Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Eight - Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
Chapter One - Fundamentals of Indemnification and the Principle of Restoration
Section 2. Human Beings Have a Portion of Responsibility

2.1. The reason God gave us a portion of responsibility

God loves all people and desires that the whole universe submit to His love. In giving human beings authority, He desires that the entire universe follow them and bow down before them. With this great love and highest authority in mind, God gave human beings their portion of responsibility. (20-209. 1968.6.9)

Why did God give human beings a portion of responsibility? As He is omniscient and omnipotent, He endowed humanity with those same qualities of creativity. Moreover, as He is also the Subject of eternal and unchanging love, He could not help but vest in human beings a portion of responsibility so as to allow them to rise to a position representing that Subject of love, God Himself.

This became the prerequisite for God's blessings. Comparable to a key that can lead us into the dominion of love over everything; He had no course other than to bequeath this key to us. However, we must understand that problems arose over the fulfillment of human responsibility and that human beings fell. (20-209, 1968.6.9)

Humankind must participate in the great undertaking of God's creation. Even if human beings had not fallen, there would still have been such a responsibility. The human portion of responsibility was not established due to the Fall. Whether the Fall occurred or not, people would still have responsibility. Even if ninety-five percent of God's ideal of creation, through which we can perfect ourselves as human beings, was prepared, we would still have to fulfill our five percent portion of responsibility. God does not make an individual perfect. We must additionally fulfill our own portion of responsibility to achieve perfection. This would hold true even if humankind had not fallen. (115-65, 1981.11.4)

We are to re-create, not rebuild on old foundations. We must create anew, allowing God's ninety-five percent portion of responsibility to come together with the fulfillment of humankind's five percent portion of responsibility. (24-307, 1969.9.7)

Why was a portion of responsibility given to human beings? God granted us the authority to take part in the work of creation and thereby bestowed upon us the value of becoming His object partners. This is an amazing fact. (109-65, 1980.10.4)

The Principle has a character that is absolute. There is no leeway in the Principle. We must be prepared to go this way under any circumstances. We must go this way even though we may die. We must go even if it takes forever. If God were able to do as He pleased, He would not have needed to pass through the suffering course of the providence of restoration. However, as it has been set in that way, due to the boundaries of the human portion of responsibility, God also had to walk the path of numerous hardships to restore humankind. You must understand that responsibility does not lie solely with God. He is bearing the responsibility together with humanity. This would have been the case even if the Fall had not occurred. (115-68, 1961.11.4)

You must know that the bitter term "restoration through indemnity" emerged due to human beings being unable to fulfill their portion of responsibility. In the course of restoration through indemnity God will not help you and neither will the church headquarters. You must do it alone. If you receive help, it would not be indemnity. Why is that? Since the principle of the human portion of responsibility exists, if you receive help, then according to that principle, indemnification would not occur. If help were possible when humankind fell, God would have interfered so that the Fall would not have taken place. He could not do this, because Adam and Eve's portion of responsibility did exist. He could not intervene because of the human portion of responsibility. (124-304, 1983.3.1)

God loves me, but He cannot help me when I am walking the course of indemnity in the process of fulfilling the human portion of responsibility. I must go forward and overcome Satan on my own. Adam was originally given the realm of the ideal through which he should have taken dominion over Satan and the satanic world. I must surpass that realm. (121-301, 1983.3.1)

We must be aware of the fact that, ultimately, due to our portion of responsibility, indemnity also came into existence. Had there been no human portion of responsibility God could have exercised his dominion at any time. He could have said, "Hey, do not do that" at the time of the Fall. Because our portion of responsibility existed and God was not in a position to interfere, He could not prevent the Fall and neither could He prevent Satan's activities. (87-120, 1976.5.23)

Had Adam and Eve consulted with God, there would have been no Fall. They should have asked the question, "'the Archangel is doing such and such, so what shall we do?" Then God could have responded to them. The act of asking was their portion of responsibility.

They were free to ask. However, they established a horizontal relationship without asking God. That was the problem. Because they acted without asking, a problem occurred. That is always the case. Do all of you have the confidence to fulfill your own five percent portion of responsibility? I am telling you that there are all kinds of people, even members, who promote themselves, although they do not have genuine confidence. With that kind of spirit, when will you achieve unification? (33-211, 1970.8.16)

Human beings have a portion of responsibility. The purpose for which God gave each person responsibility is so that they can take part in the great task of creation. In creating human beings, God creates ninety-five percent and human beings make up the other five percent. This constitutes the condition that not only God, but that we too have participated in our creation. Having our portion of responsibility endows us with such equal value. We are given a great position. Only human beings have this portion of responsibility. Despite this fact, ever since the dawn of human history, not a single person has fulfilled his responsibility. We have not known about our portion of responsibility. (139-230, 1986.1.31)

The question is why our almighty God, the omniscient, omnipotent and absolute God was unable to realize the Kingdom of Heaven that He desired to build here on earth. Had God been able to do as He wished, all of this would have been resolved in an instant long ago. However, because human beings fell, their portion of responsibility was left unfulfilled and God could not establish the Kingdom of Heaven of His desire. (82-89, 1976.1.1)

Adam and Eve should have perfected themselves centered on love, but it was in the realm of love that they made a mistake. The problem was connected to their portion of responsibility. This responsibility exists in all areas of human endeavor. If you try to fulfill a goal, you must go through a certain process. One's portion of responsibility is connected to this process. You must understand this. During the set time for going through that process you must fulfill your portion of responsibility. When you do not fulfill it, everything collapses. (133-175, 1984.7.10)

Adam and Eve fell because they could not fulfill their portion of responsibility. Could it have been accomplished by Adam alone? First, he had to become one with God. All of you must know that your portion of responsibility cannot be fulfilled unless you become one with God. Next, you must become one with the Principle. These two conditions must be established. (187-122, 1976.2.23)

You must fulfill your portion of responsibility. Humanity's bitter pain exists because it has been impossible to live in a world where there is no indemnity. The tragic and astounding fact is that we are descendants of the Fall and we have the painful, unfortunate destiny of having to change our lineage. In order to free ourselves from this, we must exert our utmost effort to emerge as sons and daughters who have fulfilled their responsibilities so that we can call God our Father without hesitation. (197-115, 1990.1.7)

The path that True Father had to pioneer can be likened to an extremely treacherous mountain ascent. Do you think God held out His hands even once, saying, "Hey, this is dreadful!"? Do you think he protected me night and day and welcomed me happily? He watched me, but stayed still. He never told me where I should go. He was unable to guide me. I had to fulfill my portion of responsibility. God intended to love perfected human beings with the love that human beings can have, not human beings who are still in the stage of seeking love. (202-301, 1990.5.25)

What would human beings who were in the position of having fulfilled their portion of responsibility be like? They would be like God. God contributes 95 percent towards humankind's perfection. Human beings stand in the position where they reach the status of having achieved 100 percent perfection jointly with God. This means the fulfillment of human beings' perfection and the perfection of God's creation. Completing the great work of creation means, at the same time, the completion of God's will, which in turn allows for the perfection of God Himself. This is the appropriate conclusion. (130-20, 1983.12.11)

Due to the sin of our first ancestors, who could not fulfill their portion of responsibility, the abyss, the deep realm of death was created; the domain of Satan's love was expanded right to the boundary of Heaven and brought about a separation between the realms of direct and indirect dominion. (137-251, 1986.1.3)

If you complete your portion of responsibility, Satan, the devil, retreats. There is no one to accuse you. Unless we reach that standard, there will still be a condition for accusation so that even if we try to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we would not be allowed to do so. If there is a condition for accusation, you will not be able to enter. If you reach the standard of connecting to God's love through manifesting absolute, unchanging, unique and eternal love, Satan has no grounds to accuse you. If you remain in such a position, Satan is unable to stay there. In maintaining that state, wherever you go, Satan will have to run away. (169-84, 1987.10.25)

If Adam and Eve had not fallen they would have harmonized with God, perfected themselves as His embodiments on earth and become the king and queen of love. They would have fulfilled the human portion of responsibility which connects the realms of direct and indirect dominion through God's love. Then, God would have resided in Adam's heart and the spirit of Adam would have become the body of God. They would have become one body. They would have shared and breathed the love of God and humankind eternally. (213-190, 1991.1.20)

Human beings are meant to fulfill their portion of responsibility so that they can stand on an equal footing with God in giving and receiving true love -- that is, equal love. They would become the center, standing in the same position, giving and receiving from that position. (119-125, 1982.7.11)

If human beings had not fallen, fulfilling their portion of responsibility would have been easy. They would have grown up, passed through adolescence naturally, and easily fulfilled their portion of responsibility. This would have happened naturally and without difficulty. Our portion of responsibility became difficult due to false love. Then, what is the center of our portion of responsibility? God fulfills ninety-five percent of the total responsibility while human beings only have to fulfill five percent to inherit the great work of God's creation. Then, what is the center for inheriting this? It is true love. (124-94, 1983.1.30)

2.2. The consequences of failing to fulfill our portion of responsibility

In the Unification Church, the words "our portion of responsibility" are truly great. All of you are in the position of not yet having fulfilled that, aren't you? The place where the human ancestors could not fulfill their portion of responsibility became the realm of Satan's dominion.

Thus, the sphere of evil sovereignty started with that failure. This is logical. The evil sovereignty begins below the line of fulfillment of the portion of responsibility while the good sovereignty begins above it. What initiated the evil sovereignty? It began with fallen, self-centered love. (139-231, 1986.1.31)

You know that the satanic world came about due to human beings' failure to fulfill their portion of responsibility and that this world has been left under the dominion of Satan. We must feel deep in our bones that God had to persevere along the way of suffering until this present time because of the uncompleted portion of responsibility. (63-320, 1972.10.22)

What emerged following the invasion of the realm of human responsibility? Another parent appeared and that parent is Satan. You must know this clearly. (137-297, 1986.1.3)

Adam and Eve were unable to fulfill their portion of responsibility. Nevertheless, the fact that they could not fulfill this did not just end with them. Adam and Eve became the root and all the descendants became the trunk, branches and leaves, and as a consequence all human beings were unable to fulfill their responsibility. This must he clearly understood. (87-120, 1976.3.23)

Until now God has been relating to us from a position above the realm of the human portion of responsibility. However, all of humanity, which has fallen below that, must do all they can to build a bridge and raise themselves up. All of humankind is caught in that realm, the world is caught there and history is caught there. Those who have gone to the spirit world, those in the present world, and all those yet to be born will be unable to escape this misfortune. This is the fallen realm of bitter feelings. (115-67, 1981.11.4)

Fallen humanity has failed more than just the human portion of responsibility. They have violated 97 percent of the whole creation. Thus, we must create anew because the entire path of creation collapsed. That is why it is so difficult. Therefore, unless people fulfill their responsibility corresponding to 95 percent, they will never find the way to fulfill their portion of responsibility. We must create things anew.

The dispensation for restoration is the dispensation for re-creation. But why is re-creation absolutely necessary? It is because of human responsibility. In order to fulfill this and go up to the point of accomplishment, we must undergo the process of re-creation. To pass through this course, we must indemnify our failure. We must set up indemnity conditions. It means that we must go the way of suffering. (115-67, 1981.11.4)

Following restoration through indemnity and the completion of liberation, one's portion of responsibility can he accomplished. We must understand that because the human portion of responsibility remains unfulfilled, God's heart is filled with bitter tears. As we have never known a single moment in which humankind could fulfill this responsibility the history of sorrow has continued. All of you must come to know clearly how to surmount the peak of human responsibility which, as a result of humankind's failure, is a place of deep pain. (63-347, 1972.10.22)

Because Adam was unable to fulfill his portion of responsibility; numerous walls were created in the spiritual and physical worlds. What should be done about these walls? What could Eve have been doing about this? The course of women in human history has been a miserable. They were torn apart here and trampled on there. Like broken gourds they had to roll around whether they were kicked or cracked. Even if they were kicked so hard that shoe imprints remained, they had to keep rolling forward. Even if they were kicked again where they went and had ten holes in their bodies, women had to just keep rolling. Women have gone through a course in which they had to roll forward covered with bruises. Why? They had to restore Eve's position. (122-40, 1982.10.31)

When people accuse or criticize Adam and Eve, who gets blamed first, Adam or Eve? They speak about Eve first. The word Eve in Korean (haewa), means, "Work to restore something and come back." You should remember that. It is true. The word Adam means that he fell and made walls (dam). By not fulfilling their portion of responsibility, many walls were created. We must break down these walls. (227-324, 1992.2.16) 

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