Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Four - The Course of Indemnity and Our Life
Section 6. Faith Means Keeping the Law of Indemnity

The Unification Church is 95 to 98 percent to do with the life of faith. Since human beings lost 95 percent of what God created, our re-creation takes place only after we complete 95 percent. Once that is done, we must fulfill the remaining 5 percent. How difficult that is! If the Fall had not occurred, Heaven would have done 95 percent and we would only have to do five percent. But due to the Fall, God cannot do that for us again. We must accomplish re-creation. That means we must do 95 percent plus 5 percent. Therefore, we must be ready to die. We must be prepared for sacrifice. Don't think of comfort until we have completed the worldwide course of restoration... (242-54, 1986.3.1)

On coming to this earth I brought four tremendous truths to the world of believers. I clarified the relationship between God and human beings; I gave deep explanations about the portion of responsibility and indemnity -- things that no one in history had known about. The next question is why life is difficult for conscientious people, and why evil people live well. I clarified the law of indemnity and the problem of Cain and Abel, which no one had known about. (161-153, 1987.1.18)

Human beings inherited fallen nature and became slaves to their habits. Nowadays, even religious people tend to lead a very habitual life. A routine life of faith is dangerous. Such a life of faith becomes a major factor presenting Satan with the conditions for accusation. As people walk the course of restoration, Satan uses every method possible to find opportunities for recurrent invasion, trying not to lose even one person. Satan has to separate from individuals due to the indemnity conditions they set, but he may invade them again on the level of the family or on the national level. (167-95, 1987.6.30)

We must go through a certain formula course, but you do not understand clearly about that formula. "We don't need indemnity. Why should we walk this difficult path of indemnity?" People who say that will inevitably die within Satan's realm. He will claim that they belong to his realm. You must conquer Satan's territory and repel Satan. You must capture his realm. Stand up boldly. Clear things from your past. This is your responsibility in your life of faith. You must understand this clearly. (167-319, 1987.8.20)

Restoration through indemnity is not conditional restoration. You must understand that indemnity is real. This is not written in the Divine Principle. It is probably the first time that you are hearing that conditional indemnity is actually real indemnity. Therefore, when you think about the course of restoration until now, God raised from the satanic world one person who was the most conscientious. Noah was exactly that kind of a person. God had Noah set the foundation of absolute faith. God settled on the earth through Noah's family. God needs a man of absolute faith, a woman of absolute faith, a four-position foundation of absolute faith. (183-164, 1988.10.31)

God established religion in order to restore fallen man through indemnity. Through religion, God is teaching the method to strengthen a God-centered spirit and the method to reverse the dominion of the physical body over human life and character. This is why religion requires fasting, sacrificial service, a meek and humble attitude, and other such things. These are methods to reduce the force of the physical body and make the body obey the spirit. Usually it takes from three to five years to get rid of life habits centered on the physical body and to create a new lifestyle centered on the spirit. (201-208, 1990.4.9)

What is indemnity centered on? What is the content of indemnity? It is the issue of love: whether you love Satan more or God more. Everything is about the issue of love. In order to pay indemnity, you must believe in God absolutely. However, Satan did not believe in God absolutely. He betrayed God. Satan betrayed God during the course of his mission. Therefore, when you are going the way of indemnity, first of all your faith and actions must be absolute. (206-238, 1990.10.14)

In the course of indemnity, you must fulfill your portion of responsibility. What is the key point in the fulfillment of the portion of responsibility? Without loving Heaven more, without having absolute faith and absolute love, you cannot subjugate Satan. (139-279, 1986.1.31)

The era of restoration through indemnity that has lasted until now is passing away. Since it is passing away, the time is coming when people will be immediately caught if they act in violation of the law. In the era of restoration through indemnity people have been moving in circles: if the first attempt failed, they could have a second one. In this way they were able to progress. Now, however, we have passed the era of restoration through indemnity and entered the era of restoration. In the era of restoration we cannot take our time to resolve mistakes. Things will happen immediately. You must understand this clearly, and if you had only a faint concept of faith in the past, you must toss that out and be determined to take the lead. (144-128, 1986.4.12)

I have been walking the way for the sake of God's will. Looking at my life, no one can understand the path I am going. However, my life has a deep and broad background that is understood by Heaven. When you think about this, am I fortunate or unfortunate? I am fortunate. People oppose me not because they want to. Without opposition, restoration through indemnity will not occur.

Knowing that everything we do we do is by Heaven's direction you must be grateful. If you continue being grateful you will ultimately come to a world you had never thought of, and the world that opposed you will fall into consequences it would have never imagined. That is why the life of those who live in attendance of Heaven must be filled with gratitude. (118-129, 1966.1,19)

The valuable thing is to move closer to Heaven step by step, regarding as precious the results brought about by your loyalty. Even if you are offering loud prayers expressing great ambition that does not mean that God's will is going to be fulfilled. On the path of restoration through indemnity all the people who claim they are the best will fall away. Don't I also say that I am the best? Well, among everything I have taught you so far there was nothing I had not put into practice before teaching it to you. I practiced it, I completed it, and then I taught it to you; isn't that true? (142-89, 1986.3.1)

God's liberation will not be accomplished unless people become one with True Parents and remove all conditions for Satan's accusations, thus making it possible to offer to God everything on this earth. How do you come into the realm of ownership of God's heart? Your parents, yourselves, and all things of creation could not stand on an equal footing, belonging to God. We must restore this through indemnity. (137-268, 1986.1.3)

How grateful were you to accept the fact that you are going the way of restoration through indemnity, the predestined way of the portion of responsibility? You must consider it once again. You cannot say, "Oh, I like the words of the Principle of the Unification Church. but don't like restoration through indemnity!" In order to be admitted to a university, in order to walk though its gates, you must take an exam. The path opposite to what you desire lies ahead of you. You cannot enter school unless you solve the task. It is the same with UN. The way of the Unification Church is not easy. (311-120, 1986.1.1)

You understand better than anyone why you must follow this way, why your soul is being pressured like that, and why your conscience is pushing you so that you are having a hard time. The question is why your heart is this way. It is because the right path lies in front of your eyes, it is because there is the history you must follow, and the predestined crucial way of restoration through indemnity that people must walk is yet to be trodden. If you fall away, you cannot go this path.

You cannot go this way unless you ride on the back of Parents. No matter how filthy a fly may be, if it clings to the belly of a swift horse and endures without falling away, the fly can travel a thousand miles. You are in the same position. You must cling onto True Parents and move together with them, even if you are upside down; you must not fall off. (138-120, 1986.1.19)

Nowadays believers are forgetting that they are going the way of restoration through indemnity Why did Adam and Eve fall? It is because they forgot about the course of the portion of responsibility. They fell because they forgot about the reality. While the realm of the portion of responsibility remains incomplete, human beings stand in a position where they cannot but groan; moreover, they are not in the position to freely enter this realm. Since human beings are fallen, in order to reach the position where they can freely fulfill their portion of responsibility, they must emancipate themselves from the historical realm of the Fall. Otherwise, people cannot walk the path of restoration. (142-82, 1986.3.1)

Those who have completed restoration through indemnity, raise your hands. You no-goods! You fickle scoundrels! You ought to be beaten with a club; you have to be cursed! You should by struck by lightning! If you haven't done it, even I cannot help you. I taught you everything clearly. The spirit world is transformed according to what I say. If you go there without doing that, you'll be trapped. No matter how much husband and wife say they have loved their children, when they go to the spirit world that will all stop.

Just as paradise has emerged in the spirit world, for the families in the Unification Church there will he a paradise where they stay before entering the Kingdom of Heaven. You won't even be able to love there. How can you love each other? You won't be able to love your own child, no matter how much you may want to. What will you do? Even though wives may tell their husbands, "You used to love me, so why do you act differently after coming here?" husbands won't be able to love them. You won't be able to love. In the position you are in, you are not supposed to love. (145-168, 1986.10.8)

I want to ask you one thing: Have you been walking the way of restoration through indemnity? Have you lived this way? Our destiny is to restore the first son and though the road to that restoration, which lies ahead of us, is blocked, have you made desperate efforts, have you struggled with the resolve to go over that ridge at any cost? You have not. You have not tried. You have been just following me. For what reason have you been following me? Because you liked me. Why did you follow me? You have been following me not because you were motivated by the Principle, but simply because you liked me. (135.134, 1956.1.19)

Do not think that if you join the Unification Church and just sit there in a careless manner that you will go to the Kingdom of Heaven! You must inherit the realm of heart. When will you fulfill restoration through indemnity? I told you to go and do it, but when did you go? (140-497, 1986.2.9)

What is the most difficult thing for human beings? Satan has three main gates, and the first gate is eating... his wretched mouth eats and eats and eats, and still demands better food. It keeps doing this. The second gate is resting. If you just sleep, you always want to rest.

Isn't that so? You don't want to work. What is the third gate? Lust. People have a tendency to be unfaithful to their spouses. If there are people in the Unification Church who cheat on their spouses and have love affairs with others, they deserve the judgment of fire. Such a time may come. It has not happened because I have not commanded it. Didn't God drive Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden? There was no way to deal with those reprobates. There were only two of them, so there was no way to deal with it. But now, it is different. There are many such people. I do not want to see such things happening in my time. That is why I am saying this is serious. (199-107, 1990.2.16) 

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