Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Three - The Formula for Indemnification and Restoration
Section 2. The Historical Indemnity Course of True Father

2.1. What our attitude should be in following the course of indemnity

Forty years ago, I said that in forty years time, such and such time would occur. At the time, I was a king of beggars. I had no clothing, so I wore Korean traditional trousers made of double layers of fabric. In order to wear them, carefully I dyed both the outer and inner sides blue separately. I had no jacket, so I wore green fatigues from the U.S. military, and sports shoes given to me by a Japanese person. I went around wearing clothes from three countries like that. Going around looking like that, I still said, "This is all for restoration through indemnity. In order to accomplish that I will walk around wearing rags from America, rags from Korea. and rags from Japan." How wonderful that is! (164-61, 1987.3.3)

Our church has followed the way of restoration through indemnity. In order to indemnify and restore everything, I have been through indescribable circumstances, in order to create the foundation that we have now. Without being destroyed, without being caught by Satan's hooks, I have endured and prevailed. For whom was the foundation made? It was not made for me, but for the sake of humankind. This foundation should not remain as a possession of the Unification Church. It is for the sake of humanity. The Unification Church must disappear in the future. All people must come under one sovereignty. All religions desire this. (I61-86, 1987.1.2)

What began with Jacob, the pioneer of the victorious real in of Israel, and continued through the history of Christian culture, created a foundation that took 4,000 years to build; yet it ended in failure. As I had to restore this all within my lifetime, and since I could not spend 400 years on it I had to reverse and restore everything through indemnity within 90 years, no matter how much humiliation I had to endure. That was the forty-year wilderness course. (149-59, 1986.11.2)

The history of Israel is the four thousand-year history from Jacob to Jesus that continues until today. If this four-thousand-year history cannot be restored through indemnity in forty years, it will be washed away. All will be destroyed. The four thousand years of history must be compressed into forty years, and everything must be indemnified. The entire world will oppose me. Not even one country will support me. Beginning with Judaism, Christianity, America, the communists and everyone have opposed me. (148-289, 1986.10.25)

The course of Israel was one of restoration through indemnity. All they had to do was follow Moses. But Moses had to struggle to take responsibility for the life and death of the six hundred thousand, while embracing heaven and earth. What a grievous fact it is that Moses had to fast and pray for forty days and nights on Mt. Sinai, in order to receive the tablets of stone! Was Moses in a comfortable position? And what about you? So far you've been fooling around like scamps... You came to live in a prominent family, but you know neither the history of this family, nor what it is doing; you know nothing! You just eat your meals, always worrying about how others look at you. You should feel ashamed. (110-197, 1986.2.9)

If you look at a person whose life was tough. his feet and hands are big, but if you look at my hands and feet, you would say that I was not meant for suffering. You would say that a person who was born with such a precious body should not suffer. You would find it ironic that a person, who shouldn't have suffered, has actually suffered so much. That is because you don't know about restoration through indemnity. (140-184, 1986.2.9)

You are all fakes. Do you think it's easy to become the real thing? You should know that you have to go in and out of the blast furnace hundreds of times. When you become a father who has to send his son or daughter to the place of execution for the sake of restoration through indemnity in order to restore the realm of heart, you cannot do this without tears. It was exactly so with Abraham. In order to pioneer the heavenly way, to liberate God and enter His realm of love, you can't just stay as you are. The foundation that you are standing on now did not come about by coincidence. The Unification Church has been built through a course that required tears of bitterness, a course stained with blood and tears. If you learn about this foundation, you will know that you cannot sit here without tears; you cannot sit here without deeply repenting. (169-131, 1987.10.29)

I have undergone hardships throughout my life, but I never intended to indemnify history so that I could obtain a high position with many luxuries. I gave up the blessings that I could have enjoyed. I want to suffer together with you and rise to the high position where I can be respected by the whole nation together with you. You must know that my hope is to see the day of joy when this nation is liberated. (181-66, 1988.8.28)

Those who enter prison have feelings of desperation and discouragement from the moment they enter, but I had considerable interest in what kind of results would come after my life in prison. You have all learned about restoration through indemnity, so I think you understand. What was going to happen after I surmounted each obstacle? The pain I was going through then was not the problem, but I would always think about what new historical gift might come after the pain. This is still fresh in my memory. (133-300, 1985.1.1)

Through the sin of our first ancestors, who could not fulfill their portion of responsibility, the domain of Satan's love expanded to the edge of the gates of heaven, creating a deep abyss of death. That is why I am going beyond the national level in the course of restoration through indemnity, even though the whole world is against me. Cain and Abel must achieve restoration through indemnity on the foundation of the indemnity conditions on the worldwide level. this is where the United States, centered on the Christian cultural realm of the democratic world, should completely unite with the original line of equilibrium, which is the realm of the direct dominion. (137-249, 1986.1.3)

The way of restoration through indemnity is a serious one. Truly, what was lost will be restored in forty years. If Christianity and America had become one forty years ago, if they had embraced Korea and supported the Unification Church, the restoration of the world would have been accomplished within seven years. Now it has taken me forty years to resolve that problem. For forty years I have been dragging families along in order to restore through indemnity the four-thousand-year history of re-indemnification from Jacob to the era of the Second Advent.

I have a mission, a calling that obliges me to unite everyone and clear up all the problems even if the cost is tremendous hardship or imprisonment. Therefore, I have staked my life and have been fighting my way through, while you scoundrels, even though you were on such a historical path, have been thinking only about yourselves, fooling around the way you please and doing all kinds of things. You must repent. From now on, I will not meet such people. From now on there will be the rule of law. (137-38, 1986.1.1)

If I had complained about going the way of indemnity, I would have disappeared long ago. The reason I haven't disappeared is because I know well what the way of restoration through indemnity is like. On the path of indemnity, I must receive worldwide persecution. Every single person, that is, all five billion people of the world, may individually oppose me, one by one; nevertheless, I must have the courage to do more than each one of them so that I will not be defeated. Otherwise, I will not succeed. (135-134, 1986.1.19)

Immediately after World War II, the world could have restored the birthright of right of the eldest son. If Christianity had united with the founder of the Unification Church, this past forty-year course would not have occurred. Communism would have already disappeared. If they had only listened to me, Korea would not have been divided. If the spiritual groups centered on Christianity had all listened to what I said...

However, all the groups which had been prepared to restore the Garden of Eden were led to a fate like that of John the Baptist, through their secular way of thinking. After the liberation of Korea the Unification Church faced opposition. To take charge of this situation, we have been restoring, through indemnity over a period of 40 years, the 2,000-year history of Christianity and the 4,000 years of history since Jacob that were repeated. (138-214, 1986.1.21)

I am accomplishing restoration through indemnity by myself. The world is not aware of this. By this method, restoring the individual, restoring the family... I have been continuing. The satanic world bears fruit according to the seeds it has sown. If the Messiah does not come to this world to save it, there is no way to for it to be saved. Had only people become one with me right after the liberation of Korea, all Cains on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, ethnic people, nation and the world could have been restored through indemnity over a seven-year course. Because of their disbelief, however, this course was prolonged for forty years. (138 216, 1986.1.21)

Facing the opposition of Christianity, in America and Korea, I stood in the position of a person with no nation. I had no country. Since I had no country I also had no people. no tribe and no family. Thus, I was like an orphan. From this point, everything had to he restored within forty years, in order to stand on the foundation of spiritual territory on the national and worldwide level. However, just having spiritual territory was not enough. I had to inherit the foundation of the spiritual territory from the realm of the Christian culture and restore the substantial cultural realm on the national level. Upon that foundation, I had to restore through indemnity the substantial realm of the Christian culture on the worldwide level. (143.176, 1986.3.18)

The history of Israel began from the time of Jacob. The victorious tradition and history known as Israel has led to a unified realm being built through the Christian culture on a worldwide level. This realm, however, was divided by its opposition towards the Second Advent, with the result that four thousand years must again be restored through indemnity in forty years. If this cannot be accomplished in forty years, the problem will increase. These forty years of recent history represent a period of great transition. Satan should have retreated completely, immediately after World War II, when he was feeling the greatest threat; however, as everything stood in the position of being on Satan's side, Heaven retreated completely. Thus, Satan ruled the world overall and began to vilify the Unification Church, which stood on God's side. (161-220, 1987.2.15)

The course of separation from Satan through internal suffering begins from the position of servant of servants. Once all vertical indemnity conditions required by the satanic world are set, there is no remaining condition for Satan to attack you no matter how much he wants to. I have brought about restoration through indemnity starting in the position of being treated as a servant of servants, then as a servant, adopted child, and child by a concubine. Next, the direct son has to be restored, then the mother, followed by Adam. It is only after the conditions are set that enable man and woman to say that they have risen to the highest position as a man and the highest position as a woman, can they rise to the position of parents. They cannot just go up automatically. Concrete internal indemnity conditions must be made. (161-208, 1987.2.4)

To achieve restoration, we must go forward with our own firm determination, no matter how much others may interfere. Whatever paths others may take, we have to be busy with our own path. Whatever others may say behind our hacks, we have no time to worry about this. There is no time to sleep at night. We don't have the spare time to sit comfortably and eat. Unless we have that kind of desperate heart, we cannot go the way of restoration. (22-211, 1969 2.4)

I have confronted Satan in hundreds and even thousands of life-and-death situations. I have never compromised the standard I set, even when unspeakably difficult circumstances surged against me repeatedly like waves. Even if my legs break, or an eyeball comes out, or my head falls off, I will not depart from the standard of heart I resolved to maintain at the outset. Thus, as long as I do not die, I will win. (22-184, 1968.2.2)

Throughout my life. I have fought with my life on the line. In the ordinary world, people can avoid pain and suffering, but I cannot. It is not something I can overcome with just physical power or by force of arms. Unless I follow the heavenly principles and laws. I cannot avoid the arrows that come from all directions. Such a battle might be even more difficult than when God created heaven and earth. You cannot, even in your dreams, imagine how I have paid indemnity in this way and built up an internal foundation. The fact that I achieved a transition point based on such a foundation can be called a cosmic victory. (35-166, 1970.10.13)

If I were to die right now, my concern would be to know who on this earth could love God as I have done. and love humanity as I have done. In that sense, I have to live for a long time. You must know that I am watching all of you, hoping desperately that such a person will quickly appear from amongst you. If God were to bless Rev. Moon, the best present and blessing God could give me would be such a person. If a person were to appear now, who could love God, who has been betrayed and suffered until today, more than I have done, and could work harder than I have done in order to liberate humankind, today would be a day of glory. (92-293, 1977.4.18)

One spiritualist wept profusely after praying about whether I was genuine or a fake. He began crying bitterly without knowing why. He cried for one day, two days, every day. Why was that? In order to know me, you must experience this kind of agonized heart. Without this, you cannot understand me. Should someone say one word about me, I will burst into tears with one thousand years of grief in my bosom; but who knows such circumstances as mine? If I had not known God, I would not have been slandered in that way. Because of my "crime" of knowing God too well... How sad it is for God who can only place His trust in me. In twenty years I had to restore through indemnity the entangled history of two thousand years. Is that easy? Can we easily speak about it? (137-183, 1956.1.1)

Through the principle of indemnity, we must liberate God from all of the sorrowful circumstances, pain, and suffering that He endured throughout history. This is how we understand what un-filial children we have been and how much suffering we have caused God by our misdeeds. This is how we become true filial children who can attend their Parent with the filial piety that outdoes our past lack of filial piety. Thus, in serving God, we must understand the toils of our Parent who sacrificed everything and made such effort through history. Step by step, gradually, we have come into the age where we can clear away past mistakes. So we must attend God, and at least from today, take upon ourselves the hardships of God, so that He can be completely liberated. (119-274, 1986.4.25)

What does the savior come to do? He does not come for the sake of politics. Some Christians say that when the Lord comes, the Christians will be lifted up into the air, and those left on earth will all perish. But that is not so. It is not like that. They say he will come to judge, but the savior is not someone who comes to judge. He is the son of God, and, at the same time, he comes as the parent of humankind. Will someone who comes as the parent of humanity, with the heart of the parents, look at a sick son or daughter, groaning on the brink of death, and abandon them, saying, "You go to hell"? Even if parents in this fallen world see the miserable scene of their own child being about to die, they would cry themselves hoarse and want to do anything to save their child's life, even at the cost of their own. That is how parents are, so how much more would the savior, who has the original parent's heart be determined to do? He cannot think of such a thing as judging people. Don't you think so? (222-150, 1991.11.3)

What do you think? If God and I were to meet, would we meet laughing, or would we be crying? Try to think about it. I think I would faint. I wish I could shed tears, but I don't have the face to do that. I wish I could die but I don't have the face to do that either; that is why I would just faint. I am embarrassed. Even though I've done my best for forty years, there is nothing I can be proud of I am just ashamed. That is how I feel. (193-77, 1989.8.20)

It is fortunate that Rev. Moon of the Unification Church came into this world. You have no idea how hard it has been to untangle all the intricacies and all the grief of human history that have lasted for one and a half million years. That wretched history has been rolling on without stopping, so the question is who will pave the way to turn it back to Heaven? Behind the few years of history of the Unification Church stretches a human history of thousands of years. History, which spans millions of years, is being resolved in cohesion with the history of our church. You must not forget that the Unification Church has embraced the bitterness of indemnity to restore the sorrowful history. (143-36, 1986.1.51

As I was born on earth as a human being, I have loved all of the original creation on this earth as God does. I have loved the animals and I have loved humankind as God has. Thus, I was able to become His partner in love. We came from God and return to God. He wishes all of you to become billions of times greater than I am during your lifetime. Thus, the truth is that God wishes you to return to Him as children who are more wonderful than He is. (268-291, 1995.4.3)

There is something interesting about my name. If you write the Chinese character for "Moon" quickly, it looks like the character for father. The character for Sun consists of elements meaning fish and lamb. In this way, the sea and the land are united centered on the father. Next, the character for Myung consists of the elements Sun and Moon. The one who unites the land and sea, who teaches the unified truth bringing Cain and Abel together as one, and who brings the sun and moon together as one is God. God is the king of wisdom and, at the same time, He is the Parent. (268-289, 1998.4.3)

2.2. Selecting True Mother

Through two thousand years of Christianity God made the Second Advent of the Lord possible. If, immediately after World War II, I could have stood on the victorious foundation of Christianity and the United States based on the Christian cultural sphere, would I have undergone hardships? If they had accepted me in those days, then who would have been Mother? If Sung-jin's mother had been unable to take that position, who would have replaced her? It would have been a British woman. As seen from God's will, it would have been a woman from Great Britain. The British royal family would have made a connection with me. Doesn't that belong to the realm of Christian culture? Britain gave birth to America. There was symbolic significance to Korean president Rhee Sung-man (Syngman Rhee) marrying a western woman. Ultimately, due to the opposition from Christianity, True Mother gained this blessing. (181-217, 1988.10.3)

In order to restore Eve, the number '7' has to be restored through indemnity. Mother was designated to her position in 1960 and had to go through the seven- year course until 1968 when God's Day was established; for her that was a period of persecution. In this period, women of the Unification Church engaged themselves in all kinds of intrigues and slander against her. Mother did not understand the reason for this, so she could overcome everything only if she obeyed my words absolutely. So I told her, "Do this and do that, just as I say!" Thus, after the Holy Wedding I drove her away from my house for three years, and only after three years, did she stay in the same room with me. This is all true. You Unificationists can understand this, can't you? It was for the sake of indemnity. We are going through the individual course of indemnity, and the family course of indemnity. (139-296, 1986.1.31)

I have established Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and God's Day. Having gone through the seven-year course in the 1960s, I was able to establish God's Day in 1968 based on the realm of unified heart. Mother also had to go through a seven-year course from the completion level of the growth stage to the completion level of the completion stage. Without doing so, she could not have stood in the same realm of heart as me. Thus, although I married in 1960, it was only after seven years that I established God's Day, on January 1, 1968. This is according to the Principle.

Everyone must undergo a seven-year course, including the blessed couples. There are no exceptions; everyone must go. If Blessed Families are unable to go through this course, they cannot enter heaven. The paradise realm for the Blessed Families of the Unification Church is emerging in the spirit world. This is all logical. (139-311, 1986.1.31)

It was fourteen years after the liberation of Korea that I received Mother. It was in 1960. Why was it fourteen years? It was because our first ancestors fell at the completion level of the growth stage when they were still passing through their second seven-year course; they fell in the very end of this seven-year course, before the beginning of the third seven- year course. Therefore, according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, I settled in Korea through a course of fourteen years of persecution, built the altar called the Unification Church, and chose Mother and raised her to this position while battling the established churches and the nation of South Korea. From that point, when Mother was chosen and designated to her position, God's providence could settle on earth for the first time. (143-176, 1986.3.18)

Mother had to be less than 20 years of age. Why was that? It was because Adam and Eve fell when they were teenagers; they were younger than 20 years old. Since they fell at that age, Mother had to be of a similar age. How difficult that was! Moving the Unification Church was a difficult task in itself. On top of that, when I had to choose Mother, there were a number of young ladies in the Unification Church who were university graduates and some even held doctorates. With their eyes burning they were making all kinds of maneuvers to become my mate. While keeping an eye on this situation, I actually had to look for an innocent, unworldly teenage girl. That was not a fate to be enjoyed, but I had no choice. Because of the principle of restoration through indemnity, I could not do as I pleased. (145-161, 1986.5.1)

Because I knew the principle of restoration through indemnity, I had to grow older alone until I reached forty. Moreover, I could not take an older wife, but married someone who was eighteen years old. My bride was not supposed to be older than eighteen! There were many women in the Unification Church with university degrees or even doctorates who were gazing at me with their eyes wide open as if they wanted to swallow me. They were howling like a pack of wolves, but I ignored them and welcomed Mother who was totally unworldly. How complicated that was! (164-61, 1987.5.3)

After the Holy Wedding, I told my mother-in-law, "For three years, you may never enter or exit through the houses front gate. Don't come to visit your daughter just because you are her mother. In the Garden of Eden, Eve did not have a mother. Do not use the front gate." Can one possibly say such things? From a normal viewpoint, it was as if the son-in-law told the wife's mot her, "When you visit your daughter's house, always come in through the back gate. You must not conic in through the front gate. for three years." That is why I became the most fearful person for my mother-in-law; she became very afraid of me. (184-262, 1989.1.1)

As Eve was created through Adam, Mother had to come from a position where she did not know anything. She was not supposed to have many relatives. It wouldn't work if she had three generations trailing along with her. She could not have had any vertical relationships within her family. She could not have come from an ordinary kind of family. In fact, True Mother satisfies this criterion, isn't that so? She had no elder brother or father. There were just the two of them, mother and daughter. Her mother was a representative figure among Koreans when it came to offering devotions for the Second Coming of the Lord. Such were the followers of the "Inside the Belly" Church, who believed that the Lord would come in the flesh. After I came to know Mother, she received the blessing of the women elders who represented the history of Korea in the providence, and who had fulfilled every responsibility related to Eve. (184-293, 1989.1.1) 

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