to judge the universe with you. He bought you, who were in the position of slaves in the satanic world, to become His sons and daughters. Therefore, you are the blessed children of glory and you should be ready to give yourselves for the world when it asks for you. You should be ready to give everything you have even to Satan. You were bought with the blood and sweat of True Father. You were bought with my own flesh and blood. Therefore, you should carry out the same work as I. I would like to take pride in the members. Let us make a commitment in this regard. (11-164, 1961.7.20)

2.2. The core of providential rebirth

2.2.1. True meaning of rebirth

When I speak of rebirth, I do not mean that you must be reborn through the bodies of parents who are the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, but through those who are not in any way connected to the Fall. Unless you are reborn through such parents, you cannot return to God. The root of sin began from Adam and Eve. Unless you step over this and are reborn in a position not related to the original sin, you can never ever return to the presence of God. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

For what purpose does God want to save humankind? No matter how much He tries to save people, if they are in the fallen realm, they can never be saved. That is why God has to send true parents to this world. They represent Adam and Eve who have not fallen, through whom humanity can be reborn. In this way, the connection between Satan and humanity is severed forever and Satan can no longer accuse humankind. God alone will have complete dominion over humanity and He alone can intervene in their affairs. Unless humankind is reborn into such a position, people with original sin embedded within them cannot be restored to a position free from original sin. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

If True Parents are the true olive trees, all of you are wild olive trees that need to be engrafted. You are like the lateral sprouts and branches. You will be able to grow properly in the original way only when new branches sprout from you. What did humankind become after they lost faith, love and substantial identity? Their lineage was overturned completely. That is why it must be overturned once again. When Nicodemus asked Jesus, "What must I do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?" Jesus proclaimed a most important truth as his answer: "No one can see the Kingdom of Heaven unless he is born again." (Blessed Family - 509)

Rebirth refers to the complete reformation of the mind. (Blessed Family - 509)

When Nicodemus asked Jesus, "How can we be saved?" Jesus answered, "You must be born again in order to be saved." What he meant was that, since human beings were born as the children of Satan, they need to receive the Holy Spirit from God and be reborn if they are to be saved. In other words, they need to sever their relationship with Satan completely and re-form their relationship with God as originally intended at the time of creation. (Blessed Family - 509)

Even if your faith was reaffirmed through the providence of God, you need to be engrafted to be restored as His children. (Blessed Family - 509)

If you are inferior to Adam and Eve you cannot be reborn, and restoration on the fundamental level cannot be carried out. In being reborn, not only the individual, but also the family, people, nation and world need to be reborn. Christians today do not know this. (58-42, 1972.6.6)

Among Christians, there are a few who believe that the Lord at his Second Advent will literally come on the clouds. If you think you can be saved because you believe, even if you don't know anything, your belief cannot be considered as true faith. There would be no need for the Unification Church if it were that easy to be saved. (Blessed Family - 509)

When you are engrafting the sprout of the true olive tree to the wild olive tree, you cannot just cut off the branch and engraft the sprout there; you must cut off the wild olive tree at the base so that only the roots remain, and engraft the sprout there. This means that when the Lord at his Second Advent comes to this world the existing churches should change their old systems, organizations, and rituals, and start new. (Blessed Family - 510)

The fruits that Christians have produced through their lives of faith are the fruits of the wild olive tree. In order to produce fruits of the true olive tree, they need to be cut off at the base and have the sprout of the true olive tree engrafted on to them. If the sprout cannot be engrafted, the tree should be pulled up completely and burned to ashes. If the wild olive tree is not uprooted completely, it will produce further fruits, which will then be strewn around the tree and will grow into more wild olive trees.

The cutting down of wild olive trees is necessary in order to engraft the sprouts of the true olive tree on to them. The problem here is that the sprout of the true olive tree and the sprout of the wild olive tree look exactly alike from the outside and so disputes may arise. In particular, at the time of the Second Coming, many Antichrists will appear and those trying to find the truth may be confused. That is why you have been told, "Pray constantly, without resting or sleeping!"

By cutting off the wild olive tree at the base and engrafting the true olive tree on to it, all wild olive trees will disappear. The field where they used to be will become a field of true olive trees. Now that I am ready to carry out this task, many are raising uproar. They are scared of the pain they will feel when their bodies are cut off at the roots. They are worried that I may be an incompetent gardener. The spring of providential history has come and with it the task of engrafting the sprouts on to the wild olive trees has begun. (Blessed Family - 510)

2.2.2. Rebirth

The love of Jesus, the groom, and the love of the Holy Spirit, the bride, must unite into one. Their united love must then become one with your bones and flesh. In other words, as Jesus said, "I am in you, and you will be in me." There can be no rebirth if the foundation of love is not established. (114-27, 1981.5.14)

You say you need to be reborn, but in order to accomplish this, you need to love Jesus more than you love anyone. You must realize there is no way you can be connected to God unless the love centered on God is on a higher level than any kind of love found in the fallen realm of Satan's love.

This is the path of suffering, the difficult path that religious people must follow. Christians long for Jesus every day, and are waiting impatiently for Jesus to come again. For 2000 years, they have cried out to heaven, "Jesus, our groom, please come quickly!" even though he did not come. When they reach the stage where their bodies are ready to burst, their hearts are being torn, their bones are melting, their spirit is hovering between life and death, and when they are connecting directly only with God or Jesus, only then, will the Holy Spirit come down upon them.

When the Holy Spirit comes to them, spiritual rebirth will occur. Through this, their spirits can be reborn into spiritual babies. Those of you gathered here, have you ever had such an experience? If you have not had one such experience, you are still the sons and daughters of the satanic world. You must understand that you can still be accused by Satan. Such people cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. They have no choice but to go to hell. (114-27, 1981.5.14)

Jesus told Nicodemus that unless one is reborn, one cannot enter the Kingdom of God. The "I" who has lived until now must be denied. Even if you have excuses, and even if you have many accomplishments to your name, you must deny yourself. Because you are fallen human beings, you cannot escape from this fate. Your whole life should be denied, your daily life should be denied; you are living a spiritually dead life that should be denied. (6-278, 1959.6.7)

The Messiah may convert the lineage, but it is up to you to accept the conversion. Unless the foundation on which the conversion can take place is established, you cannot walk towards salvation. The path to salvation cannot be reached easily; before you reach it, you must go through a state of life and death. Only when you carry out a 40-day fast or you are on the brink of death, vomiting blood, can your lineage be converted. (35-160, 1970.10.13)

People in the world who were born before the True Mother came into existence were born in vain. That is why they needed to be engrafted to Jesus, pass through the body of Jesus, and be reborn through the Holy Spirit. This is possible because Jesus formed a spousal relationship of true love. Since they were born as the fruit of false love, they must be reborn through true love. This is one reason why a lot of emphasis is put on love in Christianity. (17-192, 1966.12.18)

There is no other way of becoming one with Jesus except through love. You cannot become one with him through truth or justice. Love is necessary before there can be life. Love goes beyond history, and is not limited by distance or space. (35-164, 1970.10.13)

2.3. The central ideology is the conversion of lineage

Who is supposed to carry out the conversion of the lineage? It cannot be performed by just anyone. You must know that in order to become the one who can perform it, I walked the tearful path of the cross. Because I set such a standard, you are able to become a part of the tradition of the Blessing without having to do anything for it. It took thousands of years of hard work on God's part and my substantial life course, which was filled with hardships and suffering, to establish the victorious realm of the conversion of lineage. You are now standing on the foundation thus laid down. To receive the Blessing is to completely cut off the evil lineage and to engraft a new lineage. By engrafting, the lineage is completely changed. (35-178, 1970.10.13)

In order to enter God's realm of heart, your lineage has to be the same. You can only join that realm of heart after changing your lineage, which originated from a different root. The stems are different. The roots, stems and sprouts need to be identical. For that to be so, the great work of the conversion of lineage is absolutely necessary. This cannot be carried out alone. You need True Parents for this task. (172-55, 1988.1.7)

God wants everyone reborn. From His position, He is trying to bring all of humanity, which is still in the realm of Satan's false love, to His side through His greater love. Since all humankind was born through the parents, ancestors and lineage of false love, they need to be reborn through the parents, ancestors and lineage of true love. In this way, they can become the children of God and the people of God's Kingdom. The precious blood of Jesus and the ritual of the Last Supper all symbolize the providence of becoming the children of God through the conversion of the lineage. (135-12, 1985.8.20)

It doesn't really hit home when I say "conversion of the lineage," does it? How did you come to be the way you are today? When I become Abel, you, as Cain, must completely unite and become one with me. It is only because of this relationship that you can become one with me; if there were no such relationship that would be a big problem. (161-153, 1987.1.18)

In what way can you connect to the heart of God? You cannot connect with His heart through logic. It is only through the lineage that you can connect with Him. Have you all inherited the lineage of the heart of God? You didn't know about that until now. That is why before you have to go through the ceremony of converting the lineage to receive the Blessing. At the time of the ceremony, you must reach a state of nothingness, feeling that you have nothing. You have to reach the state where you feel you do not have a body. You should have a firm conviction that the point where the blood and flesh of the True Parents can be inherited begins with yourself. (180-159, 1988.8.22)

All of you went through the ceremony of converting the lineage before you received the Blessing, didn't you? You did not really understand any of it; you simply followed my orders, but in reality it is not that simple. History came to be in utter confusion today because Jesus could not form a relationship of husband and wife at his first advent. Therefore, from the viewpoint of the standard of heart, there would be great trouble if any event occurred at the Blessing that would defile the lineage. I am not just talking about the penalty of such actions. The first human ancestors were thrown out of the Garden of Eden when they fell, even though they were not fully matured; bearing that in mind, there would be dire consequences if you committed a sin on the foundation of the perfected standard of heart. If that were to happen, God would not want to see you ever again and neither would I. (198-220, 1990.2.3)

Everyone, you must change completely after you go through the ceremony of converting the lineage. Would this be possible if True Parents were not here? Think about the path of hardships previous generations had to persevere through ever since the time of the creation of the world. Having True Parents here right now is something for which you should all be truly grateful. It is even more amazing that you have received the Blessing from them in person. Through the Blessing, the tradition of the lineage, that is, the tradition embedded with true love, life and lineage can be established. You must always keep this in mind. (216-36, 1991.3.3)

Satan is saying at this moment: "Through the Fall, I violated everything related to Your lineage. For You to enter the Kingdom of Heaven with Your son, You need to convert the lineage, don't You? If You are indeed the subject of life, Adam can receive the seed of life from You. This seed of life can then connect to Eve and then set the original standard that can become the root. Based on this standard Your clan can reclaim its rightful place. However, in order for this to happen, You need to convert humankind from the roots of the fallen lineage, which is currently part of my clan. Unless You do so, You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only people who stem from the roots of Adam can enter the Kingdom of God. People who stem from the roots of the archangel cannot enter the Kingdom of God, can they? No they can't!" (197-286, 1990.1.20)

What is the significance of the Blessed Families? Satan has no control over the Blessed Families. When they have complete faith in Father and a strong conviction that they belong to True Parents, no matter where they are, Satan cannot violate that. Why is this so? It is because, centering on the heart of True Parents, they have a relationship with the realm of heart of the converted lineage. That is why Satan cannot touch them. (149-53, 1986.11.2)

The path of restoration begins from the era of the servant of the servant and passes through the eras of the servant, adopted son, and true son. Then, if you were to pass through the eras of servant of servant, servant and adopted son could you then form a relationship with the era of the true son? You cannot form a relationship with the era of the true son just like that. You must establish the foundation of faith, the foundation of substance, and finally the foundation for the Messiah, as laid down in the Divine Principle. What that means is that you need to receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the true Son of God. The adopted son and the true son are of different lineages. That is why conversion of the lineage is necessary. (55-192, 1972.5.9)

Fallen human beings need conversion of their lineage. This is the fundamental issue. The relationship between God and humankind is like that of father and children; however, this truth has not been known until now, and that is why there has been continuous conflict throughout history. No one has ever known the Providence of God. The conversion of the lineage must be carried out on the levels of individual, family, people, nation and world. Only the Messiah can accomplish this. Only after True Parents emerge can the new lineage be initiated by them. Without the Parents, the lineage cannot be converted.

All these issues must be resolved by each individual. Overcoming these problems is the task given to all individuals. However, human beings do not know about all these matters, and that is why the Messiah has to come and complete the task on their behalf. (161-147, 1987.1.18)

Fallen humankind set out on the wrong foot from the very beginning. That is why they must go back. You may ask, go back where? They must return to the starting point. Since they began with false parents, they must return to the beginning and start afresh with true parents. How serious this is! Each person has to inherit the love of God, life of God and lineage of God. When you received the Blessing, you attended the ceremony of converting the lineage, didn't you? You must believe in that, even more than in your own lives.

You should not think of the ceremony as a normal religious ritual, just because it is a Unification Church ritual. This ceremony is like an injection that revives a person from death. It is like an antidote. (216-107, 1991.3.9)

In the Bible you read the story of Jacob, who plotted with his mother and tricked his father into giving him the blessing. You also read about Tamar, who committed immoral acts. Yet, it states in the Bible that Jesus will come to the earth through the tribe of Judah. What does all this mean? It is because the problem of conversion of the lineage remained and had to be resolved. The bloodline must be purified. Of all the religions, only Christianity has placed importance on the lineage, and laid down the conversion of lineage as its main ideology. You cannot find this in any other religion, and that is why you can safely conclude that we must follow this teaching.

That is why in the conversion of lineage, Father could not exclude Christianity. On the contrary, I focused on Christianity, the religion that inherited the ideology of the chosen people. If I had used a title for our association for the unification of all religions rather than Christianity, would I have been persecuted? Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Therefore, converting the lineage had to be the main emphasis of the central ideology. (227-349, 1992.2.16)

2.4. Three stages in changing the lineage

2.4.1. Holy wine ceremony

Before receiving the Blessing of marriage in the Unification Church, you need to go through the ceremony of changing the lineage. All of you went through that, didn't you? The indemnity stick ceremony and the three-day ceremony make it seem very complicated, don't they? During these ceremonies, Satan cannot intrude. These rituals signify that the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven have been opened by virtue of the laws of God and True Parents; and that liberation has been proclaimed. Therefore, Satan, who has been particularly active on the perfection level of the growth stage, cannot interfere. Do you all know that Blessed Families went through the ceremony of changing the lineage? They had to pass through this ceremony before they could receive the Blessing. (235-215, 1992.9.20)

After the engagement, you need to go through the holy wine and holy wedding ceremonies. Then, what are the engagement, holy wine ceremony and wedding ceremony? They are not performed just for the sake of themselves. They are the ceremonies that must be inevitably carried out to re-enact and indemnify the Fall. (35-215, 1970.10.19)

Fallen human beings cannot go to the place of the Blessing if they do not deny all their past loves, which are defiled with the false love of the satanic world. They must become new, resurrected substantial beings, who can propagate the love of True Parents centering on the love of God. On that basis, the holy wine ceremony is a ritual that promises the achievement of a new standard of life by passing through the gates of the love of True Parents. (35-215, 1970.10.19)

What is the purpose of the holy wine ceremony? It is a ritual of putting the body of God into one's own body, centering on a new love. Everyone has a fallen body that needs to be substituted centering on the love of God. This act of substitution is performed through the holy wine ceremony. Just as Jesus says in the Bible, "The bread symbolizes my body and the wine my blood, so you must eat and drink of it." Through this ceremony, one can be cleansed of the original sin by inheriting the new lineage centering on the love and substantial aspect of God. You cannot go to the place of the Blessing without attending this ceremony. That is why the holy wine ceremony is a ceremony for changing the lineage. (35-245, 1970.10.19)

We need the absolute phrase, "the change of the lineage." When you received the Blessing, you participated in the ceremony for changing the lineage, didn't you? You need to take the holy wine in order to convert the lineage.

When making the holy wine, one must pass through the process of selecting twenty-one elements. You don't know what they are, do you? In this process, you need to focus on the fruits borne on trees, on the ground, and underground, and select twenty-one of the most precious elements from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Moreover, these elements should not in any way be connected to conditions that can be accused. The wine has to be kept in storage for seven months, and nothing must disturb its purity during this period. (215-109, 1991.2.6)

The holy wine ceremony is the ceremony of restoration through indemnity. When you participate in this ceremony, you attend in the position of the archangel. That is why everything including the lineage must be offered through it. Everything is restored through the ceremony. It is a condition for restoration. I conduct the ceremony through True Mother. You are all in the same situation. A bridge is being laid. Through attending the holy wine ceremony, you can enter the position of restoration, which is the same as the position of parents. You must realize this.

The woman receives the holy wine first. The woman first bows to Father, accepts the holy wine, and drinks half of what is in the cup. Then the husband bows. While the woman is drinking her half, the man should have his head bowed. At that very moment, the woman is in the position of the mother. She represents the mother. Under these conditions, the woman drinks half and hands the remaining half to the man for him to drink. When the man drinks the remaining half, the relationship between the two is formed. Then the man can stand on an equal level with the woman. (113-309, 1981.5.10)

The holy wine ceremony is carried out in the reverse order of the Fall of Adam and Eve. Before you can get married, you need to be engaged. Then there is the holy wine ceremony. Only then can you attend the holy wedding ceremony. You could not become the original Adam and Eve because of the Fall. Through the engagement ceremony, you present yourselves before God and True Parents, who are trying to reclaim their children, saying, "We will become a better Adam and Eve, who are better than your fallen children." Adam and Eve were still in the state of engagement. Through the engagement, a new world is created. You must therefore understand that the holy wine ceremony establishes the conditions that restore all these relationships. (120-167, 1982.10.13)

In bringing the holy wine to the participants, it must start with the archangel representative first, followed by the Eve representative, and then the Adam representative. When you, as a candidate, are offered the holy wine, Eve receives it first. Without Eve, the man cannot be reborn. Because the purpose of drinking the wine is restoration, Eve must receive the holy wine first, drink half of it, and then offer the remaining half to her husband. When receiving the holy wine cup, you must make a bow first, because whoever is handing it to you is doing so on behalf of Father.

You need to bow three times in theory, but bowing once is also acceptable as long as you are putting into the one bow what you would into the three bows. You receive the cup, drink half, and pass it on to your husband. After you drink from the cup, you must return it. The returned cup is then passed in reverse, from Father to Mother, and then the archangel, and then left to rest. In this way, you become unified in heart.

In actual fact, initially, True Father must first place his hand on the women's hands and pray. True Father would offer the prayer of unity. When you drink the holy wine after the prayer has been said, the fallen lineage is purified. That is the condition. The ceremony of changing the lineage is like baptism in Christianity! (183-89, 1988.10.29)

Eve fell because of the archangel. Therefore, in the work of restoration, Eve must stand before heaven through Adam and restore the archangel. This is the purpose of the holy wine ceremony. In conducting the ceremony, Father gives the wine to the woman first, doesn't he? Do you know why that is? By doing so, Eve, who has been lost, is restored. Through the holy wine ceremony, they become one in spirit, in heart, and in body. It is an absolute and internal commitment. (46-233, 1971.8.15)

The holy wine is not simply made like ordinary wine. You cannot bring forth wine and claim it to be holy wine. It is made in the presence of God and Satan, and the angels in the spirit world. There are twenty-one elements within it that you do not know about. The wine contains all the elements that are formed in the process of restoring the physical world and humankind. When making the holy wine, spirits from the spirit world come and implore me to pour a glass for them so that they can partake of it. It is because they know that by drinking the holy wine they can be restored. That is why they come to me in a group and ask to share in the benefit. They know that I can bestow on them this benefit. However, I am not here for the spirit world. I am here for the physical world. That is why I tell the spirits, "Wait!" and give the wine to you, for all the suffering you have been through. (46-233, 1971.8.15)

The holy wine contains elements that symbolize the love of the True Parents. It also must contain something that symbolizes blood. So when you drink it, you become one with the love of the True Parents, and also with the blood. This is what the holy wine incorporates. (35-211, 1970.10.18)

How is the holy wine made? It is wine that symbolizes earth, sea, heaven, and everything in them. The holy wine contains three kinds of wine. It also contains other elements that represent all the things of creation. By drinking the wine, you are reborn spiritually and physically. You cannot rid yourself of the original sin and convert the lineage without attending the holy wine ceremony. You cannot pass through the standard of perfection and become one with God's love if the lineage is not changed. That is why you must understand that the holy wine ceremony indemnifies all this. (35-211, 1970.10.18)

The holy wine ceremony draws out the blood of Satan, the blood that was defiled through the Fall. In other words, it is a ceremony that draws out the original sin. (35-215, 1970.10.19)

The holy wine contains elements representing all creation, which cannot be accused by Satan. After drinking the holy wine, and becoming one with True Parents, if you commit any acts that defile your body, you will be worse off than Satan himself. Satan defiled and violated the perfection level of the growth stage. But if someone receives the Blessing and then commits a sin, he defiles the substantial body of God in the perfection level of the completion stage and cannot ever be forgiven. This is a truly terrifying thought. (Blessed Family - 596)

The place where the holy wine ceremony is conducted is the place that indemnifies the path of suffering and hardships experienced by True Parents. That is a place that cannot be exchanged for the universe or heaven and earth. You must not defile that place. Therefore, it is only right that you would be held accountable. (172-61, 1988.1.7)

What is the difference between the second generation children of Blessed Families and young members who are candidates for the Blessing? When those candidates want to receive the Blessing, they need the holy wine ceremony and other ceremonies as well. It is very complicated. However, in the case of the second generation, there is no need for the holy wine ceremony. Their roots are different. Your roots are lodged in the fallen world, but theirs are not.

Everyone looks similar from the outside, but their histories and backgrounds are all different. The beginnings were different and so the process of growing up was different. The current situations they are in are different and their future destinations are different. Even though the final destination (spirit world) is the same, the final place they are going to there is different. It cannot be the same because those of the second generation are in the position of blessed children. (144-281, 1986.4.26)

2.4.2. Blessing Ceremony

The Blessing Ceremony is the bequeathal ceremony of love. Just as True Parents received love from God, you should receive love from Parents in place of the love of God. The holy wedding ceremony is the bequeathal ceremony in which you receive this love from Parents who are encouraging you with the words, "You should live this way!" What that means is that you receive the love of God from True Parents. It is not something you can receive from someone who is famous. Weddings not officiated by the True Parents are officiated by the archangel. When a prominent person comes to officiate at a wedding alone, like an odd shoe, that person is conducting the wedding as the archangel. (96-236, 1978.1.22)

A wedding ceremony signifies the realization of love, as well as the bestowal of the rights of creation and dominion. (76-46, 1975.1.26)

The Holy Wedding Blessing Ceremony is not simply a wedding through which a man and woman come together and form a family. Until now, all weddings were centered on the people getting married, but our wedding ceremony is a significant condition necessary to indemnify history. Therefore, in returning joy to God, we conduct the ceremony solemnly and splendidly. The Divine Principle clearly explains to us that our wedding ceremonies alleviate the grief of God caused by the Fall of Adam and Eve, and establish the true standard of husband and wife, which Jesus was not able to achieve. (22-212, 1969.2.4)

For you, walking towards the officiator of the Blessing Ceremony is like walking through the six thousand years of providential history. (Blessed Family - 679)

Forming an entrance are twenty-one or twelve best men and bridesmaids representing three stages, which signify formation, growth and completion of the providential course. After taking seven steps, you must stop and make three bows as the condition that you have passed through the formation stage. This whole ceremony represents the providential course of history from the time of Adam until now. (19-268, 1968.2.20)

In particular, it is the process that represents the three eras of Adam, Jesus and the Second Coming. (Blessed Family - 679)

You walk forward between the best men and bridesmaids, who are standing on either side, to meet the True Parents. The best men and bridesmaids establish the spiritual condition of representing the twelve tribes of Israel and twenty-four elders at Jesus' time. The bows represent the setting of a condition of indemnity for all this. True Parents sprinkle the holy water on those receiving the Blessing, to place them in the position of having been restored through indemnity. In this way, you are setting the condition of having gone beyond the earthly foundation of ancestors in the spirit world. (19-268, 1968.2.20)

The mass holy wedding is held to find and establish the new family of God. In other words, the ceremony is held so that you can learn to love God more than anyone else in the world. (Blessed Family - 563)

The mass holy wedding is something we can be proud of in the Unification Church. Moreover, we should be proud that it brings together not only people from the same race but people from East and West. No power on earth, except the Unification Church, can accomplish this, not even the presidents of nations. We are able to hold the weddings, not because Father is great, but because we have behind us the power of God. (Blessed Family - 563)

True Father's Holy Wedding ceremony should have been more grand and more magnificent than any other wedding performed to date. However, because it was carried out under extremely difficult circumstances, it was not as grand as it should have been. Therefore, we still have a condition to fulfill, which is to carry out the ceremony once again in all splendor and glory.

The members must also be in the position to have the greatest wedding ceremonies in three generations whether at home or overseas. Only then can you set this as a condition in front of Satan. That is why we hold large weddings. At the same time, from an internal point of view, we need to set a condition as a sacrificial offering in order to conduct weddings that bring joy to God. (19-70, 1967.12.26)

A banquet hosted by God should be more extravagant than any other held in the satanic world. However, an individual cannot uphold this standard alone. That is why we need to host mass holy weddings as never been seen before in history. (19-32, 1967.12.15)

What is the purpose of the Holy Wedding Blessing Ceremony? It is to save the world. The ceremony is an international holy wedding ceremony that transcends nationality, race, language, culture and customs. Through it, new people of God are created. Therefore, the place where the ceremony is held is one of reconciliation. (Blessed Family - 565)

We conduct the Holy Wedding Blessing Ceremony in the Unification Church in order to create a new race in the world, centering on God. (Blessed Family - 565)

This Holy Wedding Ceremony being conducted today has been the hope and ideal of God. It is the Holy Wedding Ceremony that God had planned for Adam and Eve after they fully matured. It existed in His heart as the ideal of creation, and so, conducting this ceremony is truly a historic event. You must realize that this is the first time such a ceremony has been held since the time of creation. (9-83, 1960.4.16)

2.4.3. Three-day ceremony for substantial restoration

Forty days after receiving the Blessing, you need to go through the ceremony for substantial restoration, which lasts three days. This period of forty days is the period of total historic indemnity. A person is given the right of restoration centering on love, not in the formation or growth stages, but in the completion stage. (God's Will - 552)

Adam's era and the era that came after that were both failures. As a result, the formative realm of God's substantial love in the Old Testament Age could not be inherited, and the substantial love of God in the growth stage centering on Christianity also could not be inherited. Only after inheriting the realm of love in the formation and growth stages can you stand in the realm of completion of the Completed Testament Age. The three-day ceremony is a ceremony of conditional indemnity for substantial restoration. On the first day of the three-day ceremony, the realm of the Old Testament Age and the position of fallen Adam are restored. On the second day, the position of Jesus in the New Testament Age is restored through indemnity. On the third day, the groom, representing Jesus, re-creates the bride. From there, you can begin again on the right path. Setting the conditions for indemnity in detail, like this, is really complicated work. (God's Will - 552)

During the three-day ceremony, the people who have received the Blessing are in the position of husband and wife, but one in which the wife has to stand in the position of the mother. As the mother, she must give birth to her husband through love. This means that until the Lord comes, all wives must give birth to their husbands, and Eve who represents women must also give birth to the Lord at his Second Advent. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

At present, there is no perfected husband. There is no Lord, no owner on earth. Therefore it is the responsibility of the woman to give birth to him. Eve was supposed to perfect Adam, but instead she made him fall. Mary was supposed to give birth to Jesus and do her duty as the mother so that he could fulfill his mission, but she failed to do so. All this must be restored. What that means is that the woman must give birth to her spouse as Adam. If he does not become the perfected Adam, he cannot consummate his marriage. Since the providence took three eras, including the era of the Second Coming, the woman has to fulfill her mission of giving birth to three people, through three generations. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

The woman, in the position of Eve, must give birth to her husband as Adam. She must raise him through the formation stage. Then, as a representative of Jesus, she must raise him through the growth stage. Finally, in the completion stage, she must raise him to become Adam who is untainted by the Fall. Only after that can the husband claim his right as the husband of Eve and love her. This is the process that needs to be followed. A confession is necessary at this point. Only in the era of the Second Coming can he become the husband. When he can stand in the position of perfected Adam, he can claim the position of the Blessing, that is, the position of the bridegroom. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

Through True Father, the wife is bequeathed the mission of a mother towards her husband. What this means is that the wife must love in a way that allows her to give birth to her husband in three stages. In order to set the condition for her giving birth through love, the act of loving must be carried out in the opposite way from how it was done in the past. The woman is in the upper position and the man is in the lower position. You should keep this in mind in the act of love. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

When carrying out the three-day ceremony, the woman prays first. In order to give birth to Adam in the formation stage, one needs to be blessed. Only then can one enter the era of Jesus. Then the ritual is repeated, with the words, "Please bestow on me the blessing of giving birth to the second Adam, who is like Jesus!" With the second birth, the husband advances to the position representing Jesus, from where he can reach the position of perfection. Only then can he achieve the subject position of the husband. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

After the growth stage in the three-day ceremony, the man is restored to the upper position. That is why in making love on the third occasion, the man should be in the upper position. After completing this, the husband and wife should offer the prayer that they have become an eternal husband and wife, and an eternal family that belongs to God and that is the heir of heaven. Only then can they truly start their lives as husband and wife. Only when that is accomplished, can they boldly walk into the Kingdom of God as a family completely restored through indemnity. It is that difficult to achieve. Therefore, if you do not know about this, it is impossible for you to be restored. You cannot be restored if you don't know this. In the world today, many churches claim that they will go to the Kingdom of Heaven if they believe in Jesus, but this is total nonsense. They are not going to the Kingdom of Heaven but to paradise. Paradise is the waiting room. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

The holy wine ceremony sets the condition that you have been born through three providential mothers -- Eve, Mary and True Mother. The holy wine contains the blood of indemnity. By drinking the holy wine, you are purified internally, and by wiping yourself with the holy handkerchief, you are purified externally. (19-270, 1968.2.20)

From now on, after having completed the three-day ceremony, you must create substantial children. You must pray that you can give birth to children who can form a relationship of heart with Heavenly Father and who can become the priests of heart. I hope that you will give birth to children on the foundation of heart that represents heaven and earth. I always take responsibility once I have blessed someone. We must receive the Blessing once more on behalf of the world. That is why it is a conditional Blessing. The 40-day separation period indemnified the four thousand years of history. The actual married life begins today, the end of the three-day ceremony. Since the day of the Blessing until now there has been a period of indemnity. (11-161, 1961.6.24) 

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