Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Seven - Etiquette And Ceremonies
Chapter Four - Tradition and Daily Etiquette of Blessed Families
Section 11. A Life of Sanctification

11.1. Holy salt

Holy salt was first made and used on March 16, 1960 (lunar calendar) on the occasion of True Parents' Holy Wedding. From that day on, families began to use holy salt to sanctify things used in their daily life and environment.

Holy salt is like yeast. As a rule, when you purchase things, you should sanctify them with holy salt, and when you come back home, you should also holy salt yourself at the door. (9-78, 1960.4.11)

What is holy salted should not be given back to the satanic world. However, if you cannot avoid this, you should give it back with your left hand. (9-78, 1960.4.11)

When you use holy salt, you should pray, "In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, True Parents, and myself," and then sprinkle holy salt in the shape of a cross (in the order of north, south, east, and west). (9-78, 1960.4.11)

As a rule, when you have to dispose of real estate that was sanctified, you must do so in stages after receiving approval. (9-78, 1960.4.11)

Our members should gradually occupy more and more land by sanctifying the area they move into. (9-78, 1960.4.11)

When you visit a place, do you sprinkle holy salt before you sit down? If not, you should establish a condition in which you inwardly blow three times, "whew, whew, whew" before taking your seat. When you see a handsome man in the satanic world, rather than thinking, "I would like to live with this man," you should be able to blow him away from you, even if he holds your hand. You should sprinkle holy salt, that is, inwardly blow three times, "whew, whew, whew." You should sprinkle holy salt three times. (170-233, 1987.11.21)

Our church members should sanctify everything. In most cases, using holy salt to sanctify things is no problem, but when we eat rice or noodles or drink water, what shall we do with the holy salt? So, what shall we do from now on? We should do as Jesus instructed after his resurrection, which is to receive the Holy Spirit by blowing. It is the same as when God brought new life into being by blowing into the nostrils of Adam. From now on you, standing as a substantial being of life, need to blow on things before you eat or drink them.

Korean customs are amazing. When Koreans drink water, they first blow on it; before they sit, they first blow on the spot. God must have moved the natural conscience of these people so that this could be one of their customs. This did not take place by coincidence.

That is why, in our hearts, we should always sanctify our life in this way. In order to sanctify the long history of six thousand years that has been defiled as it proceeded in three stages, formation, growth, and completion, you should blow three times before you eat. Wherever you go, even when you go to a bathroom, you should do the same. You should do it wherever you go. (150-222, 1961.4.15)

11.2. Holy Candles

11.2.1. Shimjung Candle

The Shimjung Candle was created on January 5, 1961, and was given to Blessed Families. The Shimjung Candle symbolizes True Parents and is therefore used when one prays in order to comfort God's heart and to commit oneself to the fulfillment of God's will.

After Adam fell, he lost the source of his true life and love, shimjung (heart). Humankind has continued to fail You in heart. Because of this failure, You have had to engage in restoring fallen people. Keeping in mind Your hard work, each of us has lived with the hope of rising to the position of the restored Adam. Please bind us further in our determination to restore all things.

Whenever these Shimjung Candles are lit, may the flame they produce comfort Your heart and remind You of our commitment to accomplish Your will. Whenever we burn them and pray, may we further strengthen our determination in this time of restoration.

11.2.2. Birth Candles

Birth Candles originated at the time of Ye-jin nim's birth (True Parents' first daughter). After the 36 Couples started married life, True Father bequeathed one Birth Candle to each family.

Now I would like to pass on to each family the traditional Birth Candles that True Parents bequeathed to the 36 Couples. the Birth Candle that I have now will be used symbolizing the Birth Candle that True Parents originally used. Let these families receive the Birth Candle and cherish it in the same heart.

I pray in Your name and with Your glory that when this candle burns during a child's birth, it will sanctify the spiritual atmosphere and completely prevent Satan from approaching.

11.2.3. Ae Cheon Candle (Love of God Candle)

True Parents created Ae Cheon Candles on May 16, 1984, and bequeathed them to Blessed Couples on May 20. Ae Cheon Candles signify love for humankind and are used in pairs.

A candle sacrifices itself to give off light. In this way, it symbolizes the need for sacrifice in order to unite humanity centered on God. It is neither the candle nor the wick that kindles the flame. When the candle and wick are combined, the fire is lit and gives off light. In the same way, when the subject and object partners, husband and wife, sacrifice for each other, this symbolizes light being given off. Satan cannot exist in that place. (132-104, 1984.5.20)

We must be completely one with the realm of the unified heart centering on the Ae Cheon Candle. Then everything will be placed in order. (32-107, 1984.5.27)

Beloved God! The sign of victory indicating the designation of the Day of the Love of God (Ae Cheon Il) has been represented by this undying candlelight. Let the love of True Parents and the love of God be with this candle. Let peace reside where this candlelight shines and within the family that unites with this light. Let it be connected to Your domain of love to block the forces of evil and all conditions of injustice. Let it become a divine candle of victory that fends off the source of discord. Bestow your love; especially we pray that You and True Parents be with each and every place of prayer. We pray that You will come with Your sovereign power and protect the entire spirit world and the physical world.

Let Your glory be with the Ae Cheon Candle that gains life from this time forth, so that it may continue throughout history for eternity. Bless it so that it may continue until heaven is completed. This I pray and proclaim in the name of True Parents. Amen. (132-105, 1984.5.20)

11.2.4. Tongil (Unification) Candle

The Unification Candle originated from the 120-day special prayer condition that True Mother and the True Children offered from September 5, 1995 to January 2, 1996. During this time they prayed every day at midnight with the Unification Candle.

True Father will have a speaking tour in America from September 5, and I have already spoken in Japan. Before I left the house, I gathered the children who were there and discussed this with them. "Father is going out to the frontline to speak to America in order to draw humanity close to him again. Therefore, we should also offer devotion together."

They all agreed without one word of objection. All the children live separately because of their studies, but no matter what kind of environment they are placed in, they light the candle at twelve midnight to pray. We decided to offer a 120-day condition until January 2nd next year. (True Mother's speech - 1995)

I have brought a candle with me today. I will bequeath this to you. After receiving this candle, you should all become proud sons and daughters before True Parents and children who can bear fruit on the earth. By doing so, I hope to arrive in heaven with you all. Please expand the foundation of your devotions today so that it can be one of offering devotion with the children of True Parents' family. Even though you may have difficulties, I pray that you may fulfill your responsibilities with a heart of participation during this condition.

Although this candle is only one, it consists of three different candles. True Children's love resides in this candle. (Family – Nov. 1995)

Let us display our loyalty and heart of love before You after connecting to the Unification Candle, with a heart burning with a flame that will last for eternity. Let this be a time of committing ourselves and promising our unchanging heart of love until all humankind is purified by these flames. Father, please encourage us and protect us so that we may all live our life in this way. Once more we ask for Your blessings so that we may become great people who can pledge to offer our lives to fulfill our loyalty to You. We pray this in True Parents' name. Amen. 

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