Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Four - The Course of Indemnity and Our Life
Section 1. The Way of Restoration Is the Inevitable Course for Humankind

1.1. Restoration through indemnity is the way of re-creation

When we say "restoration through indemnity," it means indemnity for the sake of restoration. Restoration through indemnity is the way to attain perfection. Only after indemnity can restoration take place; then we can go the path of perfection. Thus, you can consider that indemnity and restoration are one. Perfection cannot be attained automatically; it is attained through indemnity. Therefore, human beings living in the fallen world cannot reach perfection unless they set up conditions of indemnity. (God's Will - 697)

What is the way of restoration we talk about in the Unification Church? Ordinary religions state that people need to be saved and therefore seek the religious path. While we seek the way of restoration, saying that restoration is necessary. Then, what is restoration? How is it done? We accomplish it through the process of re-creation. (168-324, 1987.10.1)

The way of restoration is the way by which people return to their original state, and therefore one cannot go this way without setting indemnity conditions. Indemnity conditions must be set by a man, not by God. If a person is sick, he must take medication in order to recover, even if the medicine tastes bitter and he does not like it. Good medicine tastes bitter. Something bitter becomes a truly good medicine. Setting indemnity conditions is difficult, like taking bitter medicine. However, unless indemnity conditions are set, restoration can never be accomplished. The way of salvation is the way of indemnification and restoration. Indemnity means going the route opposite to that of the Fall. It means going the reverse way. (92-254, 1977.4.18)

If everyone comes to understand the meaning of indemnity, then they would like that word the best. Without indemnity, there is no blessing. It is indemnity that has the value of gold in the Unification Church. Indemnity is an amazing word that enables us to even risk our lives, sacrifice everything, and overcome all difficulties. (97-71, 1978.2.26)

The history of restoration is not something you accomplish just based on explanations. First, you do things, achieve victory, and in this way you take charge of the situation. If there were a way to receive explanations from Heaven, the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments would not have been necessary. ten pages would have been enough to record everything. Why would we need the sixty-six books? They would not be as valuable. We would not even need the ten pages. Three pages would have been enough to record everything. (62-126, 1972.9.17)

The concept of indemnity is necessary for the sake of re-creation. That is why we need indemnity for re-creation. Indemnity is essential in order to be re-created as an original human being. Only when an original human being appears will other persons appear who can go the original way of God's will. So, are you the original people? No. You are of the fallen blood. Therefore, you must be re-created through indemnity. (133-69, 1984.7.8)

How did Adam fall? He fell due to his disbelief. Disbelief was the primary reason. Next, Adam fell because he asserted himself. he put himself, his ego in the center of everything. Adam fell because he took a self-centered position. Next, Adam demanded a realm of self-centered love. These are the three major elements of the Fall: disbelief, self-assertion or self-centeredness, and finally dreams of self-centered love. These are the footholds of Satan. The fallen angels were like this. (126-34, 1983.4.10)

Why am I giving you a suffering course? It is because you have to go the way of indemnity. I, too, intend to walk the way of indemnity my whole life. I am not reluctant to do it. One should walk this path willingly. You must understand that. Even when I go to prison, I do it willingly. I have to go there for the sake of indemnity. If I complain, my actions cannot be considered as indemnity. (133- 69, 1981.7.5)

The way of indemnity is necessary for us. In order to save this world, you walk the way of indemnity. Even though Jesus was born as the original son of God, he still needed to go the way of indemnity in order to save this world. Since the world could not do so, and since the people who were supposed to go the way of indemnity opposed him, Jesus himself had to walk that path and had no choice but to take responsibility. (133-69, 1984.7.8)

The way of restoration requires you to cut your way through in the direction opposite to that of the Fall. Walking the way of indemnity is a basic rule for fallen people. Unless you surmount this path, you cannot restore your original status. Therefore, you must clean up yourselves. You must possess a sound theoretical system explaining how to restore the individual, family, tribe, ethnic people, nation, and world. (God's will - 354)

1.2. The Reason We Must Go the Way of Indemnity

In order to re-create something, you must invest even more energy than that originally invested in its creation. Since repairing something requires more effort than creation, that extra amount must be paid through a condition called indemnity. Do you understand? Are you able to understand the concept of indemnity? (133-69, 1984.7.8)

The more deeply you understand God's will, the more you feel you want to burn up your body that has been defiled by Satan, and through which his dirty blood runs. You feel like throwing away your hands and feet and your whole body, which have been used by Satan. It is absurd to try to maintain yourselves in your present form, tainted by evil. Have you ever experienced such a feeling? however, we cannot kill ourselves, so we need certain conditions in order to clean ourselves from the past connected with Satan. (22-207, 1969.2.4)

You cannot walk the way of restoration alone. According to the principle of re-creation, you must walk this way in cooperation with God and the spirit world. Since the providence of salvation develops only in this way, God and the spirit world are mobilized to carry out the work of re-creation. The reason for this is that God created the world of angels before He created human beings. Next, He created all things with the help of the angels, and then using all things as the material, He created human beings. (100-264, 1978.10.22)

Perfection is achieved through the completion of indemnity. Without climbing over the ridge of indemnity, there is no way for you to reach perfection. Internally, this refers to individual perfection, but from God's point of view, this can be seen as restoration. It is possible to say that the standard of the completion of indemnity is the completion of restoration. Restoration is accomplished through indemnity. That is why we call it restoration through indemnity. Thus, indemnity and restoration cannot be separated. (God's Will - 697)

Adam and Eve, who were the ancestors of humankind, fell due to illicit self-centered love. Together with the archangel they committed the Fall, which resulted in God being exiled and the original, true character of Adam and Eve being lost. (35-215, 1970.10.19)

God appears to Adam and Eve, who have not fallen. In this position you can find God. We all must return to the position of sinless Adam and Eve as they were before the Fall. In that position we must meet the True Parents and create a true tribe, true nation, and the true world. There is no other theology that advocates such things, only the Unification Principle. (God's Will - 354)

The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where we attend God as the absolute center and develop relationships of love through Him. God carries out the providence of salvation in order to set this foundation straight, so asserting oneself is absolutely inadmissible. (92-255, 1977.4.18) 

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