Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Four - The Course of Indemnity and Our Life
Section 2. The Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance

2.1. The Foundation for the Messiah

Creating a foundation for the Messiah, by restoring the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance, is necessary in order to remove original sin. Once we remove the original sin, we are able to newly enter the realm of God's life and love. To do so, we must receive a graft.

In order to make a wild olive tree into a true olive tree, we must cut off the wild tree and graft onto it the scion of the true tree. Similarly, in order for people who are like wild olive trees to become true olive trees, they must go through the process where they first deny themselves and then totally affirm something new. By doing so, a person changes his intrinsic nature from that of a wild olive tree to that of a true olive tree, so that he can emerge as a person led only by goodness. Then such people form a family, a tribe, an ethnic people, a nation, and the world. That is what the Unification Church intends to do. You must understand that this is what the Unification Church members presently hope to achieve. (41-62, 1971.2.11)

How can the foundation of faith be restored? A condition must be set through a sacrificial offering. The foundation of substance means removing fallen nature, but that is done by uniting Cain and Abel. If you wish to restore yourself, your fallen nature must be completely eliminated and you must put aside your feelings of closeness to your kin. If you are told, "Go to the east!" you must say "Yes" and do so. And if you are told, "Go to the west!" you also say "Yes" and obey. If you object, you are not going to be restored. If you object, can restoration be accomplished? You must follow absolutely. (46-233, 1971.8.11)

In order to receive the Messiah, there must be the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. After the foundation of substance is completed, the foundation for the Messiah is inevitably required. If so, who would stand on the foundation for the Messiah after the foundation of substance is established? We were born as the descendants of fallen human beings, inheriting Satan's lineage, and we are still not able to transcend that lineage. In order to transcend that lineage, we must change our lineage, but we cannot do that on our own. Therefore, we need the Messiah. (47-12, 1971.3.19)

Due to the Fall, first the parents were lost. Second, we inherited Satan's lineage. And third, we came under the dominion of Satan. So, in order to restore all this, we must go up the opposite way. How far can you go by studying the Principle? You must establish the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance; only then can you hope to meet the Messiah. This is the Principle. Thus, I say, let us create the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance externally. (54-186, 1972.3.24)

Even if a person reached the standard of perfection, his lineage is still not completely clean. Since humankind inherited Satan's lineage, our lineage is not pure yet. In order to purify it, humankind certainly needs the Messiah. Therefore, the foundation of faith, the foundation of substance, and the foundation for the Messiah are absolutely necessary for fallen people. The ultimate question is how to create the foundation for the Messiah and change the lineage through the Messiah. (55-135, 1972.5.7)

People must complete the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance, thus inheriting the foundation for the Messiah, and receive a graft from him. By receiving the graft you can become a true olive tree, even though in the past you were a wild one. In other words, when and only when you get rid of Satan's lineage and come back to God's lineage of goodness can you stand in the positions of bride and groom. That is the way of the Principle. (61-16, 1972.10.22)

No one in the world can say that he or she has completed the course of restoration. That is why people are destined to perish. The responsible person who comes to save people from destruction and enable them to possess such inner qualities and complete this path is the Messiah. If you graft the scion of the Messiah to yourself, then you will be able to follow this path. In the Unification Church, don't we say that once you establish the foundation of faith and complete the foundation of substance, you are able to then accomplish the foundation for the Messiah? This is what it refers to. (63-340, 1972.10.22)

During the course of restoration, one must go up, starting from the era of servant of servants, through the eras of servant, adopted son, and direct son. If so, can one be connected to the era of direct son after going through the era of servant of servant, the era of servant, and the era of adopted son? You cannot get connected to the era of the direct son without doing anything. You must go through the process of establishing the foundation of faith, the foundation of substance, and the Foundation for the Messiah according to the Principle. In short, you must receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the true son of God. An adopted son and a true son belong to different lineages. Therefore, the change of the lineage is necessary. (55-192, 1972.5.9)

Then, what are you supposed to do? You must go through suffering on the verge of death. In order to indemnify the vertical history horizontally, you must become a servant. Korean people loved by God must become servants like angels. From that position, if you can become a master, you will become an adopted son. Becoming an adopted son refers to restoring the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance.

Since the foundation for the Messiah can only be established by restoring the foundation of substance. you must do this. (62-259, 1972.9.25)

You can become a person of goodness only by conquering evil and leaving goodness behind, so that evil automatically surrenders to you. In terms of the Principle, it is called completing the foundation of substance. In order to accomplish this, you must fight Satan and win. (58-18, 1972.6.6)

Even if Israel had become a nation able to restore the world, that one nation was not enough. From the Principle you probably know about the era of substantial restoration of Cain and Abel, in other words, about the foundation of substance. Similarly, the Cain-type nation, or in other words the archangel-type nation, must be subjugated by the restored nation of Israel. It cannot be accomplished by the force of arms. Since Abel was killed by his elder brother Cain, you must all understand that unless you stand in the position of dying, that is, the position of being struck, but still survive and manage to subjugate those who strike you, restoration will not begin. (30-46, 1970.3.15)

In order to go the way of restoration, you must first establish a foundation of faith. The foundation of faith is necessary in order to create a solid foundation upon which you can secure your place and stand in the subject position. After that, even though you became a person who can pursue his goals on his own, that is not enough, so you must come back and establish the foundation of substance.

What is the foundation of substance? It is a foundation created through Abel being able to subjugate Cain. Who is Cain? He is the son of an enemy. Through Cain, historical struggles have been occurring. Through Cain, the original source of evil has set down its roots. Through Cain, waves of death have been rushing forward throughout history. We can see from these facts, that in order to prevent the appearance of conditions for evil and the expansion of the evil side, a person in the Abel position -- that is a person on God's side -- must bring the person in the position of Cain to surrender. (30-289, 1970.4.5)

There are two ways we must go for the sake of Cain and ourselves. We must walk this path for the sake of our enemy. What does that mean? It means we must deal well with Cain. What is the foundation of substance? Even though Abel has paved his own way, he cannot stand before God unless he subjugates Cain. Abel must lead his enemy. He should not fight with his enemy along the way, but lead the enemy. (30-338, 1970.4.6)

The expression "the foundation of faith has been established" refers to a conditional position where someone is able to indemnify the Fall, which occurred due to disbelief in God, and stand again in the hopeful position of Adam, who can he trusted by Heaven. After that, the person must fight against Satan and establish the foundation of substance. Standing in the position of Abel, he must make Cain surrender. (40-243, 1971.2.6)

From the Principle you know about the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. Even if you have established the foundation of substance, that substance is not to be offered to God. It serves as a foundation for the Messiah, that is, a substance that can welcome the Messiah. (43487, 1971.1.50)

2.2. The ultimate issue is the restoration of lineage

Since Adam lost faith and substance, he can only find love after he has restored the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. So what did Adam lose? First, he lost faith, and then he lost substance, and lastly he lost love. These three things were lost. We need to find them. (65-314, 1973.3.4)

The term "foundation of faith" refers to an unshakable person of principle establishing a foundation of faith that enables him to be one with God's Principle, without changing his position whether it is day or night, regardless of seasonal changes, throughout his youth, middle age, and old age. Only after that, a foundation of substance based on the Principle will be established. Upon the foundation of faith, the foundation of substance emerges through the Principle, and if you stand on that foundation of substance in oneness with the Principle, you will inherit the world of heart as the person who has the value of God's object partner. This is the way fallen people should go. (68-189, 1973.7.29)

The great contribution I made lies in the fact that I clarified the relationship between God and human beings centered on love, and clarified the portion of responsibility and the course of indemnity, as well as the problem of Cain and Abel, and the issue of the lineage. Unless Cain and Abel unite, the Messiah cannot come. Only when Cain and Abel become one is the foundation of substance formed, and only then can the Messiah come. Only when people are united with the Messiah can the restoration of the lineage take place. This is the gist of the Principle. You must understand such a program fully and pray accordingly. That is the way you should be thinking. (161-449, 1987.1.18)

First there is the foundation of faith, next comes the foundation of substance, and then comes the foundation for the Messiah. The lineage is the problem. Centering on Abel's victorious realm, we must overcome the opposition from the United States and win over the opposition from any country in the free world. Even if the whole world is against me, I will not be driven back by that opposition. You have the Principle, so can you act arbitrarily? The Principle is like an ironclad bastion. Since God has approved this theory, you cannot do anything about it. Unless you have made a condition of loving even your enemy's nation, even the devil himself, you have no qualification to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, do you know why Jesus asked God to forgive the Roman soldiers who stabbed him with a spear when he was dying on the cross? This was not something personal. Rome was upsetting the world. However, today Christianity seeks salvation on an individual basis, doesn't it? (182-285, 1988.10.26) 

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