Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Four - The Course of Indemnity and Our Life
Section 5. There is No Separation from Satan without the Law of Indemnity

5.1. I am standing at a divide

I have been in and out of prison several times, in both North and South Korea. You must know this. Why must we accomplish restoration through indemnity? Why should we be separated from Satan? The reason we should separate from Satan is in order to make free the realm of the portion of responsibility. Did Satan interfere with the life of Adam and Eve before the Fall? You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven if Satan has interfered with your life. Where are you standing now? Your conscience knows where you are. You cannot deceive it. It knows where you are going. (148-199, 1986.10.9)

Restoration through indemnity is inevitable. Why should we accomplish restoration through indemnity? Why should we separate from Satan? It is because we need the foundation of a free environment where we can naturally fulfill our original portion of responsibility. It is because we need to hold onto a place where Satan cannot accuse us or be connected with us in any way. Thus, logically, we must inevitably meet the standard of restoration through indemnity and fulfill our portion of responsibility. That is why you must separate from Satan. That is why you must have the thinking not to be related to the satanic world, even if you have to starve. That is the divide. This is the borderline. (145 -244, 1986.10.0)

The way of restoration through indemnity is the way of separation from Satan. Why should we be separated from Satan? In order to find the realm of the portion of responsibility. Originally, Satan does not exist in the realm of the portion of responsibility, that is the realm of Adam's portion of responsibility. The original standard is that the realm of Adam's portion of responsibility cannot be invaded by Satan, We need to instill that clear notion into people's minds. We must go this path in any case. We must complete our portion of responsibility-and be grafted onto God's love. If we want to graft onto God's love, we must separate from Satan. We must be completely separated from everything related to Satan. (148-197, 1986.10.9)

Why did restoration through indemnity come about? For what purpose did it appear after the Fall occurred? If there were no portion of responsibility, then there would be no need for the term "restoration through indemnity." In what position did human beings fall? They fell during the course of fulfilling their portion of responsibility. At that time, human beings handed over the realm of the portion of responsibility to Satan. It was taken by Satan. Therefore, we must regain the realm of the portion of responsibility. (143-77, 1986.3.16)

If God had not given fallen human beings a portion of responsibility, the term "restoration through indemnity" that we emphasize today in the Unification Church would not have appeared. Simple restoration would have been enough.

You must pay indemnity! Why? It is because human beings do have a portion of responsibility. Since human beings violated their given portion of responsibility, they must fulfill it. To do so, you must win over everything that belongs to the satanic world and in a dignified manner rid yourselves of its climate of opposition. You must enter a place where you can receive God's love. If you accomplish this, Satan will depart from you. (143-77, 1986.3.16)

You are still within the realm of the portion of responsibility, even as the descendants of fallen people. Have you reached individual perfection within the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle? Have you become connected to God's love? Have you laid a foundation that enables you to be connected with God directly through a bond of love? If you look at these questions from the viewpoint of your portion of responsibility, you will have to say that you have been unable to accomplish these things. Restoration through indemnity is necessary for us to be separated from Satan. Your portion of responsibility cannot be fulfilled unless you are separated from Satan. (148-148, 1986.11.18)

You all have been living without understanding how important the portion of responsibility is. This is the standard for liberation. What is restoration through indemnity? It is needed to create a free environment in which we can fulfill our portion of responsibility. Since Satan is invading us, what must we do to protect ourselves? We must love God and love other people more than we love Satan. He hates God and hates humankind, but we on the opposite side must be able to say, "I love God and humankind more than I love you." Unless we stand in such a position, being able to create a one-way street based on the standard of a person who has not fallen, we will never be able to separate ourselves from Satan. (148-154, 1986.10.6)

We must inevitably go the way of restoration through indemnity. We must separate from Satan. Without separation from Satan, there is no fulfillment of the portion of responsibility. And without fulfilling your portion of responsibility, there is no way for you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. God's law drove Adam and Eve out. Are you better than Adam and Eve? Answer me. Are you any better than them, or not? If you are inferior to them, then throwing you away is not a big deal. If people just put on airs and come in and out of the church that does not make them Unification Church members. You should have a clear understanding of the Principle. (148-156, 1986.10.8)

We need restoration through indemnity to be separated from Satan. Unless we are separated from Satan, we will not be able to accomplish our portion of responsibility. (118 -142, 1986.10.8)

Satan invaded upon the condition of people not fulfilling their responsibility. Therefore, once the portion of responsibility is fulfilled, Satan will be banished. Satan cannot stay once the portion of responsibility is fulfilled. (137-254, 1986.1.5)

Have you completed your portion of responsibility, or is it still incomplete? You have not completed it, so do you have any relationship with me? You must understand this.

Why must we accomplish restoration through indemnity? Originally, before the Fall, Satan could not bring any accusation in the realm of the portion of responsibility. If you are in a place where Satan invades, you are not within the realm of the portion of responsibility. Therefore, he cannot invade the place where indemnity is being paid. That kind of place is a prison. (148-456, 1986.10.8)

With the power of my love for God I willingly go to prison in Satan's world. I welcome with greatest joy the place that Satan hates the most. The people of this world dislike suffering, don't they? But the members of the Unification Church like hardships. Why do they like them? Because they want to accomplish restoration through indemnity... Arrogant behavior is Satan's characteristic. He cannot go down to a low place. (148-156, 1986.10.8)

In order to protect yourself from Satan, you must love God more than you love anybody else. You must love God more than you love anybody in this world and in the universe. You must love God more than you love yourself. Since you are a fallen person, you must love God more than you love your own self. Satan loves himself more than he loves God and the world. That is Satan. Therefore, if you are basing your life on individualism, you are the princes of Satan. (148-161, 1986.10.8)

If there were no law of the portion of responsibility, it would be impossible to bring things in order. Due to the portion of responsibility we can dispose of Satan and clearly divide the heavenly kingdom into two nations with clear borders, thus entering the era of a cosmic dominion centered on God's love. This is the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth, the spirit world and physical world, under God's direct dominion. Do you understand clearly? You are the problem. Where are you now? You are always on the borderline. When you are on the borderline of restoration through indemnity centering on an individual, Satan cannot follow you. (148-166, 1986.10.8)

What concept of life do Unification Church members have? It is to live for the sake of the world, for the sake of God, and furthermore, for the sake of the liberating God, True Parents, and the world. These must become the core of Unification Church members' daily life. (118-166, 1986.10.8)

5.2. How to get out of the realm of Satan (the realm of the Fall)

In order to be completely saved, you must cleanse your sins. You must clear up all the sins you have committed in the past and those you are committing in the present. In order to clear up your sins, you must do things that do not deviate from the Principle. (55-158, 1972.5.7)

Since human beings got out of order due to the Fall, in order to repair the damage we must follow the basic rules and principles that existed before the disorder occurred. In order to comply with the laws of creation, we must go through the course of the history of re-creation. The Fall began with making one's partner invest for one's sake instead of investing for the sake of the partner. Therefore, we need to go through a reverse process of investing ourselves. That is why religion teaches self-sacrifice. (69-84, 1973.10.20)

What is the disease that humankind developed after the Fall of Adam and Eve? Human beings caught the disease of Satan-centered love, and because of that disease of false love, they have been multiplying Satan's lineage ever since. (God's Will - 437)

We inherited Satan's lineage and were born as his own children; that's our disease. But how did this disease of love begin? The disease of the Fall started when Adam and Eve denied the proper order, denied the principles of heaven and earth and the environment established by God, and engaged in self-centered love. Thus, to cure yourselves of this disease, you must deny yourselves and make God the absolute center of your lives. If the Archangel, Adam, and Eve had desired a God-centered love, they would not have fallen and would have built an ideal world. (92-255, 1977.4.18)

In order to get out of the satanic realm, we must have a view centered on God. That is the only way we can get out of there. Since there is no other way we can do it, we must inevitably choose this path. (God's Will - 437)

The way you have to go is difficult, but you must think about God, who is walking this path before you, and your friends and brothers and sisters, who are walking by your side. You also must keep in mind that the path to the destiny that humankind must head for still lies in front of us. You must make up your mind to go this way until the end of your life. With such thinking, you can transcend the point of Satan's Fall that he perpetrated through his self-centeredness. You can go over the realm of the Fall when your thinking is centered on God, rather than on yourselves. Therefore, the most difficult time for the Unification Church signifies that the day is drawing near when we kick away the most difficult realm of Satan's Fall and are liberated. (92-256, 1977.4.18)

The Fall in essence is a lapse into the state of death. In order to be saved, therefore, you have to plunge yourself bravely into that state of death. If that is an unavoidable and destined course, then you must confront it as a man should -- with a joyful heart. When the number of church members walking the way of God's will with such determination increases, the world will move in a new direction. Our hearts are burning with the desire to form that kind of foundation. Do you have the conviction that enables you to transcend the border between life and death?

I have confronted Satan in tens, hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of life-and-death situations. I never altered the standard I had set, even when unspeakably difficult circumstances surged against me repeatedly like waves. I will not depart from the standard of heart that I had at the beginning, even if my legs break, my eyeballs pop out, or my head falls off. Thus, as long as I do not die, I will win. (22-184, 1969.2.2)

How can you get rid of the love and the lineage belonging to the satanic realm? If you love yourself and think only of yourself, Satan will drag you along at any time. On the contrary, if you deny yourself and put God in the center of your thinking and your life, Satan will no longer control you; instead God will come to you and take charge of you. By doing so, you can be liberated from the archangelic realm of the satanic world. You will rise from the position of the fallen archangel to the position of the archangel who is not fallen. Therefore, you must die! Act as if you are dead. You have to be trampled under foot constantly. (92-264, 1977.4.18)

As far as I know, there is no way you can unite mind and body when rising to a high position. if you rise to the top with a lofty mindset, there is no way to be united. You must be trampled on. Even in my case, God has been trampling on me with His feet for forty years now, so that I would not rise high. Since He's been doing that, all my aspirations to rise were stirred up and I could unite with Him. You must be cursed at, trampled upon, and mistreated wherever you go, like Kim Sat-gat who roamed all over the Korean peninsula. But even in such circumstances you must discover yourself and be able to digest everything with joy. (44-255, 1986.4.25)

You must live within the framework of love with the determination in your heart to love more than Satan does, with the desire to love God and the universe; you must be able to say, "For the sake of God's will and the liberation of humanity, I will go down to the abyss." How do you go down? Try being trampled upon. Let all the four billion people of the world walk over you. I do not complain, even when I am trampled on. I digest everything with gratitude and love. That is what you must do. (138-288, 1986.1.24) 

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