Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Seven - Etiquette And Ceremonies
Chapter Four - Tradition and Daily Etiquette of Blessed Families
Section 15. Attitude when Observing Holy Days

15.1. The significance of Holy Days

You should have a yearning heart for holy days. Only by establishing such a tradition can you build a life of tradition for your descendants. Holy days should be spent in joy while sharing everything with one another amid the joy of heaven. This day is based on the family and is a day for establishing the heavenly law.

You should know that celebration days that occurred in this world throughout the history after the Fall were not something that brought God joy but were days that brought delight to Satan. The days for commemorating the independence of a nation or holding some international event have all been celebrated within the fallen realm. (92-250, 1977.4.18)

From a principled viewpoint, the day of celebration and hope that human beings long for the most is not the day when they were born or the day they get married, or the day you, as a citizen who lost your nation, recovered your nation, or even the day of your nation's independence. You should know that the greatest day of hope, the day that humanity truly longs for, is God's Day and Parents' Day. The establishment of such a day on the earth has become our deepest wish. Once God's Day and True Parents' Day are established, then this naturally leads to Children's Day and the Day of All Things. (92-252, 1977.4.18)

No one living on earth until this time has ever seen God's Day, True Parents' Day, True Children's Day, and Day of All True Things. There are 365 days in a year. You should clearly understand that the most important days among all 365 days are those days that I have just mentioned, which have now appeared in providential history. You should know that these days are the king of all days, and if a year like that existed it would be the king of all years. (92-252, 1977.4.18)

The holy days and anniversaries we observe in the Unification Church are providential days of victory, obtained after bloody struggles against the satanic world. Since they are days commemorating the accomplishment of absolute victory, you should commemorate these days with a heart of thanks and gratitude toward God and True Parents.

15.2. Ceremonial robes

I will be going to the highest position, to the heavenly throne, but not all of you will be able to come with me. Because you received the precious thing called the Blessing, the door is open for you, but not all of you have the proper ceremonial robes to wear. Even if you have been invited to a feast, you cannot attend unless you have the proper clothing, can you? If you have been asked to be a groomsman at a wedding, can you go dressed as if you just finished working on the farm? You have to dress appropriately before you go. Only then will you be qualified to be welcomed into that environment. If not, you will be thrown out. They will yell at you: "Get out of here, you good for nothing!" Similarly, not everyone can come here. You cannot just come here unprepared. You must come dressed in holy robes. (212-226, 1991.1.6)

A sacrificial offering represents the life and belief of the person making it. When you buy the goods for a sacrificial offering, do not try to get a discount but give a little bit more. You should do the same when you buy material to make your holy robe. (37-279, 1970.12.30) 

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