Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Four - The Course of Indemnity and Our Life
Section 4. You Must Set Indemnity Conditions Yourself

4.1. No one else can set indemnity conditions for you

You must make indemnity conditions yourself. It is not something that another person can do on your behalf. The Fall refers to losing the right of dominion. To achieve restoration, we must go forward with our own firm proactive nature, no matter how much others may interfere. Whatever paths others may take, we have to be busy going our own path. Whatever others may say from the side, we have no time to worry about this. We have no time to sleep at night. We don't have spare time to sit comfortably and eat. Unless we have that kind of desperate heart, we cannot go the way of restoration. (22-211, 1969.2.4)

Since the Fall was the mistake of human beings, restoration through indemnity must also be carried out by human beings. The fundamental rule is that the one who committed a sin must indemnify it. Since the first parents became false, unless True Parents come and indemnify everything, there is no way to go back to God. True Parents are the ones who will resolve all this. True Parents are people with such value that cannot be exchanged even if you offered your life millions and billions of times over. Therefore, you must find True Parents and be able to say, "I put my life at stake to follow you? (33-161, 1972.5.7)

What were the consequences of the Fall? God and the angelic world were expelled from the human world; the world of all creation was lost. Next, all levels were lost from an individual, to the family, tribe, people, nation, and the world. Who is responsible for that? That responsibility is neither with God, nor with the world of angels, nor with all things. Humankind is responsible. People are responsible for these consequences. Therefore, people are destined to take responsibility and walk the path of restoration. (100-264, 1978.10.22)

The way of restoration requires you to cut your way through in the direction opposite to that of the Fall. Walking the way of indemnity is a basic principle for fallen people. Unless you surmount this path, you cannot restore your original status. You must clean up yourselves. You must possess a sound theoretical system explaining how to restore the individual, the family, the tribe, the ethnic people, the nation, and the world. (Gods Will - 354)

While you are witnessing or fundraising as a Unification Church member, do you know what happens if you start saying, "Oh, this is too hard for me, I can't do it!" It becomes something centered on you, not centered on God. When you think about such basic principles, you must clearly understand that if anyone who has become a Unification Church member says he cannot go on, or complains while doing his task, that disqualifies him. Those who work in the Unification Church for their own benefit may very soon begin complaining about Rev. Moon and the church when faced with difficulty and assert that all the work they have done in the Unification Church is theirs. (92-256, 1977.4.18)

The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where we attend God as the absolute center and develop relationships of love through Him. God carries out the providence of salvation in order to set this foundation straight, so asserting oneself is absolutely not permissible. (92-255, 1977.4.18)

Since Adam was unable to fulfill his portion of responsibility, we are in a position where we cannot receive help from anyone to fulfill our responsibility and complete our mission. The final decision will be made by us. In other words, God does not decide whether we will be good people or evil people; we must decide this ourselves. (29-333, 1970.3.14)

You must stand in a position more earnest than life. That is why even when you are hungry, you should still pray. Even while fasting, you must invest yourself. You must invest God's love and the power of your life into all the nations. As you do so, God will never answer your questions, and He will pretend that He does not see what you are doing. God cannot interfere. He will not interfere until your investment is complete. What is the human portion of responsibility? It means attaining completion on your own, doesn't it? Similarly, when you go forward with prayer, God does not interfere. It is really strange, but God sometimes even opposes you. (180-195, 1988.3.22)

Where should the cardinal point determining victory or defeat be set? You should not place it in me. Even though I have got such a cardinal point, it has nothing to do with you. You each have five percent of your own portion of responsibility. (31-208, 1970.5.31)

Each time when the living environment of an individual and the age he is living in change, there is always the course of the five percent of one's portion or responsibility that he must strive to complete in order to determine his position as God's object partner responding to His call. This is true for individuals, as well as for churches, nations, and the world. (10-66, 1971.1.24)

What kind of a being is God? Do you think He is a glorious God, sitting on His throne? It is not like that. What has God been doing so far for fallen humankind? God has been weeping loudly everyday as He works to save humankind. That has been the situation of God as He leads humankind.

God is such a miserable being. In order to save human beings who fell into the pits of misery, God is waking people up from sleep, shouting "Come! Come to me!" But God cannot make people come to Him like that. They must fulfill their portion of responsibility. So, as God cannot do our part for us, how difficult it is for God to do His work! (20-220, 1968.6.9)

4.2. The mindset necessary to fulfill one's responsibility

Human beings are in a midway position where they must determine whether they belong to the side of goodness or to the side of evil. A person cannot receive help from a third party to decide whether he is heading in the direction of goodness or evil; he must decide this by himself. Furthermore, we must understand that since we are the descendants of fallen people who were unable to fulfill their portion of responsibility, we stand at a serious crossroad where we must decide this. (29-353, 1970.3.14) 

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