Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Four - The Course of Indemnity and Our Life
Section 3. Why Restoration through Indemnity is Necessary

3.1. Two things that must be restored through indemnity

Why should we attach importance to the law of indemnity when we walk the course of restoration? From the viewpoint of God's providence, since human beings destroyed everything God created, each person must re-create everything. Since God invested His sincere devotion during the creation, for the sake of re-creation you must also re-create that condition of sincere devotion. While creating the universe, God was not playing around or dancing. He invested His utmost devotion, 100 percent of it, when He was creating. The way of restoration means re-creating; this time is the same as the time when God was creating, and so can you play around while going this path? (96-114, 1978.1.2)

Originally, in order for Adam and Eve to complete each stage of growth, they were each given their portion of responsibility. For each stage of the growth period, they had a corresponding portion of responsibility. Therefore, for three stages of growth, they had to complete three stages of responsibility. There is no exception. All people are on equal terms: they can grow by fulfilling their own responsibility. If God demanded from fallen people fulfillment of the same portion of responsibility as that of Adam and Eve, we would have no hope to restore ourselves to the original position before the Fall. We lost a chance to fulfill our portion of responsibility. So now to compensate for this, we must set indemnity conditions. (The Way of a Church Leader - 711)

The portion of responsibility and indemnity are in the right and left positions respectively. The former is like the right leg and the latter is like the left leg, but we forgot about them. We do not know about our portion of responsibility or about indemnity. So, how can we move forward? We cannot move forward like this. You must understand that unless we connect our portion of responsibility with restoration through indemnity, progress is impossible. Have you ever thought about this? Don't you all dislike indemnity?

Don't you dislike God and His providence? From today you must renew yourselves and not forget this, even if you forget to eat, to sleep, to think about your loved ones. That is how serious it is. Even God must go through this. Rev. Moon must also go through this in his lifetime. All Unification Church members and the whole world must walk this path; otherwise there is no way for them to go. You all want to go through this easily, don't you? Can you get a doctorate or become a professor easily? You have to go through a certain course to get a doctorate degree. How can you do it easily? If you don't go through the course, then you are a fake doctor. Now, do you understand? (124-105, 1983.1.30)

In order to be separated from Satan vertically and horizontally, there are internal indemnity conditions and external indemnity conditions. The external indemnity conditions are that of Cain and Abel, and the internal indemnity conditions are that of Adam. When you completely overcome all this centering on the portion of responsibility, and remove Satan's realm of dominion, then Heaven's side can begin its work. This is a basic rule. (161-207, 1987.2.4)

Why did Adam fall? Adam's Fall was that he could not complete his portion of responsibility, and his relationship with God, a relationship of love, was cut off. Adam was not able to fulfill his portion of responsibility. Next, he could not connect to God's love. Due to the Fall; people lost their portion of responsibility and the realm of God's love. (161-205, 1987.2.4)

How can we be separated from Satan? We must stand in a position of Adam's representatives, being able to make indemnity conditions. Therefore, separation from Satan takes place when a person in Adam's position meets qualifications as the one who fulfilled his portion of responsibility according to the original standard, and when this person confronts Satan centering on love and sets the conditions that enable him to be related to Heaven's side more than people belonging to Satan's side are and to love with heavenly love more than with satanic love.

You must understand that indemnity conditions are established in this way. Since Satan controls the environment, he will use intrigues and slander, and he will resort to all means to cut you away from God. However, if you overcome such an environment and, as God's representative, restore the portion of responsibility lost by Adam no matter what happens, you will not fail. It will be eternal. Besides, no indemnity can be accomplished unless in loving God you set an absolute standard of faith no matter who says what. (161-205, 1987.2.4)

What does an indemnity condition separate you from? First, you complete your portion of responsibility and then you love God. No matter how much Satan persecutes and attacks you, if you drive him away without wavering, if he strikes you over and over again but you do not retreat, then he will have to retreat instead. This is the way to be separated front Satan. Unless this is done, there is no way to indemnify Cain and Abel. (161-205, 1987.2.4)

How can a vertical indemnity condition be set? It is through the two conditions of completing one's portion of responsibility and completing the restoration of absolute love toward God. Since there is such a standard, Jesus said, "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." (Matt. 10:37). Jesus' words came from this fundamental law. This is how the questions in the Bible are resolved. Similarly, do you love me in such a way? (161-213, 1987.2.1)

The way of restoration through indemnity is the way we must inevitably go. We must be separated from Satan. Without separation from Satan, there is no fulfillment of your portion of responsibility. And without fulfilling your portion of responsibility, there is no way you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. God's law drove Adam and Eve out, but are you better than Adam and Eve? Answer me. Are you any better than them, or not? Are you are inferior to them, then throwing you away is not a big deal. If people just put on airs and come in and out of the church that does not make them Unification Church members. You should have a clear understanding of the Principle. (148-156, 1986.10.8)

Our concept of life is that we live for the sake of the world. We live for the sake of the world, for the sake of God, and furthermore for the liberation of God, Parents, and the world. Aren't these things the contents of a life of Unificationists? It is not enough to simply know restoration through indemnity in order to achieve liberation. Because the portion of responsibility exists, we can put everything in good order. (148-166, 1986.10.8)

Cain and Abel are not fully responsible for everything. Then who is? Adam and Eve, the Parents, are. Since I have that responsibility, I am responsible for everything you could not accomplish and for everything that Christianity failed to do, so in forty years I fixed everything on the levels of an individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and the world. In this way, I restored through indemnity the portion of responsibility of the individual and created a wall to push Satan away... Since I created the realm of completion of the portion of responsibility, a new world begins from this point. Since I accomplished this in a position higher than that of the world, from now the Kingdom of Heaven has become possible. That is why the terms "creation of the Kingdom of Heaven" and "creation of the homeland" arise today. This is all according to the Principle, (148 163, 1986.10.8)

Who has been moving history until now? Satan has. Therefore, we must be separated from him. Unless we remove Satan, there is no way God can enter. It is not God's territory. Since we are still in the territory of Satan, unless we set indemnity conditions in this fallen realm and separate from Satan, unless we lay the indemnity conditions to drive Satan away, God's domain will not expand and the foundation for God's activities cannot be built. Therefore, we must be separated from Satan and drive him away completely. (161-201, 1987.2.4)

Let the satanic world persecute me as much as it wants! Let it strike me! I will capture them all! With what? With the power of love, with God's creative power! If I do so, God will be with me. in such a position God acts with me. Try doing it to see if He will be with you or not. I have been fighting, never forgetting about this, even when I was in prison or when I was tortured. Isn't that how you separate from Satan? (161-213, 1987.2.4)

Nowadays, Unification Church members do not like the way of indemnity. That means they do not like restoration. You cannot say "Oh, I like restoration but I don't like indemnity!" If so, which comes first: restoration or indemnity? You like restoration, but dislike indemnity, but from God's point of view it should be the opposite. Which side are you on? God's side or Satan's side? You must clearly understand this. You like restoration. But from God's side, you cannot prefer restoration. Restoration takes place only after you have paid the indemnity, after you are through with that. (116-127, 1981.12.27)

Why do we need indemnity, restoration through indemnity? Without indemnity, there is no way to make Satan surrender. If the focal point of God's original love dwelt in an individual, would Satan be there or not? From the point of view of the Principle, would Satan exist there or not? (181-214, 1988.10.3)

In order to restore this through indemnity, you must do the opposite things. That is where the term "absolute faith" came from. Since the first ancestors of humankind fell due to their disbelief, we must overcome this and move up. We must move above the line where our ancestors fell. We must have absolute faith. Absolute faith goes forward until we die, or even beyond death. It wants to go forward even when a person is dying.

You do not understand absolute faith, do you? Where is the limit of absolute faith? If I were to compare it with the living person, it is a person who is willing to go forward even if he is dying. And even when this person dies, he falls not sideways, but straight forward. In this sense, if I deny my faith, I choose the way of death. (126-34, 1983.4.10)

Second is self-denial. You must deny yourself 100 percent. It is self-denial. You must deny everything: your eyes wanting to see, your mouth wanting to eat. There was not a single day that I was not hungry until I reached the age of thirty. This was to deny my own sell (126-39, 1983.4.10)

Third is absolute love. Absolute love means digesting one's enemy... Revenge does not mean forgiveness. The enemy should willingly hand over to you his nation, all his rights, and even his right of a first son. You must receive these things from him. (126-46, 1983.4.10)

Now that you have understood that the side that dislikes indemnity is Satan's side, and the side that likes indemnity is God's side, reflect on yourself quietly. "Am I on God's side or on Satan's side?" You know the answer, so ask yourself. Until now you have been following the path of God's will, but now that you clearly know that Satan's side likes restoration, and God's side likes indemnity, which way would you go? (116-127, 1981.12.27)

In following me, you have experienced going fundraising, haven't you? You probably said, "Oh my goodness. I hate fundraising, so what am I doing?" But that is only the beginning. Now, I may even tell you to walk backwards. The world is upside-down, so I may well tell you, "Since the world is evil, you should walk backwards!" If we walk like evil people, we may become evil. So, we must go the opposite way. Only then can we become good people. That's logical. (133-69, 1984.7.8) 

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