Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter One - Fundamentals of Indemnification and the Principle of Restoration
Section 4. The Discovery of the Portion of Responsibility and its Significance

"Portion of responsibility" is a term that is not used much in ordinary society. However, especially in the Unification Church, it is a term that is more important than any other. Within our church, if you do not know these two terms - "portion of responsibility" and "restoration through indemnity" - you will not be able to understand the content of our historical course or resolve the mistakes and unknown facts of history. That is how important these words are. (10-45, 1987.10.25)

Until now, people have not understood their portion of responsibility and so have not understood the twists and turns of the past. Why were good people sacrificed while things went well for evil people? If you look at history, why is it that dictators ruled the world, while even when a good king did emerge he was not able to unite the world? Only the dreams of unifying the world that dictators have advocated are recorded. That is because this is Satan's world.

Because the realm of the human portion of responsibility was invaded, even if we look at all humanity, at all the people in the earthly world, and even at all the ancestors who were here and who went to the spirit world, there has not been a single person who could fulfill this portion of responsibility. This can be understood through the Principle. I did not just randomly put these concepts together. If we do not understand the issue of human responsibility, we cannot resolve all the complications of history. Why has history been one of war? Through the fulfillment of the portion of responsibility, conditions of goodness can overcome the conditions of the evil world. We must carry on the fight, grappling with those who have become part of the fallen satanic world. That is why history reflects the conflict between good and evil. (137-266, 1986.1.3)

The contradictions and tragic complications of history in this world all came about because we did not understand our historical portion of responsibility. You all have to realize how important that is. All of you are thinking about this matter as you please. You think that one's portion of responsibility is something that the Principle teaches about, but that it is not related to you. We have to view this in a different way and realize that my discovery of the existence of human beings' portion of responsibility is indeed a great discovery. How important do you think it is? The universe is entrapped in this and is groaning in travail. (124-94, 1983.1.30)

We must bear in mind that what the Unification Church is today revealing -- that human beings have a portion of responsibility -- is a discovery of universal proportions. The invention of the atomic bomb or Einstein's Theory of Relativity cannot be compared with this discovery. That is because, unless we know this reality, then nothing in history can be resolved. The fact that all of you have come to know this truth is a tremendous thing. Yet, we have had an aversion to our portion of responsibility. We should like it more than anything else, but we actually dislike it the most. (124-303, 1981.3.1)

Because we do not understand restoration through indemnity we cannot resolve human history. If we could review all of history we would see that those who were evil inevitably faced ruin based on the principle of cause and effect. However, we have not known why all these things came to pass. Furthermore, we have not known why the ideal of humanity has not been fulfilled. The love of God must he manifested but we did not know where and how that would be. This ideal will not materialize from the mind of a scholar. It will appear from the bone marrow of the original parents. Thus, that the history of the True Parents has begun means that a foundation has been established upon which the origin of the heavenly kingdom can be connected to this earth. Without going through the True Parents, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot emerge. (148-212, 1986.10.9)

God's love is absolute; yet at the same time, that love cannot be found without standing in the position of having fulfilled the human portion of responsibility. Rather than thinking about eating breakfast in the morning or about your daily life, you have to deal with this fundamental matter. The existence of our portion of responsibility was my discovery, but do you think it happened by my just sitting down with all of you? I discovered it through struggle. If this truth were discovered and disseminated the satanic world would totally collapse. So, Satan hid it, he covered it up under a huge mountain. (149-318, 1986.12.21)

Who in the Unification Church created the term "the human portion of responsibility"? I discovered it. I did not make it up. God created it. God did that. So, before I discovered it, did this concept exist, or not? It has existed from the beginning of time. This law is an eternal law. You must understand this. (149-318, 1986.12.21)

The term, "human portion of responsibility" is important in the Unification Church. By fulfilling this Adam and Eve would have become perfect. Perfected human beings would have emerged for the first time. Through this, God's purpose in creating humankind would have been fulfilled. This would have meant that the authority of God as a Creator would have been firmly established. That shows how important it is. The position in which human beings complete their portion of responsibility would result in the fulfillment of God's ideal of creation. (169-45, 1987.10.25)

You must know how great it was that I discovered the term "the human portion of responsibility:" How important do you think it is? The universe is at stake. As a result of this, God, the universe, and hell have not been liberated; all the injustices of history and the contradictions of society are caught within the confines of the portion of responsibility, and everyone is groaning within these walls. (124-94, 1983.1.30)

The term "human portion of responsibility" existed before I did. Do you realize that this law will remain eternally on earth, beyond the age we are living in and long after I depart? Some members wonder why the words "human portion of responsibility" is necessary and why they are needed. (149-318, 1986.2.21)

If the Unification Church had not appeared God could never have been understood. Since the beginning of human history there has been no way to solve the problems in the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds. There has been no explanation as to why human beings have had to walk the path of great suffering and why, if God exists, an evil world came into being and drove humanity into such misery. Yet today, the followers of the Unification Church know clearly that this is because of the human portion of responsibility. This is an amazing fact. (138-120, 1986.1.19)

If God had not established the portion of responsibility for fallen human beings, we would have thought that restoration was to take place automatically and that the words "restoration through indemnity" would not have appeared. Indemnity must be paid. Why does indemnity have to be paid? It is because humankind has a portion of responsibility. The first human ancestors destroyed this, the very thing that they should have perfected; as a result, the whole of humanity still has to fulfill its given responsibility. To do so, everyone gains dominion over everything in the satanic world, stands in a position to dominate Satan, and reaches the position where they can receive the love of God with dignity. When that happens, Satan will be cut off. (143.77, 1986.3.16) 

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