Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter One - Fundamentals of Indemnification and the Principle of Restoration
Section 5. Our Attitude toward Fulfilling Our Portion of Responsibility

5.1. Our portion of responsibility can be found in every field of human life

The history of restoration through indemnity is always with us, from childhood to old age, in death and in the spirit world. Our portion of responsibility stays with us. It even continues when we pass into the spirit world, and the more we rise to the higher realms, the more the laws come to be of a higher dimension. Our portion of responsibility remains with us at every level. We must know this. (133-175, 1984.7.10)

It is important to understand that for me to set up the law in my time is the extension and expansion of the law of the human portion of responsibility. You must know and follow this accordingly. The rules of the church are all aspects of our portion of responsibility. Thus, we must diligently keep the time for church service. We must arrive before the service begins, and must fully concentrate during its course. That is what I did. In the past, if I was going to be late for school I would skip a meal and thus arrive early. That is what I did. I had to learn to control the use of time. So, my thinking was quite mathematical. (133-154, 1984.7.10)

We must know that all the rules of conduct are contained within humanity's portion of responsibility. We must keep the laws of the Unification Church. To keep the time for pledge service in the morning is also part of our portion of responsibility. If you cannot even keep to this you need to be aware that it will lead to problems in your life. (133-154, 1984.1.11)

Our portion of responsibility is found everywhere. If you eat, then cleaning up is also our portion of responsibility. There are many responsibilities. The one who can fulfill a greater portion of responsibility is a great person. The founder of the Unification Church created many programs to help you fulfill your portion of responsibility. In a company, for instance, you have to lay down principles and rules for the sake of the whole enterprise and everyone must follow those rules. There can be no objections. You will be fired if you step outside those boundaries. What happened to Adam and Eve who tried to go some other way? They were driven out. (133-154, 1984.7.10)

5.2. Our attitude toward fulfilling our portion of responsibility

Fallen human beings have violated more than just the human portion of responsibility. They violated 97 percent of the creation as a whole. The entire process of creation collapsed as a result. That is why things have been so difficult. Therefore, unless people take on a responsibility corresponding to that 97 percent, there will never be a way to fulfill their portion of responsibility. The dispensation for restoration is the dispensation for re-creation. But why is re-creation absolutely necessary? It is necessary because of human responsibility. To fulfill this and reach the point of accomplishment we must undergo the process of re-creation. We must surely set up indemnity conditions in order to pass through this course. It means that we must go the way of suffering. (115-67, 1981.11.4)

We must be very familiar with the human portion of responsibility. The history of salvation is the history of restoration and the history of restoration is the history of re-creation. Re-creation has to be carried out according to the Principle. We must fulfill our portion of responsibility. Fulfilling our portion of responsibility means to have absolute faith and absolute obedience. That is the only way. You should not insist on your own way. Eve fell because she insisted on her own way. I am saying that after you join the church you should not complain. (143-113, 1986.3.16)

How many times a day do you think about your portion of responsibility? You have to remember this many times: when you eat, when you hold a spoon, when you wash the dishes, while you go to the toilet, while you walk... Adam and Eve did not think about their portion of responsibility and consequently came to ruin. We must not become people who, like Adam and Eve, cannot fulfill our responsibility and fall. To become someone who can be restored and be victorious we have to respect and consider our portion of responsibility twenty-four hours a day. (124-103, 1983.1.30)

God has been relating to us from a position above the realm of the human portion of responsibility until this time. However, all people, who have fallen below that, must do all they can to make a bridge and raise themselves up. All of humankind is caught in that realm. The world is caught there and history is caught there. Those who have already gone to the spirit world, those living in the world at present, and all of posterity who are yet to be born will be unable to escape this misfortune. This is the fallen realm of bitter feelings.

Thus, for us to be re-created we must absolutely pass through a course of struggle. Who is controlling this course of re-creation? Satan is. Satan rules up to 97 percent of this realm; beyond the 97 percent God is in control. This is how we must look at it. (115-67, 1981.11.1)

Since human beings could not fulfill their own portion of responsibility, a perfected Adam must fulfill it. He must pioneer an unknown world. Thus the way of the Principle must be developed. We have to seek that out. The way of the Principle is the way of a quest; the way of indemnity is a path that must be trodden. Follow this way. You must go through that which Jacob indemnified, the indemnity of Jesus and the indemnity course of Moses, by walking the indemnity course of Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. Although the course may be a thousand miles long, you must walk it, even if you take just three or four steps. That conditional offering is precious. (233-406, 1992.8.2)

Jacob knew that when the angel came he came as a messenger from God. Thus, he asked, "Did you come with the mission to destroy me? Or did you come to give me a blessing?" The angel replied, "I came to bless you." So Jacob asked, "If you came to bless me, why are you withholding it from me?" The reply came. "I cannot just give it to you because your portion of responsibility remains." In other words, Jacob had to wrestle with him and win in order to receive the blessing. That is to say, the blessing could not be granted unless he fought with his life. When challenged by the angel, Jacob determined to be victorious and rose up saying, "1 see. All right, even if I lose my fingers or even my arms, I will not lose." He then wrestled with the mind that he would not let go, even if he were struck by a sword, or had his head cut off. How long did they struggle? They struggled all through the night. He fought with the determination that he would not let go until he died. (20-228, 1968.6.9)

The indemnity course for the realm of the portion of responsibility must be set up. That responsibility has to be fulfilled based on what? It means to love God more than anyone else, with absolute faith and absolute love exceeding that of others. Without this, Satan will not surrender. (139-279, 1986.1.11)

Have you ever felt gratitude for the words "portion of responsibility"? On the path that those who have not fulfilled their portion of responsibility walk there are walls and potholes. It is the path of bitter sorrow that remains as the indemnity payment by which to obtain liberation. Since you know this truth, you must become Unification Church members who strive to progress along this path. Because this way exists I am also exerting myself every day to make it smoother. (138-120, 1986.1.19)

Do you think that you have fulfilled your portion of responsibility? Adam and Eve passed away without accomplishing this. As a result, none of you are in the position of having fulfilled it. No matter how wonderful you are, even if you are a president, or a nationally renowned scholar, you cannot rise to the position of having fulfilled your portion of responsibility. Satan has a firm grasp on you in the realm wherein your responsibility has not been fulfilled. To separate from Satan indemnity must be paid. Without paying indemnity, without becoming an offering, he will not release you. Until indemnity is paid he will never let go. (134-273, 1985.7.20)

You do not know the way to the Kingdom of Heaven. You do not know the way of indemnity, do you? As human beings could not fulfill their portion of responsibility they have remained trapped by it. Because this could not be resolved, Satan invaded. Satan has invaded everything, from the individual to the family, society, nation, world and even the spirit world. (137-104, 1985.12.24)

We must fulfill our five percent portion of responsibility. I myself will suffer hardships throughout my life due to my portion of responsibility and the law of indemnity. Because I understood this, Satan fears the Unification Church the most. These are the weapons to make Satan surrender. Thus, we must go to Satan's frontline. We must go to the satanic world, oppose Satan's activities, build a foundation and save Cain. We must help Cain to separate from Satan. Only when we save Cain is Satan liberated. If we cannot restore Cain, we cannot be rid of Satan. (134-271, 1985.7.20)

Why do we need the law of indemnity? We need it to separate from Satan. Unless you fulfill your portion of responsibility you cannot separate from Satan. I will say it again. Without this being completely fulfilled you will not be able to separate from Satan. Thus, all of you must go the way of indemnity. If I had not come to know about our portion of responsibility and the law of indemnity the Unification Church today would not be standing.

From the viewpoint of God's will God is not able to help us. The Unification Church is unique because we have learned about the law of indemnity based on our portion of responsibility. The reason I have been suffering throughout my life is because of the way of indemnity. Why should I do this all my life? Why have I always had to spend time in prison and carry on working this way? It is because of the law of indemnity. (134-271, 1985.7.20) 

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