Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Two - The Internal Meaning of Sin and the Fall
Section 5. Grief Caused Over the Fall and God's Heart in the Process of Restoration

5.1. The enemy of love; the bitter pain caused by the Fall

The reality of the Fall is that it is connected to the expulsion of the eldest son and daughter. The first son was the only son. The first daughter was the only daughter. Adam and Eve were born as the only son and the only daughter of billions of generations. Think about it, the only son and daughter of billions of generations were expelled when they ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

If you have only one son or one daughter and this only son dies, how great will your pain as a parent be? 'There is a saying that if the only son of an only son for seven generations dies, the entire neighborhood and surrounding villages will mourn for him. It is impossible to fathom the sorrow of parents who have lost a seventh generation only child, therefore all the families in the area, all parents, children, brothers and sisters will sympathize with them. When we consider this, we should reflect on the fact that Adam and Eve were the only son and daughter for how many generations? For billions of generations!

Thus, the relationship of the Parent and child were not consummated. God lost the only son for billions of generations, so the only way to find that son again is to overcome the pain lasting for billions of generations. We have not known that we have such a Heavenly Parent. (301-100, 1999.4.20)

Who is Satan? He is an adulterer of God's love... God had to let the enemy Satan embrace Eve. He had to listen to Satan's accusations ten thousand times and yet He had to love him. That has been God's position. You have no idea how difficult God's situation is. have you? You should know that God's position is even more difficult than the position of a man who had to let his beloved wife be embraced by his enemy and yet had to pray for that enemy's happiness. Would you all be able to do that? (182-174, 1988.10.16)

Satan is the adulterer who seduced Eve. Therefore, he is the enemy of God's love. Even though that enemy of love has been coming to God and making accusations for thousands of years, until today God has been fulfilling His role as the true Master without a single sign of displeasure on His face. Therefore, until God sets up one central base on the earth, no matter who comes to Him with complaints He cannot oppose that person. The reason for this is the existence of the archangel. (182.246, 1988.10.23)

Satan is an adulterer of God's love. It is Rev. Moon who announced this to the world for the first time. But who on earth is the devil? He is a servant who violated the woman who was supposed to become God's wife. Who are Adam and Eve? They are God's body. It is written in the Bible, in I Corinthians, "Do you not know that you are God's temple...?" (1 Con 3:16) We are God's house. The Bible says that whatever Adam called each living creature that was its name. What does that mean? It means that God entered his soul and dwelt there. (209-40, 1990.11.25)

From God's point of view Satan is the adulterer. Eve is an adulteress and Satan is an adulterer. God has to consider such a wife, such a daughter, a pure woman, a pure daughter. Otherwise, He cannot restore her to her original state. That is the realm of heart God is in, but no one knows His miserable state of mind; no one except me. (227-47, 1992.2.10)

A man's beloved wife was taken away by his enemy and bore a child from that enemy. but then she must return to her original husband and he must welcome her and her child with the same pure heart he had had for her before their marriage. She is the enemy of love, the adulteress of love. That is exactly the situation of fallen Adam and Eve. The world of peace will not come about however unless God overcomes that ridge in the realm of heart. Only when that standard is established will Satan naturally surrender. (237-238, 1992.11.17)

God cannot be God if He treats the sons and daughters of the devil, the enemy of His love, as the children of an enemy. God has to set up the standard by loving them with the same heart He would have loved His original sinless sons and daughters. Have you ever thought about God being in such a miserable situation that He can only act in this way? (208-291, 1990.11.20)

The highest standard for Christianity and other religions is to love one's enemy. God also stands in this position according to the Principle. Therefore He cannot but love the devil, Satan. Even though Satan is the enemy of love, God must love this enemy more than He loved Adam and Eve before the Fall. Why? It is because when Eve returns to Him from the bosom of His enemy, bringing illegitimate sons and daughters with her, the Father must love them more than He loves the children He gave birth to. Otherwise there is no way for Eve to return to her original position. Do you understand what this means? (235-84, 1992.8 29)

We reach the conclusion that one cannot become God's child without having the magnanimity of a man who can pray for the happiness of his enemy even after his beloved wile went to the bosom of that enemy. Why is that so? Who was Eve? She was the wife of God, but she became like an adulteress whom Satan has been toying with for six thousand years until today... In reality it was not six thousand years. but several tens of thousands of years. Don't they say that the history of humankind has lasted for some ten million years? Who knows the deep valleys of God's aching heart as He dealt with Satan's accusations throughout that time! That is why I am saying that someone who has not experienced the heart of a man who let his beloved wife go to the bosom of his enemy and yet prayed for the happiness of that enemy cannot know the heart of God. (184-302, 1989.1.1)

Eve abandoned God on the day prior to their wedding and went to His enemy. She became an adulteress; she lived with God's enemy and gave birth to the enemy's children. Yet God had to accept her again as if she were an original and untainted person. Considering the heart of God who had to do this, I reflected that I needed to make Mother into a great mother. Only by making Mother a mother greater than Eve could I remove the scar from God's heart that was wounded, mortified and grievous over Eve. The family of True Parents must do this. Do you understand what I mean? (233-255. 1992.8.1)

In order to walk this path, I must have the heart able to bless the monstrous Satan even after letting my beloved wife go to his bosom. Do you understand what I mean? God has stood in such a position. The devil is the adulterer and the enemy of love, but in the Last Days the person qualified to be the Messiah cannot liberate God without the resolve to sacrifice even his own bride for this purpose and hand her over to Satan. (185-135, 1989.1.3)

5.2. Conditions for Satan's accusations

To God, the devil is the adulterer of love. So far, God has been dealing with all the accusations the devil, the adulterer of love, has been making. God had to persevere in His heart until today in order to redeem the condition that would enable Him to say in front of all humankind that He loved the devil. Why is that so? Had the archangel not fallen, he would have remained an archangel, but could not have entered heaven without being loved by God. God and His sons and daughters enter heaven only after they are able to love the archangel. That is why Satan accuses them. He says, "I did become the devil, but Your principle of creation, the original principled standard remains intact. So isn't it the rule that You and Your children cannot go to heaven unless you and they love me?" When Satan says this, God has to say "yes." Until now, Satan has been grasping God by His neck and accusing Him. (185-56, 1989.1.1)

Who is Satan? He is the adulterer of God's love. This malicious scoundrel destroyed the moral principles of heaven and still he is shamelessly holding onto humanity living on the earth, he is gnawing at people, stripping everything from them and abusing them. He says, "I will cram these scoundrels into a trash can in hell. If I leave them alone, they will return to God in an instant, because they have an original mind that leads them to Him." When the spring comes, even withered tree branches start budding in the morning spring sunlight. In the same way, if you only give freedom to a person's heart, his original mind will naturally turn to God. That is why Satan is so harsh, trying to throw people into hell. Yet they do not know about it. I am calling upon you to liberate and unify humanity which is not aware of its miserable destiny. Let us unify it. (142-281, 1986.3.13)

At any cost and through any sacrifice we have to settle the score with the adulterer who offended our Father. However we cannot do it with guns and swords. Unless we have a greater love, there is no way to exact repayment from him; that is how I see it. Therefore God can take the position according to the original principle of creation only after He is able to love His enemy. Why? It is because originally, at the time of creation, the devil, Satan, who is the archangel, was supposed to be loved by God. Since he was meant to receive love eternally, he still has a firm grip on God, and says. "If You want to be God, You must establish the principle that would provide for You to love me, even though I have fallen; otherwise You cannot stand in the position of the Ruler of this universe!" This is where the problem lies. This is truly a stunning truth. (120-266, 1982.10.17)

According to the original Principle of Creation, human beings were to be God's sons and daughters. But due to the Fall, they became Satan's children. Thus, God has been fighting with the adulterer Satan, face to face. Until now God has been employing a strategy to prevent the rise of the conditions that lead to Satan's accusation and to take humanity back from him. Christians have had no idea about God's dreadful situation. They think only of the glorious God, saving, "Oh, great God dwelling in the glory of heaven and earth!" (41-301, 1971.2.17)

Who is Satan? To God he is the adulterer. Forgiving the adulterer would go against the heavenly principle, so God cannot forgive him. Therefore, even though God can forgive the people of the satanic world a hundred or a thousand times, He absolutely cannot forgive Satan. That is why the great judgment will come. Who will be judged in the great judgment? It is not human beings, but Satan, who dwells like a master in their souls, who will be judged. (22-282, 1969.5.4)

Satan is the enemy who violated love. He is a wretched thief who entered the house while the parents were asleep, murdered the father and raped the mother. Who is Satan? He is the enemy of love who raped God's beloved Eve, God's partner in substantial form.

We must have a heart that is able to give the person we love most to such an adulterer and still bless him. You cannot love the enemy merely by forgiving him. Will Satan thank you just for forgiving him? We must have such a heart that we are able to bless our enemy even after giving him our only beloved. This is the final obstacle we must surmount. Yet, people say that they will go to heaven due to their faith alone, don't they? (34-278, 1970.9.13)

Christians believe that Adam and Eve fell by eating the fruit, after the serpent incited them with whispered words. They have no idea of the workings of fundamental principles. You cannot imagine how sad, miserable and frustrated God is because of this. He is sadder, more frustrated and more miserable than anyone in history. The moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil God's heart nearly burst with distress. And yet, God could not help loving them. You must understand this. (21-141, 1968.11.17)

When Adam and Eve were about to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, do you think God said, "It is just what I expected. Go ahead!"? Certainly not! His heart withered and all senses focused on that place. God was trembling and bleeding. He felt like crying out "You must not eat the fruit!" Because of such indescribable sorrow and frustration He was unable to think of anything else. That must have been God's situation. Do you think God simply watched Adam and Eve eat the fruit of good and evil? If He had had a sword He would have wanted to cut out that history, cut out the whole world, but His position did not allow Him to do that. All He could do was be overwhelmed with grief. (21-141, 1968.11.17)

If Adam and Eve had been able to fathom God's inner heart, they could not have possibly fallen. God loved His children as a Parent, but they did not understand the depth of His parental heart. Of course Adam and Eve fell while they were still young, but their young age itself was not the cause of the Fall. Rather, they fell because they were lacking in heart. Had they been able to feel, He is living for me. He can never, ever be separated from me. lie is involved in everything related to me," they would not have committed the Fall. Ultimately Adam and Eve fell because they could not reach unity in heart with God. This dreadful problem occurred because their desires deviated from God's desires and the direction of their thinking was different from the direction of God's thinking. (65-173, 1972.11, 19)

A robber killed the original father and raped the mother. Fallen human beings today are in the position of children who were born from that relationship. Who is Satan? He is the enemy of God's love. Satan is the adulterer who violated the children of God, so even the God of love cannot forgive him. There is no way to forgive the adulterer of love. Others can be forgiven, but Satan cannot. If he is forgiven, the heavenly law will break down. (41.197, 1971.2.15)

We are fallen descendants who betrayed God's heart. Do you know what it was that our ancestors betrayed? Do you think that they just ate the fruit of good and evil that God had forbidden them to eat? No. They betrayed God's heart. That is the problem. What kind of heart did they betray? It was the heart of the ideal of creation, the heart filled with hope. (9-112, 1960.4.24)

Why can't we cut Satan away at once? Why can the almighty God not do it immediately? It is because this problem has to do with lineage. If God tried to remove this lineage all at once He would have to exterminate the entire human race. If the blood we inherited from Satan were to be extracted, human beings would disappear. Even Adam and Eve would disappear. Humankind would have to be totally crushed. Why could God not eliminate Adam and Eve and create new ones? He is not supposed to create people anew. Love is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. This became the ideal standard. Clod therefore cannot strike human beings as the object partners of that love. You must understand this. (188-225, 1989.2.26)

How did Satan manage to oppose God for six thousand years? Until now Satan has been holding the Principle in front of God. Satan says. "God, can You punish me? If You want to punish me You must destroy heaven and earth first. When You created me, didn't You intend to love me with the love belonging to the completion level, even though it would be only a love meant for an archangel?" Even the archangel must receive love that belongs to the completion level even though it is the type of love befitting the archangel. So. the archangel would ask God, When did You love me at the completion level?" Even God gets trapped at this point.

Did God love the archangel at the completion level? No, He was not able to. Only after God has loved the archangel in the Garden of Eden, in the free heaven and earth, with the love belonging to the completion level, is God's responsibility fulfilled. Otherwise, God is trapped and He cannot move. (37-254, 1970.12.27)

The reason God cannot come down hard on Satan for killing millions of His beloved sons and daughters over the past six thousand years is because God is responsible for not having fully loved the archangel. For this reason, whenever someone commits a wrong there is a continuous trail of Satan's accusations: "God, so and so is doing this and that." Because the Unification Church emerged, we can know these things that no one previously understood. (35-95, 1970.10.4)

There has been no place for God to stand because He did not have a filial son or a system of love that could uphold the heavenly kingdom by having people fulfill the way of a patriot, saint and divine son or daughter. Until now, God has been incarcerated and in confinement. The heavenly kingdom became an empty ruin. God has carried this sorrow in His heart. (302-226, 1999.6.14) 

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