Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Three - The Formula for Indemnification and Restoration
Section 5. Development of the Providence of Restoration and the Mission of the Providential Nations

5.1. The flow of Christian culture following World War II

Being in a position where I understood the principle of restoration through indemnity, if only the Christian church had believed in me immediately after the Second World War, eventually Dr. Rhee would have knelt before me. After Dr. Rhee became president of South Korea, I would have had to bless him. If the government had started out as in the past, when the Roman Popes blessed the kings, Korea would not have been divided. If this had been accomplished within three and a half years... but because that didn't happen, Korea was divided. (138-286, 1986.1.24)

My being born in Korea, was the same as Jesus being born in Israel. As a colony of Rome, the nation of Israel was in a similar position to that of Korea, as Rome was on Satan's side. The circumstances of Jesus' death meant that in the Last Days, when the Lord returned, he would have to indemnify and restore these same circumstances... The instances of Satan striking Heaven must now be eliminated throughout the world. If this is not done, without settling the accounts, we cannot get beyond this situation. Korea has been placed in such a position.

Korea gained its independence through the U.S.A. and stood as the domain of God's tribe, an independent country belonging to the Abel realm of God, within the sphere of America's protection. Within this sphere of protection, Christianity and Rev. Moon were supposed to become one as Cain and Abel. Had unity been achieved at this point, the national standard of the Republic of Korea would have been established at once. If Christianity had united with me, unifying Korea, and then connecting to the United States, the world would have been restored within seven years. This was God's will. (137-180, 1986.1.1)

If I had achieved the national foundation after the Second World War, then Great Britain, America, and France would have united, and Korea would have become the Adam nation. As the Adam nation on God's side and possessing the sovereignty of the heavenly nation, the vertical nation, Korea would have led Britain as the Eve nation and America as the eldest son nation. America would have led the leading nations of the world, establishing a territory standing in the Abel realm. It would have held the leadership like a world nation, standing for the first time in Abel's position. The other countries would be in Cain's position, to follow the United States. Thus, if the Lord had come on the basis of an era of unified Christian culture, coinciding with the era of the restoration of the right of the eldest son on the global level, and had connected to the foundation of mother-son cooperation, all problems would have been resolved. (184-252, 1989.1.1)

Just as happened at the time of Eve's Fall, when she tempted Adam, so the Eve nation on Satan's side was to forcibly take over the Adam nation and make it go through a forty-year indemnity course, based on the number four. This manifested itself through the forty year oppression of Korea by Japan. This was to indemnify the history of four thousand years.

As a result, Satan will be crushed in this fight. Then, who will be liberated? The Adam nation will be liberated. Through this, Britain, the United States, and France, representing the realm of Christian culture on God's side, should have united. In this way, God's side could have removed the seeds Satan had sown, regained the Adam, Eve and Abel nations, and then regained the Cain nation. God's side would have taken control. In this way, the opening of the gates of the restored Kingdom of Heaven would have been possible at that time.

However, the number seven could not be fulfilled within seven years after the Second World War between 1945 and 1952. Had this happened, this world starting from the government of Rhee Sung-man (Syngman Rhee) would have completely... If the United States, Britain and France had united, then Japan would not be the Eve nation today and Germany would not be the Cain nation. If the nations on God's side, Britain as the Eve nation, the United States as the Abel nation, and France as the archangel nation, had united around Korea and established themselves firmly in these positions, then the unified world of the Christian cultural sphere would have been realized. For the first time, a unified world centered on the Christian cultural sphere would have emerged. It would have come about because it is aligned with the appearance of the father nation, the Adam nation. (88-53, 1989.2.16)

What kind of nation is Korea? The Israelites became the First Israel, which eventually perished. Korea should have succeeded Israel, and with a glorious start in the satanic world, should have established the right of kingship centered on God. However, as this was lost, Korea had to undergo a history of hardship and bloodshed under Satan's dominion, and, having gone a circular path, had to return via America. To what place did it have to return? It had to return to Asia. Japan must indemnify the mistake of Britain. Do you know that Japanese civilization is similar to that of Britain? Therefore the Japanese even drive on the left. Japan has inherited everything from Britain. (139-116, 1986.1.28)

Since the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle is the realm of indirect dominion, Satan can always invade it. That is why the Israelites became sacrifices on the level of the individual, family, people and nation, paying the price of sacrifice on the world level as well. We should know that sacrifice is not something bad, and that if we pay that price the gates of a new era will open.

It seemed as if the Jewish people were almost completely destroyed during the war in Europe. Six million were massacred. Through this massacre, however, the gates to a new era opened. As a result, Israel became independent in 1948. Through Korea gaining its independence, Israel also became independent. Within three years that connection naturally occurred. (68-20, 1973.7.23)

The Cain realm that has been restored through indemnity on the worldwide level, centered on the western world, should be planted in Korea. Korea is the heart of Asia. Since that has been planted, a connection is made that leads to the coming of an era of fortune when Western Civilization is turning toward Asia. (139-285, 1986.1.31)

5.2. The mission of Japan as the Eve nation

The island nation of Japan completely inherited the culture of Great Britain. That is why, for example. they drive on the left, just as in England. The Chinese character "left" symbolizes the nation of Japan.

Western material civilization is inherited in the East. Where does it go to? In order to achieve restoration through indemnity based on the same standard as that of Britain, Japan is coming to the Korean Peninsula, which is similar to Italy. Korea is similar to a male sexual organ. It is a peninsula. The reason Italy has made a historic contribution to the creation of global culture is because it is a peninsula. A peninsula represents the male sexual organ. An island nation represents the woman's sexual parts. (39-285, 1986.1.31)

Once Cain and Abel are restored, -- through whom do they continue on? They continue on through the mother. This mother country is Japan. In 1978. Japan began to emerge as a global economic power because it was chosen as the Eve nation.

In the Last Days, it must restore everything and return this to her husband, Adam. Why? Eve must indemnify everything given to Satan, who became her husband at the time of the Fall. Thus, Japan must restore all material things and offer them to Korea. the Adam nation and her original husband. (139-285, 1986.4.3)

Japan inherited everything from the western world; its political system from Britain, its legal system from Italy, and its military system from Germany. It imitated everything in the western world and built its foundation.

On Satan's side stood Japan, Germany and Italy. On God's side stood Britain and the son of Britain. Britain's son is America, isn't it? The son of Japan is Germany. Germany would say. "Wow, that little country of Japan is like that, so it will sweep over the western world in an instant." That is why war ensued. England and her son, the United States, are in the same relationship as the Eve nation, Japan. and Germany. The archangel nation on God's side, in a similar position to Italy, was France. France wavered back and forth; isn't that so? (188-197, 1989.2, 19)

If I had not chosen Japan as the Eve nation, it would have been a miserable nation. If the Christian foundation had accepted me, England would have been the Eve nation. The Adam nation is Korea. England the Eve nation, France the archangel nation, Germany the Adam nation on the Cain side, all should have automatically become one, but these countries all went against God's will and opposed it. That is why the enemy took what he loved the most: the Eve nation, and Germany, the male nation. Don't forget that the Adam, Eve and archangel nations centered on the Unification Church were raised within the framework of God's will. Thus, I didn't bless Japan for the sake of Japan itself. It was for the sake of the world, the Unification Church, and Korea. Japan will perish if it doesn't use that blessing for the unification of Korea. (186-116, 1989.1.29)

In Asia, there is the Adam nation, Korea. the Eve nation, Japan, and next, the three archangel nations. Before Adam and Eve fell they were surrounded by God and the three archangels. From Adam's point of view Eve and the three archangels were to have followed him. Eve and the three archangels, centering on Adam, were to unite with God and enter the Heavenly Kingdom. That was the ideal. Therefore as a representative of the position of Adam, I am now moving Japan, the Eve nation, America. China and the Soviet Union. Thus the situation has returned to a position where I can deal with the three archangels and the realm of Eve. (199-84, 1990.2.15)

The cultural sphere of Japan is the same as that of Britain. The entire civilization and system of Britain were brought to Japan. Japan, the nation that is like Britain in Asia. restored through indemnity the era when Britain dominated the world. Japan is the form reproducing that model. That is why even their vehicles run on the left hand side of the road and the steering wheels are on the right hand side in their cars. It is exactly the same as in Britain. Britain is an island nation and so Japan is the country in Asia that compares with it. (166-291, 1987.6.14)

Human civilization made a circle around the globe, and now, in the age of the Second Advent, is moving toward the region of Asia. But as it does so the unity will not be achieved in the history of the development of civilization unless, in accordance with the principle of restoration through indemnity, the conditional offering is made that brings everything in the satanic world into Heaven's possession. This is now being done by the United States. America is the archangel nation, given birth by Britain. It is the same as the son standing in the archangel's position. America is supposed to have the same form. Civilization comes seeking a nation within Asia that corresponds to Britain. As Japan is in the position to have inherited British culture, so civilization returns to Korea through Japan. Civilization has to move in a circle to reach Korea and unity must be achieved. However this unity cannot come automatically. Someone has to take the initiative in this unification. (166-294, 1987.6.14)

5.3. The mission of America as the world-level Rome

America is a nation in the same position as Rome. Then, at a time like this, why do I bring members of the Unification Church from Japan and all around the world to America? After Jesus died on the cross, all of the disciples focused on Rome. In the same way, we have to restore those circumstances through indemnity. We must not be chased away from here or killed. Instead, but we must be welcomed and launch a movement that will establish the heavenly nation here and offer it to God. (34-206, 1955.1.20)

The reason I created a newspaper company was to call together minorities. The countries where Native American peoples live are the countries of Rev. Moon's cousins. Asia is the elder brother. The younger brother separated from there and came onto the American continent. This has to be indemnified. Unlike the ways of the Anglo-Saxon people in America, Rev. Moon must restore this through indemnity, without shedding blood. Both the CIA and FBI say, "Rev. Moon, that's causing us trouble!" No matter how alarming it may be, it is God's will. God makes things happen that way. I make relationships with people through the will of God. People of all races are brothers and sisters. God doesn't see colors. He is color blind.

Focusing on this mission, I cannot help but follow this way. While I was in Korea, I created every conceivable organization. Even if I were to live at the summit of the Alps, it would be no problem for me. The world is my stage. It is my stage for my activities. (134-206, 1985.7.20)

At the time of Jesus crucifixion, the thief to the right of Jesus and the thief to his left fought, but in front of me, they became united. This division had to be restored through indemnity. This became a historical indemnity condition. Then, where would these people go? When the Lord says, "You should both go to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth," and they reply, "Yes!" then it's finished. Well, has that happened, or not? Jesus passed away while the thieves on his right and left were fighting, and accusing each other. However, from the Principle viewpoint, both of them ought to have made peace and welcomed Jesus, so that they could be resurrected and make a fresh start on a new level. Is this in accordance with the Principle or not? (135-68, 1985.8.22)

Here in America, restoration was even connected with a legal battle. All of the legal battles in America ended in 1977, but I went to prison for the sake of America, because I cannot abandon this nation. You must know that that this was a suffering path aimed at regaining Christianity and the democratic world. This took me four time periods. I had to complete the restoration through indemnity during the four eras from Nixon through Ford, Carter and Reagan. Had I failed in this I would have had to abandon Christianity and the free world. Thus, you understand how difficult the dispensation for restoration is. Is the Unification Church capable of handling this? (135-178, 1985.11.13)

What kind of civilization is there here in America? It is the one that is lagging the farthest behind. There are some who live like barbarians. If you go to the mountains, there are those who are worse than primitive men. Some befriend wild boars and live with them. It's that kind of a country. I must restore through indemnity, on the worldwide level, all the mistakes these people made and all the opposition they gave. Everything that has taken place in the course of history should be restored through indemnity. In this age, on the threshold of the twenty-first century, this nation has been substantially established so that I can carry out this dispensation. It is a representative country that must indemnify all the historical opposition. (136-279, 1985.12.29)

Korea and America are in a relationship similar to that of Israel and Rome. Of course, Rome worshipped the sun god in those days, whereas America has different roots. Today, Korea is in a position of having gained independence under the protection of America. That is the position of America. Rome tried to destroy Israel, but America was not in a position to destroy a country similar to Israel as it was at the time of the Roman Empire. Instead, the United States created an opposite kind of era that allowed Korea to survive as a nation on God's side. Thus, it created natural circumstances where it became possible to restore through indemnity everything that Rome and Israel could not accomplish in front of Jesus, and Korea was connected to this. (137-19, 1986.1.1)

What I have been doing in America until this time concerns the restoration of the Adam nation, the Eve nation, followed by the Cain and Abel nations. Since Adam fell, this must be restored through indemnity on the global and national level. Korea is the Adam nation, Japan the Eve nation, and America is in the position of Abel. The Abel nation appeared in order to restore the right of the eldest son and restore sovereignty. Next, Germany used to be the Cain nation on Satan's side, but as Japan came to stand in the position of Eve, Germany became the Cain nation on God's side. These four countries must establish the tradition of one nation on the global stage. That stage is represented by America. (141-224, 1986.2.22)

The age in which Jesus was not welcomed by the established Jewish faith must be restored through indemnity. Thus, there should be a phenomenon opposite to the time when Israel and Rome united against Jesus. The Korean government was united with America. and Christianity was opposing me persistently through these governments that were against me. I had to stand in such a position and restore this situation through indemnity. In my generation, I developed a national level foundation, and brought great victory. My strategy in America since 1974 was therefore to connect the foundation of this spiritual victory to the substantial world stage through the young generation of the world. Over a 3-year course, until my deadline of 1976, I waged a substantial war in earnest on the national level in America. (138-216, 1986.1.21)

If the American citizens had helped, and had Nixon offered his support, the Unification Church would have instantly created a worldwide foundation at that time. As Nixon did not fulfill his responsibility. and was unable to stand firm, it took me whole twelve years and the four "eras" from Nixon to Ford, Carter and currently Reagan. to accomplish the restoration through indemnity. Our mission is to return the world to a position higher than the one the worldwide communist realm had forty years ago, centered upon the year 1988. Do you understand what I mean? (138-216, 1986.1.21)

The first generation of Israelites all perished in the forty-year wilderness course, but they left a bridge over which the second generation could pass and enter into Canaan. Similarly today, during the forty years of the worldwide wilderness era that followed the Second World War, we in the Unification Church are guiding the young generation so as to establish the standard of the blessed land of Canaan.

In the Last Days. the sons of the most fervent members of the Soviet communist party will become the most fervent followers of the Unification Church, and in America, the sons and daughters of ministers and officials who most aggressively opposed our church will all stand up for Rev. Moon. Since I know that they will indemnify tenfold the active opposition perpetrated by their parents, I must build a bridge. What kind of bridge? The bridge of love. On the day when the bridge of love is completed. even if we tell them to go away and kick people away, they will hang on with all their might. (138-275, 1986.1.24)

When! came out of Danbury prison, I prepared a situation where black and white, united through Jerry Falwell I, centered on me. The thief on the right and the thief on the left were fighting with each other, but I united them. This is all restoration through indemnity. That is why during the 120 days (three times four is twelve) following my release from Danbury, all of the world media had to determine their direction. During this period I had to slap the American media on the cheek using the Washington Times. That is why I founded the magazine Insight and another monthly magazine. This latter magazine was made to involve professors from all over the world. I think people from the intellectual circles have already made their judgment concerning the Washington Post and the Washington Times. (135-305, 1986.1.24)

America was born from Britain, so it is in the son's position. Before becoming an archangel, the son is in the position of Abel. When the son is born, he has the right of the eldest son. Since he has this right, he must become the first son on God's side and in this capacity he must attend a mother on God's side, but this position was lost. When the island nation of Britain separated from Rome, it was in the position of archangel before it received the position of Eve. It was in the position of the restored archangel rather than the fallen archangel. It was in the position of Abel. America must become a nation able to inherit the right of the eldest son so that it can accomplish restoration through indemnity. (138-308, 1986.12.4)

When Elijah subjugated Baal, there was a crowd of seven thousand people following the prophet. Likewise there should be a tribal foundation of seven thousand people centered on Christianity. In order to restore this through indemnity, while in prison, I managed seven thousand Christian ministers. I educated seven thousand people. I had to indemnify the situations of Jesus and Elijah, so that kind of foundation on the national level served this purpose. And then you must know that as soon as I came out of prison, I gave an instruction to connect to this foundation of indemnity representing the whole world within 120 days. It should have consisted of seventy thousand people, in other words it should have been ten times bigger than the national foundation. otherwise. restoration through indemnity could not be made. That is why Elijah came and that is why John the Baptist came representing Elijah. He was working on a world level. He represented the whole world. (I0-66, 1986.8.30)

The Unification Church is now re-indemnifying the fact that forty years ago, Rev. Moon, Christianity and the democratic world should have become united. The Unification Church restored through indemnity the failure of Christianity, and became one with me. It came to the free world which is the summit of the world, to connect Christianity and the United States to me, and set up the standard of restoring through indemnity the past failures in fulfilling responsibility. Following this, I gave the order to depart for the New Canaan. You must know that this began when I left prison. (135-134, 1985.10.4)

As America represents the democratic world and the whole of humanity then, if it is to attain the heavenly standard of restoration through indemnity centered on the historical Christian cultural realm, what way of thinking should America have? It should be based on being determined to liberate God. It must have a conscientious heart in seeking the liberation of God. The True Parents who are to come, come as the incarnation of God, so America must attend the True Parents and love humankind more than its own people. Americans must love humankind more than their own people and nation. That is why, within America, there are numerous nationalities, peoples. tribes and families. (148-166, 1986.10.8)

The Unification Church is doing things opposite to what was done in the past. Judaism, the nation of Israel and Rome came together to strike Jesus, but the Unification Church is doing the opposite thing. Today, the Unification Church, based on the foundation of the realm of victory gained in America, put pressure on the Korean government and Christianity. Thus, the Unification Church has restored through indemnity the situation of Jesus who was killed by the combined opposition of Israel, Judaism and Rome. On the basis of being welcomed and gaining a victory in the United States, I am returning to Korea with that authority and with the cooperation of all America and American Christianity. So, the Unification Church and the Korean government arc joining together to put pressure on Christianity in Korea. In this way Jesus' death has been restored through indemnity. (161-77, 1987.1.2)

Even with just a small group of people, I have exerted great influence on Korea until now. Because we understand about restoration through indemnity, we do not need many people. I will carry the cross myself for the sake of indemnity, so that the children who follow do not have to go through hardships. That is why I go forward with persistence. Knowing the price of such sacrifice, everything comes to me and helps with my work. Isn't that true? Pure young people and pure Blessed Families follow me. This is the trend in Japan and in America as well. (166-115, 1987.9.21)

5.4. The providence of restoration through indemnity is the path that returns to the original ideal

Since the start of history based on the principle of restoration through indemnity, Koreans have been a homogeneous race with a five-thousand-year history. They were unable to seize power as an independent nation and have shed much blood. Many loyal patriots became the victims of traitors. That was because this country is a vertical nation, symbolizing and representing numerous loyal patriots of God's Kingdom who were sacrificed because of Satan in the course of human history. In this way. this people have gone the way of indemnity, a history of suffering, in order to indemnify vertically all miserable circumstances that took place horizontally in the past. (166-249, 1987.6.7)

In order for the Western Civilization to come to Asia, a bridge must he made. If the archangel makes an offering, it cannot simply become the possession of God. Since all things were lost through Eve, he must make the offering having established unity with Eve. What belonged to heaven was taken and belongs to Satan, so by the principle of restoration through indemnity, the archangel nation on God's side must gather and bring all material things and then make unity with Eve. It must be grafted onto Japan, which is the Eve nation. Why did Japan become an economic power in modern times? In the age of this dispensation, bridges must be built. Japan will inherit all that belongs to America. This has been taking place in the period of 120 years. from the Meiji Reformation until 1988. Try to calculate it. This is connected to 1988. During this 120-year period that ends next year, Japan is to inherit everything from America. (166-292, 1987.6.14)

God's providence was centered at the Vatican in Rome, and then it passed through Britain and America. Now, after two thousand years, it is returning to Asia. This return is not easily accomplished. According to the principle of restoration through indemnity, history should pass through phenomena opposite to those that occurred in the past. The country of Japan corresponds to England, and Korea is similar to Rome on the Italian peninsula before the providence shifted to Britain. In that age, the responsibility was not fulfilled and the mistake was made on the worldwide level. Now these things have to be indemnified and cleared up in similar circumstances. Without going through the foundation that enables us to do that, we cannot prevent Satan from following us. That is why we have been going this course according to the principle of indemnity. (168-310, 1987.10.1) 

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