Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Two - The Internal Meaning of Sin and the Fall
Section 3. Satan Is the Adulterer of God's Love

3.1. Satan is the fallen archangel Lucifer

What kind of a being is Satan? Particularly those who believe in Jesus must explain clearly Satan's identity in relation to God. Who is Satan? He is an adulterer, the adulterer of love. that wretched being Satan beat the father to death and raped the mother. And the children who were born from this are all of you. Don't you feel bad about this? If you cannot believe it, try praying to God desperately, as if your life were at stake, and ask him whether my words are true or not. (38-175, 1971.1.3)

If Christians and other people walking the path of faith are to resolve the bitterness caused by our ancestors having fallen prey to Satan's accusations, having been trampled upon and victimized in massacres, they must clarify the identity of Satan and understand the heart of God in history, in the present age and His concerns about the future. This world will start turning only when God in tears is able to call people, "Oh, my sons, my daughters!" (8-130, 1959.11.29)

Eve was to be the wife of God. This is so because Adam was supposed to become one with God, so he would become God Himself. Satan violated God's wife. Satan is God's enemy and our enemy. (22-207, 1969.2.4)

Who is Satan? He is the adulterer who violated Eve who was to become the wife of God. She was meant to be Adam's wife, and, at the same time, God's wife. Satan is the adulterer who violated Eve, God's wife-to-be. Satan is the enemy of love. So, even though God loves His enemies, He has not told us to love Satan, the adulterer. Satan cannot be forgiven. God loves people who belong to Satan, but He cannot forgive Satan. This is the Principle, so you must know it. (148-294, 1986.10.15)

Eve was God's daughter and Adam's wife, and yet Satan violated Eve. That is why Satan became an adulterer in relation to God. Christians did not know this until now. (19-158, 1968.1.1)

Satan, the devil, is the ringleader who expelled the original Master, stole his wife and dragged even His sons and daughters to a place of death. From this point of view, is there a way to forgive Satan, the enemy of God and humankind? Ultimately, in the eyes of God, Satan is an adulterer who stole His love. Therefore, can be be forgiven? To forgive Satan means to ruin the whole world. So, do you think that if you remain the way you are now you can become sons and daughters of God? Therefore, you must know that until the day comes when this changes, God and humanity cannot avoid a path of groaning and pain. (53-338, 1972.3.6)

Were your families created through love that was authorized by God? They were not. Your families, your father and mother, are bound to the fallen love of the satanic world. In fact you were born into such families. That is why your lineage is different. It is the same as if a robber chased away your father, raped your mother and you were born as the corrupt offspring from this liaison. Finally, the human race became an adulterous tribe and society that is not even aware of God's existence. (19-102, 1967.12.31)

Where did your love line begin? Where was its starting point? It began from evil. The chief instigator of this evil was Satan, the devil. How is he related to this problem? He is the adulterer of love. Human beings were born inheriting the blood and flesh of this adulterer. Then, do we want to receive the adulterer's love? Did you want to receive the love of the impure lineage inherited from the adulterer? No. you did not. That is the problem. (35-90, 1970.10.4)

Originally, human beings were to inherit true life and true lineage from God, to possess the authority over the universe and live a glorious life, but due to the Fall, humankind received Satan's life and lineage, based on Satan's love. Satan is God's enemy, the enemy of love. He is an adulterer. If you write the Chinese character for woman three times, it forms one of the characters for adulterer. Do you understand what an adulterer is? Someone who steals the woman you love is an adulterer. (213-265, 1991.1.21)

To God, Satan is an adulterer and humankind is the child of that adulterer. That is why Satan is the enemy. Only a person with a passionate desire to settle the score with this enemy indeed stands on God's side. (16-142, 1966.1.9)

God invested His entire heart in creating the universe, dreaming of this great and hopeful undertaking. However, when all the conditions for His great work, His life and ideas were destroyed at once, heaven and earth became totally dark. The archangel Lucifer became His enemy. Should we strike and seize Lucifer or not? God loved His son and daughter the most, they were the bone of His bones and the flesh of His flesh, but Lucifer made them his own son and daughter. Should we cut the head off such an enemy or should we let him go? God was the first to struggle over this problem. (27-60, 1969.11.23)

You must know that the devil, Satan, is the ringleader of evil who deprived Adam and Eve of their qualification as the prince and princess whom God wanted to have; be destroyed the family love of that prince and princess, destroyed their future descendants, and God's ideal of the family and the heavenly nation. (302-220, 1999.6.14)

This ringleader is not only God's enemy; he is the enemy of humanity. Imagine that the prince and princess who had been living in the royal palace of the kingdom were captured by the enemy general and began to live as servants and multiplied the offspring of the world of servants. Our situation is the same. Although the human race should have developed under the royal authority of that prince and princess, fallen humankind is like a mob that has multiplied under the evil kingship of the devil. (302-222, 1999.6.14)

3.2. Satan is the enemy of love

Who is the archangel? He is the adulterer who took away the wife of God. In other words, the subject of evil, Satan, is an adulterer who robbed God of His wife. He is an adulterer who has eaten up love. People have not understood that. (35-71, 1970.103)

Originally human beings were supposed to become God's princes and princesses, but they became the offspring of the servant and multiplied the servant's children. You know who Satan is, right? He is an adulterer. What is an adulterer? He is a robber of love, someone who deviated from the proper way of love. That is why Satan is a thief of love. (135-283, 1985.12.15)

Who is Satan? To God he is an adulterer. An adulterer! He killed our father, raped our mother and assumed the role of the master of our house. Humanity let this arch-enemy go and could not demand retribution. (153-270, 1964.3.26)

Can you love an adulterer? That is God's pain. How pitiable God is! What kind of an adulterer is this? He trampled upon three generations: grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, and even their children. What does that mean? Satan occupied the entire palace of the heavenly kingdom, raped and killed the grandmother, mother, and wife. Satan is that kind of enemy. (188-230, 1989.2.26)

If the enemy of love, Satan, the devil, were forgiven, heaven and earth would have turned upside down. Therefore if we are to find the original love we cannot forgive him. We cannot find it without judging Satan. Thus, God sees relationships of adulterous love as the greatest enemy. God cannot settle down on earth due to the expansion of such love. (53-140, 1972.2.13)

What is the knowledge of this human world needed for? What is power needed for and what is wealth needed for? Are things like humanistic love or humanistic family necessary? We must deny them. Fallen human beings are a tribe that has inherited the blood of Satan, the adulterer. We must reject all those things. (188-234, 1989.2.26)

Everyone wants to become God's son or daughter. This is the original principle of creation and we were supposed to become like that, but human beings who should have been born into such a lineage were dragged away by the enemy and inherited the blood of Satan, the enemy of God's love. We should have been born with God's blood running in our veins, but our present reality is unbearable. (191-244, 1989.6.25)

What are Satan's claims? He would tell God, "You are God, but I became the devil. I admit that. I am the devil. But then, if I look at Your principles, I want to ask You: when You created the archangel and Adam and Eve, did you create the archangel Lucifer based on the standard of eternal love or based on the standard of momentary, temporary love?" How should God respond to him? Would He say, "I created you based on the standard of temporary love"? No doubt, God would have to say, I created you based on the eternal standard." Then, if Satan asks, "Even though I have changed, isn't it true that You cannot change?" God would respond, "That's right." Satan would say, "Although I changed and acted destructively, isn't it true that You cannot do the same?" And God would answer him "That is true." That is how it is. This is the one thing Satan is holding on to. (125-264, 1983.3.27)

You cannot enter the heavenly kingdom without loving your enemy. I told you this, but when people in the spirit world look at you, they are so envious. Why do you have to love your enemy? It is because even though Adam and Eve fell, God's principles and laws did not change. The principles and laws by which one enters the heavenly kingdom did not change before or after Adam's Fall. Originally, if Adam had not fallen but had reached perfection, at the time of his perfection, God and Adam would have been one... The Principle provides that God and Adam in unity should have loved the archangel Lucifer and brought him to the heavenly kingdom together. This principle still holds true. So, Satan uses it when he makes his claims. (182-282, 1988.10.26)

In this world, if no one knows about the reality of a person's crime, the criminal can act boldly wherever he goes, as if he has done nothing wrong. However, if even a small boy points out that he has witnessed the crime, the criminal must submit to that. Thus, in order to make the devil Satan surrender, we should clarify his identity, expose the nature of his crime, and initiate a movement to expel him from heaven and earth. (53-194, 1972-4.21)

God is the central figure of the eternal law, so we must drag Satan before God and accuse him. We must bring charges against him. After watching Satan justify himself; we must present the prosecutor's final argument and bind him so tightly that he is unable to move. Then, not the fallen archangel, but the archangels who have not fallen must testify, "That is right! That is exactly what happened! That is correct!" (65-201, 1972.11.19) 

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