Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter Two - The Internal Meaning of Sin and the Fall
Section 1. The Fall Means the Father's Place Was Taken by Another

1.1. Satan, the devil, is our father

My close examination of the original sin and Fall revealed that its cause lies in the adulterous relationship with the archangel that took place in the first human family. According to the Divine Principle, Satan is not a conceptual or imaginary being, but a real spiritual being. He is the ringleader who destroyed God's ideal of love and changed God's lineage to the one centered on himself. In chapter eight of the Gospel of John, Jesus states clearly that the father of humankind is the devil.

The adulterer who deprived God of His ideal of love, which God intended to realize through Adam and Eve, as His external body, is indeed the devil, Satan. This may not sound familiar to you; however, this is the conclusion that I have gained as a result of searching throughout the spirit world in order to investigate the fundamental problems of the universe. That quest was a struggle in which I shed blood and tears. If you pray in earnest, you will also be able to receive an answer about this. (135-12, 1983.8.20)

What were the real circumstances of the Fall? The Bible says that the Fall occurred due to eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but this is just a metaphor. The fact that people have believed this literally until today is miraculous. Even though Christianity irrationally believes that people fell by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it has developed globally until the present, and built the civilization of the twentieth century. Seeing this we can understand that God was helping it tremendously from behind the scenes. However, what kind of result can arise from something that has uncertain internal contents? Perfection cannot come from ignorance. (22-242, 1969.3.4)

If you carefully study the contents of the Bible, you cannot deny the fact that due to the illicit love the human ancestors connected themselves to the devil, Satan, with a relationship of father and children. Human beings are precious beings who were supposed to inherit God's lineage and be born as His own sons and daughters within His absolute love. However they were born into lineage of devil, Satan, as his sons and daughters. In the eighth chapter of Romans, it is recorded, "...but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the spirit, groan inwardly, as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies." An adopted child has a lineage different from that of his adoptive parents. This is the reality of human beings. (53-261, 1972.3.1)

If you look at the eighth chapter in the book of Romans, it says, "...but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly, as we wait for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies." (Rom. 8:23) and "For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, 'Abba, Father'..." (Rom. 8:15) You can only become adopted children. The Christians are adopted children. Adopted children have a different lineage. If you look at the Gospel of John, Jesus said, "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires." He said, "father," so does not that mean that humankind's ancestor is the devil -- that their lineage comes front him? Therefore, what is circumcision? It is the separation of good and evil. That is how it is. What kind of fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil are you talking about? (154-332, 1964.10.5)

What happened as a result of the Fall? We fell into the realm of death. Just as God had said that the human ancestors would definitely die if they eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, all of humanity indeed fell into the realm of death. What happened as a result of the Fall? If we look at the Gospel of John 8:44, Jesus points out that Satan, the devil, became the father of humankind. Adam and Eve, who should have attended God as their father, fell, and as a result they started attending Satan, the devil, as their father. You must know that this mortifying fact is the retribution for the Fall. (74-140, 1974.11.28)

Due to the Fall, human beings could not but surrender to their false father, Satan, the devil. People changed their father. We discarded God, our true Father, and became one with Satan, the false father. In this way, the first man and woman became Satan's son and daughter. (God's Will - 293)

What kind of a being was Satan originally? The devil was actually a servant of God. Yet, this scoundrel of a servant seduced the master's daughter. This was the Fall. The Fall as recounted in the Bible describes it as Eve having eaten of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but this fruit was not a literal fruit. The rogue servant seduced his master's daughter. She was supposed to fulfill God's ideal by raising sons and daughters who would inherit His lineage, but the archangel, created as a servant, seduced the master's daughter; that became the origin of the Fall. How in the world can such a thing happen? Heaven and earth ended up this way. If you study the Principle, you will generally understand these complex matters. (35-308, 1976.3.4)

God commanded Adam and Eve that they should not eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and of the tree of life which were located in the center of the Garden, even though people could eat of the fruit of any other tree; but what does that mean? Dr. Yoon! What kind of trees are the other trees, and what kind of trees are the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? They are all trees, but what kind of trees are the other trees? I am asking you. When an elder brother and a younger sister live together, they can touch each other's hands, stroke each other, or express their affection to each other in any way, but they must neither look at the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, nor touch it. Do you understand what that means? They can touch all other places, but not this place. That is how we should interpret it. If you just say that the tree of life that grew in the middle of the Garden of Eden was one kind of a tree and other trees are simply different kinds of trees, it is going to be a big problem. Do you understand what I am talking about?

A brother and a sister can touch each other's hands; it is okay if they do so. There are only two of them, a brother and a sister, right? They can even hug each other, that is okay too. Children do touch each other, don't they? As they grow up at home, they do so, don't they? For example, does a brother realize that he is dealing with the opposite sex, when he relates to his sister? They can touch each other all right, but there is one thing they should not do. The fruit of the tree of life is the male sexual organ, and the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the female sexual organ. They must not even be touched. And if one eats of these fruits, it will be a disaster. In the Bible, it is written in a metaphorical fashion. God is so good at making hints! (199-93, 1990.2.15)

If we read the Bible, it tells us that Adam and Eve fell by eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but then what does it mean that they covered their sexual parts? If the Christian churches had a mind to interpret the Bible a little more intellectually, they would immediately be able to understand the origin of the Fall. Why were Adam and Eve ashamed of their sexual parts? Why did they cover them? They should have covered their mouths and hands. There is nothing wrong with sexual organs. However, since people fell through them, these parts of the human body became a palace of shame where heavenly love was violated. A spring of true love should have welled forth from there, but a fountain of false, devilish love gushed out instead. That place therefore became the stronghold of the worst kind of love. (202-199, 1990.5.2)

When Adam was chased out of Eden, was he expelled before or after having children? We did not see this, but if they had sons and daughters, would God have been able to chase them out? There would have been many more tears. The grandchildren would have clung to God and cried, "Grandfather, grandmother, why are you chasing us out like this?" and held on and screamed... If those four people had just grabbed God's arms and cried, He would have had to cut them off, wouldn't He? I do not know about sinful Adam and Eve, but their sinless children would have realized the fact that God could not chase them out. God understood this, so He expelled Adam and Eve before they had children. After He had done this, they married at their own discretion; they stayed together and gave birth to their offspring. When God cast them out, did He instruct them to marry and have sons and daughters or did He not say such a thing? Try to answer that. Anyway, they bore children after they were expelled. (218-230, 1991.5.19)

Where can you pay money to hear such words as these? Even if you sell your house and all your property, even if you make sacrificial offerings for thousands of years, no one could teach you this. Only Rev. Moon of the Unification Church can do this. This is the secret of the universe. Even the Bible does not have such content, does it? The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve fell by eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What kind of fruit is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil? Can those without the ability of pre-schoolers insist that Rev. Moon, to whom doctoral degrees have been granted and who became the head of those so qualified, is a heretic? The Chinese characters for heretic do not mean that there is a different root, but simply that they cannot see the root. Are my words correct, or not? They are correct. (238-213, 1992.11.22)

What were the results of the Fall? The world opposite to the original world. Eve was seduced into committing a Fall by a servant while she was still under age. What is the Fall? It is not what is literally stated in the Bible of today, that she took and ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Satan knew what God considered to be most precious. He knew about the most valuable thing that would enable human beings to become God's sons and daughters. So he couldn't help thinking, "If I too, could have what God loves the most, and what Adam and Eve can love the most..." (214-266, 1991.2.3)

In the Last Days, we must rectify what is wrong and resolve God's grief. While resolving the grief caused by the violation of the heavenly law, we must resolve the grief of humanity as well. That is how it is, but if we do not know this fact and just talk about eating of the fruit of good and evil and such things... If you think my words are wrong, pray intensely for forty days to find out if Rev. Moon of the Unification Church has said something false. You were not born into the normal lineage. That is why religions emphasized a celibate life -- having children was seen as trouble. (156-128, 1966.5.25)

God detests lewdness. Why? It is because the human beings turned heaven and earth upside down with their illicit love. Nothing can be done about that evil blood. Therefore the religious world advocates celibacy. When a man enters into a spiritual state of deep prayer, a woman always appears to tempt him. Something like this inevitably occurs, blocking the religious path. Why does this happen? It is because the history was formed through illicit love. The fact that the teaching that asserts that human beings fell by eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil remained intact for two thousand years is surprising. (41-292, 1971.2.17)

There should be no deviation from the origin of the universe. Yet, the devil intervened in Adam and Eve's life before they grew up, that is, while they were still under age, around fifteen or sixteen years old, in their teens. At that time, when Eve looked quietly at the archangel Lucifer, she realized that he knew all the principles of heaven and earth. He was on errands for God, so he could speak about the creation of heaven and earth.

On the other hand, Adam was distant. He was wandering around with a club catching birds, snakes and frogs. In the future he was supposed to dominate and control everything in the nature, so he was trying to get to know everything and adapt himself to everything; so was he interested in Eve? Even if she wanted to follow him, she couldn't follow the strong male. So when she rested somewhere in a shade, Lucifer would whisper something to her and finally seduced and violated her.

Then, why could God not intervene in this? Human love is governed by human beings. It is not the subject, but the partner who is the master of all forms of love in heaven and on earth; thus, if God, who lives for the sake of others following desires of His partners, came to dominate human love, the fundamentals would break down. So, God as a Ruler would stand in an absurd position, that is why, even though He saw what was happening, He could not do anything about it. (191-97, 1989.6.24)

1.2. If the Fall had not occurred...

Who grieved the most after the Fall? Who has wailed and writhed in pain the most throughout history? It is God. Why? God knows everything only too well. He would say, "Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have inherited this great undertaking -- all of heaven and earth; so how could this happen?" Adam and Eve were still under age, so they did not understand this. They were mere children, so they did not know anything. Not understanding, how could they lament or struggle? (232-114, 1992.7.3)

Looking at His internal character, God is God, the Father, representing masculinity, and God, the Mother, representing femininity. Thus, we can say that human beings and the world of creation are also the "gods" of dual characteristics: masculinity and femininity.

Firstly, God created Adam and Eve in order to assume physical form, and secondly, in order to fulfill love. When Adam and Eve reach perfection and become the substance of love in which the two can be one, God can dwell in them and become the Parent of perfect love for humankind. Then, Adam and Eve become the substantial parents in the image of God, and multiply substantial children, thus creating the ideal world. Had that happened, the spiritual and physical worlds would be connected to each other through human beings, so we can say that connecting these two worlds was also the purpose of our creation. Based on love, God would have resided within Adam and Eve as the substantial True Parent of humankind, and when they went to the spirit world He would manifest Himself there too assuming a substantial form of Adam and Eve. However, please understand that it was never fulfilled, due to their Fall. (Blessing - 307)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, then the children of the God-centered direct lineage of Adam would have appeared. Adam was the firstborn son, the True Father and the king. He was to be the king of the earthly and heavenly worlds, as well as the True Parent and the true eldest son. Thus. Adam's family was the royal family of the heavenly kingdom. Then, who was the grandfather in Adam's family? God was the grandfather. The father and mother were Adam and Eve. From the viewpoint of positions representing the past, the grandfather and grandmother stand in the place of God; and God stands as the Parent.

Looking from the vertical perspective, we can say that God settles in a family consisting of three generations. The first generation is represented on the horizontal plane by a grandfather, the second generation by a father, and the third generation by a son. Thus, the royal family that lasts for myriad of generations starts from sons and daughters. (218-255, 1991.13.19)

The right of true parents, the right of the true king and queen and the right of true eldest son and daughter were supposed to begin with Adam and Eve. God's palace and His love would have been in that family. Humankind and the Creator would be joined as one, thus forming the basis for true love. That would be the family foundation of the perfected original Adam, the palace of God where He could dwell forever. (218-189, 1991.7.28)

What kind of God does the Unification Church speak about? We say that He is the vertical Parent of true love. Then, who are Adam and Eve? The vertical Parent is one. The word "vertical" implies that He is only one. The relationship of love between God and human beings is a vertical one. That vertical love is the center. Then, who are Adam and Eve? In relation to this vertical standard they represent the position of horizontal parents. (189-113, 1959.2.5)

Why was the horizontal dimension necessary? It was necessary for the sake of reproduction. There cannot be reproduction on a vertical basis. Reproduction is necessary and it occurs on a horizontal foundation. Reproduction occurs on the horizontal plane through 360 Degrees, covering an infinite number. In order to begin reproduction in all four directions: north, south, east and west and thus create a spherical form adjusted to a vertical axis, God created Adam and Eve who assumed bodily form on the basis of God's love. (187-115, 1989.2.5)

All parents come from Adam and Eve. All forefathers of humankind come from them. The true husbands and wives of humanity originate in Adam and Eve. Through Adam and Eve, sons and daughters were born for the first time. Moreover, the parent-child relationship of God with His sons and daughters also began from Adam and Eve. (188-214, 1989.2.24)

Do you know why God created Adam and Eve? As a Parent He wanted to possess love for His son and daughter. Next, He wanted to experience the kind of love that a bride and groom, like Adam and Eve, have for each other. God wanted to experience the love of a grandfather towards his grandchildren. He wanted to love His nation and love the world; He wanted to possess all kinds of love. He bequeathed all these things He wanted to possess to the human world for you to inherit. These are your tribe, your people. nation, and the world, the earth, as well as the spirit world. You need to know this. (188-214, 1989.2.26)

Had Adam and Eve not fallen and grown into perfection, they would have reached perfection not only on the individual level, but would have also achieved perfection on the level of the universe. A new family centered on the love of God would have been initiated. If this family had developed into a tribe, people, nation and the world, it would be one family-like society attending God. The center of such a society would be God and Adam. In such a world, the daily life and a life course of God-centered Adam's family would remain as a historical tradition. Adam's lifestyle, customs and habits, and the background of his life, would have become the historical tradition. That surely would be a tradition bound with the love of God. His love is the source of life and origin of all ideals, so even if we try to leave it, we cannot; and even if we do, we cannot help coming back to it. (91-240, 1977.2.23)

The Fall may seem to be a problem limited to only Adam and Eve, but they were the ancestors of humankind, they were the origin, something like a fountain. That is why they influenced individuals, families, peoples, nations, the world and the entire future of humankind. (97 274, 1978.3.26)

The Fall of Adam and Eve was not just their Fall; it signified the Fall of all human history. In other words. Adam and Eve falling meant that they failed to become good parents, and became evil parents instead. Evil parents gave birth to evil children, and thus evil tribes, evil nations and the evil world were formed. Three billion people continue to live in this world. The history that has been unfolding in this fallen realm is most certainly not a history of joy, but a history of sadness; and the human race is not one of happiness, but definitely one of sorrow. (38-149, 1971.1.3)

When you come to know love. you come to comprehend everything. You can understand not only the two- dimensional reality of the earthly world, but your spiritual eyes open to the three-dimensional world. Thus, you reach a state in which you can see and communicate with God directly. However, human beings fell before their perception of love developed. They formed a relationship of illicit love with the archangel. This was the root cause that led to the destruction of the universe. (137-127, 1986.1.1)

It is an amazing thing that I clarified the fact that the Fall was a result of the misuse of love. My teaching is logically systematized and backed by historical facts, and therefore cannot be denied. (128-88, 1983.6.5) 

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