Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Four - The Course of Indemnity and Our Life
Section 7. The Way of Indemnity is the Way of Absolute Obedience and Absolute Submission

Why should religious people obey absolutely? It is necessary in order for them to become absolute object partners in relation to the absolute Subject partner. And when facing evil, don't you ever become its partner, even if you have to die. I am telling you, never become accomplices of evil! The commandment to love means that you should love people, but do not love the sin people are united with. You must understand this. (57-57, 1972.5.28)

If God is absolute, I must also desire an absolute position. If God is unchanging, I must also become unchanging. If God is unique, I must also become unique. If God is eternal, I must also he eternal.

From this point of view, human beings must inevitably have an eternal life. Everything comes to this resultant point; I think it is a fair conclusion. Even if God has love, life, and ideal, but I do not have all these things, it is all in vain. (69-74, 1973.10.20)

You should not have selfish ambitions. You must become completely and absolutely one with me. There is only one root. If the root is being pulled, the entire tree is being pulled. A trunk or branch cannot have an awareness of itself. They cannot assert themselves. There cannot be two directions. There is only one. We will have a freedom to move in all four directions only after we have built a victorious foundation and secured our position. Unless that is accomplished, there is no freedom. Do you understand what I mean? Therefore, you cannot act freely. (169-499, 1957.10.31)

What until now has been the center of life of religious people? Jesus was an unfortunate person. From a humanistic point of view, Jesus had no personal claims. Night and day, he only served God's will and had no will of his own. He absolutely obeyed God's will. Absolute obedience! Why did he obey absolutely? There is only one absolute original Subject, but Satan formed another realm of the subject, forming a triangular shape; thus Jesus did what he did in order to remove Satan.

Today, human beings are under the control of Satan's domain. To escape from this situation in the satanic realm, they must follow the path Satan hates the most. Therefore, a religion commands one to he absolutely obedient to his conscience. Since God is absolute, there is a requirement for people in the religious world to become a minus which aims at making them absolutely one with God. (57-114, 1972.5.29)

Be absolutely obedient! Absolute obedience does not lead you to death. What happens when you obey? You become one with the person you obey. What happens, once you become one? You repel evil. Since you become completely one, evil is repelled. Therefore, evil can be removed. This is the principle. (57-114, 1972.3.29)

In God's will, there is a will related to His ideal, and a will to restore people through indemnity because they have fallen. You must understand that there are the two kinds of will. If so, which kind of will should we follow? The second one. If so, can there be even an iota of freedom in the religious life of the people who follow Heaven on the path of this second type of God's will? There cannot be even an iota of freedom. (134-117, 1985.2.23)

We must have absolute faith. When asked if you believe in the Unification Church, you must answer, "I go this way with absolute faith." (46-99, 1971.7.25)

What is absolute faith? If there is a leader of a religion you believe in, there can be a historical gap of a few thousand years between you and him. But through the faith in your heart, you can enter the realm of the same era with him on a horizontal plane. That is why I am telling you to believe absolutely. When you believe absolutely, you come to realize that you are together with that person. Moreover, you come to understand that you are living together with that person. You must know that faith is meant to stimulate people and give them new awareness of this fact. (32-162, 1970-1.14)

Absolute faith will pass, and absolute obedience will also pass; what remains at the very end is absolute love. Faith, love, and hope, these three are always there, but what is said to be the first among these three? Love! Faith passes and hope also passes, but love remains until the very end. I am telling you the same thing. Even absolute faith will pass. (169-130, 1987.10.29)

You must be bold even at the time of death. When you close your eyes and think, "Now I am dead," you will already be in the other world. Such a leap will take place. The Unification Church has been developing like this. If you are in a dumbfounding and shocking situation, when all four directions are blocked and you can neither stay on the earth nor rise to heaven, and yet you go over that situation ready to die, then the living God will surely manifest Himself. That is why whether God exists or not is not even an issue for me. (126-35, 1983.4.10)

Then you must assimilate your enemy. You must love your enemy. That path is not easy. Not only must you deny yourself hundreds of times, but you must move up to a position where you are able to love your enemy. Unless you do that, you cannot stand on Gods side. (126-44, 1983.4.10)

A religion cannot start from a concept of affirmation, because our ancestors fell. The first condition necessary in order to deny that is absolute faith. Do you understand? So, do you have absolute faith? That is why we must discover the reason why people are going the way of asceticism. Do you not wish that this Mr. Moon would come today and reveal the entire secret world of religion? Why do we have to go the way of asceticism? Why do we have to sacrifice? Why believe absolutely? If we call pastors and ask them these three questions, they will not be able to answer. They will just say "Well, through faith we gain salvation." Don't be tricked by Satan's deceptive smoke-screen tactics. (126-36, 1983.1.1)

Members of the Unification Church must go the reverse route in order to accomplish restoration through indemnity. Therefore, their path does not begin from self-recognition and self-affirmation. It starts from complete denial. A perfect religion begins with self denial, with the complete denial of the fallen world. That is why you must deny the world, deny your nation, tribe, family, wife or husband, deny even being a man and a woman, and deny your own mind and body You must understand how huge the scope of this denial is. Following your mind, you must even deny your own body. (126-34, 1983.4.10)

Do not think that you will receive blessings just because you believe in the Unification Church. You must think about giving blessings to others. You must strive to give away the blessings that exist in the Unification Church for the sake of your nation and the world, for the sake of something larger. If you walk your path in this way, then I will be responsible for your course and not hold you back. You must become such people. (130-61, 1983.12.11)

Some people outwardly express that they like something, but inwardly they shake their heads. Seeing this, I wish they had been born with a better character. On the path of faith, fighting and gaining victory over oneself is more difficult than conquering the world. From this point of view, the first cross we must bear is overcoming the self. (46-95, 1971.7.25)

Until now, who has completed the payment of indemnity for the portion of responsibility? Can you pay that indemnity with money? Can you pay it by selling your house and your country? Then what should you do? There is nothing you can do. You can only he absolutely obedient. You must be absolutely obedient until you are in your twenties.

Adam and Eve insisted on their own way. They had a sexual encounter, thus falling before they reached the age of twenty. Until you reach your twenties, you must be absolutely obedient. Before you reach twenty, you must obey. Therefore children are absolutely obedient. They are, even if you do not teach them to be like that. They know that if they do not become one with their parents, they will go to ruin. You will go to ruin if you do not become one with God. (133-136, 1984.7.10)

Since humankind lost the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships, we must find them. In order to accomplish this, you must submit with absolute obedience. absolute compliance, and absolute sacrifice and be willing to do whatever you are asked to. Only after you do this will parents come out from the satanic world to here. Men of the satanic world are archangels, so you must cut yourselves off from them. Then you can go up from this point. (285-29, 1992.10.23)

In the course of the restoration of Canaan, you must follow me. When wild geese fly across the ocean, they absolutely follow their leader. There are no objections. When he says, "Fly!" all the geese fly. They must follow the leader, no matter how difficult it is, even to the point of death. Until now, you have been doing something similar. However, now that you have arrived at our destination and started giving birth to children, you must care for each other and love each other; you must create one tribe and be proud of it. Such a time must come. I have said that is what we must do now. Until now, it has been a time to move toward the blessed land of Canaan, and now we have come to a settlement age. (115-107, 1981.11.4)

A true filial son is the one who obeys. A true loyal subject even when being chased and put to death by traitors never calls his king incapable. A true loyal subject is a person of integrity and loyalty, who sheds tears with a sorrowful heart, and wishes his king a long life even when persecuted by treacherous courtiers to the point of death. This is absolute obedience. The only way to bring about success through absolute obedience is the way of true love. (164-45, 1987.5.3)

Up to now I have not told you, "Oh, you must absolutely obey my words." We must comply with the historical course. The historical course is a course of providential history trodden for the sake of God. It is for that reason that I have been teaching you about the course of the providence of restoration. I did not teach that for the sake of Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. That is why I, too, am going that way. We are heading toward the purpose of God, the Subject, and toward the purpose of humankind, the object partner. These objectives have not been accomplished, so the Unification Principle and Unification Thought advocated by the Unification Church today, in this age, are calling upon people to complete them. (71-66, 1974.4.28) 

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