Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Two - The Internal Meaning of Sin and the Fall
Section 2. Through the Fall Our Lineage Changed to that of Satan

2.1. We have inherited the lineage of an enemy

The lineage of Adam and Eve changed because of their Fall. Due to whose love did it happen? They became the embodiment of Satan, due to the love of Satan, who is an adulterer and the enemy of God. The lives of a man and a woman combined with Satan's love and became one; the fruit of the two were sons and daughters who have inherited Satan's love, life and lineage. (227-47, 1992.2.10)

Fallen people became false beings; therefore they need to receive grafts. From the standpoint of lineage, your ancestor is someone other than God. Why could you become only His adopted children? It is because you have a different father and mother. Hence, it is logical to conclude that the Fall has to do with lineage. What is the Fall? It means inheriting the wrong lineage. It is correct to say that human beings fell due to false love. That is why the assertion made by the Unification Church that human beings fell due to love, cannot be denied. It is written in the Bible that Adam and Eve fell by eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and fell, isn't it? Do you know what that fruit was? Was it a fruit at all? Was it a fruit that can be blown down by the wind and roll on the ground? It was not.

Satan entered minds of Adam and Eve and became one with them, so they inherited Satan's lineage. Why can God, who has so much love, not forgive Satan? Jesus said that everybody, even murderers and robbers can be forgiven, once they believe in him. Then why can Satan not be forgiven? It is because he defiled the lineage of humankind. What does that mean? From God's point of view, Satan is the adulterer, the one who violated His love. (156-226, 1966.5.25)

Since Adam and Eve got married centering on Satan, nobody can deny that they inherited Satan's love, life and lineage. Had they not eaten of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, had they not fallen, they would have held a wedding ceremony centered on God. Just as the True Parents blessed you in the Unification Church, God would have called Adam and Eve and given them His blessing after they matured. (228-254, 1992.5.3)

If Adam and Eve had not eaten the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and perfected themselves, they would have become the son and daughter of the King who created heaven and earth. If they were the King's children, then who would their children be? They would be princes and princesses. This would be a foundation in the earthly kingdom that would represent the Kingdom of Heaven. There would be only one kingship, not two. (231-27, 1992.5.31)

Adam and Eve were the only begotten son and daughter of God whom He created with His own hands. A problem arose because they fell. Then, what happened due to their Fall? They fell by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which God had forbidden them to do, but what would have happened had they followed the commandment not to eat? Christianity could not think about this. And even if it had, it could not understand. To them it was like the wide blue sea. Even if they tried to measure its depth, they had no instrument by which they could do so.

They simply put an end to the debate, saying, "There is no way you can understand it, so just believe unconditionally." Yet, there is no perfection in ignorance. (231-21, 1992.5.31)

Why do we strike our body? It is because we inherited Satan's blood, the blood of God's enemy. Who is God's enemy? He is an adulterer. He is an enemy of God's love. He is an adulterer! We inherited the blood of the adulterer. Eve, who could have inherited the royal power of the heavenly kingdom and become its queen, became the wife of the devil, the mate of the servant. This was the secret of heaven and earth, exposed for the first time in my era; thus, the satanic world must retreat. (172-277, 190.1.21)

There can be no perfection in ignorance. Who is Satan? To God, he is an adulterer. I clarified this matter, but can you go to heaven if you close your eyes to this fact? Can you receive salvation if you close your eyes to it? That is nonsensical. Fruitless and unreasonable people! If one could be saved by believing in that, someone like me would have already been saved many times over. I would not have suffered like this. (188-230, 1959.2.26)

Why does the devil hate God? Why does God hate the devil? According to Christian logic one must love his enemy. So, if Satan is God's enemy, why can God not love him? If He were to love the enemy of love, heaven and earth would disappear. The law governing everything would disappear. The law of existence would disappear. (191-43, 1989.6.24)

Satan destroyed God's ideal love and trampled on the ideal of life and ideal lineage. After that, people gave birth to children. God could not interfere with those children who were the manifestation of Satan's love, life and lineage. (197-286, 1990.1.20)

Why throughout human history has Satan been so abominable, never failing to come to those following a religious path, choking them, riding on their backs, victimizing them? Who is that wretched Satan? To God, Satan is an adulterer who robbed God of His family, who seduced His family members, Our original mother was supposed to attend God, build the kingdom of peace and create a heaven and earth that is full of peace; but instead she drove away our father and us. Satan invaded and brought human beings to a wretched state. His sin was no less than that. (156-226, 1966.5.25)

What did the devil use to make Adam and Eve fall? The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? What did they cover after eating this fruit? Did they cover their mouths or hands? They covered their sexual parts, didn't they? Thus the evil seed was sown. Adam and Eve fell in their teenage years before reaching maturity. Since that was the starting point from which the historical lineage of the human world spread, this phenomenon is becoming widespread in the Last Days. All around the world, youths like Adam and Eve hide themselves in the shade and selfishly destroy the ethics of love. having no fear of heaven and earth. When such a time comes you must know that the era of Satan's full power has arrived on earth. At that time, you will witness the iron hammer of God. (200-227, 1990.2.25)

Our lineage must be changed. Why? Since we have inherited the lineage of Satan, we must rectify it. You must understand this clearly. (183-308, 1988.11.7)

2.2. Original sin is inherited through lineage

The Fall began from a motivation denying the lineage. Therefore, people have inherited the consequences of the Fall as the original sin until the present day. (Blessing - 321)

People belonging to the satanic realm have no relation to God's lineage whatsoever. In other words, human beings who should have been born as children of good parents were instead born through evil parents. Consequently, they expanded into a family, tribe, people, nation and world centered on evil. (55-133, 1972.5.7)

Eve became one with the archangel through an illicit sexual relationship, and then Adam united with Eve who had been one with the archangel. Consequently, Adam and Eve had a conjugal relationship and formed a family centered on the archangel instead of God. As a result, all humanity as descendants of Adam and Eve cane to inherit the lineage of Satan. (Blessing - 325)

Adam and Eve should have united centered on God, however they united with the archangel, a servant of God; that is what the Fall refers to. Human beings, who should have inherited the lineage of God, inherited the lineage of the servant instead. That is why fallen people may call God "Father," but they do not actually feel that He is their Father. This is because they have inherited the primary characteristics of fallen nature, which makes them think of everything in a self-centered manner, with no regard for God or anything else. Thus, people became contradictory beings, forming tribes and nations. Therefore these tribes and nations come to be divided very quickly. This is how the sphere of satanic culture developed. Everything that splits into two, then into three and so forth belongs to the satanic taint (91-242, 1977.2-23)

Due to the Fall we lost true parents, true husband and true children. Eve and the archangel caused this. From this viewpoint, women who live on this earth are dependent on their fathers, husbands and elder brothers who represent archangelic types. That is why women are miserable. The daughter of wealthy family came to live with a manservant; that is, her children were born into the lineage of a servant. Thus, women could not receive the love of the original husband, father and brother. (51-182, 1971.11.21)

Restoration has taken six thousand biblical years because of the complications involving lineage; otherwise, the almighty God would have restored everything in a day. People contracted a chronic disease that affected their lineage, so if God had tried to remove this disease at once, they would have died. That is why it took Him six thousand years. Can you say Adam and Eve fell by eating a fruit? If it were true, how simple things would be! (155-295, 1965.11.1)

How did the basis of sin, the Fall, evil and hell come to exist? Concrete explanation of these things is the problem. Let us go back to Adam and Eve and think about this. if we delve into fundamental reasons of Adam and Eve's Fall, we can say that first of all they fell because of disbelief in God's commandment not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. the second reason was their self-centeredness. Thirdly, they tried to love in a self-centered way. Since this is a core essence of the Fall, we arrive at the conclusion that anyone who has the same characteristics is on Satan's side. The love of fallen people is faithless and selfish. Ultimately, those who assert self-centered love are the people of this world. (79-198, 1975.7.27) 

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